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We start the week with the best intentions of cooking dinner at home but then hunger hits or life throws us a curve ball. Top Excuses for Not Cooking at Home (and Solutions for Each) chevron_left PREV: 5 Bucket List Wildflower Hikes. 5 bad excuses for not cooking throw some salt and pepper on a hunk of meat and stick these items in the oven with a pot of rice on top. Consider a hearty pot of soup or stew. heat (or not.

If you have ramen, you have no excuse not to eat at home because all the ingredients are in the package and it’s literally as easy as boiling water. Additionally, easy snacks will help your hanger. I don’t usually get too tired to cook, because now that cooking is a habit, it’s almost automatic. However, more often than not, we have to cook.

Those growing kids, with their truck driver appetites, aren’t leaving the house for at least another 12 to 15 years. But here are 10 legitimate reasons to avoid the kitchen. 1. You just had a baby.

Congratulations; your new bundle of joy is the ultimate excuse not. But that’s not the only excuse people had. 25% of the respondents said that they just can’t stand the mess of cooking. (They probably have pristine kitchens like that white one up there!). 21% say they just don’t have time.

66% say that grocery. If you’re not planning on cooking too much at home, opt to make smaller meals like sandwiches, wraps, and salads which require less ingredients. If you are planning to eat at home for at least 4-5 days a week, it’s a good idea to make a big meal in the beginning of the week like a nice Roast Chicken or a couple Pan Seared Steaks. More and more, he made excuses not to cook at home. (to do ≠ not to do) * Or alternatively: More and more, he made excuses for not cooking at home. * Negative infinitives are normally made by putting not before the infinitive: Try not to be late. (NOT USUALLY Try to not be late.) Michael Swan, Practical English Usage fourth edition, entry 89.5.

Start making solutions instead. Here’s one excuse for every day of the month and one solution to counter each one. 1. I don’t have the time.

Solution: MAKE the time. If you’re not making the. Excuse #7: “I love junk food and sugary drinks.” Solution: If you eat in moderation and plan ahead for indulgences, you can still enjoy not-so-nutritious foods and lose weight, says Cassetty.

9 Excuses People Make for Not Cooking, Busted “Not having time” is just a matter of priorities. If learning how to cook isn’t a priority for you, then you’re doomed, regardless of effort.

List of related literature:

She insists on doing the meal preparation, but she is unsafe using the stove and gets confused about ingredients in recipes (e.g., she may use salt instead of Sugar).

“Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults” by Carol A. Miller
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But the rapid proliferation of massmarketed cookbooks—which increasingly included not only recipes but also instructions on household management, table manners, and the moral responsibilities of housewives for maintaining the health of their families—also marked another important change in the meaning of cuisine.

“How We Eat: Appetite, Culture, and the Psychology of Food” by Leon Rappoport
from How We Eat: Appetite, Culture, and the Psychology of Food
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5 Dietary information: this reveals that Mrs. T. stopped cooking after her husband’s death as she did not see any point to cooking for one.

“Geriatric Psychiatry: A Case-Based Textbook” by Ana Hategan, James A. Bourgeois, Calvin H. Hirsch, Caroline Giroux
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example in the kitchen,because theyare unaware ofdangers to theiraffected side sothat measures have to be taken to reduce this risk, for example using a microwave rather than a conventional cooker.

“Stroke: Practical Management” by Charles P. Warlow, Jan van Gijn, Martin S. Dennis, Joanna M. Wardlaw, John M. Bamford, Graeme J. Hankey, Peter A. G. Sandercock, Gabriel Rinkel, Peter Langhorne, Cathie Sudlow, Peter Rothwell
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(ii) Placing dishes which require different methods of cooking in one meal so that when one dish is being cooked in the oven, another is done on the cooking range on the top of the oven.

“Catering Management: An Integrated Approach” by M. Sethi
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We would have to go outside to cook something if we wanted to eat, because cooking in our rooms was dangerous and could start a fire.

“Inside the Hotel Rwanda: The Surprising True Story... and Why It Matters Today” by Edouard Kayihura, Kerry Zukus, Linda Melvern
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No one is home to watch the stove, and food can’t cook itself.

“A Woman's Influence: Own Your Worth, Cultivate Your Power, and Change Your Relationships for the Better” by Tony A. Gaskins, Sheri Gaskins
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For example, an article entitled “How to Convert Your Kitchen for the New Age of Nutrition” (Prevention, February, 1975) tells the housewife how to make her kitchen a source of health for her family.

“Investigating Culture: An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology” by Carol Delaney, Deborah Kaspin
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There’s no smell of dinner cooking, no steam on the window from tatties boiling to mush because my mum can’t cook, no matter how hard she tries.

“Maggie & Me” by Damian Barr
from Maggie & Me
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Reason: Improperly cooked food is the source of intestinal infections.

“29 AIIMS Biology Chapter-wise Solved Papers (1997-2019) with Revision Tips & 3 Online Mock Tests 2nd Edition” by Disha Experts
from 29 AIIMS Biology Chapter-wise Solved Papers (1997-2019) with Revision Tips & 3 Online Mock Tests 2nd Edition
by Disha Experts
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  • thank you so much for sharing your gifts with our world, I am a mother of three beautiful children and honor most of your rules…….. so wonderful to feel your backing and i am a advocate for sharing this information with all who will listen………

  • Of course the kids toys are completely plastic.. also without food we cannot survive..but without toys we can raise our kids perfectly..

