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The Surprising Benefits of Cutting Back on Sugar

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And while losing weight is well and good, that’s just the beginning of the health benefits of cutting back on the sweet stuff. Below are 21 more legit reasons—besides fitting into skinny jeans—to tame that sweet tooth for good. 1. IT CAN LOWER YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE.

And while losing weight is well and good, that’s just the beginning of the health benefits of cutting back on the sweet stuff. Below are 21 more legit reasons—besides fitting into skinny jeans—to tame that sweet tooth for good. 1. It can lower your blood pressure. Cutting sugar from your diet can improve your skin, give you more energy, and make you healthier overall.

One of the best things about eliminating sugar is you almost never “feel” hungry. The rumblies disappear! Natural Energy. When you live on sugar and carbs, your body uses this as your main energy source, but when you cut them out, good sugars from fruits, veggies and low GI foods provide your body with longer lasting energy.

Cutting back on sugar will help you reduce your calorie intake. By replacing a candy bar with an apple, you will still consume calories but not as many. If you reduce your sugar consumption by only 200 calories a day you could lose about 10 pounds in 5 to 6 months. Eating too much added sugar has many health effects, the most obvious being weight gain.

Added sugar drives up your insulin levels, messes with your metabolism, and causes those calories to turn. The health benefits of cutting out sugar from your diet—or even just cutting back on it—can be life-changing. Discover the 13 science-backed benefits of lowering your added sugar intake and what will happen to your body in the process.

1 You’ll lose belly fat. Reducing sugar intake and weight loss Cutting out or cutting back on sugar may help you to lose weight. Food and drinks high in sugar tend to be higher in calories without the nutritional benefits that fill you up and give your body fuel it can use.

Experts say sugar – or more specifically, fructose – can encourage fat storage. Get started cutting down on sugar with these tips: Toss the table sugar (white and brown), syrup, honey and molasses. Cut back on the amount of sugar added to things you eat or drink regularly like cereal, pancakes, coffee or tea.

Try cutting the usual amount of sugar you add by half and wean down from there. Swap out the soda. Eating sugar regularly changes your brain so that it becomes tolerant to the sugar, causing you to require more to get the same effect.

Sugar has also been shown to cause the release of endogenous.

List of related literature:

Bottomline, cutting added sugars isn’t easy!

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
from Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!
by Michele Promaulayko
Galvanized Media, 2019

I wish I had a “trick” for cutting out sugar.

“Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World” by Timothy Ferriss
from Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World
by Timothy Ferriss
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

In addition, some investigators now consider that sugar-containing foods trigger insulin resistance and metabolic changes which then promote overeating and even an amplified risk of diabetes (Basu et al. 2013).

“Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health” by Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, Quarraisha Abdool Karim, Chorh Chuan Tan
from Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health
by Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, et. al.
Oxford University Press, 2017

That steady trickle of glucose—along with the extra fiber many low-glycemic foods tend to have inside them—also leaves you feeling fuller longer during the day, so you don’t end up eating more calories than your body actually needs.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

Another strategy for reducing sugar intake is to make use of artificial sweeteners.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
Ebsco Publishing, 2002

But longer-term studies show the sugar and calories cut out from one place sneak back in someplace else.

“How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered” by Mark Bittman, David Katz
from How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered
by Mark Bittman, David Katz
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020

For me, realizing that I didn’t need sugar was very freeing.”

“The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love” by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
from The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love
by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
Rodale Books, 2013

Any improvement in sugar recovery had been negated by a slow decline in CCS.

“Australian Agriculture: Its History and Challenges” by Ted Henzell
from Australian Agriculture: Its History and Challenges
by Ted Henzell
CSIRO Publishing, 2007

As I’ve got healthier, and included more variety in my diet, and as I’ve had more good fats and more plant proteins and proper meals that are really nourishing to my body – and as I’ve stopped using food as a comfort tool, I have also noticed the ‘sweet tooth’ or ‘sugar addiction’ has evaporated into thin air.

“The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life” by Melissa Wells
from The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life
by Melissa Wells
Hay House, 2016

I’d love to see a diet and tactics developed to get off a sugar addiction.

“The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism: Orthomolecular Treatment of Addictions” by Abram Hoffer, Andrew W. Saul
from The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism: Orthomolecular Treatment of Addictions
by Abram Hoffer, Andrew W. Saul
Basic Health Publications, Incorporated, 2009

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  • This is my eighth day cutting sugar (at least for the most part; I believe there may be sugar in my rice milk) but today I had a headache and felt dizzy. I had to lay down and take a nap. I feel somewhat better! This video helps me make sense of what is happening!

