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The stimulant Theacrine, also know as Teacrine, is a rising star in the supplement industry. It is longer-lasting than caffeine & is also anti-inflammatory. The stimulant Theacrine is a rising star. It is longer-lasting than caffeine and is also anti-inflammatory.

Officially known as 1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid, theacrine is gaining popularity because of its ability to act as a stimulant—without the usual unwanted side effects. While less known than caffeine or creatine, theacrine shows some promising properties as a pre-workout ingredient that gives a big boost to both physical and mental performance. Despite sharing a similar molecular structure with caffeine, TeaCrine is not a form of caffeine. In fact, a theacrine supplement can be paired with caffeine to enhance and extend the effects of a single cup of coffee while minimizing some of the drawbacks of chronic or high caffeine consumption such as caffeine tolerance, crash, disrupted sleep, and withdrawal.

Usually 200mg of caffeine will give me an allmost too harsh stimulant effect if I don’t combine it with Theanine and/or Taurine. So despite me using 400mg caffeine allmost daily, I have kinda low caffeine tolerance. Still, Theacrine won’t give me noticeable effects below 250 mg at all, yet 300mg is sometimes allready way too harsh. Subjective reports of grogginess were significantly lower immediately after taking TheaTrim, a proprietary supplement containing an unspecified amount of theacrine along with 150 mg caffeine and.

Yeah. I find that theacrine added to caffeine can give you a little extra boost and/or let you get away with having a little less caffeine without sacrificing energy, but it’s not really that good on its own without caffeine, and it’s expensive to replace caffeine with entirely, as you said. Teacrine, or theacrine, is an ingredient which certainly has my backing. Not yet as commonly known and understood as caffeine, it is in many ways, better. Rather than looking for the pre-workout with the highest caffeine content, look for an intelligently formulated blend which will support your performance by ticking all boxes.

TeaCrine and caffeine also both can promote better cognitive function and focus. They provide health benefits outside of increased work capacity and improved workout performance, too, such as improved liver function. Studies suggest that it’s better to use theacrine in combination with caffeine as caffeine increases the bioavailability of theacrine.

In other words, it makes it easier for your body to absorb and use it. Theacrine also appears to increase the benefits of caffeine. TeaCrine ® is a purine alkaloid similar in structure to caffeine found naturally in certain species of coffee, exotic fruits, and kucha tea. Also, TeaCrine ® mimics the way caffeine functions in the body to a certain extent.

Like caffeine, TeaCrine ® also inhibits adenosine receptors, which improves energy and alertness.

List of related literature:

Finally, research from our lab [208,209] found that ingesting a preȬworkout supplement containing 300 mg of NȬacetylȬLȬtyrosine, 284 mg of caffeine, and Mucuna pruriens extract standardized for 15% LȬDopa (15 mg) among other nutrients enhanced acute and chronic cognitive function.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
Lulu Publishing Services, 2019

Its pharmacologically active components include caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and tannin.

“Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition E-Book” by Peter Harris, Sue Nagy, Nicholas Vardaxis
from Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition E-Book
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Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, theobromine—a diuretic and muscles relaxant, and theophylline—a reliever of bronchospasm.

“Chemistry of Plant Natural Products: Stereochemistry, Conformation, Synthesis, Biology, and Medicine” by Sunil Kumar Talapatra, Bani Talapatra
from Chemistry of Plant Natural Products: Stereochemistry, Conformation, Synthesis, Biology, and Medicine
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Based on the herb’s caffeine content and diuretic activity, Paullinia cupana (guarana) may potentially induce hypokalaemia and unwanted cardiovascular effects when used in excessive doses.

“Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide” by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
from Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide
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Unlike TianChi, it also contains the synthetic nootropic noopept (which is about a thousand times more potent than piracetam) and a few other helpful ingredients, including curcumin, piperine, and caffeine.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Ephedrine, often in combination with caffeine, has been marketed in purified form or in herbal products as mahuang.

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel, Robert E. Rakel
from Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book
by David Rakel, Robert E. Rakel
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Theophylline and its active metabolite caffeine are used in the management of recurrent apnoea in the newborn infant; at this age, their clearance is slow and theophylline is partially metabolized to caffeine.

“Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine” by Martin Crook
from Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine
by Martin Crook
CRC Press, 2013

Taurine is an amino acid that may reduce the amount of muscle damage and improve exercise performance and capacity, but not all research supports these claims.63 Guarana is an herbal ingredient that contains caffeine as well as small amounts of the stimulants theobromine and theophylline.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
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Mahuang contains a total of 0.5 to 2.5 percent of ephedra alkaloids, with ephedrine comprising between 30 and 90% of those alkaloids.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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As noted in the 2008 IOM report, not all aspects of cognitive and neurobehavioral functions may be affected by caffeine, and it may compromise physical performance in certain environments because of its physiological effects at high dosages, sustained intake, or both, such as heat retention and dieresis.

“Nutrition and Traumatic Brain Injury: Improving Acute and Subacute Health Outcomes in Military Personnel” by Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board, Committee on Nutrition, Trauma, and the Brain, Laura Pillsbury, Maria Oria, John Erdman
from Nutrition and Traumatic Brain Injury: Improving Acute and Subacute Health Outcomes in Military Personnel
by Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2011

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  • Awesome video Thomas, i really needed this cause i face it everyday. I do clean fasting. i wake up @ 5 am and during 10 am i feel this crash. I take a power nap and go back to work. but now i will try your fantastic tips. Thank you so much leader.

  • Try to take a heavy dose of SLEEP a couple times a week. But be aware of side effects if taken in large doses……grogginess, fat accumulation, lucid dreams……etc

  • Does anyone know if i can take Theacrine and St John’s Wort together? I have been off caffeine for almost 5 years now and have been trying to find something that I can take with my St John’s Wort that provides me with similar energy that caffeine use to give.
    Anyone have any Ideas or suggestions?

  • I’m lost in the information overload. I just want to know what I can drink instead of coffee. I don’t like the addiction that comes with caffeine. My thought is, could I use hot coconut/almond milk and use the Bullet Coffee recipes with it?

  • Do you have any information on CLA conjugated linoleic Acid I’m using this with the keto diet. it’s becoming popular with some of the dieters I know?

  • I just want to say thank you, Thomas, for wearing a shirt that supports first responders. Nurses, paramedics, police, and firefighters rarely ever get the recognition they deserve for being daily heroes. If you see/know a nurse or paramedic, give them a hug and thank them for their service because they’ve seen alot of f*cked up sh*t and they deal with it every day so that WE don’t have to.

  • Hello Thomas, just saw a post on Facebook addressing drinking too much coffee on an empty stomach and how it’s not good for you. Just wondering what your thoughts were on this? FYI I drink lots of black coffee while fasting. ☕��

  • In Asia, EVERYBODY, my entire company, all the employees and bosses nap for 30mins after lunch, done.
    But great video, it’s very interesting and helpful.

  • Hello Sir, plz do guide us along with the information about the demerits of the drug and for how long it is
    advisable to take,so that we again dont get addicted to it.

  • Seriously, why is it that everything that’s becoming popular in healthy nutrition these days has been discovered thousands of years ago in eastern countries?^^ Very interesting video again, thank you alot!
    One question, though: Are you saying that one should stop drinking coffee or it’s bad to consume caffein in general? I personally love coffee for the psychic comfort it gives me and also its taste. I’m not even shooting for the stimulation.

  • Just spent $100 to try all this crap. I will let people know if it helps. Been taking Caffeine for decades and it no longer works. Stay tuned…

  • I always find that guarana + tuarin is the best choice for mental focus, alertness, wakeness and overall energy during activity or when you are sleeping, without any crashes for as long as 8 hours depending on the dosage afkors.

  • Thomas try L-theanine with caffeine. L-theanine is found naturally in tea and it’s a nootropic that releases dopamine and relaxes so it boosts the mood enhancing of coffee and smooths out the jitters. This combination is well discussed on YouTube. From what I’ve heard, you can even take.5 g to 1 g of L-theanine safely.

