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The New Eating Habit That’s Changing My Life. by Diana Keeler. July 30, 2014. 68 Comments. Not long ago someone asked me to name my favorite food, and without a second of hesitation I replied: “Wheat Thins.”.

I love Wheat Thins the way other people love chocolate cake. I have eaten a box of Wheat Thins while watching a movie, instead of popcorn. EatingWell this link opens in a new tab; Eat This, 10 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. So, these healthy eating habits are something you can easily adopt in your everyday eating.

IMPORTANT: I want to note this isn’t all about weight loss. I’m not saying I was overweight before at all. The Tamed Course was made possible by the Patrons of this channel.

If you want to help support the channel, and help me continue to make content like this ch. 5 Habits That Changed My Life! These are the major habits & mindset shifts that have changed my life for the better and led me to a happier, more productive. The 15-Minute Morning Routine That’s Already Changing My Life. by. John Gannon.

Shutterstock. Aside from the usual stuff like picking out an outfit, eating your breakfast, and taking a shower, what do you do in the morning? but here the small stuff really helps when you’re developing this habit. Start building these life-changing habits for a happier and more successful life. Listen to music, learn a new skill, take a long bubble bath, or prepare a.

In this case, you want to think differently about your ability to change—so spend some time every day envisioning yourself with new habits. Picture yourself exercising and enjoying it, eating. Duhigg wrote a great book and my intention is to pick up where he left off by integrating these stages into four simple laws you can apply to build better habits in life and work. Antonio R. Damasio, The Strange Order of Things: Life, Feeling, and the Making of Cultures (New York: Pantheon Books, 2018); Lisa Feldman Barrett, How Emotions Are. Continued 6 Steps to Fix Bad Eating Habits.

Here are 6 steps to help you get rid of your old, unhealthy habits and create healthier ones: 1. Take Baby Steps.

List of related literature:

But rest assured, you can become less dependent on health-compromising foods when they’re no longer a part of your everyday meal routine, and you replace them with healthier options that taste great.

“Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar” by Cathy Fisher
from Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar
by Cathy Fisher
Green Bite Publishing, 2016

In fact, your new habit doesn’t have to relate to food.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
from The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great
by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
Atria Books, 2010

Before you know it, your new eating habits will become second nature.

“Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way” by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
from Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way
by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

I discovered when I switched to my current way of eating that I had to learn to shop in a new way.

“The Hashimoto's Cookbook and Action Plan: 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet” by Karen Frazier
from The Hashimoto’s Cookbook and Action Plan: 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet
by Karen Frazier
Callisto Media Incorporated, 2015

Since I stopped de‑priving myself of the foods I wanted, and instead allowed myself a few perfect bites, I’ve lost the urge to binge.

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
from Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
Atria Books, 2009

Looking back on the period when I began keeping my blog, I remember being focused entirely on the changes I was making in my eating habits.

“The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients” by Liana Werner-Gray
from The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth’s Natural Ingredients
by Liana Werner-Gray
Hay House, 2014

This helps make these small changes easy to adapt and a routine part of everyday eating.

“Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life” by Charlotte Eliopoulos
from Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life
by Charlotte Eliopoulos
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2010

But when you fill your life with an abundance of great, healthy, real food – the stuff that you fancy changes, it really genuinely does.

“The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life” by Melissa Wells
from The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life
by Melissa Wells
Hay House, 2016

Of course, breaking this habit is even harder because of the many TV ads for nutrient-poor junk food—all of which are designed to send you into the kitchen for something to munch on.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Mother Daughter Wisdom
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2006

But even now the same habit persists with me; especially after supper I cannot put anything in my mouth however tempting the food may be.

“The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa” by Yukichi Fukuzawa, Albert M. Craig, Eiichi Kiyooka
from The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa
by Yukichi Fukuzawa, Albert M. Craig, Eiichi Kiyooka
Columbia University Press, 2007

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • ❤️ thank you so much Anna. Those stretching routines you post have been helping me get more flexible! I’ve been stretching for 30 days straight with your videos! My back flexibility has improved so much and I’m so close to my middle split because of you! ❤️ Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!

  • It made no sense she wants to lose weight and she fail to follow her promisses to ger self (eat healthier excercise znd losing weight ) but now someone say you need yp trist yourself and now she stuck to het goals.
    What do i miss

  • I like your videos and more when they are routines I love it since you explained with great coerence and it is very understandable

  • Uhm this might sound stupid but uh could u do a handstand tutorial? Hehe sorry for asking u might not do it but still asking cause I can’t do a handstand well uhm luv u baiii:3 <3

  • I also only give my kids milk water or v8 fusion for juice. It has a full serving of fruit and a full serving of vegetables in ever serving. It’s not so packed with sugars like I’ve found other fruit juices to b

  • Also with the “I always have fresh fruit” I don’t know where you live but up north where I am, it seems to get more expensive during the winter to purchase that.

  • #1 give yourself time 0:38
    #2 stretch 1:20
    #3 hydrate 1:43
    #4 set goals for the day 2:21
    #5 prioritize self care 3:25
    #6 stop scrolling 4:34
    #7 have a wholesome breakfast 5:29
    #8 get some sunlight 7:18

  • It became a little ritual for myself, I always see that you’ve uploaded a new video in the morning (I live in germany) and then I watch your video right away while eating a very improved delicious breakfast!:) Btw I made so much progress in my recovery and am getting closer to a normal weight, also because of your videos… #wefixthistogether

  • Eating slower also helps with portion control, I never overeat and always feel happy after smaller amount of food… also I eat mostly fat and I am healthier and better dealing with hunger now (its needed for brain, and steroid hormones which increase fat burning because you will deal better with hunger, still have energy so thats saying “fat to burn fat”).. it is not the enemy, sugar is (not carbs, they are essential like other 2..) problem is people not eat when hungry.. the quantity of everything matters.

