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8 Tips For Traveling While Vegan. Just because your diet is limited doesn’t mean that your travels have to be. While some vegans may be apprehensive of traveling out of the comfort zone of their local vegan restaurants, others are out there seeing the world. 8 Ways. Vegan Travel Tips – For Vegans by Vegans.

Being a traveling vegan is not as impossible as it used to be. I’m here to show you just how easy it can actually be! Before I set out from New York City to travel the world as a vegan a few years ago I wondered what challenges my mostly vegan diet would create along the way. From bringing travel-sized dairy-free milk onto planes to booking accommodations that provide kitchen access, traveling vegans have plenty of ways to stay healthy and satisfied. And thanks to apps like Happy Cow, finding vegan options at local cafes and restaurants is easier than ever.

How to Eat Vegan While Traveling Without Researching Restaurants. 1. Study A simple “thank you” goes a long way wherever you travel and to the list of phrases you would typically learn ahead of time, add: “I am vegan,” “I am vegetarian,” “I cannot/do not eat milk/dairy products, eggs, or meat.”. In reality, vegan travel is easy.

All it takes is a simple process of preparation and following the practised tips of people who have been there (literally), done it, and are more than happy to open up and share what they’ve learned with vegans with an itch to discover the world, regardless if it’s during two weeks in the tropics or a difficult hike along the Camino de Santiago. Staying vegan while on the road might already sound daunting to you, and doing it while traveling with people who eat animal products can be even tougher. The good news is, it’s definitely possible to stay true to your beliefs everywhere you go AND. However, life interferes, and we may find ourselves stressing over food while getting ready to travel to a new destination that may or may not accommodate our veggie-oriented eating. This is why today I’d like to share my 6 tips for easy vegan traveling that can be applied both to domestic and international travel.

Traveling While Vegan has got you covered. Home. Contact. More.

May 23, 2018; 1 min; Country United States Italy Mexico May 23, 2018; 2 min; Greedi Vegan in Crown Heights, Brooklyn There are NO fully-vegan food spots in Central Brooklyn. That was up until this month, thanks to Latisha Daring who is the founder and ow. Time: If you’re traveling for business or an event, you might not want to burden yourself with having to stop for breakfast before your day gets started.

It might just be easier to prep some vegan travel food quickly in your apartment and head out. Well-Being: Not all vegan food is healthy. This is especially true when eating out in. Here are 8 tips for staying happy and healthy while traveling as a vegan: 1. Make sure to pack along some multivitamins.

Most (if not all) multivitamins on the market have the daily amount of B12, iron, and vitamin D – all essential components of a happy and healthy body.

List of related literature:

The world of vegan-friendly travel options is expanding every year.

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
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Besides recipes, The Book of Tofu became a travel guide for me.

“History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
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Includes a link for veganism, vegan meals, and travel.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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This short list just gives you an idea of all the different pathways there are to becoming vegan.

“The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness” by Lani Muelrath, Neal Barnard
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from my observations there are some incredible places in this part of the world to live as a vegan, but from my experiences I have also concluded that it is exceptionally easy to be vegan anywhere, since all cities have grocery stores and markets.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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Sophie, the author of Enfant Végé, said that she feels one of the best ways to promote veganism is to “show that being vegan today is EASY!”33 The blogger of L’Aventure Lavable34 said that “low-cost recipes are an initial entry point” that can win people over.

“Critical Perspectives on Veganism” by Jodey Castricano, Rasmus R. Simonsen
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Of these, many are vegan at home but find it impossible to procure a vegan diet when eating out; and sometimes a less rigid vegetarianism may be found to be necessary.

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Part 4: Veggin’ it; Tips for maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

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You might not think of meat and dairy as being foods that travel well, but there are some that really do.

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I have a lot of experience working with vegans: I’ve spoken with thousands of vegans around the world, in 39 countries on six continents.

“Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters” by Melanie Joy
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Can you, or do you have a video, on intermittent fasting? I read so many benefits but wondering if its something you have to do every single day or something you can do a few days a week? Thank you! ❤

  • The best health bars that I found: I can’t take any other ones, they have too much sugar. This Tibetan Tsampa Energy bar is the best!!! Check it out.

