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At the end of the day, cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet. It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors and has a plethora of other. For example, one teaspoon of cinnamon packs as much antioxidant potency as a half cup of blueberries, and cinnamon’s natural antimicrobial properties have been shown to fight strains of E. coli, as. Similarly, cinnamon has been shown to lower blood pressureaccording to Dr Brewer ‘through a mild diuretic effect that reduces the amount of sodium and fluid in the circulation,’ says Dr Brewer.

Cinnamon health benefits as a versatile drug. Cinnamon contain lots of fiber, calcium, iron and manganese. This substance proved to be effective in reducing pain during menstruation or childbirth.

Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde that can balance the hormones, progesterone increases and decreases testosterone in women. Several studies suggest that eating cinnamon every day for 3 months can bring your systolic blood pressure (the top number) down by as much as 5 points. Larger studies are needed to check things.

Cinnamon also carries many health benefits (it’s loaded with antioxidants), and the smell of cinnamon is said to boost your alertness and concentration. If you’re looking to incorporate cinnamon sticks into some of your favorite beverages, we recommend using the Feel Good Organics Organic Korintje Cinnamon Sticks. Studies show that one of the top cinnamon health benefits is its ability to improve heart health. In fact, cinnamon has been shown to reduce several of the most common risk factors for heart disease, including high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure to keep your heart healthy and strong. Cinnamon and honey can be beneficial for diabetes.

Cinnamon is a good source of antioxidant flavonoids which affect our body like insulin works. This mixture can provide functional energy. It helps in type 2 diabetes.

Some research shows cassia cinnamon may lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. But other studies haven’t found a benefit. There’s also no proof that cinnamon can lower cholesterol or treat. As a traditional spice, there is no doubt that Indonesian cinnamon would be beneficial to fight against the harmful free radicals.

This is because Indonesian cinnamon contains various strong antioxidants, which will fight against free radicals and protect your body from various health issues.

List of related literature:

One of the great things about cinnamon is that it helps keep blood sugar stable, so if you use it every day for that effect, make sure you’re using Ceylon cinnamon!

“Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out” by Cristina Curp
from Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out
by Cristina Curp
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Remedies using cinnamon powder are often used for treating skin rashes and flatulence, while cinnamon oil, which is a natural anaesthetic, is used in tiny quantities for relieving toothaches.

“Indian Recipes and Home Remedies” by Devagi Sanmugam
from Indian Recipes and Home Remedies
by Devagi Sanmugam
Marshall Cavendish Editions, 2007

George Washington University studies show that cinnamon may lower blood pressure.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
from Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal
by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
Penguin Publishing Group, 2003

Sprinkling cinnamon on your oatmeal or whole-grain toast may give you more than just a flavor boost: Research shows that cinnamon not only stimulates digestion, but it also boosts the activity of insulin, helping the body process sugars much more efficiently.

“The Looneyspoons Collection” by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
from The Looneyspoons Collection
by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
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Scientific research studies have shown that cinnamon is rich in natural healing properties making it anti­inflammatory, anti­septic, anti­microbial, anti­oxidant, anti­clotting, anti­tumor, anti­parasitic and anti­fungal!

“The Magic of Baking Soda” by James Direct, Emily Thacker
from The Magic of Baking Soda
by James Direct, Emily Thacker
James Direct, Incorporated, 2010

It is reported in many Ayurveda publications that cinnamon reduces the blood glucose level in non-insulin dependent diabetes.

“Cinnamon and Cassia: The Genus Cinnamomum” by P. N. Ravindran, K Nirmal-Babu, M Shylaja
from Cinnamon and Cassia: The Genus Cinnamomum
by P. N. Ravindran, K Nirmal-Babu, M Shylaja
CRC Press, 2003

Cinnamon has hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering properties.

“Veterinary Herbal Medicine E-Book” by Susan G. Wynn, Barbara Fougere
from Veterinary Herbal Medicine E-Book
by Susan G. Wynn, Barbara Fougere
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When added to honey, cinnamon makes a powerful medicine, relieving arthritis and bladder infections and lowering cholesterol.

“Wicca Teachings An Introduction and Practical Guide” by Tony Bell
from Wicca Teachings An Introduction and Practical Guide
by Tony Bell, 2014

Cinnamon prevents nervous tension, improves complexion and memory.

