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The main variance you’ll see with real dairy milk is the fat content, which is required to be listed on the container or label. The amount of milk fat affects the calories and fat content, but does not affect the other nutrients. That means eliminate milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream for two weeks and see if you feel better. You should notice improvements with your sinuses, post-nasal drip, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, energy, and weight. Then start eating dairy again and see how you feel.

If you feel worse, you should try to give it up for life. 4. You may want to stop eating dairy immediately if you have a genetic risk of breast or prostate cancer. Unfortunately, hormone-treated cows pass on hormones through their milk to humans.

Hormones in milk can affect both the male and female risks for cancers. In women, ovarian cancer risk is higher among those who consumed milk with hormones and in men, the risk for prostate cancer went up with milk. Dairy may also trigger adult acne. have linked acne to skim and low fat milk.

This may be due to milk’s influence on certain hormones, including insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1. Milk makes you fat. In 2005, the Harvard School of Public Health had this to say on the consumption of dairy products: “Three glasses of low-fat milk add more than 300 calories a day.

This is a real issue for the millions of Americans who are trying to control their weight. Milk is an animal protein and shouldn’t be mixed with other protein items There is a reason why they say, ‘you are what you eat’. You may be extremely particular about your daily diet and exactly. Cow’s milk calcium, known as re4 calcium is unable to assimilate into the body but it has to go somewhere so it ends up depositing into the joints which causes various forms of arthritis.

There are several forms of calcium, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride and calcium citrate. Calcium citrate is absorbable into the body. Why is real, raw milk a good thing for farmers?

In the conventional dairy system, farmers receive about $12 per hundredweight of milk, less than their operating costs. This is why small and medium dairy farms are going out of business at such a high rate—in 2002, dairy farms went out of business at the rate of 16 per day. And hence, there are high chances that the child might get hurt, as feeding hot breast milk can lead to burns.Moreover, microwaving also kills a lot of immunological factors and other.

Solid foods aren’t as nutritious as breast milk or formula. Solid food can be lower in good nutrition and higher in calories, which can cause obesity. Solid foods are harder to swallow.

A baby may not be developed enough to swallow solid food properly before the age of 6 months.

List of related literature:

First, pasteurization does not result in loss of nutrients; unpasteurized milk does not provide nutritional benefits while presenting risk of illness, or even death, in young children.

“Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book” by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
from Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book
by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
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Most of us grew up being told that milk was good for you, so it’s hard for us to imagine that milk might actually pose health risks or that alternative sources of nutrition might be better.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition
by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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The living enzymes in raw milk are necessary to allow organic calcium to hitch a ride to the bones and teeth; so pasteurization destroys even more of the nutritional value and changes the organic minerals into elemental minerals, a form that is toxic to the body.

“The Hallelujah Diet” by George H. Malkmus, Peter Shockey, Stowe Shockey
from The Hallelujah Diet
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The rationale treatment of this disease may require changing food regularly because of allergenic sensitization: when breast milk is not available or not advisable, any hypoallergenic and palatable substitute should resemble the nutritional characteristics of human milk.

“Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences” by John W. Fuquay, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox
from Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences
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Most of us grew up being told that milk was good for you, so it’s hard for us to imagine that milk may actually pose health risks or that alternative sources of nutrition might be better.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition
by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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Additionally, many people choose to consume only nondairy milk because their digestive systems cannot break down lactose, the sugar found in cow’s milk (this condition is called “lactose intolerance”).

“Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar” by Cathy Fisher
from Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar
by Cathy Fisher
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It is difficult to be precise with numbers, but the evidence I see points to well over half the people who have previously been unable to tolerate “ordinary’ milk, because of conditions such as nausea, bloating and eczema, now finding that they are able to digest A2 milk.

“Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and Politics of A1 and A2 Milk” by K. B. Woodford
from Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and Politics of A1 and A2 Milk
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Although a mother’s milk maintains its quality even when nutrient intake is suboptimal, the woman feels the effects of eating poorly, possibly affecting her immune system, and feeling tired with less energy.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book
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It may act as an encouragement to consumers to actually switch to low-fat milk rather than reduce milk consumption in their diet, if it can be shown that the initial sensory barriers to the product can be overcome.

“Advanced Dairy Chemistry-2: Lipids” by P. F. Fox
from Advanced Dairy Chemistry-2: Lipids
by P. F. Fox
Elsevier Applied Science, 1992

Because of this my mother didn’t feel comfortable about letting me risk it outside, but said I should use this time to keep on with the milk for another month or two and really get my strength back.

“The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature” by Joseph S. M. Lau, Howard Goldblatt
from The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature
by Joseph S. M. Lau, Howard Goldblatt
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  • I’m 18 and just found out I am. I took a lactose intolerance test but then the woman at the desk told me I wasn’t. I kept having the symptoms and took a upper and lower endoscopy revealing inflammation in my stomach and lactose intolerance. All this time I could’ve been alright.

  • I am in UK and our supermarkets are very aware and stock lactose free milk, yogurts and cheeses and a variety of lactose free groceries. I have a tip, eat some porridge oats every day. I also have diverticulosis so have to be careful. Oats a re bulk forming but mild. You don’t have to eat porridge if you don’t like it! Oats can be eaten raw with some lactose free milk and a spoonful of honey or jam (jelly), a bit of chopped dates or anything of your choice. Also try baking some into flapjacks, I use vegan marg or coconut oil. I made vegan/ lactose and gluten free Xmas pudding and cake this year. I cannot eat any baked goods with a high white sugar content so use honey or cooked dates. Even with all this Imodium is my friend. For all of you coping with a daily bowel problem you have my solidarity. I hope the tips work for you..

  • I have lactose intolerance, so I don’t drink milk. I had given up milk way before I knew I had it though, and I was vegan for quite a few years. I kind of want to go back to that lifestyle, my skin and my energy have never been better. I currently eat fish, eggs and chicken. I hate cheese, but I’ll have occasionally Greek yogurt cause I love the taste of the Fage one. But yeah…milk is gross and I’ve know that for a while.

  • Eat meat. Eat fish. Eat the organs. Drink water. Do something for entertainment that isn’t eating. Full fat heavy cream and butter are excellent foods, if pastured. You are greatly overstating your case.

  • I rarely eat dairy, but since I’ve had some ice cream this summer, I have been getting anxiety attacks with tears and hyperventilation.

  • Yeah, that 25% who domesticated animals, gave up living in caves and houses made out of excrement a lot earlier than you bare-assed, lactose intolerant, “hunter-gatherers” so dairy without filthy food “science” gunk added into it is very good for us.

  • Hello Dr. Hyman, what is your opinion on lactose-free milk and dairy? It is said to be okay for consumption? Thank you so much for your video! Best regards, Kate

  • I use organic half and half an eat an organic egg daily. NOW all
    Of a sudden I’ve developed a small bit of mucous buildup in my body in the mornings!?? I use a teaspoon of organic cream and even that small amount is causing my body to react. I’ve gotta figure out if anything else I’m eating is causing that! I’m 58 and pretty clean and I’m having this reaction.

