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PLANT-BASED DAIRY ALTERNATIVES TO TRY Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Cashew Blend. Cashew milk is one of the creamiest milk alternatives and it’s naturally Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese Wheel. With flavors such as garlic herb, double cream chive and sundried tomato garlic.

Beyond that, you can also find yogurt, cheese, ice cream, coffee creamer and more made from almonds, cashews, coconuts, oats and other non-dairy ingredients. Find dairy substitutes. Milk, cheese, and ice-creams derived from soy, rice, almond, hemp seed, and oat are suitable alternatives to dairy products. Many stores now cater to vegan customers so many of these ingredients are easily and cheaply accessible. Use soy milk for most milk related recipes.

There’s a million non-dairy milks to choose from — almond, soy, cashew, coconut, even pea-based. This cashew milk is richer than most, though, so it’s great for adding to coffee and smoothies. BUY. Otherwise, unprocessed meat is a dairy-free source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Eggs, especially the yolks, are a non-dairy source of protein.

Eggs also contribute fat-soluble vitamin A and vitamin D that can replace the vitamins you may have been ingesting from dairy. Use our sample ‘List of Ingredients to Avoid (Living Without Dairy).’ Read it or download it for free. Free help from wikiHow.

Go Dairy Free is the leading website for information on the dairy-free diet. We share dairy-free recipes, product reviews, news, recommendations and health guides to aide those with milk allergies, lactose intolerance or a general need or desire to live without dairy. Brown Rice protein, which is 100% plant-based, is a good choice for vegetarians or for people who don’t consume dairy products. It’s also gluten-free.

There are so many nondairy options! Here are a few items to look for in your local store: Nondairy milk (and coffee creamer!) alternatives made from soy, rice, coconut, almond, hemp and more – found in both the dairy section and grocery aisles Soy and coconut-based yogurt alternatives. So, it depends on what you eat in place of dairy products.

Take into account that milk alternatives for example, almond and soy milk, are just a little lower in calories, and milk contains vital nutrients, like vitamin D and calcium.. The characteristics of non dairy diet.

List of related literature:

Non-dairy products (alternatives to dairy products), which are good tasting and widely available (Overview).

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For example, if you are avoiding all dairy products, you need to check labels for whey, casein, and lactose so you can avoid them as well.

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Distinguishing raw, pasteurized, UHT-treated and bath-sterilized commercial milks by their interaction with immunoprobes against caseins and whey proteins.

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Other terms which relate to vegetarianism: Natural foods, organic foods, unrefined foods, unprocessed foods, health foods, meat analogs (look and taste like meat), nutritional or food yeast, milk substitute (alternate) (usually based on soy.

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If you are new to non-dairy milk, try several brands and varieties to find your favorite.

“The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes” by Lindsay Nixon
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The quality of dairy products, e.g. taste, texture, health and safety, as perceived by the consumer should be the prime and ultimate driver for the dairy industry.

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Attributes forappearance (color, free whey),aroma (fermented dairy, soy), flavor/taste/feeling factors (soy, fermented dairy,acidity, sweetness, astringency) and texture (ropiness, chalkiness, thickness) were selected.

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Mainly for heat sensitive, low acid products, such as milk, enriched milk, cream, soy milk, formulated dairy products, ice cream mix, dairy desserts as well as (extended shelf life (ESL)) products.

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For instance, milk proteins (e.g., whey and casein) and milk sugar, lactose, appear in some surprising food, medications, and hygiene products.

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  • Awesome video Rose! I was vegan for three years out of the 31 years of being vegetarian. I am inspired to become vegan again,
    I just happened to be flipping through your videos tonight. I will try it again. I’d really enjoy a homemade milk video����. I’m going to try the Earth Island brand you tried.

  • I am now dairy free at 13 and I can’t eat pizza or have my fav Starbucks drink ���� I tried making my own coconut coffee creamer ���� groas

  • Hi, it’s very difficult to get full fat yogurt. Is whole milk yogurt the same as full fat yogurt? I’m from Trinidad. Thanks and God bless!

  • I want to go dairy free very badly and be vegan but the hard thing for me is a lot of vegan based products are based on soy and a lot of other nuts that I cannot consume about having an allergic reaction so it’s kind of hard to find something that I can actually eat outside of dairy.

  • hey people �� ich muss 20 kg abnehmen und lade ab samstag täglich food dairys hoch,ihr könnt mich bei meiner diät begleiten…love,sassi-positas <3

  • Hi Kayley, I just started a YouTube channel on my life with severe food allergies and would really appreciate it if you watched my first video. Thanks again. Nicole

    PSYou have to give Silk’s dairy free yogurt alternative a try!