  • Really grateful you created this And that I found it just after work, and just before beginning a brand new week of hopefully way better daily progress hours than last week. I’ve taken notes that will be posted in my closet for sure.

  • Don’t be lazy, just get up! You just need to achieve what you want to achieve.
    Get up Right Now! and do something like, if you forgot to bring something for you then just go get it. Stop sitting here now, GO!

  • The plastic bag collection boxes in supermarkets is for #2 and #4 plastics and is bought by a company called “Trex.” They make boards for outside decks, planters and Adirondack style chairs. What happens to the product when it’s worn out is another thing.

  • The idea of lawns is ridiculous, so too are manucured gardens and the insanity of a back yard filled with patios and pools and objects of sports. When you dig up all that nonsense and grow a vegetable garden you WILL eat healthier. There’s just something wonderful about growing your own veg, taking care of it, harvesting it and enjoying it. If more people got away from this mindset of having the perfect lawn or yard and planted a garden, their food bills would go down as well as their waist lines.

  • Bro before you ask someone to try this, you buy coconut water in the morning and drink next day… I don’t know how come coconut water can stay unspoiled without mixing preservatives…

  • I would suggest shopping on zero waste shops, that way you can read up about the company and their ethics and they will most likely package your item in recycled material/paper.

    I don’t buy from amazon anymore.

  • Can you please tell me the ingredients of all of these beautifully made foods? Because I do not hear what ingredients he talks while he cooks.

  • Give your life to Jesus Christ. Believe and pray:
    God, I know that I am a sinner and unless you save me I’ll be lost forever. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, died on the cross for my sins and arose on the 3rd day. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
    Just not sure? Then say aloud:
    Jesus Christ, if you’re the truth then reveal yourself to me.
    What do you have to lose? While the latter isn’t salvation its a step in the right direction.

  • I come from Punjab. Gond and kachhi lassi is a staple for summers. We offer kachhi lassi to anyone who comes from the heat instead of simple water. You don’t even need to add a lot of ice to it. And it tastes good on it own. You dont even need to make it sweet. I almost dwell on it the entire summer.

  • To reduce my waste, I became minimal, donated a lot of stuff, only kept the stuff i want, but i know that doesn’t sound green, but the less you have to worry about the better. I reuse shopping bags, I don’t buy straws, i drink straight from the cup. I don’t drink coffee and go to Starbucks 1-3 per year. I think I’ve only been to Starbucks once this year. I bring food from home for lunch rather than always getting junk food, I try to keep water and energy to a minimum. I don’t wash clothes but once every 2 weeks, I I try not to shop a lot. I haven’t bought fast fashion in the past 10 years or so. I recycle, I only take out trash when its full, I try to reduce trash amount. One thing I should do is have a meatless monday. That might be my next step. I also don’t drive, I always share rides, but thats not in my control.

  • Very interesting. It’s good to know that some of what we think is laziness is really something else causing the appearance of laziness. Very helpful.

  • Michael Pollan, how wonderful that you go there! This is all so true. We have lost something when we just thing about getting `FED` as opposed to being `NOURISHED`!

  • big companies are not supposed to look after us, their aim is to make money. We are supposed to look after ourselves, no one else.

  • 200 degrees for 30 minutes, try 425 for ten then 400 for 20. 200 degrees is so wrong. If you want you’re puff pastry to melt instead of puff and cook, do 200 degrees.

  • It’s an awesome cooking channel,I think.whenever I got notification, I just come to see the whole video.I like cooking a lot and American breakfast specially. So,is there anyone who loves cooking a lot?

  • You forget the soap. To switch to a paper wraped soap instead of liquid soap is a big chance. It’s a lot cheaper as well, because it last a lot longer. Best regards from Germany.

  • It’s rare to come across someone in their twenties that even knows HOW to cook, let alone has the slightest desire to cook. And we wonder why we are so unhealthy and SO FAT.

  • If you haven’t got time to cook then eat fruit, nuts and seeds. If you do cook make sure you use fresh natural ingredients. 

    Our bodies aren’t designed to eat processed foods and I’m not just talking about frozen ready meals but things such as flour. No other mammal lives on deep fried food so neither should we.

    Cut all that stuff out and you will feel a lot better.

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  • …”A Complete Macrobiotic Yin Yang Philosophic Understanding Combined With Its Practical Dietary Discipline Is Timeless Universal Law… All Other Teachings Are Incomplete.” 
    Michio Kushi & Yukikazu Sakurazawa a.k.a.George Ohsawa.

  • can’t avoid unhealthy food when I get off work at 1:00 a.m., there’s just no health food except fastfood at that time. and there’s no energy to cook by myself too. really sad.

  • Gordon if you’re tired of you’re kids not eating you’re food I’ll come over eat it and make em jealous so that they will eat more you’re food lol

  • I need to get these items and I’ve bought one thing to cover my bowl so that food don’t go bad. Where do you get your things from?