  • Fiquei dois dias sem comer, tipo eu só comi uma maçã durante o dia todo… Meus músculos começam a doer e não consigo pensar claramente, meus músculos sem energia e doendo até o osso, à noite fico com muita energia… Vou procurar ajuda pra mandar esses pensamentos ruins embora, e nem baterem mais a minha porta!

  • I don’t get the +1000 ppl that put a “thumbs down”… Like…Are you disappointed? She’s only telling you what you all need to hear. We all make new year’s resolutions that we don’t follow through. We all know we need to eat right, exercise and drink lots of water. There’s sometimes supplements or shakes to improve our performance, but there’s no magic cure. Get real. Love yourself, treat your body like the Queen’s palacekeep it clean, neat and healthy.

  • Does Fenoboci Diet Plan really help to lost lots of weight? We’ve learn a lot of good things about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • Hey:) I think I have a question about that. First I have to mention that I never had Anorexia as the most of you are recovering from. I was just dieting (and calorie counting) for nearly 2 years to lose 20 kg to get the slim but healthy body I have now. When I reached this goal in december everybody was telling me how good I look now and how proud they are. So of course I am wanting to stop calorie counting but maintaining my weight. The main problem is that I have never learned how to eat normally and really listen to my body. In the past I ate way too much and was a bit overweight and continuously gaining weight and then I was restricting and eating in a calorie deficit. Now one day I am eating cake and normal portions at three meals but the next day I am restricting again, choosing low-calorie options, skipping meals, because I feel guilty and disgusting. But I really try to eat intuitivly. And now to the question I have (finally, yaaaay!!!) I really don’t know how to include sweets in my diet. I am literally having 3 boxes of sweets from Christmas in my room and they are really slowly decreasing. Honestly it makes me anxious to know that I should have finished them till next Christmas or till they get bad. Do you have any advise how to include them in my diet without restricting afterwards and feeling guilty? (you didn’t eat enough fruits today, you should rather take a pear, not the cookie… You already had a Nutella Toast in the morning, you shouldn’t eat more chocolate. Go for a nuts or ricecrackers… You know that you’ll eat the whole chocolate easter Bunny, you should have it as Lunch not as a snack, it has too many calories…) I am really good at restricting and craving healthy food but I don’t know when I should eat sweets.

    Thank you for reading and I am really sorry that my comment turned out so long �� and I also feel like it doesn’t make any sense. I am also very sorry for my bad English, I’m from Germany and my German auto correct doesn’t help me as well:D

    PS: Kate you are the best and I love your energy �� thank you for everything

  • You won’t eat bread but you eat corn? ����
    Corn is the most well-known genetically modified food on the market and it’s also a starch. ��
    How is corn better than whole grain bread?
    Riddle me that. ��

  • I love Anna Soooo much she helped me get my splits, over splits,a backbend and a higher leg hold. Thank u Soooo much Anna I love u also I am following ur two week stretch challenge. My ballets teacher considers me her best student because I am flexible,healthy and hardworking compare to the other girls i will never forget wat u have done for me. I will try my best to implement these habits��������

  • I love her channel so much especially her stretching routines and follow alongs she’s helped me so much with flexibility and learning new skills!☁️��✨

    small youtuber here

  • How is your skin so pretty. Can you please tell how �� get a beautiful ski like your’s. The thing I like about you that you are so calm �� �� and organised.

  • I love these tips especially yes stop labelling food as good or bad and take the emotions out of food. I loved your scale as well, I think that will be relateable for people

  • What a load of rubbish. It’s all about eating in moderation with NO restrictions and having willpower. BTW you looked much better before, now you look like an ill ironing board. Yuk!

  • You are so kind, full of love and compassion ❤️ all your videos are really helpful and I’ll try this exercice of mindful eating �� also can you do a video about binge eating? ❤️

  • Heyy all!

    For those of you who are into cooking, I’ve made a healthy recipe eBook that I’m giving away 100% free.

    I’m a qualified nutritionist, so I can confirm that the recipes in this eBook are actually healthy,! They also legitimately taste really good (in my humble opinion ��).

    The eBook has 8 healthy, yet tasty recipes, including:

    2 Breakfast Recipes, 2 Lunch Recipes, 2 Dinner Recipes And 2 Snack Recipes

    Click the link in the post to go to webpage I created where you’ll be able to download the recipe book for free.

    Let me know what you think of the recipes!

    Enjoy ��

  • Just picture this….

    In this video you are hesitating whether you should move in with Kurt or not. Now you have a dog and a little baby bubba…

    Life’s strange and everything always falls into place.

  • WOW! Thanks for sharing and so super healthful. I’d love to see your video posted on as a founding creator. Check it out and join us!

  • Good tips! Fat free is code for “We added a sh*t load of salt” That’s how they make it taste better. I don’t worry about salt intake at all. Now sugar is another story!

  • Yes yes yes!!!! I 100 percent agree!!!! All in moderation with a positive eye… I’m just starting out on you tube… would love some love and encouragement/tips on how to make good videos… keep it up mama… Congrats on baby by the way <3 super adorable prego;)

  • I was hedging on whether or not to like the video. Then Kallie said, “You want to have some Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar chips ’cause they’re, like, delicious and they’re like crack,” ( 6:12 6:17) and she gained a subscriber.

  • For the whole foods part, some whole foods are actually pretty processed. A lot of the market’s has herbicides and who knows what on it….for preserving it for longer shelf life or not….also it may have been grown in a non-natural way like adding something to it so it’s a certain color.

  • Suggestion! stop eating food and other condiments from plastic containers! cause plastic containers leaches out poison and not environmentally friendly!!!

