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The Secrets Behind the Top Logged Foods of the Year. by Megan Meyer, PhD. December 31, 2019. 1 Comment. In case you missed it, we closed out 2019 by taking a deep dive into the numbers behind the entire Under Armour Connected Fitness community — all 180 million of you, worldwide.

We tracked your workouts, steps, sleep and, oh, yes, what you ate — an impressive 10 billion foods were. The Secrets Behind the Top Logged Foods of the Year. 2019. In case you missed it, we closed out 2019 by taking a deep dive into the numbers behind the entire Under Armour Connected Fitness community — all 180 million of you, worldwide. the advantages and disadvantages and what foods Read More.

3 Comments. August 28, 2018. Is Fonio. Earlier this year Whole Foods started celebrating one food holiday per month—think National Coffee Day, National Pi Day, National Cookie Day, and National Cheese Lovers Day. It’s a classic bait and switch. (For the record, there are plenty of high-fat options that make our list of fatty foods that will help you lose weight.) And the candy aisle is just the start.

That’s why we’ve scoured the supermarket to find the secrets that food industry insiders don’t want you to know. Food waste is a widespread problem, so it’s natural to wonder who eats all the leftover food from the shows. This answer varies — some series, like the “Rachael Ray Show” donate the food to local charities, according to The Daily Meal.

Other shows give food to the competitors or to the production crew, according to Spoon University. The fast food universe is an interesting one. Every day, millions of customers walk into outposts of fast food chains all across the globe, place their order, and walk away with exact copies of the same dish folks are eating at (almost) every other location, all of which are assembled in. Each of the foods we eat has a history–a secret life that we know nothing about.

Find out all about it on The Secret Life Of. Explore the show on Food Network. Recently, The Dr. Oz Show aired an episode that addressed the “Secrets of the Fast Food Industry.” We had some questions about the episode, so we reached out to Dr. Sean O’Keefe, a food science professor at Virginia Tech.

Dr. O’Keefe originally helped us answer questions on Why Doesn’t Fast Food Spoil? Below, Dr.

O’Keefe has much to say about the episode and its inaccuracies. But behind the porcelain-veneer smiles churns a relentless machine that works very hard to make everything seem very casual. Take a look at some of the channel’s top selling points.

1. Each year, millions of tourists flock to Thailand in the hopes of interacting with Asian elephants. Travelers are lead to believe that these tourist traps are acceptable forms of entertainment.

List of related literature:

In2011, the ConAgra Foods senior leadership team,led by CEO Gary Rodkin, introduced our “Recipe for Growth”—a five-year, strategic roadmap for howwe operateour businessand deliver shareholder value with a goalto become the fastestgrowing foodcompany by 2017.

“ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition: The Definitive Reference for Training & Development” by Elaine Biech
from ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition: The Definitive Reference for Training & Development
by Elaine Biech
ASTD Press, 2014

These features aren’t meant to be comprehensive, telling you every possible detail about these foods—because that would require a book for each one.

“Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2016

Therefore, based on the current knowledge of acrylamide, the FDA has reemphasized its traditional advice to eat a balanced diet, choosing a variety of foods that are low in fat and rich in high-fiber grains, fruits, and vegetables.

“Introduction to Food Toxicology” by Takayuki Shibamoto, Leonard F. Bjeldanes
from Introduction to Food Toxicology
by Takayuki Shibamoto, Leonard F. Bjeldanes
Elsevier Science, 2009

It is significant that the list of implicated foods has changed very little over the past 10 years and, thus, consumer guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), FSIS, and FDA has changed very little.

“Listeria, Listeriosis, and Food Safety” by Elliot T. Ryser, Elmer H. Marth
from Listeria, Listeriosis, and Food Safety
by Elliot T. Ryser, Elmer H. Marth
CRC Press, 2007

* • Summary: Contains thirty articles compiled from the pages of Whole Foods magazine.

“History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
from History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
Soyinfo Center, 2019

To improve the reliability of the daily recall, the family can complete a food diary by recording every food and liquid consumed for a certain number of days.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition” by A. Judie
from Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition
by A. Judie
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

According to Hartman (2013), in 2013, the top attributes that made a food product good for health and wellness were the “ingredients added for special health benefits” and foods “higher in nutrients” such as whole grains.

“Handbook of Food Processing, Two Volume Set” by Theodoros Varzakas, Constantina Tzia
from Handbook of Food Processing, Two Volume Set
by Theodoros Varzakas, Constantina Tzia
CRC Press, 2015

In Sept. 1957, “Fred H. Hafner, GMI’s director of Marketing of Edible Proteins and Vitamins, suggested that MFM might find Toasted Soy Protein (TSP) a desirable source of protein for MPF.

