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Controversy ensues because a good portion of the saturated fat used in the bars comes from: 1) a high nut content and 2) use of coconut or palm oil. Many of us find the logic behind this confusing because nuts are otherwise known to be nutritious and high in healthy unsaturated fats, fiber and vitamin E. Here’s a Nutritionist’s Take on the Kind Bar Controversy Recently, the FDA warned Kind that 4 of its nut-based bars contain too much saturated fat to be labeled “healthy.” Here’s why that term.

Kind filed a petition with the FDA asking the agency to update how it regulates food labels. The maker of the popular nut bars previously tangled with the FDA over its use of “healthy” on its. Some Kind bars aren’t as nice for your body as the company claims, the government’s top food regulator says. Kind must stop calling at least four of its bars ‘healthy,’ the FDA told the company in. Tuesday, KIND announced that the FDA will now permit the company to use the label “healthy” again.

Granted, there is a catch: The company can only use the label so. Match Your Food Labels With the Product. There are several things to consider when it comes to labels. First, make sure you aren’t adding in any wording that may mislead or misdirect your consumers. It’s one thing to misuse the FDA’s definition of “healthy” on a food package, but it’s quite another to be subject to a recall due to labeling issues. Kind bars carry a “good source of fiber” claim.

The FDA defines “good source” as 10 to 19 percent of the DRV for a nutrient. In this case, that’s 2.5 to 4.75 grams of fiber—and the. The FDA has issued a warning letter to Kind about the labeling of its fruit-and-nut snack bars. It argues that the bars contain too much fat to bear the label “healthy” printed on the wrapper.

“The fact of the matter is that USDA has not yet designed the regulations to implement mandatory labeling, and our study indicates it can be done in a way that will benefit the consumer 90 to 95 percent cheaper than what opponents say it would cost.”. Food labeling is one of the least objectionable types of regulation bursting into the scene in recent decades. It is also one of the least successful.

The ongoing explosive debate about labeling.

List of related literature:

• Prohibit a claim in the labelling or advertising of a food that it has tonic or medicinal properties (see Claims in Section 2.10.10 below).

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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In grocery stores where labels are required on each package the labeling regulations affect consumer choices significantly.

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This was because the labels were only a minor part of the getup and not an element to which a customer would pay particular regard.

“Intellectual Property Law” by Lionel Bently, Brad Sherman
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Labeling continues to be a political issue rather than a simple matter of consumer information, largely because the industry opposes it so strongly and the government supports the industry’s position.

“Safe Food: Bacteria, Biotechnology, and Bioterrorism” by Marion Nestle
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40.4, the chapter introduces the Labelling Logic Report and the Commonwealth government’s response to the Report, giving the Australian Consumer Law a greater role in addressing corporate exploitation of consumer preferences for credence claims associated with food products.

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There should be no controversy, then, in using labels to provide “information” to consumers on the products they buy.

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Add to this the labor involved and processing costs, and the six-city survey reliably proves that the retail price per pound of oleo results in a most liberal spread between the price of the raw ingredients, or farmers’ share, and the price paid by the consumer.

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The company also argued that their product’s labeling–as a whole–was not false or misleading because the ingredient statement informed consumers that the lollipops contained no liquor.

“Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice” by Neal D. Fortin
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In fact, private labels have helped UK food retailers to achieve profit margins averaging 8 per cent of sales, which is high by international standards.

“Marketing: A Relationship Perspective (Second Edition)” by Svend Hollensen, Marc Oliver Opresnik
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The preliminary evidence on the impact of restaurant labeling on consumer behavior does not support the effectiveness of this approach.

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  • I need to point out an error in the description. It says, “Ideally how much trans fat should we eat a day? Zero, and the same with saturated fat and cholesterol” Well, zero may be the desired amount of cholesterol and certainly trans-fat, but to suggest that we should eat zero saturated fat is just plain wrong. Fact is, there’s a small amount of saturated fat in nearly all foods. For example, nuts are loaded with saturated fats. Does that mean we should eat ZERO nuts? No, of course not. Please correct the description.

