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The Best Time to Indulge Cravings. The next time you have a hankering for a bag of chips or a chocolate chip cookie, look at the clock. A new study published in the journal Current Biology found the body expends 10% more calories at rest during the late afternoon and early evening compared to the early morning. A: If you are going to indulge, right after an intense workout is the best time to do it.

I’ve written a previous Ask the Diet Doctor column on cheat or splurge meals in which I explain how you should use them-only if they’re planned and you’ve stuck to the nutrition plan that you laid out for yourself that week. According to a new study from Texas A&M; University, consuming bad-for-you foods earlier in the day (think: before lunchtime) may reduce how. In order to find that happy medium between eating what you love and eating a healthy, well-rounded diet, experts have a somewhat counterintuitive suggestion: indulge that craving.

Got a craving? If you’re going to indulge, do it as early in the day as you can because the later you do it, the more you’ll probably need to eat to feel satisfied. Timing is everything when it comes to feeding a yen. Constant stress increases sugar and carb cravings. When we take time to tend to our self-care over the holidays by getting enough sleep and managing our expectations, cravings are more manageable and our hormones are more easily kept in check.

Pro tip: Enjoy life outside of your plate. When food cravings lead to overeating, weight gain, or all-out binges, it’s time to seize control. Unlike someone with a drug or alcohol addiction, however, the goal of a food addict or. We all find ourselves snacking, whether in front of the TV or computer screen.

When you do, set a visual limit for yourself: once you’ve eaten half of whatever amount of food you’ve got in front of you – stop. It’ll give you some time to digest and contemplate whether you’re still actually hungry. Afternoon Delight. 1 point · 3 years ago.

You shouldn’t be too worried, and it is completely normal to indulge in cravings from time to time. Problems only start when you’re having cravings every day. If you eat a chocolate bar ever now and then it won’t hurt your diet at all if you’re not trying to reach the minimum fat % possible.

The easiest way to curb cravings, ever. When cravings hit, it’s often hard to ignore that little monster inside your head telling you to just “eat it”.

List of related literature:

Instead, I never have to wait longer than a week to satisfy my cravings, which helps me stick to my plan very consistently.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
from The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted
by Kayla Cox
Kayla Cox, 2018

This is especially true if you find yourself craving snacks after dinner.

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
from The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature’s Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain
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Later in the evening, the serious cravings start.

“It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways” by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
from It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
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I always make a conscious choice about eating sweets, though, because I know that they will likely cause a blood sugar crash a few hours afterward and create a sweet craving in me the very next day.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
Atria Books, 2011

To this day, when I get really stressed, or when I feel like I want to indulge, that craving doesn’t go away.

“You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!” by Ilana Muhlstein
from You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!
by Ilana Muhlstein
Galvanized Media, 2020

Too often tomorrow never comes because we’ve awakened the cycle of cravings, making it harder to stay on plan.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

One of the biggest takeaways I got during my three weeks: Just because you’re having a “craving” or “want” something sweet doesn’t mean you have to eat sugar—or even pop a sugar replacement, such as a piece of fruit—on impulse.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
from Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!
by Michele Promaulayko
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Cravings are more urgent but not as lasting.

“Images of Pastoral Care: Classic Readings” by Robert C Dykstra
from Images of Pastoral Care: Classic Readings
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Running out to the store at 10 p.m. to satisfy a craving.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
by Bob Greene
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There are times when I’m in my car or out running errands and I start craving certain foods.

“The Daniel Fast (with Bonus Content): Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body” by Susan Gregory
from The Daniel Fast (with Bonus Content): Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body
by Susan Gregory
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2017

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  • Melting cheese on a cracker is disgusting and won’t satisfy your craving. Something that will however is Cauliflower pizza. You can find it at the store in the frozen section, tastes like normal pizza (Even better than most regular frozen pizza as well depending on the brand) and you can eat a lot more of it than regular.

  • Collagen powder; fantastic for hair skin and nails and high protein but super easily digestible. I strain the water out of canned chicken and pour the whole can in a soup mug, 1-2 cups of organic bone broth, microwave then add 2 heaping tablespoons of collagen powder, some organic lemon juice, salt and pepper, a squeeze of cilantro paste and 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream to make it creamy. Super filling for literally hours.