  • I have lactose intolerhance that is so bad I can’t have dairy at all. Everytime you drink a milkshake, eat pizza, eat ice cream, eat chocolate, drink milk, eat cheese, etc. Just enjoy it and think about your privalege. ������������

  • I just want to be vegan after i knew how cows are treated to obtain milk from them
    They are made pregnant cruely and till 5 years they are millked and when they stop giving milk cows are SENT TO SLAUGHTER HOUSE and also male calves are sent directly to slaughter house as they dont give milk ��������

  • I think Im going to give up milk, thanks for this info! Hey, can you tell me how I can give up sugar? Im so addicted, I go to dollar tree like it’s my dealer and I come out of there with 20 bags of candy, its really embarrassing since Im 51 years old lol Im too old for candy like this. Sugar is evil. Im going to go see if you made a video on that subject

  • I sometimes have Soy milk with my Cheerios. I eat 1slice of cheese per day and yogurt a few times a week. No milk for decades. Good video Lou! ��❤️

  • I am Lactose intolerant.. I eat pizza, cheese, Chocolate etc but if I eat too much I’ll end puking.
    If i drink milk i end up throwing big time. I have tried to drink milk but it doesnt taste right for me and i puke. Because of this my family is concerned if I will be small. Since most things contain milk i nearly eat. This is ruining my life and i try.
    I tried the tips I got from a doctor at the age 4 but I kept puking. I haven’t drank milk ever since the age of 4. I am currently 12.

  • I needed a little motivation with a tough and important piece of work I need to do and I asked the universe for some inspiration. This clip came up. I’m a believer in your work anyway. So many of the words used in your short clip were are what I needed to hear. What I’m about to do I signed up for before I arrived on this planet and those who have my back are not of this realm. Thank you. I am grateful.

  • Eat raw food…not meet…no dairy products… Don’t forget to aad vitamin c in your diet…. Last but not least. Don’t take stress….

  • Cows milk is designed by nature to cause a calf to double it’s weight within 4 months. Also, the hormones used on cows to keep them cranking out the calves to produce milk. People who eat & drink a lot of dairy often (not always) have more belly fat. Two substances that go straight to belly fat are dairy & sugar. Often dairy & sugar go together. I have cut way back on dairy, stay away from processed foods, eat as little sugar as possible.

  • Dr Sebi explained very clearly that what genetics and environment every living entity on this planet was designed and programmed for. If many humans were not evolved to consume dairy products, that is normal. Make that more than 80% of the world’s population. Overall, I am pleased withe the explanations of Dr Sebi.

  • I tried going vegan for 2 years but I lost all my muscle mass. Now I eat mostly high quality meats and dairy products and I feel my best. I’m also of Scandinavian descent so it makes sense

  • This was what I needed exactly right now <3 I've been struggling with my Youtube and my coaching business that I've been thinking of just stopping. Good thing I do have people who have my back!

  • Hey Mark, this vid is 10 yrs old, but I totally agree and have for more than a decade after hundreds of IgG testing. Thanks, and hope you and your family are safe and well.

  • If vegans took a stand with these kinds of facts instead of saying “You’re disgusting for eating animals” they would accomplish a lot more and more people would listen. Although I am not vegan, i am making changes in my life slowly to completely rid dairy and meat out of my diet but not because of vegan trash talk/ insults, but because I keep an open mind and look into the right facts and research.

  • I feel so alnone, I have a lot of ideas, thoughts, feelings but no one to share them with. I… I feel lost and I don’t even know what do I want anymore:)

  • It’s not only African people who have problems with milk products, no humans should intake that. And same thing with bread / gluten. And meat as well..

  • I knew the video was short but I didn’t expect that end with a big white screen and shirts on it! xD No offense tho, I guess it is part of the job, but please less brutal? Apart from that, very nice talk! Very inspiring again!:)

  • if you practice OMAD you will start craving foods your body needs. I only eat between 5pm-9pm everyday and all my sugar and other cravings have gone.

  • i’ve been lactose intolerant my whole life but i still ate and drank dairy products cuz i never gave a shit but the older i get the worst it gets i’m 14 now and i gotta cut dairy out of my life now cuz lately it’s been causing me to break out with hives and making me throw up like 5 minutes after eating dairy it really sucks tho cuz imma skinny person and it’s causing me to lose more weight

  • Hello from Australia dr Hyman

    So dairies are not good for you mainly milk; what about butter cheese and yogurt? Are they bad for inflammation?



  • Very informative… I’m underweight and always look forward to my one cup of coffee in the morning… I use ( heavy whipping cream in my morning joe ) because I ” think it could stand to gain a bit of weight “… Watching your video has made me re-think for several reasons: one the bone density issue ( I’m 52 and two I’M A HUGE ANIMAL LOVER and not happy to hear cows are being over-milked with these machines )… Thanks and hugs from New York!

  • You know guys i am able do Digest Lactose and Dont had Problems. But The Thing with Raw Milk and Diary for me are the Natural accouring hormones in Milk. Not the Artificial from Industrial Milk i mean Natural. Oestrogen and The Growth Hormon IGF1 are what is pushing me Away from Diary. Everytime i eat Raw Diary or Not my Skin is so oily.

  • I agee with everything you said 100% Except 1 thing. If the butter fat is removed from the milk it actually lowers cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart deseases. We do not absorb dietary cholesterol.
    Your US food pyramid is much the same as the Canada food guide. Except. The Canada food guide no longer considers milk as a food group.

  • For those who love milk:
    1) cattles are much stronger physically than humans. From where do they fulfill their calcium & protien req. their whole life?

    2) Dairy contains animal level growth hormones. Who wants to age fast than what they deserve?

  • You can make walnut milk, hemp milk and Brazil nut milk with just the nuts and spring water…a lol agave necter also. Some sea moss won’t hurt either. Just blend it in before you drink it, good nutrients right there!

  • And this is when I realised no one has my back, bcoz I push people away out of fear of them using me, taking advantage of my weaknesses, mental issues, or just leaving me when they realise I’m not worth it….

  • Unsweetened Coconut or Almond milk here. I do buy Organic Milk for my 16-month-old granddaughter, but she loves coconut milk also:)

  • Dairy is a heavenly drink. People in my country drink it a lot. They don’t interfere with the makeup of their food at least they didn’t a few generations ago. Science isn’t the only source of knowledge in the world. There are plenty of people who drink dairy and have lived to 100 or over. I will say though modern dairy in “developed” countries probably is no where near the quality of true natural dairy. I’ve drank dairy fresh and raw straight from the teat and immediately squeezed into a glass from a grass fed buffalo in a lonely isolated village and I have tasted nothing tastier in my life. Warm, fresh and sweet. The nourishment of that I find hard to describe. The taste I haven’t forgotten for maybe 17 years. I don’t know why people in the west complicate life so much. Health isn’t complicated. By the way Walter Willett put Alcohol on his food pyramid…I don’t mean to be harsh but to paint everyone with the same brush and say dairy should be avoided at all costs Is not correct.

  • am i dumb or something bc the claims i’m getting to avoid meat are 1. our ancestors genetics weren’t built to drink milk so we’re not meant to. and 2. it’s not following the cosmetic order; it’s unnatural bc the milk is suppose to be for their own species not anything else

  • I wish you would have raised the possibility that your first bone test was flawed. It’s quite common for tests to be contaminated or done wrong. The only way to know for sure would have been to get a second test at a similar time. It’s not logical that bone density would change that dramatically, in terms of your improvement. Which make me suspect your first test was corrupt. Don’t overlook the idea of a corrupt test giver either, in order to sell you something.

