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Research has shown that a higher-protein meal or snack helps to reduce hunger and extend the feeling of satiety. Specifically, a higher dose of protein (starting at 30 grams) has been shown to suppress the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin early on in. Most of us know that protein is the building block of muscle. Our bodies break it down into amino acids and then use those amino acids for muscle repairing and rebuilding. But protein does a hell of a lot more than just build muscle.

It is essential to just about every function in the human body. Eating more protein and increasing total caloric intake while maintaining the same exercise level will build an equal amount of additional fat and muscle mass, according to a study published in. Therefore, protein is great for muscle building, but the functions of protein extend far beyond that. Protein is highly beneficial when it comes to post-surgery recovery, infant growth, and immune system support.

While exercise buffs have long used protein supplements to gain muscle, new research from McMaster University suggests one protein source in particular, whey protein. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Along with fat and carbohydrate. The human body demands protein to construct muscle.

Without adequate protein intake, the body truly loses muscle. This variety of shakes are certainly one of the quickest, most convenient approaches to aid build and retain muscle mass. Right Here are the major ten advantages of adding protein shakes and sport nutrition supplements for your.

Increases Muscle Mass and Strength Protein is the building block of your muscles. Therefore, eating adequate amounts of protein helps you maintain your muscle mass and promotes muscle growth when. Sure, it helps to remember that you’ll get stronger, rock more toned muscles and rev your metabolism, thanks to all that added muscle mass.

The benefits of Protein in your diet. Protein is the building block of muscle that is used to build and repair muscle tissues. Each gram of protein provides approximately 4 calories. Protein is a powerful tool when trying to change your body composition.

It is the most satiating, meaning it leaves you feeling fuller for longer, is the.

List of related literature:

For years, many have believed that excess protein intake is necessary for optimal muscle growth in response to strength training (Greenwood, Kalman, and Antonio 2008).

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
from NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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Second, exercise may cause muscle breakdown, which increases the amount of protein needed, as protein is the only macronutrient used to build and repair muscles.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
SAGE Publications, 2010

In scrutinizing the protein needs of athletes, exercise scientists have found that athletes need slightly more protein than other people do to repair the small amounts of muscle damage that occur with training, to provide energy (in very small amounts) for exercise, and to support the building of new muscle tissue.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
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Some research is suggesting that consuming protein or amino acids immediately prior to exercise may also be beneficial in terms of net muscle protein balance.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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When we eat protein, it is digested into amino acids, which are used to build and repair all types of tissue—muscle, bones, ligaments, tendons—as well as produce needed hormones and enzymes.

“Successful Coaching” by Rainer Martens
from Successful Coaching
by Rainer Martens
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These foods provide the amino acids that rebuild muscle tissue, and they help you maintain muscle size during the dieting phase.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

In order for mTOR to make the new myosin and actin proteins that will be added to muscle cells, the body needs a hefty supply of protein from the diet to supply the necessary amino acids.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

These benefits include boosting general health, body weight management, increased lean body mass, enhanced muscle recovery after exercise, and an ability to stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
Springer New York, 2014

Protein is the basic building material for making cells and its adequate intake can be of particular benefit for those growing or in adults where muscle tissue is being rebuilt, such as athletes or those recuperating post surgery.

“Meat Processing: Improving Quality” by Joseph P. Kerry, John F. Kerry, David Ledward
from Meat Processing: Improving Quality
by Joseph P. Kerry, John F. Kerry, David Ledward
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Supplementation with proteins, protein hydrolyzates, biologically active peptides, and amino acids can contribute to muscle-building.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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  • Just wanted to share my experience with keto. I have been doing cycling keto diet with fasting (16-8 every day baby) for 6-7months. And IM A FAT BURNING MACINE mixing fasting with it allowed me to eat a lot more carbs and stay keto. and in turn keep my athletic performance i put on 17lb of pure muscle from being deadly underweight [email protected] Ill be it i had lots of supplements and my nutrition was on point so who knows how much was the keto. For me keto allowed to me be able to fit the food in my stomach so I could eat enough. And for my mma when I’m in keto/fast my focus goes though the roof. and it allows me to learn at a much much faster rate Then someone who is on a bad diet. But I have just taken out keto from my regime to allow for my protein intake without worrying about it turning into glycogen. In short I wanna bulk a shit ton without having to worrying about clogging my heart. Cause fat plus carbs =bad time. In short keto in my anecdotal account can be good for some sports ie triathlons but I believe for sports where you need some power ie mma its 50/50 can go ether way do you want little more cardio or little more power.