  • I don’t eat dairy ( I try not to eat gluten. But I eat bread) but I don’t want to go soy free or vegan because then, I CANT EAT!!!!!

  • Breastfeeding mom here with a dairy intolerant infant, I’m going to give dairy free the best shot I can for 6 weeks and see if it helps my baby <3

  • over the last few months i’ve become extremely lactose intolerant, i was already trying to cut down on dairy but this has sped up the process

  • What do you recommend for someone who is allergic to tree nuts and lact dairy is not good either, are the options?? I tried soy milk few times but I’m hearing it is not good for male testerone levels

  • This helped me a lot! I am allergic to eggs and milk. I had no idea earth balance made more products other than “butter”! THANK YOU! p.s. some kettle corns are dairy free (:

  • I hate this guy but he knows his shit. I always come back to him because he is thorough with explanations, but he definitely irks me haha I like Art though.

  • great video! i know it was from awhile ago but i needed to see this again. sometimes i need extra motivation to stay vegan in a world where it’s still not dominant, but happily more and more people are indeed becoming so.
    I’d like to ask, these awful things that occur within the dairy industry is it something that occurs world over? In other countries? I would just like to know if maybe you have information on this. thank you so much. personally i lOVE canned coconut milk.

  • So I’m really confused guys, can someone help me? The Oatly low fat has 7g of added sugar but there is no sugar in the ingredient list so where is it coming from? If it was just regular sugars I wouldn’t question it but it’s listed under the added sugars. Someone please help me out, thank you.

  • Not vegan, but I went dairy free like 8 months ago? Not counting, but I’ve been a lot healthier. I haven’t been breaking out at all, and I even lost a few pounds without doing anything. The only thing I thought I would miss was cream cheese, but after not having it for so long I don’t really care lol. I hope this can inspire you guys to go dairy free!
    I also replaced eggs which wasn’t hard at all since I never even liked eggs in the first place.
    And most meat I eat is fish from fishing or hunted. So way more natural than factories obviously.

  • I’m curious why is there so much sugar in coes milk(is that sugar added ).and if so is that’s why all these new milk alternatives are out

  • 8:00 “Peas grow in the ground”

    and why is everyone so scared of GMO. Everything is GMO. Thats why there are different kinds of apples, peppers, dog breeds etc.

  • I never knew cows had to be pregnant either….i didnt know they. Forced them to be pregnant and then take they’re baby Yeah im done!

  • I’ve tasted soymilk and it’s great! I genuinely like it way better than cow’s. I really wish drinking it was the norm for me, but in the middle of a family who chugs down several gallons of 2% fat milk in a single week, the plant alternative is basically a luxury item. ��

  • i’m not allergic but i have acne prone skin and i heard that being diary free will help, but i don’t know how to start eliminating diary products in an easy way not in one time so i get use to it! any advice?

  • Tinned substitutes are not the healthiest to choose from though. I use coconut cream now & then. Making your own almond milk is easy.

  • I knew all that from my vegan phase. I’m only going dairy free because I am unfortunately SEVERELY lactose intolerant to the point where it’s close to an allergy. Thank you for the tips. It helped so much bc i am so tired off getting crazy sick

  • I’ve been dairy free for years now due to an intolerance. and it’s amazing how much more you’re able to find. I used to drink almond milk too until that started making me sick too. Some people can develop an intolerance to almonds, just a heads up if you suddenly stat getting an upset stomach it might be that. I’ve tried a few different dairy free soy free butter and the earth balance is the closest that I’ve found to real butter. for cheese you might be able to have goat cheese, I know for myself I  can have small amounts of that without a reaction. I also take ThreeLac probiotic, after taking it for 30 days I was able to eat a little dairy, I still stay off dairy for the most part but it helps when I’m out with friends so now they don’t have to cater to my diet. (here’s a link if you wanted to check it out) I hope this information was helpful.:)

  • Art need to stay behind the camera with that goofy grin on his face, dude popping outtakes no where to get his 20 seconds of fame.

  • Never talked about the dangers of natural flavors. Most of these drinks have natural flavors. I wished he would have explained that. Natural flavors can have up to 30 ingredients just to make the milk taste good. The sad part is they don’t have to tell us what natural flavor really is.

  • Does the sunflower oil in the ripple milk make it bad to drink or is it still okay to drink? I’m trying to find the best way to get calcium without diary products

  • Since i my diet 3 years ago my stomage can,t handle dairy products. So i switched to vegan and coconut dairy free and vegan yogurt,s,Almond milk coconut milk ect. I am almost completely vegan. I eat less meat,only some chickin but not that mutch. And i love potato wraps so good. I,ve tryed it last month. And i love bean wraps and mexican vegan food. I love you,re vegan food and tips and tricks video,s

  • I’m allergic to dairy coconut apple watermelon strawberry and all nuts. So finding these dairy substitutes are really hard because most of them have dairy. Any ideas?

