The Risks of Eating Ultra-Junk Foods


Are Ultra-Processed Foods Really That Bad For You?

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Classifying ultra-processed foods to improve health outcomes worldwide

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Mayo Clinic Minute: What are ultraprocessed foods?

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The Problem With Ultra-Processed Foods? They’re Delicious.

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Over 50 percent of U.S. diet made up of “ultra-processed” foods

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Why “ultra-processed” foods pose health hazards

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The dangers of ultra processed foods

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Research links ultra-processed foods to a number of health problems. People who eat more of the stuff are more likely to be obese, and have diabetes, heart disease, and vascular disease. Ultra-processed foods contain a lot of unhealthy saturated fat, sodium and added sugar and none of the vitamins, minerals and fiber found in whole foods. It’s not surprising that overindulging in ultra-processed foods leads to weight gain, but the number on. Health Risks of Heavily Processed Foods.

There are many potential health effects of ultra processed foods, including: Increased cancer risk. A five-year study of over 100,000 people found that every 10 percent increase in consumption of ultra processed food was associated with a 12 percent higher risk for cancer. Too much sugar, sodium and fat. And the short answer is: What they call “Ultra-Processed Foods” leave out a whole bunch of good stuff that “normal” food has, And also put back in a ton of extra stuff you don’t need, like Sugar, Salt, Saturated Fats, and Food-Additives, All of which resulted in people who eat them having a higher risk of early-mortality. One study linked eating more than four daily servings of ultra-processed foods to a 62% higher risk of premature death compared to eating little or none of these foods.

The other tied every 10. Scientific research has investigated associations between levels of consumption of UPFs and health outcomes. Increased consumption of UPFs led to greater eating rate and weight gain than the unprocessed foods, in spite of the Cancer Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease The Unseen Dangers of Ultra-processed Food8.

When people ate a diet full of ultra-processed foods, they consumed more calories and gained more weight than when they ate a minimally processed diet. The results suggest the importance of identifying and eating healthy foods. Eating high amounts of processed meat over a long period may increase the risk of many chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. Nitrite, N-Nitroso Compounds and Nitrosamines N-nitroso.

These foods have already been associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, cancer, and obesity. Ultra-processed foods are typically packaged snacks, desserts, breads, ready-to-eat. Two recent studies that are still ongoing detail the longterm effects of ultra-processed.

The studies link foods considered “ultra-processed” to an increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.

List of related literature:

Most food poisoning incidents are attributed to Bacillus species and are associated with B. cereus; this bacteria is known to cause a variety of non-GIT diseases as well as two different types of food poisoning, which are characterized by either diarrhea or emesis (Granum and Lund, 1997; Kotiranta et al., 2000).

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In visticikā, the gut contents are expelled through vomiting and purgation; this is similar to what happens in individuals whose dosas in the stomach are perturbed by overeating.

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Eating raw and undercooked ground beef and drinking unpasteurized milk are the major sources of food poisoning that causes many problems such as diarrhea and abdominal muscle cramps and occasionally leads to kidney failure by causing hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

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Eating raw fish or shellfish,foods containing raweggs (such ashomemade eggnog or Caesar salad dressing),foodthat was cannedimproperly, or foodfrom damagedcans canalso leadtofood poisoning.

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If an average meat eater or a child fed mostly on starchy foods accidentally eats too freely of good, sweet fruits, a “revolution” in the alimentary canal, with diarrhea usually sets in (extreme cases are called dysentery (cholera), and fever is caused through the increased fermentation.

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Hugeeconomic losses are caused by visible growth of spoilage moldson food such as bread, but even greater concerns are the health hazards associated with the presence of mycotoxins (Arroyo, Aldred, and Magan, 2005).

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The toxin caused a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bone marrow destruction, hemorrhaging, and death (Bullerman and Bianchini 2007).

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Exceptions include botulism (which causes constipation rather than diarrhea), paralytic shellfish poisoning, long-acting mushroom poisoning, Shiga toxin-producing E. coli infections, and typhoid fever, all of which can result in significant morbidity and mortality in previously healthy people.

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Intestinal taeniosis is usually contracted as the result of consumption of raw or undercooked meat, liver, or viscera, and may cause abdominal discomfort, nausea, weight loss, and occasionally more severe symptoms such as intestinal perforation and peritonitis (Dorny et al., 2009).

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Cyclosporiasis can cause an enteritis, which typically presents as diarrhoea and abdominal cramps, and is most often acquired through (human) faecal contamination of raw fruit and vegetables.

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  • This video was on the CBS morning news. Please watch pay attention to what the doctor says, about how the processing removes many or all natural ingredients and replaces them with sugar and chemicals. Mostly for profit not Health. To see the results of this look at our obesity problem in the USA or check the prayer list of any church. Most of us have known this for years and did little about it! Wake up! America!

