The advantages of Adding Seaweed for your Diet


Seaweed as a Superfood Vitamins Minerals Fiber and Protein

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How Seaweed Burns Belly Fat

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Is Seaweed a Healthy or Harmful Superfood?? on a Raw Food Diet

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Seaweed Benefits How To Use Seaweed

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Eating Seaweed Everyday Will Do This To Your Body

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SUPER FOOD | Revealing The Health Benefits of Seaweed [Lastest News]

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Seaweed as a Superfood Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber and Protein


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Here are some of the other purported benefits of eating seaweed on a regular basis: Detoxifying. Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-microbial. Provides healing benefits for diabetes, cancer, radiation poisoning, and obesity.

Prevents dental cavities. Protects against influenza B virus. Beneficial. And seaweed doesn’t just taste great. Dermatologists also praise the plant for its positive effects on skin.

Seaweed is often found in anti-aging creams and anti-cellulite serums. Below are 10. 10 Health Benefits Of Seaweed 1. Alkalizes Your Body. Our modern diet is full of acid-forming foods and our body has a hard time in neutralizing these 2. Great For Your Thyroid Function.

Probably its best-known benefit, seaweed is one of the only healthy sources of 3. Detox Your Body. Seaweed. Why you should be adding seaweed to your diet Seaweed has been shown to have loads of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, iron, B vitamins, potassium and folic acid. Most importantly, seaweed has a lot of iodine. Iodine helps the thyroid for growth, metabolism and the immune function.

Seaweed contains many antioxidants. As part of a healthy diet, seaweed can help protect against oxidative stresses and prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and digestive problems. Seaweed (either dried or rehydrated) adds a great salty kick to just about about any salad.

It’s particularly good when chopped and tossed with raw shredded vegetables like broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, and daikon radish. Just remember, it’s salty –. Diet & Nutrition.

The Best (and Worst) Diets of 2020, According to Experts The Benefits of Seaweed and Why You Should Be Eating More of It Add kombu when preparing dried beans. The seaweed. Brown seaweed also lowers blood pressure and reduces stroke risk. Consuming nutrient-rich algae has wonderful benefits for your digestion, too. High seaweed intake may increase the.

Adding seaweed to your diet also helps you modestly boost your intake of calcium, an essential mineral. Most of your body’s calcium goes toward keeping your bones and teeth strong calcium makes up part of hydroxyapatite, the mineralized tissue that comprises a large portion of your. The Benefits of Adding Seaweed to Your Diet. 6 TYPES OF SEAWEED AND HOW TO ENJOY THEM. Like seafood, sea vegetables can be a bit intimidating to cook, but they’re actually easy to NORI.

Commonly used to wrap sushi maki or make hand rolls, you can also just eat.

List of related literature:

Seaweed is a valuable source of iodine, other minerals, and vitamin C. Large quantities of seaweed in an unaccustomed stomach can produce a severe laxative effect.

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The health and nutrition benefits of seaweed consumption include high complement of iodine, calcium, copper, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K and protein (Ferdouse, Holdt, Smith, Muru´a, & Yang, 2018).

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Beside many compounds with health benefit, seaweed contains also antinutrients reducing the nutrients availability and causing different ailments (Thompson, 1993).

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Seaweed contains plant vitamins, minerals, growth hormones and beneficial enzymes; its carbohydrates help plants absorb otherwise unavailable trace elements.

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Seaweed consumption is essential because of the low sodium content of the rawsome diet.

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Seaweed is an excellent food source of iodine as well as minerals that can help optimize thyroid function and offset the negative effects of radiation and heavy metals.

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Kelp contained in seaweed is known for its ability to increase metabolism and aid elimination through the lymphatic system.

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Aside from these benefits, seaweed extracts can also increase the resistance of the plants to pathogens.

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Certain species of seaweed have been used in folk medicine to treat high blood pressure, constipation, wounds and ulcers, GOUT, liver and kidney ailments, menstrual irregularities, and to improve digestion.

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Before iodized salt was introduced, dried kelp was used to combat goiter in these remote populations, and this may be the first use of seaweed as a functional food.