  • Really glad Jason mentioned you. Awesome videos,with great explanation. I’ve been on keto for about 5.5 months im down 36lbs. Ive noticed strength is holding and i don’t seem to have lost muscle, im at 2200 calories a day. With keto do you believe i would have to be in a calorie surplus to put on muscle size? Ive been bodybuilding for yrs and it’s always been a calorie surplus to grow im just wondering if it’s the same for keto? Feedback would be appreciated. thank you!

  • It’s still astonish me just how lots of people do not know about Fenoboci Diet Plan although lots of people with it. Thanks to my personal mate who told me about it. I have lost a lot of fat.

  • Could you please give your opinion on taking glycine in a fasted state, and following a carnivore diet, taking it before bedtime? Would a person benifit from doing so, for their health, sleep, collagen increase, HGH, and weight loss? Glycine also causes, (like leucine) insulin release, but also glycine causes a glucose lowering affect. I would really appreciate your insight, as not many give a full answer. Thank you in advance!!

  • Need your help @mountaindog1. I just purchased a protein powder that has a “typical amino acid profile”. I also, purchased eaa powder. Will I be doing more harm than good taking both? Or would it be optimal to sip eaa intra-workout and take protein (With BCAA profile added) post-workout? Like to hear some opinions…. Thanks

  • Good Topic!
    Are studies that demonstrate the efficacy of BCAA and their importance in Sports,BCAA they do their job better after/with a meal,making that meal more Anabolic for muscle growth,EAA it is not necessary a meal!

  • Great video, thanks man, Awesome!
    the energy is just endless during keto, I can’t believe this amazing diet, I truly feel blessed that I got familiar with this lifestyle. I can easily workout with highest efficiency for 3-4 hours (if I wanted) even with high intensity cardio included. There is no fatigue, no sugar rush, no sudden change in the mood. it’s just amazing.

  • Great video, great summary, I shall be pointing people (uninformed vegans mostly) people in this direction from now on, thanks for the great summary!

  • I love your content, it’s great, BUT I disagree with taking intra workout supplement… It’s just pointless… What’s next? Wake up supplements? Power Max Pee powder? Pre workout? Intra? Post? Muscle growth? Sleeping recovery? Just eat your food!!

  • I did keto and just got skinny. I eat low carb now and am much fuller in my muscles and feel much better as well as much less stress as far as the food I eat

  • Truth is you dont have to stuff your whole intake requirement in a day if you dont have enough time to eat many times due to lively hood it takes 24 to 48 hours after your workout to make gains or plato sometimes people dont even sweat alot and overeat because they think they get huge quick this takes time and dont let anyone hinder you from getting to your dreams

  • So EAA intra or post??
    If you have bcaa it’s col but the preferred is Eaa as it what builds muscle not SLOW muscle breakdown which is bcaa is used for correct???

  • What product would you recommend for EAAs to someone that has never taken anything? Should I still take whey protein as well? Great video. Thanks!

  • BCAA’s are a waste of money. There’s little to no science to back up their usefulness at all. As for EAA there is science to back up at least some of the claims. Which makes sense since EAA provides you with ALL essential amino acids.

  • Hi John I finally bought eaas just wondering i have bcaa should I continue to use them to use them up should I include them in intra workout to or have them separately during day

  • “Why not just use EAAs?” Because I just spent that part of my supplement budget on a kilo of BCAAs. When this runs out, it will be EAAs for sure.

  • i think bcaas and even eaas are basically useless if you eat a good meal with a fair amount of proteins before and after your workout. I bought bcaas for years just because i’ve have been told to do so haha! I had no knowledge at all but now thats my point of views. Only thing I take intra workout now is cluster dextrin! For me eaas are better than bcaas but eaas are to pricey and bcaas too for what they are.

  • If someone could assist that would be greatly appreciated:

    My EAA blend contains the following:


    There is a total of 2.25 grams per serving, though I cannot be sure of the exact breakdown of each EAA.

    And, I usually take 2 servings per workout.

    Is this a sufficient amount of EAAs at an effective dose?

    Much thanks!

  • 10secs into the video. I think…. John Meadows has already proven a great resource for proper and effective training advice so I think I am gonna listen to what John says on this.