  • I’ve never had the impulse to write a review for a product before. I figure people will discover for themselves how good something is without my help. But after trying the Leptitox supplements this changed; I knew I had to help other people understand what this product offers, since it gave me what I had been after for years.

    I personally didn’t find Leptitox because of a review, I found it because I was desperate. I had been struggling with my weight since I was a teenager and after a few decades had had enough. I had been on every diet imaginable (low-fat, low-carb, fruit fasting… I tried everything) as well as various health products and workout programs. I spent time and money on things I hoped would change me. So I came to Leptitox with a LOT of skepticism and a baggage-load of disappointment.

    The fact they offered a 60 day money-back guarantee made the decision to purchase a lot easier. Less to lose. I’m so glad they chose to offer the program this way, since it made it more appealing for someone like me who really couldn’t emotionally deal with another thing which felt like it just took my money, without even delivering the results.

    When you buy the program you automatically get the 60 day money-back guarantee. I already took a few basic supplements (a multi-vitamin and vitamin D—for the cloudy Washington days) and just slipped the Leptitox supplement alongside these, so it wasn’t that hard for me to remember to take them. If you’re new to taking supplements you may need to set an alarm on your phone etc, but this wasn’t an issue for me. It was easy to remember to take them, I just left the bottle out on the surface with my other vitamins.

    I guess their effect could be considered magic, but they’re that way for a reason—for a scientific reason—that’s what creates the change. First of all, they’re 100% natural. That made me feel better right off the bat. They’re mainly composed of herbs, with a spice or two, and a couple science-y sounding amino acids thrown in for good measure.

    These 22 ingredients work together to do 3 things: help the body detox, control the appetite and promote healthy weight loss. The daily dosage is 2 capsules taken once a day, and you’re supposed to take those 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before you eat. For me, it was easiest to take this dose first thing in the morning—my work schedule is too erratic to have it later in the day. I would have it before breakfast, and this really worked for me. It was easy to remember: I got out of bed and pretty much took the capsules then and there, then I could just get on with my day, not having to remember it again. Pretty easy.

    Before Leptitox I had no clue about how EDC’s—endocrine disrupting chemicals—disturb the way my body works, I didn’t even know they existed! (Which kind of made me wonder about why society doesn’t make a bigger deal of them… but anyway….)

    They mess with the body in a major way and they’re found in so many things around us, things we could consider “safe” or “inert.”

    Now that I’ve mentioned results… (if you’ve stuck with my review this far you’re probably wondering what they are.) I achieved more than I thought would be possible for me. The first week I lost 2-3 pounds; encouraging, but I still passed it off as circumstantial thinking next week I’d be back at my regular weight. Long story short: at the end of the 60 day money-back guarantee period I had lost 17lbs, and in another 60 day period I had reached a 32lbs loss! To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

    Most diet protocols call for extreme deprivation and punishing workouts. With Leptitox I didn’t have to do any of that. Now, did it take no effort at all? No, I had to be dedicated to taking the supplements, and address and fix the weak areas of my lifestyle which added unnecessary toxicity. I had to think about what I was doing, but did I have to run myself into the ground? Not at all.

    This program gave me the body I never had (or at least hadn’t had since my early teens.) If I can inspire you to take a chance—like I did—and try Leptitox for yourself I really hope I’ve done that. Now that I’ve experienced what I have I can say that taking the risk and trying “one more thing” is worth it. Even after a string of failed diets and weight loss plans please don’t give up on yourself. Change is possible. It happened for me and it turned my life around.

  • Brushing teeth does not work. It just makes the snack taste nasty in your mouth. I just wait a couple of minutes and the funny taste is gone so i just get my yummy snack again. Give me something real that helps with my spineless, no will power having fat ass. I am going back to bed and cry myself to sleep.