  • Actually, we consumed even less sugar than this video says. The average American ate about 4 pounds of sugar a year in 1900. Now it’s closer to 150 pounds a year…

  • I’m week 3 with out table sugar. I’m experiencing increased hunger. Water intake increased. Taste buds feels weird. I feel weak at times plus head ache…

  • The hardest part for me wasn’t necessarily the cravings, but the availability of refined sugar free foods. It took a lot of effort to find things I could eat and I got frustrated when I found out something had sugar for no apparent reason, like spaghetti sauce. (However there are plenty of no sugar added spaghetti sauces that taste really good, so there’s an upside)

  • I’m not sure why, but when I try to quit sugar, my body feels like a anxiety attack is right around the corner. Especially when combing with less calorie intake, or less carbohydrates. It may be from hunger in general though…. Sadly, sugary snacks are a great immediate anxiety/stress reliefer.

  • Guys I don’t know why you had Sarah on your channel. Her brand is quitting sugar which she’s had considerable success financially with. She’s a meat and dairy promoter and if you look at her website claims saturated fat doesn’t ever make you sick. Where the person and the brand begins and ends is questionable. I’d much rather take health and diet advice from Dr Goldhamer, Esselstyn, Greger et al on what is a healthy diet. She gives advice on climate change which coming from any meat eater should be considered ironic.

  • Correction: sugar reduces testosterone causing lower libido. Not increase! Not angry. But you made a simple mistake. Testosterone increases sex drive, not decrease!

  • Pure rubbish…she cant back up anything with science…all sugar is transformed by the body..look up the science..shes also contradicting herself so much

  • Some of her comments are direct from Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food. Not sure if this is intentional or not. He advises to think if your grandma would recognise the ingredients, the less ingredients the better, and to “Eat real food”. Mostly plants, not too much.

    It’s a good book for anyone wanting to learn more about cutting out processed foods and focusing on whole foods.

  • On the east side of America (baltimore Maryland to be specific) we have them pickled in jars smh they’re DELICIOUS!!! Unfortunately I’ve gone a bit overboard this week and have gobbled down 6 jars��smh im lucky they dont sour the stomach!! I cant stop eating em tho smh terrible��lol

  • Hi sir I am new subscriber need your help in reducing my tummy and want to loss weight. Please suggest me simple things to do.
    Please help sir.

  • I did Sarah’s 8 week quitting sugar course a couple of years ago and felt absolutely amazing afterwards. The only trouble is I let things slide a bit. But I’m definitely going to take the best of what I learnt from all three of these brilliant guys and turn my health around once and for all ��

  • U r really awesome vivek bro God bless uu for all ur care and responsibility towards health and the best part is that u make people know about our traditional secret I,,e ayurveda

  • Sucking on some pill containing zinc and vitamin C, my feeling of craving were distracted, besides, chocolate and sweets tasted like crap afterwards. Nutritious foods and greens seems to help too.

  • I gave up 90% of my usual sugar intake and in just a bit under 2 weeks I lost 5.8lbs. I don’t even like sugary things that much anymore already!

  • The diet drinks are worse. The fake additives cause cancer and it stops the body from felling hungry, so you keep eating…not sugar really.

  • I’m on day 3 trying to quit sugar, I’m feeling dizzy and weak. I hardly get full plus I’m breastfeeding, I don’t know if this is healthy for me.

  • Ok im done with processed sugar. The thing that always got me back eating it was the excuse “a little bit won’t hurt” or “you need at least one cheat day”. The problem is who the hell is satisfied with half a can of soda or 2 squares of chocolate? Nobody. So the best bet is to just piss it off. Good luck everyone hope you become healthier.

  • I went from drinking a liter of coke a day plus candy and other junk to no sugar, salt or oil plus went vegan. All cold turkey. Lost 22 lbs in one month and cleared my eczema in 1 week. If I crave anything sweet I have a medjool date. I’m vegan and clean eating to stay. Love you guys.

  • in Google I saw
    IT HAS been touted as a healthy, natural sweetener but according to the law, steviacannot be used. In fact, one may face legal action if caught selling stevia in any form, says the Food Safety and Standards Authority ofIndia (FSSAI). On July 26, FSSAI issued a notification clarifying that stevia is not a food item.Jul 4, 2015

  • breakfast crackers and bars advertised as good for you contain in excess of 10 grams of sugar per serving. Visualize 10 grams. You are being poisoned from within. Processed sugars are terrible for you and since 1970s no coincidence youre wonderful FDAS food chart said CARBS should be the basis of diet right around this time.

  • its only been 1 day without sugar and i feel like shit hahaha. I’m really happy I’m doing this for myself though! I feel comfort listening to this! And wow love the recipes on your website definitely going to be a frequent visitor!

