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The Real Scoop on Beef Protein Powders Beef is arguably the most virile of all meats. It is a symbol of strength; a nutrient dense protein source that screams power, gains, manliness and testosterone. The REAL Scoop on Protein Powders. Research suggests more protein foods and less powder will balance training needs.

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD Sep 6, 2019. Protein powders, especially the whey variety, have long been glorified in fitness circles for their muscle-building benefits. “Pump some iron and chug back a protein. Some protein powders have little added sugar, and others have a lot (as much as 23 grams per scoop).

Some protein powders wind up turning a glass of milk into a drink with more than. Many beef protein powder supplements contain little to no sugars or saturated fats, whereas many whey protein powder supplements do. ( source ) This allows beef protein to be absorbed easily. The great thing about beef protein powder is that it allows you to enjoy the benefits of beef. While some people believe that a scoop of protein powder is equal to 1/3 of a cup, others think that this measurement depends on how big or small the scoop, which is attached with your protein powder.

However, in most cases, a scoop of concentrated protein powder is at 27-30 grams. The amount of protein in a scoop of powder depends not only on the serving size but on the protein source and whether the powder is a concentrate or an isolate. Protein powder.

A beef bone broth protein powder that contains no extra carbohydrates or sugar and may help heal the gut. Includes 21 g of protein per scoop. Tasteless, which means the powder is easy to incorporate into. It might sound surprising, but gelatin is actually the primary ingredient found in all of the popular beef protein powders on the market. They take the gelatin turn it into a powdered form then fortify the powder with added creatine and BCAA’s to make it seem like you’re getting the real.

The Bottom Line on Beef Protein: Hard to see its benefits, especially considering its costs. We recommend you eat the real thing and skip the powders. Hemp Protein.

Hemp protein is a protein. Your smoothie recipe calls for a scoop of protein powder. So you go online only to discover dozens of different varieties: whey, soy, casein, pea, rice, hemp, those with a blend of plant.

List of related literature:

The remaining whey – based on its nutritional true value, compared to other protein and energy sources for remnants such as roughage and mix feed – permeate whey was determined to be $12/ton.

“Sustainable Industrial Design and Waste Management: Cradle-to-Cradle for Sustainable Development” by Salah El Haggar
from Sustainable Industrial Design and Waste Management: Cradle-to-Cradle for Sustainable Development
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It has been reported that hydrated textured whey proteins can be used to replace up to 40% of the weight of hamburger patties without affecting consumer acceptance of the product (Hale, Carpenter, & Walsh, 2002).

“Ingredients in Meat Products: Properties, Functionality and Applications” by Rodrigo Tarté
from Ingredients in Meat Products: Properties, Functionality and Applications
by Rodrigo Tarté
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Powdered beef and chicken protein have recently been marketed as protein supplements.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
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Eitherserving gives you approximatelytwice the protein you get from one large egg or one 8-ounce glass of skim milk, or two-thirds the protein in 3 ounces of lean ground beef.

“Nutrition For Dummies” by Carol Ann Rinzler
from Nutrition For Dummies
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The defatted flakes provide defatted meals, flours and grits (40 to 60 percent protein), protein concentrates (70 percent protein) and isolate (90 to 98 percent protein).

“Encyclopedia of Food and Color Additives” by George A. Burdock
from Encyclopedia of Food and Color Additives
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■ 20–30 grams of a hydrolyzed whey protein, which is a “predigested” protein that is more expensive but much easier to absorb and assimilate than regular whey protein (I recommend Mt. Capra’s DEEP30 protein).

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Processors sometimes forget that meat is naturally about 80% water and when an extender is used that absorbs too high a quantity of water it changes the texture and flavor of the beef by increasing the percentage of water to solids.

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
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Rising beef costs have led to the use of “textured vegetable protein” as an “extender” in ground beef products.

“History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)
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Clapper et al. (2001) compared SBM, soy flour, three SPCs, and poultry meal, and found similar ileal digestibilities of dry matter, organic matter, fat, and GE, but greater ileal crude-protein digestibilities when soy protein-containing diets or SPC-containing diets were compared to the poultry meal diet.

“Soybeans: Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization” by Lawrence A. Johnson, Pamela J. White, Richard Galloway
from Soybeans: Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization
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As a consequence, in a young adult, a slowly digested protein like total milk protein and casein induces a higher postprandial utilization of dietary nitrogen than does a rapidly digested protein like whey or soy protein.

“Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences” by John W. Fuquay, Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox
from Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences
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  • Opioid receptors should be called Mammalian receptors! Why name them after a plant / drug? If cheese is addicting is because it’s meant to. You know…because its nutrient dense, as all dairy. These receptors are there so the babies get their NURTURING from the mammary gland. Talk about disconnection from our food supply.

  • beef protein should be useful when cutting since its got no fat and no sugar, got mine with peanut butter flavor and i find it okay, i’d normally just eat meat but my schedule is tight and sometimes i don’t get to eat enough meat, i’ll see how this goes, i only need it for like the last 2 months of my cut and after that i wont need it anymore until i cut again, if i see its good enough

  • Hi I have a question, I take whey protein, like 30 grams per day and I notice that I start to have irritation on my face! My doctor says that is because of too much protein! Could this be the cause? Ty

  • HELP!!!! I am on keto diet and I drink 2-3 protein shakes a day.I have been using whey protein for quite a long time and its time for a change.I m considering using this product but there is 1 thing that bothers me:It has a lot of creatine in it and I ll use 3 scoops a day.But too much creatine will make me retain water and give me that blurred look.Right now all I want is to get  dry and shredded AS FUK.Please some1 with knowledge answer me….

  • As a 60 y/old who has been active all my life with heaps of Tennis, Motocross, Karate, Gym workout (at home) etc., I found that that when doing my 5 yearly Fit for 45, Fit for 50, Fit for 55, Fit for 60 which is a really concentrated 6 month upping the anteall the time project using Whey Protein Isolate and plenty of sleep. (I had to put a full stop in there somewhere).

    I found that I was getting really lean muscle growth and was worried that my body was taking on a life of it’s own in that after I stopped exercise my body was still burning fat.

    Some people will say that is good, but was I overdoing it at my age nearly 70 now?

    Will come back to review any suggestions, Thank you. Laurie.

  • Hey Thomas, I’m 15 years old and I’m kind of a 50/50 fat and skinny. From legs to belly I’m a lil chubby but somewhat skinny as well. From head to arms its a little better but going down to the wrist where its like boney..

    What’s recommended Protein product to Bulk? Ohh and a product as well to burn/cut fat?


  • so i have just started using protein powder. I am using a vegan (i think ) protein powder. vega sport with almond milk. is that a good combination to get a healthy protein. since i am vegetarian?

  • For 5 years I stop whey powder protein and replace it with eggs. I eat 15 whole eggs a day and I drink organic milk.

    Health Benefits of Organic Milk. The health benefits of organic milk include having higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and CLA, more antioxidants, and more vitamins than conventional milk. Milk is one of the most important components of our diet as its consumption ensures healthy growth and development. I’m making all kind of Gainz ����

  • tiny head on his juiced body.
    all these guys and their bs miracle powder or drink..honestly, oil or water based, oral or injectable?

  • can you make informative videos like this about other stuff like creatine and preworkout, and also some videos on when to take your protein shake and stuff like that

  • All those “throw away parts” are extremely nutritious, and have been eaten in traditional diets around the world for millions of years.

  • how about amino acid tablets?the ones on market and very common in gyms. do you have any videos about that? or can you make a video. i consume amino tabs. thanks

  • I like my hydrowhey, steak, chicken,turkey,fish,milk,yoghurt and so on! Never gonna go Vegan and never gonna buy into the Vegan bullshit.

  • Beef isolate may be the scraps that are normally thrown away, but some people with dairy allergies cant drink whey. Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese that was just thrown away as well.

  • Ik learned so much from your post on the YouTube channel.
    In fact it’s the only food advice i listen to.
    And i really thank you for that Thomas.��

  • Creatine is a waste of money I do like this product because it doesn’t upset the stomach sure it tastes like chocolate how much do you know about chocolate?

  • I absolutely love how he is promoting grass fed organic. I’m sure big ag. and GMO farmers are the ones giving the thumbs downs.Eat clean if you want to be lean. Grass fed and organic is the only way to go if you value your health.

  • Thank you for the educational videos, its helping me educated my 17 yr. son as he is trying to create a healthy and fit lifestyle. It can be a huge challenge for my son to listen to any advice from mom no matter how much I personally know about healthy living. Now I can send/share your video’s to get the message to him with no problems. ����✌

  • Protein absorption rate is proven to make a virtually inconsequential difference to gains i.e only point something percent and only in the long term.

