Things to Say When Individuals Push Food for you


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3. LET PEOPLE BE HOSPITABLE IN OTHER WAYS. If your fear is looking ungrateful, plan and role-play saying things that show how grateful you are. A lot of food pushing at the holidays is hospitality with calories. People want us to feel welcome and comfortable, and.

You can say, “Dinner was perfect, and I couldn’t imagine eating another bite.” That way, you’re setting a boundary, but couching it with a compliment of the meal. This makes it difficult for the person offering you food to push further. Finally, follow up with another polite nod to their offer. In an ideal world, somebody would offer you something to eat, you would say no and that would be the end of that. Everybody would be happy.

The person doing the offering respects your decision. How to Deal With People Who Push Food On You. Here are four tips for dealing with people who push food on you. 1. Just say no.

Feel comfortable being honest. outlines tips for this type of situation and advises being “nice but super firm.” When someone asks you to have a second slice of pie, don’t feel like you have to say yes. “No thanks,” you can say. Someone is going to ask “why are you on a gluten-free diet?” Someone is going to offer you a treat.

You know these situations are going to happen so you can plan for them and act them out in your head. 3. Let people be hospitable in other ways. If your fear is looking ungrateful, plan and role-play saying. When food is pushed on you, you can excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or say, “I’m just going to chat with Uncle John – I haven’t caught up with him yet.” Your food pusher will likely have forgotten by the time they see you again.

2. postpone. I just say “no thank you”. If somebody really does push hard, depending what time of day the function is, I will say I had a large Breakfast or large lunch just not hungry, thank you though. I find more often than not, people do not say anything. If you have a plate in front of you that is all they are concerned about, not how much you have on that plate.

When people push food towards you saying that, ‘one little piece won’t do any harm’, you can ignore it but if someone gets really pushy, there are some unexpected ways to the turn the conversation around. You can say things like – ‘I am trying to do this for a better me’, ‘I am trying to practice some will power’. The Push: [Someone puts an extra helping on your plate without you asking.] Your Response: Push it around with your fork like you did as a kid to make it look like you tried it. Why It Works: While putting food on someone else’s plate can be viewed as passive-aggressive, it was probably done with love.

When you’re offered a food that’s not on your diet, the best response is a firm “no, thank you” without any explanation, because excuses open the door for arguments, says John Foreyt, PhD, director.

List of related literature:

When my family pushes food on me, just keep saying, “No, thanks.”

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Tell them: “I really like the way you eat,” or, “You sure do a great job controlling your weight, you look great,” and “I’m trying to get there too.

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If someone pushes food at you, say one of the following:

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If you don’t want to eat something, politely say, “No, thank you.”

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If they act up, push the food out of reach and walk away.

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Encourage them to let you know with a nod when they are hungry (“like a dinosaur”) and a head shake when they are full (“tummy is happy”).

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Or I often get the “I’m not hungry” retort where I’m left shoving food down their mouths as they walk to the bus.

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C. Loudly tell them that you’re not there for their food?

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After tapping on the stress they’re feeling, clients will often say, “Wow, it’s actually not about the food.”

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Say, “Older sister, please eat.”

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  • I fast bc of my religion n I fast just bc so dat I don’t over eat, so I ofc drink water but since I have a sensitive stomach, in da night I’ll eat at a small bowl of fruits n drink sum lemon water. So in da morning, I drink regular water, afternoon I drink apple cider vinegar water, n dinner I eat a small bowl of fruits n drink a little bit of lemon water.

  • So its tuff to get fruits where I’m living due to Coronavirus the prices r pretty high but is it safe to use moringa every day n give to my kids I understand that it contains 3 times more vitamins c than u get from fruits…

  • Hello fellow humans I am currently on a lookout for people who would be up for doing a week of water fasting and if feeling good it could be extended up to two weeks. Since I have no friends I was wondering if we could just be meeting every day here in the comments to give a report on our progress to motivate each other? Would anyone be up for doing this with me? And if yes write when you would like to start. Let’s get shredded!

  • I think it’s interesting because he talks about this but his posture is bad you can see his natural posture isn’t straight so how can we believe what he’s saying

  • mam your face is like coated wall with Asian paint… so please avoid too much coating on face.. we are ready to see you and accept you without too much coating….