  • Hey I just love ur videos and the efforts u put into it and make it so precise and to the point and even not missing out on anything and guiding us perfectly.. keep up the good work����
    I wish to know is it true that milk and gur powder are viruddh aahar as we have been alwes told not to use milk and jaggery together.. so can I use jaggery powder instead of sugar in milk??

  • I’ve been sugar free for 2 yrs. Going on the third yr. I actually got rid of my negative symptoms and did not have withdrawal symptoms except for cravings. My lethargy, irritability, skin discoloration, skin tags, feeling drying, horrible headaches, stomach aches, lack of sleep went away. This lady has perfect skin and a perfect face. My skin is still oily and has acne because I have pcos but it is not as bad as before.

  • I’m in the process of getting rid of sugar out of my life. I hadn’t had a lot of it then I went and got a iced green tea at Starbucks yesterday and thought I’d gag. I forgot to tell them no sugar. Lol

  • Americans are nuts when it comes to over-flavoring everything…. you guys got to a point when you call well-spiced meal bland just because it does not have a lot of salt, sugar, and other artificial flavors…. some meals are actually supposed to highlight creaminess or natural taste of food, you know, you do not have to put huge piles of spices everywhere….. I started to hate the word “flavor” after dating an American…. he had to put tabasco, salt, sugar, pepper, fish sauce, or other flavors EVERYWHERE, and I am a very good cook and baker.

  • Sorry guys. I cannot understand why you would have Sarah on your channel??? She promotes meat, egg and dairy consumption heavily in her cookbooks. She is keto with a bit of grain thrown in.

  • We love & adore your videos. Your suggestions, opinions, & recommendations.We have a query & which site is the best site to ask that in messenger?
    Vivek Pls advise me. I have already send the query in Fit tube & there was no response so I now have forwarded it on FIT TUBER. Waiting to hear from you.Thanks indeed������‍♀️

  • I’m bipolar & idk if I can deal with these intense mood swings… any way u could do a video for people who already struggle with the kinds of things quitting sugar will instigate?

  • Are smoothies part of the “fruit juices” or “liquid juices”? Because all the fruit still has all the fiber etc. Also, how is dried fruit? (That is still raw)

  • Ok, how about Dave and Steve do an experiment for a month to see if her theory is true. Being twins we should be able to see if there is a noticeable difference, I suspect not, but it would be fun to see if it works.

    So dudes, are you up for the challenge? Flip a coin to see who the ‘sugar loser’ is. ��

  • 5:06 Wrong. We do NOT need sugar in our diet. In fact, carbohydrates in ANY form are actually not required by the body at all. Our bodies can make all the glucose it needs from protein and fat. Having said that, I’m heading out for some Krispy Kremes.

  • She is right about the snacks. Raw Walnuts, boiled eggs, a few peices 100% dark chocolate are my friends. The dark chocolate is the best one for me when I want sweets! Day 2 I tried it and usually don’t like dark chocolate. It is still not tasty but it taste better for some reason now and just a little curbs the cravings. Throw in sour kimchi for good measure. I am only 3 days in but you guys can do it!!! I have no symptoms except small cravings when I see a fruit but I think it is because i also eased into it (water with meals, fruits and honey for sugar) I am preparing for symptoms so I watched this video. Thank you!

  • I am 69 years old. Is there any harm in doing this program for my age? Also please tell me the vitamins to take. I am on my 2 nd day.

  • wow seriously lazy detractors they have the damn phone in their hands all they have to do is look up the health benefits of beets.

  • Haha, funny, and the primary source of energy is sugars, so cutting them out can kill you. A test was done by Dr. Atkins, and the results showed that people without carbohydrates (sugars) were prone to headaches, motablism issues, fainting, shortness of breath, and other bad things, nothing like “glowey skin” or whatever. Sugars can’t be cut out of our diets, but should be managed, to prevent long term energy issues.

  • I’m trying to quit right now. This is so hard. I have a horrible headache that’s lasted for days, constant hunger and chills. I want to quit like every hour. I hope it gets better.

  • I’ve lost a good amount of weight in the past by cutting out refined sugars and in fact, I already planned on shopping tonight to start those good habits again. I’ve gained about 20 pounds but I HATE counting calories. So, from now on it’s meat, veggies, good fats, and low sugar fruits. And of course the occasional dark chocolate fix. Since I’m already allergic to almost all starches that part is pretty easy. But, I can certainly down candy and ice cream like nobody’s business so this is going to be tough. All the best to those of us trying to quit refined sugars!