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  • I’ve almost watched the whole video and not one person has said anything about the B12 in kelp. Vegans have to supplement B12 and kelp is a natural source. so it isn’t just good for iodine. I appreciate the opinions of your friends but uneducated opinions can negatively influence people, saying “should i eat seaweed” vs. “what are your thoughts on consuming seaweed?”. Most of them said no and they all referred top iodine and potential toxins in seaweed. Just like we have to be careful with the produce we buy we have to be careful on the kelp we buy. As a medical professional who is also vegan Id highly recommend incorporating kelp into your vegan diet raw or not, you don’t have to eat it everyday but it should definitely be part of your balanced vegan diet. Kelp is also the best of both worlds when it comes to vegans who prefer fruits over veggies or vice versa, kelp contains all vitamins and minerals. I’m not trying to troll in anyway! I want everyone to go vegan but do it in a healthy educated way! I love your videos they helped me to make the change a few years ago!

  • i absolutely LOVE seaweeds.
    Really glad i found this video on YouTube, i havent watched it yet but its started, i just wanted to share my opinion of Sea-Vegetables:-)
    They are SO good for you!
    We all come from the sea, think about it when earth was created, the oceans and seas have our bodies composition in the waters!
    And the seaweeds suck-up all of the minerals and vitamins and other compounds and put it into a plant-based digestable form!

  • The currents from Japan run directly North up to Alaska turns down after it passes the North Turn down the West Coast to Washington / N Oregon..It hardly crosses directly East over Hawaii..

  • Does density and mineral content of seawater necessarily increase seaweeds mineral content in comparison to ‘normal’ vegetables I wonder?

  • Sin and Seaweed: All Y’all, Repent!

    Everywhere else, the first of January kicks off the New Year, but here in New Orleans it does not really start until Ash Wednesday. Why bother making any resolutions with Mardi Gras just round the corner? However, after several weeks of debauched madness, we long for sobriety and forgiveness for our manifold (dietary) sins.

    With this in mind, Ivan picked the perfect moment to launch his new video, which comes as a timely reminder of our approaching salvation. Who would have thought that the papery stuff around our sushi rolls has such phenomenal benefits for your gut, inside and out? As always, this is the kind of video you need to watch more than once (and pause it as you go) in order to do justice to the visuals. Ivan delivers another fine lecture that shows his mastery of the subject, but instead of being intimidating, the video has a casual vibe that downplays the enormous amount of research he put into it. I think it’s because he is so at ease in front of the camera that his presentation of the material comes across as sincere and artlessly charming. The line between carelessly casual and stiffly professorial is very fine (and many come down hard on one side or the other), but Ivan keeps the balance throughout. As a fellow teacher and lecturer, I’m awed by how well he does it it! (To those of us who watched him defy gravity on a gym ball in one of his recent videos, this comes as no surprise. Now how’s that for a fitting metaphor?)

    Needless to say, I will lay in a supply of the blessed marine vegetable as our culture of perpetual indulgence gears up to its grand finale. Lord knows, the belly fat has snuck up on us over the last few weeks!

    Nothing says Lent like a packet of seaweed!

  • Wow! Stephanie, loved your presentation. I’ve used Wakame in stir frys, added sea weed in salads, etc. I’ve bought the seaweed snacks come in the little cereal sized boxes. However, I don’t like the extra salt and sugar they add to it. Would love to see you do a presentation on how to used the large dried sheets of kelp. I bought some yesterday. Again, your presentation was great, information packed and overall dynamic! Congrats! Keep up the fantastic work! BTW You look and sound so intelligent, energetic and healthy!

  • What about Organic Spirolina? I use the powder in my food but it can be grown in an aquarium. Any ideas-I heard its a great green Superfood!

  • OK Raw have you considered building relationships with raw food nutritionist in other cultures (I.e. persons with melanated skin) and soliciting their view points on different subject matters. With that said, I love your content. Please add cultural diversity.

  • Thank you seaweed farms are good for the environment too. Just check it out with your medical professional first. Some people have reactions to iodine, especially acne sufferers.

