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This is one of the first steps to eating clean. “It’s important to reduce, not necessarily eliminate, your intake of processed foods that are loaded with chemicals, preservatives and dyes, as well as foods high in sugar and poor-quality oils,” says Jared Koch, nutritional consultant and founder of Clean Plates. DON’T: Discount all processed foods. Be balanced.

Something to avoid with clean eating is to get over obsessed about eating perfect food. Food is meant to be enjoyed and nourishing for the body and mind, but it should not be exhausting or obsessive. Also, keep in mind whatever diet you follow, balance and moderation are important concepts.

To help you on the path to your healthiest and happiest body yet, follow these simple clean eating dos and don’ts. Do: Choose foods in their purest state, such as an orange. Don’t: Select foods manipulated and processed beyond recognition, like diet orange juice drink.

Eating clean is all about doing the right things and nothing is more right than drinking water. Not only does it hydrate you, but it can also fill you up, so that you avoid snacking on junk. Don’t Shop On An Empty Stomach. If you go shopping on an empty stomach, there’s always the risk that you’ll shop with your eyes.

A Beginners Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Clean Eating. Countless people around the world have the desire to change their diets, with the hopes of achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle. With an overwhelming amount of information at their fingertips, it can become difficult to. Some Key Don’ts for Clean Eating 1. Avoid Overly Restrictive Diets. There are certain diets that ban all the sweeteners, soy, dairy, grains, gluten, and corn. Avoiding so many food items can stop you from enjoying some healthy foods like fat-free yogurt, brown rice etc.

More than that, these diets can be difficult to keep up with, providing. How to Eat Clean: The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Clean Eating Do base the majority of your food choices around whole foods. Focus on making the bulk of your food choices fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Don’t fear processed foods when eaten. Do keep clean eating snacks on hand.

Whether the day is filled with the kids’ sports events or running errands for an elderly parent, it’s easy to give in to the bad snack temptation. Stay on your clean eating track by packing up healthy snacks in advance. Find easy ideas in 15 Grab-n-Go Snacks.

Don’t sabotage yourself with sugar. Excess sugar is linked to a higher risk of obesity, high blood. Some of the most popular “clean eating” diets you’ll find online are extremely exclusive. The 30 Clean diet starts by banning all sweeteners, soy, dairy, grains, gluten, and corn, along with all processed foods.

I started Dr Gundrys way of eating at the end of 2019. Wanted to eat healthier. I thought I was eating healthy up until then. I was eating a lot of dairy, fruit,yogurt, and many of the wrong veggies.

I have lost plenty of weight, and feel stronger and energized at 61 years young. But feel awfully lucky to have heard online about leaky gut.

List of related literature:

What is“clean eating?”

“Becoming Vegan, Express Edition: The Everyday Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition” by Brenda Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS, RD
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That’s especially important because the only way you will reap the benefits of clean eating is if you actually do it consistently.

“Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health” by Ivy Larson, Andy Larson
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“What exactly do you mean by clean eating?

“Bon Bons to Yoga Pants” by Katie Cross
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We look at some of the dangers of processed and refined foods and list the benefits of eating clean.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
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There is another group of foods considered clean.

“Wombs and Alien Spirits: Women, Men, and the Zar Cult in Northern Sudan” by Janice Boddy
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Clean eating is a less strict, more flexible way of eating.

“Lexi's Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life” by Alexis Kornblum
from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life
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The food preparer should be clean in both body and mind and traditionally should bathe and put on clean clothes before preparing food.

“Food, Feasts, and Faith: An Encyclopedia of Food Culture in World Religions [2 volumes]” by Paul Fieldhouse
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moistening the dry, shows through most clearly: on that day, people must eat nothing but boiled, dry grains (sometimes with fritters), and must eat their fill; they must not eat meat (“so as not to break the bones”) or dates (“so as not to expose the stones”).

“Outline of a Theory of Practice” by Pierre Bourdieu, Richard Nice
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Eating well and eating fresh foods are related to maintaining health.

“Transcultural Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Intervention” by Joyce Newman Giger, Linda Haddad
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In this diet, only clean wholesome foods are consumed.

“The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging” by Bruce Fife
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  • Like most people, when I first got into fitness, it seemed everywhere I turned all I would hear was that I needed to eat cleaner (and cleaner, and cleaner) if I wanted better results. Wanting to be the best version of myself that I could be, I followed this advice for years, obsessing over eating meals at “exactly” the right time and with the “perfect” combination of foods. I started to avoid going out with friends because I might “miss a meal” and even missed out on many special occasions because of my diet. Over the last decade or so, with all the learning I have done, I’ve come to realize that most of this was totally unnecessary and likely holding me back in many ways. Hopefully this video will shed some light on a science-based approach to dieting that will help some of you get on a more balanced and sustainable track. As always, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments! Peace!

  • Why do you use bodybuilders who dont even try to maintain the low body fat % after a competition as an example??? That sounds a bit dumb doesnt it???

  • I hate that I’m getting Vshreds as when I click on Jeff Nippard’s vids. It’s like a hooker trying to pick up men at on the doorstep of a church

  • A huge, and often overlooked, component of making and sticking to dietary choices is education. We often feel like cutting out certain foods is a form of deprivation of pleasures. One might really like ketchup potato chips and gourmet doughnuts and the thought of removing them entirely from their diet, even though they are definitely in the “bad foods” category, feels like some sort of punishment.
    This attitude only changes when education enters the picture. Understanding what “bad foods” actually do to your body can be a game changer. Understanding the inflammatory response that ingredients like vegetable oil, high-fructose corn syrup and enriched bleached wheat flour trigger in your body can change the entire psychology of eating highly processed, sugar-rich, nutrient-absent food.
    When clean eating ceases to emotionally be a form of deprivation and becomes a gift to your body, you don’t need to worry about whether or not it can be a sustainable practice, since sustainability of dietary habits seems to be at the core of most effective weight-loss diet plans.
    It is truly unfortunate that North American palates are so accustomed to processed foods that don’t satiate and pump us full of sugar that real food tastes bland and boring.

  • I’m not sure about this one. I was reading this morning an article ( about how difficult and reliable is counting calories. Whatever the point of the article, it seems like “clean eating” might help in having a more realistic portrait of the “calories in” part of the equation. I guess your point is that “clean eating” isn’t enough of a solution, but I still think it’s a good starting point for many people out there.

  • I will still eat healthy, mental toughness, did you forget about that? When I eat like shit… I hate myself. That’s why its important to not bes satisfied

  • Really why do we need sweetness and sugar on everything so stupid u don’t need sweetness why do we think sweet is good lol I don’t understand strawberries aren’t sweet enough no add sweetener just eat the food everything doesn’t have to taste like chocolate

  • Again this assumes that “a calorie is a calorie”. This idea is wrong.

    I wouldn’t say much. However I would leave you with this question.

    Is your aim to LOOK healthy or do you want to BE healthy?

    Stay safe.

  • I think I never commented on your video but that’s too much quality content for me to stay quiet: your videos are son educating: you base your content on data and litterature but you’re not boring at all! I have learned so much by watching your channel, honestly thank you and keep doing these!

  • When I do go off my clean eating with birthday cake or holiday kinds of sweets of course I think this stuff tastes great. But I try to remind myself, I’m not missing amazing tasting foods that my belly loves, I’m missing foods that my brain loves. Food companies know exactly what they’re doing, dopamine is firing, the ingredients are addicting, and your brain just keeps saying gimme more!

  • I definitely agree with a lot of points you made. I think there should be balance in one’s diet of mostly clean foods but if something were to come up (like a birthday) to have the flex of eating a slice of cake. In a sense, I think the ideal diet is clean eating with macros. I never hear about people discussing the benefits of eating low glycemic carbohydrates. Many studies have shown that a consumption of low GI leads to a lower insulin response, which induces an increase in fat oxidation, resulting in the reduction of body fat. I’ve noticed after switching from an iifym diet to a meal plan that I feel leaner even though I am consuming slightly more calories than I was on the iifym diet. After making the switch I now look at food as fuel.

  • Greg Doucette has led me to start questioning the validity of fitness youtubers statements now. Is it really true that if you diet and were in a calorie deficit for two weeks and then on your cheat day consumed 6000 calories that ALL those extra calories would be converted to excess fat? I mean does fat get accumulated in this particular fashion? Can all of that deficit REALLY be eliminated by one cheat day??? Free thinkers please respond.

  • this is kinda of fucking stupid….

    not Jeff’s video in particular, just these arbitrary ‘clean eating’ ‘clean foods’ etc etc.

    glad to see the research shows that the ‘flexible’ approach is working out best for people, which is mainly because of that mental aspect of not feeling the need to be incredibly ‘restrictive’ with certain foods all the time

    but overall, these notions of ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ are pretty stupid when you’re talking about whole unprocessed foods.

    white potato bad…sweet potato good….
    white rice bad…brown rice good….

    get the fuck outta here

    there are tons of toxins and bullshit all in our food and water supply so best bet is to just focus on consuming as many organic, unprocessed, and no artificially sweetened/flavored foods as possible…

    whole, organic, real food. (whenever possible)

    but yeah, if you want a poptart, piece of cake, beer, whatever, every now and again…go for it. but keep it to a bare minimum in the grand scheme of things

    now of course that isnt possible for everyone based on location, finances, etc. but just something to keep in mind.

    the fitness industry has made nutrition and everything that goes along with it SO MUCH MORE complicated than it needs to be

  • I used to be exactly what you mentioned the “I already had one cookie” I can go out to dinner tonight and order nachos then get Froyo after with all of the Nutella and call it a cheat day. I also LOVE having my meals planned out for the week in and out of prep. I make a menu for myself and get excited about eating off of that. It does include some foods that are not classified as “clean” primarily around workouts but having them planned helps!