  • When you think you’re watching a video of a real person caring about their viewers, but find out the video is sponsored by a company. ��

  • Hello I just found this video and I am so happy that you shared it my 12-year-old darling daughter and I are working on eating healthier together and this just made the most sense and I love how you kept a straight face when you were talking about the sour cream cheddar chips because you’re absolutely correct and I’m going to try that salad plate instead of dinner plate because we’re currently looking to change the dinnerware in our kitchen

  • If you changing your eating habits to be more healthy, get used to that first and then add exercise. It will be a lot easier to stick to healthy habits instead of trying to do it all at once. Also, when you’re ready to add exercise, only watching your guilty pleasure shows when simply walking on the treadmill or using elliptical can help with motivation lol. I’m down 15lbs in 6 months, it’s about changing how you live and not giving up��

  • Just pointed out that carbs are not evil you do need some. BUT we have a cultural habit of overdoing it. So when people go ” low carb” they tend to really just be eating a ” reasonable amount of carbs”

  • For your breakfast I was really trying to be positive and was like maybe it tastes better than it looks, but then you said it goes in the microwave and I was like thank goodness she’s not eating it like that �� cause it really didn’t look that good before it was microwaved

  • What I like to do is use natural sugars in my coffee (pure honey or real maple syrup as they can be used in tiny amounts and still be sweet enough) and I use non sweetened almond milk as well. I use the same mentality with “dieting” if I want something I’ll have it but not everyday cause restrictions in food are like rules for kids they’ll be broken (especially by me)

  • I moved in with my boyfriend like a month after we started dating and now he’s my fiance! It was definitely a wonderful experience and it worked because we’re each other’s best friends and it seems like you and Kurt are total BFFs!

  • Seriously this is one of the best intuitive eating videos I’ve watched. I’m in the process of learning about it. I’m sick of my relationship with food and my body and I’m trying to fix this and you actually gave me tangible advice on how to work on that. Better than the eat when your hungry and “just stop” when your full advice. That’s my problem, I can’t just stop eating lol I think slowing down and writing how how I feel while I eat is going to make a big difference! Thank you!!

  • I think it’s worth noting though, that feeling too full, for example, isn’t always bad. I remember a time when eating half an apple would genuinely make me feel so full that I was in pain. But that obviously doesn’t mean I was eating too much. I know you said that everyone should look at these tips through their own experience and the point that they’re at and it’s so important that you mentioned that, but sometimes we’re just not ready to start eating intuitively, and we don’t always realize that on our own. Good video though and I love how honest the part about the mindful eating -exercise was:)

  • Hi Anna, huge fan
    I always wanted to learn how to do a bridge
    I have watched your video ( How to fall into a bridge)
    I dont think I can do that
    I will be very happy if u make a video that will help me to get my bridge
    And plz do the most effective stretches for back flexibility in that video
    If u decide to make it

  • Honestly, i love how real and genuine you feel. You seem like a beautiful soul, thank you so much for these videos <3
    I loved the mindful eating tip, writing down the experience of that the food is and detaching ourselves emotionally, thank you so much!

  • This is probably the most informative video about eating healthy! I too am at a healthy weight, but I do need to eat healthier! My eating habits are so poor, but your video has totally helped! Thank you so much!!!:)

  • This seems amazing, but I don’t think I really get it. How was it suddenly possible to stick to five workouts per week, a set healthy meal plan, consistent sleep schedule and work schedule? I agree with the message, but it’s just a different perspective. How that’s supposed to suddenly give you THIS amount of willpower out of the blue really doesn’t make sense to me. I’m happy it seems to work for her though!

  • Not that am against dieting of any sort, but the fact that she didn’t say she at this or like this or work out like this…..that makes me actually believe. Promises fulfilled to yourself are the best way of relieving yourself of stress, guilt and disappointment.Thank you so much.

  • Hey lovely!:) I understand your concerns when it comes to moving with a rather “new boyfriend” but in my opinion it really doesn’t matter how long you guys have been together. If you feel like moving, and you feel it is the right thing then do exactly that!!:)

  • It would be a shame for you not to shed body fat while other typical people are able to shed pounds quickly using Custokebon Secrets (just google search it).

  • My fiance and I have been together for two years now. We met on Facebook, became online friends, fell in love on our first date, moved together to a new town in months… when you know, you know!

  • I’ve found cutting down on carbs to be more beneficial than watching calories or fat. It made more sense to my brain that I can either drink my meal (a can of coke is about the same amount of carbs as a meal), or have filling goodness with the same amount of carbs. Usually, I choose correctly. =P Like you, I don’t beat myself up when I want some chocolate. Or some coke.

    You don’t have to cut out bread completely either; just make a better bread choice. I use 12 grain Brownberry. It’s delicious and not horrible for you.

  • I really enjoy ur videos! Thank you for this. I often obsess over dieting and need to just portion things. this video is very helpful thank u!

  • I cannot love u enough kkkk thank you for changing my life <3 You are not only pretty but also have the kindest heart. I wish u happy and success! This has been my problem for all my life. I'm 27 and it's been more than 10 years i just went down because people around me make me doubt myself i just cannot get my confidence back. I understand the struggles! I try everyday but still it's very hard for me. Now I will change myself thank you so much!

  • I tryed chia pudding recype and it was awesome. And also it makes me more prodactive in the day since I know i had to make the night before

  • تعلمي الطبخ ، و بعد ذلك لك الخيار ، و أخيرا يصبح لك الحق في عريس و أسرة…
    الحياة يا صغيرتي ليست كلام و ترتيبات….الحياة ما يقدمه قلبك و عقلك و يدك لآخر ، و الآخر بكل ما يتبعه ، بمعنى قبل أن تتحدثي عن الطبخ يجب أن تتعلمي كيف يصنع الخبز ، ثم كيف يطبخ ، ثم كيف يكون لذيذا بفم زوجك ، و بعد ذلك ننتقل للأطفال ، ماذا يمثل لك الطفل و الأسرة عموما ، هل تنظرين للزوج على أنه مجرد بيت و سيارة و جسد ، أم تعتبرينه مصدرا لراحتك النفسية و الروحية قبل أي شيء…..أيه الكلام يطول هنا ، و قد تحتاجين محاضرات و محاضرات حول التنشئة و الأسرة…أتمنى لك التوفيق يا صغيرتي بكل الأحوال ، و نحن هنا لنعلم أصول كل شيء ، إن أردتي المساعدة….��

