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Fasted cardio “can be used a method to enhance fat oxidation during low-moderate exercise, assuming the individual still gets a quality workout in and controls for calories for the remainder of the day,” says Keen, the team sports dietitian for Orlando City Soccer Club. Like intermittent fasting, the idea behind fasted cardio is that by waiting until the digestive system is no longer processing food, the body will dip into fat. Fasted cardio “can be used a method to enhance fat oxidation during low-moderate exercise, assuming the individual still gets a quality workout in. Fasted Cardio Benefit #2: It Can Be More Practical. Another great benefit of fasted cardio is that for many people it’s just more practical to do.

Getting it done first thing in the morning can not only help get your day started and boost your mood and productivity for the rest of the day. But I find that it helps with consistency as well. At the end of the day, fasted cardio is a tool to use, but only if its convenient and bodes well for your physiology. If you find that you don’t perform particularly well fasted, then don’t worry. You can still lose just as much fat, and as an added bonus, not feel insatiably hungry through your whole workout.

The truth about fasted cardio: for fat loss In 2014, a study was released from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition looking at the body composition changes in fasted versus non-fasted aerobic exercise, and the results were very interesting. It’s been hypothesised that working out on an empty stomach accelerates fat loss. I’ve never been an early morning cardio person so this particular topic wasn’t applicable to me or my training. However, I do train clients bright and early at 5:45 am and many of them have asked me if they should eat or not before working out. Great question.

I had to do some research so that I could provide you the truth about fasted cardio. Fasted cardio might help you burn more fat throughout the day, trainer Danielle Natoni tells Health. The idea is that when you work out when you haven’t eaten recently, you are burning fat—aka.

True, the research does show that fasted cardio can increase fat utilization during exercise compared to performing cardio in the fed state. Except this only occurs at very low levels of training intensity. During moderate-to-high intensity levels, the body continues to break down significantly more fat when fasted compared to after you’ve eaten. Some research does actually show that when you do cardio fasted in the morning, you burn up to 20 percent more fat.

A recent study from the UK published in the “British Journal of Nutrition” found that when subjects were fasted during morning cardio they burned 20 percent more fat than when they had a meal beforehand.

List of related literature:

However, a study directly comparing fastedand fedstate cardio observed no difference in weight loss, fat loss, or body composition (28).

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

So if you limit your window of eating to eight hours a day—meaning you fast for sixteen hours—then you can maintain a fasted state, in which you can burn fat more efficiently.

“The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich
from The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism with 160 Tasty Whole-Food Recipes & Meal Plans
by Maria Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

But for many dieters, the reason is simpler: They know one hour of intense cardio burns more calories than one hour of strength training.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

Studies have repeatedly failed to find any significant difference between working out in a fasted or non-fasted state.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
Wiley, 2019

While it’s true we want to limit our fat intake so it’s not excessive (20 percent to 30 percent of your caloric intake), nothing can compare with aerobic exercise for training your metabolism to burn fat.

“Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial” by Tony Robbins
from Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial
by Tony Robbins
Simon & Schuster, 2007

Fasted training is another simple Train Low strategy you can add to your routine.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

diets, and training in the fasted state may all have benefits in training your muscles to burn fat, but your muscles do need time to adapt.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
Victory Belt Publishing, 2016

Second, the crossover and the duration phenomena do not necessarily suggest that body fat reduction is only achieved directly during fasted, lowto moderate-intensity prolonged exercise.

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
from NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Personally, I train fasted when cutting, and I have 300 milligrams30 minutes before training and another 300 milligrams a couple of hoursbefore Ido cardiolater inthe day.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2014

A 17-to-27-minute session of highintensity cardio, which mostly consists of low-intensity cooldown periods, burns more fat than 60 minutes of traditional bodybuilding cardio.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

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  • Evening time gym kare to catholic mode pe nahi hoga body only morning me hoga iska matlab best time evening huwa fat burn karne k liye

  • What are you talking about. Of corse fasted cardio made only sense with low intensity. Most studies shows. You state is not wrong but mostly misunderstand

  • I’ve been intermittent fasting for 2 months now eating roughly 1200-1350 calories and have only lost 1kg, what am i doing wrong? Any tips

  • This guy isn’t bullshit trust me. Almost every study on fasted cardio has shown fasted or fed you burn the same amount of fat. But if your goal is to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass which unless your obese are peoples main goal. Dont do it fasted you will not loose muscle if you do it fed you could potentially loose muscle fasted. It makes no difference in fat loss overall.

  • What have the resaearchers been doing all these years instead of doing this type of basic research? Playing PacMan in the basement?

  • In your latest videon on HIIT you recommended fish and chicken (in pictures) as a healthy diet, but could you please make a video on veganism? I saw the documentary ‘What the Health’ and I am already vegan and convinced, what do you think about it?

  • Guru maan ji, this video is very useful for intermediates but beginners like me need few more information…

    I have ordered MB BCCA pro, but can see they have BCCA 6000 which has only BCCA and not Glutamine added. Should I use BCCA 6000 or Pro? And do I have to use Glutamine separately even BCCA pro has 2.5 gm of glutamine mixed.

    I am also diabetic, under control…these supplements are safe to use for diabetic people?

  • For me, I recently discovered that I cannot fast the day before, day of and day after Leg Day. So I workout fasted only 4 days a week (M-W non fasted & Th-Sun Fasted). Yes I do Legs on one day a week. Best way for me to pack on size on Legs, especially quads. Trial and error for years. I relatively eat the same amount of calories each day. The goal way to build my Legs and stay lean or get leaner.
    Thanks for the info Greg. I use all your information and implement it. Ultimately, what ever works for the individual.

  • Mike “average guys like us” O’Hearn.

    I love this guy. He’d never exclude anybody. Say what you want but I truly believe he’s got a good heart and puts himself above nobody. Except probably Heath Evans.

  • I walked 25000 steps up to (10 miles) for a week. 20 hr fast lost 5 lbs. I only cardio 2or 3 times a week. Not even hard core just the
    minimum. I hate cardio

  • Hey. Nice channel, you are doing a great job. Since I seem to trust you completely:), would it be possible to have a video about the Paleo diet?

  • If you haven’t already done one, do a video on why there is so much conflicting information out there on health related topics. How can you know what to believe?

  • I train fasted b/c I feel better when I do. The supposed extra “fat loss” benefits are secondary. In the end though, whether you train fasted or fed, fat loss comes down to calorie deficit.

  • I would add that fasted training has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Given the prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabtetes, this is well worth noting.