    The general consensus among the scientific community is that the benefits of an isolate or hydrolyzed whey is so small it should not be a big concern for anyone other than top level physique and bodybuilding competitors whose next wage could be determined by the slightest margin.

    Pretty much everyone watching this vid has no business wasting money on whey isolates when eating normal food will make no difference to them. If you are someone who has a bad appetite or you need to save time when eating then just buy a whey concentrate.

  • I would you recommend protein powder for a vegetarian trying to build muscle, I just got some powder as I’m having to eat huge amounts to get near to the quantity of protein I need

  • awesome video like always. Can i ask about pre-workouts… Are they useful or are they a marketing thing too and its better to stick to things like coffee to get you energized. Thank You!

  • I like him cause unlike others he gets to the point and informs you instead of all that playing and changing your voice. Im subscribing

  • I stopped the video right after you said you didnt even try it. It may be good but how can you have an opinion if you have never used it?

  • The multivitamins you have in mind are from the bodybuilding world with ridiculous dosages and of dubious quality.
    Multivitamins made by reputable companies such as Solgar and Quest have nothing in common with that bullshit.
    Also I like how people are so brainwashed into thinking that protein powders actually work.
    Well, unless you are on the juice then no, just eat your food and it has enough protein in it.
    And do not worry about the biologic value, it is good enough even in beans.
    Some of the choices in video you failed to back up with science.
    You dished melatonin for example not for being useless but “some people don’t stop and they need to take double and triple the dosages in the long run”.
    So you are basically saying it does work but one should not be thinking of it as a staple but rather for short term relief.

  • I made that mistake when I took Melatonin a year ago I had a hard time sleeping and my doctor told me to take 4 or 5 pills of Melatonin it worked then my psychiatrist told to stop taking Melatonin pills and let it happen naturally.

  • According to this Article You are wrong, Beef protein is being shown to have the same absorption rate as Egg at around 97% Vs that of Whey at around 60% Thus making beef protein a much better (in early tests) protein to use compared to whey.

    But this may come down to trigger times. Both IMO are to be used in any good supplemented diet.

    Other things to take away are, less bloating and stomach cramps, and the ability to be consumed by those sensitive to Lactose.

    Ref: HOAGLAND R, ELLIS NR, et al., Supplemental value of certain amino acids for beef protein, Journal of Nutrition 10;35(2):167-76

  • I can’t trust you. One minute you recommend HMB and now you’re shitting all over it and saying “don’t buy it, it’s bad”

    Make your mind up, man.

  • OMG the guy didn’t even try it lol what A good review!!!!!!! I mean I’ve been using it, I can tell you it is working for real… anyone else find himself more cut after using this? I mean the feeling that the sky is much more thin on the muscle…. ouff love the product!

  • To all their own but personally Fruit Punch is the best….Chocolate would be better mixed with milk….since I mix mine with water Fruit and Berry is the best!

    Results are amazing….I take mine during my work out…I don’t take it right away, I warm up first and once I feel that warm sweat coming I start taking it and Boom!! pushes you through your workout!

    good luck guys trust me I love it!

  • No i think mass gainer is good i use serious mass by optimum nutrition because i dont have the time in the morning to eat a meal so i just prepare a shake skippy milk and 1scoop of seroius mass and thats an easy fast 1040 cal not to mention it does have alot if vitamins and creatine

  • I’ve grown tons using the carnivore mass, but IT TASTES LIKE SHIT IM NOT KIDDING, it works but holy shit you will be drinking puke. And I’m talking about the chocolate one lmao

  • its not bad. I’ve been using it for a few months. i cant use whey protein it messes me up. but I havent had any issues with carnivor.

  • I been on this product for awhile now. I’ve tried chocolate which is by far my favorite. Then the peanut butter chocolate which its okay, I can deal with. The vanilla flavor is pure garbage! Great product I’ve gain good muscle because of this product. Get it.

  • Hi Sean, have you heard ISO PRIME BEEF from MHP?
    they claim the products made from USDA inspected beef and concentrated on Amino acids, it is also contains 0 fat, sugar, lactose and cholesterol.

  • I’m an advocate for this type of protein because I happen to be a rare breed that is allergic to whey. Yes I know it sucks, but for years I was stuck taking small doses of the best whey protein on the market, with minimal results. Once Carnivore hit the shelf it was huge for me. I finally found out what gains felt like.

