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7 Foods You Should Start Eating Before Bed

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5 Foods You Should And Shouldn’t Eat Before You Go To Sleep

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Foods You Should Absolutely Never Eat Before Going To Bed

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Top diet tips that can lead to better sleep

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6 Proven Foods for Sleep Foods to Treat Insomnia

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Health Tips: 10 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed Help You Sleep

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Sleep Hygiene: Train your Brain to Fall Asleep and Sleep Better

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A variety of foods contain compounds that can help a person sleep, such as serotonin, melatonin, and tryptophan. Learn about the best foods for falling and staying asleep here. Avoid: Deep-Fried Fish While fattier foods can be more satisfying (which is important for sleep), too much fat at once can mean discomfort in the form of bloating and gas that can keep you us. In contrast, good sleep can help you eat less, exercise better, and be healthier (2, 8, 9, 10). Over the past few decades, both sleep quality and quantity has declined. In fact, many people.

What to Eat and Avoid For Better Sleep. CAFFEINE. This stimulant is great for instantly perking you up; however, with a lifespan of around seven hours, consuming it late in the day can ALCOHOL. HEAVY MEALS. HUNGER.

Just as the extreme of heavy meals can reduce sleep quality, research shows. Dairy foods contain tryptophan, which is a sleep-promoting substance. Other good sources include nuts and seeds, bananas, honey, and eggs. The 9 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed.

1. Almonds. Share on Pinterest. Almonds are a type of tree nut with many health benefits. They are an excellent source of many nutrients, as one 2. Turkey. 3. Chamomile Tea.

4. Kiwi. 5. Tart Cherry Juice. Coffee is one of the most obvious choices for meals you should avoid before bed, as it is the antithesis of sleep in food form. The caffeine in coffee is a high-level stimulant with effects that can reach up to 10 hours after you’ve had the drink.

Getting in eight hours of sleep is ideal, but what you eat matters. Learn about 7 foods that help and 7 foods to avoid for better sleep. Here are ten of the best foods to help you sleep better. These snacks will not only fulfill late night cravings but help you get a healthy night’s sleep.

Magnesium helps promote memory, positivity and quality sleep. Some leafy-green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and beans are good magnesium foods, but dietary intake has declined by at least 40% in the last 4 decades due to changes in food harvesting and processing, water purification, and overall dietary habits.

List of related literature:

Patients should avoid eating within a few hours of bedtime, elevate the head of the bed 6 inches, sleep on the left shoulder, and avoid alcohol, cigarette smoking, caffeine, chocolate, and peppermint.

“Creasy and Resnik's Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice E-Book” by Robert Resnik, Charles J. Lockwood, Thomas Moore, Michael F Greene, Joshua Copel, Robert M Silver
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The following foods are conducive to sleep: milk, chicken, peanuts, fish, lotus seeds, bananas, grapes, dates, and honey.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
from Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach
by Henry B. Lin
Llewellyn Publications, 2000

Sleeping during the daytime, intake of beneficial and harmful food articles in one meal, eating before the digestion of heavy and sweet food.

“Encyclopaedia of Indian Medicine” by Saligrama Krishna Ramachandra Rao, S. R. Sudarshan, Dr. V. Parameshvara Charitable Trust
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• Pre-bedtime foods that promote sleep include milk (warm), chamomile tea, and a light snack of complex carbohydrates (e.g., whole grains).

“Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults” by Carol A. Miller
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Since this is often difficult, one should at least try to eat bigger meals in the daytime and smaller meals at night, preferably before 7 p.m., so that the food can be digested before going to sleep.

“Ayurvedic Herbology East & West: The Practical Guide to Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine” by Vasant Lad, Vishnu Dass
from Ayurvedic Herbology East & West: The Practical Guide to Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
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Encourage the client to get adequate rest, limit naps (particularly in the late afternoon or evening), use a routine sleep/wake schedule, avoid caffeine in the late afternoon or evening, and eat a wellbalanced diet with at least eight glasses of water a day.

“Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care” by Betty J. Ackley, MSN, EdS, RN, Gail B. Ladwig, MSN, RN
from Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care
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• Adjust evening dietary patterns to promote sleep: D ✦• Discourage intake of foods/fluids high in caffeine such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and colas in the evening.

“Ulrich & Canale's Nursing Care Planning Guides E-Book” by Nancy Haugen, Sandra J. Galura
from Ulrich & Canale’s Nursing Care Planning Guides E-Book
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d) Avoid eating late at night e) Avoid caffeine ii.

“Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners in Ambulatory Obstetric Settings” by Nancy J. Cibulka, PhD, WHNP, BC, FNP, Mary Lee Barron, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP
from Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners in Ambulatory Obstetric Settings
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Good latenight “sleepytime” snacks about an hour before bedtime: bananas, celery and celery juice, wheat germ and wheat germ oil, brown rice, a little warm milk, lemon water and honey, brewer’s yeast, Red Star NUTRITIONALYEAST broth, or miso soup with 1 TB Bragg’s LIQUID AMINOS in water.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone
by Linda G. Rector-Page
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Sleep: Getting enough sleep is essential, especially if you have a digestive disorder.

“Patient Heal Thyself” by Jordan Rubin
from Patient Heal Thyself
by Jordan Rubin
Freedom Press, 2011

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  • 5 Foods that you should not eat before Bed::Grapefruit,��,Coffee,☕,Dark Choclate,��,����,5 Foods to Eat before Bed,��Walnuts,Milk,��,��,Chickpeas,…..

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  • Thanks so much I really going to try to do all these good advice that you gave us in the video I subscribed already and God bless you thank you

  • Namaste

    As per ancient Indian belief and practise, one must go to sleep early and get up 1.5 hours before sunrise.

    The time before sunrise called Brahma muhurta is good for all activities like study, meditation etc. which are positive in nature.


  • I drink coffee and pass right out.. Now espresso is a different story.. I drink wine or vodka while laying in bed. As long as I’m not drunk I wake up just fine.. You cannot go to bed hungry so what can you eat then? Geez..

  • If you have trouble concentrating, sleeping or relaxing this channel is really very good, it helped me a lot, it is also very visual, take a look Perfect Harmony Music ������

  • BOTTOM LINE is……….
    SLEEP!! who the hell eats
    & then go to sleep?!!
    FOODS takes along time
    To DIGEST especially #MEAT!!!!!

  • My friend’s dad recommended me naturekindness .com This has completely changed my life. My sleep cycle has improved so much and I feel energetic when I wake up.

  • There’s a company that mixes all useful herbs for sleep into one. My mom uses it and she really loves it. I don’t know all the details but you can find it at

  • This is BS when it comes to real insomnia. Had it since I was born and remember it continuously since the age of 3 (yes I do remember being 3) Had insomnia long before silly expressions like ‘sleep hygiene’ are banded about as a catch all phrase to throw at patients (cause you will catch them out with one or another of the things involved) Had insomnia before we even had a TV and decades before personal pc’s, iphones and laptops, when reading was the only pre bedtime pastime from 7pm on, when eating plain boring food was done at 5pm, years before I tasted anything with caffeine in it. Still have insomnia today and am over the age of 60. Doctors and anyone else for that matter tend to get angry when you present them with this stuff on account of it being an affront to their knowledge and lack of answers so they then throw the ‘sleep hygiene’ routine at you with a big dose of contempt. Also I have exercised early in the day for 3 decades now, dont eat heavy nor late and minimal caffeine. Have done Hypnotherapy, psychology, put my name down for a sleep clinic but waited two years and they canceled the appointment and sent me a printed sheet spelling out their usual routine for patients which turned out to be nothing other than sleep deprivation techniques which in fact made it worse, eg if stay up after 1am I will then stay awake all night and most of the next night. Some of us are stuck with it for life, a miserable one at that.

  • WATCH ��: 6 Bedtime Snacks You Can Eat That Will Help You Sleep

  • Warm milk? This video same as all the other ones touting sleep hygeine to treat insomnia. Doesnt help people with chronic insomnia. We need help!

  • People should not eat carbs.. limit carbs to a minimal.. eat no carb vegetables.. meat.. etc.. Carbs are basically addiction.. and breaks down into alcohol sugar which makes you hungry and stores as fat. If you quit carbs you will notice you eat less.. you aren’t as hungry between meals.. and you will burn fat. These are all proven scientific fact. Sure if you run 5 miles a day you should eat some good complex carbs before you run… for energy.. but if like most Americans.. you sit at a desk all day and come home to dinner and watch TV the rest of the night.. you need to just quit carbs.

  • It’s already 3am and still i can’t sleep. There’s a lot going on my mind. even i close my eyes I can’t still sleep so i search it on and it helps me.

