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How a registered dietitian chooses healthy food items to make $50 go far. Whole Foods earned its nickname,“Whole Paycheck,” due to the hefty price tags. How to navigate a health-food store on a budget!

We challenged HUM’s Director of Education, Sarah Greenfield, RD, to tackle Whole Foods on a budget. Here’s her haul for. How a registered dietitian chooses healthy food items to make $50 go far. With 5,000 plus stores and counting, Walmart is a big discount retail chain with a presence in every corner of America.

Millions of shoppers go to Walmart for everything from big-screen TVs to lawn chairs, DVDs, shampoo and, of course, groceries. For many of us, the amount we spend on food each week is one of our biggest expenses, even for just the basics. So, imagine if you could spend as little as $50 a week on groceries each week. Always keep $20 of your food budget for fresh produce.

This will do several things all at once: First, it keeps you accountable for choosing the best foods possible first, it ensures that you have a good amount of fresh food in your diet each week, and it prevents you from spending all your $50 on boatloads of fruit and vegetables you likely won’t be able to eat in a week. When you make the transition to plant-based whole foods, both your body and your budget thanks you. 20 Healthy Foods You Can Buy For $1. Use this simple grocery list to cut your healthy food bill even further. Legumes.

1 Lentils. Price: $1.50 per pound (dry, in bulk), $1.29 for a 16 ounce bag. 2 Black Beans. Price: $1.50 per can. 3 Chickpeas.

Dietitian Melissa Meier explains the healthiest foods to buy when you’re trying to save money, but don’t want to sacrifice your good-eating habits. hit at any meal = $4.50; A whole chicken. How a dietitian spends $50 on groceries at ALDI. Eat a variety of foods mostly from the five core You can connect with her at or on Instagram @honest_nutrition. Kroger (20%), Whole Foods (16%), Trader Joe’s (13.7%), and Safeway (13.1%) all have relatively similar shares, and Publix (not pictured) represented less than 0.1%. (Note: We should qualify that the brick and mortar stores here reflect the geographic locations of our loan applicants). Read more: How to Eat at Trader Joe’s on $50 a Week.

I Visited Whole Foods’ New Cheaper Store With Just $50. Here’s Exactly What I Bought. How one nutritionist is feeding her family on the cheap with the new money-savings initiative.

List of related literature:

Patients on combination special diets, the patient who has difficulty managing a special diet, and low-income individuals who are ineffective in budgeting, menu planning, or purchasing may benefit from consultation with a dietitian or nutritionist (Table 27.14).

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, W. E. Jacott, M. G. Rosen, Robert B. Taylor
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He once blogged about his meal plans, spending only $100 a month on groceries, eating meals that cost $1 to $2, consisting of rice cakes, almonds, water and a bagel for lunch or Kraft Dinner and frozen vegetables for dinner.

“Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life” by Melissa Leong
from Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life
by Melissa Leong
Ecw Press, 2018

The MyPyramid Plan suggests amounts of foods to include in meals and snacks from the food groups to meet recommended nutrient intakes at 12 different calorie levels, ranging from 1,000 to 3,200 calories/day.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
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foods is a double whammy.55 Reducing portion sizes is somewhat helpful, but the real kcalorie savings come from lowering the energy density.

“Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition” by Sharon Rady Rolfes, Kathryn Pinna, Ellie Whitney
from Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition
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The FSA has also undertaken consumer research on nutrition labelling, and has issued recommendations for front-of-pack signposting schemes which aim to guide consumers towards healthier choices.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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If you switch to making a bag lunch that costs only $2 (and may be more healthful), you’ll save $120 a month.

“How to Care for Aging Parents, 3rd Edition: A One-Stop Resource for All Your Medical, Financial, Housing, and Emotional Issues” by Virginia Morris, Jennie Chin Hansen
from How to Care for Aging Parents, 3rd Edition: A One-Stop Resource for All Your Medical, Financial, Housing, and Emotional Issues
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The same $4 buys more than 2 pounds of organic brown rice and 2 pounds of organic lentils.

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
from Living Vegan For Dummies
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It provides key inputs for USDA’s Thrifty Food Plan and other model diets for people at different income levels (see Chapter 10).