  • It’s amazing how hard it is to find milk with no carrageenan or other additives. In my area anyway. I like the ones that just say one word, lol.

  • Great job, I started watching your channel couple weeks ago and I love it, I used to do bodybuilding and I had to read and investigate every product before I buy anything and you doing this research but in a deeper level educating everyone with names of the chemicals and what they are, keep up the excellent job and God bless you, your family
    and your baby.

  • Look for coconut cream with the drink mixes. It’s there because people have been making pina coladas with it long before we started looking for it to make curry.

  • I have been dairy free for 37 years because I found out I was lactose intolerant at the age of 18. It was a tough life of reading labels and doing without. Now it is easier for companies now produce soy, rice and nut milk products. I am now caffeine, sugar and virtually carb free.

  • Trader joes cashew And coconut yogurt is good and the almond yogurt is good, vanilla bean is my fave. Its about 50 cents more than Greek yogurt which is what I’m looking for an alternative

  • First, you’re hot. You could convince me to give up air. But you’re right about diary. I gave it up recently by chance. Didn’t plan on it but I cook in the household and Im pretty health conscious so I started looking at alternatives for heavy cream and flour. Found some good substitutions. Id already experimented with almond milk and then coconut. I was in physical pain for a few days when I went cold turkey on dairy. So worth it. Then seeing how evil the dairy industry is just made it even easier. Better health, look better, feel better, have sacrificed my joy of food at all and dont have to give a dime of my money to that industry. Lastly, you’re hot.

  • You can make the coconut cream by putting the can in the fridge, the water will separate from the cream. Just take it out of the fridge turn it upside down and pore out the water and the cream will remain.

  • Thank u so much for making this video I think I have a sensitivity to dairy but only some things make me feel sick pizza makes me feel sick but ice cream doesn’t and chocolate doesn’t and something’s do so this is going to be helpful at starting to cut things out of my diet

  • What about locust bean gum and gellan gum? Are that also bad for our health like carrageenan pls? I appreciate your charisma to teach �� Thank you!

  • Something to consider: there isn’t a lot of nutritional difference between organic and non-organic. The process it undergo’s after it is harvested means that nearly all the pesticides etc. are washed out.

  • What I can’t understand is if vegans don’t want to consume animal products, why are they always wanting to copy it with something plant based?

  • Instead of making milk with these products, do you think I could just have a bowl of oats, or what can I eat instead of drink milk or eating yogurt.

  • There’s this brand called Nature’s Path, that has the best dairy and gluten free frozen waffles. I literally eat them every morning

  • The nutrients in animal milk are not found in plants. Calcium and other minerals, protein, fat—none of these are in those beverages made from a few nuts or seed in alot of water. Coconut milk in the CAN is the only one with fat even.

  • OMG u just explained what i felt about milk!!!! I not only hated it, I couldn’t consume it period, though the rest of my fam love it. I didn’t think anyone else felt that way. Thank u, I want to go fully vegan now, once I found out that I can get calcium another way

  • New Barn Unsweetened Almond milk is the bestbetter tasting than Malk which is my fallback when they are out of NB and it froths also. Just my opinion,

  • Thanks for sharing. I never really thought about the baby cows ������ that’s horrible, another good reason to stay away from dairy.

  • I’m trying to stay off dairy to clear up my skin, but chocolate is testing my patience. ( I dont like dark chocolate). Any suggestions?

  • Ridiculous take on soy milk. Please do your research. Trader Joe’s organic unsweetened soy milk is under $2, has only two ingredients (soy beans and water), 90 calories and 9g protein per serving all without tasting like chalk. It doesn’t really get better than that

  • I like to make sunflower seed/pumpkin seed milk for regular cereal use (usually use 1 date, VERY rare MAPLE allergy); also for “chocolate” milkI use 1-2 teaspoon carob powder

  • I developed a dairy allergy as an adult (yes allergy because even lactose free dairy still gives me the same stomach pain)
    I miss dairy but I know that I will be dairy free for the rest of my life because I am enjoying being pain free.

  • If you pop plain popcorn and then melt some vegan butter on it and add salt. It’s sooooo good. It’s basically movie theater popcorn. Not healthy but definitely worth it ��

  • I’m so bumbed, thinking unsweetened Macadamia milk was good for me. Now I have zero optiona on milk substitute because I dislike almonds, coconuts and oats. sigh……

  • What cleaning supplies do the job and are good to use without damaging the environment? Can you do a video about that please. I know you focus on food only but with this COVID 19 I would like to know.