  • Im 17 years old who studys in college and i take protein shakes and normal nutritions of protein in foods. I went to the doctor and i asked him if i can take protein shakes (to get his view point) and he said NO, never take protein shakes. His response did annoy me because lots of people take protein shakes at the age of 17 so why cant i??? All i want to know can i still take protein shakes (whey protein).

  • Hey John i just bought my first EAA today thanks to you. How much should i be taking daily and should i take them everyday including the days that im not working out? Thanks

  • Hi John, I have bought EAAs and HBCD in bulk (therefore unflavored) but the taste makes me gag. The whole point of the Cyclic Dextrin is of course to avoid a massive insulin spike so mixing this with juice for enhanced palatability seems a bad idea. What would you recommend? And how much Cyclic Dextrin in g/kg of body weight should I dose for intra workout consumption?

  • Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept showing up here on a lot of videos and I thought they were scam. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost a ton of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. You should not take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine.

  • I know people who spend hundreds on bcaas, yet many protein supps are really high in bcaas for much less money. Ive read that it is a metabolite of leucine, beta hydroxy methyl butyrate that actually limits muscle catabolism, so why not just take that? It’s expensive, and I’m told tastes something like the urine of a wild cat. Us old blokes will,just have to stick with our proteins supps, I think.

  • John you rock man. I’ve gone from 150 to 260 over 5 years. While serving in the navy. I’m looking to get more size and I was wondering if you thought higher frequency with shorter mode intese workouts are great way to keep going? FYI your EAAs pushed me over the 250 mark and I mix it with karbolyn and it seems to speed up recovery. Love the mountain dog training methods too. Love the concept of pumping the muscle with blood and then attacking the compound movement. Then pump and stretch!!!! Genius!!!

  • Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I see many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m not sure if it is good enough to lost lots of fat.

  • BCAAs are pushed so hard they tend to overshadow everything. Admittedly, I find the science of things fascinating, but at the end of the day it’s all about packing muscle onto my frame. I recently discovered supplementing leucine and use a whey powder periodically when I don’t have enough food to get my protein. The whey mix contains a lot of aminos including BCAAs and creatine. I also shovel 5g of leucine into the whey shake as well. Prior to a workout I use a pre-workout with about 2.5g of leucine, it’s own blend of aminos and creatine, and I add l-carnitine. L-carnitine initially gave me an amazing boost in endurance!

  • Hello John. what do you think about Native whey protein compared to regular whey from from cheese? is the Native worth the extra money one would spend on buying it? thank you in advance for your answer and your great content

  • The words “GROV KUK” in the background means big cock in swedish:D:D:D This I know for a fact because I´m from Sweden. Anyway, keep posting videos, very very good content.

  • From what I know (and that’s purely theoretical in this case), you should be able to get all of your EAA’s and BCAA’s from animal protein. Now clearly your field experience has taught you otherwise. So my question is this: Why not simply chug more protein?

  • Hey John,

    what do you think of this latest meta-analysis:

    I get the point that EAA’s are superior to BCAA’s, but do you really think that BCAA’s could also harm you to some extent?
    Would love to hear your opinion on this. Thanks in Advance!

  • I skateboard and my current biggest worry is that because skating is a high-intensity sport as opposed to an endurance one, i’ll lose on my progress. Is there any info you have or anything you suggest I read to clear up the matter?

    This video was extremely educational and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.


  • can I request english sub? I’m not native english speaker so I can’t fully understand this video:) anyway thanks for good info:)

  • for bulking, what do you think about sipping on EAAs throughout the day for protein synthesis (in between meals) then carb loading before and after the workout with exogenous insulin (and high doses of high molecular weight carbs)? kinda a Milos protocol. is there any synergy with EAAs being always in the blood stream then adding in slin, salt, carbs etc to drive more nutrients

  • I find that most good eaa supps have a bcaa dose which is adequate I think so if you get a good eaa supp you ll cover booth bases. I agree eaas peri workout a must I think.

  • @consider this
    Than you for the video, you have clarified certain things. I still have two questions that I would be very thankful if you would be willing to answer:
    Certain NBA athletes do use this diet, and we can be sure that they would not if their performances were affected to any degree, but here is what I don’t understand: When they have to run through the field, this is for me an anaerobic effort, and in that case fat does not work no matter how well adapted we are to burning fat. Without oxygen, the only way is to burn sugar in the cytoplasm. So, how do these athletes do?? They must, in a way or another, produce some glucose at one point, right?
    You say that burning fat produces less CO2. This is as true as saying that burning fat requires more O2 for the same quantity of energy produced… We know that the chemoreceptors stimulating respiratory muscles will first respond to high CO2 levels, but could this higher need in O2 in the end lessen the benefit of less CO2 produced?
    Thank you in advance.

