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The Disturbing Truth About Dairy!

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The Science of Cheese Addiction

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DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

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What the Dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know Neal Barnard MD FULL TALK

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The Cheese Trap: Addiction, Health & Weight Problems ft. Dr. Neal Barnard

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Cheese is a fermented product and, depending on the variety, either feeds bacteria in the gut (making it a prebiotic) or actually contains bacteria that seed the gut (making it a probiotic). Maybe one of those characteristics, or all of them working together collectively, makes cheese friendlier to your heart than other high sat-fat foods. Cheese is made from milk, and milk comes from cows. Cattle farming is appalling for the climate. Cows belch out vast amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that no known technology can stop.

Cheese can totally be a part of a well-balanced, healthy diet. “I am a huge fan of cheese,” says Keri Gans, M.S., R.D., author of The Small Change Diet. “Looking at the total diet, there can certainly be room for one or two servings a day.”. It has been said that cheese is equally as addictive as certain drugs, and cheese lovers would agree! However, due to its saturated fat content, cheese has long been as a risk to heart health. Cheese can be high in sodium and fat, but it also delivers powerful nutrients. A 1-ounce serving can pack up to a third of your daily calcium, plus protein and vitamin D, a critical nutrient many Americans don’t get enough of.

The trick is to know which kinds of cheeses are best and how to use them. Nolan Bushnell may have found fame and fortune as a co-founder of the video game company, Atari, but his first dream was to open an interactive, family entertainment restaurant. His visions became reality in the late ’70s with the advent of the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre chain of restaurants. Bushnell’s original concept was to combine dining with the feeling of being at a carnival.

So what do these two cheeses (or cheese and “cheese”) have in common? They both contain salt. Yes, well, so does the ocean. Salt alone does not a cheese make, although it could make for a slightly tastier cheese-like product.

The Nasty, Unhealthy Truth about Cheese It’s no secret, a whole food, plant-based diet is a very healthy way to eat. Yet, many people resist committing 100%, even for a week. Cheese contains lactose, a sugar that causes gas and bloating in lactose-intolerant people – aka your body is rejecting it Cheese also contains whey and casein, proteins found in milk, which is an allergen to many humans Okay, those aren’t as shocking. I thought I’d ease you in to start.

Cheese is best kept in large solid chunks (you know, the wheels they get shipped in.) In this state the cheese will keep longer and stay healthier than when portioned off into little chunks. The size of the wheel (or sometimes loaf) that the maker distributes it in is typically a good size for that particular type of.

List of related literature:

This appellation has less to do with provenance and more to do with the particular style of cheese.

“Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods” by Robert W. Hutkins
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(7) Throughout most of the world, cheese adds enjoyment and nutrition to many people’s daily diets.

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“Large” and “small” cheeses also were mentioned in the Mesopotamian myth known as “The Marriage of Sud” (Bottéro 2004).

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The biochemistry of cheese ripening is very complex and has been the subject of extensive recent study.

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But the biggest problem with cheese is that you get burned by its acid production.

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He claimed that cheese is not so good when it is made from perfectly fresh milk as when the milk or part of it had undergone a certain ‘ripening’ and it has gradually become clear that ripening consists essentially of the growth of LAB.

“Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences” by John W. Fuquay, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox
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This is especially true for large volume cheeses, such as Cheddar, where manufactures spend a lot of time and money in marketing to ensure that they have excellent brand recognition.

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So when we kid around and say, “I am addicted to cheese,” it’s not a joke—it’s true.

“Skinny Bitch: A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous!” by Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
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Claims for low fat and low salt content, lowering cholesterol and risk of osteoporosis, contributing to dental health, and so on are associated with cheese (Karvonen et al., 2002; NDC, 2006).

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It’s not a true cheese because it’s made by adding a culture to fresh cream.

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  • Well that was cool and all but I’m gonna go eat a bowl of cereal with a cup of chocolate milk and then have a hamburger for lunch then have a steak for dinner

  • Last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I change my diet to a plant based and in 3 months my hormones come back to normal and hypothyroidism is gone

  • Please show you reference for the claim that colorectal cancer in adulthood is trippled for those who consumed dairy in childhood. The Baer et al J Epi 2011 study does not support your claim and does not discuss dairy as a risk factor.

  • This is the problem people like you try to make people feel bad for what they do instead of making their own decisions for themselves. Also you probably just did this for the good publicity.

  • Most people don’t give a sht about politics like the screeching maniacs online, but putting a Trump jab (Or Obama, or any other politician) in can isolate a lot of audience who you’d deign to help by this info. It’s unnecessary. And you all know it. Don’t @ me. Grow up and have proper discourse.

  • According to Preston Estep, a distinguished gerontologist at Harvard, there is a consensus in the research community that around 70% of dementia is caused by excess heme iron from the diet. The source of heme iron is meat and fish. Cheese may contribute to dementia, but it’s not the primary culprit.
    Communities with low consumption of animal products have much lower levels of dementia.

  • It took me two whole years to genuinely lost interest in cheese. Such was the state of my addiction. Now the thought of it turns my stomach and I’m healthier than ever.

  • It hardly sounds like raw farm milk when they talk about steroids & infection; this should be more clear. Then the aspect of tasting considerably better, which is subjective and unscientific. This was very badly argued and probably baseless.

  • I have never liked cheese. In what the health it says that it causes a reaction in your brain similar to heroin. It makes me wonder if I wouldn’t like heroine. Just a thought.

