The Downsides of Caffeine For Athletes


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Is caffeine bad for you?

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The Downsides of Caffeine For Athletes. Caffeine is a substance that many start the day with to feel awake and focused. Others use it for special occasions like long drives or late-night engagements to stay alert. Athletes use it to boost performance. Scientists believe that caffeine increases an athlete’s energy and endurance levels during long-term activities.

Endurance is your ability to exercise for long periods of time or over long distances. Caffeine does not affect everyone the same way. It may cause you to feel like you have more energy and can exercise harder and longer. Negative effects of caffeine on athletes 1. Addiction of caffeine.

The first noticeable and pervasive effect of the intake of caffeine on athletes or any sportsperson is the addiction. On most occasions, athletes have been recorded to become so dependent on the stimulating effect of the alkaloid that they can no longer do without it. Although caffeine does not appear to significantly alter water balance or body temperature during exercise, dehydration is a potential concern because caffeine is a mild diuretic. Some athletes may also experience cardiac abnormalities or abdominal cramps and diarrhea related to the large intestine contractions caused by caffeine.

If you DO decide you want to reduce your caffeine intake, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. The most common complaints – headache and “moodiness”. RECOMMENDATIONS. 1) If you choose to consume caffeine as part of your fueling plan, most evidence indicates roughly 3gm/kg in a dose is appropriate.

Athletes with a history of drinking coffee, tea, or energy drinks may exhibit a diminished response to caffeine in performance settings compared to athletes who do not consume caffeine. While some people believe that caffeine is a diuretic, research has evaluated the impact of caffeine on hydration indicators and concluded that caffeine does not dehydrate individuals. Athletes may experience unpleasant side effects while taking caffeine, such as nausea and abdominal discomfort, particularly when ingesting 400-500 mg caffeine or more.

Another drawback to routinely using caffeine is a withdrawal syndrome can occur after cessation of regular use. (Many brands of coffee have a lot more caffeine than the average of about 100 mg per cup, though.) It takes 30 to 60 minutes for caffeine levels to peak in the body and provide the biggest benefit.” For some athletes just enough might make you pick up. The Downsides of Caffeine.

Caffeine does boost blood pressure, Lane and others have found. Although the rise is temporary, Lane questions whether it’s good for you when it occurs over and over. The researchers came to their results by testing the impact of caffeine on 18 men, all of whom were part of a sports team.

All men were required to take part in 10 40-meter sprints.

List of related literature:

Caffeine also stimulates calcium release in contracting muscles, allowing greater force production and muscular strength—which is probably its most important effect as far as athletes are concerned.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
by Sheri R. Colberg
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

There is a widespread conviction among many athletes and sportsmen that caffeine boosts performance in terms of endurance and energy output, and that, in short, using caffeine helps you to increase your speed and capacity to lift weights, and in general to excel in athletic pursuits.

“The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World's Most Popular Drug” by Bennett Alan Weinberg, Bonnie K. Bealer
from The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World’s Most Popular Drug
by Bennett Alan Weinberg, Bonnie K. Bealer
Taylor & Francis, 2004

Caffeine is considered such a powerful drug that just three cups of coffee supplies enough caffeine to disqualify an athlete from competing in the Olympic games.

“The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time” by Douglas Graham
from The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time
by Douglas Graham
FoodnSport Press, 2012

Research suggests that caffeine may affect athletic performance by facilitating signals between the nervous system and the muscles as well as decreasing an athlete’s perceived effort during exercise.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Discovering Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

Caffeine supplementation could be detrimental to performance capacity when an athlete is particularly sensitive to its diuretic effect.

“Human Nutrition E-Book” by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
from Human Nutrition E-Book
by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Caffeine is such a powerful stimulant that the International Olympic Committee and the National Collegiate Athletic Association set the limits on how much it can remain in the blood during competition.