    Just my two cents, but I wanted to let people know that it’s not just the pro beef guys who believe in this product. Some of us are kind of forced into it.

  • wow…you talk 6 min about it, make a “review” and dont talk 1 fuqing second about what its made of. Come on, tell us. Is it made of steaks? Fuqing supplement bitch you are.

  • I know its your job but deep inside you know this shit is garbage. I’m not gonna go trow the ingredients because I’m guessing you know 😉

  • Hmm wonder what’s your thoughts on a blend protein in the morning like the Beast Sports protein blend. I take that in the morning with my breakfast.

  • I can tell you from very obvious experience. Multivitamins help immensely! Even though I eat plenty of quality fruits and vegetables, I still get very noticeable results from vitamins.

  • Good Day,

    is Beef pro is similar to Whey protein?

    i usually get breakout when taking whey.,
    i think im allergic to whey/dairy.,

    since it said beef, so the source of this supplement is from beef.

    can beef also give me breakout?

  • Hi, Regarding point 1 ( multivitamins), let me correct this
    First of all Calsum and zink are minirals not vitamins, 2nd if you take “chelated multiminirals” ( google it) so the two minirals that cancel each other will not do, 3rd, planets are empty of trace minirals since 1939 as per researchs, so without supplements you wil not get enough boron or selenium or magnesium or zinc, you will never ever get your daily recommended dose, I have refrances for every word I said
    Regarding Multivitamins ( vitamin C, D, K, E) yes this is really Useless, you just need to take the vitamin that your body miss it ( for example if you dont set in sun enough, then you have to take Vitamin D)

  • Many companies use meat. You need to look for the ones that say no collagen. You need to look for the powders that say they are made from meat, instead of hooves.

  • I have a feeling this is based on his body. I’ve been taking ketomax with a healthy diet. I’ve lost 40 pounds within a month. So I kinda stopped taking the advice this guy puts out.

  • Nenga product yenga yepadi vanganumnu sollave illa & enimel yendha product review paninanlum adhoda price, yenga vaguradhunu link konjam useful podunga incase nan vandhuradha irundha Andha link nangalum use panuvom bro

  • beef protein may come from an inferior source but as long as i’m getting what is listed at the back of the label then it’s fine by me.

  • I am highly lactose intolerant. I refuse to use vegetable protein. The only choice left (that will not break the bank) is beef protein powder.
    No one ever takes us intolerant into account.

  • Stop talking like whey isn’t made from the left over scum that milk companies would normally throw away after making skimmed milk. Also if made purely by gelatine, beef protein powder would be very high in fat and calcium. Most brands are neither

  • Great review! Subbed!

    I still prefer ON overall though. Taste wise and mixability.

    Also, if you get the chance, do check out my channel and sub if you like our vids too:)

  • I’ve watched a few of these Vs videos and each one of them said follow my link to my supplements for the best results, what a load of crap.

  • Well, I’m lactose intolerant so I guess I don’t have much choice, either this or plant based protein which I assume is even worse…

  • Both whey and beef protein powders are effective at adding lean muscle mass. Telling people that are sensitive to whey products that beef isn’t a viable option is wrong. Personally I’d rather take whey because they do mix and taste better, but it upsets my gi system too much to use it. Also the beef protein users had more fat loss versus the whey protein users in the study.

  • I bought some Beef Protein powder from Bulkpowders. I thought it would be good. It gave me bad diarrhea. What I also noticed was that sometimes I prepared a protein drink the night before to have the next morning, when I went to drink it.. it was like drinking really thick custard. The only thing I would think that would cause that would be gelatin. Sean is right. I have switched back to whey protein, beef protein powder is a big ripoff!!!

  • Ok…doesn´t have sugars but it has maltodextrin!! What about the hydrolyzed gelatin and which is the amino acid profile (especially how many BCAA grams does the product have and what is the ratio)?? True experts know that!

  • Been using carnivor for a month now i put on 5 pounds, and its not fat, i know there is creatine in there but i drink 1 shake per day so its 2.5g… i am also 45 y old so good stuff right here i just added beef amino too.

  • Just whey and créatine.
    (I’ll just also start testing ZMA to see. But it’s surely not as important as the 2 others).

    I’ve been replacing whey with a product called “huel” for several months now and it works amazing (it still gives you enough protein but it has other vitamins. Originally it is for people who don’t have time to cook a meal).