  • Why not ingest BCAA before and during the cardio and keep it at a moderate level. I think the video is a bit too general and doesn’t specify the type of cardio done. Running 10 miles or sprint intervals is prob not the best, but 25-30min at 60-70% max heart rate isn’t going to destroy your muscle. Guy in the vid is clearly a meathead

  • Mike I love your positivity, so inspiring. So good to see what a man with good character can achieve. I know all the haters can’t scratch you, just helping you go to the next level. God bless

  • Its hard to differentiate between commercialised studies to real studies.
    Protien and supplement companies invest greatly into swaying results of studies to show that men need more than necessary protiens

  • I like my fasted 45 min cardio, but from the study it looks like that doubled fat oxidation starts between 75 and 120min! That’s a lot of cardio!

  • This guy is fat and telling you
    How to do cardio
    Ive gotten so ripped doing fasted cardio
    This is a load of bs
    All this ‘science’ and talking is a waste of time

  • Ek baat btao koi…
    Ye carantine.. bcaa plus glutamine teeno ek sath lene hote h kya???
    If yes..
    Alg alg brand ke teeno ek sath le skte h kya???

  • I’ve lowered my daily protein from 200-300 to more like 120-165 and also increased my fat intake ( I kinda favour the idea that to meet your calorie needs you should focus on carb and fat and just use protein as needed according to your body mass or lean body mass so for myself being around 162lbs 120-165g of protein hit either my lean mass or total mass lol ) so I eat enough fat to at the very least cover my bmr which could be anywhere from 1529-1800 according to different equations offered online.

    After trying this I have found I no longer have a 90-105 fasted blood glucose… now I’m hitting 67-82.

    I also find my body needs to warm up to get the most strength or speed in my weight lifting and running… just like a car in winter 😉
    So while I do enjoy pushing myself by working out first thing in the morning fasted…I definitely get stronger as the day progresses. Probably why I kill it at my runs just prior to bedtime… it even then when I initially start a run I’ll breath heavier at first but after a few minutes of steady walking and then resuming running I get into a relaxed groove where I feel I can run effortlessly for a long time…also I always always breath through my nose only to train my cardiovascular system to be effective and efficient… plus closing my mouth when running seems to leave me feeling far less thirsty.

  • Guys, it’s energy balance that counts. Don’t worry about how much or how little calories you burn during exercise. Past research has shown that although you may burn more calories during fasted cardio vs non fasted cardio, you burn less later in the day, so by the end of the day, you burn the same amount of calories. Just focus on energy balance over the course of the day. You can’t defy the laws of thermodynamics. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat.

  • lol, your body can’t burn protein before fat in any way.
    Every pound of “muscle” you burn has been either water or fat, no matter what you thought it was.

    The body always dissolves fat first, and only after that, it starts to dissolve the proteins, which will never happen with normal people.

  • Fasted cardio works on me and I’m 55 years old. Started doing it in March and after a little over 10 weeks and. I lost 20 pounds and 2 inches on my waistline. I’ve done research here on YouTube by doctors and they all said that fasted cardio works. How? You burn fat from your body and those fats stored in your liver gets burned. I also lift weights.

  • I love listening to all your videos! 100% helps with motivation.

    I also have a question for the Health Nerd, what supplements should vegans take?

  • Ingesting protein does nothing but spike insulin which blocks fat burning. That food will take 12-20 hours to digest anyway so your not “getting those aminos straight to the muscle”

  • I’ve been doing some research of my own and was just curious to ask. One paper mentioned that throughout the night our body burns all carbohydrates and if you do cardio in the morning, then body uses stored fat for energy. I’m thinking of starting intermittent fasting, let’s say from 1pm to 9pm to fit my lifestyle, although, I’m going to start cardio at 6:30 in the morning but am afraid of losing muscle. (My caloric intake will be 1800-2200 a day. Should BCAA’s and L-Glutamine prevent muscle deterioration? if so, how much should I be taking? am 112kg with roughly 18% body fat.

  • I run ten miles fasted every morning and have only gotten faster over the last two months. I e also lost twenty five pounds and it’s not really that hard (not bragging because I’m still pretty slow)

  • Train both fasted and fed, fasted cardio in the morning and weight train resistance train and strength train in the evening in a fed state

  • Mike O’Hearn is obviously a monster walking among us. Question: If Mike is this big naturally, what the F would he look like after a year on gear?

  • Hi sir want to save my muscles during fat loosing program also i want this 3 elements from foods or fruits so any idea that we can get these all elements from available fruits or food or you can suggest other foods that can help me save muscles before or during cardio @Guru Mann sir

  • Hormones must be a big issue. I gained 12 lbs in 2 weeks with no changes in lifestyle. 4 doctors said it’s water weight. Turning 50 in a few months. I’m keeping fat smooth and firm by walking but not losing any. ������

  • Hi Mike, no need to research muscular dystrophy on my account, I have already done it for a long time. I think I am slowing things, but not reversing anything as Dr whallach and some studies suggest is possible. Was just curious if you had and customers who had had success you could pass on. BUT AFTER your video, I am wanting to know more about why You say SARMS will shut you down. I was considering them next. Ostarine seems safest. More info would be appreciated. Thanks. Glen.

  • Hey Jeff, enjoyed the video. I feel another variable that should be considered and that I’m interested in knowing when comparing the studies is the intensity of the cardio. Doing fasted low intensity “bodybuilding cardio” like walking at an incline vs doing HIIT cardio while fasted. I personally am a fan of fasted lower intensity cardio keeping 120-140 bpm. I feel doing HIIT fasted could possibly have higher fat oxidation but also a higher chance of muscle wasting. Any thoughts? Your channel is badass btw

  • Please can you do a video about Quorn products. Im vegetarian and I used to just eat more vegetables but then I added Quron products into my diet. As it is processed does that mean it is bad for us or is it a beneficial substitute, opposed to just eating more vegetables.

  • Amazing information thank you I am really learn a lot from you and know lifting heavy as hell because of you sorry for my bad english

  • These are some great points. Elite athletes take weeks and weeks off, yet every day Joe’s think they need to train 24/7 and then wonder why they can’t make gains while being haters on those who do make gains.

  • Your thought process is like mine, if not, you seek information better. I am thankful for you content and all the effort to get such a large amount of information out. You are scientific and easy to understand. You are exceptional bro.

  • I am sorry I workout after fasting for 15 hours with intense heavy weight training
    I have gained muscle and burned the fat
    Fasting is beneficial. All these studies are done by these junk food companies which are all complete BS

  • Need your science based expertise. I’ve been trying to drop 30 lbs for a few months with no luck. Doing calorie deficits, counting macros, lots of cardio but stuck at 148lbs for too long. Need HELP ):

  • It’s clear fasted cardio doesn’t speed up fat loss. There’s enough evidence to show that the substrate used during exercise doesn’t matter and total energy expenditure is the key to fat loss. However, what about stubborn fat. Fasted cardio has been shown to increase fat oxidation from stubborn areas. This can theoretically get ur stubborn area out faster and you wouldn’t need to cut down as low as a body fat percent to get the physiques you want

  • I do both, although the closer I get to competition and the more depleted I am from caloric deficit I tend to opt for steady state. The demands of HIIT have a residual effect on your resistance training and although it is beneficial in the early stages I feel it tends to drain my performance in the weight room, not to mention ballistic burst of HIIT cardio always increases the opportunity for injury i.e., muscle strains and connective tissue damage

  • I did a fasted workout on the cross trainer yesterday for the first time in weeks, and it was a much better workout… had much more energy.