  • Great video! Do you know if Dr. Barnard’s book explores the relationship of dairy to recurring yeast infections in women? this is something I’ve been curious about.

  • @Mic the Vegan: I just don’t like when the only reason why Vegan only eat vegetable and fruit his they don’t want to hurt the animal, dirrectly, or indirectly. To me a Vegan that have that exact idea, thinks vegetable and fruit are not living creature, they are. Prove that plant are alive, it comes out of a seed (the seed his the plant equivalent of an egg) then when it got leaf, it gets UV rays, and the mineral water from the ground, and then mix with CO2 and other pollution, and they make themself something safe to eat, and they release oxygen, and night plant will eat there already made-up meal, and will absorb oxygen, to be able to eat there self made food. Plant remain alive for long period of time even if not planted, as long they where planted before, but if off the ground for way to long they will die. I have a patato in my fridge and you would think that the cold from the fridge would make the potato death, nope, notice if you leave a patato for way to long in the fridge you see long white sticks comming out of it. That does not mean it his roting, that means it his still alive and searching for nutrients and water. Carrotes also do the same thing except there stick that comes out are shorter. The person that only eat meat, can say I don’t eat vegetable and fruit since I don’t wont to harm the plants, that his not a reason why to just eat meat. Be Vegan because you prefer to eat just vegetable and fruit, the same thing with people that only wants to eat meat, they prefer to just eat meat, and the side that likes to eat both side, plant and meat. Mushroom are not animals, but they are not plants neither, so mushroom does not have plant protein, so they got to have animal protein

  • Great channel and video. I just wanted to say that the cheese and dairy industry have partnered up with the meat industry to puff and bloat up as many americans as possible. On top of that, ever notice these are the most Expensive items in the markets?

  • BEST Vegan Cheese & How It’s Made Miyoko’s Kitchen Tour VEGANTRAVEL#29

    VEGAN Tuna Melt w Miyoko’s Pub Cheese

  • Screw you and everybody else I miss cheese and not because I’m lactose intolerant because it tastes good not because of the stupid s*** you’re talkin about. This is not a troll this is the truth. For all you non-believers go fuc yourself

  • Women get paid back as well as men for their milk and dairy consumption. The women get breast cancer, the men get prostate cancer and when they give the milk to their children, they get constipation if they are White, diarrhea if they are Black and many get asthma and there is no racial divide in this.

    My mother and sister got breast cancer, my dad got impotence and Alzheimer’s and my husband got prostate cancer. I quit dairy when I got arthritis so bad I could barely sign my pay checks. But my husband was not interested in quitting dairy. Arthritis was my problem, milk was healthy. Now that he is post cancer, he has now vegan along with me. But that does not undo the cancer, maybe it could have if he had quit the dairy soon enough. No he had to have his cancer but he is now incontinent. He likes Almond milk and he does not think about going back now and he knows it is good.

    His younger brother had a prostate surgery, his bladder was full of stones and the prostate enlarged. They did not wait for the cancer test, took everything out and more because of the bladder issues. We told his brother about the cancer risk, he didn’t think it was important.

    So if you think dairy isn’t addictive or dangerous, what will it take? My husband and his brother were still working so their health insurance paid for the operation. The bill for the surgery was $50,000. You have a gallbladder surgery, you get a bill of $50,000. I had that. That was before we retired. But my husband had gallbladder surgery just before the Coronavirus struck, and that was $43,000 because we don’t live in LA County and between the Veterans insurance and Humana they paid for most all of that bill.

    Can you guess how much money is being spent on the surgeries people need because of dairy? Dairy is a high cholesterol food and that is what plugs up the gallbladder. Even after I quit dairy, this did not undo the damage I’d done to my gallbladder. Nor did quitting dairy undo my husband’s gallbladder issue.

    If the Dems get Medicare for all, after the Coronavirus, it will bankrupt our country. How delicious is your milk now?

  • The only way you know you have an addiction is by stopping the habit for at least 40 days. An addict will make an excuse to break the fast from that habit and will usually convince themselves that the habit isn’t bad saying things like, “so many people do it”, “it can’t be that bad”, “hey I went 3 days so that proves i’m not addicted”, etc. If you stop a bad food habit for 40 days and reintroduce it back into your diet, your body will respond with, “why are you doing this to me?!” Soon later, you’ll question why you ever liked it. Dairy is sooo gross to me now.

  • Thank for informing this sad and cruel realty to us. Poor animals!!! I am ashamed to be a human and support this industry by consumption.

  • I went vegan for the animals in the 1970s. And all of my old friends are now dead from preventable diseases (I had no idea of the health benefits of veganism until they all started dying) I’m still running up mountains and kayaking in my late 60s.

  • LMAO WHY IS THIS VIDEO A VEGAN CONGREGATION ZONE?!?! I hope you all realize you’re all liberal minded adult children who don’t understand what real cultural issues are and who probably don’t have a proper understanding of the human condition or world geography. Veganism has become a bandwagon train with very wholesome, peaceful end results, but the reality of life is that even if we all gave up animal products today, it would completely disrupt our current economic systems in very drastic ways, perhaps the most of which would be mass starvation especially in poor countries. Also all viable farmland on THE PLANET would only be able to sustain the current population if the production rates increased by at least a multiple of 6, which would leave the estimated production cost at nearly $500 billion dollars a year for the USA, $320 billion for the UK, and nearly $650 billion for China, and this mostly covers added fertilization compounds and literally getting the food to the people. The average American would be spending $1300 per month on food by 2025, currently we spend $520 per month. Maybe In 100+ years when our greedy political war financiers let us use renewable energy and stop ruining non Christian countries, THAN, we can focus on not hurting animals and stopping cow farts from ruining the air.

