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10 Health Benefits Of Grapefruit

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Eat One Grapefruit Every Day, You WON’T BELIEVE What Happens To Your Health

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Nutrition Advice: Health Benefits of Grapefruit

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4 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Grapefruit

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Health Benefits of Grapefruit Superfood Spotlight

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10 Health Benefits of Grapefruits

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Grapefruit is also high in polyphenols, antioxidant-like compounds that offer several health benefits including boosting the immune system. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found triglycerides or “bad” cholesterol levels decreased among those who supplemented with fresh red grapefruit daily. The Many Benefits of a Daily Grapefruit. Weight Loss. Grapefruit provides the feeling of being full due to its fiber content, about 2.5 grams in 1 cup.

It is also low in calories, with Vitamin C. Phytonutrients. Everyday Ways to Eat Grapefruit. Here are the health benefits of eating grapefruit for breakfast: 1. Excellent Source of Vitamins C and A One serving of grapefruit fulfills 132% and 43% of an individual’s daily vitamins C. The combination of fiber, potassium, lycopene, vitamin C, and choline in grapefruit could all contribute to heart health. The AHA encourage people to increase their dietary intake of potassium.

Lycopene is one of a group of carotenoids or pigments that gives hued grapefruit (and other fruits and vegetables) their color. Eating diets rich in carotenoids may lower the risk of heart disease. You might be skeptical about the grapefruit diet.

I was. I had never heard of it, and in fact, just kinda made it up myself. Maybe somebody else has thought of it, I don’t know.

But the point is — eating a grapefruit every day for one week was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my life. While all colors of grapefruit carry a wealth of health benefits, red grapefruit may be most beneficial of all. Low in calories, high in fiber and phytonutrients, grapefruit is a healthy dietary choice. If you take prescription medications, especially statin drugs, avoid undesirable interactions by consulting your doctor before eating grapefruit. While low in calories, grapefruit contains a whole host of nutrients.

In particular, they’re a good source of vitamin A, which is important for supporting the immune system and keeping the eyes and skin healthy, folate, which is key for a baby’s development during pregnancy, and vitamin. Grapefruit juice inhibits a chemical in the intestine needed to break down many drugs in the body. The absence of this chemical can lead to higher blood levels. In.

Packed with vitamin C, grapefruit can help protect against free radicals, which increase your risk of cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases. A diet rich in vitamin C can help lower your.

List of related literature:

Rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, grapefruit may lower cholesterol.

“Encyclopedia of Cultivated Plants: From Acacia to Zinnia [3 volumes]: From Acacia to Zinnia” by Christopher Martin Cumo
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Fresh grapefruit is low in calories (only 41 kcal per half of an average fruit), but it is a good source of fiber, pectin, potassium, vitamin C, inositol, and bioflavonoids (vitaminlike substances), and a fair source of folic acid.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
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Grapefruit also provides pectin, a form of soluble FIBER that can lower cholesterol levels in blood, in addition to potassium, and VITAMIN C. Grapefruit juice provides vitamin C but not, of course, the fiber of the whole fruit.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
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Grapefruit can reduce the risk of cancer, aid digestion, speed the breakdown of fat, feed the good bacteria in the intestines, and boost the immune system.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
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Some of the principal nutrients in citrus fruits, such as vitamins C and E, folic acid, dietary fiber, and carotenoids, are thought to play a role in preventing or delaying the onset of major degenerative diseases (e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cataracts) by counteracting oxidative processes.

“Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing, 2 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Ramesh C. Chandan, Stephanie Clark, Nanna A. Cross, Joannie C. Dobbs, W. Jeffrey Hurst, Leo M. L. Nollet, Eyal Shimoni, Nirmal Sinha, Erika B. Smith, Somjit Surapat, Fidel Toldrá, Alan Titchenal
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Studies have also shown that grapefruit lowers triglycerides and may lower the risk of lung cancer.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
by Bob Greene
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This citrus fruit inhibits intestinal enzymes that metabolize several medications.18 A glass of grapefruit juice can measurably increase the blood concentrations of cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as atorvastatin (Lipitor), simvastatin (Zocor), and Iovastatin (Mevacor), among others.

“Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs” by Neal D. Barnard, Bryanna Clark Grogan
from Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs
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Grapefruit is full with the benefits of nutrients, vitamins, potassium, lycopene and refrigerant.

“4 Ingredients: Fast, Fresh and Healthy” by Kim McCosker
from 4 Ingredients: Fast, Fresh and Healthy
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Whole grapefruit decreases the risks of heart disease by reducing high cholesterol.

“Patient Heal Thyself” by Jordan Rubin
from Patient Heal Thyself
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Grapefruit encourages healthy intestines and prevents diarrhea, dysentery, and other infectious diseases of the digestive tract.

“Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine” by Harish Johari
from Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine
by Harish Johari
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2000

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  • I have a question, drinking grapefruit juice VS eating grapefruit? To me eating fruits makes your saliva to create digestive enzymes which is beneficial for absorbing all the good nutrients of the fruit, whereas drinking the juice is straight down to your stomach.