“History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
Soyinfo Center, 2019

The cornerstone of the strategy was first laid by ConAgra Frozen Foods with its 1987 introduction of Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners.

“Building Strong Brands” by David A. Aaker
from Building Strong Brands
by David A. Aaker
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

have to list the amounts of the ingredients, and these also are well-kept trade secrets.

“Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat” by Marion Nestle, Malden Nesheim
from Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat
by Marion Nestle, Malden Nesheim
Atria Books, 2010

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Some mukbang videos help me hold off my hunger while I’m waiting for the food to be ready, or late at night when I can’t get a snack, and I sometimes watch them while I do eat!

  • Forgot to mention Landry’s owning Morton’s The Steakhouse to McCormick and Schmick’s along with Saltgrass Steak house to Chart House, Joe’s crab shack and more. That’s another group chain like Darden to Bloomin brands to Brinker. I was Just was thinking about my Morton’s The Steakhouse location in King of Prussia mall that got me thinking of Landrys missing in this video.

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  • Being grinded up alive I one of the things I would not wise on my own enemies well kinda and especially not animals. That may have put me off of eating chicken

  • yah bullshit they ‘lose money on hotdogs’ it’s a 60$ membership. how many hot dogs is one person buying a month? get outa here with that trash

  • I lost my job as a carer and it was as volanteer basis I did it to help and care. I lost my job and after being a member with costco for over 2 decades they deemed me a leper as I din not have a job. I paid with cash, or debit card each time. I realised what it was to be like being discriminated as I did not have a job due to COVID> Clap for cares bhoo to Costco. They would not bar a person if they were Gay, female Black, Muslim, Jewish but I just found out if your unemployed they will not give you membership. Well Amazon here I come. You do not care is I am unemployed. Have a far better returns policy and deliver to the door! With better prices. F.O Costco!

  • Didn’t expect to find myself in this video since I don’t make much mukbang videos anymore �� Btw at 2:19 that is Thai street food filmed in Bangkok.

  • No, please narrator, I love it when you narrate to us in a shouting, loud voice and that condescending tone where you talk to me like a five year old is a master touch! Please keep it up! Where’s the Tylenol….

  • Hahaha.. Dobre.. Ciekawe czy gdybym poprosiła o hamburgery z reklamy co by mi odpowiedzieli.. Dlatego nie oglądam i nie kupuję nic, co jest reklamowane…

  • Michael Jackson would of hated BLM. He was very much for peaceful protesting and togetherness. He believed in families and love this country. He was a gentle soul. He would see and call out the race baiters, the pedophiles and the deep state and media corruption. In fact look up his last speech be for he died. He believed in Generosity but was a believer in hard work and was a workaholic. An whether you believe he’s dead or in hiding we are all the worse in his absence.

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    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
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    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
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  • So, here’s a fun fact. The meat thing is a lie (in the US anyway). The FDA will not accept any meat that has trace amounts of antibiotics and steroids.

  • So, the Mukbangers that are “skinny” or ” fit” for example: Veronica Wang, Peggy Neo, or Eric the Electric ARE THEY or ARE THEY NOT just as bad in terms of showing their viewers bad eating habits? Alot of people around me think they aren’t because they “work off” the calories or are as “naturally thin” as Peggy Neo. I still think no human should consume what these people eat. When we see an “overweight” mukbanger people go in and crucify them. But shouldn’t the whole of the community be shitted on for eating overly excessive food despite their size? I just get the feeling after watching so many mukbangs that we don’t necessarily give “equal” treatment to all. I could be wrong…I just wonder.

  • I know that a lot has changed over the years. The mukbang now is no longer the same as it was before.

    (Overworked Asians)

    Back then when employees went home, they got so tired and exhausted that at the end of the day that they missed out their meals. The few people who managed to eat late at night did not enjoy their meal.

    They missed eating together with other people and having conversations with them.

    For Asians, meal time is a moment for social interaction. This is a cultural thing. It was more enjoyable to eat together with family, friends, and workmates. It eases the day’s burdens.

    (A Novel Concept)

    The original concept was for the tired workers to be healthy by encouraging a healthy eating habit, i.e. not missing out a meal.

    For the people who managed to eat late at night, it was to ease the loneliness of eating by themselves.

    It was meant to feel the semblance of togetherness: a meal time with a company; so that they could enjoy the moment.

    So that a person would not feel so lonely while they eat; so that they will be able to enjoy their meals; and that they ease the day’s stress by talking to another person.

    (The Birth of Mukbang)

    The mechanics was to eat NORMAL AMOUNTS of food, while talking as though you are having a NORMAL conversation with another person.

    Nothing new about that.

    The only difference is that you are talking to a person that is on another side of the screen. *aka the audience.

    Listening to other people talk while they live stream their meal was quite a new idea back then. But it gradually became a “thing”.