“Food Policy in the United States: An Introduction” by Parke Wilde
from Food Policy in the United States: An Introduction
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When I meal plan, I not only consider which foods are on sale, but often buy multiple packages of the same ingredient to use in more than one meal.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
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The official USDA food plans represent a nutritious diet at four different cost levels.

“The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2018” by Sarah Janssen
from The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2018
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • What a illuminating speech!!! Health care aid costing us so much money! Only if we know what to eat, we can avoid cancer. I like his Nutrition renaissance idea! Let’s shed the light on the world and eat right to avoid being sick.

  • Although interesting with a lot of truth, he doesn’t really offer a practical solution out of this. I think structured crowd funding to do structured research is the best answer I have thought of so far to this very really problem of business driven funding.

  • This man is not just a researcher….HE IS A BIOCHEMIST who spent his life thus far studying nutrition effect on long term health!!! He is the MOST knowledgeable man on this subject!

  • I am in the affluent segment but I save a lot of money by:

    1. Buy all my paper towels, toilet papers. bulk fruits like lemons and etc…at Costcos.

    2. Pay attention to my Sprouts Market and Whole Foods Market weekly promos and buy accordingly.

    3. Eat out as a treat in between my 80 (healthy organic probiotic) 20 (indulgent dessert treats)…both daily and on vacations.

    4. Cut out sugar and toxins like alcohol and substances both first and second hand.

    5. 90min workout 3x a week plus daily 40min stretch and brisk walks.

    6. Just feel good overall and only see your doctor like once a year for maintenance check up….

    And just watch everyone get jealous of you living your best healthy life!

  • We ignore nutrition and medicine because we made it profitable for the poor to be sick.
    Rewarded behavior and you’ll get more of it.

  • I got just purchased your ebook! Meal prepping is loads of fun and I feel extremely relieved through the week without worrying about about what I’ll be eating.
    And my mom loves this chickpea salad:) the salad chopper is a game changer:) having salads everyday now! Thank you:D

  • Just a note, you are comparing cost of organic dried beans to no organic canned beans. But you are so right, canned beans so affordable. Cooking dried beans in crock pot is so easy.

  • To break down this problem, we really need to look at American’s cultural view and relationship with food. We view food as fuel in a very sterile way. But we also view it as a source of pleasure more than anything.

    Food is marketed in much the same way as cigarettes and alcohol. Showing it as a source of pleasure, enjoyment and facilitating social interactions.

    Kraft slice singles invariably show kids being happy with their parents. Cereals show kids going on adventures with friends.

    Halo Top ice cream is marketed as an ice cream for adults and is meant to be humorous but also relatable with the incredibly jaded view of the world that the characters portray. It never mentioned that it’s also specifically marketed as a low carbohydrate ice cream.

  • Great talk. I would offer a small correction. Naturopathic Doctors, recognized by our federal government as physicians, do learn nutrition in school. Not only do they learn nutrition, they learn how to use it as a therapeutic tool.

  • being healthy is the best way to stick it to the pharmaceutical drug companies and health industry. That’s my goal with my plant based diet. I totally support animal rights and environmental impacts, but it’s 2nd to trying to boycott the health and pharmaceutical industry. plant based diets and vegans are becoming more common and I believe it’s still in it’s infancy as Dr Campbell’s china study only came out about 15 years ago, and it’s created a massive movement. I hope it changes everything and takes down the giants of healthcare and the crippling hold they have on the american economy..18% 20% of American GDP is healthcare absolutely insane. i wish good health to all in order to bring this industry back down to earth.

  • Thanks This is a topic that should be given top priority. The medical and pharmaceutical groups are too corporate and really not interested in human well being.

  • Based on current research the speaker is incorrect. You cannot eat a whole food plant based diet without supplementing and get all the nutrients your body requires. The major vegan experts recommend supplementation for b vitamins and iron as it’s not possible to get is from whole food sources when vegan.

  • There is nothing healthy about a fruit smoothie. You might as well drink a beer or eat a candy bar. Fructose=sugar and breaking down the fibers before you consume helps your body absorb even more fructose before it passes. Definitely avoid if you are trying to lose weight I would recommend eating a banana if you want a fruit with some nutritional value.