  • How Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful You are Juliana, Soooooo Beautiful, I Really Love You Deeply, ��������������������������

  • Hi guys ��,
    When travelling I ALWAYS!! Get my reusable water bottle taken away by security when travelling out of Australia into another country!! Which is extremely frustrating… just wondering when travelling out of the country if my healthy snacks will get taken too?
    Please respond because I would really like to make travel snacks ����✨����

  • Awesome video! Thank you for all the tips! Especially in the beginning I got so stressed and still sometimes am stressed while travelling. I just wanted to let me know that youtube did some strange things: When I clicked this video it said that I could follow you but I am actually already following you for months… Dunno why this happened but I didn’t unfollow you. Just wanted to let you know! Cheers!:)

  • Great tips! It really helps to be prepared. I love your positive outlook as you deal with some of the challenges we face as vegans.

  • I will try the beans for travelling. It’s really funny a good friend of mine lives in Winnipeg. The world is so small ☺ Best wishes from Germany

  • Thank you Kristina. I love your vids. They keep me going. Keep up the good work. Will look forward to more vids as you are able. Love you guys!

  • I know no matter what I can return to your channel and be inspired by you to keep eating this way. I haven’t programmed myself enough to be able to pull out the confidence and resources to just eat the healthiest version I can. I’m a mother of 3 and so I dont always have option to devote time to making and thinking of raw food. On the run today and I have the confidence that I can do it and what im bringing. Thank you.

  • I think most of us know the right way for being fit healthy and happy but this was an amazing refresher and the way you explain makes the important info stick in our heads ���� ❤️

  • Hey thanx, nice and informative video!
    Just a quick question: do you know if there is a Europa alternative to Thrive Market? Can’t really find it on mama Google, but I’d love to try it, it sounds great!
    Thanx, byeeee x

  • Haha I love when you commented on the whole world is a heavy meat eating. So so true and yet each country thinks that they are the special heavy meat consuming country/culture. �� I bet you if those individuals just travelled more, like you, they would also realise that they are not special and its not true that living in their country makes it extra hard. It’s actually never been so easy to be raw vegan in the recent history, in my humble opinion, AND GET ORGANIC DELI IOUS FOODS ON TOP OF THAT although that depends on where you’re travelling to. It’s all the mindset and level of self love. Thanks for this inspirational video, it’s full of great advice. Love you loads. ����
    PS: I travel very similarly to you in terms of eating, just bummed out if I cant get organic tomatoes somewhere because they are so heavily sprayed and I can feel it. WE NEED MORE ORGANIC FOODS PEOPLE!

  • Amazing!! Just found your videos by accident. I said Avril Lavigne? Cool. I wondered where you were now. Traveling; Yoga, nice. You are both so nice!!

  • I had 100kg. I started exercising every day, two hours cardio and one hour with equipment, and monitor my eating, only healthy food in small portions. Two weeks later I have 1.3kg more. I am so disappointed that right now I am eating bag of chips. I knew I want lose much but to gain weight after two weeks of every day dieting and exercising, is just making me give up all hope.

  • Wow, I love Portugal & I’m glad you showed how easy it is to eat there!! Also, i downloaded “happy cow” as soon as you mentioned it, i’m sure it’ll come in use ♡

  • Lol, some point down the line she’s gone back to meat from how bad her health got, but because of her huge following and supporters, + profits made she’s now pretending to be one.

  • you should both try Clif bars they are super yummy, and also the Primal Pantry bars they have energy and protein bars which are vegan friendly and taste amazing xx lots of love to you guys ����

  • You have such beautiful souls! When I watch your videos I feel such incredible energy! I was wondering if you could do a video on journaling? ❤️

  • I don’t necessarily agree with real fur trimmed hoods, but the functionality is actually to block wind and catch snow so it doesn’t blow into your face. There is a reason!

  • These are some great tips! A lot of these already i already knew because I had to learn them on my road trip to Texas.Subway was my best friend, I got the veggie Delight with no cheese and extra vegetables on one of their whole grain breads.

