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Video taken from the channel: Kasey Golden


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Video taken from the channel: Kasey Golden


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Do you know the difference between a snack and a treat?

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As nouns the difference between snack and treat is that snack is a light meal or snack can be (obsolete) a share; a part or portion while treat is an entertainment, outing, or other indulgence provided by someone for the enjoyment of others. As verbs the difference between snack and treat is that snack is to eat a light meal while treat is to negotiate, discuss. Those are treats, not snacks. Most Americans snack every single day, and these between-meal choices make up a quarter of our daily calories. That’s a pretty big chunk of the diet, so it makes.

Snacks are supposed to provide some nourishment between meals. Treats are supposed to be every-once-in-a-while fun foods. But food manufacturers have invented thousands of products full of suga.

While a snack is typically categorized under something you need to grab and go, it should also be nutritious. Somehow snack has become synonymous with treat. My kids are a great example.

They are hungry, their blood sugar is dropping, they want something to tie them over until mealtime, and they want it “ Now!”. A treat is given when kids are good, they need to be bribed or you just can’t help giving them sugar because you love them so much. In fact, when you give your kids treats (usually high sugar foods) at snack-time, all you are giving them is empty calories, or high energy foods with poor nutritional value. Why Snacks Are Better Than Treats.

When you eat a treat like a cookie, potato chips, or ice cream, the strong, artificial flavors and the mouth feel – or the salt/sugar fix that overstimulates the pleasure centers in your brain – makes your body say, “Wow, that was good. I. The first piece of advice that I need to follow myself is this: knowing the difference between a snack and a treat. Something high in fat and sugar does not qualify as a snack, much less a healthy.

A “treat” is something special. You may eat a treat as a snack (versus it being a meal) or it may be a meal (such as eating pasta as a treat because you rarely indulge). A snack is anything you.

Read Dairy Queen’s entire treat menu from our blizzards for chocoholics to hot fudge sundae for the classic lovers. There’s treat for everyone in the family. Teaching your children the difference between snacks and treat + a free printable matching game AND idea chart. Back to teaching your children the differences between snacks and treats.

You don’t have to use my definitions, but you should come up with one that will make sense to your children.

List of related literature:

The researcher told the children that they could eat one treat now or wait fifteen minutes and have both treats.

“The Science of Success: What Researchers Know that You Should Know” by Paula J. Caproni
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Snacks and treats do not require nutritional statements

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By keeping the treat size small, you will be able to train longer before your dog gets bored with the treat or actually gets physically full.

by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell
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Thus, the smaller treat is available now, but the larger treat requires waiting.

“Encyclopedia of Social Psychology” by Roy F. Baumeister, Kathleen D. Vohs
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Snacks, treats, and therapeutic diets do not require nutritional statements

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Treat pouches are more convenient than baggies of treats.

by Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA
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Treats are occasional foods.

“Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” by Judy L Arnall
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It’s always nice to feel that balance when we have had a good day and can rest assured that enjoying a treat is a guilt-free snack.

“Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness” by Candace Cameron-Bure, Darlene Schacht
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Zuri wasn’t hungry, but she opened up the other can of dip, balancing this one on her knee while she grabbed chip after chip, dipping it in and eating as quickly as possible.

“The Sheik's Arrangement” by Elizabeth Lennox
from The Sheik’s Arrangement
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Patient loves raisins and dried fruit as a snack.

“Darby and Walsh Dental Hygiene E-Book: Theory and Practice” by Denise M. Bowen, Jennifer A Pieren
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  • Other then the fishy taste it’s delicious. LOL it’s squid flavoured. There is nothing else but a fishy taste. Timmy trying to be positive.

  • ❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️������������������������������������������������������������������❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️������������������������������������������������������������������❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️������������������������������������������������������������������❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️����������❤️������������������������������������������������������������������ This is from my six year old granddaughter Daisy!