  • Baby calf food is for baby calves. Humans have NO need for breast milk after infancy. Dairy is among the dumbest things humans have ever done and among the cruelest.

  • veganism is very harmful to the environment because it leads to over farming because there’s not a healthy rotation between raising livestock and cultivated land farming. it also hurts human diets because we’re supposed to eat both. we don’t have canine teeth for no reason ��

  • I have to sigh and shake my head I hear this….. I had a cardio cath procedure done last week, all good, heart clear. I told my cardiologist
    would be ok as I was vegan. He proceeded to tell me that “cow’s milk is the best source of calcium.” Could have knocked me over with a feather, but I could tell there was no trying to convince him. Wish I could get my hands on some of these studies and give them to him to read. Oh, and I should mention….. this was a Belgian Dr…….

  • I love these videos. They’re sensible and balanced and are supported by research evidence. I’m a convinced vegan, but I still want lots of information about all aspects of a vegan diet (good and even the bad) and non-vegan diets. Keep up this excellent work. Love the retro London bus with the British Railways ad. Nice voice too!

  • Dairy is murder. Dairy products contain caseine which is highly dangerous and addictive for human beings. If you ask for further information, watch this video fully. ��

  • This is one of the best vegan channels at the moment. Like that you are just sharing the science without judgement and using catchy titles too. Hope these videos get many more views. Like the new name BTW!

  • this must be an older video because now there are many studies conducted by universities around the world showing how bad dairy is. So Dr. Bernard new this before all the studies were published.

  • I’m gradually converting to a vegan ��. I’m currently on a pescatarian diet as I no longer eat chicken or red meat. I’m now going completely dairy free as I stopped drinking milk years ago. I noticed that many of the vegetarian options were containing milk or other dairy ingredients. So I’m now having to read the ingredients and take notes. The last time I ate something with cheese �� was last month. I’d never eat them again. Since doing a lot of research on dairy products and knowing in how much detail how they’re made, I’m glad I’m cutting off from my diet.

  • I’m sorry if you can’t digest milk and continue growing past your adolescents, but everything should be taken in moderation and with wisdom.

  • To be fair you cannot use the majority of the population that use glyphosphate laden, hormone, grain fed, pasturized (heat killed), homogenized (microscopic fat) as proof that it is milk itself-rather than all these processes and additives to it-that is causing all these problems. Also, is it being consumed as milk or fermented like kefir and yoghurt? Is it raw, huge difference? Is it 100% grass fed, huge difference? I suppose we could do a study of the Vegan diet around GMO corn and Round-Up sprayed veggies grown on chemical fertilizers on dead non-live soil and come to the conclusion that the Vegan diet has lots of bad effects. That is not to say that Dairy in it’s most pure form will not be bad for some people. But looking at the larger population that uses commercial dairy does not make for a strong argument that all Dairy is equally bad, which is what this video implies!

  • I’d like to know what dairy products are being researched in all of these studies. First of all, I live in Europe. I barely have any dairy, only raw, organic, grass-fed kefir regularly and organic grass-fed butter and organic cheese every now and then. I think that these products won’t be as damaging as the ones described in the studies and have a lot of health benefits as well. Thoughts?

  • I love doctor Neil Bernard and respect his work however since I’ve been listening to around 3-4 of his lectures that are like an hour each over the past few days… at 25:00 minutes in I noticed the story he told about the woman’s fertility was a completely different scenario to the very same story he told at a different lecture. I’m plant based anyway and listen to these vidoes to educate myself further and on a more intellectual & realistic level about the truth and that’s the thing…

  • TODAY’s Dairy is dangerous. Wayyyyy BACK’s dairy was probably ok…….not loaded with all the chemicals, hormones and antibiotics…… And if you’re immunity is good, dairy probably wont harm you. However if you’re Immunocompromised, dairy can KILL you as it feeds dangerous Microorganisms that’s ALREADY having the upperhand in your Microbiome…… I say this BECAUSE…..If you’re gonna dig MUCH deeper to try and find fault with DAIRY, you’re gonna find stuff that we can call ‘CYTOTOXIC’, and the reality is that there are also MANY or countless plant-based foods, herbs, spices and vegetables and even grains that are also ‘CYTOTOXIC’ to a certain extent……. So HOW deep do you want to look? It appears that there’s ‘something bad’ in almost anything….
    But, as I said there’s enough evidence that shows that TODAY’S dairy IS BAD NEWS……..and if you’re already Immuno compromised, DAIRY is also MORE bad for YOU, but maybe not as bad for someone who’s NOT immuno compromised……
    I would not reccommend anyone to consume dairy unless they’re in fantastic shape, and preferably from ORGANIC grass fed sources and in very moderate amounts.
    * You see, Back in the old days, Milk came STRAIGHT from the cow’s ‘CHURCH BELLS!’ (JOKE)
    It was…UNPASTURISED…….This means that the milk was Organic, undiluted and contained many BENEFICIAL bacteria that were ANTI-FUNGAL and ANTI-Bacterial and ANTI-VIRAL. So Unpasturised milk came WITH a layer of PROTECTION!
    Smart humans as we are, we went and pasturised ALL commercial MIlk products, and GONE with it it’s NATURAL PROTECTION! MILK, ended up being sold as ‘Diluted Protein water with LACTOSE Sugar’ (without it’s LActase enzymes because it was cooked!) And without the enzymes it’s also harder to DIGEST!
    Tis ‘NEW Milk Product’, loaded with LACTOSE SUGAR is FANTASTIC fuel for FUNGAL, YEAST and Parasitic infections…… This is why any Chronically ill patient should avoid ALL forms of Dairy, except for Live PLain Yogurt.
    Bless you…..