  • Hello

    You have to take notes of your day, write down your thoughts and ideas, in short leave a trace of your life, I leave you this link and I know that it will please you

  • I also love to use zero waste makeup rempval pads, i make my deodorant myself and i don’t use shampoos and soaps in plastic packaging, i use soap bars and shampoo bars instead. I also love using a lunch box at school, it’s super easy

  • Processed foods are “sneaky”. I had not thought to check the ingredients on the bottle of store bought ketchup in my frig. High Fructose Corn Syrup is the second ingredient (right after some form of processed tomatoes). KETCHUP! New item on to-do list: Learn to make my own ketchup using my own home-grown tomatoes.

  • Drinks Absorbent

    affordable price

  • The ONLY problem with cooking your own food is that ‘going out to eat’ isn’t fun anymore. You realize how awful restaurant food is once you’re use to home cooked meals.

  • Just a sec… Do you really need to buy trash bags? I live in northern Italy and I’m very proud about our system: you have to pay the annual fee, but you can get your trash bags for “free”. Each pack of bags has a special code (so… if you don’t separate trash well, you will be punished). You have to separate all your trash: plastic, paper, organic, glass, metal and “other” and every week they collect your trash once or twice, next to the door of your house. It’s a great system!!!

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “reduce plastic use” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Denadison Simplified Dominance (just google it )? It is a smashing one of a kind product for discovering how to find a great alternative to single use plastic without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.

  • can’t avoid unhealthy food when I get off work at 1:00 a.m., there’s just no health food except fastfood at that time. and there’s no energy to cook by myself too. really sad.

  • REBO smart bottle clean the planet as you drink

    LET’S SAVE THE PLANET!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Just buy less. There’re so many things I don’t buy. Definitely bring your own bags, including produce bags which are so simple to make. Those beeswax wraps need to be rewaxed periodically, and I don’t like concept of cooking in silicone regardless how safe they say it is. The internet is inundated with these alternatives, all quite expensive.

  • Quickie home-cooked and fully healthy: microwaved corn on the cob, and microwaved whole potatoes. MINIMAL clean up. Great for snacking too.

  • So many Americans are struggling economically, they have a lot more immediate concerns than to learn about this sort of thing. Also, they’re not even exposed to the material. They only see what the big corporations put out there. How does this info get out to the masses, not just well off or well educated people sitting in college lecture halls? (I’ve wondered the same about permaculture & sustainable living)

  • Imagine Gordon being your father and having breakfast like this and giving you pack lunch to school. hmmmmmmm must haved been great

  • adv. tip: please also beware of “green washing” and mindful of resource intensive products. they may seem ethical but corporations at the end of the day just want to sell things no matter how it’s unethically it’s sourced or produced

  • BRO THAT MEAT IS MOVING, IT’S RAW!, dang white people be eating medium rare and shit like that, but NO COOK IT THROUGHLY! YOU WILL LIVEEEEE AND NOT DIE FROM SALMONELLA!!

  • Butter and a handful of now toasted granola on the flat. Pour pancake batter over.

    It’s amazing.

    I am not a fan of hash, but I still loved the episode. Keep America cooking, please.

  • Gordonffs, why not give the type of potato, type of onion, the type/brand of bacon. help us out with useful information, instead of wasting time on woo regarding “antioxidants” and “probiotics.”

  • The best to keep healthy avoid frozen foods,cans,package,diary products baked products, sugary products, soft drinks and fried foods and bottom line is eat fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and wholegrain.

  • 5:05 “incredibly addictive..” EXACTLY. They want you to think that drugs have addictive qualities, and food is just “cravings”. Look at brain scans when you eat junk food, it’s like getting high. These companies don’t care about us…

  • Nutritional Science is still very primitive. GOLD!!! 4:14

    And part of that reason is the suppression of the evidence discovered by those trying to patent a product (in the interest of making a buck). Freedom of Information Act has brought HUGE scads of such “covering up” to the surface (by those who are persistent enough to dig though all the literature).

  • I love this video and totally agree with how expensive it is to start out. Luckily, in the long run you will definitely be saving money with your one time purchase as opposed to buying the alternatives countless times. I agree with your point on transitioning! Just do what you can, all of it is much appreciated.

  • I’ve got Stasher bags for my sous vide, they are hella expansive, but it’s more reasonable then a vacuum sealing machine for me, but I’m a little unhappy with the size and the quality of the seal (don’t get me wrong, they stay closed and nothing gets in, but a lot of air stays in when you close them). I’ve never used them for anything else (as of yet).

  • Been teaching about the microbiome globally! We need to take this serious and change our lives/culture! Make and eat fermented foods! It’s easy and so important! Walking barefoot on clean soils, grasses and sand grounds our health on another level. Just returned from teaching in Australia! Sad to see that they have picked up a lot of our bad habits (fast-foods etc), in America but their is also a consciousness arising! Let’s do it!

  • If this is harmful production and bad for the health, why the heck the government gives permission to put this restaurant all around the world? Why not the the government ban these kind of things.