  • Okay I’m going to be brutally honest I’m fat I’m not obese but I’m really fat I’m 270 pounds and I’m trying to get to 240 lb so I can fit into my jeans again at one point I was 203 lb and I felt great will this water fasting work for men

  • The key to this guys success is the intermittent fasting coupled with a strenuous exercise routine. However, the massive amount of carbs he’s intaking will elevate his insulin which is the key to most people’s obesity problems. I’ve been doing low carb/ keto for about 9 months and started intermittent fasting about 2 months ago. So far I’ve lost 90lbs, lowered by BP, total cholesterol, triglycerides and was able to stop taking all of my prescription meds for high BP and cholesterol.

  • Ok I’ve been trying to do this. If this comment gets more then 10 likes I will do it. And I will write my progress on this comment

  • Whenever i got my tongue split, i pretty much could not eat for a week. I drank only water, a LOT of water and i lost a lot of weight. My skin looked so much better and was super clear. Ive always had problems with my acne but i had NONE whenever i went through that. Its not that bad. And i felt so much better and ever since i experienced that my eating habits have improved a lot. You just have to stick with it. Will be hard at first because you are not use to it but when you do, you will feel so much happier.

  • my brother did this, he’s a nurse and he lost so much weight. He said so long as you have some healthy dinners throughout the week, you can still be healthy and lose lots.

  • Thank you so much mam��.. very well taught
    Guys if we have our immunity boosted..No disease will come to us..STAY SAFE STAY AT HOME��

  • Hey, please reply!
    Did you lose weight from thighs and legs too? I am pear shaped and I worry I might not lose weight from my bottom even after fasting.
    Your reply will mean a lot!��

  • “Breakfast is the most healthiest meal of the day” they say… & that people who skipped breakfast had higher chances of heart diseases or what not… well here we are….2020 Skip breakfast & lunch & dinner and just have a giant midnight meal

  • my results (will update)

    Day 1: forgot at first but remembered was kinda hard because my parents went shopping and i thought it would be easier if there wasn’t good food but whatever still did it and it’s currently half 7 and not really hungry p.s my goal is 3 days minimum!!

  • I also have a stupidly long neck, and it can really make your posture look poor. Great for eating that high fruit in the trees however

  • i’ll do a water fast for 3 days and keep you updated.
    sw: 155lbs

    day 1: ok so i started this fast at 6:30 pm yesterday and so far nothing bad is happening i didn’t experience any headaches.

  • Yes I had a call back from a company which I was supposed to start last March, though the challenge are the border restrictions �� I still hope to push through and have this job regardless �� and also I need to work on my health/body ��

  • I think when your between 15 years old and 40 years old, Fasting with water is not that hard. Just my personal opinion. I think when your 50 years old or older, I think everything is different. Am I wrong about this? One more thing. When I start to eat again I must go really slow right? How Slow? Thanks with blessings…

  • Guys, losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan called Custokebon Secrets. Seriously, that program has changed my life. I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it cause I do not want a bunch of other folks out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am just in a great mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • I’m doing this starting tomorrow! (August 19) I currently weigh 149 i think and I will only eat 1 fruit a day also. Wish me luck, I’ll update you guys!
    Day 1it was surprisingly easy, i didn’t have an appetite at all. I watched YouTube and Netflix the whole day to distract me from eating.

  • I honestly thought everything in this video was common sense. Then I read the comments and realized the majority of people are stupid… so I guess this video can help someone. I liked this and agreed with everything said!

  • When I graduated highschool I was 145lbs. I started working construction and getting a lot of physical activity in the sun. I would not eat all day and eat only at night, and I’d eat a lot. I gained 100lbs from living that lifestyle. I think everyone is different.

  • So we are meant to keep our neck up right all day every day? Even for as small a portion of time as eating? Nah doc, you do this and you look like a nob.

  • Hi Guys ��

    I wrote about my experience doing a 22 day water fast here. Includes data from pre and post fast blood tests ��

    Hope it helps!

  • Hmm, you drank water for 8 days and only lost 5-6kg? Something is wrong there. You should have lost more. Are you sure you didn’t eat?

  • This is really interesting, my only question is would the whole intermittent fasting thing be good for someone who’s not trying to lose weight? Because I’m a regular sized person, trying to get rid of acne and eat healthy. But every time you research anything about healthy eating it all come back to weight loss weight loss weight loss! But what about those of us who just want to find out the healthiest way to live? Would eating once a day be ok?

  • This is healthy…? Not eating food? I lost too much weight once because I stopped eating..and I was dizzy all the time, my stomach hurt, and my mom had to buy me breakfast shakes to get my appetite back