“Herbs that Heal: Natural Remedies for Good Health” by H. K. Bakhru
from Herbs that Heal: Natural Remedies for Good Health
by H. K. Bakhru
Orient Paperbacks, 1992

— Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory, helps promote healthy bacteria in your gut (those good guys that help you digest and assimilate your food), and keeps your blood sugar stable (which helps give you willpower!).

“The Bone Broth Secret” by Louise Hay, Heather Dane
from The Bone Broth Secret
by Louise Hay, Heather Dane
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • happy new year brother im always praying for you and your family! I have a good feeling that this year we will be gathered up with the Lord! I can’t wait to fellowship with you, I have so many questions to ask you, I’m so grateful the Lord led me to you for sound doctrine, and edification of the things of the Lord! I’m looking forward to your next sermon, can you please do a video about what the millennium kingdom will be like, and will we be there in Glorified Bodys? and if so does that mean we can never sin, and fall away from the Lord’s grace? I’m Inherently intrigued by this subject, and I like how you explain things so I can understand better, thanks brother, and now that the holidays are over, and I’m catching up with my bills, hopefully I should be able to start sending you some funds to sustain your blessed ministry, also I did send a response to the questions you asked me about where I live in Lancaster PA, my response was on your vehicle update video, any way God bless you abundantly brother Bryan!

  • wrong wrong wrong, china cinnamon is still good its more for food flavoring how ever to much is not good for you.. Ceylon cinnamon is the medicinal cinnamon and it dont matter what country you get it from.

  • Can you explain that not all cinnemon are equal.
    There is a diffrence between cinnemon Ceylon and Cassia cinnemon!!Cassia can even be poisoning!!!

  • I have been praying for something natural to use on my skin that will actually work and help my acne. I am going to start trying this today. I have HEB ground cinnamon right now but will look for Ceylon when I am out. I have raw honey so going to start this every night starting today!

  • Cinnamon Powder is very powerful, just pour hot water on it and strain it in less than 1 minute. Half teaspoon is enough for a cup. No need to add sugar it will be moderately sweet already. Enjoy!

  • If you’re into anti-oxidants, not much is better than Cinnamon in terms of concentration, since many items that are higher (only 6 known according to this video) are not always edible. But like anything else, don’t go crazy and start chugging Cinnamon…anything can be bad when you take too much. Make sure you find out what is a reasonable serving size.

  • Cinnamon prevents type 2diabetes,, regular use of it, wl prevent diabetes,,, quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder boiled in hot water and drink empty stomach in morning

  • Hey dr Axe
    I am extremely grateful to you for being transparent with us and helpful with us! What’s more your YouTube channel is really unique and is out of this world! It’s really a great place to be.
    Above all you are really phenomenal!
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience and information!

  • All Cassia type Cinnamon have high levels of Coumarin a substance known to cause liver damage, while Ceylon Cinnamon is the only soft and brittle Cinnamon with ultra low Coumarin levels.

  • Ceylon mean Sri Lanka ancient one of ancient name that Sri Lanka called, Sri Lanka is delivering best cinnamon to the world, and also the tropical herbs land to many herbs tree’s

  • Ceylon (Sir Lanka) cinnamon is very nice it will stir into a tea and not float like wood chips like horrible over the counter casia. Glad you pointed this out. Amazon sells it.

  • Thankyou very much for acknowledging us, could you also give some information about sage seeds, bitter melon, cardamom or any other please? really appreciate

  • When a country like Sri Lanka openly sells its ports to China then is Ceylon cinnamon not Chinese product �� This video is a crap. Except Sri Lankan all cinnamon would be better. Sri Lanka belongs to China financially.
    Moreover, most Asian cuisine is full of cinnamon so it means so many people will die if we do not use Sri Lankan bark? What a bark!!! I will not buy this argument posted in the video for a lark. ��

  • Please address the pros and cons of Saigon tea it is very aromatic and got good flavor but what are the health benefits of Saigon tea… thank you very much

  • Good video, I like to use a spice grinder to grind my cinnamon. I then add it to my coffee or tea in the mornings.

    It is funny you talk about moderation and the possible ill effects of “home remedies”, I was also adding a tablespoon of “coconut oil” to my first cup of coffee daily. I ended up in the emergency room, with a “gallbladder” and “pancreas” attack. Seems my gallbladder didn’t like the extra oil in my diet, this also caused a problem with my pancreas. As soon as I removed the oil, the attack and pain stopped immediately.