  • Love how you touched on the difficulty with going green! I don’t have a dishwasher in my older home, nor the space for one. (This is an issue I think about often alongside not having a drier for my clothes) Yeah between the two in theory it could be eco friendly! However, I’m physically disabled and deal with mental illnesses along side it. Between general executive disfunction, generally low motivation most days, and my level of constant physical pain I find that it is (most of the time) incredibly difficult to complete everyday maintenance/chores as it is. Dish washing has to be done in small increments because of drying space as well as my pain. This makes the task daunting, so it is hard to work with myself to do it. Laundry I run through a couple of times out of necessity when I am not able to get back to it. I absolutely hate the idea that I’m “wasting” and make effort in all areas I am able to be kind to the earth. In problem areas, I have to make the decision that my well-being is more important to me at this point than obsessing over the environment. People in much better financial situations and places of power are the ones who could make a real impact, not me. Sometimes I just remember that and choose my functioning life over the shame and guilt.

  • I bought a cheap second hand bed sheet and sewed my produce bags. You can also cut up some rags which are great for doing small cleaning jobs around the house and can be washed again. There are definitely cheaper options!

  • Jesus x I m all 8 categories. Have no depression but I m very lazy like I have no clue what to do it’s like I m stuck on the ground or in the middle of the ocean with no direction! The only goal I have is to leave my country, but beside that I don’t know what I want to be or become but I kno I need to become something that provides money because I m really poor and clueless guy xD

  • Aside from home cooking being healthier in general, there’s also the ‘basic cooking’ that isn’t terribly tasty and people only eat what they need instead of triple servings ‘because it tastes good’. Harder to gorge oneself on salad or green beans than pizza. That we’re losing independence, from the skills of growing food to preparing it, leads to dependency on others to provide basic needs; same for electricity, fuel, construction, clothing, medicine. Pioneers heading west or native cultures “knew how to live where they were with what they had” and we’ve lost much of this knowledge intentionally or otherwise. At our own peril, my opinion.

  • Social engineering is different when it is by a corporation. I have direct power in what i choose to purchase, that is freedom. When the govt takes money from me by way of taxes and condemns me to its arbitrary edicteven if it doesnt effect me, that is the opposite of freedom.

  • Americans actually eat breakfast? I personally just have a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Sometimes oatmeal but usually not a whole meal unless it’s Saturday/Sunday morning.

  • I just started a website that sells stainless steel water bottles and glass bottles to eliminate plastic water bottles check it out:

  • Weak men are responsible for feminism=feminism is responsible for the breakdown of the family, contraception, abortion, divorce, adultery, transgenderism, homosexuality AND the lack of a mother at home cooking for her family. The only winners are the fast food corporations and those who hate the family, which brings me back to weak men and feminists.

  • awesome receipe also check out this CHICKEN recipe which is made WITHOUT OIL and less efforts…

  • Lately, things have been going pretty bad. And all that I could was just sitting still not doing anything, while everyone is buzzing with their life goals, love life, business or etc. It’s not like I’m lazy to think about my future… Tbh, I’m scared of it. All I see is just pain, destruction and struggle. I hate pain. I hate everything. That’s why I keep denying the feeling that I need to change. Yup, this is me being a coward and unreasonable. But… I just don’t feel like myself anymore. Nothing seems fun, enjoyable, or even worth fighting for anymore:((

  • 2 slice toaster features extra wide slots to accommodate a variety of items

    Auto adjusting bread guides for even, consistent toasting

    7 toast shades from light to dark and 3 settings: bagel, frozen, and pastry

    Removable crumb tray makes cleanup easy:

  • This talk was great until the end, so don’t anyone jump on me because I’m into gardening myself and I will attest that it’s awesome, healthy, tasty and fulfilling. Erm.. the industrial social engineering is not offending people as much because product popularity depends on good design, not telling them what they can and can’t buy.  Also, let’s talk about the Anxiety/Solution method used in this vid which I suspect is the true purpose behind this man’s talk.  Socialized healthcare has the same agenda as industrial food production to take over responsibilities that people used to handle themselves.  Nanny Government here to save the day (as if the government cares about having independent, rational thinkers as citizens rather thank easily-controllable, sick, lethargic, dependent drones)  The reason people are buying into it now is the same reason people bought into the big food industry stunts,  because people in families aren’t feeling as responsible for each other anymore.  What needs to be done is for people to learn how to tolerate each other again without government intervention and share the workload in family units that will save energy, illness, bills, etc.    Just saying.

  • We have a bunch of stashers! Love them! I had bought cheapo silicone bags prior, and the seals stopped sealing after about 3 months? And we hand wash them all! The seals on the stashers are holding up well.
    And I want to make my own beeswax wraps one day.

  • Cooked food is the death of all…fun and the best when you home cook it…but cooked food cuts one’s life in half and the use of meat and dairy cause the most damage and destruction to the planet, wastes the most resources, and is more a more devastating contributor to global warming than the use of fossil fuels…he has not done his homework and is lost and unknowingly confusing people out of his misguided intellect.

  • I love that you brought up the fact that bees wax wraps are great in theory but are not fun to use. I had gotten a pack from trader joe’s for my cheese and it left my cheese blocks smelling weird and dried out. Not a fan of the wasted food! As far as stasher bags, they are expensive so I try to buy one each week at the grocery store to help the cost in the short term. Great alternatives mentioned here!

  • BPA-free doesn’t mean it’s safe.:( It’s replaced with similarly dangerous chemicals. Companies put it on labels because we know BPA is bad, but all plastics, BPA free or not, are hazardous to your health. It’s especially bad for your reproductive health. God bless, stay safe everyone and I wish you all the best health.