  • I am impressed and will certainly follow the advice, but the first article I found on leucine seems to totally contradict what Gabrielle said. I am confused. Please clarify?

  • I see many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (search on google). But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss system?

  • Been there done that. Dairy is the one thing I have never stopped in my 78 Years. Protein can be changed to glucose in your liver. Your body can’t change glucose or fat to protein.

  • I simply love the way you pack so much information in such short concise videos with such excellent illustrated explanations. As a T2D you have advanced my knowledge and understanding so much, in so little time.

  • And what about Targeted keto for performance? Do a comparison TKD vs SKD on performance. Do physically intense active ppl not just athletes need that minute amount of quick absorbing carbohydrates for high intensity exercise?

  • the interesting thing now is, how is this knowledge transferable into a ketogenic diet? or do the ketones an additional job protecting muscle so that a higher protein intake does not add anything to a ketogenic diet, or maybe it adds some advantages but not that much?
    for me milk is not helping with weight loss. it is quite the opposite. the high insulin response of milk messes with my ketogenic diet. when i cut out milk but still have at least 70g of animal protein i have a good success with weightloss. so now i get my protein from eggs, beef and pork and sometimes from chicken and salmon.
    thank you for that presentation. one of the coolest dudes of all scientists:-)

  • I recently saw a video from Dr. Serrano saying how ratios of leucine higher than the other amino acids activates mtor which leads to chronic inflammation and diabetes. Didn’t go into detail which I wish he did, but can you give your opinion on that?

  • Holy CRAP! I’ve been overlooking the EAA’s all this time while sipping on BCAA’s throughout my day.
    Thank you, VERY much for this huge piece of knowledge!

  • They really do be hiding these things and just pumping the BCAA’s out.

    Thanks heaps John will definitely be going for EAA’s from now on

  • Wow, I had no idea that ketosis has an impact on respiration. Have any studies been conducted into ketosis and high altitude acclimatisation?

  • whats like a good monthly ratio for this diet?

    dont eat 2 weeks then eat 2 weeks?
    or switch every week eat / not eat?

    its sounds very convincing, and i wanna give it a fair go

  • 15:47 with the mention of calcium and D, I highly recommend doing more research concerning the VAST importance of vitamin K2, which is probably the most important of all the fat soluble vitamins. Without this super vitamin (as well as D3), calcium cannot even be metabolized properly. This science is something that has not become widely known but needs to be made known worldwide because the majority of people are highly deficient in the critical vitamin. Some of the best info out there is through Kate Rheaume Bleue who has also written a book called “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox.

  • Anecdotal evidence: since I have been on keto diet, my endurance during HIIT has increased. Swimming or running, I can perform at a higher intensity over longer periods. I am swimming, running proof. ��

  • Beautiful work, the animation helps immensely. These are especially helpful for sharing with others. An important type of communication filling a gap in the great work out there in YouTube, podcasting and books and e-books available. Would be useful to do a follow-up video on implications for non athletes. On just the theme of exercise performance: Better breathing for the 80 year old with a breathing disorder on inhalers. Better breathing and less exertion for the heart patient with chest pain and good preparation for going into a surgery. Far easier recovery for the heart patient undergoing stent surgery. An amazing lack of lactic acid buildup and sore muscles for the regular exerciser. All benefits I have witnessed either myself or up close in family.

  • Thx, I just found out about EAA. It says on the box to take it two times a day max. Is there really a limit to how much you can take? What’s the real limit if so?

  • Thank you, your explanations are clear and to the point. I really like the visual representation of what you are talking about. Good Work Sir!

  • How many carbs should a high performance athlete consume on a day to day basis, if any? I’ve been keto for 2 years and lost 100 pounds in the first year. I now train for and run spartan races races, and curious if adding more carbs to refill muscle glycogen stores would be beneficial for long endurance races with lots of high intensity obstacle. Thanx and great video!!

  • Thank you for the great explanation but I am missing one point: doesn’t fat leave fat cells only during the resting time? So how ketones are replenished during the exercise?

  • The A1C test can be inaccurate on people who have G6PD especially if they have eaten trigger foods that break their red blood cells. Many people do not know they even have G6PD and women are over looked even if their sons have it. Over 400 million people world wide are born with G6PD. There is an appalling lack of knowledge about it in the medical profession.