  • Most of us know what it feels like to experience food cravings. We usually crave higher calorie foods, which is why cravings are associated with weight gain and increased body mass index

  • I had a moment today and had to look up how to stop cravings. I wanted to binge so bad. It’s been the reason why im not rich. My food bill matches my rent. If I could only conquer this, I’d be in a much better place in life

  • Hi DoctorOz. Congratulations on your “How To Stop Food Cravings in 10 Minutes or Less” inspirational thanks for sharing. Morine Barnes 60. Donald 61, Myola 40 & Rommel Edwards 37. Graham 90. ��������‍⚕️��‍⚕️������������

  • Your videos have been so helpful and motivating. I started keto for weight loss and autoimmune. Turns out I am gluten sensitive so even better reason to avoid bread! ����‍♀️

  • I’m not even fasting, but I’m sick and throwing up everything I eat besides bananas and apples
    I am craving crepes and pizza soo bad but I’ll vomit if I eat them

  • so needed this video.. was really excited when i saw it pop up on my computer screen. I love how much research you did on this topic. thank you.

  • Lol my cravings come after I eat a meal, I ALWAYS need a snack afterwards. Even though I’m full I HAVE to have it. So I’ll finish a bag of chips, rinse it down with chocolate milk And sometimes have a small chocolate bar too. I really need help with my cravings because I’m only 5’2 and I weigh 160lbs

  • Everyone gets food cravings, but is it the chocolate you really need, or the magnesium that it contains? Obviously, everyone needs some chocolate or some potato chips once in a while as a little treat, but learning to eat healthier, more nutritious foods instead can help you maintain or lose weight. It’s not simply a matter of eating fruit or celery sticks instead, though. We often crave certain foods because they are rich in something that our body may be lacking. Learning what nutrients our desired snack contains can help us choose a healthier, more nutrient-dense option to fill our bellies and end the craving. Here’s a list of five common cravings and their nutrients:

  • I drink 2 glass of water after i woke up but in just about half an hour i feel extreme hunger but i don’t want to eat.. please help!

  • I’m on keto, and FUCK I want to kms. Not only am I in ketosis, but on my fucking period. I hate myself so much I’m so hungry but everything taste disgusting but all I want is pasta and pizza??????

  • During this period I used to eat a lot.I don’t know why,after eating I feel like I should skip next meal but still overeating in next meal too

  • Me reading other people’s comments about their cravings, and you realise your remembering all the food you are love and begin to crave it again.

  • Eat fruit. When I’m hungry for no reason, I grab some mandarin and apple and slice it up into a bowl with a fork. It’s healthier than bread and chocolate, and it makes me feel full and satisfied.

  • a tip is to ask your mom or dad to buy you some low calorie snacks. A LOT of em so you’ll have something available and healthy to snack on

  • mannnnn i hate having periods. then i’m also tryna lose weight! and my cravings last like at least 1-2 weeks (before period, during, and after) and i’m just-

  • It’s december…..and I’m in the middle of my period which means

    extreme pain for 2-3 days, mood swings, bloated and the binge-attacks of hell…
    I see this way too late Q_Q I already ate tons of cookies my family made for christmas…. the thing that really bothers me the most
    is that I can not do ANY exercises or workouts because the bleeding is too strong and I literally have an accident when I even move so much as standing up. ):

    Have to wait it out and double the workouts afterwards I guess…

  • I have them exactly a week before my period, and it makes me crave burgers and fries so much that I can’t think of anything else!!! Except when I sleep because I dream of eating extremely high in sugar stuff like tons of cake and ice creams and chocolate…

  • Right now its 3 am and i horribly crave a crunchy quesadilla, crunchy thin crust pizza, fluffy regular crust crunchy pizza, spicy sausage, spicy pepperoni, purple doritos, nacho cheese doritos and cool ranch doritos and it is just a bad situation. But i have never craved food during pms so is this normal?!?

  • Low sugar level, eats high sugar foods. High sugar level, then drops suddenly. Eats even more high sugar foods. Hummingbird syndrome lol

  • I knew ice cream was bad for me but I craved it soo much and I ate 3 scoops.:( I had so bad cramps I couldn’t exercise either!:”(

  • When I’m on my period I get tired before it so then I feel really hungry. I’m only 16 but when I get cravings I take dietary supplements that are all natural but my Mum does keep a really close eye on me so that I don’t become anorexic or something and take them more than I’m supposed to. (I’m also a bit overweight)

  • so true, when I crave for something sweet, I grab banana and it does the trick, sometimes also when I crave for something brushing teeth or drinking glass of water sends it away. I also noticed that when I crave for sweat or salty, or whatever else I am just simply hungry and go make myself some healthy meal.