  • as an athlete, cutting sugar out of my diet makes me weaker, makes me recover slower in turn making me unable to do the training i need to do. sugar is a staple for endurance athletes. also sugar is a skinny food, fat makes you fat. theres no fat in sugar and to be quiet honest this video is complete bullshit

  • It’s fat that is the problem. Her arguments are all disproven by Walter Kempners diet which included lots of fruit and table sugar and all of the participants lost weight. It was fat that was the issue. If her hypothesis is right then everyone doing kempners diet would have got fatter and fatter. Sugar trapped in the blood stream by fat is a completely different animal.

  • I Think I Love You!! Take a bottle

    Shake it up

    Break the bubble

    Break it up

    Pour some sugar on me

    Ooh, in the name of love

    Pour some sugar on me

    C’mon, fire me up

    Pour your sugar on me

    I can’t get enough

    I’m hot, sticky sweet

    From my head to my feet, yeah

  • Wow, she’s managed to get a load of people to sign up to a short period nutritional intervention promising ‘feelling better’ ‘better skin’ or ‘detoxification’, and got positive results without actually measuring anything. Well done, you’ve managed to get people to feel better by them paying you money and them doing some largely arbitrary actions that can only be considered a placebo. Not to mention the pseudo-scientific notion of the liver being put into ‘overdrive’, the ignorance that boiled potatoes and white bread are actually metabolised and absorbed faster than table sugar (nevermind fruit!) and the complete lack of consideration of the impact of the whole food matrix on glycaemic response.

    Overall: 13��…try harder you quack.

  • day 2 and I have huge headaches, but still got to do a biketour and sticking to this! Especially now, at this time it is good to overthink your health and make changes.

  • To anyone who thinks they wont change from sugar, change your mind IMMEDIATLY. I learned to turn down sugar the hard way because i started to get really blurry vision and lens or glasses wouldnt help. I stayed home from school for 2 weeks before i went back.

  • Hi when I skip sugar in tea I suddenly loose weight like 1/2 kg to 1..but after 2 days I will start getting too much headache…any help

  • 3 days in although and I don’t have any cravings yet I had a headache and I felt so tired while exercising (brisk walk), I’m doing this for two weeks and I know that it’ll be worth it

  • Are there any studies or actual documentation to this video? Is research of real sources done? I agree we eat too much sugar but I would like to see real studies, I guess I will Google it.

  • I starts my day with tea sweetened by brown jaggery��, it tastes better than tea with white processed sugar, tea made with jaggery has an aromatic smokey flavour too��

  • Synopsis of this video

    Beginning.: Hope, for man looking in mirror (hope is sugar for the soul)
    00:12 00:16: sugar for the eyes
    Rest of this video.: Is about sugar in literal sense

  • She mentioned beyonce because some of the information comes from her dermatologist as mentioned in the video. Why is everyone pressed?

  • I had gone on a no-sugar 30 day diet and found myself being really sick over sweet things as a result, unfortunately got back onto sugar when Christmas came by and now I’m almost immune eating loads of sweets?!

  • really good video, thanks!
    I am currently quitting sugar, and I have a question, is it normal that the withdrawl symptoms start 4-5 days after the start?

  • I stopped sugar intake from 1.5 month……feeling too much sugar cravings….im not taking brown sugar r jaggergy bcz caloric value is not so far from white sugar��

  • Isnt this literally the lady who jumped out of a moving car during a panic attack because she was so undercarbed??? My skin the best of my family at my age. This lady a full on quack lol! ‘DON’T EAT FRUIT!! FRUIT HAS FRUCTOSE!!!’.

    Fastest way to debunk this lady is watch any of my vids. Look at my clear skin and ripped lean abs. Sarah has NO IDEA LOL!

  • You should definitely try to eat more salty stuff if you stop. If you stop sugar you will have less insulin which is also used to store sodium.

  • Hello Friends! Lately, I have been posting regularly on Instagram. If you are interested to get daily updates about my personal fitness journey, behind the scenes of my YouTube videos, you can follow me there. Link:

    I wish you good health.
    Fit Tuber

  • Hahaha I feel sorry for that woman having two adoring attentive Irish men so close to her watching her. I’d feel totally awkward if it was me. ��

  • Completed 21 days without sugar and used patanjali’s jaggery powder
    Good alternative but weight loss depends on other factors also guys��

  • I quit Sugar and Dairy Product, eggs, non-veg products Since 1st July, feeling uncomfortable, but when ever I feel miserable I watch your video, and I gain strength to continue, I will quit sugar and dairy products,eggs, Non-veg products for sure. Hope you make some more inspirational videos like this. God Bless You… ���� with love from India….