  • I have insomnia a lot. So I started drinking 2 teaspoons of the flowers of chamomile tea seeped in 8 oz of hot water and one teaspoon of honey. Sleeping the last two nights all through the night

  • wanna learn how to make lemon cake..? well its your lucky day


    1/2 pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature

    2 1/2 cups granulated sugar, divided

    4 extra-large eggs, at room temperature

    1/3 cup grated lemon zest (6 to 8 large lemons)

    3 cups flour

    1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    1/2 teaspoon baking soda

    1 teaspoon kosher salt

    3/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, divided

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    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

    For the glaze:

    2 cups confectioners’ sugar, sifted

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    Step 3: Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a bowl. In another bowl, combine 1/4 cup lemon juice, the buttermilk, and vanilla. Add the flour and buttermilk mixtures alternately to the batter, beginning and ending with the flour. Divide the batter evenly between the pans, smooth the tops, and bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until a cake tester comes out clean.

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  • There’s a company that mixes all useful herbs for sleep into one. My mom uses it and she really loves it. I don’t know all the details but you can find it at

  • I sleep better when I eat before sleeping. I understand all the testing and science but sometimes you just have to do what’s good for you.

  • Mom told me to use and its the best thing my mom recommended. She’s always into natural herbs and always reading about it. My sleep has improved so much. Take care and sleep well.

  • cold showers an hour or two before sleep help too. Also certain styles of yoga like hatha help a lot too. Shut the internet off in the phone and keep it outside of the bedroom.

  • Can i ask a question i kinda eat in bed and watch tv in bed i techncally are in bed the whole day due to that my mom,dad,brothers have virus and i stay in my room the whole day in bed any thing that can help im having trouble sleeping i sleep like at 2am or 4 and i dont like it anyways thanks for the video

  • There are several factors in quitting booze including eg motivation and help from friends.
    One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Adoette drink plan (check it out on google) definately the most helpful plan that I have ever seen.
    look at the site and great reviews.

  • We should not eat 3 hours before bed since it literally stops our trillions of cells from regenerating FACT> it’s hard too not to eat 3 hour’s before bed but if you do it you will see extremely dramatic results.

  • I used to stay up till 10 am and then either finally go to sleep or stay up the whole day. Now I’m on a strict rule that I have to go to sleep at a certain time but it’s now 3 hours past that time… ����

  • An evening cocktail that includes beans, whole grains, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, cauliflower and onions just before bed will produce enough hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gas to subdue a horse… or a nagging spouse. PS… make sure you wear an oxygen mask.

  • Doctors got me hooked on Xanax….
    I took as prescribed….Now I can barely sleep… not even for one hour most nights….Xanax ruined my brain… what should I do.???

  • I experienced hopeless for 2 years. I thought that my sleeping disorder will be never be treated. Not till a psychological behavioral therapist suggested this particular solution. It help me be aware of science the way we sleep at night. I`m now resting easily again every evening. Relaxing on your bed is a lovely experience overnight. I got this tip on Google.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • I’m the audience for this video. I discovered all of these things on my own, but if you’re a slow digester and/or a sensitive person, these are things to keep in mind. Your body is wired differently than the “average“ person. If you’re not sure, just experiment on yourself.

    All you lose is a night of restful sleep, and hopefully you learn your lesson. I don’t drink anymore, but when I did it occasionally, and did so late at night, I would wake up at two or three in the morning after having nightmares. Cheese did the same to me.

  • I`ve had mild insomnia for several years getting up around 4 am on several mornings. However only these recent weeks, my slumbering hours are merely two to four hours only. It has become worse. This program has helped me a lot in bettering my sleeping problem. This is aside from knowing the fundamentals of sleeping. I discovered this guide on Google.. Name of the guide is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • I skipped the whole vid waiting for her to stop talking and to find out how to actually fall asleep * realises that all that talking was explaining *

  • how about, you easily fall asleep, but when the time you wake up at anytime, i find it hard to sleep again �� that’s why i got 4-6 hours sleep.

  • I’ve been deprived of a good rest ever since I reached my adult life. This sleeping program has demonstrated me good results even on my first 7 days of usage. I believed there’s no treatment to this issue I have got. I thought acquiring 8 hours of sleep is not possible to attain. This treatment method is definitely wonderful. It says some factors and also a treatment solution for several instances of sleep problems. It offers loads of choices or ways for you to select. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • sounds crazy but after losing my daughter, i sleept SO SO much, or mostly stayed in bed and felt so down, after awhile my top back neck pain went from tense and very annoying to, burning, so here’s the crazy part,, i purchased a lot of meth for pipe, it reset me, i stayed awake days, saving enough meth to keep awake, it gives you insight, mainly when afew days awake, but never use long term, treat the crystals right, bless them with intentions, meth worked for me as a tool, don’t use it much, but when u want to kill yourself because the emotional state has made one feel DEAD and all u can do is sleep, or lay in bed, no motivation. As a kick start for motivation to say” jump start your ass and brain loq, meth works for me any way

  • Thank you so much! Melatonin used to work like a charm,(but I didn’t take it everyday, occasionally for years. ), now my body tolerated it, doesn’t work for me 3/5 times now. I eat leafy green almost everyday.
    God blesses you for your sharing those tips.
    I will try Magnesium tonight.