    The mukbang videos were relatable. Watching it was comfortable.

    (A different Mukbang: The Latter Years)

    Ideas change over time. There is no way to stop that. Any concept however novel it is can easily be manipulated into something different.

    As people got involved with the mukbang culture, the concept has drastically changed.

    Nowadays mukbang seems to have been twisted into a convoluted idea of gorging insane amounts of food.

    The bigger portion they eat, the more they think they do great. The more strange food they eat, the more interesting seem.

    Mukbang became a culture of documented eating habit that disregarded health.

    (Mukbang for the views; for the money)

    Online platforms like Youtube attracts people to make passive income.

    The mukbang culture has the potential to turn people who are healthy to do something which they do not usually do. It also gives an incentive to people who are already unhealthy to keep doing what the usually do, that is to eat execissive amounts or eat unhealthy types food in general.

    (Down the Rabbit Hole)

    The darker side is that it has become an avenue to glorify eating disorders and try to normalize it. The danger here is when people refuse to get help at the expense of their health because they are led to think that a disorder was no problem.

    I have watched a lot of mukbang videos and see this pattern all the time. I felt more disturbed but concerned about the people that make this video. I cringe at the mere mention of it.

    “Look at how this person eats. He/she is bulimic like me. This is so relatable.”

    “Oh he/she eats a lot more than I do and he/she looks fine and beautiful. Therefore I can eat more.”

    “Binge eating? I can do that and make a profit off of it. But I don’t want to ruin my figure. Oh, well I’ll just throw it up after the video.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t need help. Look at how he/she is. They look fine.”

    “He/She says they eat to lose weight. I’m going to try it.”

    (Making a Stand)

    Youtubers should be held accountable for their creations. They should be more responsible of the contents they put out in public. Children may see an example and try to emulate it. People with a disorder may misconstrue it and use it as an excuse not to get help. Adults maybe led to believe that eating unhealthy amounts of food for a long time is the new normal.

    Eating disorders should not be dismissed and be hidden in plain sight as though it did not exist. There is no shame in admitting that there is something not right. There are people who can help. Health matters. A good health is the foundation of well-being.

    Our responsibility as viewers is to sound the alarm when we see that something is not right. We can make the online community a better place.

    (Future outlook)

    More people have fallen into the trap of gluttony. That, I can’t do anything but feel sad for them.

    While it made me melancholic to see that the concept that I used to enjoy in the past has become convoluted into something I can no longer appreciate, there is hope.

    I saw some people out there (some youtubers) who keep the mukbang culture healthy albeit small. They are doing their best. If you see one of them, drop a comment and tell them how they make a difference, a good difference.

    I will keep hoping for the better and I will root for the people that make Youtube a better community.

    Thanks for reading up to this point.

  • Gluttony at it’s finest!..And that is NOT a good thing!.. I don’t usually press the dislike button but for the health of the general public, I was tempted to!. DO NOT try this at home! It’s sick!

  • My chicken is extremely freeway and she’s trained in adorable I love him a lot and anyone who else like slaughters him you’re dead so that you’re being tortured

  • All off as we need to know that covid 19 is FAKE. Wake up all of you, because it’s true. Just think about it. How can be 216 cases in ONE DAY. WAKE UP

  • i think it miss something here and it is the times it takes you to eat the thing. for instance, cooked kelp is so fast to eat that in the meantime you would eat a certain food, it would help you.

  • i am not fluent in korean, but i did take a few years in school so i do know how they teach 어 or the ‘uh/eo’ vowel to americans and english speakers. as you may notice, most eastern asian vowels are softer (ah, eh, ee, oh, ooh) as opposed to the american english (ay-ee ee, ah-ee, ohw, you). so once you have that down you are a step closer to korean vowels. The vowel in mukbang (먹방) is a cross between oh like ‘oh my gosh’ and uh in ‘um’ and ‘fun’. so, first drop the w sound at the end of “oh” so its just “o”. and then open your mouth wider and slightly longer so that your corners of your lips go more outward and apart. You notice the sound goes into a slight “uh”. that middle between uh and o is your goal. Similarly, practice going from saying ‘yuck’ to ‘yolk’ and find the perfect blend. Then, the m in mukbang is the same, and the k is a mix between ‘k’ and ‘g’ sound, its a soft k and sharp g. Thats it for muk. then bang is not bang bang like sound effects fireworks, or bangs as in hair. its the soft ah from earlier, that sounds more like the o in ‘hot’ or ‘soft’. think, awww cute without the w at the end so ah.

  • Las canciones de Michael Jackson son un clásico, creo que no hay alguien que deba morir sin escuchar al menos una canción de él:”)

  • Geeze some of them are harmful guys your selling food that can kill people just for more sales and money but with this your just gonna kill the people who buys your product eventually sales will drop ��

  • ¿Por qué disminuyen las vistas de billie Jean?