  • Hi nerd! I had an idea of doing cardio two times per day before. Is it a good idea to do one fasted (the morning one) and the other one not (after school and stuff)? Btw i loooove all your videos! Theyre so simple and easy to understand.

  • Your ultimate conclusion here mirrors what I’ve said for yearsif you enjoy doing cardio fasted, at the end of the day that more beneficial for you. Personally I like doing it on an empty stomach and always have done it that way with satisfactory results

  • I think it’s also important to note WHICH KIND OF CARDIO are you supposed to do while fasted.. you should look up Strategic cardio, it’s really good

  • I literally cant train fed anymore. I’ve been training fasted for more than 18 months now. Anytime I don’t fast i just feel sluggish and tired even if I dont have carbs.

  • Sir could you tell us about the supplements which kuldeep ary veer is representing as desi supplements…Is it good because they stated that its ingredients are all herbs pure…that mixture of shatavari,ashwagandha,sufed musli,cautch seed powder kuldeep ary veer pushup champion stated that we should consume mixture of all this as protein powder.

  • Hey Jeff, what are your thoughts on Lyle Mcdonald’s protocol on the use of yohimbine HCL in conjunction with fasted cardio 3x a week to aid in stubborn fat loss.

  • Hi empowered peeps! So I have a dillema. I’m a 27 pretty lean female (12% bf) and have mild hypotyrodism (controled with medication), and no periods or very irregular ones since I’ve had it the first time. I also have some symptoms of blood sugar disregularion (stared taking chromiumdo you agree?) and fast for the digestive, mood, and blood sugar regulation benefits. So I don’t usually fast longer than 13/14 hours, thou somedays I might go to 16/17 if I had a very strong last meal. But I usually eat when I’m hungry (wich is always within than mark) I’ve noticed some wierd reactions and wonder if someone has any ideia of the reasons why they happen or any tips. I feel very focused when fasting and do this “mini dailly fasts” (some would not even consider it a fast ahah) for better focus and digestive break. I usually feel great on in except that sometimes: 1. At a certain time (sometimes early morning, sometimes inthe midle of the night) I wake up very agitated, resstless, kinda anxious and even angry and unconfortable, also bloated, nauseus and with hot flashes. sometimes it causes very poor sleep. 2. when the fast past the 13/14h mark I feel VERY GOOD before breaking it (even tho I feel kind of weak and adhd ahah), and have no apetite, but as soon as I put some food in my mouth (sometimes I just eat because I know from experience the longer I go, the worse I feel when breaking the “fast”) I freeze, get VERY giteery, confused, lightheaded, discordenated and agitaded, even when I break my fast with bone broth, liver, eggs, or veggetables (I eat lowerish carbs). I usually also work out before breaking my fast. The longer I go without eating, the bigger the energy drop after I break a fast, as soon as I finish the meal, I feel in a coma (and I don’t think I overeat). What the hell?? The thing is I absolutelly CANNOT eat first thing in the morning because I feel super nauseous….Should I adjust something? ahahha any thoughts are appreciated!

  • I swear you idiots on they’re high horse dont get it obviously you all have your stories of losing 20lbs or 40lbs fasted and that’s fine but it’s no different when you can lose 20 or 40lbs on fed stomach….What it really comes down to is you mentally feeling like your getting the advantage just cuz you did your workout fasted lol…The fitness industry will one day say fast all day and then at night put a feeding tube down your throat and all the calories you consume while asleep wont count because the calories will drift away in your Dreams so Technically you fast forever and I bet yall will do it lol

  • I think the psychological benefits of fasted cardio are its greatest benefits. You feel great and have achieved something before eating.. you’ve essentially given yourself a reason to stay ahead where doing cardio at night per say can be more of a catch up kinda thing and not as for filling in my opinion. I always feel fantastic after completed some fasted morning cardio and it’s been of great assistance during period of cutting for both sides of the well-being spectrum.

    In terms of muscle breakdown, studies have shown the level of GH excreted when in a fasted state is more than enough to protect you from muscle breakdown if you’re doing moderate levels of cardio.. running a marathon is not going to be a great idea for muscles either way.

    an exercise physiologist

  • Telogen effluvium is temporary hair loss (really just the stopping of an active growth cycle that would usually replace the hair naturally being lost during that period) associated with stressful events including weight loss from keto or any other dietary change. I had when I started keto 18 months ago but about 5 months later had a bunch of new growth. 90 lbs later, totally worth a couple of months of weird hair!

  • Lol, I am imagining all the creative ways people use the treadmill. I kinda want one due to this Summer heat, and a hurricane just came through, the mosquitoes are going to have a nice buffet in a few days. I am so looking forward to Fall now.

    I am guilty of the “active couch potato” syndrome. I need to fix that.

  • Been watching every video you uploaded and I’ve learned so much from you sir.. Just want to know your perception on jump rope kind of exercise coz ive been doing it for 45 days now and I do it 3k jump a day..

  • I am trying to loose weight. I started working out fasted. I also started implementing push/pull/leg workouts. So we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for all the info!

  • I walk 3 hours a day fasted in the morning, no muscle loss but losing fat. I think eating before works when doing high intensity purely due to performance.

  • Fasted cardio is better for fat oxidation (burning) at that specific moment of training, however what is more important is being in a energy deficit overall.

  • Mike could you please explain if we ” waste energy” in the form of heat during fasting, then why we always feel cold/ colder when we fast? I m shivering right now, as i ve been fasting for just over 20 hours. Thank you Mike!

  • Stop saying fasting…… say not eating. Fasting is a whole different thing, you do cardio with a 20 hour fast and 4 hours of eating.. You will see results.

  • In 2006 I completely lost all hair. Not even a hint of it came back….until I tried eating Carnivore 2 years back. I still have no hair as such…BUT the hair follicles seem to have re awakened��. (NB Excellence in natural nutrition has been a life long interest of mine, many factors influence hair loss).

  • Been doing cardio after weight training for years with little to no fat loss. Switched it up to morning cardio, and evening lifting and bam, actual fatloss.