  • I’ve gotten away from cows milk, even am limiting cheese and quit yogurt finally, but I love eggs. Having an issue finding a replacement for that Sunnyside up egg on toast and even the scrambled tofu is hard for me to compare to scrambled eggs

  • My goodness this was SOOO informative. Thank u for the time and consideration u put into this. This was incredibly interesting and so well done ������
    I wish u didn’t have to deal with all the negativity/bullying when you are just spreading “The Vegan Good News”
    Keep up the good work

  • Thanks for sharing these. I just switched to dairy free because I’m nursing and my baby has a dairy intolerance and it is common for those that have dairy allergy have a soy allergy as well.

  • I’ve tried going vegan three times before, but it didn’t stick. I’m now on try 4, but this time I am 90% motivated by just not wanting to eat animals anymore. Being healthier is just a bonus. It makes me feel bad to hurt animals and I’m over it.

  • So Deliciously and Silk have REALLY good dairy free yogurt, so does Chobani and I think yoplait just came out with their own version too.

  • Hello, Great video in the beginning you said Diamond almond breeze milk was not good then you said it was better than the shelf Product. So is it safe to drink or not? 1:19

  • I tried almond milk in the past I couldnt stomach it. It was disgusting. Ive tried rice milk it doesnt taste like anything but water. Ive tried silk it tastes like baby formula. So im going to try coconut to see what happens.

  • I thought this was a video about replacing the NUTRITIONAL value of dairy because people don’t seem to realize when there’s a difference. And frankly, there is. Just because you’re Asian and you don’t even like the taste of plain milk (maybe a sign) doesn’t mean others are the same. Can you not push your agenda like that? Besides, there are other species that eat eggs or even farm other species insects that I know of, but I don’t think it matters. The point is, it’s not just humans, but even if it were I think it’s a bad argument. Most species aren’t bipedal either.

  • I have to cut dairy from my diet because it was giving me horrible breakouts on my skin. This video was super duper helpful, thank you:)

  • Oooooo waiting to do a happy dance when some of these amazing products work there way across the pond. Anyone got a boat bound for London?

  • Man I just poured out my fucking gallon of milk i can not believe they do that to cows that’s so sad like man this is even worst than just killing which of course is terrible too but this is even sicker

  • Love seeing this! I use a lot of dairy free products because it helps my digestive system. I also love the So Delicious coconut french vanilla creamer to put in my coffee. I may have to try a latte! The other daiya chees is Pepperjack I think. It’s pretty good too! I use RAW PROTEIN from Garden of Life and it is vegan, gluten free, & dairy free. Great video! I will definitely try some of the product you mentioned.

  • nevermind the “why” we drink dairy, what creeps me out is… HOW did it become a thing? Who was the first person that decided to try dairy? How did that happen? Did they see a nursing cow and think “I want that nipple?”…. I apologize for the mental picture:’D

  • Coconut milk is great…in liquid form it’s great for LCHF/keto. But the powdered coconut milk (e.g. Maggi) has more carbs and added sugars unfortunately.

    For me the biggest challenge is using up that can of coconut milk before it spoils, I need only a bit for tea etc…maybe freezing it is the answer! It does seem to solidify well even in the fridge.

  • When I bake/cook I have taken to use rice milk because I cook for myself (dairy free) and my fiance ( loves all the dairy) so I try to use things that wont stick out like almond milk and I just personally don’t like coconut. Earth Balance butter has been a life saver, I have the tubs and sticks (for baking). For protein powder I was at sprouts and they had an egg protein based powder which is supposed to be gf, df, sf; I haven’t tried it yet but it seems fairly new.

  • Thank you for this refresher course of why the dairy industry is evil. Can’t wait to get up at Christmas dinner and drop this real talk on my family (Wisconsin native dairy-holics). I’ve been dairy-free & vegan almost 3 years and they just don’t get it. ��

  • if it’s just dairy free. for cheese I have found go veggie cheese and for ice cream breyers makes 2 lactose free flovors and Ben and jerrys is starting to make lactose free ice cream. a place where I have found all if this is Von’s.

  • I’m a vegitarian…but now after watching this video I want to be vegan.U have such an inspiration and this is the first time I have seen ur channel.NEW SUBSCRIBER

  • Yes after quitting dairy I started having insane cravings for a big glass of dairy milk….. it tastes nice to me too �� but ur right don’t think humans are meant to have it as my skin reacts badly I get itchy rashes everywhere

  • Great video. I just want to say that oils themselves are not emulsifiers. An emulsifier is like sunflower lecithin, which helps to bind water and oils.:)

  • Found a curry base it’s dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and no sugar it’s in a jar called Punjaban authentic curry base from holland and Barrett healthfood shop. Very yummy in hot or medium

  • I just want to say that this is very informative. I’ve been lactose intolerant for a couple years now and it’s been really hard for me to find substitutes. Thank you for this video! I as well get very sick when I have dairy! I have tried the so delicious ice cream and it is amazing!