  • Being dairy free (and minimizing processed foods by doing so) has allowed me to finally get clear skin after dealing with moderate/severe cystic acne since I was a preteen (now in my mid 20s)

    A side effect was also just slimming down because it turns out that a huuuugggeee majority of processed/prepackaged foods and restaurant foods are loaded with dairy, so not eating that junk naturally led to weight loss

  • I was a vegan for 6 years before switching to milk and butter products. I had terrible gum and teeth issues. How do you get your Calcium, Vit A and K?

    I agree with all other benefits.

  • He jumps to conclusions too much. There is a positive correlation between cheese consumption and obesity, therefore cheese is causing obesity? I don’t think so

  • Did watching this make anyone else really want to eat more cheese? Like I want to go to the store and get a block of cheese to eat now.

  • I cut down dairy and it cured my acne and sleep apnea. I also try to consume less red meat and my doctor saw a big drop in my blood pressure. I’m no longer in the border line of high blood pressure.

  • Some nations have highest dairy consumption yet those diseases are alien to them! Often this researches are based on US consumer products which are overly processed full of pesticide herbicides hormones antibiotics and contamination.

  • Raw dairy is some of the most nutritious food I’ve added to my diet especially the raw butter. Dont fall for the disinfo humans are apex predators. Pasteurized dairy is bad but raw dairy is great for you

  • Just Subsribed
    I went to my Doctor yesterday for my physical to find out I have High blood pressure. As we allready know HBP can be caused by many factors, that is why i had some Lab work done. I have decided to go vegan.Thank you Evita for your’s to a good year to our Health.������������������������������������

  • Its not the high from cheese wich pains me the most,but the withdrawal symptoms,bad sleep,Irritability and hyperactivity. I wonder how many people live with adhd symptoms because of diary drugs.

  • Evita, this is one of the best and help videos. Thank you. I gave up all dairy a long time ago. Once I did my health went from terrible to free and clear of all problems. Again great video. Thank you!

  • Wondering why I was cruising the cottage cheese aisle at midnight, when trying to go vegan… Lol. I was an addict looking for a fix. Lol

  • I can say I was into cheese, mozzarella, parmiggiano, roquefort, gorgonzola, etc etc, its been 7 yrs with no cheese, and now by body rejects it seriously, once a piece of cheese appeared in my food, almost puke myself. Is just natural, the body is telling you that you don´t need that shit.

  • Guys plz plz PLZ share this video with ANYONE AND EVERYONE you can! This message needs to be shown to the world! Also if u have Netflix, check out “What The Health” too!


  • Dairy and cheese are horrible and cause alot of problems, and dairy is overpromoted as being essential when it is not. Sadly most processed foods include dairy as a flavorant, even simple foods such as rice crackers.

  • I hear this A LOOOOTTTT.. but it wasnt hard for me att all. its probably because I was too focused on the cows point of view:))))

  • I have never been a real cheese fan (Cheddar/American etc) but whole milk is a habit I had to drink before I went to bed. Which I found out later was probably one reason I had weight issues because I loved all types of Milks, creams, yogurts, and cottage cheeses. I was raised in the Thumb of MI and that was just a way of life for us. As I got older I have and still have Thyroid issues but I exercised most of my life so I never got too heavy but I could gain if I stopped exercising. After menopause I struggled even more to keep my weight down so I joined Crossfit. Now in my 50s I was working out harder than ever before and still had issues with weight. Then in early January Crossfit came up with a Nutrition Challenge which is very close to Vegan and Plant based diet. I have been on it for 4 wks and I am starting to lose weight and feel better. My muscles are starting to show more because I am getting leaner. I have not had any soda, or went to a Fast Food restaurant in weeks. The only thing I really struggle with is creamers in my coffee. Sorry but Almond Milk does not cut it there. But I can adjust because it makes me feel better eating this way.

  • PSA: Lots of local farmers source milk, eggs, and beef sustainably and ethically. If you are lucky enough to live in a rural location, you can enjoy milk, and the cow and her offsprings can also enjoy their lives.

  • In 2014 l developed 2 fibroid that include heavy periods
    After 2 to 3 months of complete dairy free and meat free diet
    My doctor was surprised that my fibroids disappeared
    I love cheese but today as l finally saw the nacked true about cheese
    I am cutting out cheese forever

  • I do not think you are right. We are designed to eat meat and vegetables. Can you show me any studies where vegans are more healthy than meat eaters? I do think however think cheese and milk are addictive, but no more than sugar which is vegan. I just think the brain wants as much calories as possible to ‘survive the winter’. Processed foods and light foods and vegan foods are heavy in sugars, which are no good for us as well. Vegetables are soaked with chemicals to make them nice looking and grow faster, and the air around us is polluted more and more. i think we should eat within the seasons and eat less but off better quality.