    La manera correcta de hacer stream es la siguiente:
    Reproducir Billie Jean
    Reproducir dos videos distintos de Mj
    Reproducir Billie Jean
    Reproducir otro video de Mj
    Reproducir un video que no sea de Mj
    Reproducir Billie Jean


    * Billie Jean se debe buscar desde la barra de búsqueda, no dando click si sale en recomendados.
    * El video debe reproducirse en pantalla completa y verse COMPLETO.
    * La calidad del video debe ser 480 o más.
    * Volumen mínimo del 50%
    * No se debe dar replay o refresh.

    Esto para que YT no congele o elimine visitas al pensar que se trata de bots.

  • But ammoina is not that dangerous we used it at one point as a antacid and as a nerve drug. But a few drops of ammoina in water will bring on sleeping feelings kinda like a weak Xanax.

  • Well if you don’t read the labelling in each product don’t say it is secret. Sugar is mentioned in the nutritional value table of each certified food.

  • people: “When you waste all the resources and turn to see that you cant eat money you’ll understand your greed”

    Greedy people: money is power, money is food your just mad because I dont share with you.

  • i had a stroke trying to read the title
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    i had a stroke trying to read the title
    i had a stroke trying to read the title
    i had a stroke trying to read the title

  • I’ve been watching them since the beginning of 2020. I’ve lost over 10 pounds. Eating healthy and watching people eat unhealthy lol

  • Starch isn’t really bad. Wax is edible and the cupcake part, that was gluten. They wouldn’t put synthetic fibers in your food dumbos. Do research

  • I can already tell that this video was made out of an American point of view because most of those additives and the corn syrup and stuff are forbidden by the European union.

  • Unbelievable, we as a humanity has stooged so low that it is unsettling, disgusting and unbearable. It is really choking me so much that I cant breathe. We were not made vicegerent on earth to be harsh on other beings but to be gentle and with them and one another. Certainly we are allowed by our Lord to eat some (not all) animals, but in moderation, only when we absolutely need it (preferably), if I am correct God has obligated on us to sacrifice an animal after reaching a ceratin age and in the correct way without torturing them, with a very sharp tool. Grinding poor little chicks is Barbaric, EVIL and even Satanic. Please everyone reading this, please pressurize your respective governments, leaders to take prompt action against these beasts. People can survive without food or Good food but we can never survive with torture and without mercy.:'( OH DEAR LORD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON THESE LITTLE SOULS:'(:'(:'(

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  • Can you please help me!? I have a little problem on my server and I need to make sure no one is hacking but I don’t want them to be able to know I am in spectator mode can you please help me!?

  • OMGCHAD where is baked potato on this scale? I have an abundance of baked potatoes so I was waiting on that result but didn’t get it �� please respond love your content!

  • 1) apples naturally produce wax
    2) you didn’t use fanta
    3) the “synthetic fiber” is gluten
    4) the mayonnaise turns purple because iodine reacts with starch
    5) no comment for the honey
    6) margarine made from palm oil in the video, has not enought emulsifiers that help to melt. If you try to add soap (that is like emulsifiers), margarine will melt
    7) noodles has space under because they need to expand with water
    8) if you add iodine to the cheese it becomes brown because, like mayonnaise, it reacts with starch

  • Why’s everybody so mad I actually think this is ALL so true like I remember watching mukbangs and asmr made me crave the food their eating, people don’t want to admit it or it’s the mukbangers second account who are spreading all the hate ��. Wow I never seen someone say that I’m actually really impressed finally someone who’s educated nice job on the video btw

  • most annoying voice ever. It’s a serious issue this vid feels like a vid aimed at 10 year old with all the cuts and movie extracts

  • the title oml
    0:43 y’all see the white stuff at the bottom of the muffin before they unwrapped it?
    i had a stroke trying to read the title


  • ugh, it is fine not being able to pronounce words from a different language (I probably do not pronounce mukbang correctly since I am only a beginner Korean speaker), but saying it has multiple pronunciations? That is just peak ignorance. You can just say mukbang in the way you pronounce it, but saying it has multiple pronunciation is just wrong and disrespectful to the Korean language. This is totally unacceptable.

  • Hey! Viewers of comments! Stop watching. This video’s a waste of time, it doesn’t tell you the untold truth of mukbang. It just tells you the very obvious statements of mukbang. Like how viewers like their hosts to eat unhealthy food. Everyone fking knows that. These people don’t know anything more about mukbang than we do. These videos come a dime a dozen and they can’t do extensive research on it so they’re as clueless as us. Stop watching:)

  • Korean mukbang YT eats alot of food and not gain weight? Cause they workout
    American YT eats alot of food and doesn’t workout thats why

  • Watching and listening to people eat makes me feel irrationally angry. Especially when they eat like savages, shoving food in their mouths as if they had been starving.