  • Y’all have to remember he’s directing everything at black people from Africa. So most likely your body will work best with the foods your blood is from. According to his theory

  • Simon Sinek. As a kid I loved the Simon says game. And after discovering you I must say-as an adult I still love the Simon says game. ����. God has gifted you and you have embraced it. Well done!

  • They eat different foods and live in different environments….. But even if they lived in the same environment they are genetically different and require a set dietary requirement. That goes for human beings and mankind.

  • The number of dislikes is sad!
    What’s worse is when industries control the US department of agriculture recommendations ��, and it’s the USA!! Not some developing country!!

  • I’ve been milk free for 30 years & feel so much better without it. When I drink dairy products my arms breakout in small bumps. My son & mom are also sensitive to milk. It’s meant for calves not humans.

  • I’ve been graduated for 2 years! I studied finance! And due to the bad economic situation in my country, I never worked in that field! I had a passion for it! But now being unemployed I don’t know if I will keep moving and study more that field and wait for an opportunity! Or I should just quit and find any job!


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    -Accompanied for the first time by a horn section and string trio
    -This show is being recorded

  • It’s not that Africans are “not genetically designed to drink milk”! Humans are not genetically designed to drink MILK from a cow, water buffalo, orangutan, or any other mammal. Baby dogs drink milk from mother dog, baby cows drink milk from mother cows, and baby humans drink milk from who? Mother humans! Why do any humans drink milk? Well, why do humans drink “jack and coke”? Why do humans drink “root beer floats”? Why do humans drink koolaid? Because someone developed a technology to do so, and they want my money. Why do humans smoke cigarettes? Why do humans inject HEROIN into their arm with a SYRINGE? If God or evolution (your choice), did not make a way for humans to have something, use it with caution. Airplanes go up, but they also fall out of the sky!

  • I know dairy or milk affects some but l drunk tons of milk as a kid, l didn’t eat much. Milk was lovely then. Cream on top. I have strong bones today at 75. I don’t drink much milk now, eat cream and butter.

  • So no fresh milk, but cheese, yogurt okay? I’ve been off dairy for few days and already felt lighter and have more energy plus less muscle ache.

    But I’m thinking to add back a little cheese and maybe cakes.. but I’m worried it’ll reduce my progress and be tired again.. what are your thought? Guys? I mean no milk okay.. but cheese? Cake? Bread with powdered milk? Hehe

  • I’m not a fan of dairy but this guy just said it doesn’t help your bones 4 different ways and its hars to digest 3 different ways. Come on, i was looking for better information than this

  • Milk gives me gas and plugs up my sinuses fast.. I can eat dairy and in an hour I am stuffy and farting like crazy. I love dairy like most normal people but I am tired of living on nose drops and having gas especially when I am not home alone. I know milk is not good for my body so how do we enjoy our foods without adding cheese? How is meatloaf or tacos going to be even tempting to eat without dairy? I think I will give it 30 days of blah dairy free food and see how much the quality of my life improves. I need a good dairy free cheese recipe and I might just make it.

  • never really drank raw milk ever in a glass or carton, like i like ice cream but not milk on its own, think i tried a little carton back in the late 80s, im nt intolerant, just the taste makes me wana puke.

  • such good content, thanks! brains and beauty, ya got em both. i need to ditch the milk too. doing more almond and coconut milks thanks to Costco.

  • Just imagine the glyphosate in our food. The big food coops feed grains to the cows, then it’s pasteurized which means it goes rotten and then we eat this toxic food. GMOS are making us sick.

  • I drink 2 or 3 gallons of milk a week. Also, why was this recommended?

    Also, lactose is the only part of milk most people cant break down, you either are lactose intolerant, or you arent. I happen to not be, so you probably shouldnt scare people over something that’s not really an issue.

  • NOTE: Eggs are not dairy, but since so many believe that they are because of their placement in the grocery store, I threw it in there. Eggs are a whole other video!

  • Stopped having lactose 12 years ago it honestly changed my life for the better. I do not understand why it is so hard to say no to being sick all the time lol. I think it is psychological. Healthy boundaries �� some say it is because of what they say on tv that they cannot stop…

  • I like cows milk but, have given it up for rice milk which for me tastes the closest to real milk. I wish it wasn’t so high caloric though.

  • The hormones are NOT added to the milk. Its added to the cow. You see the twist on words there. When I was a young teenager, I stayed with my aunt on her dairy farm in North Dakota. We found a cow with mastitis (milk fever). She quickly pulled the cow from milk production and put the cow on antibiotics and documented the cow in her books. What I learned from her was that milk fever happens often as a result/side effect of the growth hormone that helps the cow produce more milk. Once she finds a cow with milk fever she administers the antibiotic for x amount of days. I dont remember exactly how many days but its according to the antibiotic instructions. After the days are up the cow is released back into production line. No testing is done because the testing has already been done to establish the level or threshold of what is allowable. So yes we are getting both growth hormones which is causing the milk fever and we are getting the antibiotics and the pus. While its true that none of those are added to the milk, however its passed to us from the cow. I recall us girls didnt start wearing a bra until 6th grade. I see almost every young child developing boobs in 3rd grade now.

  • No wonder your one skinny alien so let’s say 1000 years ago Vikings were bigger than most people that time period there average height was around 6 foot and the normal human height that age was around 5 foot and they ate drank milk feasted on pork steak they were fine same for me dairy is fine just remember people dogs and cats and humans a totally different Species hahah also my cat loves drinking milk so……..

  • No animal drinks the milk of any other species because it is just unnecessary. Each milk is designed for the infants and is not needed after the child is weaned. And no animals milk of any sort is needed for any human being. Milk causes problems for other people besides people from Africa. Prolonged consumption of milk can lead to breast or prostate cancer, it causes asthma in children and bouts of constipation and in some diarrhea. It can cause acne, split skin on the heels, rough callouses, kidney stones and arthritis.

    Milk is a disaster for everyone. Milk ruins our immune system too as it causes a lot of mucous and then it is much harder to get over infections and head and chest colds. Right now the coronavirus is worrying everyone. Milk is going to make you have more than likely, a worse case if you catch it than a person who does not use any dairy products.

    I would not recommend milk for anyone, and milk contains pus. Who in their right mind wants to stick pus in their mouth no matter the quantity of it.

    Milk is bad for all humans no matter what species. If you are not an infant, and you are nursing from your mother, milk should not cross your lips. And cheese is the worst as it is concentrated milk. About 10 gallons of milk make just one pound of cheese. The fat is rancid, the bacteria which worked on it to create the cheese, their dead bodies are not filtered out and they are killed with loads of salt. If you get off of dairy, cheese smells like sweaty tennis shoes.

  • This was the same guy who shat on millenails for being lazy and unmotivated despite the huge change in generational wealth and affordability

  • I felt like quitting yesterday and all I did was to get up & get moving. When you’re stuck & want to give up you will naturally stay stagnant most of the time, physically and mentally. To break that all you gotta do is to get up & move. Give it a shot. Keep moving. As Simon mentioned above, this is what you signed up for! Wish all of you the best!