  • So I’ll do one one crunch for every like, then 2 sit ups for every comment
    I’ll update
    Sw: 130
    Gw: 115
    H: 4”
    Every 10 likes you can choose an exercise for me to do 10 times

  • Are you worried all those extra pounds you’re carrying is straining your heart? Also, why aren’t you accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP for your store items? We’re porting over to a blockchain based economy and the main tokens are on the edge of blowing up.

  • This is old science and the Dr knows this. Latest research does not support his statements.
    Part of scientific integrity is using the most recent scientific research. So it would seem he”a biased and hawking protein powder and supplements.
    He looks uncomfortable and very tight.
    His belly is distended, visible even through the oversized shirta symptom of consuming too much protein and having too much visceral fat despite lower body fat overall. How to get rid of the visceral fat? Intermittent fasting
    & cardioIronic, no?
    One thing a scientist needs to be is objective enough to realize when their theories don’t work.

  • I like switching it up do fasted cardio if I’m running late coz I have off peak membership and don’t have time to eat and wait to go workout..

    also doing it fasted I feel like I had a hard session and love looking forward to Breakfast.. Just make sure u do it is my opinion..

  • dude ‘waking up’ is not fasting. waking up and fasting until 5-6pm, AND THEN doing light cardio, that’s what we mean
    20-24 hours. not 8.

  • Less than 1% of all college football stars make it to NFL, I think that is what Mike meant. That’s why they get all that money. Mike is incredible and 100% spot on with his advise.

  • Mike O’Hearn needs to do VADA testing every 2 weeks, or at least monthly for an entire year just to prove he’s not on gear. If he tests clean for a whole year but loses a lot of size then we’ll know he was on steroids. And yes, I know it’s not cheap, but if he really wants to prove it then do it. What’s worth more, money or a years worth of actual proof that you’re “natural”?

  • All 3 supplements dsnt work,they are useless until and unless a human is in nice fasted n starving state. Please read some research papers thn guide people.

  • This is bullshit… your body utilizes and burns fat before it touches muslce you will not lose muscle.. natural built muscle is hard to get rid off

  • You know why this man is wrong? Two words… Ancestry Life. The men were hunting for food during a fasted state, they ran a ton and were really working out, at this point they were probably fasting for more than 24 hours, and even after they hunt the animal, they still have to cut it and cook it, which can take up to 5 hours after killing it and doing their workout. If you are saying fasted cardio does not work, you are practically saying Intermittent Fasting does not work. Not to mention I have literally lost 4x more weight per week on fasted cardio than fed cardio and my strength was still going up during my weight-training session so this guy is wrong. Also it is true you are breaking down muscle tissue, but you don’t lose protein or muscle, protein is not a source of energy while working out. As long as you give the body enough protein within a day then your good to go, even if it’s after 4 hours of working out and you are still fasting. So if you are doing some type of weight training session or cardio, then yes you will break down muscle tissue but that’s just called working out, after all you can’t lose muscle from working out, your body only breaks it apart so you can heal it and make it stronger. Muscle and the proteins in your body is the last thing your body will take from you, this will not occur unless you are in starvation mode, which have been calculated to go from 24 hours+, meaning more than a day.

  • Your insulin levels are so low when your fasted. You will perform better when you have just eaten, but your insulin will protect fat cells.

  • You have a great point at 6:00 minutes not everyone talking about when comes to fasting and ketosis it’s very to perform at the best when you’re fasted and for me when you’re already lean as well under 10% body fat my runs are sucks while I was in ketosis and fasted and I’ve been running and lifting more than 8 years( it’s all about context ) greet point ��������not everyone wants to lose fat. I used to run fasted in the morning for a years but right now I’m training for half marathon and I have time goal.
    Thanks for mentioning this point not many people talking about this

  • This guy has never skipped a meal and wants to tell me fasted cardio doesn’t work. Also, your body does not go catabolic after a few hours of fasting. This guy got his doctorate in a Cracker Jacks box

  • Keep your body lean without cardio

    Doing cardio while eating bad, not a good idea

    20 mins x 3 times a week on cardio

    Cycle of cardio for at least a month, esp. if you are overweight

    Build your rhythm and focus on changing the body in weeks, not try to hit off peak from the start

    Join Titan Crew.

    Thanks for the gems Mike

  • Ha! cool caffeine good me like thanks for this video I have been skimming your talks because of the richness of your content but I am ready to plough into your thesis with more discipline
    AAAAGh yes self discipline to cut off the feeding window… yes I like more content on this would be tops

  • When I lift I don’t train fasted because I do full body 3 day splits that take 1.5 hours to complete at times (sometimes more). I’ve done a lot of trial and error and found that fasted lifting sessions would reduce my performance considerably. If I’m doing a LISS or HIIT which only lasts 30 to 45 minutes then I can train fasted no problem.

  • Nutrition keeps you healthy. If your body is still clogged…cardio will just flood the body pathways with sludge…building up over time. 6-8 weeks no sugar or starch to reset the body. check my vids.

  • Loved this video, good information, from Mike o’hearn, myself 76yrs training 4days a week,cardio once a week. (Saturday last one.) Just trying to keep in some level of fitness. But really good info.!!!!

  • Can you please do a video on fasted cardio for fat loss? Can you lose muscle when you work out in a fasted state? I just got back to kickboxing while on OMAD and hoping I’m not losing the muscles I’m building from that while burning fat.

  • I’ve done fasted slow steady cardio first thing in the morning for years and it’s always worked really good for me. I still incorporate high intensity interval training here and again as well butt steady state cardio fasted has always helped me get my body fat level down to the single digits.

  • Great stuff Mike, been watching you for a long time and your content keeps me inspired to keep going to the gym @49YO! Trying to finish what I started when I was in my 20’s, I started 1.5 years ago @290lbs with a goal of losing 2 lbs a month and build muscle mass today I sit at 240lbs @19percent and im 5’11” and between you larry wheels and regan grimes I feel I can hit my goal of 235lbs @10 percent within 2 years. So thanks for the awesome content and knowledge!

  • I’m 48 years old, been training on and off since my early teens, mainly heavy duty style weight training.
    Only recently, since my mid 30s after a few years complete layoff from any training and gaining a lot of fat, high blood pressure and becoming very weak and out of shape did I decide to seriously do something about it.

    So since then I’ve been utilising heavy duty principles, using very few sets, training full body and focused on big compound barbell lifts: deadlifts, squats, bench press, overhead press, weighted pullups.
    I’m on the extreme end of recovery ability needing a lot of time to recover and this is genetic, has nothing to do with my diet which is a slight calorie surplus comprised of healthy wholefoods, high protein, moderate fat, low carbs.

    I make slow steady progress and am now stronger and fitter than i’ve ever been in my life, have normalised blood pressure and a fit, healthy, muscular appearance that people often comment on.