  • And that is why I am vegan. Shopping is not an easy task for me, as I always look at the label! It takes time! Believe me there are not that many products that are vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, gluten free and don’t have any nasty shit in them!!!!!!! People eat crap, that’s why they are sick. But Big pharma is really happy huge money flow never stops!

  • i had a stroke trying to read the title
    the title oml
    i had a stroke trying to read the title
    i had a stroke trying to read the title

  • I love the Farms video please do a similar video for experience points that would be awesome six months new to the game new to the channel thanks for all your help

  • The costco poutine is gross and when I tried it I got a fly in the gravy �� super gross. The pizza here is terrible too, but the chicken caesar is good. The polish sausage is good. The chicken fingers are dope.

  • the title oml
    the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
    the title oml
    the title oml
    0:43 y’all see the white stuff at the bottom of the muffin before they unwrapped it?

  • Actually americans were doing mukbang since the 50’s, there just wasn’t you tube back then. EXAMPLES: carnival pie eating contests, watermelon eating contests, crawdad eating contests,and the list goes on.

  • I know a couple mukbangers,they are bulimic, no seriously they make the videos eating tons of food then end the video and puke it all up

  • I used to work for Costco. This video is a great ad but otherwise pointless, no secrets at all but definitely lacks research and contains wrong information.
    Membership makes up the bulk of Costco earnings, for example, that’s why the customer service is expected to be top class beyond reproach by all levels of management. The profit on any item is no more than 14% at most (over their purchase price from manufacturer).
    The price of the hotdog will never be changed regardless of how much loss it makes. This is something said by the founder of Costco.
    Shepherds Pie is served at all stores across the UK, what inspired you to say Wales specifically?
    Most KS products (not counting ancillary) are made by their brand-name counterparts, like Duracell make the KS batteries.
    Each department has a store card and can buy things from the floor if needed, for example the cafe actually buys the pastries from the bakery (they aren’t made specially as stock) or the deli can buy sandwhich ingredients if they have an emergency shortage etc.
    Croissants are actually prepared in France, frozen and shipped to stores for baking (can’t speak about the specifics of each country though).
    Also, Costco now has a very successful store in Shanghai and intends to open another in China within the next year or two (global health crisis allowing).

  • BabbleTop: lists multiple ways of pronouncing “mukbang”, amongst the correct version.
    Also BabbleTop: proceeds to choose the wrong way for the rest of the video.

    Feels like not a lot of research was gone into this video as they can’t even get the correct, Korean pronunciation right.




  • Yup, I was stationed in South Korea and used my Costco card membership from Hawaii. Wasn’t even expecting to find a Costco there lol

  • 진화된 종족이 많을수록 서포터해야할게 많아지니 이는 서포터는 죽음이 아니라 효율의 최소화로 인해서 나오는 산소의 늘림을 말하는 신체의 분류를 의미합니다. 그러나 이를 실행할 수 없음 때도 존재하기에 컴퓨터화가 필요하였으며 컴퓨터화는 모두 다 일을 하고 있음을 의미합니다.

  • first things first… do y‘all even know the concept of a Top 10 video??? and what kind of fucked up research has been done here???

  • I thought they starved themselves the whole day so when they were gonna make a mukbang they could eat alot because they were really hungry ��

  • what I want to know is: how to do some of these mukbang youtuber stay skinny, some of them upload several days a week so does that mean they eat servers days a week junkfood?

  • We buy our chicken from a dedicated chicken butcher and the flavor is night and day compared to grocery store chicken. Otherwise, I don’t buy fresh meats that do not carry the USDA logo; not to be confused with the label of a lot of letters.

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  • This was incredibly informative! Thanks for explaining the behind-the-scenes of getting hungry. Very nice overview, and I appreciate the work you put it to explain this to me. Well done.

  • Hi guys, I’m Kenny. I’m starting a mukbang channel. Hope you can show support by viewing my recent vid, liking or become my subscriber. Will be speaking in English in my videos soon. Keep safe!

  • Muy cierto. En Macdonald te ofrecen en foto una gran hamburguesa con dos tortas y cuando te la dan solo una torta de carne trae. Igual en otros restaurantes pancakes grandes te ofrecen y te sirven unos delgados pankeques. Todo es publicidad barata.

  • Change the title to “55 SHOCKING SECRETS OF THE FOOD INDUSTRY YOU DON’T KNOW”. Also, natural ice cream mostly doesn’t contain lactose. I can eat products that contain sugar, but only that sugar that is in the food naturally because I have an intestine infection (that means I can’t eat products with added sugar). This quite rare condition has “recommended” me to eat xylitol.