  • telling people to eat healthy food that tastes like crap
    and takes longer to make is why this is still a problem.

    people don’t want to lose convenience or enjoyment.

    if you are unable to find an equal substitute, people wont change or budge in the slightest.

  • They say it’s bad because of the high amounts of sugar and sodium in many ultra processed food. And they contain hydrogenated oils or vegetable oils which are bad for us.

  • replacing? the replacement is done. Everything is made to keep us unhealthy and fat. it is to the point of joke as even alot of claimed to be healthy foods are not often too healthy. Obesity is out of control.

  • Girls, while horror is happening in the world with this coronavirus, I suggest that you and I take care of ourselves! Here is my way

  • Hey Dr Perry loving the videos I find your critical appraisal to be very accurate and highly insightful. On the topic of processed foods I wonder have you considered the possibility that the foods have lower levels of satiation. Subsequently participants consumed more?

  • Don’t eat high salt, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, nitrates, and concentrated juice. Do eat whole foods, raw nuts, milk alternatives, less animal flesh, more beans. Guaranteed, you will loose bad cholesterol, loose weight, have more energy, and this is also proven to help save Mother Earth…

  • Basically all I eat is ultra-processed food. Can confirm, not a healthy person by any means. But I don’t know what to do about it.

  • i fucking hate when people say something isnt always created equally… do you really think thats funny? its a pun towards racism……

  • they eat more of Ultra-Processed coz it has more sugars in it, therefore after 3 hours period blood sugar drop more then from less sugar foods, this drop tells brain that it needs to eat and those people did exactly that. life example on a day when you ate 300 grams of cake after 4 hour you want more of it, on days when no cake eaten before you dont want it so desperately.

  • salt, sugar, and transfats? Really? you’re not going to mention preservatives, all the equivalents to MSG that are stuffed in food labeled NO MSG on technicalities? What about Nitrates and Nitrites? Soybean and cottonseed oil? Hydrogenated fats? Various metal compounds? Enriched flour even? How is this article the slightest bit informative? This was supposed to be about ultra-processed foods, but instead we got a health news flash from a decade ago. Oh have you heard? we have portable phones now. They can do amazing things. Brought to you by DNews. So informative.

  • thumbs down for your jump on the pasteurized bandwagon. Food isn’t handled like it was 100 years ago, read the facts. Raw milk is best.

  • This is how Idiots remain idiots…. Pasteurazation kills healthy nutrients in Milk making it a crap food stupid media branwashing idiots..

  • So this is bad������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������☕️����������������������������✔️

  • Make your own pizza, burger, anything! You know exactly what the hell you are putting into that burger and it literally taste a billion times better.

  • We should definitely stop eating junk food… ALSO, People that eat chocolate once a week show better cognitive performance.

    That transition had me cracking up. ��

    I’ve been preparing dinner for myself since I was 16 years of age, not even once was I tempted by the easy way out. �� (I must add I’ve been fortunate enough to ‘ve been ‘cursed’ with a distaste for junk food. Once a month at most, otherwise I just know I’ll be sick the next day.)

    The only processed food on my plate are the sauces I use to marinate my meat.

  • I love traveling to other countries because in most places they don’t have so many ultra processed foods. My friend traveled with me and was shocked that the bacon and orange juice tasted different. I told him to Google hour bacon and orange juice are allowed to be processed in the US. He was shocked at what he found.

  • ahahahaaha, The ignorance is soooooo real… did any of the dozens of people all blabbing about this is wrong, that is wrong, actually research nutrition? I come from a line of Hollistic Nutrionist, chefs, homeopathic doctors, and am a chef and nutriotinist, and have studied biochemistry and genetics. With that I can tell you all that you know NOTHING about how nutrition works in the body and the effects diets and changes have. Its really eyeopening and worth EVERYONES time to go research hollistic medicine, studies, and the numerous numerous diseases and ailments that can be avoided or even CURED with knowledge about whats going in your body AND how it is processed through your body in ALL stages. IF you care about your body and your health, then actually do something about it

  • Longevity studies show protein is the biggest problem. Eat a high carbohydrate low protein low fat diet preferably vegan and unprocessed foods. Studies on mice extended life by 40% using starchy staple foods. Caloric restriction actually harmed the high carbohydrate low protein low fat group whereas it benefitted the high protein diet group. The high protein diet group lived dramatically shorter lives due to deaths from many causes (e.g. degenerative diseases plus cancer). High protein diet also made the mice leaner and stronger but again shorter lives. High carb diet made them chunkier due to desire to compensate for lower protein.