  • I am disgusted by people. Cruel creatues. The karma will pay you back for everything if you will not wake up ASAP. So sad. My heart is bleeding. Poor animals. Why they deserved such awful life?! Just because you like cheese?! You don’t like cheese! You like SALT which is in cheese! Your brains are poisoined by salt! Please, people you have to wake up. Being vegan is healthiest way to live and it is the healthiest for the animals and planet.

  • Still I don’t understand whether milk and diary (on top of that bad cholesterol, saturated fat, etc…) are good sources of calcium in itself

  • I attended a health seminar at a Seventh Day Adventist church, an older lady who was not a member complained that, “she grew up drinking cow’s milk, and how could this be not good for her, this is so hard to believe!” The speaker was so polite that he could not answer much, probably out of respect.

  • I got the Flu EVERY year from age 5 to age 23 and then I became a Vegetarian and stopped getting the Flu and never got sick again. In 1988 I went completely Vegan and stopped eating Cheese and Dairy and within 3 months 25 pounds just melted off my body and I’ve never been fat again! I have not been sick nor been to a doctor for illness in 45 years! Two years ago I had a physical and the doctor told me that my Lab results indicated I have the body of a 35-year old. I am actually 75 years old!!! When you become 100% Vegan you stop getting sick!!!

  • another possible truth stetcher by Dr. Gregor. He fails to note that the Parkinson’s result “has yet to be evaluated as to cause (read the last sentence in the vid). What about non-fat dairy, doc?

  • Personally I get more addicted to sugar and carbohydrates than to fat. If I eat one apple, I want to eat five more. If I eat a slice of bread, I want to eat the whole loaf.

  • I wrote an animal rights song and included what happens in the dairy industry. It would be amazing if you could give it a listen ��

  • Even when it is addictive. You CAN get rid of addictions, so that can never an excuse! If you’d want then you can stop eating cheese, but you have to go trough a rough period where you want to eat it but decided not to. I did it and it was doable, because of the awful facts that come with them!

  • I’m a 35-year-old male, just stopped eating cheese one week ago. I asked God why I have a seemingly unending case of jock itch, and He gave me a sleeping vision where I was on a country farm screened-in porch with no door. On the other side of the screen was a beautiful cow with a full udder, seemingly begging me to milk her, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t get off the porch. God led me to the conclusion that this means I must cut out all dairy because it is poison. Now I have no jock itch! Come to find out that Monsanto made the UN agree to bovine hormones for every single cow in the world by December 31, 2009. Stop eating dairy!!!! Don’t be the mice!!

  • It infuriated me to find out the level of Pink Ribbon these yogurt companies were whoring out to the major victims of breast cancer. They marketed yogurt specifically to women and encouraged every to stand up to breast cancer by buying yogurt products. Thank god i never fell for it. It really pains me when I see a close coworker of mine religious eating yogurt every morning and eating cheeses as to not eat carbs and loose weight. Just in the last few months, they discovered a lump, albeit benign in her breast. But stiil. They all see that I am doing vegan like a prophylactic medicine, the body could be working on something life threatening why not cut the risks?
    I tell people stop teasing me for making healthy choices, you there have high blood pressure and rely on the medication your doctor gives you, if you changed your diet you wouldn’t have to use it.
    Keep telling them I am not going to lecture you, do your own research and guess what learning about all this was free.

  • After this video I’m thinking of trying to become more vegan, but for the processed part, aren’t nuts and veggies plants/trees also genetically modified? Isn’t there a health risk too? I’ve also read about the almond trees destroying bee populations? If i change to vegan i’ll need to mentally fully support it, so i’ll need to know everything about it.

  • Great talk. I had not heard of Velvita before. Looked it up on the Internet and it looks pretty disgusting. Reminded me of tinned processed cheese in Army ration packs back in the 80s. Yuk.

  • Aliens arrive at the Earth in 40,019 and after excavations and research realize that the extinct humans actually killed themselves off all 8.9 Billion of them (at the time) based on the decisions of only 100 people, none of which understood even basic science.
    The aliens conclude that humans were too under developed to survive

  • My daughter start vegan for almost three months now her acne is disappearing and she’s more happier now than she lost weight and healthier.go vegan

  • Cheese grosses me out now and I used to love it. Even the smellI deliver meals part-time for Skip The Dishes and when i go into a pizza place it just stinks.

  • Hello, my name is James Matthews and I am the admin of a new group page called Good Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes From All Over The Word. This is a group for those that are interested in a primarily plant-based diet and are looking for great healthy information related to whole-foods, plant-based diet and living. A whole-foods, plant-based diet is a way of eating that celebrates plant foods and cuts out unhealthy items like added sugars and refined grains. Plant-based diets have been linked to a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes and cognitive decline.

    I wanted to create a group page where people could get excited about plant-based food and a healthier lifestyle. A place where we can inspire one another to achieved goals and a group where we can share photos, recipes and information with other fellow plant-based people.

    This group will offer products, websites and services to help us live a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to share recipes, pictures, ask questions and more! I would like this page to stay on the topics of vegan, vegetarian and plant-based Whole Foods. Feel free to tweak recipes if you are gluten free, oil free, etc. and ENJOY!

  • BABY BRIBES of opium and morphine feelings are controlling us now, gotta grow, gotta ween off it to be 100% in control of your own specie’s worldly mortal focus, goals, dreams and ultimately the whole reality from another species’ traumatized biophysical hormonal gene history that seeps into us leaving these modified growth traits in us, the eater of such lower crotch secretions, intended for their brood which we are not.