  • Hi Thomas! Does Theacrine have any effects in raising circulating catecholamines as caffeine does? In other words, does it help with fat burning?

  • Could you address the question of keto eyes? Please take a look at this vid by Vegetable Police: I think a lot of your science based videos and was wondering if you also had “keto eyes,” and was a tad surprised to see that you do seem to.

  • I’m looking forward to taking this I’m going to take it mid day with 25 mg of ephedrine and 200 mg of caffeine I already take 20 mg every morning of yohimbine before my fasted cardio

  • This is all bunk. Caffeine is never “good for you”, and no alternative energy boosters are ever “needed”. Just sleep well, exercise vigorously, and live your life’s passion. Mission accomplished.

  • I would love to hear anyone chime in with the slow COMT SNP (+/+) to say if this might backfire. Too much dopamine in the synapse causing irritability. Also anyone like me with the SYP* SNP that has issues with caffeine intoleranceif this combination helped them.

  • ExCept,,,, I Like my Post Lunch 15-20 minute “Power Nap”! As a matter of interest… When/IF I Do this Again,,, Post Work Day, just 15 20 minutes,,, I’m LOADED with Energy,,, for a Good Concentrated/Spot training,,, Before a Dinner…

    But that’s just me! If TIRED gonna come after Lunch and Work Day,,, I’m not gonna Totally fight it off. But!!!

    I’m NOT that Bright in the Brain Anyway. So I Need ALL the Down Time,,, I Can get!!! LOL!!!

  • I am usually wary of just popping back supplements with weird names. Has anybody given Theacrine a try? and if so, where did you source it from (Brand? Pill? Powder? Tea?)

  • Try looking into Theobromine derived from cacao. Sounds very similar to Theacrine. I’ve been drinking a brewed cacao drink that is very similar to brewing coffee and get amazing energy without any issues with dependency like you get with caffeine. Plus with all the awesome benefits from cacao which is an amazing superfood.

  • Hi all of the product you sell, in, are only for USA, can you make it available for Canada as well please, thank you and keep up the good job

  • I only start eating at 1 so the sugar from the kiwi’s combined with almonds and (dried) cherries makes me push through this slump

  • However if you have impaired glucose tolerance this study says it is better to have carbs in the AM.

    “the avoidance of carbohydrate-rich meals in the evening in people with impaired glucose tolerance should be recommended. In line with this recommendation are previous studies showing that an increasing carbohydrate intake at the expense of fat in the morning seems protective against the development of diabetes and metabolic syndrome”.

  • Hey Thomas, new to the channel but loving it so far. You’re an inspiration! Quick question. Will lemon juice added to my green tea break my fast?

  • I’ve been taking a product for Mitochondrial Support for a while now and i just found out that the supplier isn’t carrying it any longer. What’s the best alternative?

  • 200hz in one ear and 210hz in the other ear would most likely cause an overlap with a total frequency of 410hz. Very nasty high frequencies.

  • Thomas do you feel like your diet should change a little with the seasons? Are there things you do differently in Summer vs Winter?

  • Theacrine doesn’t work as well as coffee tho it is nice but I like having that nice rush of energy so I’ll try the first duo of things

  • i had trouble following him… what is he talking about? i crash at noon on my days off but I’m super active and im prob in keto

  • This could be life changing information for me as I use caffeine to self medicate but the main problem is the tolerance build up in terms of its effectiveness so are you saying Teacrine helps with that?

  • Thomas, I have no appetite or desire for food even when hungry, which has caused me to stop eating keto. What can I do to get back to being fat adapted again and have interest in food again??? Please HELP

  • How do we get those things you were talking about for the brain? I dont think you told us that?? I need this advice so bad! I crash hard everyday and can sleep for a good 2 hours no prob.

  • I make a modified fat/Keto coffee and add Phenylalanine (mild sweetness to it) would Tyrosine be a better addition or a combo of both?

  • Wow Thomas.! This video has caused me to remember a video you once posted negatively speaking about Nootropics without understanding the vast amount of substances that fall under that definition. Theacrine is a Nootropics and one of the reasons people take it is for regulating dopamine levels much like the reason you’re taking it now. Self experimenting (as you mentioned in this video) with Nootropics are the 1st signs of and up and coming or current biohacker. Good Luck on your new found Biohacking journey.