  • Perfect timing for this video! Really inspiring as always! Simon you’re such an example and a great motivation for all of us! Thank you so much!! We actually just released a video on our channel about Consistency and how it’s so important in order to reach our goals! Anybody else here that wants to be a better person and wants to accomplish great things? ����

  • Dairy is poison, it causes constipation, asthma, acne, figures prominently in developing breast and prostate cancer. With the phlegm problem dairy gives, can you imagine how much worse problems a disease like coronavirus if it attacks your lungs, what are you thinking?

    Dairy contains pus.Wow, yet there is no disclaimer on the carton or jug of milk. If plant-based milk put “Pus-FREE” on their label, the dairy industry would have a cow!

  • In a 20 years old male that is just experiencing some weird symptoms… Its been like 4 months and ive noticed everytime i ingest milk I get some form of upset stomach which always includes floating gas n I have had few other experiences which became severe today, if u know wat Im saying n now I am wondering if I can become lactose intolerant at this age. Whenever I leave the house I always wonder to know why my stomach ache even though I didn’t consume milk but looking bk it was the dairy product that was presented in small amount in other food… Damn I cNt miss out on dairy products

  • People you need to wakeup. Look at him.did he have any sign of health.why would anyone fallow his idea of malnourishment.he was a froud didnt know anything about health.

  • Cows milk is for baby cows-period. It takes them from a small calf to a huge cow they become! I never could tolerate milk. My skin is great and everyone wants to know how I do not look my age (64) soon to be 65-this is one reason. My bones are great too.

  • I thought soy affects your hormones? Plus soy is also one of the crops with the most pesticides. Two reasons I won’t drink it. I dropped pregnancy weight ridiculously fast after having my kids (nursed all 3). My kids did have skin problems like you showed. This was a long time ago because my kids are 16-24. I wasn’t really health conscious at that time. I drink around a gallon in 2-3 days by myself. Ironically, my kids never drink milk. None of them likes it! I am considering quitting to see if I have any changes. I have adult acne and it’s mostly to see if it will help my skin. I have just switched to organic to see if that changes anything. I just need a healthy alternative. It’s so weird because just as I get a question in my head, you bring it up! Lol. Every single time! Because I usually write in comments as I am watching the video. I had mastitis too. I don’t understand how an infection can develop in a duct that is constantly drained though (as in a cow, not myself). Makes no sense.

  • I just discovered a few weeks ago that I am lactose intolerant and to be honest, I hated it at the start. Everything with dairy in it would affect me so bad. I couldn’t eat chocolate or ice cream or even yogurts with fruit. I’m still learning but I am dealing with it as best as I can. I found lactose free milk in Walmart so at least I can have my coffee in the mornings but I still have to quit chocolate and ice cream, pizza and even slices of cheese on my sandwiches. I was angry when I realized what was going on but I’ve chosen to take the silver lining, I wanted to lose a bit of weight so I can be healthier and this will help.

  • I can’t drink any kinds of milk. I feel horrible. I don’t like cheese. But I can eat cheese powder and milk powder when mixed to something. Or milk powder alone.
    �� Crazy.

  • I stopped consuming dairy, which included milk protien, whey protien (from milk), and dried milk powder. Itll’s so difficult to find any foods I can snack on cos everything has at least one of those ingredients in ��

  • Whenever I eat dairy my nose gets so stuffy I have a horrible cold I can barely breathe threw my nose I get a terrible sore throat same thing happens to my daughter! I haven’t drank milk in 4 years but it happens when I eat cheese or chocolate. I haven’t had dairy in 2 days and I’m going to eliminate it permanently for health benefits

  • I love milk so much that it is getting impossible for me to leave it..I am basically crazy for it..And for me coffee and tea (the Indian tea contains milk) please tell me how to give up this habbit.. Please ��������

  • I am going dairy free since a few days ago and the fact that she lost waist scares tf out of me bc im really skinny naturally and i dont feel like loosing more wait

  • Hi, Lou; how are you? Thank you for your videos. I just recently started drinking milk again (Lactaid Calcium-Enriched Fat-Free Milk). The chronic severe lower back pain I’ve been suffering from for some time (it was like a searing knife) is finally going away. Maybe I was calcium deficient?

  • You remind me of the woman from Better Call Saul.

    But yep, I haven’t drank milk in months. And just this week, I’ve completely rid of any dairy milk from my diet. I’ve also replaced whey protein, a dairy product, with plant protein instead.

    I suggest everyone look further into dairy and come to your own conclusions. A dairy free lifestyle will help a ton in your body and health.

  • Milk isn’t supposed to be digested and shouldn’t be consumed. It comes from a cow… we think eating cows is healthy and it isn’t

  • It would not surprise me if our ancestors were given cow’s milk with the thought to make them bulk up like cows and bulls since the oppressors thought they were breeding people…Smh

  • Wrong if u say genetically cant change… Why there is adoptation and survival… Bacteria can addopt in heat and cold.. Gorilla lives in cold cause they have adjust and addopt the changes of temperature for how many years

  • Old video, but here’s my answer: I drink So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk. I don’t actually drink it straight. I use it in my cold brew coffee.

  • Lies, any call that is given antibiotics is separated from the milking Hurd and not used for production until all antibiotics are out of her system.
    since that is such an obvious lie I don’t believe any of what she claims.

  • To the people who say that buy them cutting out Dairy changed their life, I’m sure it helped. I drink milk every once in awhile and I don’t have any problems you guys must have been consuming everything Dairy like 5 times a day. This doctor must be mad because he was not on the mustache milk commercial. There are some good benefits to Milk

  • The expression “I’ve got your back” is an expression of interdependence in the face of fear, self-doubt, loss of faith in oneself. Knowing that there is someone or something that is there for me no matter what allows me to summon my courage and continue whatever it is that I have “signed up for.” The book Steps to Knowledge by Marshall Vian Summers speaks of this in a step, “I will not lose faith in myself today” and by keeping faith, I express faith in a larger coordination of known and unknown powers. Simon Sinek talks about courage as something that comes with knowing we are not alone, and we don’t know the influence we may have on another by continuing even in the face of great discouragement. Likewise the Steps material makes it clear that we can do nothing alone, we need others, and they need us. And Knowledge always has our back if we still our minds and tune in to its presence deep within.

  • Actually really glad I watched, been really thinking about giving up on working on channel. I love stocks and dedicated my life around it, making videos is hard and exhausting but I really believe the info I’m sharing is valuable:) thank you Simon

  • I almost dont eat dairy product. My mam is 90 years old. Drinks milk every day. She eats all of the dairy products u listed. She dosnt have any problem. I think depend the body. Dairy its not for me

  • i literally drink milk and coffee alot and now, for 13 years ive lived, i just knew *i have lactose intolerance*. But idc. I just dealed with the after effect��������

  • no one can really digest it it’s not meant for anyone and if we’re gonna talk about different races we’re not we are all the same because people of all colors can be traced back to two people that came from east africa aka Adam and Eve look up mitochondrial eve

  • It’s strange, because for several years I didn’t drink milk (I had stpped eating breakfast), but I didn’t notice any apparent change

  • I never drink milk but I can’t seem to give up half and half for my coffee! No sugar though. I like making shakes with “milkadamia”, which is milk made from macadamia nuts! I cannot seem to give up cheese either, even though I have read even grosser things about dairy than you mentioned! Never eat yogurt anymore because of the sugar. I don’t think soy milk, or anything soy, is good for you at all! Check it out!