  • Why isn’t nutrition taken seriously.
    ONE WORD!!
    There is no money to be made from healthy people!!!! THE MEDICAL MAFIA DOES NOT WANT US TO BE HEALTHY!!!

  • Way too much of the money sustaining the wealth of the US is based ONLY on products and services which are extremely harmful to humans. Imagine if it were the opposite. And this idea is not welcomed either. Even though, this economy and facts I just mentioned are a threat to our National Security.

  • I like this haul and if you really plan you could probably find even more on sale. I live near a Whole Foods, Aldi, & Trader Joe’s so i tend to use aldi as a primary and Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s as a secondary specialty thing.

  • I can get the bananas for 40¢ and the frozen veggies for 88¢ why do people buy the same things for more just because it’s a different store

  • We don’t have a HEALTHcare system in the USA….we have a DISEASE continuation system. Since I went to a plant based died in 2013, I have eliminated 3 medications. How many do I routinely take now? Zero.

  • can you do a video for single people with a food budget of $50 a money?! i did mine for the month of sep and i got it down to $45.20.

  • God clearly established a simple diet and even first aid care for us in our Holy Bible. Every corrupt, complicated, distracted, stressed out, and chaotic variance from what is good for us is the fallen ones way of keeping us away from living a good and productive life. The smart thing to do is to simply deny the chaos, and embrace the simplicity of what was intended for us which is good for us. Wholesome and easy. All natural foods in their most simple form. Therein is good medicine straight from heaven. Nothing more. All we ever needed God gave us in our water, in our foods, and decreed it was good. Why stray from his wisdom?

  • Cancer is a metabolic disease, feeds on carbohydrates, sugars… Proper nutrition is the healer, a ketogenic diet helps, good fats, cruciferous veg…

  • He is 84 and looks like 100. All the people I met in life who reached 100 years old ate meat!!! Eating just plant food will malnourished your body and eventually kill you. Plants means plenty of sugar!!!! Sugar feeds cancer. Watch exvegan channel and listening to vegans who got cancers, rotten teeth and generally deterioration of their health in that crazy ideological diet!!!

  • Only grains can’t hold all the spectrum of esencial aminoacids. In how cancer is activated is because the presence of aromatic compounds that comes with frying, coaling, grilling, etc. When meat is boiled is esencial. Bad diets high in carbohidrates without fiber can cause a lot of damage more than just meat. And it’s chronical intake comes 80% of metabolic problems. Muscle volumen and intense activity make sure a vibrant third age. Not only to survive but living worthly. And that’s why this subject never is taught in medicine because is simple and easy way to attain a good health. You can’t teach what you don’t understand

  • I love buying frozen fruit and veggies for cooking since normally they are less expensive than fresh, but just as good. and my mom always preferred frozen over canned, because they tasted better.

  • I wish you wouldn’t use so much plastic. When shopping in bulk bins you can definitely use reusable bags. You have such a large following you should be showing more sustainable practices. Thank you.


  • P.s. ice crystals destroy fruit and veggies on a cellular level to think they hold as much nutrition as their fresh counterparts is simply not true

  • Love this! I appreciate any meal prep plan like this that shows how to repeat use of ingredients so things like fresh herbs don’t go to waste. Thank you

  • After I lost my “health” insurance, I learned that medical doctors don’t give a damn about making me HEALTHY….their income depends on me (and everyone else) being sick….all-the-time. Losing my insurance is one of the best things to ever happen to me! Now, I depend on my FARM-ACY to maintain my health, and don’t depend on a PHARMACY to keep me sick.

  • I inly have 10 to 20 euro per a budget..
    Microwaving your food kills all vitamins and minerals..blending before freezing it, too..
    Modt people who have problems with sugar and funghi/candida/worms (we all have worms if we eat meat or fish) then you cannotceat meat no fish….