  • Hi,

    I can’t find any supplement with organic Teacrine.
    I just came from gym, and, for few days I tried some caffeine supplement, and today I had heart pain.

    Definetly on organic and natural from today!


  • Delete this video immediately before the FDA and big pharma and coffee and tea companies try to ban or make it schedule 1 substance

  • I’ve needed this my whole life with having sleep apnea, really glad you done a video on it as I don’t always trust other YouTubers

  • Thomas please make a video on what you eat when you are out or on the road. You make great videos on nutrition when you’re able to be home but what do we do when we aren’t? Where do we go to still eat healthy? Thanks.

  • It would really be great to get the dosage required to benefit from these, because even in pills the amount recommended greatly varies from brand to brand… and if we can combine those, how much is too much

  • Gluconeogenesis is an on-demand function. I don’t believe that eating more protein has anything to do with an increase in blood glucose.

  • It’s call Tamayokucha tea. You will find it in China town grocery store or even in there herbal store as loose tea. Hope that help guys.

  • Careful with the alpha lipid acid. Thomas is correct, but A LA is also a potent chelator of heavy metals that can increase strain on the liver because it has to then detox these metals from the blood stream. If it can’t keep up with the detox, then these metals can get redeposited in the organs which can be worse than where you started.

  • I rarely drink coffee. It clears my brain fog instantly, probably i have ADD form, but i can’t sleep at all and next day i feel so bad. I have dry eyes, sensitive skin, strange pressure in chest…

  • About the way this guy talks makes me tune out constantly… That’s too bad because it looks like a lot of good information… It would’ve been nice if products would’ve been mentioned that we could buy I really feel like I have no idea what he just said and I normally like this stuff…It almost sounds like somebody that’s talking to themselves in their head, it makes sense to them LOL

  • It’s always great to get health advice from somebody who looks awesome, rather than some fat-ass traditional doctor that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground! �� Keep it up Thomas!!!

  • Pure Marketing….theacrine has sedative effects…proved by scientific papers and by myself. I was used to take caffeine for a while and it has worked always….then I changed to theacrine for 10 days. NO EFFECTS at all…and gave me sleepy all day long. Terrible. That’s the reason theacrine is extracted from a Tea which is used to improve the sleep pattern.

  • I’ve been using this stuff for a week with GREAT RESULTS. It improves alertness, reduces fatigue, reduces mind fog and improves physical activity. I love this stuff. No negative side effects so far. I’m going to keep using it.

  • Dude u look awesome u have goota make some fun vlogs like talkin to girls or stuff u’d get popular in no time! Anyway it’s just my opinion very informative vids man!

  • This would be interesting with perhaps a Lions Mane extract, B complex with Niacin, so you got that nerve growth factor simulation action going on. Thoughts?

  • 1. Push carbs to later in the fay
    2. Take theanean and theacrine instead of coffee
    3. Listen to Binuaral beats for five minutes
    4. Walking and standing intermittently

  • Is it good for motion sickness?? After all the camera mans horrible zooming action lol…
    And I love the random shell and photo in the kitchen facing the camera that’s not a odd prop at all ����.

    Other than that I shall try this stuff for sho!!! Good information just tighten up that other haha…

  • After viewing this I read up on Theacrine. At low doses it acts as a relaxant and at high doses acts as a stimulant. At high doses it can cause the “jitters” and other symptoms similar to caffeine. The ONLY real difference I could determine was that it seems to take longer to build up a tolerance…but research is still being done. Not rushing to purchase it just yet.

  • In addition to the physical activity, little things like getting a little sunlight, or listening to Rage Against the Machine’s first album can also improve wakefulness.

  • What do you think about N-Methylliberine? Which is sold as Dynamine. It’s supposed to be really close to Theacrine, but has an extra methyl group. Have you heard of it? If you have, is it basically the same as Theacrine, or are there additional health effects good or bad?