  • I was introduced to Happy Cow by a lady who travels playing her piano in the street and I use it a great deal as I am vegan and my partner is vegetarian and we need good food.
    At the end of this month we are travelling to Switzerland and have located potential places for lunches and buying things to make lunches.
    I make and take banana oat cookies for the trip and also baked potatoes as they are easy to digest and of course fruit.

  • I love happy cow! Definitely a game changer when traveling! I have been able to experience some amazing restaurants because of this app!

  • It’s so hard to travel in countries that don’t speak English nor can I read what’s available for vegan meals in different languages�� it’s why I’m still pescatarian, especially in Asian countries, but I still eat plant based as much as possible. Finding Skin care and beauty products while traveling that are vegan and cruelty free is HARD. I have to bulk up when I travel for 1-3 months at a time

  • How to wash veggies properly in hotel room? In my place, I wash all veggies several times after soaking them in diluted vinegar solution. I worry about the pesticides they might contain.

  • Hellow!! Your vídeo is very useful for us vegan! We have to be prepared to long trips due to the absence of healthy food! Thank you so much �� ��

  • Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I see many people keep on talking about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Have you used tarte or dermacare sunscreen powder? If so, what are you opinions? I was just watching a clog from a dermatologist and she uses tarte powder sunscreen to touch up her sunscreen through out the day, and I just had know idea that it was even a thing. I’m going to ask skinny confidential also. I love your collab videos, because you both love skin care as much as I do and I just love the enthusiasm, it makes me smile, ☺️ thank you. maybe you could do a video on different sunscreens that you like.
    Ash xxxx

  • It’s so ridiculous why not cook properly the vegan/ vegetarian food properly in the air plain indeed it’s awful there. As if they never heard of hummus, good tofu, nuts/ nuts butter, spices. Ok or just cook nice pasta. Indeed it’s huge disappointment!

  • I knew you were in Porto. The landscape doesn’t leave room for doubts! Hope you had a great time, such a beautiful, live and still true portuguese city. Hope it keeps its charm through the tourism demand:)

  • Hey I found these awsome reusable zip lock bags that you might like! they are awesome:) hahah you guys remind me of my parents who ALWAYS cook and bring their indian foods with them on the airplane.

  • It’s sounds very stressful. It’s already stressful to travel and eat healthy. The added stress to look for veggies and fruits only.

  • Hey!!! My mom suffers from an under active thyroid. What do you recommend for her. She has had struggled with weight loss since she got it

  • One point to make, I was departing from London with some tangerines and a few nuts that I did not finish on the plane, one I arrived at NYC all those things were confiscated because I had to declare them.

  • Wowowowow that definitely takes a lotta of self control..I can’t even do that on a regular daily basis..OMG when ur on vacation!!!

  • Really enjoyed your video out staying healthy while traveling which guys obviously do a lot of. Those veggie wraps you made to take to the airport looked great. Just wanted to know how you made them and what you used.

  • Yess!! thank you so much for this video. My husband and I have snacked on your protein balls a few times on transcontinental flights but the salad rolls and tahini are a must for our next trip.

  • It’s so much cheaper to get a hotel with a microwave & mini-fridge. I just go to a nearby grocery store & go from there. Sometimes the rooms with the mini kitchen are too expensive, but I’ve done that as well. Both ways were still cheaper than going to restaurants. ( because 3 people were sharing the cost of the room with the mini kitchen….. & I was the only vegan)

  • I work at The Vitamin Shoppe, and by far, my favorite vegan protein bar is No Cow! They recently came out with chewy bars with no chalky taste. 20g of protein! Love them!

  • I live in BC so we have the same time as California so when you were talking about the time change I was like oh riiiight Toronto IS three hours ahead ��

  • Outstanding tips. When I travel, I check ahead of time where there are grocery stores. I will often check in, unpack, put on my running clothes and run to the store. I uber back with enough plant based food to last my entire trip.