  • Before we start saying ‘theres no money in prevention, only cure, big pharma are pushing pills…… etc’, let’s evaluate why this is, it’s because the human animal as a whole is generally a lazy one who only acts when they have to, this is a genetic evolved behaviour that leads to only actung and spending when we are ill and desperate. To truly stop the pharma companies capitalising on cures it’s up to everyone to actually demand and invest in prevention, and we all know this is not going to happen. We see ourselves as ‘evolved’ and intelligent but to truly live up to this we have to identify issues and prevent them rather than run for a cure after. For example the majority of people reading this know they should recycle and not use fossil fuels etc but do nothing. In a few short years people will again be blaming the government etc that they should have done more. We are not a clever animal until we act on what we know is right. Prevention is better than cure but this starts with you. No one else.

  • I hope someone sees my comment and can reply. I ate a vegetarian diet a few years ago for about five months, then changed to vegan for about three months before I started to have severe physical symptoms. It started with my uterus. I had a great deal of pain, all I could do was lay in bed. I finally went to the ER for the pain. Then the second issue occurred. My blood tests came back and my platelet count was at 6,000. Normal range is 150,000 450,000. I had no symptoms for ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia), which shocked the medical team that was working with me. I got gyno and hematologist consults. My platelet count was too low to do any kind of procedure on me for my female issues. Test after test showed nothing wrong, including a colposcopy and endometrial biopsy. Once my platelet count was high enough (barely) a gyno performed exploratory surgery. A cyst on an ovary was aspirated and a d&c performed. After that, I felt great. No more pain. No explanation for the pain. Of course all the materials taken during surgery were sent to pathology with no disease detected. After 1.5 years on prednisone (way too long), the hematologist decided it was time for a splenectomy. Immediately, my platelet count returned to the normal range. Again, no explanation.

    Anyone knowledgeable on such a subject, could you offer your insights and theories?

    I’d love to return to a plant-based diet, but I’m so afraid my body will malfunction again.

    Thank you!

  • Really enjoyed this talk, he looks healthy and speaks well. My wife has a large vege garden and orchard we also have chooks for their eggs the paddock out the back we keep some steers for our meat. We also stay active whether with sport or work. Just a few friends and family. Its all about having a good balance. Our children have been brought up this way, we are all very healthy the only reason we’ve needed a doctor is the odd broken bone. Our children have now flown the coup and have continued with the good life.

  • Dr T Colin Campbell has rare integrity “Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food.” Bahai Faith

  • I love how he just swapped the word Vegetarian with Nutrition. So, less than 1 percent of people(U.S.) get diagnosed with cancer and a little over half of them die every year. This means we should ALL stop eating animal protein? Yeah I’ll get right on that. The internet is really mans new best friend.

  • The reason nutrition is not taught or used in Western medicine is because the pharma and medical devices, surgeries, etc would be lessened by probably 75%…so money is the reason

  • This video is a treasure! It inspiring and practical. I have watched it three times already. I consider this a public service video! Thanks!!!

  • I think he’s at least 85, by now. But I hope he’s remembered more for the common sense idea of eating the stuff that grows from the ground, than for how long he lives

  • Funny is hea only mentions the things he likes about the study in his book.
    he doesn’t mention how in some parts of china people almost only eat dairy and meat for portein and their risk of getting cancer was among the lowest.
    Don’t believe everything just because you feel approved. Do some research in real public studys.

  • In Japan they eat lots of meat like pork is the number 1 meat consumed by them. Contrary to popular belief sseafood. Yet they still healthy. It’s mind bottling

  • When a person is ill or unwell it is not because a person is deficient of pharmaceutical drugs. A person is ill or unwell because they have nutritional deficiencies in their diet. Big Pharma wants the masses to believe otherwise!

    A quote from the CEO of Goldman Sachs ” Having a healthy population is not a sustainable business model” end of quote

  • bcs docs have a rather small general knowledge besides what they were forced to learn? many don.t even know their job? bcs medicine is a business?

  • We always double check and make sure we are not putting gasoline or something else on a diesel car or vice versa…Are we doing the same with our bodies?

  • I noticed right away that your videos don’t tell me much about the keto diet. And I would like to know more about that items I need to purchase on keto.