  • I have been cooking for the past few months during this senseless age of hysteria and am shocked at how I’ve been utterly duped into thinking that cooking great meals is hard. It’s hard to cook most restaurant food because it’s so full of garbage that the average person can’t replicate it with natural infredients, but if you’ve ever been to a four AAA diamond or even michelin starred restaurant you might get a hint of “homemade-ness”… that’s no accident. You can learn make a great steak frites dinner with creme brulee for dessert in a couple days, no joke

  • I’m going to start quilt-making soon.  Thanks Michael for restoring my faith in cooking.  I cook every day from scratch, more and more as I get older.  I try to grow whatever I can in my backyard as well.  My Mother taught me everything I know and I really appreciate her lifelong efforts to bring the best food to the table every day.

  • OMG those pancakes look good. I sometimes like to use chopped, cooked bacon like that when I am making waffles. And of course I have a couple of link sausages with the waffles.

  • My every waking moment is spent either cooking or thinking about cooking. I usually dream about cooking as well. My father’s father and my mother’s mother were both restaurant owners and cooks, so I guess it’s just in my genes. I am teaching my sons to cook also. I tell them that chances of finding a wife that can cook properly these days is dim, so their only hope for eating proper and delicious food is to cook it themselves.

  • He is explaining his views to an audience of 10. LOL! People been eating McDonalds for decades!! Time to move on to the next conspiracy theory.

  • Why on earth season the grated potato and onion nicely then squeeze of it out through the colander, squeeze first then season. Jesus.

  • I think a lot of the stuff is coming in plastic wrapping because you’re ordering from Amazon. Many people selling “eco friendly” products are just ordering large units to sell because eco friendly has become a trendy thing but they don’t really care at all about how it gets to the consumer or control how it is packaged because they’re more concerned about making an extra dollar than the environment. Amazon can be convenient but I think if we all tried to limit buying from Amazon, it would significantly help the environment. But local when you can because Amazon makes it hard to know where the products are actually coming from/what waste is being created to get you the product, if people making the product are being payed a livable wage, etc.

  • This video is great! Thank you so much for sharing! I bought the silicone bowl covers too and they are absolutely my favorite new reuseable thing. I tried out three months ago and just bought a pack of six which should be enough for my use. Another reusable thing is the large cotton napkins that can also get used as paper towels, dishcloths, and a sponge replacement (folded up). I’ve also been in the habit of reusing packaging until it’s time to be recycled. This has always been my 2nd food storage solution (after jars) and it works great!
    I respect you so much for addressing the “privilege card”! Others really need to understand that it’s not possible to teach someone if the teacher is aggressive and bullying the potential student. It just provokes further aggression. Especially since the aggressor doesn’t know anything about that person’s life and finances. Instead, if they treat them with understanding and kindness and approach it more as an educator, people are more likely to be open-minded and listen to what’s being said. After that, they are also free to make their own decision and we should respect that, not criminalize them. We are also free to continue showing them our lifestyle and the benefits that come with it in a way that doesn’t feel pushy. When people display hateful behavior for a positive movement, it dramatically diminishes the core values.

  • Real food, cooked at home, saved my life.  I’ve lost 80 pounds in one year, no longer need diabetes meds, no longer need high blood pressure meds, no longer have acid reflux, no longer have sleep apnea, went from an A1c of 11.1 to 6.0 in six months, and best of all I feel strong again and about twenty years younger.  I hit the gym three times a week for one hour that’s it.  And I’ll be 70 next year.  YOU CAN DO, TOO!!  I’M TALKING TO YOU!!  I’M NOT KIDDING.  

    Things to beware of: Any “diet” you will definitely lose weight on any of them, but absolutely none of them are sustainable. Work out a nutritional program for your self that you can be happy with for life. Also, avoid sugar, processed foods (pretty much the isle sections of supermarkets), sugar, additives such as antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, sugar, trans fats (for those items that still have it), sugar, and any of the following in more than small, occasional amounts: potatoes, bread, alcohol, fruit juices, and anything that has sugar (often hidden with weasel-word names learn them), anything that was not available to your great-grandparents, and anything that contains more than two lines in the ingredient listing or contains words you can’t pronounce.  

    Things you thought might be bad for you, but are indeed very good for you in reasonable amounts: coffee, nuts, berries, nonfat milk, chocolate (NOT the brown sugar candies like Hershey’s and Snickers bars, but REAL chocolate, containing at least 72% cacao 90% or more is even better), and our old best friend: water and lots of it.
    BEST OF LUCK!!  I HOPE YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT YOU DESERVE THEM!  Maybe I’ll bump into you at the gym!

  • Informative presentation indeed. Would anyone happen to know what resource(s) he gets the “Even poorer women who cook have better health outcomes than wealthy women who don’t” quote comes from? Brilliant take-home point. Would love to read the paper in it’s entirety.

  • Please visit ya guys, hopefully my place can inspire ideas that can be useful and be a blessing for everyone

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  • seriously… a freaking tie on your trash bag is your issue? how comfortable can you be? also, why the hell dont you just wash out your zip lock bags? its also not supposed to be single use…

  • How do you respond to this? Dr. Savage says many of your claims are fictitious.