  • My favourite sweet is pancakes! I blend 3 eggs with a serving of Nuzest vanilla protein powder, then cook in a pan and stack em’:D Fluffy vanilla deliciousness

  • oh maan!!if only i could control my portions haha…im one of those person who either have it or not,i stay on track the whole week and allow myself to have a cheat day

  • hehe ^_^ my brother actually works at store that serves it:p I have tried it but it is just not the same.. I do like gelato though so maybe that would be better:/

  • Yes…nuts….keep under lock & key lol.
    pork rinds with nutritional yeast remind me of a white cheddar version of crunchy cheese balls!

  • I found through meditation that our cravings are only a passing thought and we can overcome it. I’ve done this for a while now and when I get the cravings, I acknowledge it but I don’t act on it because I know it will pass. That helped me a lot since I am a big fan of sweets. Each time I get cravings I know my mind tells me I want it and I need to have it, but I know it’ll go away and within minutes I forget about the cravings.

  • Firat video i ever saw of you and i want you to know that 1. Your bloody gorgeous 2. Your intro is cute! 3. You helped me so thankyou!

  • What about diabetes type 2 and chocolate cravings? Can explain that is it sugars too high or low? And before period? Is it all connected or not?

  • I respect You for losing so much weight and this is what is going to help a lot of people as I did you but you lost me when you said you were craving an apple and you said that you’re not really hungry you’re just craving for another reason which may be true but I do believe if you’re craving healthy food you may be craving the minerals or nutrients that the food offers as well as the

  • I’m loving Keto but can’t give up Diet Coke! I’ve tried! I don’t think of it as a sweet treat. My mom drank TAB soda so that’s what I grew up drinking switching to D.C. in my teens. It’s my drink of choice. You are the first person who has admitted to drinking it. Thank you. Do you find it affects your ketones or insulin levels?

  • You’re great! My go to craving sweet is the premiere protein in bananas and cream. It has 4 carbs total and it’s delicious. They have a lot of flavors but I’m only sure of the carb count in this particular flavor. I feel like I’m drinking a milkshake. I put it in the blender with ice and 1tbsp of heavy whipping cream. It’s great! When I make this it serves two purposes what is the satisfy that sweet craving and the other is as a meal replacement. I always fill very full after and it keeps me full a long time because it has 30g protein 160 calories. I believe they may have a dark chocolate you may like. Not a sales rep or anything I’m a stay at home mom of five kids just living the keto life and watching all your videos!

  • I just found the Holy Grail of Keto ice cream! It’s brand new, I found it at HEBit’s called Rebel-high fat, low carb, it’s made from cream, has a blend of erythritol and monk fruit, & surprisingly doesn’t upset my stomach! And it’s DELICIOUS! OMG! Tastes like Hagen Daaz! ���� I also like Enlightened ice cream bars, although they are a little higher in carbs, but portion controlled, lol�� And Valhalla dark chocolate from Trader JoeOMG, amazing!!! Mac pork rinds are my fave for salty/ fat craving,yummy! I recently made cloud bread for the first timeafter 2 years of not eating bread, it was a real delight! I don’t eat it every day, maybe 1-2 times a week, it’s just nice to have the option!����

  • Ally have you tried Virgil’s vanilla cream soda? Found it at my Walmart in Alabama. I took it to the coast on Vacation. Stuck to plan completely without one but of trouble. You are one of my favorite Keto queens. Your videos have been THE most practical. Thanks for sticking to truth. ♥️

  • I keep cool whip in the freezer. When I crave that sweet snack at night. I scoop 6 tablespoons in a bowl. Lightly sprinkle with baking cocoa powder and mix with your spoon. It tastes just like chocolate ice cream. Very low calorie and carb.