  • I am with you. The less processed foods I have the better I look, feel, perform, recover, and think! The difference is definitely noticeable to me. I love that you are talking about this, I think too often people go all the way left, or right… the sweet spot is definitely in the middle for me.

  • I think planned and structured flexible dieting is far better than “true iifym” because it allows for you to be more consistent throughout the week. When I’m crazy busy I end up eating true “IIFYM” which is nice occasionally especially cuz I work in a kitchen.

  • Eat a Whole Food Plant Based diet. Best for your health, best for the planet, and best to end animal suffering and cruelty. Look up the leading experts and Drs. Like Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Gregor, Dr. Garth Davis. This is the only diet that has been proven to prevent or reverse 14 of the 15 leading causes of death in this country.

  • You did everything wrong you have to keep your mask on until you get home and wash your hands and then remove your mask off from the back and wash the mask with soap and warm weather and hang the mask outside in the sun to air dry

  • Food is fuel, food is not a reward. So I stopped looking at “cheat meals” as a reward. If I feel like it, I have it. If I dont, I dont. Simple, yet effective.

  • I usually go with the 80/20 real of I eat minimally processed foods and whole foods 80% of the time and the 20% I leave room for other type of foods.

    I know some people like Mike Dolce says for Protein Powders only stick to Grass Fed Micro Filtered Cold Pressed Whey Isolates

  • Thank you for making this video. I tell my clients about my flexible style for eating foods. No-one has believed me. So, this is awesome! thank you for the research, and the breakdown of information!

  • This is exactly how I live my life and its unbelievable easy and enjoyable. First time I’ve ever heard it said by someone else most people just dont get it, it comes with knowing your body over years. Good information.

  • Jeff. Legitimately almost spat hot coffee all over my computer with “Except Kiwis.” Gotta warn us when you’re going to drop golden bombs of comedy smack in the middle of a science based video.

  • I guess I’m IIFYM but I mostly choose the “clean nutrient dense foods” and when I’m not in prep I’ll fit in a small treat. So I would say I’m 80% clean eating.

  • I started following this exact advice from Paul ( for free ha ha), weight loss has slowed down but(Big But) my body is looking crazy different, people think I’m getting bigger #winning

  • Good points but does eating less work? You mentioned how our metabolism is dynamic and not static and so in that case you suggested some activities to create the deficit, but my question is it possible to be ripped without any cardio ( but extremely neat and less eating )?

  • DOC PLS RESPOND, Veritasium made a video about longevity. And turns out everything that bodybuilders or even just people who want bulk IMPAIRS OUR LONGEVITY. Skip to 14:18

  • I stopped doing this a while, because whenever I do eat junk food, I feel sick. So now I eat whatever my body says that it wants, and I exercise everyday and I’ve learned to let go of needing to control my food especially around my period, I’ve accepted the fact that I will gain weight that week off my period and if I eat what my body wants I don’t binge and when my period is done, I’m back to the weight I was before it started. So now I do that, I eat what my body wants.

  • I am extremly regemented with clean foods planned days in advance and macros controlled but i have started to entertain the thought to maybe once in a while fit in some “forbidden fruit” like ice cream etc into the day as long as it doesnt go over maintenance calories.

  • It’s called getting older. It happens to all of us. Nobody wants the healthy guy heart attack. I’m with u now my wife’s been bugging me for years we all gotta grow up sometime. I guess.

  • well, if you need “not clean ” foods in your life by all means. but i enjoy my brown rice and steamed fish and vegetables. food is not life its fuel. at least for me. and if i want something i crave, its normally also not french fries. i am lucky i live in europe.:)

  • What a load of crap!!! This COVID 19 BS is a FF and they are destroying peoples lives right and left with this fear mongering BS!!! And I’m not saying that no one has died from this virus as I know that many have as people “always” die in FF scenarios/staged crimes against us… And as for what they’ve done in tossing COVID patients into senior care homes is nothing short of “absolute” murder… However, as it stands the same goes with the FLU VIRUS every year and with a much higher death rate than this so I take it you’re all going to hide from the flu next…??? You are being PLAYED and pummeled into submission through FEAR!!! I have COPD and cannot wear a mask and I’m HIGHLY at risk for this kind of sickness and I do NOT have it and nor do I know of ANYONE who has it, or has had it!!! BILLIONS of $$$ are being made on this tragedy by the elites at the “horrific’ expense and pain/agony of others and this type of crap has been going on for DECADES as they do NOT give a rats ass about any of you… WAKE UP!!! I’m in California, and our so called “Governor Gruesome Newsome” and Nasty Piglosi’s nephew has now been caught out making a BILLION $$$ mask deal with China along with MANY more like him in other states doing the same thing!!! Get it, Got it, Good!!! #SayNoToTheCOVID19Lies

  • Which is the bigger concern, Visceral Fat or Inflammation? Your video focuses on Fat Loss, and that is great, but the more people die everyday from inflammation than everything else combined.

  • I think I watched all of your videos since they all make sense and more realistic than the other people who talk about nutrition.
    In this world you wake up everyday and there is a new “science based” trend is just so confusing sometimes..
    No-Gluten, No-Carbs, No-Fats, No-Water, No-Air.. everyday a new trick to lose a few inches.

  • Put your gloves and mask in the microwave for 30 secs would this not save on washing and more reliable to kill germs? i am just asking i an not an expert by any means
    Personally i wear crash helmet with a visor that way you cant possibly touch you face. Depending on the environment i am in, i can pull up and down the visor when the occasion is warranted. when i get home i can take the helmet off then wipe the helmet down with mild detergent. The other benefits are i wont get my face and hair wet in rainy weather lol

  • I do whole food only diet simply because I get to eat when I want and the quantity I want and still struggle to maintain my wright. If I had a bunch of snacks sitting at home I would probably have to count calories or worry about only eating a certain number. Been going at it for over a year and it’s the best way to stay lean. If I binge it’s becauwe i had too many apples or carrots,or maybe ate a whole melon instead of half, which always has a satiating effect on my next meal so it auto regulates

  • So it’s not that eating clean doesn’t work…it’s that eating clean, but STILL eating too many calories doesn’t work. I don’t buy into cheat days either. It’s sets you up for a poor relationship with food to consider any meal…let alone an entire day….’cheating.’ I agree more with YOUR outlook of ‘flexible dieting,’ but I don’t like to use the word ‘diet’ because of the negative connotation. I call is ‘flexible nutrition.’:-)

  • I love Fit Life Foods! And I agree that clean eating has it’s place. Moderation and balance is key to most things in life… especially nutrition!

  • This is cool to see a study on since I’ve been on a flexible diet since the beginning of the year and have always made sure I’ve just been in a deficit and I’ve been gaining tons of muscle and losing weight this year

  • I went vegan responsibly and then realized there was a morass of confusion out there for paleo to keto (my sister who now has gout and high blood pressure) to… you get it. I needed to lose weight and did but the bottom line for me is how healthy am I? Still working on strength important for older people my BMI is fine it is now how efficient are my core muscles when I bend lift healthy spine.

  • Excelent, finally somebody fully exposed that main puprose of clean eating is to eat stuff which not taste good. And not because it’s “magically” healthy when there is no sugar or salt.

  • TRUTH!!! For 2.5 years I’ve been consistently having usually very high calorie “cheat days” one day a week. They can get anywhere from 4,000 up to 7,000 calories. Now that did “work” for a while and by working I mean I went from about 230 pounds originally down to 173 in several months. However, with the new metabolic set point and maintenance…yeah like Paul says I have just been spinning my wheels basically. I train so hard and diet hard during the week, but that one very high caloric day really sets me back and unravels all that hard work basically. It’s frustrating because I some how feel entitled to my one day where I get to do whatever I want and have that nice warm fuzzy feeling of having my cake and eating it too…literally. There is so much emotional connection we have with food it’s sometimes difficult to separate what we know we need to do in order to reach our next goal, and what we are in reality doing. My reality is that like Paul says, I need to make tougher choices if I want to push it beyond to another level. Ugh. I need a lobotomy to re program my food focus lol. Love you Paul thank you for breaking these tough subjects down for stubborn guys like me.

  • Yet another great video Paul and exactly along the lines of what I (and no doubt many others) have just been mulling over. Tracking macros via flexible dieting has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve received from the evidence based fitness community (yourself included!). But it can also become a bit of a curse if & when you get to a stage where you’re being flexible just for the sake of being flexible. Overall health and particularly gym performance can take a back seat to ‘oh how much naughty stuff can I fit into my numbers today!?’ It’s really come to a head since Halo Top icecream made its way to Australia earlier this year! Like you, I’ve gotten to
    a stage where eating so-called ‘clean’ foods / meals now has such a noticeably  positive effect on how my body feels and performs and digests that I’m actually needing to formalise when to pick my spots for ‘non-performance enhancing but macro friendly’ foods and when a ‘bro’ approach is appropriate.

  • I have honestly been struggling to adhere these last few weeks! I sincerely needed to hear this today! It felt like a friendly kick in the ass! I was trying to convince myself that I could life the iifymAF life; but after seeing a change in my physique that was opposite of my goals, I have slowly been having this same realization. You video hit the nail on the head, flexible dieting is the right in the middle! Thanks for this one! ����

  • Doing flexible dieting was the best thing I could ever make for my fitness journey. I think the best thing that happened was I don’t go on day long eating binges after a week of dating because I was way too strict.

  • Such bullshit and ridiculousness over something less lethal than the seasonal flu. Fear is a powerful control mechanism. Keep drinking the koolaid sheep!!!

  • If youre not looking for performance and just trying to look “cute” for ig pics and tiktok vids then maybe this flies but actual athletes espcially fighters cant just “eat whatever bro”

  • So, i tried clean eating last year, and i lost 30lbs in 6 months.. but my diet was very unsustainable and i just keep craving for instant noodles, burgers, etc.. and this year.. I ended up gaining 25lbs that i lost last year.. because I restricted myself too much.. and I couldn’t help myself but binge eating.