  • I used to work on a farm. They sold beef cows. The calves sold were around 1 year old, it used to break my heart hearing the mama cows hollering for their baby when they were taken away:( They DO love, feel, and have emotions!

  • I love oat milk! I just recently transitioned to veganism! Silk makes a WONDERFUL selection of dairy free yogurts! Also, I have been loving Daiya dairy free strawberry cream cheese!

  • There is a brand of cheese that has 0 grams of lactose per serving, Cabott Cheese. It technically isn’t dairy free or vegan but it fits my needs being lactose and intolerant. The company makes different types of cheeses from Colby Jack to Sharp Cheddar. Anyone who wants to look it up it is work a try. It doesn’t usually bother my stomach unless in large quanties and that’s probably because my stomach is weird. It tastes really good, if anyone tries it let me know what you think!

  • you’re so so right. i’ve always disliked dairy. i’m sure i’m intolerant at least somewhat. just a small thing btw there’s no such thing as a female cow, all cows are female.

  • When I moved to New Zealand and witnessed what happens to the baby cows I was screaming at the men (don’t even want to call those creatures men as I don’t think they can be considered human) who threw the babies into big trucks violently. Some calves were “forgotten” in the sunshine for half a day and mooed really loud as they were dehydrated and away from protection of the sun and their mothers. It was a really horrifying experience to see and witness what happens to dairy cows and their calves. Since then I am against the dairy industry and in my opinion, the industry is pure evil. I know I live now in New Zealand and as NZ lives on dairy, I still can’t get used to it. The thing is that normal people in cities are NOT exposed to the horrors that happen in the country side. The “bobby” calves are the male calves that get sent to the slaughter immediately and their treatment is the most horrendous thing I’ve ever seen. I saw it when we moved to the country and witnessed the babies in little cages waiting to be picked up to be brought to the slaughter house by very violent men who play games of throwing the helpless calves around! Yes, you read that right! None of the city dwellers see those things. I saw it with my own eyes and I rang the “nice” farmer on the same road as us and told him that this shit is happening. He laughed as I was so upset. The dairy industry with its supporters is evil. I will never forget those scenes and in New Zealand it’s every day life and no one speaks up as there are not many ways of earning money here.

  • I am lactose intolerant but only certain foods bother me everytime and the others bother me sometimes (it’s odd) i am trying to lead more dairy free because I have been noticing it has been bothering me (I eat dairy more than I should lol) so this video really helped thank you!!

  • Thank you for letting people know about the perils of Soy milk. It is heavily promoted as the best milk alternative to milk. Any woman who is prone to internal cysts finds out the hard way how perilous Soy products are.

  • I like you because you’re a chill vegan. You don’t sound hostile toward people who choose not to be vegan but you state the facts as to why you’re vegan and why the dairy industry is wrong without exaggerating. Some vegans are really nasty toward non vegans and that’s not okay. I’m going dairy free for health reasons (mainly my acne) but I don’t feel right about the dairy industry either. I loooove cheese and dairy so it’s not gonna be easy (I’ve literally been doing it for a week) but I feel good about it because I know I consumed way too much dairy. I think I’ll have “cheat” days like Hollidays and stuff but that’s all. I got oat milk so that’s what I’ve been using and I’ve been drinking tea more than coffee. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff for acne and I think it’s mostly an internal problem and there’s only so much topical remedies can do

  • I am trying to get as close to sugar free as possible, but really starting to miss my chocolate chip cookies by the roll. Started going to Tropical smoothie: just have to ask for no sugar in the smoothies.

  • did not know which video to post this question so I settled on this one I am looking for a way to carry mct oil packets are you aware of such a product? would love to carry these when I travel

  • Lara bars and kind bars. I love the peanut butter chocolate chip and pecan maple with sea salt flavors!!
    I just started an elimination diet to see if dairy and gluten are the culprits of my eczema and acne. Curious how long after going df and gf did you see a difference in your body and how you feel?

  • The information that you gave about Soy Milk is a huge disappointment. Could you please research carefully while conveying the info? The soy beans which are GMO are only given to factory farmed animals which means, you animal products consumers are in a great danger, not us vegans… ��

  • Waited for the whole video for Bobby to talk about the unsweetened GoodKarma flax milk and get a 1-second clip of a photo of the protein version, come on it was even in the cart!!!

  • Osteoporosis prevention requires daily calcium consumption, most easily acquired by milk, yoghurt and cheese. Dr Becky,what are your thoughts on this pr9blem.