  • Hi there Honey, I have a ‘hands free’ tip for the water bottle situation. I keep my bottle in one of those cooler bags on a Carabiner attached to my bag, this keeps me hydrated between clients, keeps it cool and out of way, I can not stand warm water, yuck. Hope that helps loved the face mask part

  • Hi! I was just thinking how much your advice correlates with the Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein! Have you read it? If not, I think you would love it, it helped me so much:)

  • Thank you so much for making this video; it could not have come at a better time for me! Last week I told my Mom about my eating disorder. I was hoping she would have the answers and be able to fix it, but I have come to realize that I am the only one who can cure my ED. I still wasn’t really sure what to do. I have been trying to eat when I am physically hungry, but I have had trouble knowing when I am full or super hungry. I think this is because while I was starving myself I would tell myself I was just rally full and not actually super hungry. Your advice about mental hunger/mindful eating really helped me and I will definitely start writing about how I feel about food in a journal. The main reason I was starving myself was because of the overwhelming emotions I would experience from food; it was just easier for me to not eat than face the emotions. Sorry this is such a long ramble, but I can’t express how grateful I am for you and your channel; you helped me come to terms with my ED and are now helping me with my recovery. You are in my prayers and I thank God every day that I came across you and your channel!

  • This is so helpful!  Thank you for explaining some tangible steps to help understand hunger and hunger cues.  I’m definitely going to practice separating the emotional aspect that’s become so attached to eating for me this way!

  • Omg I can’t explain how much this video helped me.
    I’ve been struggling with anorexia and binge eating disorder since I was 12 (I’m 16). I’ve tried to recover so many times and I always end up relapsing, no matter what.
    These last 3 months I barely ate anything. I’ve lost a lot of weight and a lot of myself too. Again.
    I was so proud of it though, but this video made me realize about the damage I’m doing to my body (I mean it’s not like I didn’t know before, but then you started talking about my organs and how they need food to keep me alive and I almost cry). I don’t want to keep doing this. I don’t want to keep hurting my body because of what people SAY or think. I don’t want to keep living like this.

    And it is so weird that I’m saying all this things because I was so committed to relapse, that I never thought I would want to recover again. But here I am, thanks to your video. So thank you. Thank you so much for your words ❤

  • What I do is when I’m eating healthy food and I’m craving unhealthy stuff I picture I’m eating the unhealthy stuff lol I do mine mentally not physically hah lol see brain over bawns works

  • Some of these comments are so disrespectful and rude. Like ‘saved 7 minutes of my life’ or ‘looking at comments so that I don’t have to watch the whole video’. Liezl did put effort and time to make this video, talking about something very personal (i.e. her mental health and how she got through it). I get that YouTubers are content makers, but they are also human and have some basic respect to watch it or stop being so lazy/complaining.
    Being said that, this video is really relatable to me right now. I have went through the same thing and it’s interesting that something so simple like making a promise can have such a big impact on our mindset. You would think that it’s self explanatory, but something about the way Liezl have described it vibed with me in a way others couldn’t help me.

  • why 1.4k dislikes? there are really bad people out there just hating on someone who is trying to do a good things. I know these bad people and I want to expose them. Because people who stay in the dark see the people in the light and they are so arrogant thinking people never fight them back! One advice to good kind people out there, you need to fight! Cannot tolerate bullies! Never.

  • The question is how to STICK to your goals. Do you know how many times I promise myself to eat healthy and to workout? I don’t do it.
    I was always interested in working from home. Can I ask what is your work from home..?

  • i just started eating healthy, i am on like day 20 i think, i dont eat anything man made or anything i know will make me gain weight or feel bad, i feel such euphoria lately, mabie because my body is changing.

  • The day I lose love handles and lose weight in general is the day I’ll be confident enough with my body.Y’all have no idea what my weight has done to me.No one cares but it’s one of the reasons why I’m not dating. I just can’t imagine a guy holding my waist or giving me a back hug with all the fat there..Lord!

  • Build trust for myself ❤️ keep the promises I make to myself! It IS so simple….yet so hard, don’t let the negative self conscious over rule!!!

  • “I cut down on sugar” a few seconds later “I like ketchup” “Mustard is good because it’s lower in fat than ranch” pulls out avocado and nut smoothie Newsflash: Fat does not make you fat. Sugar does. Also: You cut your portions. That is why you’re skinny again. Your “hack”: Cut daily calories. Roll credits.

  • I would agree with you about not categorizing food as bad or good IF you’re referring to whole foods but man made frankenfoods? No way. They have been engineered to override our our body’s satiety signals and inflame our brain’s pleasure centres.

  • My eating speed is very very fast
    I normally complete my lunch with in five minutes.
    for past 3 years, i am suffering from chronic belching. recently I did endoscopy and knew i had gastritis.
    I am 22 yeas old male student (BS.Psychology) from Pakistan.
    I don’t know how to manage it.
    After eatings, conditions like burping, cramping and over fullness of abdomen is really irritating.
    (sorry for my broken English)��

  • Please can someone confirm the company/ name of her diary I have had to go back through all of Sarah’s videos to find this hahaha!! I hope the company are still around.:-):-)


    Not sure you should jump on the band with other YouTube’s touting this company. Even if it makes you money. Researching this company myself. It’s a nope.

  • Thank you for this video because I am at the point you were, I have started to feel bloated and my clothes are feeling slightly tighter despite me continuing on my healthy path. However, I have been stressed out and have had self-doubts as it seems I have inadvertently let someone else break my spirit. I needed this video and you sharing your experiences as I fell into this rut just within the past 2 weeks and didn’t even realize it until I listened to you. Thank you for sharing your struggle and what inspired you as I know it is not always easy to do so on social media.