  • The difference between witches and wizards:
    Witchesmore focus on medicine and the body (basically magic doctors)
    Wizardsmore focus on physics and academics (basically magic researchers)
    They both use magic, but these are basic differences. It can be separated by gender if ya want, idc

  • i love how kasey’s cute puns are a result of here creative design. evidence is on 2:10 scene where she says “ear of corn omg you’re a bunny… ears”.

  • This lady should have a reality TV show, she’s a world of entertainment, far superior to most of the crap that is out there on YouTube!!

  • The Bunny who rolls around other’s furr could create a great pokemon! I am making my own pokemons sooo do i have permission to have the same likeidéa?

  • I am an actual witch. I thought these designs were really cute! You didn’t insult me. I kinda do think that the idea of a witch has been sorta sketched out by Halloween costumes, but I really don’t mind. Also, I love your art style. It’s so adorable.

  • It is so wonderful to see with how much love ❤️ and passion she treats the foxes ��, i saw last week a video about China ���� what they do with dogs �� over there, i had always the knowledge about what is going on there but not about this cruel methods, my heart ❤️ nearly broke ��. But when i see this Wonderful Place with positive Energy and Love �� i have still hope for human Mankind. Thank you ��������

  • I tried a different Japanese treat box and I didn’t really care for what they sent, but because you made everything sound soooo good… I JUST SUBBED! Can’t wait to get the June box! Everything looked amazing ��

  • Im surprised that this was published the day RIGHT before my birthday last year. This makes me so happy because i remember how my birthday was exactly on Easter Day once:D

  • nooooooo you ate the grape sakeru gummy wrongggggg ughhhh your supposed to eat it like string cheese. there are skinny lines and you rip it off and eat it

  • Kasey, love spells aren’t good. I heard that someone was under a love spell and she woke up with scratches on her back, had dreams of someone she wasn’t into, she was always tired but never hungry, and a candle got thrown across her (at around 5) because spirits were trying to explain that something was wrong.

  • 12:44 it’s a shriunny shrimp and bunny put together and together can be sounded out like to-get-her like if you didn’t notice that

  • I love grape lol… I feel other countries take more time to create their food even the junk food is nicely made. lol the US rushes everything!

  • As a kid we always crushed up Ramen packets and poured the powder in the bag and shook it. Was a popular snack here in Manitoba. They sold it at the school snack shak too haha.

  • 15:26 I think there is a legend that is very similar to this, but with reed seeds? A rabbit loses its fur, and then a man takes pity on the rabbit and tells the rabbit to jump into the river and then roll around in the reeds. The rabbit does, and they get a new coat from the fluffy seeds! After that, the rabbit helps the man as his brothers try to hurt him. I’ll try to see if I can think of the name of the story.

  • I just subbed for 3 months and i’ts honestly the only thing I’m looking forward to! Forget going back outside I JUST WANT MY TREATS!!!

  • I personally do not care for the tokyo treat box or any of the other boxes they have simply due to who they send their packages through. DHS is a pain in the ass to deal with multiple times have they claimed no one came to the door but yet they never knocked and would just put a we missed you note on the door and they wont just leave the box unless its been signed for. One time this happened so much they ended up sending my box back to japan and the company would not reimburse me even after I clarified to them it was not my fault, instead so my $35 didnt go to waste i had to pay a additional $25 shipping (they would not pay for it) for them to send my now broken and stale snacks to me for almost twice the original price. If you want good Japanese snacks from a sub box just go with Japan Crate. Ive never had a issue with them and tbh i like their assortment of snacks alot better

  • I’m a witch and i feel like i should be offended by the witch stereotype with the pointy hats but I just love drawing witches in that style, it’s so cutee

  • When I see these videos I will Click it Then feel hungry then get a snack then watch a Nother one after I eat the snack and I keep doing it for the snacks.

  • Kasey golden: how weird would it be if a watermelon just turned into a bird?