  • So suspicious of Doctors who instead of outing the obvious poisoning campaign being conducted against the hoi polloi instead try to argue that staples like dairy and even bread, uh, hello, the very staff of life itself, bread, is inherently bad for us.

  • Isn’t it More common In Asian Cuz The first human That Drink Milk (From Other Animal) is European And Asian Drink Milk cuz advertizement ( i Have Just Got Lactose Intolerance) I Fing Love Milk Fml

  • Nice message. Hope your friends never again has to die for rich peopple s wars. No War Lesson is a legit lessos. It’s really sad in fact. And also, putting Afganistán and Hitler in the same sentence…mmmm.

  • I’m lactose intolerant and tbh I eat quite a bit of dairy. But the worst part is when you vomit because you realize you’ve eaten too much dairy products. Just happened to me ;c

  • This I am going through right now, except I can’t physically make the deadline and will be kicked out of uni for covid related matters beyond my control still stressful wishing there was a way. Maybe there is, I can only do my best. Thank you Simon, sadly we’re too similar in many ways, cynical optimist or just realist perhaps. Natural born thinker, questioner, philosopher, leader and follower.

  • I’m surprised at the number of “thumbs down.” I’ve always had nothing but issues with dairy. Seems like a no brainer after putting it into perspective. Sure, there’s nutrients in it, but at what cost? I think it can sort of be addicting too which might be why some want to disagree because they just don’t want to give it up. That’s my guess. I love the elimination diet because you can really start to notice the problem foods and when I did this, a lot of issues disappeared including: digestive issues, acne, psoriasis, mood fluctuations, random inflammation/aches and pains throughout my body. Sometimes we just need to pay attention and notice the difference.

  • Just think about it this way: you will always have an opportunity to quit it’s never too late to quit… but it may be too late to accomplish something and create value and be happy

  • I’m allergic to dairy but God Damn I love The Milk! Thanks to Spotify Discover Weekly playlist for leading me to these chaps. Quality!!!!!!!

  • After reaching 57 years old I am now becoming lactose intolerant, I get so bloated… That’s it bloated… I drinking over 4 L of milk per months �� No other symptoms only if I put it in something else other than drinking a glass of milk

  • Felt this and needed this. As a musician, I’ve been pretty discouraged by the recent times. I need to keep going. Keep making music and keep making videos! Hang in there everyone!! ��

  • I drinked nearly 3/4 a gallon of milk every day growing up as a kid, and I’d like to believe that’s the reason I shot up to 6’3” with no broken bones, but I had bad acne as a result getting into puberty.

  • Because of all the hormones in dairy,it opens the flood gates for weight gain..Its a pretty simple process..Elevated female hormones come hand in hand with pregnancy..So,with that in mind,people who consume dairy regularly,are pregnant, except their not pregnant,just the retaining weight part.And with all that hormone continuously being ingested, there is zero hope for that person to EVER loose weight while they still consume dairy. All you people out there who say they cant loose weight….STOP EATING DAIRY FOREVER and try loosing weight again.
    I’d bet it works well and never returns to how it was pre dairy
    If dairy was full of male hormone we would all be ripped like a gorilla..Well if your dumb enough to eat it.

  • Never liked milk except for hot chocolate and cereal. But I rarely eat or drink those 2. Every once in a while I eat cheese and yogurt. Never knew there that milk was bad for you…

  • Simon, what Is my back ground means no other person help is nothing it is my own created what is best for human.that I think it just write in six days now you think who am I

  • Vegan for four years. Once I stopped dairy and meat my IBS SUBSTANTIALLY improved. I went from 4-5 attacks a week to 1-2 a month. Also have now lost 130 pounds.

  • TODAY’s Dairy is dangerous. Wayyyyy BACK’s dairy was probably ok…….not loaded with all the chemicals, hormones and antibiotics…… And if you’re immunity is good, dairy probably wont harm you. However if you’re Immunocompromised, dairy can KILL you as it feeds dangerous Microorganisms that’s ALREADY having the upperhand in your Microbiome…… I say this BECAUSE…..If you’re gonna dig MUCH deeper to try and find fault with DAIRY, you’re gonna find stuff that we can call ‘CYTOTOXIC’, and the reality is that there are also MANY or countless plant-based foods, herbs, spices and vegetables and even grains that are also ‘CYTOTOXIC’ to a certain extent……. So HOW deep do you want to look? It appears that there’s ‘something bad’ in almost anything….
    But, as I said there’s enough evidence that shows that TODAY’S dairy IS BAD NEWS……..and if you’re already Immuno compromised, DAIRY is also MORE bad for YOU, but maybe not as bad for someone who’s NOT immuno compromised……
    I would not reccommend anyone to consume dairy unless they’re in fantastic shape, and preferably from ORGANIC grass fed sources and in very moderate amounts.
    * You see, Back in the old days, Milk came STRAIGHT from the cow’s ‘CHURCH BELLS!’ (JOKE)
    It was…UNPASTURISED…….This means that the milk was Organic, undiluted and contained many BENEFICIAL bacteria that were ANTI-FUNGAL and ANTI-Bacterial and ANTI-VIRAL. So Unpasturised milk came WITH a layer of PROTECTION!
    Smart humans as we are, we went and pasturised ALL commercial MIlk products, and GONE with it it’s NATURAL PROTECTION! MILK, ended up being sold as ‘Diluted Protein water with LACTOSE Sugar’ (without it’s LActase enzymes because it was cooked!) And without the enzymes it’s also harder to DIGEST!
    Tis ‘NEW Milk Product’, loaded with LACTOSE SUGAR is FANTASTIC fuel for FUNGAL, YEAST and Parasitic infections…… This is why any Chronically ill patient should avoid ALL forms of Dairy, except for Live PLain Yogurt.
    Bless you….

  • I have to stay away from almost all carbs. This reduces my choices of food. When I hear discussions about dairy, it’s almost always aimed at milk specifically, but milk and dairy are used interchangeably. For example, the lactose intolerance isn’t a problem with cheese since the lactose is used by the cultures that make the cheese. I don’t like milk but to completely eliminate a food group like dairy I would have to be able to justify it. Also, I realize that there are usually hormones and pesticides in dairy, but this is true of any animal protein. And pesticides are found in vegetables and fruits too. So using that argument would reasonably extend to animal products altogether and many vegetables. I have to choose my battles or there would be nothing left to eat. OK, no milk. But probably I’ll continue to eat other dairy products.

  • I suppose this video is the best proof of your Asian genes 😉 I studied biology and I was taught that they often don’t have lactase.

  • I was drinking heavy cream in my coffee every morning (I am on a keto diet and not losing weight). I quit cream and am losing weight now. Also, the cream had carrageenan in it which causes inflamation. My joints we’re aching too and this is improving now.

  • What happened to me when I gave up milk_You story was spot on,I gave up milk because of the health benefits and also in objection to how the cows are treated,also became a vegan,never felt better��love your posts,keep up the great work,Emylou.