  • Lies.. just selling ppl more protein powder. You don’t need 2-4 g per kg. This guys tripping. Less will do just fine and you’ll get jacked.. 1 gram is even much..5 to.7 will do

  • Nice video! KETO IS THE TRUTH! Best way to lose fat. I just made a video about a really good low calorie keto meal on my channel, since I love it. Anyway, keep up the posting!

  • Im having really hard time with keto diet and fibers IIb. These can only work with sugar, what should i do? Im in keto 5 months almost.

  • I think where a lot of people fail on a ketogenic diet…They Think they are in keto, but just don’t eat right… For example if you eat too much cheese( which is rich in both fat/proteïn) you can quickly consume too much proteïn! This will lead your body to get not in to/get out of ketosis…(body will convert too much protein into glucose) You need to be very aware of what you eat and count your macro’s. Higher fat means less need for proteïn… Also carbs add up very quickly! Try to keep it around 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs(some people can take more carbs than others). For example if you consume 2900 kcal a day, around 2300kcal need to be from fat!!! Be prepared with meal planning, know your stuff and be succesful. A lot of people think they’re in ketosis, wile in reality they’re not…:)

  • I cant finy any studies regarding the “leucine fills the role of insulin” part that is your basis of your argument. Im just coming from a video that used exactly that point as an argument as to why keto is inferior to higher carb “no insulin spike -> less mps”

    If anyone can refer me to research regarding this it would be very appreciated:)

  • i’m doing a keto diet for 10 day’s now, and i’m never going back to those carbs again! i feel fit,strong, have no hunger, lose fat weight and have all day energie! wow best thing happend to me ever!

  • I have been on keto for a month now and am doing great. I have already lost 11 pounds of which I know most is water. I have also been working out for about 10 months now 6 times a week on a push/pull/legs/rest split. Initially, I noticed strength loss in all my major muscles groups but now my entire upper body is back up to strength but my legs unfortunately feel like they are getting weaker and weaker. Before I could do 4×8 on 225 deep squats but now I can barely do 225 for 5×5. What is going on and what do you recommend. I am at 75% fat 20% protein and 5% carbs mostly from nuts and green veggies.

  • DUDE!! Where have you been!!

    your videos gave me so much answers to so many things about health that i was wondering about,

    now that’s ramadan all muslims go into fasting, do you think that would get us into ketosis?

  • find out which foods have the most ketogenic amino acids to keep your insulin levels low.

  • ive been wanting to hop on the keto wagon but i just cant get over the thought of it hurting my performance with mma, i need glycogen. right?

  • The last comment I seen on here was 2 yrs ago….
    Thank you John.
    I had the opportunity to go D1 for football, yrs ago but got discouraged because I couldn’t stop the breakdown. Not having proper directing is painful.
    I really feel like a wound was just healed.
    I know love when I see and feel it.
    I love you too bud. All that appreciate your help do too.
    You could’ve kept that to yourself but instead, you parented us.
    Much love, John/Mr. Meadows.
    I wish you well.

  • Guys. lost tons of fat doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Get a popular fat burn methods called Custokebon Secrets (google it). Thanks to it I’ve lost crazy amounts of weight. I shouldn’t even be speaking about it cause I don’t want lots of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I’m just simply in a excellent mood today so I will share the wealth lol.

  • I’m a keto guy, board certified in Human Anatomical Path, retired bodybuilder (I’m 38yo)and a wrestling coach. I would never want to compete in a sport like wrestling without switching to low fat high carb a few days before a tournament.