    Last week i started working out again, but i change soo many things about my previous diet. I started strength training, and i let myself eat delicious foods if i wanted to (so i wouldn’t have to crave those foods and blows up like i used to).

    I realized that eating “clean” completely for the rest of my life isn’t something i enjoy or i wanna do.. so i pretty much combine it, i eat clean.. but i allow myself to eat things i wanna eat and i change my workout too..
    I don’t expect myself to see the result instantly, but i wish this would work..

  • as someone who is fairly young but has had alot of eating disorder repeats, i’ve been interested in exercising for a while (which other ed’s might now is a complicated thing as well as being ‘helthy’) and i got so confused with food, but omg this helped alot!! I’m incredibly grateful for this:))

  • GOOD HAND HYGEIN prevents the spread of most bacteria and viruses; NOT WEARING DAMN GLOVES. Gloves just massively add to our pollution problem and promote false security since minimal people know how to properly dispose of gloves.
    Great job showing how to NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE while they are on…
    and lets not count the amount of money spend on gloves when finances are tight…

  • I get what your saying 100% I consider myself a structured flexible dieter. Firmly believe there is a maybe slightly more than marginal gain with complete clean eating with regard to gains/recovery/look/feel etc… iifym used as a safety net for adherence and hitting numbers

  • Big Paul can read in between the lines, it’s amazing how the calories can add up when you start weighing what you eat. I made the mistake of cheat days and it was taking me most of the week just to get back to the weight before the cheat day refeed day for me now is 3-500 extra calories to help my workouts, no junk food,I’ve lost 50lbs and I reckon another 7-10 lbs I will be in six pack heaven �� thanks to Paul

  • i have developed into a tracking-clean eater. I still love pizza but before i could eat it every night (and have empanadas for lunch) and now after having one pizza dinner i find myself craving a big ass salad fueled with spinach tomatoes carrots and that type of things

  • Would like to congratulate you on such a awesome channel. My question is are pre workout supplements worth it. Do they really make that much difference. I understand they are full of caffeine to hype you up and increase motivation. But is there long turn issues using them(side effects). I’ve been going to the gym for about 12 months with nice muscle gains and 25kg weight lose. Cheers from Australia

  • Thank you for this video, this was EXTREMELY helpful as someone who kills herself training yet doesn’t see the greatest results with a clean diet. I’ve been tracking my cals and macros, but I now realize I need to be stricter, esp with cheat days. Pls keep the great content coming. ��

  • I definitely am a planned and have my meals planned out days in advance off season or prep haha but that just maybe my OCD coming into play! I basically build myself a weekly meal plan and just stick to it. It gives me structure but still ability to be flexible if needed and it is what works for me:)

  • Paul, the possible negative “psychological trigger” of IIFYM is spot on. The delicious fried chicken breast at Chic-Fil-A is never going to be the best option to meet goals. You mentioned the once per week pancakes, but as a past sugar addict getting close to my weight loss goal, I know that I can’t do that. The other benefit of clean eating is that you will much more likely have a great, or improved, blood test results at your next annual physical exam. That kind of good news can motivate you even more than you were before. Thanks for the great video!

  • I have a cheat day once a month but I call it a cheat day with consequences lol.
    This means the next day it’s at least a 24 hour fast with a lot of cardio this includes 18 holes of golf (6-7 kms) +the name game and that’s at least 40 reps of a certain exercise for every letter in my name which has 22 letters so I’d say 20 letters would be fine and at the end I feel like being sick lol that’s the consequence of my cheat day and I’m back to my normal routine.

  • I have been eating Paleo for 2 years, so it always helps to have a menu planned out, and prep the foods, that take longer to make, in advance.
    When I’m on the go, I can grab my ISO bag, fill it with my prepped food, and go. This helps me stay on track.

  • Paul you’re one of the most talented individuals that’s worth listening to and following every advice you give. Absolutely amazing! You’re doing great service to the fitness industry. What I don’t understand is why your subscribers aren’t growing especially as you’ve been on YouTube since donkeys years! Likes and shares aren’t that much either. I think you should consider getting expert advice on this and see how you can improve. It’d help your efforts and the world could also benefit from the awesome knowledge that you share.

  • I was leaner, stronger and more muscular when I knew nothing about nutrition. I ate when I was hungry, I slept when I was tired and trained when I was bored.
    Now I am aware of calories it tricks the mind to believe I’m hungry because I ate 500 less calories than usual, it’s all in the mind.
    Don’t think about it…. just listen to your body.
    Peace ✌️

  • Awesome video, Paul! I tried IIFYM for a couple months a few years ago and had a terrible time with it. I found myself more stressed out about worrying how to fit different foods throughout my day and trying to keep up with tracking my numbers. I also went the meal plan route for my first show prep and found that I felt better but was feeling way too restricted. I would categorize myself now as a flexible dieter now who eats clean most of the time and doesn’t feel bad when I want to swap out a meal for something “fun”. However, I do crave less of the junk and want more whole foods like fruits and veggies. It’s only when I do eat something off my normal routine that I start to crave it for the next couple days. Overall, clean eating just makes me feel/function better but not having to be so strict helps with the mental side of things.

  • this is so true. Theres a scientific explanation to all of this but its too long. Lol but always remember. Quality vs quantity try it and let ur body feel and see the difference

  • This is incomplete!!!! She didn’t put the mask from the second demonstration under the black light!!!
    How do we know that it really works?!?!

  • I do a flexible approach to dieting. I pretty much have a Big Mac every few days, but I make sure it’s within my calorie budget. Going over on calories even with ”clean” foods will set you back.

  • For ages I Ate mega ‘clean’. Then started doing intermittent fasting so I could eat all kinds of shit in the evening. That had many flaws too. There’s a balance of the two that is optimal. A combination of intuition and discipline.

  • You hit the nail on the head because I was a clean eater but just not happy because I didn’t let myself eat anything like cake or pizza. I tried iifym but I couldn’t stay on track because if eat a burger or cake I want it all the time and didn’t count my macros so I failed and I never prepped my meals with macros. So I will meet in the middle and meal prep but have pizza or donuts at least once or twice a week.

  • Ummmm, not only was the mask exposed to virus while out in public, so were all clothing, hair, etc. Why do we not care about these items? All she would need to do after being so careful with mask and gloves, is to touch her clothing or run her hands through her hair, and still pick up the virus. Am I missing something here?

  • can relate 100%. I crave vegetables and fruits over more processed foods. Doesn’t mean you can never have them! But its nice to eat “clean” most of the time. But yeah the term flexible dieting and iifym have way different meanings IMO

  • I typically plan my week out 75% the other 25% is for unexpected lunch or dinners with family, friends, or coworkers. This allows me to never feel
    Guilty and helps me stay on track. I will still choose macro nutrient options while eating out and I ALWAYS count it in my daily macros. I love IIFYM. I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. My relationship with food is clutch!!! Haha!!

  • I haven’t thought of pizza in almost 6 months until you said pizza ��. My cravings have been dorito chips (crunch and salt��) and I have indulged in a small bag a couple of times since maintaining my weight loss of 45 pounds since last month. My goal was losing 35. I impressed myself.

  • I notice if I get like 250-300 calories of junk food a day then I don’t obsess over having a “cheat day” as much. A donut a day keeps the binge away.

  • Very cool to hear from you Paul! I definitely agree that clean eating and meal plans teach us good habits, and I’ve definitely learned that myself (recently). I got out of my binge eating by doing IIFYM, and it served me wonderfully for the first year of tracking my macros. It helped establish a good relationship with food. 2 years into it, though, I know what works best for me and what will properly benefit my body. Definitely a learning experience!

  • Eating clean? By who’s definition? Eating clean scale not moving…Caloric surplus of anything will add weight or maintain it. Also you never know how someone is “actually” working out. What is hard by their definition? I see people in my gym day after day at least 5 days a week that never look any different and seem to have no real workout program and form is horrendous. Way to many variables to answer a lot of the questions people pose to you in my opinion

  • For me eating dirty food just means its harder for me to balance my macros for the day. At the end of the day if my calories have been met I hit my goals. Now whether I’ll have good energy is a different story lol.

  • To be free from coronavirus, aside from washing your hands, if you have any symptoms, stay the F*** at home!

  • Or you could put out original content like Jeff does, right wrong whatever. Like read some medical studies some Brian sciencefold’s studies because you are already doing it. Could help a lot of people rather than knowing about Pop tarts.

    I mean your viewers are smart. And most of us know how to track calories. Bland food non-bland food, leave people to that. You have some your part with your cookbook. I don’t see the point if this similar videos all the time for view and monetization.

    Maybe get some branding from companies, like whatever.

  • Great info on point as always! Portion control with calorically dense foods (and not demonizing any food!), and focusing on whole, healthy food sources is what helps keep me lean (enough) as an active, healthy person who is not competing but wants to maintain a fit physique year round. Improving my relationship with food and not letting setbacks in diet give me a [email protected] #k it mentality is ��. IMO cheat days promote a negative relationship with food. Once I stopped being super restrictive, intense cravings for anything pretty much vansihed. I am able to maintain my body without all the ups and downs.

  • Great video. I know what you mean about cravings. When I tried plant based for 2 months. I got to where I crave veggies and fruits. But I also crave chicken and pork. But I want to get back to clean eating like I did before. I lost weight and felt so good. And was craving healthy foods. I did meal prep for awhile then stopped. I’m usually not the type to follow a meal plan.

  • 4:26 holy flapjacks batman what the hell did you film that cut with Paul a Potato? The mic is no bueno Youre not one of these fellas that carries around a flip phone still are you?��

  • How to Make 7 Billion People Germophobes Mask and glove sales up 240%, hand sanitizer sales up 732%, uv light sales up 1273%
    People afraid to go anywhere or do anything? Priceless.