  • I do intermittent fasting and my first meal lately has been always oatmeal. Oatmeal is the perfect food to add cinnamon to for me. It really makes the dish less plain along with fruit like banana or chopped apple.

  • Proanthocyanidins (PACs) bind Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) thus preventing inflammation!
    Foods high in PACs include cinnamon, cocoa, tea, cranberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, apple skin, almond skin, hazelnut skin, black bean coats,…
    Just another amazing component of plants.

  • The best cinnamon called as Ceylon cinnamon, which is grown and hydrogenated in Sri Lanka, and also Ceylon called one of ancient name to Sri Lanka it’s tropical land to the herbs. And medical plants

  • Good Bog! I thought the Cylons were from Battlestar Galactica. Strange that an expert like Josh Axe doesn’t know how to pronounce the (former) name of the country of origin of the “true” cinnamon, Cinnamonum Zeylanica aka Cinnamonum Verum, also grown in Southern India. Actually, Cinnamonum Cassia is 95% Cinnamaldehyde, whilst Zeylanica is much lower. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune and don’t care about the minimal risk of Coumarin poisoning, then just use the cheaper Cassia. Actually, there is a wide variation in percentages of the beneficial chemicals in ALL varieties of cinnamon, so believe what you want. I am always suspicious when someone tells me I can’t drink coffee unless it’s made with organic beans (which, by the way, they are selling at a hefty premium). Namaste.

  • My friends recently made vegan cinnamon rolls for my birthday on Saturday!! They were BOMB AF—not I have to learn how to make vegan cinnamon rolls with spelt flour and a coconut butter glaze! ����

  • ive been taking it for a few years now and it works in a preventative way to stop you getting cold or flu ( it won’t cure it but will stop you getting it).
    i grind it up and put a.pinch in my black coffee. also tastes great on wheatabix cereal.
    and you are right its gotta be the real ceylon sticks
    no side affects for me and im still fit as a fiddle

  • Sri Lankan Cinnamon Tea with Green Tea.

    # Reduce high cholesterol
    # Reduce Obesity
    # Reduce Diabetes

  • So I am a little confused. If cinnamon increases insulin levels, why is it okay to have tea that has cinnamon in it while fasting, or is it? Chai tea? Also if antioxidants are to be avoided during a fast why is it okay to have Green Tea? Just trying to do my fasts the right way and get max benefit from them. I have been doing a 72 hour fast each week to get my weight down and get healthier. Watching all your videos: ) Thank you so much!!

  • I can recommend a good book on Herbal Medicine, “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss.
    Happy New to Brian and family from London, England.

  • went out and bought me a bottle of organic Ceylon cinnamon pills,…took 4 grams daily and have lost 2 pounds a day for the last 4 days. I am absolutely amazed. yes, going to cycle off for a week next week,…so its week on, week off. but,…WHOA Jackson!!!! it WORKS!!!!! it actually really works!!!

  • hey, I’m 15 and I’ve been trying to lose fat and gain muscle. can you please help and give me more tips to lose fat? I went from 197 to 140 now I’m 150, bit still have fat. if you could help Thad be great!

  • I know you didn’t speak about tumeric, but if I add that to my green tea will it break a fast? Do spices in general break fasts.. cayenne pepper in my lemon water, etc? Thanks ��Love your channel!!

  • one correctionbrain doesn’t consume fat or any fatty acid or triglyceride or cholesterol. it can only metabolize glucose and ketone bodies.

    But cinnamon is the best natural supplement, ever. period.

  • Isnt cinnamon we find in stores not really cinnamon? So is he referring to “real” cinnamon or just regular grocery/costco cinnamon? Also would a cinnamon bark (cinnamonum zeylanicum) essential oil have same effects?

  • Butter in coffee is good for you? Asians have been doing that forever. I always thought it was an old people thing and it was kinda weird lol

  • I just started adding cinnamon to my coffee a couple of days ago and then I find this video. Perfect! My preferred method is to add it to the grounds in the filter before brewing. This keeps you from having the cinnamon sludge in the bottom of your cup.

  • Are there any side effect of taking cinnamon? I mean one cinnamon tea spoon with honey in the morning.
    Am scared little bit.. Pls reply.