    I also program in 2 cardio sessions between weights sessions, utilising HIIT principles.

    My HIIT sessions are always fasted (I live a 16-8 I.F. lifestyle, have done for almost 2 years now), in the morning and my weight sessions are always fed.

    This works for me.
    On 1 of those cardio sessions I train forearms and calves in HIT style and its evident that fasted I don’t have the same aggressive drive, focus and energy that I have during fed HIT sessions. However for cardio, being fasted doesnt have, for me, such a negative impact on performance.

    I just can’t imagine hitting PRs regularly as I do now, performing full body workouts using compound barbell movements, such as 450lb deadlifts for reps to failure, fasted, week in week out. My performance won’t be optimal.

    Thus I always lift weights fed but I always do HIIT cardio fasted, and I’m pleased with the results, the constant PRs and the steady progress.

  • So I’ve been doing keto and omad and I’ve noticed that when I have my one meal I really can’t eat that much it’s almost like my stomach has shrunk a ton

  • From my experience cardio is as effective/easy, if not sometimes better in fasted state. But weight training or something similar definitely needs energy before workout. I have done 20h fast daily about 4 weeks now and thats just my observation.

  • I can’t do much in the gym if I don’t eat, especially when it comes to lifting weights. My muscles are trembling after the first set.

  • For years I’ve been doing some sort of IF because of my job. For 8 years I worked at ups, 4:30-9 A.M. so I would go home at 9 n go straight to bed, no breakfast wake up around 1 or 2 pm do what it needed to b done, drink coffee with milk n lots of sugar ��go workout for 1 1/2 hrs n then dinner, big one. N I was always lean muscular. I’m going back to it. Ever since I quit ups n found a 9-5 job I gained!!

  • Start of thw video is Funny…I am a new subscriber to tour channel..I did it because I love the way you explain which is very interesting as you include funny pics…It would be great if you can make the science backed videos of diet, woekout timings and tips for ppl working in night shifts.

  • Love the channel but would like to see more perspective and science based evidence on aerobic vs sub or anaerobic exercise and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF). For those concerned with other chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia (A&D) that could benefit from aerobic exercise, I think this is an important perspective you might want to explore and I would hate to think that long term health and happiness are based on 6 pack abs alone. I see many experts put down aerobic exercise in general because people use perceived exertion as a way to measure effort which can be very inefficient. Only 1% of A&D cases are hereditary so lifestyle must play a role in the other 99% of cases and while your advice for diet and exercise might be accurate for fat loss, what other significant benefits might we be missing out on by not investing in daily activities that promote BDNF. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.

  • Yeah, I tried fasted cardio today, and it really screwed up my ride. I felt slower, and very sluggish. I won’t do that again. I will eat before I go on my bike ride.

  • Good presentation. What I’d tag on at the end, and this is my reason for not being a fan of either fasting or cardio. So say you go for a run or bike ride after 16 hours of intermediate fasting; then that is pretty harsh on the body, and for me falls into one of those fad diets you do for 4 to 6 months until you look slimmer, and then you dump the intermediate fasting and the fasted cardio for a bad joke, because you’re sick of feeling hungry and drained of energy for large parts of the day. And for me that is the vicious cycle that leds to an eating disorder. An extremist regime that can’t be kept up indefinitely, and leds to yo-yo weight gain and dieting.

  • Glad I saw this. I’m doing 6 days a week 30 minutes cardio. I also eat keto and IF for 17-18hrs a day. I guess I should cut back on the cardio? I’m pretty lean at 151lbs

  • You’re awesome Mike. Thanks for this. I’ve heard it from you before but needed to hear it again. And let a lot of people hear is too cause I know a lot of people doing the wrong thing with this lol. ���� you dat man.

  • How true a soccer player a hockey player a football player a runner a cyclist would give you better advice than a bodybuilder thanks mike

  • I’m sure our early ancestors were ripped back then running long distances and carrying heavy spears all day to hunt. They had a nice physique. Some people have been brainwashed

  • plesae make a video on how to change diet when we are in midway of fat loss and weight drop suddenly stops because it is the most horrible thing I’m going through

  • Guys support karne ke liye aapko koi paise nai lagege so plz bhaiyo mujhe bass 1k subscribers karne me help kardo koi ek video dekho aacha lage to plz guys support me Guru mann sir se hi sikh ke open kiya hu #kshitijkadbe #fitnessandgroomingworld

  • How about fasted afternoon cardio, or fasted 48hr cardio, or fasted 96hr cardio, or fasted 120hr cardio? Fasted cardio is amazing! I love it.

    Cardio, especially HIIT, will spike blood glucose. I have seen elevations in BG of 5mmol/l with HIIT and there’s a subsequent insulin response and drop in BG levels.

    My muscles are not sore after fasted cardio. I attribute this to improved removal of lactate from muscles and movement to the liver from glucose production via GNG. If you don’t have excess blood glucose the body will make glucose from what it can get, lactate from anaerobic burning of glycogen and from the glycerol back bone of triglycerides.

    So excersize with high intensity to elevate BG and get an insulin response so your muscles can pull in glucose to replenish glycogen and pull in protien, cholesterol, fatty acids needed to repair the muscle. Insulin is an anabolic hormone and you can get an insulin response from fasted excersize!

    When I do fasted resistance training I find that get get really hungry and crave protein after my workout. I time my weight lifting for the end of a fast and use it as a stimulus to break my fast. I can still lift as heavy 24-48hrs fasted as I can fed. After 48 hrs fasted I find that my my endurance from strength trading drops.

  • I perform better on an empty stomach. I can bike about 50 km distance easily. But if I eat something before my bike ride I always get to 20 25 km at best… So the fasted cardio works best for me.

  • I would love a video that tells us like how to calculate the numbers or calories we need to ingeest in â day and how much exercices we need also you now â video â that clarifies everything.

  • Ok great!! I will do this during my lean bulk ��

    But can i take a preworkout like nitrix before doing cardio? Because post cardio i lift weights.
    Am doing this supplement for only a month. At long term it may be dangerous for my body i guess….

  • I believe not to waste Energy in Cardio if you can perfect your food intake in terms of quality and quantity, because you have limited amount of energy per day and using it all on resistance training is the way to go!!! (if disagree please reply)

  • I just do 30mins fasted offseason gets my appetite up and obviously cardiovascular benefits to the body. Pre contest I adjust diet and cardio depending on how I’m looking etc and I do take bouts off the cardio in offseason if I’m not gaining etc

  • -_No! Cardio is to PROMOTE an INCREASE in metabolism! No one loses fat from cardio but the effect after.

    This is why the fitness industry is fucking stupid.

    No I’m not a scientist I’m huge as a mountain but honestly hate the fitness industry. I’d rather be poor and join this shit.