  • People are nothing more than the expression from the program, so the term Sheeple suits us much better. It’s all psychological, we lost it all in this world, people without wearing masks are crazy and strange, people with mask are healthy. What a nonsense and people believe it all

  • I totally agree about this, love the idea of iifym, but my body responds (even if it seems like it’s mental) so much better to my clean meals (chicken, swewt potatoes, etc) as opposed to the quest bar, bagel, and deli meat that FIT but my body just knows it’s trash.

  • I have a “cheat meal” almost every other day, while still staying on calorie maintenance or deficit, of course I do tweak the cheat meal a bit. Like I’ll eat a whopper but not the fries or soda! Well I’ll eat a fry or two and take a sip a coke just to try it!��

  • I’m never ever do diet again after almost malnutrition. After 4 years of Workout and got addicted to it, I only eat low nutrition food on rest day because I feel different energy level on every food I eat. Most people don’t feel it on first or second year of training or when they feel torture with their diet program, but when they begin to let it flow and just focus on energy level every workout it changed.

  • I’m glad you are talking about this Jeff. I’ve been struggling lately with assigning morality to food, ie good vs bad food or clean vs junk food. It’s created an anxiety around food which is making my weight loss seem like an arduous journey not worth starting. I don’t have much to lose, like 15 pounds, but on a small body frame it’s really tough. Thanks Jeff.

  • I love this Paul. Really good. I have always been a proponent that flexible dieting or if it fits your macros can work and you can still lose weight. I’m more an 80/20 focus on whole clean foods and then the rest is usually whatever. I agree that the more you eat clean the more you crave it and when I do have “crappy” foods they always fall short in some way and I feel like my body is left craving nutrients and micronutrients! Keep it up I appreciate your perspective!

  • GAWD How did we ever survive for 100’s of years before we became so bug phobia.I laugh when I saw the video of the person wipe down his groceries after shopping.I will stick with my body’s immune system.Its worked well for 60 years.It does NOT need new useless chemicals.

  • I’ve literally never worn a mask at all and never will. And since when are we promoting mask wearing for germs in general and not simply for covid 19 (which supposedly has a 6 foot range, 6.5 foot in Europe)?

  • I know you are just instructing here, but I used to work in the dental field in the Stone Age. I still remember how to put gloves on in a completely sterile way and also how to remove them safely, so enjoyed your glove removal process. Those loose gloves would drive me nuts, but yours are just for daily use rather than actual surgery.
    We always braided or tied hair back if it was long and removed all jewelry in the morning except for ear studs. Those gloves will tear with those huge rings plus are places for germs to hide.
    Excellent idea showing the ‘invisible’ germ transfer though. I used to do that with a red dye mouth tablet to show plaque (gunk) before and after brushing demonstrations. The red dye stuck to the bits people missed brushing away. It is the only way to really make an impact on what people are not seeing.

  • Thanks for this video Jeff! Just subscribed, although I know you from Stephanie’s Channel, been following her fo awhile, but both of yall inspire me! Ive even bought some PEScience because of yall, and I do like it, coming from Garden of life products. Yall keep making videos! Tell Stephanie we need more at home work out with me videos! We want to be strong too! Have a blessed day!

  • But Jeff, I thought insulin was the main factor contributing to fat loss. That’s what keto people say at least. Logically that doesn’t make much sense because we know bodybuilders have been getting to single digit body fat for years eating carbs.

  • Does anyone think masks are reducing infection risks? Think again. Every time you exhale into a mask, those tiny moisture droplets leach right through the fabric/fibers. Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody are following proper medical procedural mask wearing protocol. The second anyone touches the mask for even the quickest of adjustment or pulls it down and up just once your hands are now contaminated with tens of thousands of potentially deadly infectious pathogenic viruses; it happens that quickly and easily. (exactly equivalent to coughing directly into your hand). Now your hand is literally a infectious disease spreading implement contaminating everything touched. The sad thing is everyone wearing a mask is quite literally wearing a badge of stupidity right over their face. Everyone puts on a mask thinking they are doing their part to save the world without giving it any critical thought to what is actually happening. What’s worse is nobody is questioning any supposed authorities on the absolute junk science of wearing masks in real life conditions with all the variables to be considered. The good thing is, the global population will reach herd immunity far faster now that there is a human population of perpetual morons unwittingly spreading virus like wildfire.

  • I completely agree with you, Paul. IIFYM is a great learning tool IMO. We can learn so much about the nutrients by trying different foods. That being said, IMO most people would benefit from having more structure. I eat the same things almost everyday. This saves me from ‘decision fatigue’.
    Some of the most successful people in the world practice things similar to this. For example, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are known to wear the same clothes almost every day. ��

  • Ive been whole30 transitioned into paleo now for 1.5 years. I literally crave healthy foods. Combine with bodybuilding (hip thrusting 265lbs���� just one stat) I have never had a better physique. And im 39 with 2 grown kids (one in college). More importantly my immune system is in check. No calorie counting. Flat stomach and toned muscle. I can not advocate enough… true clean eating + body building = dope ass physique and health. ❤��

  • hi Jeff, very nice of you coming up with this video. very informative and well narrated. I liked it very much. this will be very helpful to many people like me who is trying to lose some weight. recently I’ve come across a cool video which might be very useful to people like me who are fighting against fat. please check this video:

  • It’s actually hard to listen to you when you’re yelling all the time. I would love to watch more, and I know some people like it but it seriously hurts your ears

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  • I love clean eating. I did a lot of diets with names but after years I settled on a whole foods diet. It’s funny how people talk to me about it like I’m a freak. They don’t understand that eating real foods is ok and not torture. One guy even said to me, “I could never do that to myself.” Unfortunately for him, he was fat, as are most of my coworkers eating cupcakes from the lunchroom “in moderation”.

  • I agree with you with eating healthier foods (with treats in moderation) keep you feeling better!! I need to remember this ���� I’ve done it before but with dietary restrictions I’ve had to switch some stuff around and I’ve made excuse after excuse. Thank you for putting this stuff out there and being humble enough to change your thoughts and beliefs.

  • Thanks, heaps for the efforts, Please think positive! I hope people start wearing a mask, although it has been subsidized as well and a “ 50 PC BOX MASKS is easily available from $10, the reusable ones. Let us all play corporate social responsibility and fight together to reduce COVID 19 effects. Let’s be one big FAMILY! Lets safe the WORLD and start from our own Country,

  • Ummm…. people NEVER do any if this. They touch their mask often, remove and replace it often. They then use it over and over without washing it.
    Better to NOT wear a mask, particularly since the main risk is from touching your face with contaminated hands.

  • Even though eating clean may not work for everyone as far as loosing fat. Paying attention to the ingredients and knowing what all these additives are is important for health itself, like heart and artery related problems.

  • I just simplify it: stick to mostly 1 ingredient foods and that’s it. Sure I have some bread and pasta too there and there, and even junk. But life’s good eating 1 ingredient foods and it’s obviously good for the body.

  • No one massages there mask after taken it off.she exaggerated that. I get she is doing a demonstration but seriously no one in there right state of mind does that.�� it made me cringe to see her do that. Like ugggg! Gross!��

  • Pancakes oh ya! I prefer a structured plan and flexible dieting. I don’t believe in being a slave to MFP. I prefer to enjoy life sometimes but focus M-F, I still try to be sensible on the weekends and prefer cooking at home. Consistence and hard work.

  • Folks, in order to keep out respiratory viruses you must wear a face shield. Masks will not keep them out! We’ve known for decades that respiratory viruses, especially SARS-CoV-2 that causes the disease COVID-19, can easily get into humans through their eyes. Thus, masks are useless to protect us from respiratory viruses. See below:
    Conclusion to the Following Study Regarding SARS-CoV-2’s Ability to Infect Us Through Our Eyes
    “… these results indicate that ocular surface cells including conjunctiva are susceptible to infection by SARS-CoV-2, and could therefore serve as a portal of entry as well as a reservoir for person-to-person transmission of this virus.”
    Receptors Produced on the Human Ocular Surface Suggest SARS-CoV-2 Is Able to Infect Us Through the Eyes
    See also:
    Face Masks Don’t Keep Viruses Out, According to Science ( 12:00)

  • Mean while we all know the cleaning supplies company’s are maken a killin ( money ) when it comes to selling there supplies. This would be the best time to be in the cleaning business,cleaning supplies, or cleaning suppliers business.

    And if you are In the surgical mask, gloves and sanitizers business forget it about it there maken money up the wazoo.

    With all there money combined there should be some sort of fund that could be grouped into a fund for ( front line and essential workers)

  • Agreed! My over all health mental physicalis better eating clean and saving/enjoying “treats” at special occasions.
    Thanks for making this!

  • i 100% loved this.. iifym is great and being able to swap out your own food such as tilapia or shrimp but some take it too EXTREME having a donut vs. a whole nutritious breakfast that makes you feel amazing..dont get me wrong iifym is GREAT for fitting in treats and not overindulging but not to ne taken for for performance =)

  • Macros are working for me, and I’m not limiting foods because I already know what happens when I do! Life’s too short to avoid carbs

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  • Thanks Paul! This has actually made me think. I have already thought about something similar because in fact even if IIFYM has give me good results I believe meal planning also era you in this mindset of organization so it helps you getting focused on the objectives I think. Thank you, amazing video as always!


  • damn.. seriously.. but what about your eyes then??? what about your clothes/shirt? Aren’t there virus on them? Or i don’t know smth and virus hunts only for the masks and gloves???����
    Sorry but what she doing looks stupid.. ����

  • balance is key i was dieting for 15 weeks no cheating only “clean food” and after diet i was only eating those junk foods for months and i hated chiken eggs and oats,its really stupid to limit yourself to little foods,also there is one life enjoy it not going with friends to drink sometimes only because of fitness life is stupid

  • Your may be interested in the fundamental protective mechanisms of face masks:
    We have also provided videos in the supplemental material that illustrate the performance.