  • In Canada they’re a lot stricter about antibiotics, as of 2018, you have to a vet prescription for a medical reason for beef antibiotics and all food animals have to go through a withdrawal period before slaughter and have the meat tested for residue (this includes imported meat) or it’s not allowed to be sold. Also most grocery stores here now sell antibiotic free meat, if you check the labels

  • i had a stroke trying to read the title
    i had a stroke trying to read the title
    the title oml
    the title oml
    0:43 y’all see the white stuff at the bottom of the muffin before they unwrapped it?

  • How do you have so many subscribers?? Who actually can sit through 15 minutes of essentially advertisements narrated by some lady with an extremely annoying, nasally, Midwest sounding Accent..



    Holy crap lady get a grip.

  • By the way, I love the mini debate that’s occurring in the comments.. but I know who’s side I’m on
    the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
    the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same

  • O MJ era muito talentoso, e eu fico muito triste em saber que esse talento se foi junto com a alma dele…
    Eu sou ARMY, e amo as músicas do MJ.
    Ah, e como ARMY eu quero agradecer por todo apoio que os fãs do MJ estão dando para os meninos.
    Iremos tentar retribuir da melhor forma possível.
    Somos imensamente gratas a todos os fãs do MJ. ❤️

    English version

    MJ was very talented, and I am very sad to know that this talent is gone along with his soul…
    I’m ARMY and I love MJ’s songs.
    Oh, and as ARMY I want to thank you for all the support that MJ fans are giving to the boys.
    We will try to give back in the best possible way.
    We are immensely grateful to all MJ fans. ❤️

  • Often the people at the door will just let you in if you tell them you’re going to the food court. It’s in a separate area than the rest of the merchandise anyways. But dang do I miss my membership

  • Esta canción ME REENCANTAAAAAA!!
    Gracias a las fans de este precioso por apoyar a ARMY y nosotros a ustedes se merecen mucho mas, gracias

  • Chad: “Suspicious stew is inconvenient to carry around because it doesn’t stack”

    Shulker box: “Am I a joke to you?” (It allows the stew to stack to 27)

  • i had a stroke trying to read the title
    the title oml
    the title oml
    the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
    the title oml

  • Obra de Arte de MICHAEL JACKSON feita aqui no BRASIL!!! FICOU ETERNIZADA!!!

    Work of Art by MICHAEL JACKSON made here in BRAZIL!!! IT WAS ETERNALIZED!!!

  • Well, let’s talk about this.

    00:10 Apples, pears, oranges and other fruit form a natural layer of wax on their surface as they grow. They use this to protect them form insects. The fruit are properly washed durning processing which removes the wax layer. A new layer of beeswax is applyed in the factory. It is a necessary part to preserve the fruit and make them look nicer. The wax is in no way harmful.
    00:27 It is no secret that conventional fruit juices only contain only a small amount of real squeezed fruit. (3 15% tops) The rest is water, suggar, food dyes and preservatives. If you didn’t know that, you should pay more attention in your life. Preservatives are in most foodstuffs we consume today.
    00:45 What we see here is called gluten. Cupcakes (and many other pastries) are made from wheat flour. Wheat, rye, spelt, barley, oat and other types of grain contain gluten. It is a natural protein that causes flour to turn into dough if water is added. It also creates large air bubbles inside white bread as it is baked. As can probably imagine the cupcake is a kind of pastry made form wheat but the gluten has not entirely reacted with water -> the cupcake isn’t fluffy, it’s sticky and still more simmilar to dough. If you grind away the already reacted dough while adding water, you end up with a large amount pure reacted gluten. It’s stick and forms strings as you pull it apart. It’s also 100% natural. The food industry doesn’t have any kind reason to put synthetic fiber into dough, thinking about this stuff will make you paranoid.
    01:15 The next experiment shows how iodine reacts with starch. Starch is a natrural polysaccharide made up of large monosaccharide chains. It’s basically sugar and not harmful. Classical mayonnaise consists of protein large amount. Egg yolk, seasoning and oils are fundamental ingredients. Factory-made mayonaise, especially low-fat mayonnaise needs thickener such as starch to make up for no proteins. Starch is also found in other natural foods like potatoes and rice. It is not harmful just because it turns purple when reacting with iodine.
    01:30 This one is my favorite. Honey doesn’t have a genetic memory. Honey doesn’t contain any kind of genetics. Honey is floral nectar that has been “modified” by bees, it’s a very interesting topic that I won’t get into but the point is that there is no genetical information stored inside. So far we have also failed to produce honey artificially. Companies do however add sugars and starch in some products. This can cause changes in texture but a simple test like shown in the video does not determine anything. Both types of honey could have added sugars and only a serious lab analysis can deliver legitimate results.
    02:15 Butter and margarine are completely different foods and there is no secret to that. They do look simmilar and thats about it. It’s not shocking.
    02:45 This experiment has been done earlier and is no surprise. Food dye serves no point but it isn’t harmful either. The only shocking thing about soft drinks is the amount of added sugar.
    03:18 As you probably know the dry noddles will float up if you pour water in. Just by the way the clump moves around it is obvious how large it really is. No surprise there. It’s also fine because once the noodles have absorbed water almost the entire cup is filled with noodles.
    03:32 Same experiment as we saw earlier. No comment.