  • Adding to others…
    Thom do you have recommendations as to usage?
    Amount per pound, etc?
    Do we just follow package instructions?
    Time of day vs down energy time frsme?
    Amount of ALA vs carnitine?
    Do you have a separate video covering the usage posted or one coming up?
    As an example a nootropic recipe; I read a recommendation of 200 mg caffeine with 600mg of theanine to calm the jitters from the caffeine.

  • You just described my dream Beveridge. So, where can I get some. You got a connection for the good stuff??? Yo, hook me up. Lol, no really!!

  • There’s nothing worse than watching a video which is a title of interest, only to see the video maker launch into a silly advertisement with dramatic music and flashy images followed by a marketing pitch for something they’re selling. At least do this at the END not the start of a video, if you must do it at all in videos. People are far more likely to hit the stop button and/or unsubscribe, I certainly do if there’s too much commercial content constantly making up a significant portion of videos which present themselves as reviews. It’s a clear message that someone is more interested in selling you something than actually giving you information and shows a degree of bias is likely.

  • I wouldn’t take tyrosine long term. There’s not a lot of studies on long term neurotransmitter precursor supplementation. These amino acids need enzymes to break them down. So creating an imbalance can in the long term lead to lower levels of competing neurotransmitters.

  • Caffeine sucks, it messes up your cortisol levels and can give you rashes and inflammation. Took me years to figure this out. Caffeine is just a big business, shitty drug overall.

  • Not sure if you’ve covered this topic before, but a great topic to cover would be how to deal with sickness while on Keto and/or IMF. I recently recovered from a nasty stomach bug, and found myself with lots of questions while dealing with it.

  • So, it makes your body produce dopamine, which gives us gratification. Tell me how that’s NOT an antidepressant. Shouldn’t I take a couple of Prozac’s instead? If it works as intended, it probably causes a huge dependence.

  • Been taking a tablet made of Alcar and Ala, wash it down with my morning coffee =) Seems to work better than Alcar alone in my prework out.

  • What is the best digital scale to measure Teacrine powder? I don’t know what the correct measurement is for one serving for a woman. Thank your for all your information!!

  • “the anti-fatigue effect of theacrine was associated with the regulation of brain glucose metabolism and the inhibition of phosphodiesterases.”  So, would ketone metabolism in the brain instead of glucose change the effect?

  • This doesent work according to most studies. Here’s a dude that summarize most of thecstdies done on teacrine:

    Does anyone have some studies NOT funded by teacrine-connected-companys that you can link here? Because I really really want this to work so I more easley can stop drinking my dam coffee:/???

  • I just bought Prima force brand Teacrine @50 mg per capsule. Just for the heck of it. Is there better brand in the market. Haven’t really experienced anything. I have increased doze to 75 mg..and waiting.

  • You marketing intro in this vid is epic. Not sure where you learned how to put something like that together but it is really really well done!

  • I’m returning back to vitamin D3 supplements and would love to hear your take on it. In which vitamin form should I take it?

    Thank you!

  • I asked you a question but you never replied. Am a female fasting 16:8 hrs. During my feeding window how many calories should i consume? Can i also take apple cider during my IF if yes how many spoons during the 16 hours?

  • I’m thinking of adding TeaCrine with coffee in the morning. I fast in the mornings and wonder if it breaks the fast. Side note, also thinking of adding in L-Tyrosine after lunch if anyone know more about that.

  • I am on Keto and have lost 75 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I was an athlete in high school at 220lbs and ballooned over 300lbs after college. Over the span of 15 years, my weight fluctuated and I got a serious case of the “dad bod.”

    Then I started Keto and began listening to Thomas religiously.

    For the first time in my life, I was never hungry and actually had to make an effort to eat while on Keto. I recently began a heavy weight lifting regiment with cardio throughout the week. My muscles are defined and for the first time since college, my veins are popping. However, my appetite is through the roof. Although in my opinion, I still could loose a few more lbs, my weight has completely stalled.

    It appears (at least for me) exercise equals increased hunger. This contradicts the study referenced by Thomas.

    Any input or thoughts would be helpful.