  • It’s been a month or so I eat two nori strips a day. I get them with no oil and no sugar. I’m eating low fat dew to high levels of cholesterol and LDL. I even took nuts out. I looked at the data from foods the Okinawa people ate and I’m quite surprised at how low there fat consumption was. Just in the last month my heart rate dropped from 52 to 42 bpm. My blood pressure dropped from 130/90 to 122/78 (today’s reading). I lost a few pounds ( from 166 to 160lbs) and it’s all dew to low fat consumption. I’ve had my DNA tested and I have the ApoE4 gene and the Fads1 homozygous mutation. And a bad FTO gene also. I was never able to stabilize my BP. I haven’t done a cholesterol test yet but I think I’m gonna see positive results for sure. I’m realizing the power of there diet. I don’t eat 70% sweet potato yet. Lol. But I’m eating many of the things they ate like bitter melon after my mid day high carb meal. So far it’s wonderful. After my cholesterol test the next thing I wanna check out is my glucose levels. I’m high carb eater.

  • Moringa has a binding agent too, but moringa dosent provide iodine. I think people should detox for the cycles of parasites, and cleanse of blood for healing.

  • If one has no have no thyroid.I had thyroidcancer.My doctors said that I should not iodine.I am now cured from cancer,Does spirulina inclued iodine?Medical Medium says that those who have no thyroid should eat seaweed.Where can one buy seaweed from iceland like Monark says.

  • does anyone know the nickel content of various specific kinds of seaweeds? I have systemic nickel allergy and sadly many vegetables are banned or severely limited. I used to eat seaweed but haven’t on this low nickel diet due to lack of info on nickel. Many of my former daily foods were surprisingly high in nickel, in itself not a problem for most on a vegan diet, but for those with nickel allergy dietary nickel can cause systemic havoc.

  • Japan is a large place like the US??? Uh….. Japan is made up of a bunch of islands and the entire country of Japan will fit into Arkansas…….. Not a good comparison.

  • “Oh the superfood of the day” drop the cliches and marketing bullshit for simpletons…. Seawood depending on the species, is about the MOST delicious things to eat EVER.

    Dried Nori sheets are like a nutrional heroin habit…

  • I agree with Dr. Rick. I had a couple massage therapists tell me they felt my thyroid was getting enlarged. I’m a kinesiologist so I did my own test and check if Kelp would be helpful and it was and has helped me. I only get the kelp from Maine coast. Don’t eat it much but definitely needed it.

  • I used to eat a lot of Dulse and Carrageen when I was young but would not touch it or any seafood or seaweeds from my area now due to the high radiation levels.

  • This shows that all these so called raw food gurus just talk bullshit. You can clearly see they are just talking off the cuff. Only Nomi Shannon was honest. I would follow her. Till Ubraw who seems to know some stuff. I can’t watch anymore. This is just hearing to opinions of people who haardly know what they are talking about

  • if you have a computer…access to the internet, you dont even need a computer use your phone or tablet, you can get 100% organic and all-natural sun-dried seaweeds from a company called Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
    It’s that simple. These people (some of them) are making excuses, you can get safe and edible seaweeds of all varieties from this company.
    All tested and 3rd party lab tested with test results as well as nutritional information and facts on that site.
    i take Irish Moss, Bladderwrack, Kelp (i cycle different varieties of kelp, rotating monthly), and Dulse i purchase all of mine in powder form, and put the powder into capsules and take those every single day, and will continue to take them every single day for the rest of my life.
    They contain 20 times more minerals and vitamins than land vegetables and fruits!
    Simple, everybody should be eating sea-vegetables and eating them everyday

  • At 13:12, I can not believe that so few raw food people understand sea vegetables especially when there are texts such as, “the sea vegetable book” by Judith Cooper Madlener, (Clarkson N. Potter, Inc./ Publishers), 1977.ISBN0517-52906-8 for paperback version: She clearly defines which sea vegetables are safe and which ones to avoid. Not only that, she has recipes, how to cook, and how to forage sea vegetables.

  • You must have seaweed with a source of fat. Animal fats are the best otherwise your body wont be able to assimilate the vitamin and mineral content

  • to eat only fruit or 2 eat a bit of everything that is the question, eating everything could kill you, eating only fruit could be deficient, worries.

  • Stephanie, Trying to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram. When you click on the links here, I’m getting another person. Can you please correct the links so they connect to you. I want to share your business on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you!

  • Thanks for putting so much effort into this and for the wealth of knowledge. Where can I find the list of seaweeds that you recommend?

  • Honestly.’ I cannot stop eating Seaweed chips! Everytime I go to the store for groceries, I always remember to grab a bag. It’s so Delicious!