  • GURRRL. I just found your channel like 2 days ago and have beeb binge watching in every spare moment since!
    I’ve been really sick for the past 2 years and have been battling autoimmune diseases since I was just a little kid. Being healthy and active has always been a huge passion of mine and one of the things that has kept me so well over the years despite also be very sick (if that makes sense). Over the past two years I haven’t been able to be as active and at times my healthy eating had slacked but your videos are so inspiring and you have given me so much motivation and so many delicious recipes I can’t wait to try! Thank you for being so relatable and honest and positive! I can’t wait to keep watching all your videos ����

  • It is good that you don’t do restrictive dieting. Sometimes if you are on a diet, not eating as much as you used to, you can end up gaining weight.

  • Self trust is gained by keeping the promise you make to yourself. Make plan and stick to it. Plan for meals/wprking/studying/working out = make plan and stick to it that’s how you build self trust and you succeed in everything

  • honestly so true. I have been trying to lose weight for a while but then after 3 or 4 days i would just give up and not workout or eat healthier.

  • You mentioned watching fats, but I think many people mistakenly think that dietary fat, makes us fat, but really sugar, empty calories like those found in so many carbs make us gain weight. Good fats, like avocados, those found in some coconut products, salmon, walnuts and such are so important! Thank you for this video, love your tips! Very sensible!

  • Kate, you are lovely role model for young women! (And all ages and genders) I see much deception and marketing around diets and fasting, which is promoting fear and shame around eating.

  • At the start of quarantine I couldn’t do splits now I can do a needle and nearly a rocking chair (chest stand with feet on ground)

  • No Apples? Thats the fucking okay-tasting healthy food!’I give up, i’l eat 10 ton sugar, oil and shitty chemicals every day now cause everything good is shit

  • I get that you guys see that she changed many habits in her life but what she meant with “one thing” is her mindset, you can not evolve like she did with the wrong mindset, that’s why she says she only changed one thing.

    Very nice video! thanks so much:)

  • I really don’t care for dairy products such as milk, cheese etc so after I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and my meals don’t be a lot or crazy but still feel bloated after and I drink water no soda at all all I want is for my stomach to be toned / flat

  • i dont understand what help her… leg training? she make her bed in the morning? so long kommentar video for nothing information.. grgrgrg. not funny. she need a doctor…
    here are 100000000000 videos they say more out in shorter time..
    but all people know that: what i eat, i weight… shit eat = hold for many years on body..
    and she speaks and speaks and speaks… can i have money for my brain…
    pain money..

    for loose time..

  • I can totally relate to what you are saying in so many ways. Last year I lost 40 lbs in 3 months because I remember I told myself I wouldn’t skip the gym or eat junk food, no matter how bad the temptation was, and those were the exact words that got me through it “there is no choice”, so I would wake up and not even consider if I should go to the gym or stay in bed, just straight up wake up and get out of bed before you have the chance of even give it a thought. Also with school, I’ve been in school for way longer than I should have, until I decided to prove myself I could get As in all of my classes just one semester, without dropping any classes or failing, and that’s what I did. It took me only one semester of proving myself to turn things around. I’m in my last semester of accounting before graduation and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to change my life.

    I like watching videos of people like you, with real and relatable problems, but also a good attitude towards them! Keep it up!!

  • I was literally gonna comment that you should post a video on where you don’t eat that clean ti show us it’s okay! You read my mind, keep going!!!!♥️

  • Thank you alot, this really helped me. I had a dificult time lately and felt like I needed to change my lifestyle, but felt it so hard to stick to goals. Made me really frustrated and demotivated in consequence. What you said made total sense to me and gave me a push to try a fresh start. Thank you so much for sharing!:)

  • I want to thank you so much! Every time I read about intuitive eating it says to eat when physically hungry, but nothing about mental hunger which made me think that I shouldn’t eat even when I would think only about food all day. Amazing video ��

  • I’m gonna try to set my alarm for 10 past 5 just because that was hilarious �� and maybe it’ll work! whether I set one alarm or multiple alarms I cannot seem to get up before 7

  • Can you please explain why it is that you’ve shown a picture of yourself from quite awhile agofor your thumbnail but you’ve started this channel,at least 5 years ago and you’re Slim in your video’s from the start? I went to the very beginning of when you first started YT, but I don’t see any transitioning..? Just you, as you are now.
    I’ve only seen the photo’s used for this video of you larger and then slimmer..

  • THANK YOU for addressing how intuitive eating is being automatically associated with weight loss. Intuitive eating isn’t a new ‘diet’ nor was it meant for weight loss; it was a concept coined by dietitians who wanted to break away from diet culture, and it’s so saddening that diet culture finds its way into everything.
    Anyways, I love this video so much! You did an amazing job explaining everything.:)

  • Yes! Thanks so much for this, I’m walking the same path as well. I’ve started enjoying food freedom too and made a video about becoming “a normal eater.” Here’s my beginning with intuitive eating:

  • This came up as recommended and I clicked it without knowing that it’s from two years ago and I was like hmm.. where’s Fox?? Hahah

  • couldn’t agree more with tip no.1 weak up early is the best thing happened to me!! And have work out first thing in the morning, u just naturally wont crave for unhealthy foods. In fact, your body is going to crave for healthy food. Trust me.

  • Tired of following several healthy ideas? There’s way for you to stay healthy and fit. Search in Google as: “HealthZap99” for getting suggestions to stay strong.

  • These ideas seem like they good really help me to become more productive and awake in the morning! I am gonna try adding some of these to my morning, thanks Anna!

  • Amazing tips and I mean this in the best way for anyone reading but as great as the smoothie is, as Bentonite Clay is used for absorbing things from the body, it will also absorb a lot of minerals and things you want your body to take in and use before your system has a chance to break it down and use it.