  • i can down 300mgs of caffeine and feel nothing its that bad lol.. but i dont feel bad without it tho as i only use it in a huge dose once a day.. ill do some reading on this, interesting! u can try l theanine + caffeine combo tho

  • Thomas Struggling in South Africa to get Theacrine in tea form, is pure Theacrine Powder ok to use (can get that here). A bit unsure as it’s an isolate:/.. Thanks!

  • Love you videos! Lean so much! do you have any suggestions or tips on controlling the hormone levels with lifestyle and diet? Or know what indications hormonal imbalance?

  • Do you want to purchase 100% PURE Caffeine Powder, but it’s not available in your country or it’s too expensive? Then the solution is easy and that’s BlackBurnDistributions. It’s highly renowned place for purchasing all such stuff. Here you can get it cheaper yet highest of quality with fast delivery. So, now stop searching or trying random places instead go with proven and trusted marketplace. Stocks are limited, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to have it! And you can get 10% discount now using the code OCT-10OFF-19 so try it today! #caffeine #caffeinepowder #alertness #healthylifestyle #supplement #powder #weightloss

  • You are honestly a lifesaver Thomas. Thank you for making such great informative videos, and exposing your audience to this new subject matter. Two thumbs way up!





  • Do you add Theacrine into your coffee?  Sorry, I do not understand how you combine the two together to get the affects you are talking about, please advise.

  • Question about Theanine supplements. I have found pure Theanine supplements, but also ones with Inositol. What is Inositol? And is it good or bad for Keto?

  • Fantastic talk:-) I’ve read a bunch of articles on Theacrine (Teacrine) and it seems womderful… Gunna get me some… See how it works with me… I could use all of it’s benefits… It may be the Magic Pill I’ve been looking for… Thanks for bringing this up. I really appreciate it:-)

  • I’m confused a bit here. From other videos I was under the impression that atp being utilized by the body and being converted to adp gave off energy release due to the high potential energy of the molecular bond? So then how is it that adenazine makes us crash and feel lethargic?

  • Can we take any of these before we workout in the morning and not break our fast? What about creatine, glutamine and beta-alinine (will those break our fast)? Thanks!

  • I never trust it Five Hour Energy Shot but maybe that’s the combination they use if they say you get as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but no crash?

  • Would like to see a video on how stay hydrated/energized while fasting.

    Every time I fast I go to the bathroom very often. I realize it’s water loss but it doesn’t work well with work.

    Can’t be peeing in someone’s bushes or leaving your assigned area every 20 minutes.(outdoor vs indoor jobs) I Cramp up if I drink less water. I usually add some salt or sodium/ potassium salt to it.

  • So I was following you until you mentioned the best part about Theacrine saying “With Theacrine, there is no tolerance” and then the slide said “substantially less tolerance than caffeine”. I have no idea what that means. What do you mean by that?

  • Two questions
    A caffeine pill works differently from coffee for me. The. Caffeine pill keeps me up and energy goes well. Drinking caffeine is a small boost but mood changes a little later. (Black coffee btw)

    Other question you’ve mentioned mct oil breaks your fast however this not to imply that taking mct oil before your workout vs fasting that you will burn more from the fast vs taking mct oil….right?

  • Thomas, you are not remembering the obvious here. The crash, slump or whatever is solved by a nice siesta. Here in Mexico, works for many. But really though, thanks for this. Really good info.

  • Hey thomas delauer i found some meals that i can put in the microwave that from what i understand would work for a keto diet i would like your opinion on them if you would please the brand is atkins i get them at walmart if im understand every thing right they should be ok but im not sure

  • You also can reduce your coffee or caffeine consumption with cocoa powder which has caffeine and arginine nitric oxide. Teach us natural remedies not supplement garbage.

  • Can you do one on 4 supplements to fall asleep and stay asleep?
    For those who have tried melatonin, Restavit etc?
    My fatty liver and weight gain from keto and IF have returned because sleep quality and volume continues to diminish every night… this then stresses me out.