  • Clinical studies are still inconclusive on the fructose-fatty liver debate: But we can argue that sugar is addictive, and based on that, it should be regulated:

  • What Don’t kill you only makes you stronger. 5 days here! Been tough sleeping but my body is feeling stronger and recovering faster from workouts. Stay safe and healthy ��

  • Ive been eating OVER 300g of fructose per day since 2001…WHERE IS MY OBESITY!!?? I train WAY less than most riders my body fat levels and know a stack of riders who are still fat and they train up to 10x as much as me per year. They don’t eat as clean and lean as I do. Sugar is great! HUMAN BODY RUNS ON GLUCOSE AND FRUCTOSE! Mother nature got it right, this confused blogger got it wrong lol!

  • Im gna give this a good go, Im toned and regularly attend gym but I have horrible eating habits, which include 4 croissants, pack of cookies and without fail 2 litres of orange juice a day and at least a can of energy drink. Im black no less but at 31 years old im seeing a rapid increase in wrinkling around the eyes and nose. Time to stop before I deteriorate further.

  • Hey dudes, why didn’t you interview or present a vegan or vegan raw food specialist/nutritionist who uses whole foods and dates etc to discuss this issue!? This was very disappointing!

  • 4th and 5th day anxiety really kicked in. I am usually never anxious. I was shaking my left leg a lot, a tick that I only have during exams or very tense times. I bought some fruit and that seemed to have helped. Then rest of the time was fine. Today on day 13 a bit of anxiety came back but nowhere as bad as the first one.

  • Oh so we have to cook it?! ������ we ate it raw and for that i promise myself not to eat it again but learning now that it must be cooked made me so embarrassed about my ignorance.��������

  • Cigarettes, drinking, drugs, sugar,….they are all the same. I’ve quit them all. The mental cravings will last longer than the physical ones, so be prepared. Stress, anxiety and other triggers are waiting. Learn to immediately identify the feeling then have a plan for what you will do when the craving hits. Go for a walk or exercise, call a friend. Don’t make excuses…stick to your plan!

  • #1 No liquid sugar
    #2 Avoid Low fat dairy
    #3 Avoid Processed foods.
    #4 Only eat recognizable ingredients.
    #5 Fructose is different from Glucose. Glucose good, Fructose bad.
    #6 Eat real food.

  • Hi Vivek…I weighed 82 KG in December 2019….today 18 Aug 2020 I weigh 66 KG…because of my strict diet and workout….but my belly is still 36 around….which might be earlier 38 or 39 or may be 40….I have lost fat…coz earlier I would wear XL but now Small shirt size fits me well….what could be reason for not loosing belly size…..I would like 2 tell you that I take about 90 to 100 gram protein everyday….and carb about 210 gram…pls help

  • If I’m not satiated, I eat more food, ie: beans, grains, veggies, etc. I can feel satiated w/o added processed fats.
    I didn’t know they added sugar to non-fat milk. And I can bet pig farmers feed the tax payer subsidized non-fat milk to their pigs because it’s dirt cheap not because it may or may not have added sugar.
    Yes, processed sugar is poison and addictive, doesn’t everyone know this? Don’t eat processed food.

  • Let’s also remember that sugar production/consumption was/is one of the main reasons for slavery in various parts of the world. Just another way in which in which it has disenfranchised people.

  • As of tomorrow (June 16th 2019, Father’s Day Sunday), it marks my 3rd completed week of having no sugar at all. When I say no sugar, I’m talking no cake, ice cream, pie, cookies, brownies, sugary drinks,..etc. That’s the only thing I changed about my diet which means I’m still enjoying chips and some fast food. I’ve been drink nothing but water the entire time. I haven’t been exercising at all and I have been eating fruits such as watermelon, peaches and even whole baked sweet potato with butter!!! I don’t consider myself being on a diet at all, all I did was cut of sugary foods completely and drink nothing but water. I believe in giving myself the freedom to eat anything else I wanted to has made cutting out sweets that much easier for me. I’m not deprived on what I couldn’t eat besides the sweets.

    What I’ve noticed by far: Better sleep at night, a more defined look around my stomach, face and shoulder area, and a more radiant looking skin. Now, I’m not sure if me cutting out sweets completely is what has my skin glowing or me just drinking nothing but water when I’m thirsty. I’ve noticed me not feeling as hungry all the time, and my energy level has indeed boost higher. I even noticed a difference in my teeth.

    Along within this 3 week span, I have gained a stronger will power of being more rejective towards unhealthy food as I’m getting pleased by my results thus far!

    I just thought I should throw this out there.

  • 1:37Sugar can increase your testosterone levels

    1:48Sugar can turn off gene that controls testosterone levels

    So sugar basically makes you harrier, fatter, and your testosterone levels go ape shit and berserk.