“Oswaal Kerala SSLC Question Bank Class 9 English Chapterwise & Topicwise (For March 2020 Exam)” by Oswaal Editorial Board
from Oswaal Kerala SSLC Question Bank Class 9 English Chapterwise & Topicwise (For March 2020 Exam)
by Oswaal Editorial Board
Oswaal Books, 2019

Endurance athletes have a strong belief that caffeine

“Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen, Robert C. Manske
from Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Guest recommends athletes get screened for the CYP1A2 so that they can make a more informed decision about whether caffeine can help their endurance performance.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

Athletes are sometimes told that the sports benefits of caffeine will occur only if they avoid regular use of caffeine and caffeinated beverages.

“User's Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by Jack Challem
from User’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements
by Jack Challem
Basic Health Publications, Incorporated, 2003

Because caffeine increases fat breakdown and oxidation during exercise, strength athletes have used caffeine to lower body-fat content.

“Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition” by John Ivy, Robert Portman
from Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition
by John Ivy, Robert Portman
Basic Health Publications, 2004

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  • Another Stoppani BS. Just because you have PhD from 50 years ago doesn’t mean you have always the true knowledge.
    Same with Full-Body Workout. When I watch this video i see “partial workouts” in right, For Example: Labrada Back Workout”.
    Not Full-Body. If It was that simple everybody would keep doing full-body

  • Coffee? No sorry, does not make me more alert or faster, its just the only comfort during a hectic day. Its the only thing the man the boss cant reprimand us for. We have to walk away for a but, before a meeting, had to get coffee? No problem.

  • What a completely unscientific test; very poor. It’s typical of the cycling “industry” to present results as scientific when they are little more than personal opinion. Why don’t you try presenting data on caffeine from a science journal? Time and again this channel presents pseudo scientific Heath Robinson experiments as fact.

  • Getting chased by an angry bear before a workout will also improve your workout. Both caffeine and an angry bear increase adrenaline thus improving motivation, strength etc. ��

  • which coffee do i need for my pre workout Cold or Hot Coffee, & also is it Black Coffee or Normal Coffee?�������� i need to know guys Cuz im drinking Protein Powder after workout. But i dont drink pre workout supplements. But Coffee wil be fine right if i use as a Pre Workout? �������� plz i need respons asap Ty in advance guys!��

  • That was cool! Fun to watch but obviously so many other variables to take into consideration but like you said…just for fun. Great watts!

  • I knew it I swear one day I drank 4 cups wow what a fucking great work out the other day no coffee pfffff terrible today coffee wow I feel great my muscles are shocked o worked out for 3 hours and I will sleep great tonight thanks caffeine

  • I think Stoppani and his halt-and-go style of speech would make for a wonderful mafia character in a Scorsese film: I need. To. Get. Some information. And that means. You. Will. Talk.

  • you should have done a 5K before drinking the coffee too. Thats where the real result would have been, if this is not placebo off course.

  • As far as i know only one meta-analysis about caffeine and muscle strength is published. And it was only able to show significant effects of caffeine in upper body, not lower body? So would not say it is a 100% proven tho.
    (Effects of caffeine intake on muscle strength and power: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Grgic J, Trexler ET, Lazinica B, Pedisic Z)

    What is your sources for this claim?

  • Cafeine is not that good especially if you suffer or had heart murmurs in the past in my case I once overdosed on Cafeine which had given me AF.

  • Like everything in life, it has its pros and cons. So pick the pros that you’re willing to take on the cons as well. He’s focusing on the pros w/c is the point of the vid. Quite informative tho so thanks.

  • 1: You will get more energy in the short term but in the long time it will lead to fatigue an addiction. The more you take in the less effective it becomes.
    2: No, caffeine does not make you “stronger”. That’s some genuine bullshit. Your muscles are your muscles. They will not get stronger from drinking a cup of coffee.
    3: Again, the reason you “feel” like you have more endurance is because of the short burst of energy that caffeine provides. Believe you me, you will crash afterwards just like a sugar high.
    4: 100% Grade A Horseshit.

    Also, please show me the study that found that caffeine expands blood vessels. I would like to read it. If it’s actually legit.

  • I really feel like videos such as this should ALWAYS at least mention the most obvious negative effects and risks that come with the subject of the video. While caffeine is widely known, other substances might not be, and people might come to go down the “more is always better” road. Otherwise, I appreciate videos like this one.