  • Thanks for this. We’re off to the algarve in 2 weeks so will do my vegan research before and stock up on snacks (which no doubt the kids will devour before we get there)

  • I thought starvation mode was a myth?? What happened to all the experts talking about the huge benefits of intermittent fasting, basically delaying your eating till later in the day? What happened to the whole
    Theory of autophagy? Pls explain this thanks!

  • Thanks for your video! I am always carrying some fruits on airplanes or just moving city. Cool to see that I am not the only one and thanks for the good tips!! As I do get to eat non vegan if i am non prepared!! Much love to you

  • this video helps me alot.. I’m still new in veganism. like 5 months and I’ll be travelling for the first time as a vegan.. so I’ll do need to pack my snacks and food with me because I’m only the vegan member of my family. they said its hard on me.. but I don’t think so.. I just bring my own food while travelling. thank you guys for this hacks! <3

  • I’m supposed to start following a plant-based diet, due to my recent diagnosis of acid reflux.As a matter fact the doctor even suggested I could possibly get off my medication, if I follow this diet any suggestions on meals or snacks?

  • Great video! Very informative. Will be leaving for a family trip tomorrow and I have almost everything you suggested on hand. I was initially concerned about maintaining my plant based lifestyle while traveling, but after watching your video I’m actually excited and looking forward to it! Thank you!��Also, you two make a great team!

  • I appreciate so much that you don’t hold expectations over others to meet your dietary needs. It’s empowering to be self sustaining ❤️

  • Hey guys I have a friend starting their own youtube channel. You recommended a website that can help a person take their videos to the next level. I think he needs some tips from you guys. What was that place that can help people learn to make videos. And thanks I get tons of people telling me that I’ve lost weight and they can tell the difference with my yoga. I cannot do the bird of paradise but I’m in much better shape than I was a year ago. I recommend you guys to everyone

  • Come to Latvia. We and everyone at THE LATVIAN ELEMENT ( will take you on nature tours and vegan-friendly picnics!:) Come With Us Outside! I would love to meet you here in Riga.

  • How does sugar and fat stop you losing weight? Yes it may be unhealthy, but it won’t stop you losing weight. Too many calories will stop you losing weight.

  • ive found many stores that sell chemically treated foods marketed as organic, yet its there if you wash the food then have that water tested guess what, pesticides.
    myself to correct many health issues have gone vegan

  • Thank you for sharing your trip to LA with us.
    So jelly that you got to try all of the yummy VEGAN food options! ��
    All the food looked so yummy. ��

  • Follow my INSTAGRAM @_hollyabel, I’m on my own personal journey to becoming a better me as well as helping others become a better them. I love learning and am looking for people to connect with. To educate myself from and to spread my knowledge with them!

  • Perfect video! About to go to the beach. Already planning ahead and finding vegan restaurants and organic grocery for fruits and veggies.

  • Going in the airport they dont take fresh fruits and veggies away? The do here in Canada which is why im stuck eating expensive food at the airport and even buying a banana is like $1.50-$2 which im not being cheap but for that cost one banana??

  • I have a question. I’m new to watching your videos. I understand that you are vegans for health reasons first secondly ethical reasons. How do we justify fishing? I’ve been pondering the stop myself. You said you go on a fishing trip to Canada. Please enlighten. I’m new to all of this.

  • My vegan husband and I currently live in Germany, we have traveled to Luxembourg/Paris/Amsterdam/Belgium/Netherlands to name a few, and I ALWAYS pack snacks and sandwiches as well as google/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram “Vegan in ‘X’ city/county” and check Happy Cow as well. I am always astounded when fellow vegans as “how do I Vegan in ‘X’ place”. I’m like “OH LET ME HELP!” Lol

  • U have made the clearest way of being the real life of the Reincarnation.M.M. that is the way i am the LOVE of my experience of our “Eternal LOve” with my husband and go to India again and see our Tomb “Taj MAhal” for both of us LOVE LOVE LOVE……………………Namaste

  • i was in a calorie deficit for too long and exercised alot due to that i grew very weak and underweight and that’s why I can’t even exercise anymore till i get better so how can i stay thin and gain healthy weight at the time?