  • I’m struggling with my emotional health this week, and this video helped me more than you know.. I haven’t binged or had carbs in months, but today I was really down and bought a whole pack of cookies. Glad I searched for “keto cravings” and watched this. Just gave the cookies away and bought a diet orange soda (not healthy, but not cookies). Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Ally, I was not hungry and I knew it. Yet I stopped at a frozen yogurt shop and ordered two cones! I have never in my life to be over come by a craving. This one was over whelming.

  • My Dr told me sometimes if you feel hungry then you are just thirsty/dehydrated. That has happened to me a few times but mostly I’m hungry. Thanks for keeping it real Ally we do have to keep it in moderation. I like that idea of logging in your food before you eat. Indulge in fat, protein never would have thought that. Thanks you are awesome and beautiful. ��

  • Thanks Ally for keeping it 100.I think keto is simple But the Struggle is still very real. I Love bang, l like diet coke, a slim fast keto fat bomb, l luv Aldo and Bakens pork rinds, but not the BBQ ones tho they stall me. Today is the 4th of July I will bring steak with butter, and snack on my pork rinds drink my zevia cola. sometimes I snack on. No sugar jello, almond coconut cocoa 90sec mug cake with some type of nut topped with no carb hwc yum. And then do a 24 hr fast on Sunday 6pm. but the struggle is still real cuz if I choose to have a carb today I now know my cravings and inflammation and bloat, pain, will return. I’m getting to a place where I hate going back to that, so I struggle but choose when it’s worth the pain and that’s what helps me, no carbs no pain. Thanks for being my sister on my keto side. Your the best and I’m following you.

  • Hi Ally, great tips. I’m going to try the snacks you mentionEd. I wanted to ask you about mushrooms �� Can I eat mushrooms in my salad or put them in my omelette and if so how many mushrooms in those meals can I use. Thanks for a reply and I love �� your videos. I’ve been subscribing from the beginning and think your videos are awesome. Stay well and God bless you. �� thumbs up all the time! Greetings from New York City ����❤️����������������������

  • I find that a lot of times a cup of hot tea with sweetener will be enough to subdue a sweet craving. Especially a fruity tea. Zero carbs and zero calories!

  • I am 175 pound but I hate my appetite as I see a tiny bulge comming out on my belly lol.
    Trust me I can large pizza and be hungry ��

  • Diet Orange ice cold soda….orange Zevia if I could find that….mixed with ice cold heat whipping cream….omg it’s like I’m a little kid again only my creamsicle is now a creamsicle float…soooooooo refreshing in summer. Ally You ROCK!!!!

  • Great tips Ally!! Do you think it’s possible to lose weight without logging and just doing lazy keto? I just can’t bring myself to log my foods.

  • Another go to when hungry but have eaten, bone broth very hot and adding an egg inside while boiling as in egg drop soup. Dessert teas (tazo) with stevia and HWC. Sugar free whipped heavy cream and some crumbled nuts and few Lily’s chocolate chips over it.

  • For sugar craves, try making puddings with gelatin + sour cream + orange extract (many extracts are available like vanilla, lemon, mint, etc) then you whip when the gelatin becomes harder (more consistent after some refrigeration time). Or some chocolate pudding: take a teaspoon konjac powder in water, let sit for some time and make the gel test, then add your 70% chocolate piece previously melted and blend it in the konjac gel, add some heavy cream previously whipped and sweetened with stevia. I love the pudding texture and it does satisfy my sugary taste buds.

  • The blue diamond almonds are BOGO at Walgreens right now. So hard for me to not eat all 2 cans in one sitting �� love the wasabi ones!

  • I prefer savory versus sweet but my Mr likes sweet. I make a chocolate bark w/bakers chocolate, coconut oil, stevia adding roasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds then topping the bark w/pink salt. I keep it in the freezer then if you need a “fix” solves cravings for salt, chocolate & crunch. Both seeds have lot’s of fiber so if your tracking net it’s almost 0

  • With Keto and Intermittent Fasting there is a very good chance to unlearn those unhealthy snack craving patterns. Why continuing with sickening habits when there is a better way? I prefer to have my one or two meals a day and that helps a lot to abstain from old habit triggers. Do I crave sweet things outside my meals? Simple answer: no. /Besides, diet soda is the worst drink someone can drink. The body can’t be tricked with artificial sweeteners as any sweet taste triggers an insulin response. And that makes you prone for more cravings. Congrats the unhappy cycle begins. / And that is not an option for me. I am happy to using my mental energy for other projects:-)

  • My cravings for sugar were so strong that I had a two liter bottle of diet soda every day plus four chocolate bars…every day! I couldn’t stop! Then I started taking the supplement Chromium Picolinate (200 mcg 3 or 4 times a day). Very effective! Now I can focus on keto food and intermittent fasting.