  • I think it’s more of a mental thing. I personally hit slightly higher weights when I have caffeine and it’s honestly probably because I think i feel better, rather than just actually feeling better

  • Pretty cool you guys doing these kind of tests.
    Waiting months to check the actual effect of caffeine to release the video. Thumbs up ��

  • According to what I have studied, most of the coffee we buy is usually de-caffeinated proving that it’s probably a placebo. We should have an experiment with pure caffeine, coffee and a control with several subjects……

  • Would like to see a study that looks at performance throughout a full workout. Later exercises in a workout may see increased performance as fatigue sets in. A single set of one exercise seems too limiting to be useful information for the typical gym goer. Maybe useful for the PR setting power lifter.

  • while caffeine is beneficial its not a magical drug and im not going to go what you are “likely” going to have, what you will abso-fucking-lutey have is palpitations,tachycardia, forceful heart contractions, dyspepsia, insomnia. i take 200mg caffeine in the morning and before workout. if i miss a dose i get a headache and if i take it and end up idling because something came up and i couldnt workout i get chest pain. yes it works but its not fucking magical. and its not that great

  • Bro i’ve a confusion…! Should i do full body (upper-lower) workout or split workouts? Which one is more beneficial for me? I’m 72 kgs, 13% body fat…Kindly reply!!

  • I need none. Totally non responder. It makes sense tough cause I used to drink 2 liters a day. Now I don’t drink no coffee at all.

  • As a competitive bodybuilder, higher doses of 500mg before training is the sweet spot for me. I’m also interested what the science says for hypertrophy training?

    Pscycling caffeine is a must!

  • new information…
    bro I love you and I already watch all your video
    now I have a small problem that I already stop training for 3 months and am lazy to back… would you give us an information to beat this problem,,, am sure also there are a bunch of people that they have the same problem

    thanks a lot <3

  • 10,000mg daily to start. Redline Extreme, Bang, Redbull and Monster. Just sip on these through out the day untill you reach the mark. Thank You.

  • Watch out for preworkout products, as it REALLY effect your health and maybe lead to death.
    Once you feel your heart beat is different or some pain in your heart or kidney or you’re sweating waaay too much, stop it and check your doctor!!

  • I always carry a Clif espresso shot gel on a long ride for absolute emergencies only (they are revolting). If I feel I’m near bonk-point that stuff will usually get me home ��. In general I find caffeine products can cause GI distress all too often for people though so always test those products before race day.
    Also interesting to note how you feel when you come OFF coffee did it once and had to leave work I felt so ill! Actual drug withdrawal symptoms, scary!

  • Would the results have changed if they took it earlier or later rather than 1 hour before training? It’s frustrating that they didn’t take time of intake into consideration…

  • Consuming too much caffeine makes me feel light headed and with leg workouts I can see how this would affect performance due to
    Body position and vessel compression.

  • he can barely breathe between words or he can barely read…. either way he’s out of shape or sucks at reading from a poor education…. either way he’s the biggest bullshitter out here

  • It’s true, I drink a cup of black coffee before a workout and I did a 9 minute mile. It’s even better when your running in a cold weather as it keeps your body warm.

    Still, I would recommend you drink a cup of black coffee before every workout. Your body will become dependent on it, but the results and performance will be better

    And after a workout, drink water and a gatorade because coffee dehydrates your body and water also gets rods of that coffee aftertaste in your mouth

  • Just if Marvel does not want a CGI Thanos….this guy would be perfect…
    Super Genius intellect.
    Master Tactics
    Hyper WillPower
    Super Human Physique
    Above all. one thing..which he knows just like Thanos….
    Humans are doing their shit wrong to themselves ad the world…

  • Plinio Ferraz is absolutey spot on, the test difference for Mark could have been psychosomatic especially with his knowledge of what caffine now can do after a substantial lay off.

  • You don’t need caffeine. You made yourself need caffeine that your body forgets stimulating itself without substance use. It’s like any other type of substance, from sugar to opioids.

  • What about for cardiovascular endurance? I’m curious on the performance benefits endurance athletes can have from caffeine and what dosage is best for that.