    Sounds like a weekend with Rich Piana. But with sugar.

  • I wanted to quit sugar for a long time but I couldn’t �� then in found out about a McDougall programme called Mary’s mini (starch based, of course). Did it for 10 days straight. I totally stopped craving sugar! I haven’t eaten it since. So I don’t really agree with what she says, that you have to eat fat and protein to keep you satiated…starch has the same effect ��

  • Winner of a video, been searching for “what should you not eat to prevent diabetes?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Anebriel Foundational Ascendancy (search on google )? It is an awesome exclusive product for discovering how to reverse type 2 diabetes without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

  • Well the problem is that sugar is added to almost everything… especially in the US… So until there is going to be some federal law requiring food manufacturers NOT to add any unnecessary extra sugar to things that dont need it, the US will continue to get more unhealthy and more obese…

  • no kidding i have not eaten sugar in 2 months and i had some today i had such a bad headache.. when you stop eating it… you do not crave for it…. you feel SICK eating it….

  • Its been less than a week and I don’t feel good at all. I have been crazy thirsty a thirst I have never experienced before. Also feel bloated. Can it be a sign of diabetes?

  • Im having one and trying to sleep full muscular fatigue…very hungry..and hard to sleep..felling sleepy but cant sleep..omg but i wont quit…i promise to my body i wont quit

  • I get depressed and extremely irritable every time I try to get into ketosis. To the point where I give up because I don’t want to be a bitch at work.

  • i eat a lot of sugar i have no extra weight my skin is clear im learning 3 new languanges at the moment ect. also work out a lot eat lots of vegetables and have a fairly bulky and muscly build so i do burn far more calories then your averege person

  • Very informative guys & Sarah, I’ve been practicing all of the above last few weeks & feel much better & more educated on my foods nutritional value. Understanding food labels is so important as sugar is hidden in foods just by using different words we don’t recognize!! Thank you ��.

  • This lady literally contradicts her self every minute or 2 lol!! SHOW ME AN OBESE FRUITARIAN OR HIGH CARB SUGAR MOUNTAIN VEGAN LOL! By her logic you would become obese if you are in hospital on a drip of sugar.

  • Hey guyz,
    I came here and really started jaggery powder and its amazing..
    It’s best sugar alternative. Little costly but instead of spending on doctors go for a healthier choices..
    We buy the best jaggery powder available from here
    UM foods
    You can contact them directly..
    Contact: 8286246157 / 9820961394

    As he told it’s the absolute best for literally everyone, even diabetes patients can have em. ����

  • Have you made up your mind to cut down on sugar, if so, what exactly are you trying to achieve by cutting down on sugar? AND… if you are someone who has successfully got rid of sugar from your life, let us know your story.

  • Yes!!! This is so true! I was just reading yesterday in a book I am going to be doing a review on over on my channel next week about how bad sugar is for you. Sugar messes up your liver because of the high amounts of concentrated fructose. Fructose can be handed by your liver in small amounts that you find in fruit, but drink a soda and that is a sugar bomb sent streight to your liver with the result of fat being accumulated there. Thank you so much for posting this video people really need to hear about this!

  • Old Motto: Let’s mask our subpar food & drinks buy adding sugar, our customers are too brainlet to care for anything better
    New Motto: Business as usual but let’s write GMO-free & Organic on the label. Yep that’ll do it.
    What a time to be alive

  • This probably for how to sex when your loose weight also shut your double chin mouth the hell up… and if you don’t have sugar how you gonna do a b-day for a children tho? Exactly that proves sugar is good taste

  • Good to see Sarah on your channel, I have got one of her books. She’s contributed to my continued journey to be sugar free. One of the benefits is that my skin is continually glowing, and no more spots!!!

  • Date sugar, honey, coconut sugar, etc are healthy alternatives, but they do cause weight gain… except stevia. You are not going to lose any weight just by not using refined sugar while you are eating all these sugar alternatives, though they are healthy

  • No one can give up sugar, sure we can cut down but the human body needs sugar for bodily processes. Your just encouraging BED like this

  • According to your video, sugar can both increase and decrease my testosterone. Does that just mean it doesn’t effect testosterone?

  • Amazing information…very informative…Well explained…
    Please make video on reliable chemical free brand of honey…I have seen many organic honey also are chemical treatment or artificial honey….

  • Excellent intelligent discussion. Thx for posting this video, Gents. Btw, I hope your guest finds her own glasses. Not sure whose she borrowed. Ha! ��

  • Why does eeeeeeeverybody insist on putting obnoxious loud music over videos?! So over it. Beautiful lady and presentation but it’s nearly unwatchable.