  • Thank you so very much for explaining the benefits of this fruit. I honestly would prefer something processed and yummy (like a cup of yogurt) but I know now that eating foods that come naturally off the tree are much better for us:-) Thank you for encouraging healthy eating habits:-)

  • you are an idiot people like you shouldn’t spread propaganda about something that doesn’t know anything about grapefruit. its the best thing for you it gives you pure energy for long workout.
    its’s the best thing out there for energy instead drinking poison coffee. people drink coffee for energy instead citric juices.

  • Medications can interact with all forms of grapefruit the fresh fruit, juice or even the frozen concentrate can result in problems. Interactions may occur with commonly used drugs such as those that lower cholesterol, treat high blood pressure, or fight cancer. If you drink grapefruit juice, always have your pharmacist check for drug interactions with any new prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) drug.

  • many do not like the bitter taste of grapefruits. Thanks to that I receive a basket full of grapefruit from an old friend from time to time

  • Love Ruby Red Grapefruits and try to eat them everyday. They have such a clean, refreshing taste to them, a real juicy zing to your mouth along with all their other health benefits! Thanks for all the info, some of which I didn’t know. Passing this along…”knowledge is power” like they say!

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  • It’s a delight seeing & hearing the plus of consuming grapefruit. Much appreciated. In an upcoming episode can u feature Brazilnuts & grapeseed oil benefits! Thanks

  • We have a grapefruit tree at home and there are hundreds of grapefruit on it. Also I wouldn’t of existed if it weren’t for grapefruits. But I can’t be bothered explaining it right now because it’s complicated

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  • I am one really big fan of grapefruit. I started to eat it for my problem with gallstones and it came as a real surprise to me that after a week, my bit of belly fat was gone and I had to buy new trousers afterwards. For that alone, I recommend having grapefruit in your diet. I eat the whole fruit, sans the rind. I would buy tons of them when they’re on sale, peel then put the slices into containers to freeze. Use ziplocks to properly measure the quantity you can eat in one sitting. I’ve been slim ever since and I never passed a kidney stone again:) Turning 65 this August (photo is 3 years old)!

  • What a lovely voice. I am not anti robot it’s just that this voice feels like an ear massage. I think finally I will actually put the information to use.

  • if you take medication, ask a doctor before consuming excessive grapefruit. Some medication have a negative reaction to grapefruit. look it up.

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  • It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve started eating a grapefruit a day and I can testify to the fat burning and skin glow, I do take multivitamins wash my face with African black soap and do workout I’m sure it is everything together but better results this time around with grapefruit in the morning ��

  • Grapefruit is amazing. I don’t care about if they are healthy or not. I like the taste. I did not as a kid but as an adult i really enjoy the some of the bitter notes that goes along with the sweet and sour.

  • 1 a day keeps the flys and insects away they wont bite you. I worked with polish guys in a forest they drank 1 1/2 L of indian tonic water a day before. because of the key ingredient found in grap fruit. I had 47 bites between them they had 4.

  • Thanks for the great info….I knew Grapefruits had vitamin C in them, but I didn’t know about the other nutrients or that it helped to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure and triglycerides as well as being great for the kidneys etc. Since I’ve been insulin resistance and have had high blood pressure which I’m being treated for, I’m going to start eating one a day! I did read however that drinking grapefruit juice with prescription drugs wasn’t a good idea as it interferes with the absorption of those drugs so will take meds separately from drinking or eating grapefruits!

  • Van you do fruits that help woth hormones and fertility. I’m currently struggling with infertility and would be interested to learn about what fruits/veg could be beneficial to my journey

  • Grapefruit juice can be dangerous if you’re on a high cholesterol maintenance regimen. Grapefruit juice + Cholesterol meds (example: Lipitor) = higher risk for toxicity.

    More than 50 drugs have been identified that may cause harm if you drink grapefruit juice because Grapefruit juice can delay, decrease or enhance aborption of some drugs. It can interfere with the enzymes that break down some drugs in your digestive system so more of the drugs stay in your body. This can lead to potentially dangerous drug levels, causing serious side effects.
    Grapefruit juice with statin drugs may cause heart muscle damage and organ transplant patient may experience infections, kidney damage, heart rhythm problems, and internal bleeding. The effects of grapefruit can last up to 24 hours.

    To be on the safe side it’s better to avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice if you’re taking any medications and always ask your doctor about what foods are safe to take with your prescription because some foods may interact with some drugs.

    I’m only sharing what I’ve learned:)

  • All I know is for 2 winters I came down with a horrible cough and this winter I got hit again around xmas, and I finally tried hitting it with grape fruit (i tried everything else). Yep you guessed it it did the trick..cough was healed in 3 days!!, Thank you for sharing the truth:)

  • I LOOOOOVE Grapefruit!!!! I’ve been drinking it everyday recently and have noticed that my appetite is much more in control, especially my sugar cravings!