  • I will test it today before I go for a run, and I havent drank coffee for 5 years

    Edit: So I managed to run double my usual distance without taking a break. I’ll try keep my caffiene consumption as minimal as possible

  • Mate, is there any chance you can do a video on massage guns (percussion therapy)? I recently purchased one and I’m waiting to see if it works (arriving tomorrow!!) but would love to hear your take on them!! Thanks for all the great content:)

  • I’m a coffee drinker, i prefer the italian style espresso, i have 2-3 per day, still when i use sometimes a pre workout with 200-300 mg of coffein, i tend to not feel that well. I don’t faint or anything it just doesn’t feel right and i don’t feel improved performance at all.

  • Sorry guys but that was a poorly conducted test, why didnt you test after the 2 months of no caffine for a base line also leaving it 2 months between tests could have an enormus impact of overall form so by no means a good test. Keep up the good work but please think these sort of tests through a little more first.

  • SInce I think performance in the gym has a strong mental component, I feel like consuming something you associate with enhanced workouts can provide a motivation boost and thus a performance boost, regardless whether it actually provides physical benefits. So I will keep having my cup of coffee and believe in my enhanced readiness to go all out.

  • I can tell you right now that pre-workout is not for me. It makes my eye all twitchy and it takes literal days for me to completely flush my system empty of caffeine. Taking 4-5 cups of coffee in a scoop of pre-workout ain’t for me chief lol. I hated my eye twitching. If anything I’ll try just regular coffee if I need a pep in my step for the gym

  • I feel like caffeine doesn’t actually make u stronger or even get more reps, it just makes the session more enjoyable? Anyone else get really euphoric in the gym on caffeine and not so much without?

  • In my experience, Caffeine combined with motivational music helps me get through a whole workout. Without it I find myself wanting to leave around 20min in. Personally, I suggest taking a strong cup of coffee and a non-stim pre before a workout. Try it, you will sleep better and actually get a good 1hr’s workout in.

    With regards to the non-stim pre, try NPL Black Series Vaso Pump.

  • Well, that confirms the earlier studies, in some running studies it is even negative. But I am drinking the coffee to wake up and drag myself to the gym not for the training itself.

  • I cycle my preworkouts. I’m a high stim junkie, so my preworkouts consist of more stimulants, than just caffeine. Focus and mood elevation are a must, before the gym. They make for a better experience. Stim junkies, know what I’m talking about. 160 milligrams of caffeine, is walmart bullshit. We need minimum, 350mg. ��

  • Dr. Eric Helms also made a video about this and provides great information regarding caffeine. Here is the link

  • This study is stupid. 50-100mg is plenty for those who don’t have tolerance. 480mg is getting to the unsafe point for those without a high tolerance
    (im not Med, just a Cognitive Science major)

  • Not really related to video, but question to everyone: Does anyone know of any good channels/accounts on YT or Instagram for fitness/bodybuilding where they show and talk about different excersises, but in a more sober way without gruting and other cringy machismo-stuff?
    PS: Great channel, will definitely have a look at the merch!

  • see but hmmm ill try to word this. in order to correctly and accurately measure the effect it has you have to have a way of testing in what areas it can have a tangible effect.

    like for instance i work in a warehouse. i notice it allows me to stay the course longer anddd it helps me to have more oomph in my lifting. 50 pound potatoe bags feel kinda heavy after awhile, but with enough caffeine they feel half weight. toss them on a pallet like they are weightless. which makes me faster and much more productive.

    you on the otherhand are a peak performer. and athlete. im just some guy xD as in id think youd have so much stamina that the end result of time would be more based on efficiency. maybe im wrong. but like i have noticed if i drink too much i can get quite sloppy in my technique.

    you get amped up and moving too fast and make alot of mistakes. which mistakes cost time?? i dont know lol

  • In high school cross country, I took a 200mg caffeine pill before a race (I didn’t ever drink coffee, so I didn’t have a tolerance)…. I cut an entire minute off of my 5k and felt SO FAST. I did it for a few more races, but once my tolerance increased, the benefits decreased. I eventually stopped because I was worried about my heart (it would get alarmingly fast) and didn’t want to become dependant. It was fun, but I definitely don’t recommend. Now I just have tea before a race ��

  • So a couple of caveats to this advice: don’t overdo it I’ve seen guys pass out because they had a little too much, and then went too hard in the gym. Additionally, your body quickly adapts to caffeine, so too much will negate the benefits long term.
    Other than that, I totally agree!