  • I ditched all dairy and meat over a year ago for a plant based diet, I have never felt better and have more energy, I wish I had done this years ago.

  • Considering street heroin is only 10-20% as purified or concentrated as morphine, the casomorphins in cheese can literally be compared to heroin per milligram. DESCOOSTANG!!!

  • I so LOVE cheese BUT because of ths great teacher I’m wrkn on cuttn of cheesessss, BIG thank you from Australia
    YOU the man ������������☝️

  • nah i still like cheese and it smells MUCH better than most DISGUSTING!!! vegetables now shut up Dr Smart Alec Barnard and also please make a book called the Vegan Trap, OK???!!!!
    since you wrote one on cheese now you should be able make one on vegetables and vegan traps

  • Holy f**k I found this simply because how badly I wanted cheese and how much I was fighting myself from eating a whole block. Jesus. I need to stop

  • New vegan, 3 weeks in and can’t learn enough!! My body is doing crazy things even though I was a vegetarian for years prior. The headaches and starvation and super sudden massive weight loss is intense! Anyone else going though this? And the tiredness.. ��

  • Could someone response and let me know if they find this video to be appropriate for a mature 10 year old little girl? Or would it be inappropriate?

  • Hi friends,

    Food Health and Defilement!

    OK talking about HEALTH…this YouTube video ‘What the Health’ is not complete truth. These doctors are correct in teaching us that plant based diet is good. I agree. We really should incorporate plant based food because it’s really good for the body.

    But recommending us to remove all animal products from our diet is deceiving…for the Spirit of Truth still expressly says as in that people teaching this are giving heed to deceiving spirits and it’s doctrine of demons…1 Tim 4: 1 to 5! In fact it may be considered as weakness too…Rom 14:2.

    As followers of Christ, we are at liberty to eat every plant and animal…whichever we choose as long as it’s not sacrificed to idols and clean from blood… Acts 15: 28 29 (and of course not poisonous…in my opinion). It’s allowed for me to eat meat for break fast, lunch and dinner if I choose to. But is it helpful? 1 Cor 10:23 Absolutely not! I’m going to destroy my body!

    So eating healthy is necessary but making that conclusion of removing all animal product is not correct. So Eat healthy as you know how and can…both plant and animal based… for it is sanctified through the Word of God and prayer 1 Tim 4:5.

    Secondly talking about Defilement! OK how about if I choose to eat pork (kind of animal meat prohibited in the OT) for break fast, lunch and dinner, will I be defiled? Absolutely not!
    On the contrast, Mat 11:15 the Lord Jesus clearly states that what we eat don’t defile us! But will I benefit from doing so? Again no. But how about what comes out of my mouth? Very much! So it’s not the food but my words… unclean and common words that defies me.

    N. B. If those jews held on to that law of Foods permitted and forbidden in Lev 11 so tightly to the point they were almost unable to get over it even if it was THE Lord commandimg them…how much more we need to hold unto the spiritual sense of that same law now in watching out for the words that comes out of our mouth. Because we will give account to each one Mat 12:36!

    Anyways, let us ask the Spirit of Truth and abide in Him for every detail of our lives so that we remain in the path of light till the end.


  • lol this was very biased right from the start, of course consuming too much of something and not having a balanced diet is detremental

  • Feel guilty for drinking milk? Try soy and almond milk! (There is chocolate and strawberry almond milk in my local grocery stores) it’s actually pretty good, and the original tastes like it has a hint of chocolate in it ��

  • don’t believe a word he said, in my case i can go weeks without cheese, plant based diet is an aberration just like carnivore diet

  • I have been vegan for about 3 months now, and cheese is something I crave from time to time. All the proof I needed right there. Still no dairy in my life though!

  • Thank you for this eye opening video. I am glad that I came out human rather than a cow. I think we need to enhance the process so that we continue to get both milk and meat,. But with optimal least amount of pain possible for the animal.

  • The Chen et al, Am Neurol 2002 study abstract states intake of Calcium or Vit D supplements but not fat from dairy is statistically associated with development of Parkinsins in men but not women.

  • Well, too late now. I turn 50 this fall. My parents made me/siblings cereal & milk, oatmeal with milk, rice with milk, rice pudding made w/ milk, mac & cheese made w/ milk, etc. for our entire childhood. And I continued eating cereal & milk for breakfast for another 25 years after adulthood. Why the f-ck doesn’t anyone ever tell us these things???!!!

  • I’m dairy intolerant, can’t even have lactose free products. And to be honest even though it is challenging to find products and eat out at restaurants without milk added, I realize that cutting out dairy was really good for me (though I didn’t consume that much to begin with). I honestly prefer soy and coconut milk over dairy milk anyway…

  • Why are you so gay? Why do you hate other peoples food so much? Would you like it if people hated you because you’re gay? If you don’t like cheese, don’t fucking eat it. How hard is that? Why you got to hate on it? If homophobic people don’t like gays, they should just avoid you. Why throw a hamburger at you? That’s just fucking rude. You’re being fucking rude.-

  • Cheese wasn’t that hard for me to drop when going vegan. All that stringy, goopy, greasy stuff was not even in my diet beforehand. I don’t really miss anything but feta. I barely ate any, but used it as a flavor enhancer on a few dishes. I honestly only like the “moldy” flavor. Does anyone know of any plant-based foods that replicate that earthy, moldy, bacteria flavor?