    ATP Science Podcast do a great episode on what happens when we take Charcoal or Bentonite Clay too close to meals and how it inhibits absorption:) again I only say this as a means to help anyone out there (and not too insult or be rude) but to those who might look at the recipe and want to follow it just so they know all the ins and outs but amazing video as always!!

  • I have been seeing your videos in the past 3 days and you really made me get up and move my body and begin in a happy, healthy and positive lifestyle. I started today and it’s only 10 am and I already feel better, I did workout ****I didn’t do some workouts in more than one year and I feel sooooo good and motivated so thank you so so much

  • I’m doing all these except I also cut sugar out except my coffee creamer. I just can’t do black. I went two week without sugar and only had bread a couple of times. Went out last night and had bread. Never felt so bloated in my life! Bread is life to me so I never thought it would be hurting me. Glad to know I’m on the right track for weight loss and also a healthier me. Also, oh my goodness thank you for saying it’s ok to eat sugar if you need it!!!!

  • Just wondering Sarah how many folinic acid tablets and how many grams of vit c were u taking when u where fighting the high grade cervical dysplasia? I Know u did this under the supervision of your natrupath and dr, but would be good to get a idea what doseage worked for you as I know doseage makes a huge difference!

  • This was really helpful, I am so bad at keeping my promises but this motivated me so much and I am really going to try. So thank you for this

  • my kids get tired of drinking water and buying splash water.. just lightly flavored water with natural fruit juice.. it gets a bit expensive, so i just buy fresh fruits, like oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries etc and i extract the juices from them, pour them into ice cube trays freze them and then pour the water over them in glasses for the kids or in pitchers for parties bbqs etc… one other thing is for those who cant drink coffee black but still must have that cup in the morning.. “me”… i use almond milk instead of whole milk or creamers, and sugar in the raw or cane sugar its slightly healthier and you can use less to sweeten, also half caff coffee is good too to take away the calories and carbs you dont need in your body. as for bread, sweet potato toast, or thick fresh cucumber slices is amazing to use instead of bread, its healthy, some people like it some dont but its a start of exploration…… sorry for how long this is

  • I have stomach problems for years. I deal with a lot of acid reflux, random acne problems (not hormonal acne, I suspect that it is allergy related acne) and I recently found out that it could be the food intolerances or food allergies that is causing me to have health problems. Any suggestions for stomach sensitivity and how to narrow down to certain food intolerances? and which of the powders you like the best and helps with stomach and digestion the most?
    Also I’ve been subbed to you for years and for some reason your videos never showed until yesterday. I love your videos so far, especially the healthy tips & advice that I will definitely use. thank you for that!

  • Yup. Diets just don’t work. Maybe temporarily but that’s it. You’re absolutely right there’s nothing better than living healthy every single day. Good video, Kallie thanks!

  • You are my fitness role model, after watching your videos I see an improvement in my body and mind thanks for making these videos you are my motivation ��������

  • Hey Sarah,
    I love your video you inspire me.
    May I ask, how do you find time do workout this often (in the morning)? Do you work full time (9-5) job?
    I am a teacher and I get up for work every morning at 6 am. After work I go to the gym, however I only go about 3-4 times a week. Can you make a video on how people that work full time can incorporate fitness into their routine. Much appreciated xo

  • I love how you talked about being nervous to move in with Kurt & now you’re on apartment number 2 with his bubba on the way ☺️�� welcome to the milf life!

  • Hi Anna! I’m doing your splits video and I’ve been doing it for a week and I already have seen a HUGE difference! I recommend everyone to try it. Thanks Anna! Ps. I’m happy the comments are on ��

  • This video made me get into Sarahs day, this advice has helped me heaps and i LOVE this video

    Im sorry sarah but you’ve changed way to much and now i don’t listen to any of your advice.

  • So the one thing that was changed is mindset. Realising that not following through on a plan to do one thing is breaking that promise to yourself. Yet we follow through on a promise we make to others if we don’t want to let others down. So why should we be any different or less important to that promise, whatever it is. I never saw it that way or least hadn’t considered it. Simply keep a promise on doing something for yourself to build trust with you that you will follow through then the confidence will follow. Very good video. Thanks for this. I also suffered anxiety and depression and been feeling hopeless about my situation. This has inspired me. I have a bit of work to do xx

  • Perhaps obvious, but a hack that really helps me is to be more aware of my food while I eat it by putting down my fork between eacht bite. I (and I think many others) used to “prepare” the next bite while eating the last, which made me eat way to fast so I would never feel satisfied untill I already ate too much, because it takes some time for your food to arrive. It also makes you enjoy the food more, so you crave less afterward

  • Honestly… you’re my favorite/most helpful youtuber. Watching your videos always puts me in better mindset and I feel more determined. Thank you for helping me!

  • I am going to say this 1x, it is evil but it is true.You are Drop dead Gorgeous( I would drop dead) when you lost the weight.The Women in my family were I loved them with all my heart until the day they died.I never had a problem with heavy woman, I slept with a bunch of them and it was great. Soon as I put on 10 extra pounds I was shocked and cant look at myself in a mirror anymore and now I cant even see a woman or heavy man without having a keen distaste for them and me. I do not think it was repressed feelings. I think I changed when I changed.I am sorry to all Women, I really really am, I wish my mind were different but I have had 30 years of therapy amd this s where I have ended up, I barely accept anyone anymore, especially me. I do not want to grow to feeling OK with extra I want to change it.Starvation works for a week. 1 thing I am now completely aware of is how horrible some women must feel.This is a deep unconscious social programming that will take decades if not centuries to root out. There must be to much suffering for Women.I have never seen it bother a man except for me.I hope everyone can learn to how to accept it some people are different sized and nothing can change it, I hope you learn how to change it. I wish we would have met before I became an evil person, judgemental rotten piece of Trash. I am sorry I do not know hos to rip this out of my Psyche. I said I would say it 1x and that was true,I do not even feel ok writing this. I could apologize and beg forever and I hope it would not make the slightest difference, that I have gone rotten inside. I saw your stunning face and did not even look at what it was about. Now I am sorry I did. I ama heavy coffe drinker. I hope you have the greatest life and maybe I will see in another as a real human being