  • If we ask the question what is a natural diet, would the answer be a ketogenic diet? Was a man in the nature able to find so much fat? Let’s say it catches the buffalo, does the buffalo contain a lot of fat? Or a fish? Or a deer? Or the vast majority of animals? Was the man in the wild, eating only the fat of animals with little flesh (protein)? Is that logical? Or was he eating the whole animal that is predominantly made up of protein? It sounds more logical to me that the diet of a man in nature was, more being based on proteins than on fats. Likewise, I do not believe that a man in nature fried food in a lot of fat. In fact, a man in nature, he could only burn food on fire, or eat raw food (meat). I think that everything we do today is not natural. Most of our food are composed of several types of foods, spices, and even more types of meat and fats. How could a man in the nature fray the beefsteak on the milkbatter? How could he make a butter? Did he, at all, knew how to get milk of animals? Or, an even more interesting question, how could a man in nature make olive oil (or any other vegetable oil)?
    My logic says that a man in nature could have been carnivorous, eating an animal in as natural form, that is, eating lots of protein and less fat. Then, he could be plante based, and eat fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots and tubers. Or, he could fight for life and eat everything he could find at a given moment, which means he flies to eat various fruits, let’s say fruits, leaves and vegetables, and much, because he has it in abundance, and in winter to catch animals, and that it suffers a lot of hunger while hunting and searching for animals, along with eating roots and tubers, which it can dig out. Perhaps, even the seed of grass that would be dug under snow and walnuts… So, in my opinion, a man of nature would be predominantly herbivore, and in the winter, predominantly carnivorous, with prolonged periods of starvation. Another one of my personal observations if the wild fruit is smaller, and lower in sugar, as I know from experience, it would mean that a natural man never overloaded himself with sugars. Well, both in winter and summer, was low on insulin response. With that difference, which, perhaps, was in the winter in the ketosis.

    Does my observation make sense to you?

  • So true!!!! Im a female only 4 feet 11 inch in height.. decided to go on keto diet not for fat loss but because im sick and tired of feeling lousy, having aches and pain, low energy despite eating well..
    I ditch all processed food, grains, wheat and started eating lots of protein. My carb would only come from veggies and fruits.. people
    Wont believe me when i tell them
    I eat steak almost every two days, eats lots of eggs( with yolk), avocados and my salad are all drenches with either macadamia or
    Olive oil.. i didnt gain any weight( even though that time i wasnt into lifting weight) i stayed really lean and sooooo much energy that even after a night shift, i can still
    Last another 24 hrs without sleep…

  • Great video, thanks!

    Keto, Intermittent Fasting and Buteyko Breathing helped me get out of 4 years of dreadful chronic fatigue. Great stuff!

  • Oh and soreness and recovery after working out is completely minimal…I’ve been working out since a young child and I’ve never experienced that before ever until now…the beauty benefit is because I’m not experiencing inflammation anymore my face and skin feels like I’m in my 30’s AGAIN…

  • This is great for beginners especially.. and explaining that Whey protein is originated from food is such a great thing to put across! Lot of beginners especially seem to believe its terrible for them!! Really liked this video, easy to understand too.

  • histidine is only essential in infants. adults can produce histidine. it is not an essential amino acid. this was proven in lab testing over a decade ago by MAP

  • I’ve been cutting on 1gr X bodyweight (not lbm) I eat around 150gr a day and I see no loss of muscle actually believe it or not I’ve been putting a Lil bit of size. The rest of my calories go to my carbs and about 25% to fats. I really don’t think you need that much protein to shed fat and keep muscle. I lost 100lbs in a year and gained 30 lbs and now cutting again I love what I’m seeing.

  • Really glad Jason mentioned you. Awesome videos,with great explanation. I’ve been on keto for about 5.5 months im down 36lbs. Ive noticed strength is holding and i don’t seem to have lost muscle, im at 2200 calories a day. With keto do you believe i would have to be in a calorie surplus to put on muscle size? Ive been bodybuilding for yrs and it’s always been a calorie surplus to grow im just wondering if it’s the same for keto? Feedback would be appreciated. thank you!

  • does keto raising hgh build muscle faster with the correct exercise? A normal person according to google adds 2 lbs of muscle a month. I’m wondering how much a person doing keto is expected to gain since fasting raises hgh 2000% in males. If you work out while fasting then eat in a meal window and sleep properly i would assume you gain more muscle but I haven’t seen a study on it.

  • great video series. i am subbed. i suggest looking up Dr Jason Fung about his method of fasting and lchf dieting and the science of how these can actually improve metabolism, testosterone and hgh levels. great science to back the hype

  • The best thing has put out next to Steve Cook and Callum videos is this. All beginner should be listening to this for nutrition advice./

  • I experienced the fat loss,muscle building effect with the first few months on keto. after the initial water loss I was at 243 lbs and 28% body fat. after the next two months I dropped to 241.5 lbs but my body fat went down to 23.2%.

  • Thank you for producing this great video! This has been my question and I like to hear the same answer from a few sources. I can’t wait to start this new journey. I am tired of the mainstream and ready to go against the grain and make others wonder what the Heck is going on! I subscribed and excited to pick up what your laying down!

  • Wow, what a great video summarizing lots of info.

    I suggest you to slow down on the talk so listener will have time to digest the content, than just reading from a set of materials quickly. The slides are too fast and these are very advance and technical material for average person to comprehend with the speed you went through.