  • So glad people are talking about this. I’ve been cutting back on dairy products and moving towards a plant based diet and cheese and butter have both been really difficult for me. Going to keep at it though!

  • I remember when i 1st saw you on youtube you had braces talking about how to declicify the pineal gland. Now your pearly whites are all smooth. Pure Brilliant Gorgeousness!

  • Death by dairy? Really? All these accounts of dairy causing serious disease, tell me what ELSE those people were eating, drinking, putting on their skin, bathing in, breathing. I still will not believe dairy is a demon. If dairy is a demon, it is included right along with all those other ways and means of disease.

  • 65 years later your chance of getting Colorectal cancer is tripled if you took a lot of dairy as a youngter?!

    Jesus that means we’re all screwed.

  • Lactoholics are like alcoholics… always so ANGRY when they see facts. Lactose is a type of ‘sugar’, of course it’s gonna be bad for you. Cow milk is meant to turn a baby cow into a big cow. It’s not even an argument. It’s not healthy. Just like alcohol is bad for you.

    How does this not ring any bells? 65% of the world is lactose intolerant!!!! jfc no one is fucking “trying to stop you”, drink your glass of hormone juice. Want your alcohol & cigarettes too? That’s actually fine too. But allow people to be informed on this. Esp if someone deals w/ certain diseases they shouldn’t be consuming lactose at all…

  • Cheese was the only thing that was hard for me to give up. I still think about it sooooo good. No vegan substitute for good dairy cheese. Cows matter more though of course, but cheese is soooo good.

  • Thank you Dr Barnard for informing us. How disgusting! I’m so glad I’m vegan. This is revolting and the illness that cheese causes its karma from the poor animals to those who consume it. The terrible cruelty of the dairy industry is atrocious too.


  • Ive been eating dairy daily for over 50 years as part of a Mediterranean diet and I’m in excellent health, no medications. So many vegans look pasty and pale. The doctor doesn’t mention why vegans don’t live any longer than the average person and he fails to mention portion size. I can’t take dietary advice from someone with such bias.

  • Here is a collection of evidences from the mainstream medical journals, which establish the fact beyond doubt that, 70% of all the chronic lifestyle oriented ailments can be cured, by just and only eliminating dairy products from your diet!

  • Lets be clear: The Eu J Epi 2014 Jiang et al study says Parkinson’s is statistically associated with milk and cheese intake but not yogurt intake.

  • Can people stop saying it needs to be included into your diet to be healthy. Completely untrue! Schools should stop teaching these ugly lies.

  • Please don’t bait people into joining a plant based diet based off of potentially false health benefits. I’m 17 been vegan for over 6 years and still developed endometriosis, cysts, and fibrosis. I’ve had it all burned off and am currently doing treatment. When I first started getting cramps and aches I got bloodwork done and was told that my hormone levels are normal for a girl my age. So then they did an ultrasound and I was told everything looks normal. It continued to hurt me and it only got worse and worse so they decided to do a laparoscopic procedure and found it all. Things like this are a lot of the time hereditary. I’m sure that woman was able to change her life because of a plant based diet but this isn’t the case for all people. Medicine and medical procedures are OKAY. There is nothing wrong with taking medication. There is also nothing wrong with having a medical condition. I’ve noticed the vegan community has an issue with having people take medicine because it’s not “natural” and shun people that have health ailments because they should be fixed through veganism. If I were to have the mentality that you’re spreading when I was diagnosed then I would blame my diagnosis on myself and think that I’m still somehow not eating healthy enough even though I’m vegan (and most of the time not a junk food vegan). This happens to many vegans and it ends up leading to orthorexia and anorexia. Don’t get me wrong I do believe that dairy is bad and shouldn’t be consumed but this type of propaganda is very hurtful to the vegan movement.

  • Some doctors say that (healthy) saturated fats help your health and some say they cause cardiovascular issues. Help. which is true? Cute video thanks! ��

  • Really stupid,cheese are made in all sorts of ways.
    Is like say, in Norway some fish are preserved in lye therefore all fish are gross.
    Or like some countries ferment vegetables and smells disgusting, therefore no more veg because they are all disgusting.
    Really childish,surprisingly coming from a apparently “smart” guy.

  • Logan Caleb
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  • I love that you make the effort to add the reference material in the description. I’m about to start writing about my experience with leaky gut, dairy, stress and autoimmune conditions and being about to source some great studies really helps.
    FYI, after eliminating all dairy and going to a Whole Food, Plant Based diet, I’ve seen drastic improvements in my skin.
    Coconut milk doesn’t have poo and pus in it, btw. 😉
    Why don’t you have a website?

  • Please show the reference to your claim that cv risk is tripled 65 years later from childhood consumption of dairy. The Baer et al J Epi study Feb 2011 does not even touch that claim nor does it discuss consumption of dairy period.

  • I’ve got nothing against vegans. I think it could be a helathy diet, plus I think dairy isn’t that good afterall. But I think this is a little exaggerated. Expecially because, I’m Sardinian… Why Dr Neal Barnard forget to mention that Sardinia is one of the Blue Zones (places where people live the longest) and it has the world record for male centenarians? Guess what these people did/do to survive? They were/are shepards. And what was/is their staple food? A piece of pecorino cheese with bread. I’m not saying we should stuff our faces with cheese, but if it was that unhealthy, do you think these people would have lived this long?