  • I had acne since I was 16 now I’m 21 and I still have them but not as bad as they were before..
    I literally did everything and nothing worked, eventually I said it might be the dairy I’m taking and I stopped eating dairy it was good for a while but I still had bloating stomach headache knees pain etc.. I even replaced my milk for coconut milk and I drank it with coffee and I started itching like CRAZY and feeling so anxious and unbalanced even started breaking out on my chest, underarms face..

  • My parents banned sodas a looong time ago! I’m glad they did. I can’t miss something I don’t have(I occasionally get sodas at school, and it makes me crave it. It’s very addictive, but I only get it on special occasions at school, so i just fill my soda cravings with chocolate, tea, or some icecream��) a small bowl of icecream is way better then soda! It’s a fact.

  • Can I have berries, apples and sugar & dairy free dark chocolate as alternatives whilst quitting… Day three here and my anxiety is crazyyy.

  • She seems to be naive ahout complex and simple sugars. Both can make you fat, of you want to lose weight. Take away all sugars and you’ll lose it.

  • Every time I felt withdrawal, I banged my head on the wall until I passed out. A little free advice, but I only suggest it as a last resort.

  • Good info but no mention of Stevia or maybe I missed it. Bookmark “Benefits of Stevia (0 calories) even for people with Diabetes”

  • How have any of you quit sugar plants are made of cellulose and cellulose is sugar. None of you have quit sugar. And all vegans on earth openly accepts and promotes and supports child abuse and murder. Plenty of vegan baby deaths on all media platforms. You are worse than PEDOPHILLES and devoid of ethics. What evil twisted scumbag vegan sacrifices there own flesh and blood for animals. I would jail all vegans on earth and ban veganism and anyone found doing the vegan way of life. I would feed them raw meat and raw eggs and raw milk and blood. Sugar causes cancer, heart disease and cancer and sugar is worse than alcohol. All vegans on earth openly accepts and promotes and supports animal abuse and murder getting your fields ready to grow more poison kills billions of animals every day. Vegans claim to be friendly when they threaten ex vegans and farmers etc with murder and rape etc. Vegans claim to be environmental friendly and what is growing in pollution every day plastic. You don’t even care about the environment. Vegans also brand themselves just like farmers etc do to prove what nothing it’s human torture and insanity. Veganism is a toxic sick twisted evil way of life. Go Vegan and eat �� and �� out blood and plants and eventually die WHOO HOO.

  • How true. I’ve dropped the most weight in one+ month by stoping sugar. I now use black strap molasses, maple syrup and honey in very limited amounts. And much healthier.

  • Sticking close to whole plant foods is what everyone agrees on. Some advocate larger amounts of wholefood plant fats than others, and some decide that extra carbs are a problem for weight loss. Basically, whole food plant based is the key. It’s good that she’s causing people to think about the refined foods they are having, maybe these guys will show her why it’s great to be vegan.

  • You missed to mention palm sugar. Highly nutritious, many sweets can be made with it. In Tamil, we call it as Panai Vellam or Karuppati. Nowadays available in nice powdered form.

  • Fantastic stuff! My hat’s off to Sarah and to you guys for making this important video. For the past year I have adopted a whole-food plant-based diet and I feel great. Sugar may well be enemy #1. Hate to break it to you though but oils may well be enemy #2 and you use oil in most of your recipes (though you do have some oil-free ones). Oil is bad for so many reasons and when you heat it it’s even worse since you are creating free radicals. Here is an excellent video explaining all the bad things that oil does to us /watch?v=LbtwwZP4Yfs

  • Make me sugar free, I’m very moody and irritable quite a bit. My cravings for sugar are sometimes mild and other times to the point that I am about to crack and just give in to whatever sweets that’s around me. This has been such a struggle for me.

  • currently on day 3 as i type this

    day 1: kept thinking about sugar all day but didn’t give in to the cravings
    day 2: extremely cranky and irritable behavior, at night i got a terrible headache and very heavy headed especially after exercise
    day 3, today: feeling better, not as bad headache but still feeling heavy headed

    i hope to get better soon

  • When you quit Refined sugar can you have severe hunger pangs like you need to eat, but you’re not hungry, sometimes it subsided after a bowel movement, why is that, what’s going on? Is the body detoxing?

  • Ms. Wilson is at least stating a distinction between natural plant carbs and processed unnatural carbohydrates, unlike Robert Lustig who persists in conflating the two. Please be aware that there is clinical evidence that contradicts what Ms. Wilson asserts about table sugar, like long-term research by Walter Kempner. Though Ms. Wilson makes some good point about eating minimally processed foods-points backed up by science-I defer to clinical researchers on some of her other points. There is no evidence that maple syrup gives people diabetes, nor that high fat, “satiating” diets are healthy long-term. This veers awfully close to keto pseudo science.