  • I keep being told I should drink keifer. Is that a lie too? And if this guy knows this the FDA must know it too so if they (the government) are pushing food that causes harm to the public that is the bigger problem.

  • I believe this is the first of many Mindset Tour talks Simon scheduled for 2020, this one held in the Pacifc Fine Arts Theater in SF on Jan 24, 2020. His attire and dialog are exactly what I remember when I attended the talk. I hope to view or purchase that exact event’s program one day. As always, very inspiring listening to Simon. @simonsinek

  • What? Raw milk is the first food we all get from mum. And saturated fat isn’t bad for you. And grains and wheat are the worst thing you can eat. I don’t agree with you.

  • I was five years old when I found out I was a lactose intolerant it started with diarrhoea but know I’m 13 it’s so much more painful that now when I eat it I throw up I get massive of pain in the stomach and sometimes I have to lay on the ground keeping my head facing downwards to get rid of light dizziness. I take this so much more serious

  • So I just recently developed lactose intolerance and I am 16 years old, apparently I was lactose intolerant as an infant but it went away and now it’s back��‍♀️ really sucks because I had a bowl of cereal last week with some lactaid pills and ended up having diarrhea and vomiting… so I avoid concentrated milk and only eat dairy in small quantities �� it sucks because I get gas and bloating and sometimes unbearable stomach pains but I refuse to completely give up dairy. Not happening I cannot live without Queso and ice cream ����

  • powerful words. I can say proudly that if it weren’t for my friend who had my back, I’d be dead. I hope everyone finds that certain someone. We all need a little help now and then.

  • People feeling want to quit because they feel not young anymore and they’re mentally fatigue at that point. Just take a break, rest and do it again next time. A long as u had an okay approach to it the result shouldn’t matter, it will come.

  • I guess if you ask this dude if fireworks are good or bad, he would say “people say they are good, but if you stuff ten cherrybombs in your moyth, that’s bad, right?”.

  • I’m totally surprised listening the reasons to avoid milk. Milk is very good healthy natural food for human. Only problem is the preserve using to reserve milk long time. Milk rottens so fast, it stays fresh only 2-3 hours in room temperature. But you can buy milk from any store says you can keep 3 months in refragerater. That’s the big, huge problem may cause so many health problems. Besides, if you use milk right way it has so many benefits for human beings. Also, there is artificial milk and tasts so nasty. Diary products couldn’t be produced naturally and become so fake and made by artificially…

  • What to Do When You Want to Give Up? GIVE UP!! it probably wasn’t worth you time to begin with and will not matter in 6 months anyway.

  • God did not create Man to nurse from a Bovine. It was never intended for Humans to consume dairy since the beginning of Mankind. I drink Trader Joe’s Almond Macadamia Coconut Milk, and get my Calcium from dark green leafy vegetables. Thanks for sharing Lou!

  • I love Sebi but this information is inaccurate.

    It’s not African descent that can’t drink milk. It’s every A and O blood type.

    AB and B can drink milk because of the B lectin in the blood.

    That is 15% of the entire world population.

    So 85% of us who are either

    A+ ( 33% )
    A( 7% )

    O+ ( 37% )
    O( 8% )

    85% dairy �� ❌

  • And indeed, for you in grazing livestock is a lesson. We give you drink from what is in their bellies – between excretion and blood – pure milk, palatable to drinkers.

    ( 47:15)

  • Plus, the protein in cow’s milk is in a gigantic atomic structure, imaging it like a big gelatin block, therefore it cannot be digested by human body with only one stomach. Chances are it is excreted from your body partially digested, let alone absorption. On the other hand, cow has four pouches, so this is out of question.

  • So then, if you don’t have someone who has your back on a particular decision, goal, path, etc., does this mean you shouldn’t reinspire yourself for that thing since you mentally or emotionally aren’t able to? Do you quit if no one has your back and pick a choice that someone has your back on?

  • Since I stopped drinking milk I notice that my nails grow extremely slow! I am trying my best to drink Almond milk (unsweetened) but it’s not very tasty! I drink the unsweetened version because I am trying to keep my sugar intake under control. Does anyone have any recommendations for a milk alternative that taste much better than almond milk?

  • Thank you for this video. I switched to nut “milk” four years ag, no soy for me. For me, I could not stomach the idea of the veal industry. Where do we think milk comes from and why do cows produce it for us? Cows are forced to become pregnant so they can produce milk. Their babies are garbage. The rest of the story is just awful.

  • I shared this video with my best friend a while ago. This video saved me, and my Masters dissertation. Corona was enough to make me want to give up. I listen to this video as if its my favorite song.

  • Can symptoms last a week. I have been bloating for a week after I accidentally had a few bites of goat cheese salad. My mind was somewhere else, even though I know i am lacking intolerant.

  • Really helpful and nice video. Funny small jokes and informative ingredients:)
    Cow’s milks are for calves. No discussion.
    Milk melt your bones, not make them strong as you have explained.
    Pus is dangerous for your immune ssystem
    Hormones (natural ingredient of milk) is very bad for human health
    Industrial milk has minimum 5 different antibiotics which makes you resistant against antibiotics
    I have lost weight after I quit all diary products, although Turkish culture of kitchen is centered on cheese and yogurt (also kefir). It was really hard to find something without milk. Now I make my own almond and hemp milk at home.

  • To all People out there with lactose intolerance. Listen on this. You need probiotics that has Lactobacillus acidophilus culture in yoghurt it’s good. That culture produce laktas that melt down lactose in your body even kill candida. So why you are intolerant is that you dont have laktas enzymes in your body. So get Lactobacillus acidophilus if you want your body to create laktas enzymes. It’s even good for IBS and IBD. I eat yoghurt with that and i feel so good in body

  • I am at my last step in my university time. I’ve done things, I’ve studied things for the past (more or less) 9 years. I’ve got my BA a few years ago and now I am writing my thesis for the Master’s but, as you said, it was too much. Too much infos, too complicated to put together and I was starting to give up, until I decided to rely on my friends. It was not something they said, but how they made them feel that convinced me to confront my professor and ask for clarity. Since then I’ve worked nonstop even if I am exausted and I decided I am gonna graduate no matter what in june. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve asked myself to do, but I somehow now that if (when) I’ll do to, I’ll be proud for not quitting. If you can, try to do it for yourselves people!… but talk to someone, you’ll start to see your problems with more clarity.

  • Honestly, I think genetics has a 99% effect on everything that happens to your body…I’ve been drinking milk for the last 26 years, and I never break a bone or had a serious injury. I only get sick once a year (lasts a few days). I’m kinda skinny even though I havent ran or exercised in like 4 years. Some people are just programmed better than others lol

  • Survivorship bias in action. He’s not qualified to give this kind of advice as he doesn’t know the life situation of the people listening to it. People who peddle this bullshit are usually the ones who lucked out and had what they want to do and what they are good at and what they have resources to achieve aligned from the start, so they never experience disastrous consequences of applying that mentality under wrong circumstances.
    Most obvious situation: What if someone is investing time and money into something they don’t have talent in and are losing opportunity to achieve success elsewhere?
    Sad thing that being a charismatic snake oil salesman doesn’t carry real risk. He has no skin in the game, takes no cost of people taking his advice and making bad life decisions.