  • If your a dude do not use cassia because it lowers testosterone. If you are a woman and want to balance hormones especially pcos sufferers, cassia cinnamon is better than ceylon because it is the one shown in studies to regulate menstruation and lower excess male hormones. A pinch of cassia cinnamon is fine just don’t overdue it. Both ceylon and cassia seem to improve insulin resistance equally.

  • Good review……. I love the manly smell of Cinnamon…..studies have shown that most of men are attracted to the smell of Cinnamon….and I am one of them!

  • Thomas, I have a question maybe u have already done a video or can do. i understand the difference between healthy fat and non healthy fat. my Friends anf I get together each Friday night and I cook for them to help them eat healthy and show different recipes. even though we r eating healthy fat, how much is ok for the day? is it ok to eat more healthy fat then unhealthy fat? to keep ur Brain functioning good u need alot of fat but what happens to ur body!! should we be aware of this?

  • I have low t well not low low testosterone and I’m a teen I get so angry and terrible mood swings and bad hearth palpitations I’ve drink zinc I’ll start drinking this see if it helps

  • Drinking tea adding cinnamon sticks since 7 years every morning and I’m healthy and look younger than my age with the grace of God

  • I saw many on amazon but I m confused which one is Gud please help me out the name of original cinamon stick please dear it’s urgent

  • Mam plz vitamin c serum pe ek video bnaye..which is the best vitamin c serum available in market..or homemade vitamin c serum plz share mam

  • best channel for weight loss tip also I like your way of talking, how beautifully you explain everything about weight loss in very informative method.

  • I have been using 1/2 teaspoon of organic ceylon cinnamon in black coffee once a day for 3 years. When I found out I had type 2 diabetes I started trying it and my A1c went back to normal and my blood sugar balanced out.

  • My dude it’s healthier to just put 1/2 teaspoon of organic ceylon cinnamon into your coffee ( no cream no sugar) every morning. Don’t take the capsules because even though the bottle says ceylon it has 25% cassia cinnamon in it which is actually toxic to the human body.

  • Oatmeal (pure rolled oats not the packaged sugary crap) + pure raw honey + diced green apples + cinnamon = one of the quickest, healthiest and delicious breakfasts you can get.

  • how much Ceylon Cinnamon should one take in a single sitting to help with blood sugar levels?
    Diabetes runs in my family, my mother has it, so does my brother and sister. im the only one of the bunch that does not have diabetes, thnk god, however, i am the only one who monitors and adjusts what he puts into his body on a regular basis.
    i dont eat candy, i dont drink soda, i dont consume meat or dairy (if i do, its very very rare like maybe once a week in a very small amount) i also drink a lot of water, and take a handful of really well-known and healthy supplements, like spirulina, chlorella, moringa, black seed & its oil, Irish moss seaweed, bladderwrack seaweed, dulse seaweed, kelp seaweed, Amla powder, camu camu powder, hemp seeds, black sesame seeds, walnuts, brazil nuts, he shou wu, rehmannia 6 formula (dragon herbs), i make a big seaweed drink daily that has really changed my life i started adding ceylon cinnamon to it, just got it in the mail today actually, i started off with 4 grams, which is a half tablespoon and half the recommneded dose i was just wondering if i should be using the whole tablespoon/8gram serving everytime i take this stuff, or maybe just split the dose in half and do this twice a day?

    i was drinking my sseaaweed drink once a day, but decided to do it twice a day because of the benefits, just far outweigh anything else if you have not tried a irish moss and bladderwrack drink, you have to try this. it is amazing, and mineralizes your body like nothing else period.

    i use about 6 grams of amla powder, 2 grams of camu camu powder, 10 grams of irish moss, 10 grams of bladderwrack, and 4 grams of ceylon cinnamon in this drink, use hot water to mix it, then put it in the blender for 1-2 minutes until creamy and your done.
    absolutely life-changing drink, you can do this once a day or twice a day its up to you. i have used upwards of 20 grams of each seaweed in this drink but have found 10 grams of each of the two to be ideal.

    anyway, just was wondering your input on the ceylon cinnamon dose, how much do you take?

  • No mention of potential harmful components of cinnamon, with regular use, or that ceylon does not have the harmful substance and therefore no benefit to blood sugar….What are your thoughts on this as I am trying to gain a consensus of opinion to see what is accurate. I want to do Keto but also have the benefits of cinnamon and turmeric on blood sugar as I still avg 150 on my blood sugar tests with a keto level of 1…I am losing great weight and I am also IF on the keto diet.