  • You need to have a control group/person and a placebo group/person. The difference in results being so minute, that perhaps you gave it more since you knew you had the caffeine and not because of the caffeine itself. Maybe a future video? Thanks for the vids.

  • Mark, I would be interested to know if you noticed any change in your heart rate? I don’t consume caffeine but experimented with a cup of coffee before a shorter, intense bike session about a year ago. I agree with you about the energy/intensity hit but found that I was amped up beyond my normal state and my heart rate followed suit. Caffeine is not for me personally but I know others who swear by it. My wife has told me for years about the benefits of a good coffee!

  • I wonder what also is the effect on cumulative training i.e. doing your really hard workouts caffeinated over 2-3 months, Arguably, those small increases in intensity consistently “available” have a larger effect down the road than one single large stimulant hit on the day of the race/testsay 6 months from now for a target event.

  • Mark, what was your average heart rate for each of the two tests? I find that my HR runs about 5 to 8 beats higher for the same power output when I’m hopped up on coffee.

  • Last year as part of my marathon training to cut my coffee out 2 months before the race and then drank red bull on the day… In my last 10k race I had a USN Energy Shot just before the race…not sure if it helped but I ran well, but I couldn’t sleep that night and felt horrid the next day.

  • You should have completed the TT before getting back to Coffee to see what you were like pre-caffeine. Also, caffeine mobilizes fat stores so helps you burn more fat apparently (benefit for longer events)

  • Hey mark
    I know yes a one case study but other than the end feeling of your exertion I don’t believe you had a time difference as you start your computer after rolling and clipped in your first run and on your second run your started your computer before your foot even left the ground so don’t you believe your six second deficit is there and what about a clean base run. I must say that this was quite a shoty attempt at a comparison study
    I do apologize about my judgement but you guys have done such better work

  • 28 individuals??? that’s again a joke sample…did they even reported the statistical power? did they even reported individual differences???? do not even bother with this type of research papers…they are published only to serve academics’ publish or perish purpose…as long as there is no meta-analysis with at least several dozens of thousands of individuals or ideally at least several dozens of hundreds of thousands of individuals there is no generalizable evidence for the population…just try how and if caffeine works for yourself…

  • But what about heart rate in these testsstarting HR, peak HR and average HR would have been really useful indicators of caffeine influence?

  • This channel has the best produced videos. You didn’t had this bunch of information brought so easy to you via the internet in the old days… This shouldn’t be free tbh.

  • The air in his lungs sounds like it’s in a perpetual state of going in an out, like the outside air is being held hostage by his alveoli, not knowing if they’re leaving, or coming in.

  • I dont like coffe but I always drink it before workout. I feel more pump and motivated to workout. To me black coffe literally tastes like shit, well maybe because just straight black coffe without cream or sugar.

  • I was told by the Dr to ease up on Caffeine for blood pressure reasons. It was not an all out ban but advice from him. So I did. Occasionally I have a proper coffee and I really feel the kick. However I feel better from not having that regular kick.

  • Over the years I’ve found that coffee increases my chances of have leg cramps, especially in the calves. Because of that I stop drinking coffee at least one week before a masters swim meet or an open water event.

  • Sorry???? The liver metabolises the caffeine which is THEN absorbed by the intestine??? Where is your liver placed? In your stomach? Sorry guys. Get your basic facts right. Coffee has other components to it beyond caffeine. Caffeine is NOT synonymous with coffee.

  • Not very scientific either…:-)

    But when I was racing Ironman, as a non-daily coffee drinker, I saved caffeinated drinks for the last 10k (which is where the race really start for mere mortals).

    The “carrot”: looking forward to that coke at mile 20. And the “boost” (possibly a placebo): to close the last 10k fast!