  • hahaha “This storm.. is going to be… INTENSE” lmao. Just started watching your videos yesterday, you’re such a dope ray of sunshine, thanks for sharing your workouts and healthy tips! <3

  • I can’t help but reiterate that you should work out in the morning and start your day off right. I am a solo working mom and my son is 13 months. We start the day everyday with a good morning run or some Pilates. It’s a great way for us to get moving and be active and spend some time together

  • Love this! One thing I do want to say is that I do think that it is ok to eat past fullness, and is really normal, especially when you first stop restricting! After a while you probably won’t feel the need to eat until you’re stuffed anymore. Also, there is a strong link between restricting and emotional eating, so just something to keep in mind.:) thanks for your videos!

  • Thumbs down 100% thumbs down. As far as your tummy goes, you need to completely stop all sugar all dairy all alcohol and coffee. I’m 94 lb 5 ft tall and I have the flattest stomach in town ��

  • I like your last tips, be a positive happy person. I have some issues like always feel fatigue and hard to focus study.
    I not always do exercise, and always want to sleep. Some many things affect my life alot.
    How long take you to be changed like more healthy and happyier?
    And how you can insist on your plan?

  • I’m so happy I found your channel! I deleted my Instagram and I don’t have tik tok so I didn’t know who you were before watching. One of your videos was randomly recommended by YouTube for me. Honestly, I was hesitant to watch your content because you seemed like you might be into the diet culture mentality. As someone who struggles with Orthorexia and has certain fear foods, it’s been really amazing to see what you eat like daily. You eat healthy and intuitively which is my ultimate goal. Your mentality towards food has been really helpful. Not to mention that you are gorgeous and seem SO incredibly genuine ❣️ keep doing you because you really are helping people one video at a time

  • So glad I came across this video! I have been going in a circle for so long now, unable to move forward. A lot of what you said hits home. I say I’m going to do something, work on it briefly, then don’t really go any further. I never thought of it as breaking promises to myself. Thank you for mentioning Ed Mylett. I had never heard of him. After watching this video about 5 days ago, I looked up his channel and have since watched/listened to several of his videos. He is saying so much stuff that I need to hear. Thank you!

  • We’ve totally done all of these because we decided to be adults. ���� And we have a 2 year old to teach good eating habits to. Great video! Very helpful tips!!

  • This girl is such a liar in every aspect. She knows deep down this is why she had a nervous break down and was so sick for so long. People with the ability to lie the way she has will always be unwell. You do not post a title saying you change the one thing in your life when you actually changed every variable of your day today. And I hope no one believes her lies about what she eats every day to lose weight because with her stature that amount is not possible. She simply preps these large quantity meals for views but best believe off camera she eats absolutely nothing at all.

  • So she changed her mindset by becoming more self confident and determined. She says what she means and does what she says… you’re welcome saved you 7:29 mins of your time

  • Hello. Perhaps by providence I have just found your Channel. Thank you. Looking forward to thé reste. Have a lovely day. From France

  • On the off chance that you see this. Could you or have you done a video on how you balance your hormones with foods/ supplements?? I have endometriosis and have had the hardest time getting answers on how to counteract when my hormones get crazy.

  • I’m currently trying to lose 70 pounds. Hopefully some of these ideas will help. I’m also trying to get pregnant simultaneously. So, it may not happen as quickly as I like.:(

  • I’m in the U.S and I love how she calls them “sunnys” instead of sunglasses <3 I have been binge watching virtually everyone of your videos! You are so inspirational!

  • This is one of the best videos on intuitive eating. I came from an anorexia background (restricted heavily over 15 months), have never binged until recovery and have been in recovery for the last 7 months but I still feel out of touch with my hunger cues. I felt genuine hunger for the first time last week 4 hours after having a large and it was a huge surprise for me. I’ve been weight restored for 5 months now yet I’m struggling with the whole mindful eating as I feel full after eating 1 bite of anything or feel no desire to eat despite many hours between meals thankfully mental hunger pushes me to eat. For the past 3 months I got too occupied with school that I would skip lunch then eat lunch and dinner late into the night so I’m not sure if that is what’s been messing up my hunger cues. Since realising my meal skipping was messing witj my body, my goal this month has to eat at least three meals a day. Ive been doing well so far but I feel some guilt as since I’m still a busy student I resort to buying food from the cafeteria 4 out of 5 days and my brain registers it as takeout and takeout=bad which is ridiculous. And Ive had takeout 6 out of 7 days for the last three weeks as the whole family is busy everywhere and people have no time to cook, I’ve been feeling so much guolt but now I’m physically sick of takeout, I’ve been craving vegetables so much.

    This is the longest comment I’ve ever written,Thanks again for this video, have a blessed day/night♡

  • Always looking forward to your videos, thank you so much for sharing your way! xoxo
    Your skin is sooo clear and your teeth so withe? What are you doing?

  • Anna is so organized and amazing!! Your morning routine is so productive while I can’t get off my bed!! ���� Like if you can agree!! ���� Take care Anna!! ❤❤

  • I find that I sometimes use intuitive eating as an excuse to overeat. I start out wanting to have something “healthy” and very quickly slip back into my old patterns. Exercise seems to help me with this because even though it makes me hungrier initially, that passes and I can eat more comfortably when I do it. Not drinking alcohol also helps.