  • These look incredible! Thanks for sharing. Any ideas on what would be the result if you used regular spelt flour instead of light spelt flour?

  • 1 cinnamon stick is equal to how many gms of cinnamon powder? I want to know immediately as I already convert all cinnamon sticks to powder

  • I have two cinnamon gardens in Sri Lanka ���� I just uploaded a new video about cinnamon. I invite you all to watch it too…������

  • Is there any particular cinnamon to be used like Ceylon cinnamon or any other variety? When is it preferable to drink this during the day

  • Ye cinnamon sticks kitne dino tk rlh skte hai i mean k maine bht pehele khridi thi but use hi nhi ki toh ky ab vhi us kr skti hu????

  • How big of cinnamon stick. Some packages have real long sticks. Some packages have the shorter sticks. How long should your cinnamon stick be Please answer. Would like to try this

  • Powder is more powerful and you should just pour hot water on it and strain it in less than 1 minute. Half teaspoon is enough for a cup. Enjoy!

  • I get the Ceylon extract. Less oxalates than powder. I put it in my Golden Milk every morning with tumeric extract because it high oxalates too.

  • Hello Seth, I use cinnamon Sticks. growing up in the Caribbean we use it a lot for digestion also helps with tummy ache great information.. the sticks are very organic

  • Cinnamon �� Benfits::Lowers blood sugar levels,Good for ❤ health,Improves Digestion,Helps weight loss,Boosts Brain Function,Improves Colon functioning,Helps prevent Cancer…….

  • Hello sir,
    This video on the variety of cinnamon is quite informative. Now I have come to know that we should go for Cylone variety of cinnamon.

  • The difference is Ceylon(good) vs Cassia(bad). And if you are going to take cinnamon as a supplement, you better know the difference.

  • After ordering some cassia today, I had not purchased it yet, I’m going to reconsider and look for the stuff from Sri Lanka. Thank you very much for that heads-up.

  • Yesterday I was thinking I wonder if I’m over doing it with cinnamon intake so I got online and looked and read that it can cause liver damage? That I did not know all this time I thought I was benefiting from it. I eat ground cinnamon that’s all it says on the container no other information. I normally put it in my oatmeal and on a sweet potato when we have sweet potatoes. Should I be concerned? I haven’t shown any signs of liver damage as far as i know.

  • You are awesome to admit when you may have missed something. It inspires trust from your viewers. It’s not all about being right all the time. We learn as we go. Good for you man!!





  • watched a couple of videos about cinnamon, and have been thinking about using it. saw your video, and I’m glad I watched, now I know what to look for…thanks.

  • Doc, could you also tell us the effects of cinnamon, does it cause liver damage or cancer? Someone met me drinking it and scared the hell out of me ��

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  • Loads of crap. This video is obviously a marketing campaign for Sri Lanka product. Cinnamon trees grow all over the world in tropical regions and they are all the same

  • Majority of cinnamon comes from Indonesia. Known as Korintje Cinnamon, it covered more than 40% of the cinnamon market. Cassia varieties (Korintje cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon and Saigon cinnamon) covers more than 90% of the cinnamon market.

  • I noticed “the new age version” (even more that one copy) by G.A. Riplinger on your book shelf. Because you are trying to help fellow Christians, I feel a need to warn you about that book. It is basically witchcraft. I recommend that you or anybody interested in the history of scripture to read ” The King James Only Controversy” by James R. White and if you like order the audio series by Pastor Peter J. Peters on King James only from Scriptures for America in La Port, Colorado. This will give you an understanding of the other side of the argument that I happen to agree with.

  • Hi, can u give me some tips on increasing my height?
    I’m 20 and 5’7 and it really makes me so conscious about it all of the time.


  • Is Cannabis in your herb book? Makes cancer tumors die off fast without killing healthy tissue. Yeah, Cannabis otherwise known as Marijuana or pot.

  • Does anybody know if the cinnamon from Sri Lanka is the “Ceylon” cinnamon? Through my research, I’ve read that “regular” cinnamon is actually bad for you, let alone not having any nutritional value, and that the Ceylon is the one that provides the health benefits. Also, does anybody know anything about the “Vietnamese” cinnamon? Living in a remote area now, I’m having a difficult time finding the Ceylon, although I think I’d like to try brother Bryan’s Sri Lanka type. Thanks!