  • I’m sad watching this because it’s making no difference �� Ever since Covid I have become so lazy & stuck in a rut and I never ever been this way before. I used to be hard working��

  • No, I’m not the “plastic police” but it annoys the crap out of me when coworkers throw a bunch of recyclable items in the garbage when the HUGE blue recycling bin with it’s HUGE white recycling logo is two inches away. Really people, how hard is it???

  • Please visit ya guys, hopefully my place can inspire ideas that can be useful and be a blessing for everyone

    Silahkan berkunjung ya guys semoga ditempat saya bs memberikan inspirasi ide yg bs bermanfaat dan menjadi berkah buat semua orang

  • Was just at Hell’s Kitchen just 2 weeks ago and had the Beef Wellington for the first time. I can say without a doubt it want so amazing and can’t wait to go back next year and have it again. The whole experience leaves you wanting for nothing. This was nothing short of a grand slam.

  • I find the beeswax wraps don’t work well, but I will use to wrap a dry sandwich for work. In regards to the straw. Why can’t you put your lips on the glass and drink?

  • earthhero is a good all around website to shop for sustainable items, sustainably! mostly plastic free shipping and ethical from beginning to end

  • Thank you Michael, for adding insight into the food system. Spring is a great time to get back into the kitchen, and the farmers market will be here soon in MI! Thanks again for your work.

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    Wild Berry fruit tea:Recommended for: contains natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antivirus.
    Apple Cider:Recommended for: Diabetes, blood pressure.

  • it doesn’t matter what i think about the “phude” industry and its “products.” What does matter is that I have a choice how i want it to be for me. Either i put the effort into choosing the ingredients, preparing it, cooking time, eating, clean up or someone/something is going to make that decision for me and likely it is not going to be in my best interest.

    Everyone has a choice to make and i like how Michael Pollan has used his skills at journalism to bring attention to how the masses of people have accepted the whole cynical advertising aimed at some of the most vulnerable people youth coming into adulthood…!!!!

    If people realized just how ridiculously unconscious they can be when it comes to “advertising/public relations,” they would cut that out.

    One great example of the extent of absurdities that people buy into is a product that came out about 100 years ago Crisco. Crisco was originally developed as a diesel grease for engines. Proctor and Gamble bought the patent and then marketed it to housewives. yuck! This is just one example of thousands if not millions of the type of gross ingredients that passes for “phude.” Remember what Hippocrates said. “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”

  • Growing up, I learned to reuse a lot of plastic containers like old yogurt containers and cookie tin cans. I remember my grandmother also used old coffee cans for plants. Kind of makes them cute in a quirky way. I need to do a better job at reducing single use bags and such. Thanks for the tips!

  • Before WWII we used technology to kill the German and Japanese fascists… and after the war we used that technology to kill our own people by using all the technology developed by the government privatized in any way that would addict us to buying from big corporations.

  • Also biodegradable isn’t a regulated term. Anyone can say their products are biodegradable, but only the word “compostable” is regulated (and even then, you have to make sure it’s home compostable and not just industrial)

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  • Sam, I know that you made this video over a year ago so I don’t know if you will see this comment. When you showed the pork sausage links I could taste the ones that I get at Costco. I don’t know what they do to make them taste so good? It must be a little Kirkland brand magic. I’m not sure if you can see my last name, but it’s Kirkland. I can get the Johnsonville or whatever brand at Safeway but they just aren’t the same.
    Maxie, your Dad loves you. I worked in the circus many years ago. I asked one of the regulars “why does the guy in the high wire act almost fall at the same point in every show?” The answer was “it’s all part of the show.

  • Hi Alyssia. I have a question or suggestion. I’m a disabled woman with limited mobility. I am gaining weight always due to hormonal issues and lack of movement. I dont know how to lose weight when I genuinely eat mostly during the day healthy foods like fish and veg. I’m at a loss. Please can you help me xx

  • I used to have the mindset you had to buy new things to be zero waste but in reality many zero waste YouTubers say you can use what you already have. Examples: cutlery from home, wash zip block bags, use the plastic containers until they break, take a mug/travel mug from home, use pickle, sauce jars to store food and liquids. You’re making more waste by throwing away good condition things you can still use. If you take care of your things they’ll last. A lot of things can be thrifted which helps consumerism and money.

  • My mom just cussed the fuck outta me for being “lazy”. I didnt wanna clean a car i didnt fuck up. I’m an apathy lazy i dont care. If i feel like its not gonna benefit me any im not gonna do it. My mom wont let me get a job and also compare me to other ppl. She always want me to be productive but also study a bunch. I cant be both if my nose is stuffed in a peice of paper. At least i have a 3.8 gpa right?

  • people if youre in a budget dont buy anything on amazon you will get it cheaper on the brands website
    dont get me wrong amazon is great but not budget friendly.

  • Getting tupperware/other items you need at thrift stores and other used stores will be cheaper and avoids them becoming waste. I also keep an eye out for reusable straws, ziplock bags, ect. at TJMaxx where it is usually cheaper than buying them online. Just remember, using what you have is just as if not more important than going out and buying new things.