  • Thomas…would’ve liked a good link for the binaural beats {mentioned at 6:15} Does it matter which device I use to hear it?Love the 5 minutes every hour info { 7:55}

  • Any possibility of dopamine down-regulation after chronic use of theocrine? It might help mood short term, but I want to be sure I’m not screwing myself over in the long run.

  • More information and less science please. It’s not like we will understand it even if you explain it for one hour. We are normal people we don’t need that extra science information because it’s making the video boring. Thanks a lot for the information I will give it a try!

  • It would seem that if one was truly healthy, they wouldn’t need to search for stimulants. Running yourself down and flogging your adrenals for extra energy is not a healthy thing to do.

  • energy drinks and coffee dont even affect me anymore, in fact last time I had an energy drink it just made me tired, not not tired, what can I do.

  • 3:34 incorrect. There is a small amount of it in teas made from camellia, but the bulk of it is taken from kuding tea, a species of holly (illex), like yerbe mate. People who say it comes from “kucha tea” are deliberately misleading you. You can actually get way more theacrine for much less money by drinking kuding tea.

  • This is an awesome video! Would you recommend trying these individually then certain doses all together? Or are they direct substitutes of each other? Thanks!

  • I’ve been using the keto low carb diet approach, and I’m a truck driver, over the road truck driver, that and dumbbells and pushups and exercise, I was able to lose 50lbs. I also use the intermittent diet approach everyday. I feel great and feel like I’m more focused and more productive when at home.

  • Teacrine is an alkoloid doesn’t our bodies react better to the more acidic substances? To allow for better absorption of vitamins and minerals

  • Nutritionist recommended stewed apples twice a day (2 tbsp) thoughts? She said it contains pectin which releases IAP which protects the body and doesnt allow toxic bacteria? Have you heard of this any thoughts?

  • Okay, seems great BUT: How much Theacrine should be combined with how much coffee? What level dosage theacrine can I get and do you have any good recommendations of quality brands/sources?:)

  • Superb channel, you my friend know your research. Glued to your channel will use my social media pages to bring you more subscribers.

  • Thomas, by uploading sponsored videos you lose trust with your viewers. Be yourself, don’t let the sponsors ruin your reliability reputation.

  • Does ALA have to combine with Alcar? Or can it be any form of Carnitine. I like LCLT ( L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) due to the research suggesting upregulatjon of Andrpgen Receptors.

  • Thank u for this info! I definitely rely too much on coffee and then crash later in the day…I need to explore alternatives for a better quality of life

  • I would love to push my carbs for later in the day, but what if i workout early in the morning and break my fast right after that?? Can i still not eat after my workout and wait until like 4-5 pm?? Wouldn’t that be bad for the gains?

  • Nooooooooo one cares about all this TALK JESUS. We want to see reviews of a product from real people. I stopped listening after a few mins.

  • The combination I used put me through the roof, very strong together for sure. However I get overstimulated easy & this didn’t overstim me at all but I was lifting so aggressive that I didn’t want to take any rest time between heavy lifts.
    Also, if no one knows this, the stuff is very very bitter so if it’s put in supplements or drinks it will taste like absolute ass! So they only add a really low dosage to supplements so as not to ruin the taste, it’s almost insignificant. Go for pill form to get a proper dosage.

  • I commented on a video 30 minutes ago that I have a mid afternoon anxiety spike while fasting…. your the man thanks for keep it relevant!

  • does Theacrine blunt appetite like caffeine does, because I’m not tired, but I just use black coffee to help me fast until my lunch break at work?

  • Very interesting. Since coffee doesn’t work for me (I love the smell and taste but it has no effect on me, at least I don’t feel it)m I hope to get some energy from those sources.


  • Can you please make some sex advice videos for stronger erections? Im soft most of the time while having sex and my ED is getting in my way of smashing these girls. You’re a hunk, no homo. Great videos btw!