  • Saying you should eat cheese because it’s got calcium is like saying you should drink gasoline because it’s got water. Or that you should eat faeces because it’s got fibre. In fact, eating faeces is probably less harmful to health and the environment than eating cheese.

  • Here are 7 nutrients commonly lacking in vegetarian and vegan diets.

    Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that’s almost exclusively found in animal-sourced foods, such as fish, meat, dairy products, and eggs ( 1 )….



    Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)…

    Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)…

    Heme iron….


  • Gross. Cheese, dairy, whey def give people more body odor. I can tell a distict sour smelling BO in people, even family members i know who eat the stuff and have constant yearround sinus congestion.

  • What about the environmental impact of the mass production of corn, wheat, and soy? And you vegans hate processed meat, but you will sure eat a crap ton of processed fake vegan burgers!

  • TODAY’s Dairy is dangerous. Wayyyyy BACK’s dairy was probably ok…….not loaded with all the chemicals, hormones and antibiotics…… And if you’re immunity is good, dairy probably wont harm you. However if you’re Immunocompromised, dairy can KILL you as it feeds dangerous Microorganisms that’s ALREADY having the upperhand in your Microbiome…… I say this BECAUSE…..If you’re gonna dig MUCH deeper to try and find fault with DAIRY, you’re gonna find stuff that we can call ‘CYTOTOXIC’, and the reality is that there are also MANY or countless plant-based foods, herbs, spices and vegetables and even grains that are also ‘CYTOTOXIC’ to a certain extent……. So HOW deep do you want to look? It appears that there’s ‘something bad’ in almost anything….
    But, as I said there’s enough evidence that shows that TODAY’S dairy IS BAD NEWS……..and if you’re already Immuno compromised, DAIRY is also MORE bad for YOU, but maybe not as bad for someone who’s NOT immuno compromised……
    I would not reccommend anyone to consume dairy unless they’re in fantastic shape, and preferably from ORGANIC grass fed sources and in very moderate amounts.
    * You see, Back in the old days, Milk came STRAIGHT from the cow’s ‘CHURCH BELLS!’ (JOKE)
    It was…UNPASTURISED…….This means that the milk was Organic, undiluted and contained many BENEFICIAL bacteria that were ANTI-FUNGAL and ANTI-Bacterial and ANTI-VIRAL. So Unpasturised milk came WITH a layer of PROTECTION!
    Smart humans as we are, we went and pasturised ALL commercial MIlk products, and GONE with it it’s NATURAL PROTECTION! MILK, ended up being sold as ‘Diluted Protein water with LACTOSE Sugar’ (without it’s LActase enzymes because it was cooked!) And without the enzymes it’s also harder to DIGEST!
    Tis ‘NEW Milk Product’, loaded with LACTOSE SUGAR is FANTASTIC fuel for FUNGAL, YEAST and Parasitic infections…… This is why any Chronically ill patient should avoid ALL forms of Dairy, except for Live PLain Yogurt.
    Bless you….

  • This is easily the most effective and important 5 minute video on all of youtube. Erin you are brilliant. I first saw this when you uploaded it way back in 2015, and keep coming back to it and linking it to everyone. The pinnacle of the video I think is from 4:40 when you go into the different animal milks for 20 seconds, brilliant segment!

  • My favourite milk drink is honeycomb milk. I’m going to change to iced coffee cos I can get it in 1 litre milk. Thanks for the video.

  • Congratulations on an educational and entertaining video about cheese. Unlike some of your fellow vegans, such as Barnard who sidetracks into spears and spearheads and celebrities, you stuck to the topic cheese throughout your video. Great video with good content ��. I am carnivore and for me cheese is simply addictive, i.e. no satiation point, eat until no cheese left. Put simply, that’s addictive.

  • These vegan preachers are so brainwashed. As soon as u hear some one says “fat is bad, cholesterol is bad, salt is bad” just run away from them simple. Saturated fat, salts, animal protein are the building blocks of most vital organs, brain prefers Ketons that made from saturated fats, sugar causes brain damage, inflammation, oxidation,it clogs arteries,limphatic damage,insulin resistance, fatty liver….we can go on and on. Cant belive people still listen to these propaganda. Eat animal fats limit ur sugars and vegitable oils (exept coconut oils) and wheat, u will live longer healthier and stronger. Do ur own research guys.

  • Yay first, lol��

    And yet it is still shocking all the people that I actually know and actually love who are like, but cheese tho. If I were to tell them but just watch this one video it’s only a couple of minutes. and no slaughterhouse or cruelty footage the answer would be the same as it always is. Which is I know I know it’s bad for me.. but….. It’s like the quintessential disconnect I guess.
    It’s one of those things where all you can do is hope that they get it sooner than later. I can’t be the food police much as I want to throw away all the Bonbell and the Greek yogurt and all the cheese sticks snacks and all the ranch dressing, expensive organic milk and everything else.

    I was watching a 2011 presentation on YouTube by Karyn Calabrese love her! where she sums it up in just a few words. We are the only species on the planet who thinks we need to consume the secretions of another mammal to be healthy. And as always when I hear the phrase “acceptable amounts” of pus blood and Bovine feces and the feces of sick cows as well it just beggars belief. And yet people swear that they cannot live without their precious cheese. I don’t get it. Its one thing when you don’t really know. But once you do know…