  • I did a 21 day sugar detox earlier this year. When you hear detox you think crazy shakes but this was not that at all. For 21 days I i gave up dairy, fruit (except green tip bananas and green apples, which I was only allowed one of those per day) and of course no junk food, no prepackaged food…anyway, I lost 18 lbs and it totally reset my body. I am thinner now and feel better than I have in long time. I was never really a big milk drinker but I don’t drink any milk of any kind now. I do use non dairy creamer in my coffee and I do eat greek yogurt and a little (very little) cheese. I did add back fruit to my diet but I still don’t eat white foods either. I do miss pasta very much but I think sugar is killing us and making our children obese.:( One thing I noticed after getting the sugar out of my body was my belly is flatter than it has been since I was a young teenager and I have had four children:)

  • Glass of red wine a day if you drink wine…A cup of tea with honey….veggies….vitamins…water (no soda…if soda ginger ale for dinner) apple sauce….fish n chicken….rice….beans….wheat cereals….My diet

  • maybe because its dead milk and pasturized, i have yet to try raw milk because its hard to sourcec but aparantly its the polar opposite of dead pasturized milk, hear this guy out

  • I’ve started to believe that dairy products especially milk isn’t good for people of African origin. My grandparents and great grandparents never drank milk yet lived a full life. I’ve stopped drinking milk but continued consuming other dairy products from time to time. Now I’ve cut out dairy completely. When I go shopping I carefully read the ingredients. Plus milk is cancerous and doesn’t strengthen bones

  • I might be lactose and tolerance but I still eat chocolate cake and icecream-
    I usually get a stomach ache after eating dairy but I can live with that

  • This man is right 100% because I had all sorts of problems 25 years ago due to dairy added to one man that was a G.I. guy who told me to try to go dairy free and he was right. No other doctor ever gave me that advice and I had stomach aches and bowel problems hemorrhoids

  • The thought of quitting is fatigue from a lack of results. It’s really more about redirecting your thoughts onto something else, so you can come back to it later with a fresh mind. Your mind is no longer fresh. Listen to classical music, stop listening to music with lyrics, go outdoors and get fresh air, exercise, write your thoughts down in list form at the very least, go to bed earlier, eat better, change your whole schedule, and later go back if you need to. But time will heal this idea of quitting and you go back to starting up where you left off.

  • I lost over 10 kg in 2 months when I stopped taking dairy. And I never got them back. I am lactose intolerant. I switched to almond milk and tea with warm water. And iced coffee:)

  • I only use a little (whole) milk when I make chai or matcha lattes, but I do eat cheese occasionally, drink kefir, and eat small amounts of plain whole milk yogurt. I’ve never been a milk drinker, so I’m hoping I will have good bones later on in life (I’m 35.)

  • great video but one word of advice is to stay away from soy products. They raise your Estrogen level to dangerous levels making cancer more of a threat. Use any other non dairy milk but stay away from soy

  • Okay Okay, In some reports it says children can have lactose intolerance for a couple of weeks. I’m Eleven I’ve had it since I was Nine. You lied to me other reports. I still eat dairy products but drink Lactose-Free milk. I think i have Very little lactase as sometimes I can be dead on my bed not wanting to move and feeling like trash.

  • I’m a vegan anyway and I learned a lot from your story about not drinking milk. Thank you. I consume soy products instead of dairy products/milk.

  • The problem is you all think milk is the stuff found at the store. That’s sugar water. Real unpasteurized milk is amazing. Sebi died a sac of bones. He need some milk.

  • I noticed when I stopped drinking milk my excrusiating knee pain went away �� I’m so glad I thought I needed knee replacement at 28 I love unsweetened coconut almond milk silk brand it the best the flavor is more rich and creamy

  • I’ve cut out cows milk for 2 weeks now. The difference is very noticeable. I feel healthier. My migraines aren’t as bad and my memory is better. No more milk for me


  • I was 6 yrs old and i had no choice to be vaccinated at school..the doctors gave them at the elm school back in the 70s….i still had every one of the childhood illnesses..chicken pocks measeals mumps.all and this was right after the shot they gave it to me…..and later my children got all of the shots and like said……right after the shots at 1 and 2 yrs old they get all the child hood illness all at once, was very scary, no explanation frm the doc…..

  • thank you for posting this on youtube Dr. More than 30 years ago i read FIT FOR LIFE by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond which was incredibly robust with regard to the consequences of many “foods” being harmful to health. a real groundbreaker!

    Too much corruption between food manufacturers, dairy farmers, lobbyists and politicians negatively impacting upon any “guide lines” and “recommendations”. of course the medical profession has not come forward to disclaim this as they are the recipients of such consequences because of chronically sick patients!

    we were given free milk at school in the uk imagine the profits to the dairy industry for every school age kid in the UK!

    also visiting the states and working there for a couple of years in the 1980s i thought american food was inedible, synthetic and tasteless even then! i was shocked at the unappetising tasteless food yet people i saw on the street were so obese it was confusing. its all the “growth hormones” and other drugs that fatten up calves for the slaughter and, on consuming them the grwoth hormone is obviously doing the same job for humans!

    there should be a proper clinical study on all the pharmaceuticals, antibiotics et etc and vaccinations given to cattle to boost their weight for profit also pesticides fertilisers etc on the crops/grass eaten by cattle.

    in the interim, ironically i was vegetarian for almost 25 years but have suffered severe anaemia for decades. now i have learned about lectins from DR STEVEN GUNDRY it is obvious to me that being vegetarian has ruined my health also because of all the lectins and only lectins i was mostly eating, chronically depleted of b12 also despite eating so much fruit, vegetables and salads. also perhaps pesticide poisoning from so many non organic vegetables and fruits! i would encourage your subscribers to read THE PLANT PARADOX.

  • Don’t give up, keep going no matter what you feel. It’s just a bad day
    Not a bad live. And when you have a bad day. You just need to hung in there cuz for every problem there is a solution you just have to believe that you can get over it. And you will be fine.

  • I love milk, but have just switched to Almond Milk due to bad eczema issues. Luckilly I love the taste of almond milk which was a surprise as I tried soy milk years ago and hated it.

  • The sad part, Pediatricians are recommending mothers to give dairy to kids. But the saddest thing is,, people don’t think for themselves. Do you research and follow science not industry!

  • I’m lactose intolerant but I eat and drink what I want and deal with the consequences later. I usually regret eating it later though.����‍♀️

  • There is no substitute for milk… Just cry it off, accept the truth, make peace with it and drink water!
    Those nut milks have too much oxalates, estrogen like compounds and phytic acid; plus they taste horrible.
    Yes it’s horrible, there is nothing that taste like milk.

  • good video, as a man i do not drink milk at all, cows milk is not for humans, humans do not need it, does not matter if is soy milk or almond milk humans dont need that

  • I like the Scott Jurek’s motto (actually it was his father’s): “Sometimes you just do things!”. Against all odds, reasoning etc. You JUST DO things you have to do.

  • This is so timely. The farewell message last Thursday that I got from my now former boss is to “keep the drive”.

    It was funny come to think of it. He just moved to another subsidiary because he was not considered to replace his boss and the upper management wanted a more experienced lead. Escalations are becoming more frequent and he could not push for tech improvement since the dev team is shared. In short, he got no backing for the challenges he raised to his former boss and the higher ups. Then he later found out that the directorship are all relying on him to run the division along side the new guy.