    Hope this helps.

  • I’m probably between 10-15% body fat and want to get into the 5-8% range as well as put on some lean muscle. What is the best approach? Should I cut calories till I get lean and then increase then to build muscle? Or what? Thanks

  • No even one word about the origin of protein: plant or animal.
    Also, what effect a high level of protein will have on IGF-1 (Cancers…)?

  • Yeah, okay. So I work in my country as supplement advisor, also as nutrition. I take EEA regurarly, as BCAA too. For me EEA give me more energy and better recovery, so I take EEA early (1st) thing at morning and before bed. For BCAA I take it only with workout. BCAA is GOOD suplement:
    1. if you training fasted,
    2. if you have good protein diet (food+whey), and youre focused on more protein synthesis, and will prevent anti-catabolism on your muscles, and BAD if you are not on protein diet.
    So EEA gives you like 30-50% same thing as BCAA but also recovery and overall good being. So if you are on market just for prevent muscle loss BCAA is better than EEA, but if you want more recovery and energy than go for EEA. Thats my point of view. All best and keep growing:) like for people to see it

  • More misinformation from these stupid universities. Anyone that’s up to date with nutrition knows that eating before bed raises your insulin, that means, less sleep. Also, fasting is a far greater benefit for fat loss, lean muscle gain and health. Exercising while in a fasting state increases your testatorone by over 1000%.

  • How about these recent published studies published by journal Nephrology dialysis transplantation, showing that high protein intake leads to kidney damage?

  • Thank you Dr. Phillips for this eye opening presentation. As a practitioner of low carb diets, while using a one meal a day (OMAD) intermittent fasting eating pattern, I have lost a lot of fat. Now I am interested in building muscle. It seems that I am in a bit of a quandary, because the most effective means to lose fat fasting runs counter to the notion of eating 4 times a day to get the optimal dose and frequency of protein.

  • Thank you for this amazing talk. By contrast, it explains why intermittent fasting and one meal a day eating strategy will lead to loss of lean tissu.

  • Now how to make eaa taste good?
    Lemonade isn’t cutting it. What’s that amino that been shown in research to help with bitter taste? Starts with an O.

  • Wow! G.P. Dr.s need to get on board with this knowledge! It’s a shame that there can’t be more collaboration between nutritionists and general practitioners.

  • Love your content! Incredibly informative and easy to understand. Are you a qualified nutritionist yourself or have you got this information from other sources such as Volek and Pinney and presenting it in a more easy to process way?

  • Wow, totally impressed that Dr Gabrielle uses LDN for inflamation, understands the need for the adaptive stress response (hormesis) and that adequate muscle mass is central to good health.

  • I have been on keto for 4mths and had great bodyweight reduction, 51 lbs., feel good. But I have experienced a very significant reduction in strength. I train 5x per week, and have for 50 yrs. and my poundages for 1 rep and all rep ranges has dropped significantly. I am happy to sacrifice this for the much needed weight loss etc. but seems contrary to what you say here. Any tips?

  • Your video is very awesome! keep it up buddy:) very beneficial:)
    and plus would you mind if I request english sub? I’m not native english speaker so I can’t fully understand this video:) anyway thanks for good info:)

  • Apparently, the unadulterated form of EAAs tastes awful. And, I don’t like taking supplements garbaged up with sweeteners, flavors and other adulterants. Why can’t you simply take BCAAs before and during workout, and take whey protein isolate post workout?

  • I used bcaa a lot and I cant say I noticed too much of a difference then one day i was like let me try eaa i was sore one day and no joke i was recovered the next i work out pretty hard and I’m sore every few days so this is going to be very beneficial great information btw that eaa contains bcaa already

  • Not per body weight but per lean bodymass.. if you have a 300lbs 34% fat guy he would be eating more than 300 gr of protein a day.. most of that will not get synthasized.. calculate your LBM first..

  • Follow al your video’s. Your are a great source of info. Thx for that. Could I ask you what software you use to make the animation video’s?

  • The trial where skimmed milk was compared to the same caloric value of sugared water is the worst, most biased, study I have ever come across. Why was the skimmed milk not compared with another protein source instead of with a source of simple carbohydrate? The main protein in milk is caesin which in some studies has been shown to be a carcinogen. PS: I have references.

  • Rather than working your ass off hours at gym aiming to build muscle tissue, using a lesser-known technique to accelerate the process and build a drastic amount of lean muscle every week.