  • one advice for the low blood pressures: take care consuming it, because it reduses your blood pressure and can increase its syndromes such as fatigue, shallow breathing and heratbeat, weak erection.

  • I used to eat one grapefruit a day until I read it increases the risk of Breast cancer��
    Apparently a quarter of grapefruit a day can increase Brest cancer risk by a whopping 30% in menopausal women!
    I will not take chances.. orange please��

  • My husband is on Coumadin and can’t eat grapefruit, along with anything with Vitamin K, plus if he takes an NSAID He has to skip a dose of Coumadin.

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  • Well I get through 10 a day ���� ten pink grapefruits juiced with the grapefruit cells, it’s my favourite fruit �� I suffer from hypoglycemia and grapefruit prevents my hypos

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  • Doctor??? As in Dr Dre? Dr Luke? Dr No? The only way smelling grapefruit helps you lose weight is because you’re not eating it. I’m sure you’re a nice human but a lot of misinformation here.

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  • Was eating grapefruit without noting any noticable effects. But now i know. Im so safe from kidney stones, cancer, diabetes, and other horrible diseases. I love grapefruit despite its very sharp taste, my body and my taste buds just love this amazing disease fighter from GOD. Thankyou God, thankyou, thankyou, im so grateful for all of these provisions ��

  • Grapefruits are wonderful no question. If you’re taking medications (especially for cardiac diseases), talk to your doctor first. Grapefruits interact with a long list of medications like calcium channel blockers and MAOIs. If they don’t interact with your medications, go nuts!

  • Pharmacist verified about not taking grapefruit. BUT if you ask they suggest you watch the time and you can still eat or drink grapefruit. Just wait a few hours BEFORE or AFTER taking your tricky med. I personally believe grapefruit is such a valuable product making the effort to use grapefruit if you like or need it. Change meds would even be a better solution. My opinion but do your own research. If you do that you may stop the med and keep the grapefruit.:)

  • My grandmother ate grapefruit everyday she ever catch cold it keep her strong.she live to be 98 yrs old.i been eat grapefruit sent I was 15 yrs old I never had a cold or get now 58 Yrs old make me feel make you Punker I call it the magic fruit.i some time I take the juice clean my face with it.I have no wrinkles on my face is smooth I look about 35 yrs old.

  • Me: Watching this while eating grapefruit with my kids
    D News: grapefruit sucks
    Me & kids (mildly offended): but we love grapefruit!

  • Just got 100 % grapefruit juice, and almost a full glass and the last 1/4 I pour organic orange juice and it taste amazing and gets rid of the sour ness of the grape fruit. It’s great and I feel so much better now, it’s better then coffee

  • Just started eating grapefruit a few times a week when I have smaller dinners and it really helps keep me full. It also tastes great! Lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks

  • Just had 2 grapefruits. A bit sugar yummy. Can’t stop eating and start grazing by the RR tracks. Problem are the meds not the fruit so eat up

  • I used to love grapefruit. They are sooooo refreshing. But when my blood thinner (which I have to take because of a heart problem) stopped working properly, and I got switched to a new type of blood thinner, I hated that the new medication had the “[SERIOUSLY!] No Grapefruit [EVER]” warning on it!��

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  • This is not true.. everyone.. pharmaceutical company is poisoning our minds.. if you eat this fruit everyday for 9 months, it will clear all the olaques in one arteries..

  • Good effort keep it up you have visited my channel before 5 mins ago my channel name is home cooking with saleha Adnan subscribe it I will imdediatly subscribe to your channel thanks waiting for your reply

  • I think alot of people probably think grapefruit “sucks” because they eat it like an orange. When your actually supposed to remove the thin skin and just eat the pulp. Grapefruit is awesome!!!

  • i was drinking pink grapefruit soda without knowing how a grapefruit looks like, i search it and this comes up first after many sips xD

  • Well I don’t take medications….. so… the stupid title scared the crap out of me Because my diet consists of eating grapefruit.

    The only way I can eat the nasty grapefruit is to add some honey to it, then I can get it down.

  • Too much BS, you were probably paid by a pharmaceutical company, idk. But how can you say a fruit, that has plenty of health benefits be bad and drugs are good? Fyi, the reason why pharmaceutical companies try to keep grapefruit away from people is because they know it’s one of the healthiest foods in the planet, it can cute many diseases but the cover up is huge, they have tried to get it off the shelves, thank God for those crazy vegans who have kept it on stores since most people won’t eat it on their normal diet. I can’t respect someone who believes a fruit is a problem and go pro pharmaceutical because that’s what you did, the universe has heard you, be aware because you have offended nature, you have offended life and the universe itself

  • I thank you for this information for me this works in two ways I am type 2 diabetic and I have high blood pressure so I’m going to try to consume grapefruit I was never big on it but anyting healthy is worth a shot although I don’t need to lose weight I need to gain it thank you again