  • As always great video. I like flexible dieting but I also like clean eating. I feel better and perform better for many reasons on clean foods. I’ve always been curious about this and I’m glad to hear your perspective. Also constantly evaluating myself and my progress to see what’s best.

  • Yet she’s talking to the camera man with a mask off still spreading shit to the camera man no giving a fuck yet she’s telling us how to stop spreading germs with the “proper procedure”

    Shouldn’t your “peoper procedure ” take precautions at ALL times???

    This is just more lies….

  • calories in calories out to sum up the video. Just try to get enough protein. Obviously you don’t want to get your calories from garbage. Try to get your calories from unprocessed foods. Use your judgement as to what processing is acceptable. Is pasta sauce processed? yes, but it should be pretty obvious that cooking tomatoes isn’t ‘bad’ processing.


  • Thanks for saying this, Paul. I couldn’t agree more. I’m all for flexible dieting rather than straightjacketing people into a brown rice, broccoli and chicken diet, but the physiological (or even emotional) response to ‘clean/structured’ vs. ‘dirty/unstructured’ eating is somewhat undeniable.

  • I prefer to eat “clean” too…I also feel better overall, and honestly, I might get a weird craving, but if I just eat and get full, that craving dissipates. I tend to eat pretty regimen during the week, and allow a bit more flexibility on the weekends (my days off) just for more ease with family outings and stuff. And I agree with Drew on your intro!

  • Paul, I’m SUPER carb sensitive. I got to my goal weight 3 TIMES this year but managed to get even fattier every time. I haven’t figured out a diet that works for me, not even Low carb! I have such an inevitable sweet tooth! What can I do? Please help!

  • There is no escaping germs, they are normal and natural in the environment, they help build the immune system. Long hours of mask wearing causes Hypoxia, that is more dangerous and any virus. No thanks to the mask!

  • I’m not even a client of coach Greg. I just tried his French toast and been doing it for 3 months now. I bought a scale for my food and learned that the elliptical is the best cardio machine. I have lost 10 lbs this months just eating smaller meals that he has recommended. I love this guy.

  • I got a question for you Paul: Building muscle does require energy right? Around how many calories does a beginner need to factor in for that? Thanks for all you do.

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  • 80/20 to 90/10 variable real wholesome high micro foods across the spectrum/tastebud pleasers is a decent goal to hit. Plenty of volume & choices with easy fiber reachability & flexibility.

  • Eating clean isn’t bad, but I’m not gonna feel guilty for eating a cookie, some chocolate or a doughnut. I have had problems of disordered eating and though it’s taken a lot of work to get to where I am, it was totally worth it. Finally I’m seeing some more leg definition! ��

  • If you don’t know how to eat clean and make it taste amaaaazing, you definitely need to practice. Just like making gains! nothing comes instantly. Another thing is there is a big difference between dirty foods and healthy snacks. For example you could grab some oreos and snack on them, yes you will be getting empty calories but what you really need to worry about are the chemicals that are used to grow the ingredients. For one Glyphosate plus there are other pesticides and gmo’s as well.The list goes on. Or you can snack on an organic version of oreos…. so yes frosting filled cookies. Don’t get it twisted. These chemicals a huge negative impact on your cardiovascular system and on every other system. I specifically went to a Brazilian jui-jitsu gym to put this to the test. I had no prior training in any martial arts or fighting styles, but i destroyed people who were way more ripped than I was and I was able to beat a Purple or blue belt because they had to give up out of pure exhaustion. I am not saying that you cannot get ripped eating dirty every once in a while or even on a regular basis but it trust me you don’t want to be unhealthy and look ripped while you often will feel like crap. I know a little bit of my stuff NASM certified personal trainer and have certs in nutrition and yoga booiii. Keep up the good fight. Experience is key. I have a home gym and lift all the time so I can see the results or lack there of. God Bless

  • I’ve been counting calories, staying at a deficit for about a week now. Been pleasantly suprised at my lack of hunger with the low cals and high protein. I’m an alcoholic so most of my weight came from boozing and the diet plan keeps me focused so rather than thinking about my next drink I’m proactively looking at different food, watching Gregs videos, exercising a little bit more, and working on my diet. Point is, even when I still have alcohol in the house I don’t really think about it BUT my girlfriend’s bag of doritos I eye of sauron. The mental dependency we have on some foods rivals my alcoholism lol

  • Idk about this video:
    1. The concern that clean eating has no “universally accepted definition”
    I’m not sure how this is a problem. It’ll depend on what you mean by “universally accepted”, but definitions are always arbitrary on a fundamental level. We assign certain words to certain sets of characteristics and traits we see in the natural world.

    2. From the onset, you assumed the position that some people say only eating clean will make you lose weight. You’re attacking a specific definition of clean eating, while simultaneously addressing that there is no non-arbitrary definition of clean eating. If you say that clean eating definitions are arbitrary, then you need to attack specific definitions and not clean eating as a category or all encompassing phrase

  • In the off season, I don’t really like vegetables very much, but I force myself to eat them because it makes me feel good. 9 times out of 10 I subscribe to a 80/20 approach where 80% of my macros come from whole fresh foods simply because it makes me feel good and keeps my water retention down. I agree with your approach. Extremes should be reserved for extreme situations.

  • I dont think a clean only diet for someone who is not competing is a sustainable diet. Clean mix with other so called bad foods is fine. Nothing is bad for you in moderation, its when you consume too much of any one thing.

  • There is no perfect diet because there is no perfect human. Each and every person needs to take their own path and undergo a personal journey to tailor their respective diets to their respective lifestyles, genetics and environments.

  • ha… it’s funny hearing how you struggle to say the word, “nutritious food” or “nutrient dense food” for example… Keep up the great work, thanks for vids

  • The purpose of ‘lockdowns’ across the globe, is to destroy economies, locally and globally and destabilize governments.

    First came the MASK. You need a mask just to enter into some businesses today, let alone buy what you want/need. In some states a person can be arrested and jailed for not wearing a MASK.

    Freedom is disappearing fast!!

    Next will be the MARK (Immunity Passport?). You will need the MARK to be able to buy, sell and be free. The Immunity Passport uses an oxidative enzyme called ‘Luciferase’ that produces bioluminescence when illuminated with red light, revealing one has been tagged as vaccinated. This will be stamped onto the right hand or forehead of the compliant individual. Without the MARK, you will be deemed ‘unsafe’ for the public and put under ‘quarantine’ until you die or take the MARK. Those who don’t take the MARK will be euthanized (beheaded) because they are possible/carriers of COVID-19.

    The federal and state governments are already dictating the vaccine will be mandatory and forced on citizens when it becomes available.

    COVID-19 will never go away, even after the MARK (vaccination) has been given out. To get the MARK you will have to kneel/bow down before the image of the BEAST (New World Order / One World Government).

    “Get the Immunity Passport and live again!” will be the slogan to freedom.You will be allowed to rejoin society if you take the MARK.

    If you take the MARK (possibly the Immunity Passport), you will suffer in Hell for Eternity…You will be banished to Hell by GOD because your DNA will have been changed. Christ only died for pure strain humans…not hybrids.

    Many people will take the MARK, thinking they have done the right thing. In all TRUTH they have just damned themselves. The MARK (Luciferase) will cause a nasty reaction on the skin of the individual resulting in nasty boil/s.

    It will be the vaccine of the MARK that will kill people in the millions. Just wait and watch if you want.

    Or you can


    This plandemic isn’t going away, COVID-19 isn’t going away and it will only get worse…….

    Social unrest, violence, racism and hatred between people will only get worse around the world as the days go by, as sin rises the love of many will dissipate!

    While the whole world was watching George Floyd’s Funeral, GOD gave the world a warning the Day of the Lord and the Imminent Rapture of the Church is at hand.

  • I totally agree with this video/idea. I feel like IIFYM (I tried for a few) does not focus in you actually becoming an actual healthy individual for the long run. I feel like it mainly teaches you ways to make bad choices without feeling guilty?
    I feel like when you develop the mindset of becoming healthier & eating clean for your body & future self you really start to crave less & actually see more results when you understand what your eating & the benefits it comes with ������

    Btw I love your videos! ����

  • Great video. I think IIFYM’s is great for people who lead a day to day life and are trying to lose weight. But as an athlete Clean Eating/Flexible dieting works great for me. Like you said, I recover better, my physique is better, my strength is better. Flexing between chicken and lean pork, or oatmeal and brown rice, asparagus or broccoli, avocado or peanutbutter…that type of flexible dieting is where I see the best results.
    Have a good one!

  • I am so sick of eating poorly. I know I say it all the time, but i relapse all the time. When I head out to pick up food, I can run around for over an hour because I don’t settle for one cheat meal. I have to run around to different stores for different preferred items. like an addict. I need a table full of junk variety, which I can never completely finish, so there it is the next day, still in my face. This summer, I lost 19 lbs and I was in the groove, everything was so simple and I was a beast. It took one cheat meal and I slid down. Now, I gained 10 lbs. Like you said, I had a piece of pizza and now i’m on my millionth piece. lol.

  • I watched this video yesterday and I had to come back today and comment. This is spot on. I am 2 weeks in to my bikini prep and my coach asked if I wanted to do IIFYM or a meal plan. And to be honest, when I do IIFYM it turns into a meal plan that I personally create. I don’t know about you or anyone else, but once I figure out how to fit my macros for a full day of eating, I stick to that basic plan because nobody has time to figure out how many grams of this plus that will fit properly. It’s just easier to eat my oatmeal with fruit and egg whites. Some sort of chicken or turkey with veggies and rice, a couple staple snacks and then dinner. Then when you add hungry kids into the mix at the end of the day you end up making a huge protein smoothie because it fits all the protein and carbs that you have left. I love your videos and look forward to watching them every day.

    And since I’ve been on the “clean” eating train, my energy is up, I’m not as tired at the end of the day and can stay up past 9 pm. Don’t laugh but it’s because my gym time is 4:30 in the morning.