  • Good point. We can rail at the food industry for it’s unhealthy diet, but if you forbade foods we would start screaming about freedom and the right to do with our bodies and lives as we please.
    In the end, the future is in our hands. You are responsible for your own body and only recently have I begun to seriously learn about healthy eating. I’m losing weight, my blood pressure is dropping and I have given up processed food entirety and rarely eat any meat or dairy thanks to this channel and the wealth of information that is on it. The way forward is to keep educating people and letting them decide for themselves how to eat and some will take responsibility for their health and some will not.

  • Everything the government touches turns to crap. People need to be responsible for their own decisions and what information they consume.

  • Zero saturated fat? So no oatmeal? No will caught mackerel or salmon? I like your content but I’m not convinced of this line of reasoning.

  • Americans seem to be getting more and more stupid every year. I don’t know if it’s the glyphosate or the compulsory vaccinations or the deficiency in vitamin D or iodine but the America is definitely on a downward slope into oblivion. most good government puts a ban on things that are unhealthy or put a whopping tax on them to discourage their use. why do Americans vote for these morons.

  • please don’t do this. anyway, if the government wasn’t involved in the first place the situation would be much better. unintended consequences of subsidization and the opportunity cost are massive.

  • I know that you are quite busy and in high demand. I tried to find a way to contact you and I read that I should comment a video but besides that personal contact seems very difficult. I am a Muslim. I am also plant based and fully respect and understand the health purposes behind eating this way. My conflict is with the understanding that I believe in God and what He says is what’s best, he permits the eating of halal meat and dairy etc. But we also understand that at the time of our prophet sws was only eating meat once a week but was consuming milk, cow, goat, camel etc. I do feel these days regardless of a “halal” label I am hard pressed to agree that we are producing dairy and meat as they did 1400 years ago. I justify Allahs permission for these food items because of the context of this diet based 1400 years ago. Now my question is…do you believe that a diet including animal products even just a hundred years ago is quite different than we see today? Do you think that a diet containing these animal products 1400 years ago could have in fact been a healthy way of eating because of the nature in which the dairy product came and meat with the avoidance of all the chemicals we see today etc? We are ask d to not “forbid” what Allah has permitted. I say it’s not forbidding but understanding our dietary needs have changed and it’s a matter of adapting to what is healthy now in our times with the understanding that yes maybe a diet with 5% or less animal products maybe can be healthy but it’s the consumption in which we see today that is simply deadly. I would appreciate your input.

  • What about the huge difference between man made trans fats that actually cause heart disease and animal trans fats like CLA that prevent heart disease.

  • if electronic engineers or software Engineers were in charge of the health system things would happen about 100 times faster. it doesn’t take Engineers 10 to 20 years to implement something that’s a no brainer. it happens in weeks or months. why are healthcare professionals so slow and stupid and take ages to implement what is obviously a great idea.

  • I’m a vegan and I believe a plant-based diet. I also stand for liberty and freedom and i abhor government intervention in our life

  • Are trans fats much more dangerous than saturated fats? After all, trans fats are just unsaturated plant fats that have been hydrogenated into saturated ones.

  • We could argue why the government doesn’t ban cigarettes, but I think they want us to be sick:) (I don’t think the government should ban things, let people have freedom)

  • This ad popped up for me, and after I saw it I had to share with some people just so they could experience the wild emotional turn it takes ��

  • Dr Greger, I.understand that that you wanna help people with their health but GOVERNMENT is NOT the answer. And you gotta be okay when people still don’t wanna accept plant based diets.

  • What really gets you thinking, is how we ban herbs that make you feel good and promote poison like booze and processed crap that will literally kill you… there’s a bunch of obese land whales roaming about the country strung out on prescription drugs and McDonald’s and it’s all kosher in the eyes of our culture… I am fairly certain they want us this way, but I have a hard time believing it is that absurd!