    Last thing and it is valuable to all. Make sure you eat ENOUGH FATS. Fuck the carbs they aren’t essential fats however is and protien is needed to bulid muscle period.

    Even on a surplus you will still get leaner and bulid muscle.

    Now that doesn’t mean be in a huge surplus but 3 to 400 is no big deal.

  • I think people missed a key point that he stated….hiit does burn more triglycerides but they are not all used by the body….if they are not used, they get put back.

  • I’m overweight, just started getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Mixing IF with alternate day fasting and a 5 day fast. I work out 5-6 days a week starting in May of 2019 (now it’s September 2019). My max bench is low but not embarrassing 265. I’m 47 years old. When I IF I dumbbell press with 80 # dumbbells as my end reps. So defining my IF, it is approximate 12-14 hours when i last ate as to when I lift. During day 5 of my fast I literally could not lift the dumbbell to even a point where it would allow me to lift it, straining a muscle in my arm where I had to discontinue lifting for the day. I came in 4 days later of eating IF and lifted the 80# dumbbells for 8 reps. Even getting the dumbbell in place to lift was completely different as it was much easier after eating. I understand anecdotal examples are not the best examples but just sharing my experience. (Defining my fast I water fasted only)

  • Mostly carnivore guy here, I hate having food in my stomach preworkout. I know the drink is not optimal, but I use a sugar free energy drink and am able to hit PR’s(535 Sumo most recently) while dropping bf.
    As an intraworkout drink I like 8 eggs and instant coffee blended up.

  • Fasted, morning cardio works great.
    I swear by it. It’s not hard on the body if you use a bike or other low impact cardio. This video is bullshit.

  • Love your videos! Not just the knowledge, but also the presentation is exceptional! I would love to see a video about cheatmeals ��

  • Hello Mike, very often I feel cold after eating my food.I can feel my extremeties getting colder and I have to wear warmer clothes to retain my heat. My bloodwork is normal and have no health concers. You are very knowledgable about food and supplements. Can you recommend any food or supplements that will improve my blood circulations. I am 63 years postmenopausal. Do you think your Relax and Calm will help with my sleep issues.I love your work and have been your long time Patroen supporter,

  • How about prolonged fasting and training (strength as well as cardio)? Are there any consensus or better yet, good medical studies about that?

  • Ssa G ���� Some people are lean but they also have belly fat i am one from them.. Do you have any quick information related to that? I followed you and always watch your videos. I know 70% nutrition diet and exercise is essential for loss belly fat.
    You have many fat loss programs but if anybody is lean then how he will loss his belly fat because they already lean

  • cardio helps burn fat, improve stamina and endurance. Fasted cardio in the morning, is good for some, not for all. Do what suits you. ����

  • From what I’ve read of scientific studies on the subject of fasted vs non fasted cardio, there absolutely 100% is no definitive proof to prove one way or the other. Anyone saying passionately it does or doesn’t work has deeper lying issues. Experiment, and go with whatever works personally for your body. We’re all blissfully individual and different.
    Some days I’m on fire doing fasted cardio, other days, I get lightheaded towards the end of the workout so the next few sessions I time my IF window to end right before I leave for the gym or run so I can get a bowel of porridge with flaxseeds and chia down me.

    Listen to your body peeps and workout safe.

  • I’m constantly trying to find new ways to advance my health. Thank you for this video and please allow me to try the sample. Thank you again!

  • I’m a 58 yr old woman, I started weight lifting 4 days a week, HIIT Cardio 2xs a week. Everyday I workout fasted. (16-22 hrs) I just completed a 20+ mile endurance trail race Fasted. (I came in 3rd female!) I started my workout in February
    I’ve built the most muscle than I’ve ever had with using IF, intuitive healthy eating and balance exercise fasted. I wish I could be a part of a study!!!!
    Thanks for all the great informationI will check out your supplements ��

  • Appreciate the video Jeff. Here’s the truth ladies and gentlemen. The only real and true “study” that will prove a specific result specific to an individual is the individual actually performing a specific task, CONSISTENTLY, for a logical amount of time (9 to 12 months) and seeing his or her own individual results. “Studies” are ALWAYS conflicting and 7 weeks with a tiny group of “healthy” 20 year old people is, flat out, not enough time with enough people to prove a result for the rest of Society. Everyone’s bodies are different and react differently to just about everything. When we read different “studies” that talk about how to build bigger biceps, for example, one study will say “eat 10 eggs daily and work the bicep 3 times per week,” while another study will tell us that eggs are NOT conducive to bicep growth, but will only inhibit progress, and that we should work the bicep 20 times per week while drinking purple Kool-Aid.” These so-called “studies” have been EVERYWHERE for decades, heck centuries, and they are nothing more than PLOYS that have been the driving force of Societal mishaps for far to long IMO (always for someone’s profit of course). From now on, I say we ALL say, “fuck studies,” and if we want to know whether fed or fasted cardio is beneficial to our own weight management or body building goals, we find the freak out for ourselves.

  • I don’t know how but I was wondering this, turned on my phone an this video appears in suggestions… youtube reads minds…creepy. lol.
    Great video. What about taking pre (40cal), caffeine and bcaas upon wakeup and hitting the cardio asap, any thoughts on that?

  • Hi Carlo,
    What is your opinion on skipping rope for fat loss? I remembered on another video that walking is better than running for fat loss.

  • Mike is spot on, listen to this guy. Im sure you’ve all seen people who run everyday or so and look like they are close to deaths door. So many people who do lots of cardio look depleted and ill….not healthy.

  • Sir, you create a next level knowledge for us. Thanks a lot for this. In small cities noone share this kind of knowledge.. hats off you sir… ����������

  • Khane se phle exercise krke fat burn hoga kyuki blood me glucose nahi hoga to fat se glucose bnega but exercise K baad khana khane se jo glucose banega vo again fat bnega kyuki burn nhi hoga without hard work

  • I do fasted cardio since I also do intermittent fasting and it decreases my appetite and keeps me from eating before my 8hr window. And it’s better to get my workout out of the way before I wake up enough to change my mind lol. Plus food/water won’t be sloshing around my stomach when I do burpees lol

  • Hey whats up Mike O’ Hearn just wanna say i been watching for content years and i really love your stuff. Keep up the great work. I definitely do like staying lean and have a slim physique but also having some muscle. Its definetly a battle i been fighting in my head about cardio and if i should do some HIIT to help slim certain areas where i dont like how my body is. I’ll definitely be sure to lay off the cardio or atleast just do a super small amount and focus primarily on lifting. Its really awesome to see this type of stuff. Just got a puppy so it will be tough since im potty training and crate training her this week haha but i def need to get back on the grind! Much love brotha! <3

  • I practice low carb OMAD. Fifteen hours into my daily fast, I hit the gym and box real boxing five days a week, with weight lifting thereafter, three of those days. I don’t feel run down or weak at all. I am 72 years old.