  • So many idiots wearing masks or gloves. I see some fool the other day with gloves on go buy sandwich and then take it out the pack and eat it with the gloves on. He also payed with cash lol.

  • Please do the auto regulation concept of fat loss. A lot of us, unfortunately, don’t get the luxury to making our own food so it may be helpful to try and remain within a deficit without tracking our foods

  • South Korea
    74th S. Korea 14,366 cases/301 deaths/13,259 recovered
    Area: 38,691 mi²
    Population: 51.64 million
    ***Cultural climate, people not distrusting of government…no cultural clashes amongst the citizenry, no State vs. Federal, people immediately adopt government mandates.
    OUTCOME: 301 deaths, and only 806 active cases.

    United States-Indiana
    20th Indiana 67,122 cases/2,971 deaths
    Area: 36,418 mi²
    Population: 6.732 million
    ***Cultural climate, people distrust government…cultural clashes of religious, political, race, and class origins. State vs. Federal clashes in policy, and guidance. Large demographic fighting masks, social distancing protocols….and protesting for reopenings, and racial divide issues.
    OUTCOME: 2,971 deaths, 17,196 active cases.

    Please take note of two VERY important details, the area of the two places is similar in square mileage…however the density of the populations, are VERY different.
    Population: 51.64 million
    Population: 6.732 million

    So why are they controlled?

    …why do they not face the challenges we do in the US, or even in the UK, South America, etc?

    It seems to be the people.

    If Wuhan contained their totals to 84,385…what is our biggest dilemma in the US?

    Area: 3.705 million mi²
    Population: 1.393 billion
    Cases: 84,385/4,634 deaths/79,003 recovered.

    United States
    Area: 3.797 million mi²
    Population: 328.2 million
    Cases: 47,765,155/157,921 deaths/2,363,165 recovered.

    ***Take note that the square mileage of the United States, is very similar to that of China…yet again the density of the populous is MUCH smaller…yet China has controlled their outbreak as well.

    …so why?

    The country is primarily Communist…and the control of the people’s actions is very tight, and strict.
    …so compliance was also controlled and strict.

    OUTCOME: 1.648 BILLION more people in China, YET 47,680,770 LESS cases.

    …so the only common denominator, to the two success stories in terms of containment, is the PEOPLE.

    PPE and masks were NOT subsidized, people just made them a priority…they didn’t fight the government, start conspiracy theories, they did what was necessary to gain control.

    …if we don’t come together, we are going to have the most catastrophic losses worldwide, by a landslide in the United States.

  • Paid crises actress…Doctors and nurses have come out with the TRUTH about this HOAX..!

    Uh, masks do not stop a virus..!

    She is a QUACK for lying on this video..!


    Doctors are speaking out…

    Doctors pressured to add C19 to death certificates

    Hospitals Getting Paid to Mark Patients as COVID-19?


  • I’ve yet to buy the cookbook but by implementing free recipes,egg whites and popcorn my abs are showing and my muscle mass is growing.
    I’m buying both books soon

  • I have had the same experience & was always frustrated with due hard IIFYM advocates made fun of clean eaters. I know my body, & it just feels better and healthier when I put real, Whole Foods into it. Freedom and flexibility are great, but don’t make others feel badly about listening to their bodies. I’m glad you’ve had a good experience and can now understand another way that works for many.

  • Paul, this is similar to what is my experience has been the few weeks during the start up of my new business… I did the intermittent fasting, I ordered delivery or went out a lot, but i have not felt great (un healthy sorta, poor workouts). Last night I just made a shift I ordered some prepared meals, as you did, from a local company it’s called “Eat clean bro” lol. So I am looking forward to see how this works for me and I am sure I will feel better with this. Will keep you posted.

  • Love this guy he gets to the point and he’s funny to watch, he gets annoyed at all these fools talking shit but he talks sense and he knows what he’s talking about

  • It is super simple The less toxic chemicals we consume the better the body and mind performs…. period. Even though I disagree with this I still enjoy most of your content and all of your hard work.

  • I do not see how calories counting could make my diet sustainable. That may work for some pedants but not for normal people, not in the long term! No sugar, low carb diet, exercise and fasting by Dr. Stern Ekberg: yeah that’s doable. This calorie pinching: sorry!


    If you are ANTI-MASK, you can also post your videos here:

    Get The REAL TRUTH from Dr’s, Nurses, & Law Enforcement bravely coming forward
    The common cold is stronger than COVID-19!

    READ THE LABEL ON THE MASK BOX (Most of the time, the label clearly states that the mask
    offers little, if any, protection. Some labels even state more specifically that the mask offers

    Do you know what will make THE NUMBERS GO DOWN? An “eraser on your pencil” or the “delete button”.

    Break your arm or get shot and I guarantee you, that too will be counted as COVID-19!

    Did you know that hospitals receive an additional $53,000 for each death classified
    as COVID-19 being the cause, whether it’s true or not? GOVT needs high death
    tolls for the COVID-19 HOAX to look legit so they don’t care if the numbers are true or not,
    they just want numbers.

    7/16/2020 A Roseburg, OR Family Physician’s COVID-19 Policy Suggestion to OR Gov Kate Brown
    (Brown does not accept suggestions!) Only 2 weeks after this letter, Gov Brown ordered immediate
    lockdowns of many OR counties!!! She has her own evil agenda…

    All Gov Brown (along with many other states) does is make threats: “Wear a MASK or I’ll shut you down!” or uses guilt trips like:
    “If you care about others, you’ll wear a mask”. That’s underhanded and cruel to use tactics like this. Especially
    towards people who do genuinely care about others, unlike Gov Brown. Brown needs to be removed from office now!!!
    I haven’t heard her say one thing to indicate she actually cares about our health. Not one thing.
    She’s just on a Power Trip! Gov Brown is basically saying “Wear a MASK because I said so”! That’s a DICTATORSHIP.


    CREATE YOUR OWN MASK DESIGN (just another way of getting someone to wear a MASK, that still provides NO PROTECTION!):

    Just 2 weeks ago Vistaprint didn’t offer the option to customize a mask. I asked them personally. Now all of a sudden you can?
    Man, they’ll do ANYTHING to try and get us to wear a MASK! They’re a large company. I’m sure they have even larger outside influences…

    (Once you lose someone’s TRUST, it’s next to impossible to get it back!)

    Subtract the “motorcycle crash fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “drowning fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “gunshot fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “shark attack fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “car crash fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…


    No one has ever inspired me enough to vote, until this election. I’m 59 now and from what I’ve personally witnessed over the last 4 years:
    !!! H E S A Y S I T H E D O E S I T | T R U M P 2 0 2 0!!!


    iF YOU ARE SERIOUS about your training, then you must grab ur self a copy of this training journal. it has a great layout which gonna allow u to track every day’s workout/macros/hydration/weight/sets/reps/exercises and weight and also monthly check in. its just amazing check it out

  • IIFYM gives you a lot more variety in the diet,, but more variety isn’t always better because then it can be difficult to limit. I’ve been doing the exchange system where I have a meal plan/ macros but I can choose which lean meat, vegetable, and carb source I prefer. I think it works great and it’s very easy to stick to! And it makes tracking easy as well. I will do this during the week and if I want a different meal on the weekends, then that’s when I would use IIFYM for the one or two meals and then the other meals would be the clean/flexible meals. I think a combination works really well!

  • Mask do not protect anyone from any disease. Only stupid people wear them. Unfortunately, there are so many stupid people in the USA. Must be from the public school education they get.

  • This is so important for people to understand. I wish I knew this back in high school. A girl passed around a healthy food list for everyone on my track team and my whole freshman year I was obsessed with only eating clean. I developed orthorexia, weighed 112lbs at 5’8” and missed out on so many things in high school. Wish I could go back to my 14 year old self and just say “eat the damn cake at your moms birthday.” Ended up pulling an “all in” like steph junior year and got back up to 155lbs.

  • i can’t do iifym! it’s either the whole cookie jar or none lol that’s jst me.. but i am using if u can say a clean iifym as u mentioned… and am happy wth it and wth the results i eat food that i love and keeps me full that’s the most important thing.. i use also calories in vs out once a week on my cheat day i eat what ever i want at the same daily calorie amount or slightly more -so no fat (HOPEFULLY ) or muscle gained but it’s jst one day so i thnk it’s fine.. won’t effect my long term goals that much. it keeps me sane!

  • Maybe we need to be orthorexic in this modern world of ultra processed food that is designed to circumvent our satiety signals. Flexible dieting doesn’t work for the vast majority of people. sorry to say.

  • Can you imagine you have to put your life in hands of this “well trained nurse “ She will kill you in a minute!!! OMG what happened with us!!!

  • The supermarket clerks wear the same gloves for hours while she hands you your change and receipt. Also touches all your items she scans.

  • Paul, I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on this topic! I started prep in January, and I switched to eating majority whole foods a few months ago with my first major macro decrease. I can’t even begin to explain how much better I feel now that my diet is packed with tons of fruits & veggies. I like to call it “eating the rainbow” because my meals are so colorful! My energy levels have been consistently high even though I’m nearing the end of my competition season. The best part of this is that I crave fruits & veggies now more than anything else. I’ll take strawberries/zucchini/squash/asparagus/bananas over a candy bar any day! Btw Your content is by far the BEST & thank you for providing so much useful info for us female competitors!

  • Thank you for this video! Eating nutrient dense foods has helped me in the psychological realm (not sure if there’s any science to back it up, but it helps my anxiety), got rid of my heartburn, and allowed me to balance energy better between grad school and the gym. Ultimate goal for me is health and longevity which is how I base most of my food choices. I feel better eating healthier and it’s empowering in a senseI’m treating my body with respect and fueling it with nutrients. Of course, I’ll indulge in my cravings when I feel like it (ben and jerry’s will never leave my life) but the salience for high fat/sugar foods had definitely decreased for me! Great video, Paul.