  • If you love coffee you would love a Nespresso machine! I have the Nespresso Vertuo and it’s two in one-you can buy espresso and reg sized coffee pods (espressos are key to the yummiest lattes)

  • To everyone saying she literally changed everything: she changed ONE thing in the way she THINKS, not one thing that she physically does! But I found this really helpful, it really does help to trust and believe in yourself <3

  • Hello, I only just came across your channel, really found it interesting and very helpful, I have subscribed can’t wait to see more of your videos x

  • This has got to be one of the best Videos I have watched about intuitive eating you made it all sound relatable and easy to adjust to those habits. If Only i saw this last week as I tried to put myself on a diet luckily after a few days I realised that wasn’t the right pathway to go down and see myself and things around me in a different more positive mindset now ��

    Thank you for your amazing advice you really do
    It look possible to recover from an eating disorder in the best way possible ��

  • My boyfriend and I ended up moving in together after 3 months, although it wasn’t planned. We’ve been together for a year and half and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me! It’s always a great idea if it’s what works for you!

  • Great video, thanks! And thank you, so, so, much for the coupon code. I absolutely love smoothies, and I can’t wait to try out Daily Harvest

  • you should def post your workout routine like for each day/week like i would love knowing what you did to workout and your story motivates everyone to do it!

  • I love you Anna so much you are my role model I have watched every video you uploaded and I really wish you could notice me ��������������

  • I want to thank you. You’ve helped me so much. I don’t feel guilt after eating pizza or popcorn or fries and it’s taken me quite some time, but I’m happier, and you’re my inspiration. Thank you ❤

  • I was able to drop 30 lbs by increasing my steps from 15,000 to 20,000 a day. As for actual food, lots of water and real food. I tried not to drink my calories. It helped if I planned my meals and snacks a week at a time so I didn’t have to over think it. Took six months to drop the weight.

  • Anna, I love you so much.. Thank you so much for teaching me so many flexibility poses and also stretches. Ilysm ��
    I would literally cry if you reply to me �� It would mean a lot to me..��

    Love from India ����

  • hi katelynn! first of all, thank you for all that you do, youre such an inspiration♥️ I wanted to ask if you had any tips for weight gain? i’ve been increasing my carb and protein intake and ive been snacking more but not much seems to be working:( please help me if u can!

  • I loved the video as always ❤️I am not quite at intuitive eating yet (as I’m on increased calories to get my cycle back) by thanks to you i have already grown so much stronger in my relationship with food and it feels so freeing! I really feel that i will be ready for intuitive eating when the time comes. Your videos have been so encouraging throughout the past few months, thank you ☺️��

  • my problem is that I start my day great with a healthy breakfast and everything but as the day goes on I eat less healthier and I eat more I also am not as active as I would like but I don’t know what to do

  • what do you think is a good way to improve the “mind-body connection” aka hunger and fullness signals after recovering from restriction?

  • Thank you anna!! I have been taking dance for 10 years now, but I was never that flexible till I started watching your videos. Now I can do the splits, oversplits, backbend, back walkover, leg hold, and elbow stand. You are a big inspiration to me and a role model I look up to:)

  • I don’t think I could have recovered without you <3 you are the perfect example of how we can go through hard things but we go through them so we can help other people. thank you Kate

  • so trueee,and all i can say now is I was struggling with my stomach from 3 am till 9 am cause i binged and ate till i suffocated:)and its actually out of my control and is all mentally so I’m working on my mental health btw I through up for 2 hours but now I’m feeling better.wish me luck.I’m 61.600 and my goal is to be 55 kg and my hight is 168 cm,so Im not fat but I have fat storages around my stomach and I want to burn them but I decided to stop counting calories and just try no rice and bread and eat healthy foods and walk for 30 minutes everyday,I’m gonna inform u guys about my results❤

  • She changed her mindset! She takes responsibility for herself and kept the promise that she gave herself…simple,
    but for her like a positiv snowball effect!.just to make it short����

  • Great video, really like the content, you should be pleased with the end result. I also have a similar channel called Smart Physical Workout, I would be really happy if you had a look. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • This is common sense but is a good reminder for all of us. It can give so much hope especially if ur coming from a dark place of self-doubt and low self-esteem

  • Additional water hack: Get a washable mug with a straw. I have two from my hospital that I trade out. Keep one full at your desk. I’m more likely to sip if it’s right there. Also: Snapware is amazing, and they have small containers you can use for travel snacks. Less plastic and more durable (we have a moderate sized one in the diaper bag for Cheerio’s). They are heavier, though.

  • I am recovering slowly but surly (with slip ups here and there… eg: restrict, binge & feeling guilty of food) but every time I watch your videos you help me come back down to earth and remember that I can recover fully, and I can do it. Thank you for being so vulnerable and honest, it helps me a lot to be the same. Love u Kate

  • You and your channel are genuinely precious. There are not many channels this real, meaningful and thoughtful. And wow you speak in such a therapeutic and honest way! You deserve the best!:)

  • Thank you so much for this amazing video! I really love the exercise demo in the end which is extremely helpful. Can you do a video about some other exercise you found helpful through your recovery. I also love the exercise of writing down triggers in your other video. Love your channel!!����

  • When u get your period, do u usually eat more? Cause I eat healthy every day but I just lose it when I’m on my period and instantly feel like I failed. I wouldn’t call it bingeing but basically I’ll eat whatever, whenever. I can’t tell if that’s intuitive eating or what.

  • Hi! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’d like to grow with this channel and now I am working to reach a larger audience. I have a beauty and household item channel. I’ll sub back to anyone who subscribes to my channel! Thank you!

  • Hey Anna I’m from Israel and I really like your videos and you…
    I am also really flexible but not like you and thanks for everything!������

  • This was a thorough and insightful video. I especially enjoyed the exercise at the end. Thank you for sharing!! Best of luck to all of us on our food journeys ☺️��

  • Honestly if I gave myself time in the morning I’d just waste it doing everything at half the speed and then having to dash out late ��

  • Who says the upper limit for Vitamin C is 2,000 mg?
    All other creatures on the planet get around 5,000 mg per day either though diet or endogenously. That 2,000 mg upper limit is about the minimum for optimal health.
    Absolute bunkum.