    Everybody knows that we should all change they way we eat but this video was made to scare you. Don’t believe everything you see.

  • I get curious but I don’t get hungry. I love seeing people eat the food I prepare at home also. My personality is Definitely Foodie but I’m in My 30’s So I’ll Leave the Mukbangs to The Pros lol

  • Monsanto are responsible for getting the law changed to include copyright ownership and patent over living organisms which is a slippery slope back to slavery.

  • the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
    the title oml
    the title oml
    the title oml
    the title oml
    0:43 y’all see the white stuff at the bottom of the muffin before they unwrapped it?

  • Michael Jackson was, is, will be, will have been always the coolest, man! I mean shamone! why isn’t there They Don’t Care About Us merchendise as of yet? His outfits are simple but insane, man! And, boy, did he prove that he doesn’t always to be in glittering suits and jackets to look cool! All he wanted to say that he’s one of them poor humble humans living in the slums of Brazil and the world. I love you, man!

    P.S. I hate all that is modern now: Billie Eilish; Justin Beiber and the other fools.

    Forever, Michael, man! Forever, Michael.

  • This is really shocking!
    The people should stop buying junks!
    Regarding the butter and margarine it is very very easy to notice if the butter is with margarine just when you taste it. Its easy to find the difference.
    I was 105kg and stopped drinking soda drinks and stopped eating processed food and snacks and without limiting diet I dropped to 79kg for 3 months.
    Notice in my culture we eat a lot of bread, we eat seceral slices of bread with each dish. Soup with bread, steak with bread, fish with bread… Anything with bread and even some People watermelon with cheese and bread.
    And I eat like to eat but 90% eat cooked Food.

  • That pronunciation makes it sound like a disease. Also it isn’t impressive to me when fat people do it. It’s like “we figured you do that”. When Eric the electric does it, it’s unexpected.

  • “55 SHOCKING SECRETS FOOD INDUSTRY YOU DOESN’T KNOW” shocking secrets food industry ‘you doesn’t know’.. the logic and grammar is a zero people…
    Also, read trinkCOKEorDIE’s comment, and you wouldn’t have these stupid ideas of people trying to, “hurt or kill” their customers with. If they wanted to, “kill us” then wouldn’t there be viral videos and websites and bull crap on that? Try harder next time..

  • How to never be hungry:
    Carry 64 bowls
    64 of both mushrooms
    64 blue orchid or dandelion
    And one slot empty
    Make suspicious stew whenever you are hungry. The End

  • i had a stroke trying to read the title
    i had a stroke trying to read the title
    the title oml
    the title oml
    0:43 y’all see the white stuff at the bottom of the muffin before they unwrapped it?

  • damn….
    my hatred for human greed grows every day.
    these creatures sacrifice their lives so that we can live, and this is how we treat them?
    take control of crop production, kill off the natural pollinators, horrendously mistreat the animals from birth to death….
    it doesn’t have to be like this, and it shouldn’t be.
    humanity, get an effing grip on your selfishness, greed, overconsumption and cruelty.

  • i had a stroke trying to read the title
    the title oml
    the title oml
    0:43 y’all see the white stuff at the bottom of the muffin before they unwrapped it?

  • the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
    the title oml
    the title oml
    i had a stroke trying to read the title
    the title oml

  • the title oml
    the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
    the title oml
    the title oml
    0:43 y’all see the white stuff at the bottom of the muffin before they unwrapped it?

  • I’m sure some of them binge and purge too let’s not lie it’s glorified obesity AND bulimia prove me wrong…. people will do ANYTHING for QUICK cold hard cash nowadays

  • I wish i had a costco nearby the only thing we have similar to costco is sams club but hey i gotta be honest sams club pizza slaps

  • COLESLAW!!! Not ‘Cold slaw’. I’m down with the annoying voice too. (insert ears bleeding emoji here). �� 13:47 this woman attacks her food like it’s about to escape.

  • Um… many Mukbang actually eat very healthy food and only sometimes change it up a bit. But sushi, veggies, seafood and many Asian dishes are so much healthier than this video makes it seem.