  • Interesting take on things. I think ppl see IIFYM as an excuse to go out and eat all sorts of food so long as it fills up their macro goals. I have never thought this way. I have been on board with you eating whatever you want as long as macros and calories are kept in check….but you should focus on whole foods as your primary source for these numbers. So this way you are getting micronutrient rich foods.
    And also, I did the month of March this year, eating nothing but fast food, I didn’t cook one time that month. I made good choices with the foods I picked. I was able to lose weight (as I had set my calories to do) and by the end of the month I was able to come in a bit tighter by trying to do a “peak week” for the last week. So I think a person can do just fine going to a fast food place. They will need to make a wise choice on what to get though.

  • I’ve come to enjoy my meal prep, both creating and consuming.

    It has kept me from grazing, kept my macs in check and I enjoy the foods.

    My coworkers are tired of me talking about my turkey meatballs, salmon and chicken wraps but I’m just excited how good they taste.

    My week is so structured that I don’t even think about grazing.

    Last meal at 7pm then fast for 16:30 hours

    11:30 eat meal/ fruit bowl

    Eat 6:30 dinner/fruit bowl

    If I feel like my workout was great I might drink a protein drink after lunch or replace the dinner fruit bowl

    Where I screw up is the weekend. My wife loves the restaurants so I try to keep it reasonable but ultimately we end up drinking Saturday night.

    That’s on me, the meal prep works great.

  • There is a profound difference between eating a cookie that you made yourself and one that is highly processed and full of chemicals. The body is satisfied by both, but I can’t be so “flexible” to eat an OREO or other highly processed, chemical “foods”. The french fries I make have 3 ingredients, McDonnies: 17.

  • Good content on your channel. I think you deserve more subscribers:) Keep doing that you are doing… gotta support a fellow fitness youtuber!:) Shoutout out from Sweden:) Nice video btw

  • The answer is always in the middle! I would very rarely recommend what I do for other people as I totally wing it, never have a clue from day to day or even meal to meal what I’m going to eat but I do well with staying on track. I’m just not a planner in general though so it fits my personality. But I pretty much do eat mostly “clean” + ice cream.:) Unless I’m in one of those rare fun times where calories are high in a reverse, then I feel too full if I don’t start incorporating more “junk” in my diet.

  • Greg yells me at during every video, if I order his cook book I want it to be aggressively thrown through my window and then hear him yell at me about my body fat percentages

  • Love this! It definitely clarifies the fine line between flexible dieting and iifym. I have always eaten clean, not straying far from my “clean foods”. I actually crave more Whole Foods. I started competing a year ago with a coach that had me follow a cookie cutter “bro diet” approach with my nutrition, completely cutting all of the small list of foods I would allow myself to have here and there. I felt so stressed and my body definitely resented the restriction. I started working with a new coach that gave me a flexible diet approach. mind you I still stuck to Whole Foods but had more options other than chicken, broccoli and rice (which I actually hate!). My body responded so well, I had major improvements from the first show to the second (5 weeks between the two). Im just two weeks into my off season, reverse dieting. I’m loving the fact I have more flexibility with my increased macros! Also coming from someone suffering from anorexia for ten years I find I am less obsessive about my meals, I’ve also been able to trust my body with the not so “super clean” foods. I’ve actually become quite a fan of the vlogs! Super informative! Keep them coming!

    Maybe a future vlog on reverse dieting? TIA!:)

  • I personally think that bro dieting is simply an evolution of IIFYM, you are applying meal timing and other variables to just macros. Bro dieting should still be based on macros, I mean I bro diet and all my meals have precise macros and are timed. I prefer dieting like this instead of IIFYM for sure.

  • I have huge macros targets…. currently around 5350 cals per day… I eat ‘clean’ meals… but throw in the pop tart and cereal here and there to hit the carb numbers… I am still trying to refine my choices and adapt to the macro counting and flexible approach but don’t like eating too much fruit as it only replenishes liver store and not muscle… any ‘clean’ alternatives for someone with crazy high numbers? I’m on 630 carbs and around 210 fat per day

  • The natural progression of eating for fitness: Start with eating clean with large cheats and struggle > Find out about flexible dieting and eat as much junk as possible while fitting it in your numbers > Realize that doesn’t make you feel so great and then finding a balance between clean foods but also enjoying your diet > Reach your goals and be happy.

  • the energy equation works for body comp and i have been following it for 3 years not but this i can say for sure. when i eat mostly single ingredient foods and limit processed foods. limit wheat based products i feel better, ive just started noticing issues like my arthritis flaring up, skin isnt as clean. stools are shit (no pun intended ) and generally less energy so i`m gunna reduce the shit from my nutrition by a lot and go back to predominantly so called CLEAN foods because training is suffering due to not feeling great anymore.

  • So glad you made this video!!! I’m a registered dietitian and it’s so frustrating to hear people labeling food as “good” and “bad”. If everyone can start practice intuitive eating simply by allowing yourself to eat all types of food and in moderation, everyone can stop stressing out it and spend more time doing other things in life. Eat it and move on!

  • I feel like people don’t realise a lot of the time that if you go over your calories by 500 with salad or 500 calories with cinnamon toast crunch you will still gain roughly the same amount of weight however u may gain a bit more temporary water weight from the cereal but it would pass. eating clean to me is all about moderation ensure you are hiting your macros while getting more than enough micros and also add a few things you enjoy

  • For me, the key to success as an aspiring top natural bodybuilder, has been that I’ve been clean eating and base my meals around hole (in my case plant only) for so long now, that most of the times, my cravings are tofu, lentils, avocado, whole grain bread toast, oat banana pancakes… And that has given me great results also in off-season, because it improves recovery! That way I can train better rested and more frequently, showing to be beneficial for hypertrophy and overall health.

  • I think what people miss about the whole carbs debate is that I don’t think the smarter advocates of things like keto (think Dr. D’Agostino) are saying that cals in cals out doesn’t matter. They’re simply saying that for a variety of reasons, a low carb diet is superior, and one of the primary reasons stated is generally the satiating nature of fats and protein compared to most carbs. This holds true when your carb intake comes primarily from fiber-less foods.

  • Eating clean does work. Just because you can’t do it, don’t state it does not work. You are implanting false and detrimental beliefs into people.

  • Nutrient density matters. Ridding your diet of the refined processed foods filled with preservatives, low quality fats, and sugars makes a differences. Health starts in the gut. Truly. I’m so happy someone is FINALLY coming to this realization within the fitness industry.

  • Just some Devil’s advocacy, here: it’s impossible to be successful using IIFYM when a majority of the meals are restaurant prepared.

    There are two issues. One, people vastly underestimate macros when they eat at a restaurant (, and; two, meals from non-fast food establishments often contain vast, hidden calories (

    I understand what you’re saying in the video, but I think Occam’s Razor probably applies. The explanation with the fewest assumptions is that, for factors both within (not bringing a scale, asking the restaurant what the precise portions are, etc) and without (sub-consciously underestimating), you were probably overeating while dieting out vs., when your meals were regimented and prepared.

    I am on the extreme wing of IIFYM throughout our prep together, I ate fudge bars, chips, cookies, etc., every day. As you know, I was also an absurdly, almost obsessively dedicated dieter. I firmly believe food choice in physique (but not general health) context is irrelevant. And the last meta-analyses by the CDC and National Institutes of Health pretty much substantiate that, as only higher levels of protein were positively correlated with greater levels of fat mass loss as compared with high/low carbs, high/low fats, high/low glycemic carbs, etc.

    While nobody has or is ever going to take a sufficiently large sample of bodybuilders and compare “IIFYM” to “clean” eating on isocaloric diets in a metabolic ward, the data using principally obese is pretty strongly titled toward weight loss being a thermodynamic function and food choice playing second fiddle.

    Just my thoughts!

  • “Masks Cause H y p o x e m i a “
    Masks cause H y p o x e m i a which is low blood oxygen, which lowers our immune system. Our 25 trillion red blood cells in each person, are in constant need for fresh oxygen, so when we deprive our 25 trillion RBC from getting much needed oxygen, sickness and even death is a very possible outcome. By breathing back in ones own toxic lung waists, dust particles, viruses, toxic Co2, plus no oxygen… people are truly getting sick. God did not intend for us to wear masks… that is why our nose has two openings and stuck out there on our face… to capture enough good oxygen.

  • I cut IIFYM and had no issues with adherence, but noticed that I gravitated towards cleaner foods for most meals as they were easier to track and I got more food out of the whole deal. To me, the idea of ordering a quesadilla and trusting it was the generic 550 cals was just a bit too tough. I’d rather see the chicken breast in front of me and know exactly what it is. Ironically, I am eating very clean now that I am bulking, I love the variety of huge and delicious meals I can make out of clean foods now that I have the luxury of adding little things like cheese, butter, sweet potatoes, tastier vegetables, etc. I still fit in pizza and cheesecake but I notice that in general, I can’t eat 3,200 cals of junk. It makes me feel terrible. I could eat 1950 cals of pizza with whey to hit my protein and be fine when I was cutting, but at a bigger eating level? No way I can eat that much junk food and survive it.

  • I assumed iifym and flexible dieting were the same? eat clean but there’s room for the not so clean foods? a lot of YouTube users that ive seen explaining iifym usually say “iifym or flexible dieting”… but I would say I like the middle, I try to eat clean but if I crave non clean food I’ll fit it in, lately I been eating heresy kisses, lol I had this bag for two months, I just eat 2 when I grave chocolate, or a mini snickers bag. I learned my lesson eating a whole snicker bar, that bar takes up some calories, it’s equaled to at least 4 eggs, that’s an egg omelet with cheese. lol but yeah man I like the middle approach of the diet. ������

  • The Chin mask LOL it is so ridiculed and unsanitary depriving people of oxygen putting their breathing in a toxic environment and killing people’s brain cells and it is showing So sad people actually believe what they see tv. Pleased distance yourselves from TV and the human race may have a chance. Why are people letting Fauci get away with this? No Free passes sorry

  • I feel like unstructured IIFYM is a lot more stressful compared to knowing what and when to eat. Just one less thing to worry about and in addition you tend to fit in more nutritious foods when you pre-plan it in my experience.