  • Thank you. Your videos are short, sweet & to the point. Appreciate your suggestions. KETO really works! We have been watching carbs since March & really don’t miss them at all. Nuts are our go-to treat! Look forward to your videos!

  • You are amazing �� Thank you really helpful❤ You mentioned high quality almond milk any recommendations or what should I look for in the ingredients?

  • This video is making me hungry.  Awesome!  Quick side tip though:  For those who can’t have dairy for whatever reason don’t be fooled by Arctic Zero.  I can handle it although I don’t really care for the taste or lack of creaminess but I once saw a video blog where the person was doing a review on it and she said when she ate it she got a really bad stomach ache.  On the front it says lactose intolerant friendly but she pointed out the list of ingredients.  Milk was on that list.  It’s only 35 or 37 calories (depending what flavor you get) but I recently switched to almond dream which has more calories but I find it to be much tastier, much more lactose intolerant friendly, and much cheaper.

  • Hi there so roughly 6 ish months ago I decided to cut red meat out of my diet and though I still consume some meat I’m going to be soon trying to cut dairy out of my diet for two months! I’m incredibly excited and hope to never intentionally consume it again. Thank you for this educational video!!

  • You know I like your videos but I found out that ripple milk has natural flavor that you’re been warning us to avoid how is it safe for kids????

  • yes it’s actually quiet strange how we drink milk from other species. i don’t like diary because it hurts my stomach, I get gassy, and I hate the taste of it on my tongue.

  • Your informational knowledge about the subject you speak is bad. Cows don’t need to be pregnant to produce milk, they only produce it AFTER giving birth. After that they produce it like humans if they are milked. They don’t get semen again to produce milk, theydon’t need that. Only thing that’s needed is to milk the cow.
    Usually they give birth to 2-3 calbs in their life.

  • I was vegan for 2 years until a person literally shoved cheese in my mouth. Cheese is addictive I swear. But now I have a dairy allergy and I really really can’t be eating dairy anything anymore but it’s so hard. Thank you for this video!!! I needed this!!

  • I love canned coconut cream. But whenever I over consume it, I’ll get breakouts. Now I have been sticker to a relatively strict diet for several months, thanks to the breakouts but not the will power ��

  • The other flavor of Daiya cheese is Pepper Jack cheese, and it’s my favorite because the spice cancels out the sweetness of the vegan cheese

  • I want to eliminate dairy completely, but I can’t use many “replacements” due to nut allergies and not being able to find a ton of soy products that I can use without minor allergic reactions. So I have to rip the band-aid off to do it. �� I think I’m going to try to start reducing my dairy intake on a day to day basis. Kind of like what I did with meat until I took the plunge and went meat free. It’s just tough trying to be a level of vegetarian with so many food allergies already, taking another food group out makes it harder to find options to eat with others without sounding like a food control freak.

  • I’m kind of annoyed by the fact that he was talking about one almond milk and the diamonds almond milks nutrition facts were shown

  • You said try the Daiya pepper jack cheese. It’s my favorite because the spiciness hides the sweetness of the coconut milk in the cheese.

  • I recently found out I’m intolerant to lactose but here in Brazil free products are just so hard to find and impossible to afford:( 

  • I will say that I totally understand what goal you are trying to say for different people should achieve for. Smart healthy eating while listening to your body. Thanks for the video.

  • The substitues you showed. A lot of items are so processed which are not healthy. Real cream cheese or yougart is natural
    and probiotic coconut milk is fine.Sorry I do not want to hurt you. In the long run you will be malnutrition. Stick to nature as much as you can.Gluton may be a problem.

  • girl, if you like swiss cheese type of flavor, try goat cheese. It’s safe for lactose intolerance since it doesn’t come from cows. I love it so much, I could probably eat the entire tub by itself, but it’s also delicious on sandwiches.

  • Personally I wasn’t obsessed with dairy so replacing milk and yogurt was a piece of cake, especially since I make deserts on my own and don’t buy much. What I struggled with (and still kinda struggling) is cheese. Vegan dairy alternatives have always tasted even better than the original to me, but the vegan cheeses available here in my country just don’t just cut it. I’m still not a vegan, but on my way to become one. I hope better cheeses become more available here:(

  • I’m allergic to dairy and gluten…and I love this video and totally agree with you 100% on the products. For protein bars also check out Larabar…they are delicious and nutritious and dairy free!!

  • Ripple has natural flavors in it I went to target to buy it and checked the label and it’s literally in the ingredients how is that safe for ppl especially Kids

  • one recipe I found for the ricotta tofu had sunflower seeds in it and it was so bomb. I fed a vegan lasagna (v. rictortta and tvp) to very picky omnis and they said it tasted exactly like a ‘normal’ lasagna.