    I often been laugh at for having this drive to reach a certain state for the team or company since I am not a manager. The common comments are that my ideas are too big and that I often overthink. And the reason I that I always hear is “we need to prioritized because there’s a lot of restrictions or limited resources”. But that is the thing, I can clearly see the finish line. Restrictions on time, resources, etc. are irrelevant if you know the destination. The “why” for the drive is simple. It’s because you know that there are 1,001+ ways to get there. You know you’ll find ways to realize that vision. And once you are done, you’ll jump into the next exciting journey.

    Sad to say that some leaders or managers just flat outright rejects ideas or dismiss complains and challenges raised to them. They forget to be the mentors to their charges. Some managers just manage and don’t encourage people think out of the box or to look at it on a different angle. Not all employees are self-driven and would need little to no guidance to break their own glass ceilings. Sometimes a little attention could go a long way for employees who are navigating their way towards a goal. And sometimes all the leader or manager have to do is just say “I got your back. Now, go find me that solution or build me that roadmap.”

  • Im lactose intolerant as well and Im 16. Guys, there are a lot of vegan products you can still drink and eat. There is even really good cheese that is naturally lactose free and if you dont wanna give up on ice cream, ben&jerrys even got vegan ice cream. it tastes just the same. And there are pills you can take. dont go thru what im going thru right fucking know..been on the toilet the whole fucking day. learned to curse in every language i swear

  • In Indian Ayurveda their are three products one has to give up Sugar, Milk and dairy products and refined flour and than only by taking Ayurvedic medicine u can be cured from IBS called sangrahni in sanskrit laungauge

  • I tried repeating those words.. “I can’t complete my mission” -and a wave rushed over me, almost like the feeling of knees getting weak…Its almost like I can’t bare to give it more thought.. but I know things that hold that much.. energy.. there’s probably something there.

  • I had a banana shake with milk because I needed something in my stomach before taking meds, 7 hours later I was dealing with nausea and gas for that entire time, don’t know if it has to do with lactose intolerant but I hope it’s not


  • I use almond milk for everything now. Cow’s milk causes me horrible congestion and joint pain… just not worth it… and so gross when you read what’s actually in it.. YUCK!..hormones and puss ew! And that’s not even touching on the hell the poor cows have to go through. Nope, never again!

  • The Milk have a huge headline show at Union Chapel in London on Friday 8th July. Follow the link for tickets.

  • I went dairy free 3 years ago and i have been feeling much better. Everything is true about what he says. It is cruel on what they do to the cows.

  • Humans are the ones in the world who drinks milk from another animal, dogs, cats, cows, sheep’s, etc…..drink their own milk and not any other animal……that might explain why we are so sick, special African native….dairy is bad for blacks in particular….bless up

  • This doesn’t work when you have no support and no way out and 10 years of suffering with still no way out. Sorry, but this advice is idealistic and only meant for a few. And yes I believe in Jesus and am spiritual too. But there is no help there either.

  • I am on day 4 of dairy free. My poo is slightly improved but i feel queezy like i have been poisoned and acid tasting saliva. Is this a sympton of lactose intolerance. Thanks

  • What a gifted communicator you are! My interpretation: You have no idea who you inspire, you have no idea who’s support system you are. You might want to think about that the next time you feel like quitting.

  • Who is the Person/doctor Was being mentioned By Dr. Sebi in the beginning of his part of speech?
    I mean
    Who said that If your genetics are from African or Asian you aren’t design to digest milk???

    Please anyone?

  • I had to go dairy free when I was breastfeeding. Milk caused blood in my baby’s stool and horrible cramps. As soon as I went dairy free I had less skin issues, less allergy issues and I noticed my digestive system functioned better. Plus it helped me shed the baby weight faster because it heavily limited the processed foods I could eat. Even the meats at KFC and Mc Donalds contain milk and no pizza for me.

  • The only milk product I was still drinking was cream in my coffee, and using Almond Milk for cereal and tea. I actually remember hearing about the puss thing years ago, but I forgot about it. Well… I think I’ll be trying to get use to Almond Milk in my coffee now. LOL I tried Soy but I heard it effects estrogen levels in women, so I stick mainly to Almond:) I love your humour, you’re so awesome:D

  • I make my own cashew milk. Water + Cashews + 2 dates… liquidize….. put blender with milk in fridge overnight… blend in the morning again… and WOLLLAAAA! No mess… No cloths… Easy peasy xx

    Also… many measurements done at health fairs are not performed correctly… they are only organized to create terror regarding your health. They are funded by companies who offer life insurance. So I dont think you bones got stronger, you were given the incorrect info… and then the correct info.

  • Milk would be good for you if it weren’t tampered with. Homogenization and Pasteurization do not harm either, but the other refinements are. Milk is very good for humans. Bread and Gluten is very good for humans. Vaccines are very good for humans. It is the sinister tampering done to all those things that has made them bad for us and make us feel sick.

  • Hi I wrote an animal rights song called Time to Change. It would be amazing if you could give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments!:)

  • Massai People? Come on. Milk is tried and tested over centuries. Maybe the Milk your drinking now is utter trash but if it’s from healthy cows and treated safely then it is awesome and part of a healthy diet. Your video is poor cognitive bias and should look into benefits rather than simply accepting cons.

  • I’m not ‘lactose-intolerant,’ and I used to be a ‘leche’-guzzler: I would sometimes easily go through up to three gallons of whole milk per month per one person (me). I became a nutrition expert some 17 years ago and I unbiasedly believe that there is all kinds of overwhelming evidence, sound indesputable research, and statistics that unequivocally demonstrates that meat and dairy, perhaps more so than any other foods are the leading causes of most types of cancer, heart disease, and strokes. They aren’t the ‘sole’ causes however fast foods, processed, foods, packaged foods, etc. are also empty calories’ that lack micronutrients and vitamins and phytochemicals which produce has in abundance and do damage to the body little by little over time which eventually leads to more serious maladies and health problems.

    I still, admittedly to consume various forms of dairy here and there (milk, butter, cheese, etc.) but try to limit my intake as much as possible. Great tasting milk alternatives which I have quickly become used and have now utilized for many years are high quality (most often the “Silk” brand) coconut milk, almond milk, and soymilk. They have pretty much all the HEALTH BENEFITS of regular milk and none of the DRAWBACKS (cancer-causing properties, cholestrol, etc. etc.) of regular milk. “Soycream” (which is sometimes hard to find but is found in “Trader Joes”) is a very good alternative to regular icecream.

  • I hate the sweating an pain my stomach goes threw an wanting to vomit soy is so nice to me but I miss drinking all my milk in my Cheerios

  • I BEEN stopped drinking milk, as a kid. I’d try with a bowl of cereal EVERY now and then but CANNOT stand milk. BEEF has been gone for almost 15 years. Stopped eating yogurt. Ice cream WITHOUT milk is AWESOME ✌��☺️. Now cheese………….. I’m working on that. ����

  • If you had not written that book, my life wouldnt have changed. My trophey was when some of my team mates did not want to leave my team for a more experienced leaders during post pandemic organisational restructuring