  • Interesting to say animal protein causes an unspecified cancer, yet protein is not an energy source and has to be converted before ever used by the body so why would amino acids from meat be any different than amino acids from plants? Fun talk but would like him to go into details or show the data on the studies they did, blanket and vague statements don’t help credibility, otherwise his message is wholesome…

  • the medical system was rebuilt around the pharmaceutical industry in the early twentieth century by robber barons like john rockefeller, himself a user of naturopathy.

  • I really liked this. One request. What sort of different season blends could you add to this?
    Like cumin to the chickpeas and…? What other spices?

  • Completely agree shopping on a budget at WFM is do able if you are intentional, looking for actual Whole Foods and by passing the packaged processed items.

  • I do like that your 50 dollars wasn’t 50+ oil and salt saying oh they’re “pantry ingredients” you got solid 45 dollars.
    Even though it’s rabbit shit IMO.

    50 dollar ezpz. 45 dollars of chicken 5 dollars of rice, steal your uncles popcorn, protein powder is bought like once a month fuck that price tag.

  • Fundamentally, getting back to whole food nutrition is getting back to GOD. No matter the religion, GOD always says set up no god besides GOD! Man cannot make anything that rivals GOD’s ability. If we start there we are on a better path. The american diet has never been scientific but economically based. Nutrition is the most important aspect after prayer to Optimal health!

  • It seems to be the most abundant resources that is in our best interest. Air and water. Fruits and vegetables. Why do us humans tend to believe that something harder to obtain must be better? Sure, gold is more valuable than a tree, but try building a house with it! We should focus more on what we need, and less on what we want. Our ‘wants’ are corrupted by advertising, greed, and misinformation.

  • After WW2,the powers that be got together and said “this baby boom is going to make too many people,we need to put stuff in the food,air,water,cigarettes,etc to cull the herd.And the food and drug industry will pay us billions.Cancer will never be cured,It’s a 6 billion dollar a year business.

  • Fantastic person and someone who is very respectful to other people. Sadly many people have attacked this man over the years for having an opinion based on observation, thorough study, research and facts.

  • Making smoothies using frozen stuff and freeze it for later to blend it again is stupid idea! The most stupid idea in the world! It meant to save time but you actually end up washing the blender two times!!!!! If it from frozen fruit, why not blend it whenever you actually want a smoothie!!! Unsubscribe

  • Will anyone believe,he is saying almost same thing what Rajiv Dixit Told in India a long time before, truth of medicines and scam!

  • The president of the American Medical Association (AMA), when asked what he has to say about the hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical death per year, replied. “Buyer Beware”

  • Interesting, but what’s your option if you hate the taste of frozen veggies? And those salad will be soggy by the day 3 if you dress them..

  • I love this video! I can easily spend $50 on three meals total from Whole Foods (especially if I wander over to the food bar and prepared meals)! I love that you gave us some very nice ideas of things to make that will keep through the week or can be frozen. If I can’t do a sensible meal prep on a Sunday, then I’m over-paying for food all week.

  • I <3 your videos but organic isn't as bad as conventional foods, search up 'organic vs. conventional foods' in youtube's search bar. Then, don't forget when buying canned beans separately you are creating more trash/ recycling and some American recycling industries give recyclables to china which is thrown into their rivers, so then I prefer buying soft plastic which does harm the environment but much less than aluminum cans.

  • Apply his theory to economics and it is atomic. Basically, just half a step away from the revolution that will inevitably come. Loved this chat and it gives a lot more insight in how we, as a western society, are moving away from a holistic approach to an expert approach. The expertise should be searched and looked for, but in a context of use. Rust is where the next challenge lies, combination of old wisdom and new knowledge. Neither one should surpress the other one, but complement

  • It also depends on your goalstell Rafael Nadal he can’t eat fish… Tell the Rock he can’t eat chicken… it may depend a bit on your type of activities. If you’re doing moderate cardio and resistance, with no pressure or achievement connected to itok, all plants are probably a great way to go

  • You eat like a rabbit. I eat no less than 2.5 lbs of chicken 260g protein, a literal fuckton of broccoli, more oatmeal than I can shove down my throat.
    But I guess to each his own

  • Seems like a nice guy he’s right about the corruption wrong about the plant based diet meat causing cancer was disproven, protein from plants and meat are definitely not nutritionally the same.