    Mariah Elithabeth: I am four parallel universes ahead of you

  • So the “blue” tasting soda gum is Ramune flavored. It’s the most classic Japanese soda and you open it by punching down a glass marble down into the bottle. Funny enough, the bottles usually are blue while the soda itself is clear.

  • The bird with only head and neck feathers is basically a reverse ostrich instead of having feathers on its body it has feathers on its neck and head

  • I wish you made more of these I miss them and because of you I bought one so I could eat them while you drew and you haven’t since this video ��

  • Lol a weird advertisment came before it started, and it was amazing. It was about controling mens feelings through texting or something. It was amazing. ��

  • I’d like to see his sweetie more involved in the taste test. At least while they’re on isolation. It would be interesting if they disagree to hear the different opinions

  • Hello everyone, avoid this company! They tried to dip their hands into my bank account for $30 ‘extra COVID postage’ without asking me first, when I blocked the transaction from happening, they refused to ship me my box until things ‘return to normal’ which could be several months away.. I then asked for a refund, which is the natural thing to do in this circumstance, and they refused that as well. So essentially they’ve stolen $100 and shipped me no product. It seems Bokksu have better service for this kind of thing..

  • Which treat was your favorite? All the Japanese hard candies looked so good! My favorite Japanese sweet is Takoyaki. It’s a pastry shaped like a fish, With a sweet filling, usually red bean or custard. It’s really good!

  • They are also known for having VERY clever packaging that is easy to open and not making their sweets way too sweet. Our packaging is a nightmare and way too much hfcs is used.

  • Did you know that water isn’t set, but when It touches something it makes whatever it touches wet?

    Neither did I. My mom told me that…

  • Wow, i havent checked back on your channel since 2016. I remember when you posted about a tornado warning. Im glad i stumbled upon your channel again.

  • Kinda sad no lop earred bunnies, cuz I have one and love her to death, but great cute art. All your art looks so edible, like I could eat it.

  • i remember watching timmy when i was younger maybe like 3 years ago i will watch his videos until 3am and then i forgot his channel i couldnt find it:((

  • I really like the first witch but I don’t think her thing should be love potions specifically because those are basically mind control. Maybe potions to help you tell if a relationship is healthy or not, or something like skin and hair care potions, but she just doesn’t seem like the kind of person to make something as evil as classic love potions would be if you thought about how they actually work.

  • 8:20

    Actually I like to imagine that once breathed in, the individual becomes a bunny man thing. Kinda like a werewolf situation, but fluffy and with gas abilities

  • Any one else wonder why it’s called Tokyo treat with an Eiffel Tower as the a I thought that was in Paris c’mon Tokyo I thought I was bad at geography

  • Your dog’s name is Regina = obsessed!! ❤️You’re so fun!!!
    Thanks for the review. I’ve been super curious about these Japanese candy boxes. ❤️

  • It would be helpful if you could mention the price Timmy. Then if it’s out of our budget we won’t go any further. By the amount that’s inside it looks like it’s lower on the expensive side for snacks. Also for Canadians my guess is the shipping is quite expensive as well.

  • dixie being queenie enough to get free meals non stop princess Vixie cute enough to eat one a lil bit each time Finnegan: becomes Squirrel and saves 10 in mouth

  • “Cause I am from the future.” �� “I’m grape, girl..learn my name.” His face when he chomped the lemon squid snack ���� “You’re coming out of the room when I’m filming!? GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM!!” ���� I was wondering where you were keeping Alejandro locked up!

  • you look absolutely amazing you have looked looked and have always been absolutely amazing but you look absolutely fantastic and im so proud of you kind much love

  • Very disappointing! Do not buy! The promotions are intentionally misleading! I have been purchasing Tokyo Treats since 2018 and have been very happy until I recently purchased a 12-month subscription, where I was overcharged by $50 and TokyoTreats is refusing to refund my money.

  • I saw Tokyo Treat advertised on my Facebook feed and I searched for videos to see if it was good. Found your video here, and omg I love your reactions and mannerisms! Subscribed!!