  • I think you could have elevated the chicken and waffles a bit more with a honey and sriracha syrup and some green onions. Im not saying it didn’t look great but I think its its actually an “American staple”/”soul food” meal and deserved a slightly higher standard of syrup other than mrs. Butterworths. Everything else looked amazing and I learn alot from your show.

  • Another obvious stater. As if he’s coming up with new information. Eating fries is bad, eating a fresh apple is good…really!? Thanks for the obvious!

  • Michael Pollan, kinda doesn’t tell ya this

    Due to its toxicity, the use of pesticides that contain methamidophos is currently being phased out in Brazil.
    In 2009, all uses in the United States were voluntarily canceled.

  • You don’t need to buy expensive bees wrap, just make it on your own! �� My mom made some sheets for my grandma, my sister in law, herself and me as Christmas presents. All you need is bees wax, some coconut oil, fabric (don’t buy new one, ask at your local fabric seller for small pieces that are left over or ask friends and neighbours who like to sew) and an oven or an iron. You find many recipes online, maybe you have to experiment a little but which one works out for you and your fabric. Making them yourself saves you a ton of money and you don’t have to think about presents for next Christmas, too ��

  • Gorgon is either trying to burn calories as he’s making this video because he has 150 cals to go before he can eat another meal. Or he’s had a line

  • If you can avoid putting veg and fruit in your garbage bags and instead put them in your own compost or having it collected, it’s better for the environment, and the environmentally friendly garbage bags last longer.

  • Thanks everyone for watching and commenting! And yes, it seems that I forgot to include the Biscuits & Gravy. To redeem myself I’ll just have to do Breakfast v2 ��������
    ������Now go grab your FAT MEANS FLAVOR + MACA merch!
    ➡️ (direct link to the new FMF or just look ⬆)

    P.S. Twitter is probably now the best way to get a comment/question in front of my eyeballs. There are about 10-15 tweets daily vs. 1000+ YT comments daily.

  • Looks amazing and that is a lot of food. Plenty for several people. As a Brit, I always find it odd though when Americans put maple syrup over meat. I mean maybe it tastes good, I’ve never tried it. That said, we have honey-cured ham here in the UK and eating sweet and sour chicken from a Chinese takeaway or eating chicken dippers with sweet chilli sauce is pretty common. I think it’s mixing sweet and savoury for breakfast that’s alien to us as opposed to the concept in itself.

  • Honestly, perfection is not the goal, but doing small changes is better than nothing. My husband and I do not use paper towels, we use terry rags and other cloths that we just wash and fold up and keep in the cabinets under all the sinks. We buy bulk foods from Costco (Athough, there is still waste produced, it is overall less than smaller packaging at non bulk food stores). We use cloth napkins and save all of the fast food napkins for emergency car use. We use glass Tupperware for lunch at work but store food in our plastic ones as well as glass ones. We also repurpose old plastic Tupperware for other items in the house (Storing medicine bottles, organizing drawers etc). Initially when I started making changes, I wanted all the cool items but realised that we had almost everything we really needed. We have Huge reusable grocery bags for bulk shopping as well and we use our metal cutlery for our lunches and I also carry set in the car just incase. A year later, we are just getting through our bulk ziplock bags and I am now just ordering some reusable ziplock bags. So it also takes Time to make changes.

  • This is SUCH a good video because wanting to be low waste or zero waste is awesome… but buying and buying AND BUYING then you´re just wasting resources, money and time.

  • I am so glad my grandparents were Italian. My mom was raised by immigrants with the classic Mediterranean diet, and I grew up thinking that that was just what one ate. I’m very, very lucky in that broccoli rabe and fava beans still seem like a perfectly normal meal.

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  • I loved what you said about fads. When I was younger, we were shamed for using paper because it killed the trees, and glass was considered unsafe because it broke if you dropped the shampoo bottle or the peanut butter jar. Plastics were seen as a better, safer choice. Now we know better. When we know better, we can all try to do better. Nothing is perfect. Thanks for teaching us how to take some baby steps and to learn how to do better along the way.

  • I just want to leave a friendly reminder that most people who are trying to be more sustainable, don’t do it all in one setting. In addition, although some stuff is on the pricey side, you have to consider how much money you are saving in the long run. Yes that stashed bags was $20, but if you take good care of it & are able to use it for years, it was less expensive than buying ziploc bags for those same years. Also, you have to keep in mind that just because you are buying things to help minimize your use of plastic, you can’t be surprised when it comes in plastic wrapping from amazon. A lot of sustainable brands, unlike Amazon, do not use plastic wrapping. I have added a link, though, to still use amazon without so much plastic wrapping!

  • Well said. The challenge I find is the dripping wet produce that gets water all over the rest of my groceries. I end up using plastic bags for those. Would welcome any ideas how to overcome that hurdle. Thanks for all your helpful researching and thoughts.

  • I’m always lazy and always will be Heheh Gosh whoever is lazy are gonna love did comment BTW I was searching up for how to basic and this comes up so o thought why not ��������hehe ������������ brush I talk alot

  • I look at these things and think i could replace the plastic things i use. However if i replaced them i would just end up throwing my plastic in the bin to replace them with the new things… Kind of a catch 22.