  • Thank you for this video!! While I’m not vegan, I have recently found out I am lactose intolerant. It’s definitely shocking how much has dairy in it! Thank you for all of these tips:)

  • can you find a dairy free cheese with adequate protein in it? protein is important, but for some reason, when protein is mentioned to vegans, they get all huffy and angry; why? vegans can eat what they want as long as it is meat free and dairy free right? but what about all the extra sugar in many vegan products? and quite often, no where near the kind of protein you actually need every day; I see forums where many vegans say, they feel tired all the time, or they feel crampy, and sickish; well look at what you are eating! see how much protein you get, how much sugar and salt; many vegan products have way too much salt {Field Roast, I am looking at you] some vegan pizzas have something called cheese on it, but for example, Daiya, the “cheese” is way too soft and gummy! for myself I really like tofu, when cooked certain ways, the tofu puffs are great. I bake mine, with spices and panco breading, using unsweetened cashew milk as the wash before adding the panco, really yummy, use Franks sweet chili sauce, double yum!

  • Being Dairy free for me is very hard because I have a dairy in intolerance but I also have a peanut and tree nut allergy so I can never have coconut and or almond products but, HEY! i manage ��

  • Trader Joe’s Coconut Ice-creams. OMFG try them today. And Safeway’s Blackberry-Cabernet Sorbet. owo Spiru-Tein protein powders are generally dairy free. Hemp Protein powder is also an alternative to whey and soy protein. Another tip, besides your local vegan store and Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s will have a list of what in their store in currently Vegan. Vegan is a great word when your Dairy Free. It basically means whatever your buying is safe to eat. Not that I really care about weather it doesn’t have eggs or meat. xD But whatever. Bet you and I could have a long chat about the pitfalls of going dairyless.

  • if you can have goat milk and be okay goat milk icecream is very creamy and it doesn’t have any nutty or coconut flavor like the other non dairy ones do

  • I have a dairy allergy. For ice cream, you can get the dairy free version of Ben and Jerry’s… Except I’m not sure if it’s also gluten free

  • I think it was the second or third item that you were showing the one with a big white clip on the bag you didn’t show the front of the bag and I was really curious and wondering what that was you were talking about

  • My family & I got these portable juicer blenders from (they’re on sale for 39.99!!” and we’ve been just bringing a variety of nuts & a strainer with us on camping / hiking / road trips so we can make oat milk & nut milks on the go!! We just recharge the blenders in the car with a USB & it has saved us so much money

  • I’m finding that I can’t have dairy anymore due to the sinus flare ups I get. It’s horrible the way I feel. I have been consuming non dairy milk for some time now and have switched from margarine to earth balance vegan butter. Yum! I loooove ice cream especially the soft serve at McDonald’s, but the reaction I get the next day seems to be worth it to consume, but not really the next day. I’ve been good without cheese for a while, but I have found a dairy free option Chao cheese, definitely is expensive but good. I want to be completely dairy free in the new year, because I he headaches I get are too bad. I found a $6 dairy free cream cheese at Walmart (a new item) and I kept my eye on it for a while. It wasn’t selling good and I swiped it up for $0.25, but the taste was Horrible, so not worth the price. Non dairy yogurt to me is nasty. Silk and so delicious are the brands. The yogurt is too thick and tastes fake, so I don’t eat yogurt at all now. The only issue I have with dairy free options is they usually contain soy which we all need to watch out for and not consume all the time.

  • Simple…just stop consuming it, no need for replacement products. I quit dairy cold turkey just as I did with caffeine. No withdrawal symptoms at all. Well I guess it ain´t so simple for most people. I don´t get addicted although my dad was an alcoholic to the grave.
    EDIT: This video was downloaded on the 30th anniversary of my dads death…just realized it.

  • I’ve been hearing about a lot of ppl using sunflower seeds in place of cashews for cheesy recipes to make it cheaper! I must try!!

  • I’m super happy to find out about dairy free chocolate as I will definitely miss it. Haven’t gone dairy free completely yet almost there but I know I should as my stomach feels like there’s razor blades in it when I do eat it. Also might have to give up corn too as my doctor thinks i have a corn sensitivity.

  • What about non-dairy milk that genuinely has no dairy? I know this is a silly question, but my mom is severely allergic and has had adverse reactions to Silk.

  • I love listening to you! Your style and vibe and swag hahaha, anyway about the video…my problem with dairy is that they put it everywhere! It’s not just milk, cheese, and ice cream which is obvious and vegan alternatives are getting better and bigger, but I’m frustrated that almost all crisps, except ready salted, have milk as seasoning, same in the case of biscuits or any desserts, you just have to make it all from scratch yourself, or stupid naan bread which I used to love to eat with curry etc…I know it’s not the healthiest stuff anyway but I feel like I can only eat like 10% of what’s available out there in the supermarkets, there are days when I really just want to buy something ready made but which doesn’t taste like rabbit food for fluff sake. After a couple of years off dairy I am still craving it �� I am vegan but not a happy one cause it’s just hard like you said we live in a very non vegan world.