  • protein powder business is as bad as processed food now I noticed all supermarkets are stocking their own cheap proteins and it’s fucking shite,you need a cement mixer to blend it.

  • Too much is made of how much protein one needs to build muscle. Do you need it, yes but not overkill. Steve Reeves was 6′ 1″ and 215 lbs and one of the most aesthetic natural bodybuilders back in the day and ate a diet of 60% carbs 20% protein and 20% fat…somehow he built a greek god physique without massive protein

  • I’m 225lbs 5 10 and I haven’t gone over 160 grams of protein a day for a long time ( except redress lol) you really don’t need the amount of protein these supplement companies say you need…I do agree pro time is important for them gains just not and excessive amount you will poop and pee out the rest:)

  • Great video and really interesting,I’ve got a question, I’m currently at 7%bf but i want to gain muslce without putting fat on, if I go on the keto diet will gain muscle but not fat?

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (just google it) help me lost crazy amounts of fat? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • Sir my gym trainer said that i should take half scoop whey & amino energy before work out during work out i should take bcaa and after work out whey soo is it safe to take all like this?

  • This is one of the smartest posts I’ve read in a long time. It makes so much sense! I though I’d add that I actually mix EAAs and BCAAs in my intraworkout supp. This is because there are in fact special properties of BCAAs according to some research (small sample sizes though as with almost all supp research). They have shown that BCAAs are supposed to boost GH secretion during workouts and other hormone that decrease cortisol secretion which is catabolic and natural for your body to do during a workout to maintain homeostasis. This is why I mix in an extra boost of BCAAs in my EAA mix.

  • 16:15: Brought to you by the DAIRY association. I’m all for eating (higher percentage of diet) protein but the slant here towards milk is disturbing. Anyone can cherry pick studies for their SPONSORS to get the results they desire. Good speaker, wish he didn’t have a dog in the fight.

  • Very small sample you checked for dairy and that test is not reliable at all. Dairy usually depletes calcium. Milk is a disaster. Stop furthering industrial agenda. Makes a pimp not a doctor.

  • Your body Will use fat when needed, regardless of whether you eat carbs or not ����‍♂️losing fat is all about caloric deficit. The body is burning fat when he needs to. You can force it to “need” it when you are creating a deficit. Then, you can eat carbs and you will still burn fat (= use fat as energy. Without being in “ketosis”. It’s called survival.)

  • Are they not going to mention that Dr Robert Wildman is affiliated with Dymatize nutrition and it’s in his best interest for people to buy protein? Of course not:)

  • I asked this at the end of your FB live yesterday but I was too late to get it answered so I’m posting it here. I’m a bit skeptical about AA, EAA and BCAA and if they are needed to not. Assuming that your nutrition is on par and you are keeping your glycogen stores full, are they really needed. I don’t get DOMS until 12 hours or so later and I typically recover quickly IF my nutrition is what it should be and my glycogen storage is good. I’m not sure if I need them or not (OR if I’ll need them in the future when my WP training increases in intensity and difficulty).

  • Hey John, if the goal when we train is to break the muscle down so that it is forced to adapt to the training by rebuilding itself bigger and stronger, why would we want to ingest bcaas or ecaas during training to slow down or prevent muscle protein breakdown? Do the muscles really get beat up that much that they need the stuff? Thanks

  • Again and again, when it comes to diet and nutrition, myths (dogma not supported by evidence) get established that become impossible to dislodge. How can this be?

  • Hi John! ��
    I ‘v been following you long time ago really like your videos, thanks for being helpful. But… to be honest:
    Is that 1,5-2g extra essential amino within the bcaa really does matter?
    I mean: 50mg methionine, 75mg tryptophan, 250mg lysine, 400mg phenylalanin etc etc. Is that few amino acids at low dosage really takes that big difference between bcaa and eaa? i dont think so.
    I bought an amino matrix product which has bcaa, valine, lysine, taurin, alanin, glycine. So not contains all the EAAs but contains some of them, and contains some non essential to.. Should i just sell it and buy an eaa product instead, or its ok not a big deal? I would drink 15g amino with 40g of cluster dextrin during workout and then complex meal instant after i finished
    I just really wanted to ask it without any negativity
    thank you!

  • with all due respect…I think that the latest science on muscle loss while fasting or just dieting to lose weight is that it is much less than previously thought and that is being suggested here by Dr Philips who is an admirable man and a good scientist.