  • he has a xmas tree in October

    with that said, Mike O’Hearn is an average Joe? eh not really.

    he is 100% spot on with the diet… if your diet sucks, no amount of training will help you

  • Don’t listen to this no neck meathead. If you’re that worried abt being catabolic during fasted cardio then sip on bcaa powder during the session. Problem solved

  • There is potential to draw from you protein within muscle for energy transfer if doing intense cardio in a fasted state. Do you oxidize fat? YES (and he says that) Will you also be drawing from protein stores? YES. This guy is a doctor people. You read a few articles online.

    I personally do morning WALKS in a fasted state with coffee prior…to destress and keep things very minimal in terms of intensity. Energy demands remain very low which fat energy transfer pathways keep up with and reduces the amount of protein my body with draw from to oxidize energy. My morning post walk breakfast is then a healthy mix of all three macros.

  • Sir, the way you explain, is really very efficient and helpful for beginner like us, but sometimes technical terminologies make is difficult to understand, as you have mentioned BCA, glucotine or creatin etc.. which food include those? Humble thanks to you and your team. Love ❤️ you brother

  • You should make a video on whether or not soy is bad for people, especially women. The age old saying that soy increased the chances of getting cancer and what not

  • Intermittent fasting with 1-2 meals a day max within 6-8 hour window… Apple cider vinegar, digestive enzymes that contain at least betaine HCL for better stomach acid, and Pepsin for protein digestion and absorption. Bile salts is another good one to add to help dissolve fats and absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Good whey protein is another good one to make sure you are absorbing enough protein. Saggy skin, hard to build muscle etc can be signs that you aren’t absorbing enough.

  • Hey Metabolic Mike! I’ve really enjoyed you and your wife’s YouTube channel and I’m new to Instagram and have really been enjoying your stories as well:) I’m also interested in your green tea mix for gym energy always looking for a gym boost without the insulin spike or fast break.
    I could use some advice though on my new routine that your video topic touched on this evening:
    So I wake up around 5:30 am and do my mile lap swim 6:30 7:30 am (hoping it’s intensive enough to be considered cardio). I break my 18-20 hr fast at 8:15am with bone broth, and then eat at 9am, 11am and 1pm and start my gym routine at 5pm (usually includes some cardio). This leaves me with a fasted swim but only 4hrs of fasting before I start my workout which ends up being more like 3 hrs because my smoothie and 2 large meals are hard to take in on time Q2hrs. My meals are totally ultra low carb though so I feel like my body processes them pretty quickly. Do you think It’s of more benefit to break my fast with bone broth before swimming (and not having a fasted morning cardio) which would leave me with a true 4 hr fast before weight lifting, or am I getting the fat burning benefits with my current situation even though I’m not very fasted by the time I hit the weights? Eating at night leads me to binge which is why I switched to morning eating as well eating with a circadian rhythm pattern. I’m also considering the higher cortisol levels early in the morning, which is why I like to wait several hours after wake-up to break my fast. So many variables �� I just want to pick the right rhythm and stick to it like glue. I would be honored to have any advice you have to offer. Sorry for the long winded note.
    Thank you friend ��

  • I would like to understand the proper amount of protein an individual should have in a day if they want to lose weight and gain lean muscle.

  • Just wanna ask what kind of exercise I can do? I have hernia it’s not that painful since I started fasting but I’m scared of doing some exercise cause of it..and I’m actually a woman.

  • Guru without Supliment ny hota kya
    Natural body banane vale aur aam normal people k vaste kuch tho solution bathav bro

    Aaj k din aisa hua there is no body without Supliment ��‍♂️

  • I have mct oil and coffee at 4.45am and do workout at 5.30. I then eat at 10.30 and have my second meal by 6Pm then intermittently fast. Doing keto also. Lately though being so tired. Electrolytes on point and sleep is good. Do you have suggestions as to what could be the issue? Being doing keto for 3 months checking blood keto usually is low 0.5!

  • Love working out fasted and still being able to lose weight and gain muscle. I will say do whatever that works for your body don’t listen to anyone else

  • Do short sprint type cardio in the evening when you are full of glycogen and it will raise your metabolism, testosterone, and gh output. In the morning the next day do slower and longer as you will have less stored glycogen and your body will have to turn to fat.

  • Good info thanks. I like fasted workouts but have recently tried the bcaa (for drive) and EAA, super starch combo (for fuel) and I do seem to benefit for prolonged intensity/work.

    I still retain fasting when able for level II aerobic activity. Nice to see it burns fat so well ��

  • So, as an underweight young male, leaning nonrestrictive keto, I should maybe workout after a meal, to keep my fat, work off the small cheating glucose I let in, and maintain a better fat metabolism during fasts.

  • I think natural athletes and endomorphs (put on weight and muscle on easily). I looked 30 at 16 and jacked but chubby. need to do cardio and it helps a ton. Mono is a ectomprph borderline mesamorph..come on mike be a more specific.

  • I commented to this on one of your most recent video podcasts, but to repeat: I love doing fasted cardio, but I do not do or particularly want to lift weights in a fasted state, primarily because I usually lift in the afternoon, and the times I’ve done it, it’s felt like my energy lagged a bit. Like you, I’m interested in putting on muscle. I strategize this with a morning fasted run, then eating a breakfast with some type of animal protein (either whey powder or eggs) that will have the BCAA’s in it to trigger a targeted mToR/IGF response and (hopefully) protein synthesis to coincide with the progressive overload.

    For reference, I’m 53, 5’6″, and weigh about 120 lbs., so I’m not in any need of losing more fat, although I’d be happy to swap some of it on my butt for muscle instead ;). I bench about 85-90 lbs, can probably squat my weight and can barbell hip thrust 130 lbs for 8 reps. I don’t go heavy on standard deadlifts because of concerns about lower back involvement and my hands/grip ability are the limiting factor there.

    Thanks for posting about this new study, Mike! Back in the late ’80’s I got my BS in nutritional science/exercise physiology, and boy, the realization that upward of 95% of everything we were taught back then was completely WRONG has been an…interesting…experience. Once I embraced the idea of discarding those outdated ideas, the new science flows in and sticks!

  • Fasted. 32 minutes of cardio. 3mph with 4% incline with one minute intervals every five minutes at 6 mph followed by 20 minutes of weights for arms and shoulders. 2 years on Keto. Moved to OMAD in June. Went from 200 to 150 in first 6 months. Lost the last 10 on OMAD. Thank you for all your amazingly informative content.