  • A whole bag of pork rinds? Hahaha! You’re just wonderful. I’m in my second week of Keto and have experienced all the things you mentioned. I was happy to hear about the pork rinds because I was eating them to feel full after my meals. Not a lot of them though and it was satisfying. It just was good to hear you confirm that it was ok. I wasn’t sure. I also nibble a square of dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have a lot to learn yet as I don’t know how to log. Thank you for your input. It is much appreciated.

  • I really needed this so bad. I have been on keto since March 2018 and this past month ive really struggled. Although I try to remember to just jump right back in after a lapse… recently I have been listening to the head hunger with stress of divorce and money. Your video really helps me refocus and remember where i started… so thank you. One thing that helps me not binge or snack is plenty of water or liquids in general and mindful eating.

  • I have a huge favor to ask. Alot of my friends on Keto are in Maintance and are struggling. We would like to know if you can do a whole video about maintenance? Pretty Please��

  • The reason I asked about the chocolate substitute was bcause it triggers my migraines and I just cant seem to stay away. So I do need to eliminate but I need something that will control that craving. Thanks for all the help.

  • After 3 weeks on keto I cheated today�� OMG! I can’t move!! I am so blotted ��‍♀️
    I must remember this feeling before a cheat again…
    thank you for all your videos!!❤️

  • This really helped me cause i had a cheat meal the last 2 Sunday’s and in 2 weeks Iam up 5 pounds and prayinggg its only water weight like u said cause there no way i ate 3500 calories x 5 to gain 5 pounds! How long till water weight goes down?

  • I completely agree sometimes when I get salty Cravings I’ll snack on sunflower seeds the ranch flavor they seem to satisfy me pretty well

  • I really agree with you. I can’t do the Keto treats, I feel awful, can’t get sleep, my stomach is in a mess and keeps me awake. This is a double whammy. Thanks for confirming why.

  • I used the Keto Bodies Free essential guide when I first started as it’s popular and did actually give me all the info and inspiration I needed it comes with a weeks meal plan shopping list recipes etc have a look ��

  • Thank You for talking about this topic!! Emotional eating is a huge trigger for some people. I used to eat due to chronic pain. Keto & electrolyte supplements made my chronic pain go away. ��

  • Ally I’ve been on keto for 2 years. Your videos are so helpful! Thank you for reminding me that my cravings are not a character flaw but a normal occurrence.
    I appreciate your very down to earth presentation and good ideas.
    Thank you for sharing and the time & work it takes to do these videos.❤️

  • Hi Ally.. thank you for your informative videos as always.. i do find the salt craving more.. and i go to dill pickle with a tiny bit of cheese.. biltong (jerky) with a bit of cheese.. avo with some cream cheese and or like you said meat.. i just have an extra piece of braai meat (barbecue).. best is a good BPC.. 85 to 90% dark chocolate is my go too.. what helps is just sparkling water with a dash of lemon juice.. thank you again.. lotsa love from Johannesburg South Africa xxx

  • Hi, can you please make a video of gastritis and fasting? Is it good to do it during? I’m so lost and I cannot trust everything I see but you. Thanks looking forward to seeing that video.:)

  • I never had pork rinds. Gonna have to try. I’m maintaining also. It’s not easy. I do one meal a day on the weekdays and splurge a bit on Saturday but take it easy on Sunday and have 2 meals. I always gain a pound but it’s gone by Tuesday or Wednesday. I agree go for the calories not the carbs if you need more.

  • Autumn, you’re awesome! Your videos are so professional, always didactic and providing the sources for each information. I wish you the best xx

  • Hi Ally! I am 29 and I’ve lost 82 pounds since July. Your videos are so motivating and i really look up to you. Just wanted to day thanks for all the help and encouragement =) Can’t wait to hit my goal weight!