  • I really think MyFitnessPal works. Probably isn’t 100% accurate but it really does give you an idea how much calories you’re eating and your protein intake. I’ve been using it for months and I’ve lost weight consistently. I’d definitely recommend everybody to use a calorie tracker app. And yes it’s a pain in the ass to use a tracker. It’s tedious. It’s boring. It feels like a chore. But it works. It definitely works.

  • Mask does not prevent from Corv. It goes through. every virus
    Face masks also do not help against diarrheal diseases such as rota,
    norovirus, summer flu without any lung involvement. Sometimes fast food
    is also the reason or bacilli in icecream like every year in summer.
    Sometimes for example old pizzas cause diarrheal diseases
    In special fast food, there is very often another
    different amount of special intestinal viruses

  • I would ask same but different meaning. What if clean food weeeell over caloric surplus not giving expected results in weight gain. Have to eat as a horse to not lose weight. 4-5000 calories a day,sitting A bit under 90kg and cant move on even A bit from there. Tired of eating 6times A day (sometimes even at night). Is it A time to introduce junk? And no,im not the one who thinks that im eating less than it realy is. Weigh in my portions.

  • 18 months ago I was 300lbs down to 125lbs I’m 5″5 I quit drinking pop and cut out all junk foods for a year and did very low calorie talking no more then 1000 calories a day that was a big mistake messed up my metabolism slowed it down then when I tried to eat at maintenance I gained weight back now with my Fitbit says I burn almost 4000 cals a day with the kind of job I work get close to 20k steeps a day i tried to slowly add more calories back every 3 days I’m now able to have 2500 cals a day and not gain sometimes lose weight so i do a cheat day eat what i want one day a week just to help maintain my weight but for most time i do stay about 150 to 200 grams of carbs 75 grams of fat and 120 grams of protein and I also intermittent fasting of 16 to 18 hours a day and have a 6 to 8 hour eating window

  • Ive been following your videos for a while. Im so excited you said this because Ive always felt I look better with a meal plan than when i do macro counting because i have so much freedom with macro counting!

  • few chuncks of Lyli’s chocolate with almond butter after breakfast every day. The rest is coach Greg meals. I know I’ll have a 6 packs in few months.

  • I think the reason some people tend to feel better when they take a break from all the fast food and eat their serves of veg and lean meats ect, is because it’s the quality of the food that helps out your body, same amount of macros, but your body processes it differently which is super interesting. I track macros, but I definitely have a plan of what I’m eating for the week. I like how I have the flexibility to change one or two things every now and then if I get a craving or I want to try something new though, which is why I like IIFYM, but i’m not as crazy as some people, I don’t try and fit doughnuts in if it means i’m going to have to starve later on.

  • It’s been a short while for me, but I’ve finally gotten over my fear of “unhealthy” foods once I started reverse dieting. Really gave me a different perspective on things, and I’m seeing amazing results in the gym! So being flexible really works

  • I love this! It’s nice to learn I can incorporate certain things but also love my whole foods. And a meal plan is nice too for surviving days when I can’t calculate. With iifym on its own I felt totally lost without numbers.

  • Omg did you even watch Jeff’s video? I just bumped into your account and unknowingly liked
    It by mistake. Just saw you’re bull shit hater.

  • I tried vegan, keto and carnivore diet but eventually I realized that the best diet is “listen to your body diet”. If you eat something just pay attention to your body, if your energy/mood depletes or increases. Of course it can also depend on your day to day activities, sleep, the way you eat (fast/slow) and if your mind isn’t cluttered with stress etc when you are eating. While the world is so consumed by information, we forgot to have sense on many things.

  • I started flexible dieting as 100% will eat what ever fits.  I never noticed a difference in my physique but I always wondered why I felt better and performed better when I was on comp prep (and poverty macros) vs in my off season (when calories are higher and I was eating less nutrient dense foods).  So I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!  For me, I also noticed sugar intake make a difference.  So I do keep that in check.  I am a flexible bro LOL.  I love my Poptarts, waffles and chocolate but I also love my MAW Nutrition meals, ginormous veggie salads and Original or sweet MuscleEgg omelets

  • Good video! For me the last 3 years before every summer I do a pretty good cut but it always ends with disordered eating:S. Like, chugging down 5000-7000 calories in a couple of hours is no problem. I should really incorporate cheat meals etc better into my diet.

  • I’m not a fan of labeling good foods and bad foods because it emotionalizes it. Which makes it harder for me to be consistent. The problem isn’t even good or bad, it’s whether it’s in line with my goals. I prefer ‘in line with my goals because [blah blah blah]’ and ‘not in line with my goals because [blah blah blah]’

  • I just binged today on: a banana, a fuck ton of pineapple + honeydew, and oily cauliflower chips ): I’m not happy about it, but bc it wasn’t SUPER high calorie dense foods it was only about 1,000 calories, so I ate 1800 as a 5’0 100 lb female with an active job.

  • hey! anybody know a good alternative to smart pop that’s vegan? i know I could pop my own kernels, how do you guys like to make them?

  • Helpful video! Good point about how to think about food… I need to stop looking at foods as good or bad and think of my daily calories in similar terms as I think of my check book.

  • Really informative and useful Paul, thanks appreciate the recent content! Conventional gen. pop. practices of over indulging in food and drink around social events is really a terrible affliction that everybody experiences imo but planning as you say is the cure for most as I see it. Have all that good food but plan what you’ll have in advance and you can have your cake and eat it (Just 1 slice instead of half the cake, 3 beers instead of 10!) and people can still stick to their goals. It’s definitely a skill that take time though, maybe a video on food planning around social events would be good and very practical to help people avoid overeating and binging or avoiding social events altogether.

  • My mouth is watering looking at your box of donuts �� lol I can smell them i am imagining the sweet warm glaze of at least 6000 calories entering into energy storage bin lol sorry

  • I just wish everybody would put on fresh disposable gloves when they entered the grocery store (supermarket). Including staff. And put them in a rubbish bin when they left. We’d all be a lot safer.

  • Hmmm….Much has been said about clean eating and if it is sustainable for the typical overweight person trying to make a change. Much has also been said about IIFYM and the tendency for people to turn their brain off and consistently eat total crap substances. I think both principles can produce success if intelligently and consistently adhered to. But how many people have the knowledge, and mental energy to be able to pull this off AS A LIFESTYLE? There’s the rub.
    In contrast, adopting core principles from both perspectives is by far the easiest (and smartest) way to successfully address calorie intake and fat loss, because it is easier to fit this hybrid approach into a sustainable lifestyle aimed at eating healthy.
    The IIFYM concept requires me to focus on learning how to accurately calculate and track calories, carbs, and proteins. This is crucial since, at the end of the day, fat loss/gain comes down to calorie deficit vs surplus. In addition, calculating and tracking the numbers, allows me to see the connection between number of calories in/out and weight loss/gain. If I track it, then I pay attention to it, so i think before i buy or eat it. The “Clean eating” principle has more of a psychological benefit that fuels my efforts at tracking what I eat and generally helps me feel that I am moving forward and taking positive steps to reach my goals. Yeah, I know it sounds gooey, but it helps me see my body as the incredible and responsive machine that it is. Feed the machine crappy fuel and it runs like crap. Water in the gasoline? Buggy programming in the software? Gee, wonder why my computer and car engine aren’t running well. A “Feed my body/car engine good fuel and it will run better” mindset, so to speak. This makes it easier to follow the IIFYM principles and generally makes me want to exercise more to further improve my body’s performance. Before I know it, I’m making a lot of LIFESTYLE changes that are sustainable.

  • I got a lockbox I keep all carbs/sweets in. My wife is the gatekeeper. Although I’m about 12% body fat at 180 I want to reach my pinnacle this summer. No place for a bowl of cereal and peanut butter toast with honey.

  • Part of the scam is the notion that “science” is some sort of unitary,monolithic,infallible god and is 100% supportive of all elements of the prevailing narrative & as proof to back its assessment.A very effective way to control people,if people buy it,which sadly millions do.

  • I have this question in mind actually..
    does eating CLEAN food or DIRTY food in same amount of calories, affect your body “shape” despite the same workout routines?

  • Some of the lucky souls in the world can eat bad but get ripped if they stay in their macros. I unfortunately am not one of those lucky souls:(

  • There are no do’s. Just don’t wear a mask. Only a full hazmat suit stops a virus, masks do nothing. Prolonged wearing of a mask will however cause oxygen deprivation which can lead to brain damage and people are already experiencing lung and breathing disorders. So why are the so called ‘experts’ peddling these masks? Think of them as a muzzle and you will being to understand what they really represent.

  • I’ve been eating super clean. Grilled chicken wraps with spinach and whole grain tortillas. Chicken and rice. Pork. Piece of fruit for breakfast. For the last 10 weeks. Cycle between arms/chest with abs every other day and legs on fridays. Just upped it this past Friday and my legs are still jello. Went into my freezer today and saw a tub of chocolate and marshmallow ice cream. Haven’t touch it yet but it’s been hours and that devil is still whispering in my ear. I can’t give in. I refuse.

  • Thank you for always keeping it real, even if it causes you a lot of hate sometimes. I have never enjoyed losing weight so much in my life. It’s summer and i eat ice cream almost every day (not even low calorie protein ice cream, but the “dirty” kind when i’m on a walk with my bf) because i can easily fit a serving in my DEFICIT. I don’t know how i never came to the conclusion that it really is that simple and i don’t have to completely cut out any foods at all.