  • I’ve tried the 8g sugar a day. It’s great. I also gave up white bread at the time. The first 3 weeks were tough but afterwards even if you try to eat junk your body treats it as such and you get diarrhea since your body doesn’t have the bad mind influencing bacteria anymore that love junk food.

  • I was so addicted to sugar it was like a drug addiction, quitting cold turkey was the best option for me.I’m on day 6 of no sugar, I have light headaches, little dizziness. Cravings come and go but determined to continue.

  • Update! I’ve been 3 weeks now without sugar and I feel incredible, full of energy and also have noticed a lot of change on my body, my clothes feel looser, best desicion ever!

  • music in the background makes it hard to get what is said at times, also having graphics included in the video with a quick summary would ba also valuable

  • Thanks alot this video was awesome. Eliminated all forms of sugars even fruits and have had some amazing results. 2 weeks now and lost 13 pounds already but have had some massive headaches. Thanks for addressing some of the symptoms in this video, I was getting scared because of the severe headaches the first few days.

  • Hey hii..I love your videos I do follow some like best cooking oil,best ghee, best milk its very informative and helpful too..I’ll surely follow 21days without sugar challenge too.will definitely post my feedback after 21days. Hey according to u is it safe to pop pills fr weight loss. Pls suggest.

  • walcome abiet the way they speak, they need to go diwn tiwn past the rindabite and learn how to pronounce words properly or maybe the hope to get jobs on Irish TV.

  • I bought both books years ago, load of rubbish. She advocates the slaughter of sentient beings and makes out that carbs are bad, carbs are what our bodies run on.

    I now only use her books as a weight to press my tofu, that is their ONLY use.

    I thought you guys were pro vegan, she isn’t.

    There’s a whole section in her book about why she isn’t vegan and doesn’t recommend a vegan diet, she’s not a doctor, your followers are better off watching videos by Dr Michael Greger,

  • Processed Oil is worse!! The fat u eat is the fat u wear. Dr Mc Doughall. Research his books and research with evidence. Dont know who this woman is, but she talks complete utter rubbish. Fats do not satiate, nor do they burn slowly in the body. What is her proof?? Again research Dr Esseltein who has done a lot of research and treats heart patients who reverse their heart desease with elimination of all types of oils. What proof does this woman have??

  • I really want to cut out the sugar but def have to research all the foods to make sure I don’t consume them. I’m worried about the withdrawal though lol

  • I rarely eat sweets and sugary cereals (unless it’s a random midnight snack) and I have really great skin. I rarely have pimples and I can tell a difference in my body when I eat a lot of sugar.

  • Day 7 and I’ve been dizzy for days, and now I’m also feeling headache and body ache, still dealing with bloating and gas from my bad diet before. It’s rough, but I’m in it until I get to the other side.

  • Its clear from how close they are to her, how the red shirt rolls his sleeves up 3 minutes in to match his brother, how they are standing with their arms tensing and how they mimic each other in general that these twins are fuck off creeps.

    20 quid says in the near future one isouted for being a bum grabbing freak

  • Deshi khaandsari also is a very good alternative of white refined sugar.
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    All India shipping available.

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  • Former chocolate, cakes, orange juice and pepsi addict; My advice to easily begin with nosugar: Eat fruits especially sugary ones (bananas, figs) drink aspartame based soda (just for your transition if you like to drink coke during meals). It will make cravings less brutal. Nothing is more addictive than sugar mixed with fat (chocolate cakes for example) you dont find this shit in nature, our brain didn’t evolved to this kind of taste. It’s like cigarettes, you wanna quit regular cigarettes (filled with aditives)? So start smoking pure tobacco only, THAN it’s gonna be easier to totally stop.

  • 5:06 You do not need sugar in your diet, at least not refined sugars like white table sugar, brown sugar, HFCS, etc. Eat whole vegetables and fruit and you will not get too much sugar.

  • Quit Carnism, Sarah. Still promoting animal products in the diet too? I’d rather listen to Dr McDougall or Dr Gregor than an author with no real diet knowledge.

  • dd how the government does not want us to eat sugar or salt yet they
    legalize marijuana??? now if you question this, then the government
    will tell ou that you suffer from ADDDS and require opiates for 5 years
    daily so you become docile and complacent along with the all free all
    legal marijuana! but no sugar and no salt! no meat, its
    unsustainable!!!! stay on the opiates and marijuana…oh get your
    flu shots

  • Boiled them for 40 minutes just to peel them? Really you just killed all its benefits SMH and then to top them of with salt pepper and cheese? Wow not to clever