  • It’s so hard for me because I have binge eating disorder which can be distressing to try recovering from and makes me extremely suicidal. I also have a neurological pain disorder which makes it hard to exercise. Any advice? I’ve been on keto for a week ��

  • Have to agree from personal experience it’s easier to recover from extra fat/protein calories instead of carb calories. I used to never drink soda, but nine months into maintenance I started drinking diet Coke Zero if I have a sweet craving. It works for me!

  • What I do to avoid food cravings late at night is just tell my family I’m going to bed. The further away from the kitchen I am, the less likely I will be to go searching for something.

    I will also tell myself that if I want a particular craved food, then I have to fold two loads of laundry and put it all away before I can this results in getting chores done and I’ve then forgotten all about the craving because I focused my mind elsewhere.

  • I’ve never even thought about my cravings in this much detail before. You’re so right about the different types of cravings and wanting sometimes to just feel “full.”
    Very practical tips to manage these feelings, thanks Ally.

  • i have a sweet almost every day just a tiny like sugar free jello/pudding/whip cream /dark chocolate and keto choc chip cookies i make it never stalled me at all /have lost 50 i guess it depends on each person as i look at diet drinks like a sweet dessert /like i know people who won’t eat it but they will take diet drinks i don’t see the difference/i love keto and love your channel

  • Great tips Ally! Sometimes when I know I had enough for the day in order to not eat anything more after dinner I go brush and floss my teeth. I absolutely will not eat or drink anything besides water after that because I do not want to have to brush and floss again I will not go to bed without brushing and flossing, this has been my own “rule” for teeth health that I have followed for 40 years.

  • Thank you for your advice. I lost 42 lbs over a year ago on Keto and lately I started over eating mixed nuts. I have gained 6 lbs and I’m getting worried. Thank you again for your advice!

  • The longer you’re keto the less really strong cravings for junk food you get. I might be lucky because i”m allergic to nuts and peanuts so I can’t just gorge on nuts because they’re keto, but if you focus on whole foods and less on ‘fake flours’ that have a bit of carbs/sweetness like almond flour it makes it easier to drop weight. I know a lot of people that say eat less percentage of fat if you want to break a stall but it’s the opposite for me. I have to get at least 70 percent of my calories from fat to keep dropping or I stall out. So, figure out what your body can handle for sure. This video is right about the head hunger stuff. If you need to splurge on something go for keto not a cake. It makes you feel gross. I learned that early on when I wanted to have a piece of pizza I felt horrible from the blood sugar spike. Not worth it.

  • During this period I used to eat a lot.I don’t know why,after eating I feel like I should skip next meal but still overeating in next meal too

  • Two things. 1. I eat the pork rinds too. I have them with some home made dip from sour cream. And 2. How do you get enough fat on the Keto diet WITHOUT eating avocados & coconut? I personally cannot stand avocados and my sister who lives with me and will be on the diet too is deathly allergic to coconut.

  • When I have cravings, I just have coffee with cream and coffee syrup. Sometimes I will splurge on asparagus which is my favorite vegetable. I steam a whole pack of fresh asparagus and put a tablespoon of butter with some salt and just eat the whole amount. Normally, I do not eat too many vegetables because I have side effects from them, but once in a while I just have a lot of asparagus.

  • I love Coke Zero (both reg and caf-free) and also Bang — just can’t drink it on an empty stomach or at night. Bang has about 300 grams of caffeine compared to about 35 for diet pop.�� Your sponsor shout-outs cracked me up — those companies need to get some action on your channel!

  • Peanut butter and chocolate are my craveables… I thought I was the only one that went up 5 pounds overnight.
    The best pork rinds are Clancys @aldis.
    I recently took out the dairy and cut back on the fat because I’m trying to lose body fat so I want to burn it off my body not off my plate and chose more leaner cuts of meat i. E. Chicken instead of steak and have found that upping my amount of meat that I eat or my protein I actually feel full and I don’t crave as often. Which tells me that my body loves the protein rather than the fat.