  • Love how you slip into a British accent briefly is this how snack shop owners all speak?
    Liked, subscribed, donated (even though I’m broke).

  • Thank you for the once again, awesome content! ������ I love all your videos and have been a fan for a while now:) keep up the good work! ���� ��✨

  • honestly these japan boxes are only good for the short term if you subscribe for longer than three months they tend to repeat snacks over and over plus the cost of shipping because of corona ummm no thanks

  • Do not allow the idiocy of the HP universe and other gender based terms from older media confuse you, there are male witches. Both in fantasy and in real life. I am a male witch (practicing Wiccan), you made a male witch, not a wizard.

  • Kasey can you plzzzz make an coloring book for like idk every age because I feel like your art is so unique and would fit so well in an watercolor paint coloring book so just Pls just think of it I mean it would inspire so many more people just seeing one in an store and maybe inspire them to take on art as an hobby!

  • 16:06 I’m not sure what it is… but this one is giving me Pokémon vibes… specifically buneary… maybe it’s the fluffy bottom half? I just can’t figure out why…

  • This is one of the most enjoyable videos I’ve seen in a while! Omg you are so much like me. �� I love it. We know how well silliness brings happiness to ourselves and the ones we love…whether they are human or animal. This is one of the things I love about teaching. Once I was feeling awful and had a group of Kindergarteners coming my way for their computer class rotation. I wanted to cry just thinking about it, LOL. Then I decided to act as ridiculous as possible and forgot all about feeling bad. In fact, we all had a great time! Thanks for all the love you give to these wonderful animals!! ��

  • Your drawings and your imagination are amazing!!!! Wow im new here and im gonna suscribe you are socool so amazing a lot of words for describe you!!
    Im from spain, hello!!!

  • I love the rice ball Bunny so cute. The ice cream bunny reminds me the ice cream that have the Power Ranger face or Super Hero ones. Love those.

  • Theres one question i have been wondering since i was 7 why are there eggs in easter because bunnies dont lay eggs and have nothing associated with them

  • hey hey! just here to say there are no such thing as wizards, only witches. so male “wizards” are actually called witches! which means you could really do any gender for them!

  • Hey queen I didn’t know you loved anime yes Japanese is the best I hope you can make anime for the anime lovers like me but if you don’t like anime I suggest you watch sub anime but good for you girl I’m so proud of you �� I hope you do more anime stuff anime is lobe and anime is life

  • I love how Kasey creates something of her own, and it’s one of my biggest blocks when I want to create something from scratch I almost lose my mind.

  • I love your creativity and your art style. Most of those birds were ugly but man I fall in love with them ��. I also like that colors you use to paint.

  • I have names for them
    Pocky mom: pocky
    Pocky baby: picky
    Yocki soba: noddles
    Egg thingy: chaco
    Wasabi: wasabi (what it’s perfect!)
    Mint: mint fish
    Star: star stare

  • FAQ

    1. Are you leaving watercolors? Heck no, I’m just practicing with my markers!
    2. Is your style changing? It’s always changing… but I’m also playing around!

    OK, enjoy!

  • Finnegan: man let me in I am the official treat inspector I need to take uh… About 10 minutes to pee around and eat some treats make sure its all up to code.

  • I understand editing is sometimes necessary; however, why did you cut out almost every swallow. Plus I find it hard to believe you like everything in these boxes. Don’t be a sell out.

  • wizards and witches are not just gender variations of the same thing people, it`is different spellcasting classes, so yeah, men are witches too in this case
    yo local dnd-nerd

  • Mushrooms that grow sometimes in yards, they turn into black mushy goopy stuff that provides nutrients to your lawn to make the soil healthy, so in a way your mushroom witch makes total sense

  • 5:15
    Why did you break the egg? You not only broke the toucan’s one and only egg, but the toucan’s and my hearts…


  • Or the bird cuts the lugs to live in them and then I man finds the bird living in the small log and takes it and then he packages it up and sells it as candy