  • Also in that original video you mentioned distinction between the “sea salt” which is semi-sticky and gray in natural color and the pink rock salt, saying to stay away from the pink kind. From everything I’ve read in various sources, the Pink Himalayan pink salt is loaded with dozens and dozens of natural trace minerals, giving it that pinkish (grayish also, when you look closely) color. The health benefits of correct salt is more important to the body’s skeletal system than the supplementation of calcium and magnesium which become over emphasized these days. I grind pink Himalayan salt on eggs every morning, and use it liberally as it’s nearly impossible to have it taste bad (unlike processed table salt which has added fluoride).

    Could you look into this and verify/debunk? Thanks brother.

  • Can I use cinnamon essential oil for
    Infuser use only?
    Am drinking coffee with three drops of cinnamon essential
    Oil for almost 2 months, when should I stop?

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge, brother! Keep learning in truth and don’t think these videos are in vain, they have been a great blessing to me and countless other brethren throughout the years! May God bless you.

  • I just started putting cinnamon in my yogurt this morning and want to do this every single day. I have to find the right cinnamon like you suggested now though.

  • Looks amazing! We do cinnamon rolls in Maryland every Christmas am! Can I use almond flour or whole wheat instead of spelt? Thanks so much!

  • Happy New Year. brother, may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, your family and your ministry. You have taught me a lot throughout the year. keep up the great work. Thank You so much for all the hard work and being direct.

  • Dr.Axe,how much we can take daily of cinnamon? I know Ceylon has less coumarin,but also is more expensive.I was looking into studies as coumarin in high doses can cause liver and kidney toxicity.Please advise.Thank you.

  • I don’t have coconut sugar and light spelt flour lying around tho. And it’s so hard to find it in my country. So what can I use instead?

  • Remove healthy from the title, this is no different than a regular cinnabon. Sugar (it doesn’t matter that it’s coconut), a lot of fat, etc. Just like a regular dessert, definitely not gonna kill you, just beware that it’s just as unhealthy as any other dessert.

  • Are you still reaping the benefits from cinnamon? Are you still using it? and if so, what do you find to be the biggest effect?

  • They taste great and rly good video but…
    I mean you dont have to belive me you can search on google that butter is healthy. Yep its a fat but not all the fats are bad and butter is a good exemple. If you use wrong ones that are clearly not good for you than of corse its unhealthy. You cant say that its not 100% healthy because it has butter tho.

  • I tried them today and yes, they’re so delicious! But I hadn’t coconut butter at home so I just served them with applesauce that was amazing too, especially the fruity flavor in combination with the heavy cinnamon taste! Thx for the recipe!

  • Do I have to use slept flour? I usually have whole wheat flour and all purpose. Sorry if it’s in the written recipe, I haven’t clicked it yet.

  • I see a lot of people use coconut oil as a butter substitute but I notice you tend to stick with butter. Why is that? Taste reasons? Health reasons?

  • Thanks for sharing a recipe �� it looks delicious! ��❤�� have to test the recipe soon, hope mine would be as delicious as yours too ���� Happy holidays to you an Mr. Matt too and to all others healthnuts out there! ��������������

  • These look sooo delicious!!! Question: Could you make a video in the future for a recipe for homemade pizza?? That would be awesome!

  • Fascinating I don’t think I would trust anything this poor fellow Josh is selling just seems to desperate and he presents as gender confused what with that facial hair that appears to be intended to make his mouth look like a bushy vagina.

  • These look delicious!!
    Does coconut sugar taste really coconutty?? I don’t like when it takes over?
    Also, can I use regular all purpose flour??
    Thank you!!

  • honestly this tutorial is very bad because you are not being specific. You don’t tell us how much butter to but or how much cinnamon but the same for all ingredients.

  • Jeff Cavaliere also recommended cinnamon:D
    Idk when I’m gonna try go onto the whole habit of putting a teaspoon or so of cinnamon in every meal or something.
    Btw, I wonder, if I mix it with a blender, will it mix properly? Cos I know for fact that just stirring with a teaspoon or something will just make it stay on top of the liquid.

  • I am so glad you shared this, can’t wait to make these. I might be mistaken, if you have already uploaded one, but I was wondering if you are able to upload a recipe video on the chickpea brownie. Those brownies looked really good and I wanted to make them