  • I`ve been an insomnia patient for several years. Immediately after utilizing this sleeping for 7 days, I was able to attain 8 hours of sleep each night. I`m resting so well that I haven’t even done the plan. The program has entirely eliminated my insomnia. Thanks a lot to this treatment solution. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. Name of the guide is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • just sleep 4-5 hours a day and you’ll have the best bedtime on earth no matter what. tho the one thing to avoid is an energy drink, you don’t want a powernap.

  • You know what’s not making my brain function well…. Trying to figure out what the hell is happening in the background. Why is that shelf so slanted? ������

  • VERY BADE ADVICE you should never eat a banana less than 3 hours before bed
    as enzymes in them can make your breathing shallow when sleeping

  • Magnesium ok leafy veg
    Lettuce same
    Cherry.not available
    Honey. lemon honey now and then
    Cardinmille.dont have
    Rotrovil.05 mg helps 6/7 hrs.taken if at midnight still not sleep at least 5hrs calm nerves.a month now take one pill break into 1/4 as l dont want rely too much use to take 1/2 daily.

  • Is sleeping on 9 PM and waking 8 AM good?

    If i drink warm milk before bed, for a few days.. i need to throw up.
    Any kind of milk, really.

  • Great vid thanks, but how can you back up the claim that reading a book helps fall asleep? Reading can stimulate the brain which may not help.

  • The trick is to get toasted first, then you can eat anything & sleep great. After a gig or closing a bar, hitting the all night breakfast joint for a huge greasy breakfast, then hitting the rack around 5am assures 12 hours of peaceful sleep.

  • Have you eaten any of these foods? Do you have insomnia or know anyone with that problem? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • You see I drink alot of alcohol, am a very unhealthy eater, I’ll eat burgers, then string cheese, baked beans, store bought deviled eggs, tortillas with hot salsa, and ice cream before bed, sometimes an entire cheesecake. Usually doesn’t bother me unless I eat a cheesecake. What it DOES bother, are roommates. My farts and dumplings are so bad, they’re legendary. You have no idea how bad my ass is. It will clear a warehouse, shop, or any outdoor venue, even an amusement park line. I’m getting fat. I’m in the blue flame club. I have no girlfriend… People think something crawled up my ass and died. Better out than in? Not for you! I can produce more methane and hydrogen sulfide than 5 cows. Constant walking farts. However, my sleep schedule isn’t affected unless I eat a cheesecake. Half is fine, Not a whole one.

  • Eat what you want up until about 7pm. Then stop eating or drinking anything but water until noon the next day. This is “intermittent fasting” and helps type 2 diabetics like me. Look it up on WebMD.

  • There’s a company in the USA and Canada that provides all natural sleep formula. My friend uses them and it has helped him a lot. I have just started using it. Its been 3 weeks and I can feel the difference. For people messaging me, it is from and I’m in the USA. Hope that helps.

  • Turkey has tryptophan in it so it might be good snack before bed. Turmeric milk is nice too, I might even try it with honey, thanks Bestie.

  • I guess it all depends on the person, I could drink 10 cups of coffee and go to sleep without issue, might wake to exhaust and go back to sleep. Not an 8 hour person, take naps and make things happen. Many people need that “8” hour sleep..

  • I couldn’t disagree more with all of these except for dairy! Unless you want to wake up with a bad headache from H2S gas from farting all night….

  • Dark chocolate makes me sleepy. I eat dark chocolate at night. I don’t eat dark chocolate in the day time specially when I am at work.Dark chocolate relaxes me.I eat lot of milk chocolate when I am sad or when I want to sleep.

  • I can have all of those foods mentioned together at night plus a redbull plus a monster energy drink and still i can fall asleep with in 10 mins ������ �� ��

  • Broccoli before bed? Fucking stupid. I am not even vegan and I will defend that vegetable. That has no interference in your sleep!