  • I take theacrine as a pre workout. It can help a lot, enabling me to dig deeper and go harder, especially if combined with caffeine (of course). A warning to anyone wanting to try theacrine powder: it is horrendously bitter. I mix 100mg into a shot of energy drink then wash it down with a little more energy drink and lots of water and that helps to alleviate the taste

  • What would recommend for a guy in early twines who was obese and now leaned down to better (was 240-170lb) in two years progress. Currently Im doing keto diet and try to workout. I haven’t take any supplements because I believed everything should be in best form to consume. Any suggestions? Or recommendation? I appreciate you spreading the word to help people achieving their goal

  • I’ve read before that l carnitine supps are taken up by the body only with the presence of a sugary drink. That is why I do not drink l car. Or am i wrong?

  • Hey Thomas. I appreciate your videos and the effort you put into them.

    There is a couple of topics I think would be great for people to have the right information about.

    1. How to restore your metabolism after ruining it with calorie restriction diets.

    2. I recently discovered that the lip balm (of all things) I was using has saccharine in it. I didn’t really think about it because I don’t eat it, but I’m going to stop using it, but will saccharine, break your fast even if you’re not ingesting it?

  • Hi, Thomas, i was wondering if the studio or set, where you guys shoot your videos, is the same one where the guys from 40+, shoot theirs?

  • not only does it work better on me than caffeine, but it actually decreases anxiety in me and believe it or not i sleep better on it also.

  • When you talk about switching to theacrine and theanine later in the day, are you talking about just taking those as supplements or is there an actual drink of some sort that you’re consuming?

  • Thanks for this video. I’ve been wondering about Theacrine for awhile, but I hadn’t heard much about it. I just ordered some now to try it out.

  • Do tyrosine and taurine break a fast, since they’re amino acids? I must knoww, been doing intermittent fasting almost every day for a two months!

  • i love bullet proof coffee..The fat (butter and MTC oil) together with the caffeine from the coffee gives you a boost of energy to start your day.

  • Thomas I have 3 kids four years old and younger. Your videos always hit home and are super appreciated!!!

    Quick question…does theacrine or tyrosine break a fast?

  • I love your dedication to science, (and self administered human trials!). The science is what brought me here. And the continual updating thereof. Your adrenal drink is working great for me by the way,  Could you do a video more directed toward a ‘Whole food plant based diet’ (id call myself a vegan, but vegans can eat crap too!) I have huge self discipline and morals, and life is a journey of self-improvement. You should definitely do some work with Dr Greger!

  • 1.) Alpha Lipoic Acid, Combined with (ALC) Acetyl L-Carnitine FOR HEIGHTENED ENERGY, 2.)Tyrosine especially for the sleep deprived & creates more dopamine that caffeine depletes, 3.) Cordyceps mushroom, & 4.) Theacrine

  • Can I consume alpha lipoid acid and acetyl L-carnatine while intermittent fasting? Will this break my fast or would it be bad to consume without any food in my system?

  • Hay Thomas my name is Elliott from Essex UK, big fan can you talk about natural Astaxanthin and it’s benefits? Is it good on keto? Love the vids ur great. Up at 2am with my baby daughter lol

  • Please help me! I’ve been trying to find this Kucha tea everywhere and I have had no luck. i found something called Kukicha in Wholefoods. Is this the same?

  • Thomas one thing that concerns me with any supplements especially that come from a dried plant that has been in storage for some time and they can grow mold that can load a supplement up with Myctoxins. These mycotoxins can harm the liver and overload your body to where you are dealing with fatigue and other problems. Just Reading the literature you’ll find that even regular herbs and spices that have been dried, think of dried oregano on dried basil and you can even include dry tea leaves, coffee, chocolate powder, etc etc. Since they’ve been laying around they begin to grow mold on them that is harmful to us. This is a not often discussed subject but it can have such an impact on a performance. Can you tell me of a good source of Theacrine that is not full of mold or mycotoxins. thank you

  • Nobody said a damn thing about these stuff when I was taking engineering classes.. man, we were told it’s about kinematics and dynamics…..

  • So…I hope I dont offend but. I tried this pure cbd oil (no thc) which was cbd with coconut oil, put it in my coffee and It was a huge energy boost.!

  • Just a fun idea Ryan What if there was a site for the nootropic community where they posted their favorite stacks and dosages and people could rate the stack. Then anyone could order those stacks pre-made directly from the site.