  • I just had a blood test done at my naturopath that confirmed dairy intolerance. The test specified cow’s milk, and the doc said a lot of people do better with goat’s milk. Maybe I can get by with goat cheese, etc. I’m hoping! Anyway, one thing I think will be useful for me is imitation butter flavoring. I’ve used it in a few recipes before for low-cal purposes, but I’ll probably rely on it more now!

  • Amazon! Amazon Prime Pantry saves me $$$ every month. A box containing oatmeal, raw honey and raw nuts arriving Monday.
    Super video AGAIN. I’m new to this ‘nutrition’ business thus suffering from a bit of information overload though some of it is starting to sink in Thanks to you!

  • I’m supposed to be going dairy and gluten free right now, but I went to the store to figure out how to eat and got super depressed at even attempting this they are both in everything. I felt so lost I have given up before startingagain. I love my cheese. couldn’t find creamer I liked so thanks for the tip. gonna try and start building some knowledge so that maybe I can do this successfully at some point without hating life.

  • Target has their own dairy free ice cream, and my favorite flavor is the vanilla ice cream with gluten free brownie bits and caramel in it.

  • Milk contains iodine which is needed for cognitive child development.
    Be careful with this.
    Calcium and proteins occur naturally in milk. Conversely, soy is fortified hence not easier to absorb.
    Almond is low in protein.
    Just choose lactose free milk if you need to.

  • Thank you for this post. I’ve been recently diagnosed with a dairy allergy and the transition has been sorta depressing. Anyway I’m on a quest to find dairy free ANYTHING and this helped tremendously.

  • You know Asian cuisine isn’t the only cuisine that doesn’t use a lot of cheese such as Indian and Caribbean and their stuff is filling and very well seasoned. And creole too. Just sayin.

  • I have never really found a dairy free ice cream that I like. I normally stick to sorbets or Sweet Frog’s dairy free frozen yogurt.

  • Does any of the dairy free gluten free products have a sugar free alternative as well, had gastric bypass and worry about sugar and fat content!!

  • I’ve tried to go fully vegan before and it didn’t work for me. However, I want to cut out dairy and red meat completely. As someone who has dealt with heavy and painful periods for a long time, I’ve always noticed that if I eat dairy or red meat a few days before my period, it dramatically worsens my cramps.

  • PS oh, you are Korean by ethnicity! I remember hearing that they make even coffee / tea lattes using sweet potato, in Korea and perhaps you can find it here too. I’d love to try this it sounds so interesting. I never liked cheese lol!

  • Dr Becky thank you for all your advices. In a lot of your videos you insist on that you follow a low carb diet and not keto like your husband can you tell us how many carbs are you getting per day and from which sources?

  • RESPONDING TO SOME COMMENTS I’M SEEING Yes, I am aware that a cow does not have to be PREGNANT the entire time they are producing milk, I apologize for my poor choice of words. What I meant was that a cow MUST be impregnated and give birth to a calf in order to produce milk. Here’s a quote from BC DAIRY (yes, this is a quote from the dairy industry) “Before any cow can make milk, she must have a calf. A female dairy cow will have her first calf when she is around two years old and will produce milk for around 10 months. After each 10 month period, each cow will have two months of rest “off”. Before they begin producing milk again, they must have another calf.”

  • Late last year my doctor sujested I cut out all my gluten for help losing weight and I recently discovered I’m lactose intollerent but I love to cook and bake this video was really helpful if only gluten free brownies didn’t get crunchy and burn so fast��

  • The soy having estrogen is a myth. Yes it does have estrogen but so do most things. Estrogen won’t effect you unless it is in large amounts. Red meat has more estrogen than soy products by a large amount

  • Thank you so much! I’ve really been looking for good dairy free popcorn! I use the Earth Balance butter, but I didn’t know they also made popcorn. I’m so excited to try it!

  • What about Elmhurst almond milk? Its non-GMO but not organic. Only almonds and water.
    Btw, thank you for all the videos…I LOVE THEM!

  • the only good plant yogurt brand shipped to my country (Alpro) is now under sanctions, like, bruh I live in a 1 mil population city and can’t get mah vegan yogurt like da fuk. We’ve had drinkable soy yogurt that’s shipped from another city and oat yogurt which kinda has a weird texture, but even those I now have a hard time finding, it’s disappeared from all the stores I know… sad.

  • coconut bliss ice cream is AMAZING!! I like it more than regular icecream, which is saying something, cause I’m an icecream fanatic:)