  • The other day, I went to WH. I brought 29 items, and groceries costed $69.30. I saved a total of $33.75, because I have prime membership.

  • We are not carnivores we are not herbivores we are omnivores anyone who believes differently has a lot in common with ostriches who stick their head in the sand. Our ancestors going back for millions of years most of them ate both and preferred more meat when they could get it. We are omnivores. I am 75 years old today and still like playing racquetball.

  • Price wise there isn’t much difference between canned and dried beans at least at the prices you purchased them for. I buy beans in bulk making them not only a lot cheaper, but a lot less waste in the land fills. I soak my beans overnight, so the soaking time doesn’t count. I also use an instant pot to cook, and even if I forgot to soak overnight, they are fine to cook without soaking. I should mention that i don’t work outside the home, so the additional time doesn’t matter, so if using canned beans makes it more likely someone will eat whole foods instead of processed, than canned is a wonderful option.

  • R u saying u eat the food cooked 4 days back? Stale food? Don’t it loose it nutritional value also u r keeping them in a plastic container, how is that even healthy? Haven’t u heard that u shld eat vegetables and fruits in 15-20 minutes since they are cut? How unhealthy this meal prep culture is!! How hard is it to cook fresh everyday? Lazy people!!

  • I came to the conclution that having people healthy makes no sense from a economic point of view. No doctors, no surgeries, no treatments, no drugs. Terrible business model. True but sad.

  • You are wrong from the start.
    There is no such a thing as perfect diet for everybody
    Your expertise will help some but it would harm some people.
    You probable are doing this not just for money but trying to help, but some will get sick by following your advice.
    There are many factor involved and there was at list one study done that proved that same diet do not work for everybody.

  • I was with u until u started talking about chicken and then started talking about inferior chicken… but for people who are simply trying to cut down on meat consumption, this is a good plan. I, personally avoid meat substitutes, and just eat plants, ie. Beans, lentils, peas, greens, sprouts, whole grains, and veggies overall (nearly all plants contain protein) so I have no need for meat substitutes. That bring said, the chickpeas for the chicken dish were adequate protein and no need for a meat sub in that case. Overall, nice video.

  • I get it, buddy:) they should be teaching doctors nutrition but you know what? The exact same information our doctors should learn, EVERY single patient could have learned in grade school where nutrition education would do the most good. So not only should doctors learn nutrition, they should have started to learn it in first grade.

  • He didn’t actually say why the medical industry refrains from using nutrition in their practice.. allow me, as a finance person to put it simply… They and the the pharmaceutical companies will lose massive $$$ if they tell patients that their illness can be completely cured by simply cleaning up their diet and losing weight.. it’s all about money

  • Great video, I rarely use Whole Foods because of the price. Now I feel challenged to do so. Do you have meal prep for Medderteraian diet? Its suggested by my doctor due to digestive issues.

  • Lmao I eat lavishly on $100/month buying food at Costco, WinCo or cheap grocery stores. I don’t taste the difference between organics and non organics. Sometimes quantity makes more sense than quality

  • The foods that we eat do not contain the adequate nutrition because the chemicals in the soil from Monsanto or whoever, kills the microorganisms in the soil so the plants cannot absorb the minerals. How about looking into that professor. The foods that we eat called Whole Foods are inadequate in minerals

  • I always buy organic oats as the conventional ones are loaded with glyphosate (round up). Same with corn and any other fruits and veggies on the dirty dozen list.

  • How humans eat has changed completely in the last 100yrs. Most of what is sold is not actually food. It’s full of false tastes, low quality (cheap) fats, cheap sugar, and salt. Even our real food like apples and oranges have been bred to be more sugary, sweeter. We need to eat real foods with real nutrients and they’re expensive and difficult to find for many communities. I’m lucky in Seattle to have great produce options. Visited friends in Norfolk, Virginia and they had to go out of their way to find the one small store

  • Fun to watch. Thanks! BTW Currants are NOT a version of seedless raisins (unless you’re talking about Zante currents). They’re totally different as Ribes, genus of berry plants. I grow both. 😉