  • 2 runs separated by 2 months. How can you present it like the only variable is caffeine? Like nothing else happen during those 8 weeks (training, de-training, recovery, etc.). It would make more sense to go without caffeine for 2 months, do the test on one day and then repeat another day with a coffee, or caffeine gel before the 2nd run.

  • Is it the tastiest performance enhancing drug? �� I’ll typically take a month off before a big race or Ironman. Then one or two cups on race morning and caffeine in my sports drinks. Works for me.

  • I never have caffeine before my exercise, or in the very least, not a lot. I’m one of those types that gets tired when they have a lot of caffeine, and I’m an endurance athlete… so nah.

  • I burnt out my neuro receptors long ago. My challenge is taking on enough caffeine DURING a long course to stave off the headaches. One iced coffee bottle on the bike leg is required, at least.

  • Adrafinil’s better, less jitters, less heart attack feeling, more focus, less nervousness. Just don’t abuse adrafinil or modafinil

  • hey man, while its true that caffeine boosts performance, it doesn’t help with strength or muscle gain. what builds strength and muscle is progressive overload, meaning even if you’re a little stronger each workout with caffeine, it wont build strength faster. in fact, caffeine slightly hinders strength and muscle gain from hindered recovery.

  • Hey, i dont have much knowledge about workout, exercise types, and fitness in general and how to choose right exercise and its types, im currently reading Body for Life by Bill Phillips, can you suggest some more books on workout for beginners which explains how exercises works and its types, body types which i wanna acquire after workout and how to improve other things like stamina, agility etc

  • Hi GTN, I’m Leonardo from Tuscany, off road triathlete, the downside in taking caffeine is muscle cramps. In the summer, with high temperatures and intense sweating, caffeine increases its effect on the muscles and, in subjects who are predisposed and inelastic, annoying and deleterious cramps occur, with a consequent drop in performance. Personally I don’t use caffeine, but I make myself a good Italian moka at home. When I do long training or competitions, but from about 3/4 of the race onwards, I use the coca-cola that I find at the refreshment points to have sugars (many in coca-cola) and the caffeine needed to support the muscles to finish the race. I think the greatest help from caffeine is this… to bring you to the end of the race when muscle contractility fails… good work guys

    Ciao GTN, sono Leonardo dalla toscana, triatleta off road, il rovescio della medaglia nell’assunzione della caffeina sono i crampi muscolari. Nel periodo estivo, con temperature alte ed intensa sudorazione la caffeina aumenta il suo effetto sulla muscolatura e, in soggetti predisposti e poco elastici, si verificano fastidiosi e deleteri crampi con conseguente calo della performance. Personalmente non uso la caffeina, ma mi faccio una buona moka all’italiana in casa. Quando faccio lunghi allenamenti o in gara, ma da circa 3/4 di gara in poi, uso la coca-cola che trovo ai ristori per avere zuccheri (molti nella coca-cola) e la caffeina necessaria a sostenere la muscolatura per finire la gara. L’aiuto maggiore da parte della caffeina credo sia proprio questo…portarti a fine gara quando la contrattilità muscolare viene a mancare… buon lavoro ragazzi

  • I take 1 tablet of 200 mg caffeine 1 hour before a critrace and I feel less fatigue during and especially after the race riding on my way back home.
    During an 8 hour event I will take a second tablet halfway, really makes a difference for me ( apart from the placebo effect ).
    3 cups of coffee is my average daily consumption.

  • I’m a caffeine fan, but in this kind of study we need to consider the placebo effect. Our mind can full us all. Need a double-blind study in this one.

  • I prefer Matcha. Although there is no kick, the level does not drop off again suddenly. Would be a little better for a long distance. Also find that Matcha is a bit more stomach-friendly.

  • I make a flask of sugar/milk free black coffee at 5:30am and work all day with no food. I train on my lunch break then eat one whole food set meal at 7pm.
    Getting good results but the first few days are brutal till u get use to it.

  • I must say the first time I watched one of your videos, I was like this guy is crazy. Now I love your videos. You are very informative and inspirational. I am currently on a ketogenic diet, and I feel amazing and I am getting results.

  • Coffee does actually hydrate:

    Too much caffeine is always an issue, but you won’t dehydrate drinking some coffee.