  • I tried a Kind bar once and although the ingredients were great as you could see it was too hard. I cracked a tooth once eating hard toffee bars and kettle cooked chips and spent lots of money on dental work as a result. Just something for the company to think about, if you could come up with something easier to chew and softer on teeth.

  • I don’t see the whole freedom of choice angle some people have on trans fats. Nobody actively wants to eat trans fats. They’re not unique in any tangible ways, you can make the same foods with them, or without them.

  • I’m a big supporter of eating a healthy diet but it should be an individual choice and govt. should have no say in the matter forcing people to do something.

  • the food industry is not evil, they’re simply greedy. they never consider human health and well-being. profit will always come first of course. their purpose is to create food that stimulates your taste buds, to the point where you want more of it. the problem here might not be the food industry, as it is the same everywhere, but the way lobbying works in US. it gives businesses so much power, and essentially it’s just a form of bribery made legal. the industry should never be allowed to influence lawmakers with money, whether it’s the food industry or any other industry.

  • They have 6 months remaining to use trans fats, hydrogenated oils, in the US. Gone in 2018 by law. Wonder why he didn’t mention the policies of Europe? Anyway, in 2000, I read Dr. Weil’s book, Eating Well for Optimum Health. He was and is a strong advocate against saturated fats and warned clearly about trans fats. I told most of my friends and family about it. Even bought a few books as gifts. Never advised against meat, fat, or anything else. All I said was if you see the word “hydrogenated”, put it back on the shelve. Not surprisingly, all I got was crickets.

  • If people need the government to tell them what to eat, they have already failed themselves and deserve what they get….plenty of research as shown here to lead interested people to healthy habits, no force of law required.

  • I have no idea how Dr Greger can read about this stuff so calmly! I would start calm, but by the end I would be screaming! We’re talking about saving millions of lives! And government corruption that is killing people through inaction!

  • So you tried using the Holocaust to launch your product… Now your using a political party to keep it from going bankrupt. Dude, your so going to prison for fraud… You’ve been selling sugar bars filled with accidental rat parts… You were caught having rat parts in your bars, your on the verge of dying out so you picked a political candidate… Omg your such a scam artist. Shark Tank must be filled with morons.

  • Here in Germany they seem to be doing just fine producing junk food without using trans-fats, so I don’t really see the problem…

  • just make it so products has to say “this product will not only shorten your life but make you die a horrible death” problem solved

  • Pres Obama is not the president anymore. There’s an actual leader in office now and a President who’s done more in 4 years than Obama did in 8.

  • “At least we are getting somewhere right? They ARE talking about* it?” At this late date if you waiting for legislature(corporate interest) to catch up with the science Woody and I sing to you ‘So long, it’s been good to know’d ya!’

  • Although I appreciate this video, I am somewhat conflicted over government taking away personal rights. The government should be as limited as possible. I do agree, however, that if the food industry is using deceptive wording in their labeling, the government should step forward and clarify things for people.

  • Why isn’t it banned already?! Freedom can’t be enjoyed if we are all sick and dead. People are suffering and dying. It’s horrifying.

  • It’s 4AM on Friday and I am starting my morning with a Kind bar…as I do each day. Love the taste, love the nutritional value, and love the company philosophy.

  • i almost cried watching this. what an emotional, heart throbbing story. Daniel Lubetzky, you are my only inspiration. You have changed my life for the better. I would like to personally meet you one day. Thank you for everything.
    all the love,
    your biggest fan

  • Business men have two optionsA life full of hot mistresses, Ferrari, first-class air flights and so much money you can drown in it by selling slow killing poison or living a life that is just a little better than the average guy by not selling poison. Guess which one they picked.

  • I hope KIND gives some of their profits away because $7.00 for a box of cereal is �� Bought a box on sale for $3 and it tasted So So but it was not worth $7.

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