  • Any food is altered.
    When you Kill an amimal for its meat. you are altering the animal
    When you break an egg to eat something inside. its altered too.
    infact even TIME alters food from Fresh to Stale.

    All your food is alterd at all times

  • Vague and misleading presentation. Never touched the reasons why somethings maybe harmful, never mentioned the potentially bad carbs or fats, created an entire category, vaguely defined, and labeled in ‘unhealthful’ with no actual reasons as to why.

  • If you only eat one large McDonalds burger a day with all it’s extra bad stuff, and take nutrient supplements, isn’t there still a good balance in your diet? A lot of these facts are based on typical 3 meal a day diets where ‘super processed’ foods and people who will become unhealthy from prolonged increase in the ‘bad stuff’, but actually the bad stuff is pretty much just good stuff we have too much of, so just consume less to make up for it?

  • Just be a vegetarian, fruits are cheap, sweet, and healthy for you.

    Legumes gives great protein per gram, as well as carbs and fibre. It’s a miracle plant food imo.

    I guess egg-whites are good, and egg yolks are pretty good for vitamin B12 as well.. so, select what you eat. You can stay healthy and save money, just have to educate yourself on cooking imo.

  • It doesn’t help if almost 90% of the food at the supermarket is bad for you. Not to mention to eat healthy it will cost way more time and money. What foods have a lot fiber?

  • wow was not expecting the like meter to look like that

    dislike for you hardly touching on the topic of your question, breezing by the answer so fast i doubt hardly anyone watching would know you said it which is

    “No ultra-processed food is healthful(helpful?).” its not even a clear statement! healthful a fucking word? how about “No ultra-processed food is HEALTHY” ffs m8

  • Your letting me down D news! Processed food is horrible for you!! And you know this! Natural organic vegan is the only way we will evolve to the next stage of enlightenment. We must stop killing.

  • So great to witness an unbiased (ie. unsponsored) and truthful explaination of diet that ultimately promotes a holistic smorgasbord.

  • its shocking how many of you in the comments care about other peoples choices, do we all have to be exactly the same? cant we look past petty differences?

  • Girls, while horror is happening in the world with this coronavirus, I suggest that you and I take care of ourselves! Here is my way

  • How is this even a question. The fact that people question if fake, dead, and processed foods are bad for you is scary. People are waking up though. The propaganda and mind control on society isn’t working.

  • Anyone else feel like this classification change is more political than is let on? I won’t disagree with much of the findings, but I question if the classification do more justice. As with before they were split, no processed food is the same.

  • Convenience, cost, and for groceries its shelf life. I’d love to have fresh fruits and veggies ready to eat and prepare regularly… but they’re spoiled in a week! I may not have time or energy to cook every single day nor do I want to keep running to the store to get groceries every single week or few days. I don’t have the time. So frozen stuff, canned stuff, and stuff with a long shelf life works for me right now. I may only cook 2-3 times in a week because of my limited time between getting home and bed time after work. I’d hate for all those fresh veggies and fruits to go to waste… I need to make more money in my life so I could hire a personal chef.

  • What sucks is eating healthy makes you feel so much better, honestly. But I must warn, I no longer produce the enzymes necessary to eat pretty much any processed food without getting the shits. It’s also a great reminder when the food you eat comes out of your face (Acne). Your bodies little message to you to change.

  • Some people will always refuse to believe the evidence in sight of a conspiracy theory so really who cares it’s their body let it get destroyed.

  • Ur so pretty, but I couldn’t help but notice ur uneven eye liner. Hear me out here, u hav geougeous brown eyes and ur eye liner goes amazingly with it, but if u make ur eye liner even u will b even prettier and more presentable xx love you��

  • So if I buy pasta, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, and make a soup, it’ll be healthier than a can of soup with the exact same ingredients? I think the term “Ultra-processed” also has too broad a definition. When I buy fresh foods I ultra-process it before I eat it. it’s called cooking. Also under this definition a prepackaged salad is ultra-processed.

    we need more nuance when it comes to healthy eating. What are the chemicals my body needs? What’s the minimum and maximum amount of these chemicals needed to keep me healthy? And how does lifestyle and body type affect the former two questions? (note: a chemical is a purified substance. water is a chemical)

    If you know the details of why and when food becomes bad for you you can eat healthy at McDonald’s.

  • ok, i eat a ton of processed foods, i ate a ton of snacks over my lifetime, granted my body is not in great shape at all, but not one fat cell (im skinny as a rail), and everything that is wrong either came from too much soda (calcium loss bad), or not taking care of other parts of my body. So these types of “tests” did not include people like me when they looked into what people eat, and have happen to them after (years after).