  • I have a kid and yeah I’m always talking about the toys which I never or hardly mentioned in the zero waste videos and elitist. The silicone ziplock bags are great and the suction silicone lids I can use for everything. I have those produce bags I have been using and they are great

  • earthhero is a good all around website to shop for sustainable items, sustainably! mostly plastic free shipping and ethically sourced from beginning to end

  • 15:48 Role of the state for healthy food: We don’t accept social engineering when it comes from the state, but we don’t mind much when it comes from corporations (in the context of bottle size of soda). How true! How the religion of neoliberal economism shaped the minds in the 2. half of the 20. century.

  • I love these ideas, thanks! Ha ha nothing can be more irritating than a born-again eco-warrior, and you explained this so nicely for those of us who want to take small steps but who may also feel overwhelmed and jaded about the possibilities for actually having an impact. thank you!

  • The groserystore bag really bugs me because I can use a single plastic bag about 15 times before it finally gets thrown out. They’re not single use, you just have to think about how to reuse them

  • wow really amazing idea for breakfast thanks for this video.

    i have food idea for sunny day please click the the link you get more details

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  • This is harsh of me but your Voice is grating and loud and just hard to listen to. The eechoing Acoustics in your Kitchen makes it worse. Your content is good.

  • Hey Sam have you mentioned where that outside grilling station is from? (The cool looking metal table, on the right at 1:25). Thanks!

  • Some towns in states only allow to use the trash bags approved by the town aka the blue plastic bags. trash men literally won’t take it if it’s not the town approved bags.

  • hello I am a Documentary Filmmaker from my Documentary portraying Natural Farming and Sustainable Living (with English subtitles)

  • I don’t think trying to reduce plastic is a fad. I think it’s going to be our future. We all need to be aware and try to reduce purchasing items that will just end up in the garbage after a single use. We also need big companies to making changes. We need less packaging and we need products made to last longer than a few months/years. Cheap clothes is great until it rips after a few washes and then its thrown away. It can be reused (recycle to some clothing bin)as a rag but still will end up in the trash.
    I live in Canada and my specific county in my province (state) banned black garbage bags about 15-20 years ago, clear bags/blue bags only to enforce proper waste sorting. Clear bag for actual garbage, blue bag for paper, blue bag recyclables (glass, metal cans, plastic, plastic bags, juice, milk pop bottles).I wish more areas in Canada would have the same regulations. Composting has been done in my family for decades before it was mandatory. I’m always surprised when I remember not all countries and even not all Canadian provinces have a deposit on bottles (juice, pop, water, alcohol ) to encourage recycling, we have been doing it since 1990s.

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  • I disagree with him I actually like mcdonalds and I think its good.  I like the potatoes i like the burgers.  Meats are good, physically fitness people will agree, and good warm buns are good too.

  • For those who immediately bash people in the Internet or social media just because they are not aware or educated of zero-waste lifestyle but does not provide solution or better suggestion SHADE! ��������

  • I do understand your philosophy that it’s impossible to move away from plastic easily to no waste (because of associated costs) and that getting rid of single use items to multiuse items is definitely a good way to move forward. Great video thanks for the information.

  • he said what matters most isn’t the nutrients or the calorie counts, but rather whether it was cooked by a person rather than a corporation.  But then he said corporations use much more fat, salt, and sugar.  So it isn’t really whether or not a corporation cooks it, its the amount of fat, salt, and sugar (which boils down to the amount of nutrients and calorie count)

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  • I’m not fan of eggs benedict but i love a country benedict (biscuits, country sausage patty, fried egg (hard) smothered with country gravy. It is the best.

  • Who in Zeus’s butthole has time for cooking such a breakfast? My breakfast consists of 2 rushy sips of coffee, a glass of water, and getting stuck in traffic for an hour.

  • quick and simple? i want something easier ahaha if this is quick and simple then i will just stick to a hot pocket in the mircowave ahahaa now that is quick and simple

  • pretty disturbing how we have been….and are being manipulated and controlled by corporations that rule our congress and country.

  • WE all are smart but we need to try to think. sometimes you cant think bc of lazyness or your being unsure of things you think but you have to try to do that Thing that your thinking, and alot of times that Thing works and You will be more sure of Yourself Than your happy. ��☺️

  • I kept pausing the video at * 1:32, * 2:54 and zoomed in to look at the jar but I can’t quite see it. (Brown glass jar w/ Yellow label) I googled, asked Siri and searched Amazon… That’s all I could think of. Does anyone know what brand of English Mustard was Gordon was using? I would sincerely appreciate any help. ��

  • my grocery store was selling mesh produce bags (for fruit) in a pack of three for $3! my mom wasn’t too happy, but i was really happy i found them cheaper (i bought them myself)

  • So what’s to stop someone from opening a chain restaurant that sells truly healthy food at decent price?

    Why is that not a good investment?

  • I am 62 and my motivation was peace. So after being blessed with a good job, I resigned the position at the age of 37 and shifted to the Himalayas to live in an ashram. I do little, keep to myself, do the “know thyself bit,” and have no ambition whatsoever. I am not sure what it all means.

  • Me and my kids triplets 4 years old love your show! Its funny when they play cook if they drop something they drop a “bleep “ or say shi*. They actually say “bleep”. To be fair me and my spouse say shi* a lot. Keep it up Sam

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