  • First few are fine but I see that after a while they sneak in some bs, like that microwaving fresh herbs to get dried spices that are clearly store bought, I mean COME ONE I cringed so hard my teeth almost cracked

  • All of my friends get mad at me for not growing up on minecraft, thus not knowing anything when we play lol so I really am grateful and appreciate this and your dedication dude thanks

  • Could you not just bring the stackable ingredients for suspicious stew with you? one bowl and then three stacks of ingredients, as you don’t need a crafting table to make it. It has 7.4 saturation by default, so having the other status effects could make it an even better food, giving you the benefits of potions early game

  • You don’t need a Costco membership for the food court, even if the food court is indoors. Just tell them you are going to customer service to get a membership but instead just walk straight to the food court and place your order. When you pay for your food they don’t ask you for your membership card. They don’t accept credit cards though so make sure you have cash.

  • ARMY está aquí para apoyar a Michael <3 admiro mucho a Michael y amo su música, su fandom son un amor, muchas gracias por su ayuda <33

  • To all of you guys complaining about the American lady saying mukbang in an American accent:
    I hope you pronounce Italian foods, like mozzarella, calzone, pizza and etc as they’re originally pronounced. Don’t use your own accent ever because OMG how cringe right?
    Get a life, damn it

  • I always knew those commercials were fake, when I went to buy an ice cream at milky lane They gave me something that didn’t look like the ice-cream I asked for

  • the title oml
    Almost all the videos of 5 minutes crafts are same
    the title oml
    the title oml
    the title oml
    the title oml

  • Costco has the best pizza. Hands down. I prefer Costco pizza over the chain pizzas��. You don’t have to have a membership to go into the eatery. Or to use the pharmacy.

  • 5:52 if food court inside me and brother just walk in casually to the food court and this trick always work just walk through small door

  • Watching these videos help with my appetite loss( due to lupus) & encourages me to eat more, but have to watch my cholesterol which runs in the family.

  • They have no use for male chicks so they throw them straight to the grinder
    If product manufacturers are reading this, Shame on you

  • In my opinion every noodles has space in the bottom for purpose…. it’s purpose is to have water underneath to cook the noodles if it is full the noodles will not be cooked that’s the purpose.

    Like if you agree
    Read more

  • You told the original story of mukbang wrong. Not only does your research seem lazy, but your pronounciation shows you took little care to find actual facts and details. So thumbs down. Poorly made, and influencing ignorance to others.

  • I used worked at Costco in the food court. They said, “part of the Pizza making process is automated.” Yea, pretty much the only thing the “pizza makers” do is put on the toppings and spread out the cheese, everything else is done by machines.

  • 5:48 I dunno which cooked sausage is made like this, but in Germany it mostly contains 95% meat. Mostly pig fat and generally pig meat but yeah I really am sorry if the sausage there where you live is made out of shit.

  • No entiendo, porque lo tuvieron que destruir, enserio este señor aparte de sus valiosás letras era un extraordinario ser humano y artista…

  • Army �� hagámoslo por el Rey del pop…
    Que al igual que nuestros chicos uso su voz para dar un mensaje… Al mundo…!!!!!!
    Agregado que su música es la mejor…

  • Army from Brazil in support of views for Michael Jackson’s videos. Watch the entire video clip. Bilie Jean 1B. Armys strength!

    Army de Brasil en apoyo de las visualizaciones de los videos de Michael Jackson. Vea el videoclip completo. Billie Jean 1B. Fuerza del Armys!

    Army do Brasil em apoio a views para os vídeos de Michel Jackson. Assistam a todo videoclipe.
    Billie Jean 1B! Força Armys!

  • There are two types of mukbangers, those who doesn’t care for if they die eating junk foods and doesn’t exercise and those who does eat a lot but they exercise and maintain a healthy diet. The first one are mostly American mukbangers, most of them(sorry if this may sound offensive) are fat and loves to stir drama(Nik and Trisha) and the Second one are a mix of Korean mukbangers and some american mukbangers(like veronica wang).

  • I have a suggestion 4 the next vid-bringing a shulker to the nether
    The reason I want that vid is because I live in a stronghold(far away from 0,0) and want to get the shulker to my base via nether and not have to travel a billion blocks on a flying thing(8 blocks in overworld=only 1 in nether)
    and im gonna say this vid is great

  • Acho que esse foi ums dos feat’s mais aleatório que já vi.
    Michael JacksonXOlondum
    Mas e umas das parceria mais perfeita do Rei do pop.

  • So yes most was accurately portrayed but the chickens was off not the chick grinder the rest of it. Your portrayal of all chickens as the broiler breed was well done but leaves open misinterpretation. Broiler chickens are what you said but, they are not the only breed used sooo yeah good tug on the old heart strings but you didn’t fool me.

  • You didn’t account for the fact that some foods can be eaten after your hunger bar is full. Chorus fruits and honey are somewhat cheat and you can get max saturation even after hunger bar is full.