  • The toothbrushing one is a very underrated tip. When I am hungry or have snacked, sometimes the lingering flavour is enough to make me want more. Brushing teeth gets rid of that taste for more food and when the mouth is fresh I don’t feel like messing up my nice clean mouth and breath.
    Also, fizzy water does not need flavouring, the bubbles will help give the sensation of fullness. Hot herbal teas too will help accomplish the same goal. When I fasted, these were the things that really helped pull me through in the difficult initial stages until I got into my rhythm. I’ve currently fallen off, but am re-adopting these habits to get back on. Great vid.

  • I’ve been on Keto + IF for 3 weeks now. Really proud of myself.. Until it’s PMS time ���� was really craving something sweet. I made some keto lava mug cake but didn’t help. My body is like: Don’t fool me. Give me real sugar ����

  • I love to take very rich bone broth and whisk in an egg and make a hearty egg drop soup and possibly cut up some chicken breast in it as well. It’s very filling and it hits my salt cravings

  • When I want something sweet and don’t want to over indulge…I keep sugar free jello and sugar free pop sickles on hand, also siggies lemon yogurt. Each have 4 grams of carbs.

  • Sorbet!!! It’s great in the summer months because it cools you down more than regular ice cream. My favourite is Weis’ Mango Sorbet. Sooo good!

  • I’m 54 and post menopausal and this information helped me with my sugar cravingsI also want to add that I love your tempo and how you get right to the pointMe and my 18 year old daughter are big fans! My job is in the pharma/medical space and I will for sure share your information with my LinkedIn connections:)

  • This was perfect! I hate I tend to want to eat every high fat sugary carb out there during that wonderful time of the month UGH!

  • 9/9/19 Yes with goals to drop weight, My husband & I drink lots of water All Day while we Intermittent Fast. Also a tall cold LEMON stevia beverage Zero calories. Also BLUEBERRIES to curb unhealthy snacking, until our next healthy meal. Our Eating window 11am 7pm. We’ve dropped 33 lbs in 6 months. Me: 12 lbs in 4 months.

  • Love your videos your awesome.
    For my sweet cravings always have choc fat bombs for emergency and I’ll eat one with a cup of coffee. Works like a charm. Reached my goal waight in only 9 month.

  • Epic BBQ pork rinds… they’re the best barbecue that I have had, absolutely no sugar! No maltodextrin…nothing. Zero carb. Omg the devil! ��

  • How come you have master degree, and still made so many video, in which is obvious you know nothing about nutrition, and you are just staright up lying to people. For every person that have subscribed to her, please save your brain cells and subscribe to Greg Doucette.

  • What do you have to say about Greg Doucettes video on you? ��️‍♀️keep up the overall good work it’s just some of it that’s not applicable to some individuals but the majority of people you really help thankyou��‍♂️

  • I’m trying to lose weight so I’ve been watching your videos and have been cutting carbs and intermittent fasting, but I regularly feel like my body is freaking out because of low blood sugar until I eat some carbs. I’m not even trying a keto-type of low carb diet, but most carbs are coming from vegetables with black beans and oatmeal on rare occasions. What would you recommend doing if you want to lose 10lbs but are having difficulties bc of low blood sugar regularly?

  • I’ve been on IF for 2 months now. But I’ve not lost a single kg. Is this normal? My bloating is back. I follow 16:8. I stick to the timings rigidly. I’m in calorie deficit with 1500 cals/day. Do light exercise. What am I doing wrong?

  • I’m about to start my period any day now:) thank you Autumn for everything that you are doing here on your channel! I binge watched I think all possible videos. The information you give is very structured and really science-based which makes it truly invaluable!

    Also, you became my trigger 2 weeks ago to start intermittent fasting and I can’t thank you enough for the quality of information you put out there, as I feel I was fully prepared to face every bit of challenge along the way.

    Hope you and your channel will prosper. Stay healthy and safe!

    And congrats on future marriage! ❤️��

  • This was so timely for me as I started following your stuff 3 and a half weeks ago and now I’m in line for that time of the month as well! Thank you!!!

  • Autumn, are you going to address the Greg Doucette video? That guy needs to take a chill pill �� but he really ripped your videos and ideas up. Not just him but a couple of others did too, saying that you are too focused on cortisol. Is it true?