  • What if i still wanna get the longevity and cognite benefits of fasting and cardio/hiit but without losing or maybe gaining weight,what would be my options?Thanks Mike

  • I am interested in the intra workout supplement. I currently make my own pre-workout. Black coffee + L-Citrulline + Beta Alanine. Hard gainer looking to gain weight @[email protected]

  • Hi I’m a 44 year old woman, 269 lbs (down from 312, thanks keto and IF!) I walk on the treadmill every other day for 30 minutes with 3 minutes of high intensity every 10 minutes, in a fasted state. The later I wait to exercise the weaker and less energetic I feel so I try to exercise as soon as I wake up.

  • I always workout fasted lifting and cardio…yea I have fat to lose..even when I reach goals I will continue with fasting work out

  • Inadequate info..carnitine works only in presence of glucose…so empty stomach leneka koi faida nhi.. u can take it post workout wid some carbs

  • Fantastic video:)
    Years ago when I was wondering exactly the same question. The only thing that J found were books by The Venuto. I tend to agree with him.
    Fated cardio (always only for a few days or very few weeks) burn fat AND muscle.
    Fasted cardio with just pure high quality protein before helps to keep the muscle while burning fat.
    Looking forward to your comments:)

  • Some one should do a fasted study with nothing but diet/0 calorie drinks and see how the body responds doing a work out fasted with drink and fasted without drink.

  • Mike! Awesome live-stream! I started off watching this right when I woke up, while rowing fasted. Then made some french pressed coffee and drank it while finishing this video! So many interesting points made in this video, I’ll definitely be rewatching it in the near future. Thanks again for providing research-based information that’s easy to understand.

  • I now always train fasted. About 2 or 3 months now. However, for the last 25 years or so I always trained fed. I actually get excellent results fasted. My strength is just about the same up to about 24 hours fasted after which I get a slight decrease in power. I favor the fasted state because I can get into the workout more rapidly with no bloating. Energy is also more elevated fasted.

  • been loving and binge watching all your videos, you should do a video about water fast, I mean, is it actually as healthy as they say? It obviously make you lose weight but I’m not talking about that type of health benefits, thank you!

  • @ 00:45

    Well… Mike. If that was the case, then I would be lean as hell. 6’3 215 on (clean) 2k calories/day for weeks with zero cardio = flab pack.

    Up the calories to 3k/day and add cardio = hello six pack.

    Cardio, for my body… gets me lean, not the diet.

  • Jesus, how deceiving and underrated neck is! Massive difference visually between now and then, only because of your neck growth. TRAIN YOUR NECK GUYS

  • In the context of endurance athletes rather than strength athletes, burning more fat as fuel is hugely preferable most of the time.

  • I’ll get behind nutrition as being 95% of the battle. I ate like shit last year and cardioed hard and lifted. I looked like shit because I didnt stick to a consistent and proper diet. Fast forward to this year. I cut sweets from my intake, started weighing all my food, using underarmour fitness pal to track micro and macros, and began being accountable to myself. 30 days in to that, I can see my obliques. My lats are taking shape. My traps are showing through the fat. “Do all the cardio you want and eat like shit and you are just spinning your wheels.” Nothing truer than that. Right on Mike O’Hearn, thank you dude. You and others like Cutler giving out truth for free is such a blessing.

  • I can’t do 100% carnivore too because I LOVE my tea and a bit bok choi:-)) p.s always do fasted workout with a mix of cardio and weight training (2-3 times a week) after 20hrs dry fast..after that, I do 3hrs water fast before enjoying my OMAD.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and guess the people that do fasted cardio are going for the beach body model look and not the bulking hulk one. So please don’t say it works or it doesn’t, say it works for X but doesn’t work for Y.

    Also your body goes into burning muscle instead of fat after like 10 hours of no eating? Seriously? C’mon dude, you have to know that’s not true at all. You start burning mainly muscle after like a 72 hours fast and after that your own body puts a stop to it if you continue not eating for longer. Fasted cardio is not “optimal” for fat burning but the difference is not even noticeable for anybody who is not a high performance athlete, you doing the fasted cardio puts you in a way better position than if you didn’t do it like most people anyway. Just do your cardio however you like it, just doing it gives you 90% of the results the other 10% comes from details almost nobody should stress over.

    Just do it, any way you like it but do it.

    And is he implying you eat some protein and your body is going to use that at that time when you do the cardio? This guy lol. Protein stays in your stomach for up to 4 hours and can be literally days in your intestines. Your body is using what you already ate way before for your work outs not what you ate 15 minutes ago wtf is this saying? Protein is not carbs that can fill your body with glycogen easily, c’mon dude.

  • bro am i behind? i feel like i started lifting kinda late /: im 18 weighin 160, and 5’10 and bench is 185 for 4 reps, deadlift 245 for 5 reps and squat is 235lb for 5 reps /:

  • Hi Mike. Great topic. I like working out fed. I agree with the hypertrophic effects as you mentioned. Specially for older people. Since it’s harder for older people to develop muscles.

  • If your morning fasted BG is high then it is due to the dawn phenomenon in insulin resistant/prediabetes/ T2D. Our liver provides glucose/glycogen so we can be ready to start our day physically but our insulin isn’t able to effectively push the glucose into cells. If you fasting BG is 110 then you are prediabetic. Exercising before eating dinner doesn’t lower to BG in the AM very much. But eating dinner early helps my AM glucose level.

  • This is a contradiction to others with Dr.’s degrees that say; that it takes far far longer until your body starts breaking down muscle tissue, which makes more sense to me anyway. Why do people make these (probably) BS videos?

  • Hey, I love your videos, very informative. I’ve recently started working out seriously, as well as sorting out my diet; however, I am lactose intolerant, so I’ve been purchasing soy protein isolate. I’ve since read articles saying that it is good and bad for you, what’s your take on this? What other decent alternatives are there for people who want to take non-dairy supplements?


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  • I usually agree with Mike but I feel like you should always do cardio. Even when i’m not serious with cardio I always jump rope for 10 minutes about 4 days a week. And jump rope will help with muscle not kill muscle

  • Isn’t the point of eating before doing cardio to be in a non-catabolic state (breaking fat instead of protein for fuel)? So, why eating protein before cardio?

  • I’m interested in trying your intra supplement! Also, does this study then suggest that one should do morning workouts over pm if the person is going for weight loss? I know you could fast all day, workout, then eat your first meal but then how do you that in time to be in bed to go with circadian rhythm? Especially during the winter time?

  • Bullshit. You are not taking fat adaptation and high fat lifestyles into consideration at all. After all, that was how we were supposed to work before the introduction of industrialisation.

  • If your trying to put on size you might look at mk677 for sure and or lgd4033. Sometimes people have to adjust their hormones and like myself cannot do it with plain old supplements.My IGF was 60pts low thats why I am using MK677 im not using the other one.