  • my grandparents saying thank you for the sharing with us.
    God bless you all!
    Jesus loves us all! amen!
    STAY SAFE. ☆☆☆☆☆….

  • Once when I was having trouble sleeping I wanted some sleeping drugs, but instead was offered Chamomile! I was furious, I said I’m not a bloody cow, that won’t work for me! As I was desperate I ended up giving it a try and slept like a log for 6-7 hours, the most I had slept in years. Had to pull my head in a very long way!

  • I would like to know what it means “before going to sleep” is it like 5 mins before going to sleep, 20 mins, 1 hour even? Good video!! Could have been more specific:)

  • Actually in another video,i saw that before sleep to drink grapefruit juice with ginger helps loosing weight and I sleep well and dont have any problems…..and i also could drink coffee.doesnt affect me

  • Sleep and Rest are two different activity. People who do hard physical jobs like mason, carpenter drivers they need 6 to 8 hours sleep. But whereas sedentary lifestyle job doers involved more mental activities needs rest for 5 hours and sleep for 2 to 3 hours. This is the fact.!

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    before i sleep

  • I recommend having a pumpkin before sleeping its so relaxing and gives you a good sleep… A pumpkin with a mug of warm milk and honey,,, is a whole package,,, try it and thank me later��.

  • This sleeping remedy really works. At a very young age I already have got this sleep condition. Of virtually all treatments I`ve tried out, this plan is the one that efficiently broke the cycle of my sleeping disorders. I utilized this guide continuously and managed to accomplish my objective of obtaining a greater sleep at night.. I researched this guidebook on Google.. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Mom told me to use and its the best thing my mom recommended. She’s always into natural herbs and always reading about it. My sleep has improved so much. Take care and sleep well.

  • Thanks So Much for Your Well Spoken Advice!! I plan to try your Food Suggestions because I always wake up several times A night when I’m trying To Sleep! And my Brain Memory has been getting Worse, by not Having a Good Night’s Sleep! Thanks so Much Advice!!

  • I read different, Broccoli can counter Estrone and is best eaten before going to sleep. This is because Testosterone is high in the mornings but lower in the nights.

  • Tryptophan is NOT all it’s cracked up to be.
    Mythbusters have proven this. It’s the AMOUNT of food you consume that ultimately makes you sleepy at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • ▼▼ Watch our new video on “Causes for Insomnia & How to Improve Sleep Quality” ▼▼

  • All the stuff he mentioned that will keep you awake I fall asleep on I’ve always been told I was made backwards but I do believe it now cuz coffee puts me to sleep anything high in caffeine will put me to sleep I used to take 2 Vivarin and drink coffee and fall asleep

  • Saw a Science Channel thing saying that it’s actually a carb crash which makes you sleepy after a Thanksgiving meal. I don’t remember the title of the show, dammit. But, according to them, there isn’t that much more tryptophan in turkey than in chicken and people don’t fall out after eating chicken, as much. It kind of makes sense. If you really think about it, almost everything in a typical Thanksgiving dinner except the turkey is loaded with carbs. Stuffing, potatoes, gravy (usually made with flour or starch), cranberry sauce, etc. And this is before dessert. Tryptophan isn’t innocent in all of this but it’s not the main culprit as was once thought. It’s more of a carb/sugar crash that puts you on the couch drooling on your ugly holiday sweater. ��

  • Im 11 years old and ive not been able to sleep well for years so i said to my perants i should try them foods and it worked tysm!!

  • My friend’s dad recommended me naturekindness .com This has completely changed my life. My sleep cycle has improved so much and I feel energetic when I wake up.

  • Magnesium and a B-Complex vitamin supplement work well to promote not just sleep but restful sleep where you don’t wake up 5 times. Drink a good amount of water but not too much. The Kirkland B-Complex sold by Costco is far superior to more easily available versions.

  • the only one correct on here is cherry juice or cherries.,..It has the same melatonin naturally as a pill…only food in world to do that…also high in potassium…as well as 6x antioxidents as an orange for 2 tsps concentrate juice…it does really tied, like repeated yawns IN BED…after I got tired and laid down at 4 am when I woke up at 2am…was taking it as trial for gout…helped that too…ordered 2 more bottles when I woke up.

  • I USED work 16 hours EVERY day for the rest of my life, I sleep only 4hrs until now. I don’t take any medication for sleep. Help!!!

  • Not slept properly since birth…..ask my family. I’m now 52 and still don’t sleep!! Surprise, surprise food has NOTHING to do with foods since I’ve been able to choose my own foods!!