  • anyone can make a video saying whatever they want. I see no sources, and if schools taught us anything it is to not plagiarize and cite your sources lol. I bought beef protein because when I consume more than 60g of whey in a day I get really bad stomach pains.

  • You might be right about the way they make beef protein like Carnivor, I can see that because like usual the companies want to cut down costs. But the problem is that I don’t eat/drink any dairy products. It produces acne to me + Im lactose intolerant. What would you recommend (any one that has knowledge, on the subject)?? Is Vegan Protein any good? What about whey Hydrolyzed? Has it good milk in it?

  • There are beef proteins without gelatin, lactose is harmful for human body that is a fact. I prefer any source of proteins rather than whey protein.

  • Guys I fucking love this protein but I repeat only get the chocolate and vanilla Carmel ones the other one have terrible mixableity and taste nasty trust me u will get gains if u take this protein right after your workout

  • I purchased Ultimate nutrition beef protein isolate just to add some variety to my cutting diet and to get some convinient solid food replacement. However,I noticed that amino acid profile was not listed on the tube label eventhough their whey protein powder tube labels do contain that information.After I listened to this review googled beef gelatine amino profile to find out it is basicly worthless since it contain tones of glicine, histidine and other useless aminos while being very low in BCAAs. I should have done my research first, needless to say I will never waist my money on that cr.p again.It’s very refreshing to hear some unbiased and honest reviews on dietary supplements. Thanks Sean! I subscribed and recommended this chanel to all my gym buddies.

  • Thought insulin spike is bad? So take it and you get spike and it pulls glycogen into fat storage?

    Thats why they are saying take whey with fat so it doesnt give high spike

  • Actually whey protein is the lowest quality protein source you can put in your body. And is much much worse then beef protein powders

  • As someone who can’t take whey protein (messes with my gi system), I’m interested to see what results I can get from this stuff. Bought some the other day to replace the egg white protein I’d been taking, hopefully I’ll see better results than I did taking that stuff.

  • Sean nalewanyj I’m allergic to dairy I’m not lactose and tolerance and heard some things about egg white proteins is bad for u and good for u what kind of protein source do u thing is good for me??

  • Thanks for wasting my cell battery. Wow.. How in the hell can you give a review on something you know nothing about!! We can all read the lable lol..

  • It doesn’t matter what the beef protein is made of, tendons, skin, cartilage or whatever, as long as it contains the same amount of protein, other biomacromolecules, and amino acids.


    This is in response to the bit about cow ears and hooves used to make gelatin. Hope y’all enjoy. Also, something that should be noted. Whey has a biological value of 60%. Meaning the human body only uses 60% of the protein available for building and repairing tissue. Compare that to beef and egg protein who boast a bio value of 94%. Whey might be a little cheaper, but 40% of the protein, on average, is being wasted right out of your body.


  • The reason people may buy a beef protein is because the are lactose intolerant. Also some people are allergic to egg which is in ceasen and some whey (albumen) 

  • Idk how true this actually is. Everything I have read leads me to believe this will process faster than any other protein, maybe would like some paper work to back up ur “facts”

  • Actually, Casein protein may have their disadvantages too. Casein is also used in products of glue (look it up). Casein protein has a lot more use than just consumption; such as home construction. Even whey protein is the off product of another intended product. 

  • I used it one time. Its usless. I wasted mony. Bcz of very high sweet even for very little quality. Too much artificial sweetener..omg..

  • I take this and I think it is really helping.  I take 2 scoops to get max protein which I think makes it taste a little stronger.  I have blue raspberry, and with 2 scoops id say the taste is ok at best.  But I just chug it down and it goes down easy.  It’s definitely helped after workouts.

  • Where else is the beef gonna come from? ribeyes, and top sirloins, lol. I hope someone purchasing this product would recognize its not gonna be made from prime cuts of beef.

  • I hear what your saying, but how you know that’s exactly how they made it? were you in the lab during manufacturing, do you have an inside person? It’s easy to assume that’s how it’s made, but I would need more evidence then just word of mouth.

  • How can people still eat these precious/kind/herbivore animals?Have u guys studied the ancient sages, how they worship the cow? Have u guys seen the torture done to these animals? PLEASE STOP EATING MEAT. We must not be ignorant. We r the most intelligent animals on the planet, therefore we must set good examples as the childrens of higher heavens, B compassionate, B kind, B virtuous. If there wasn’t any1 eating meat, there wouldn’t be any1 cooking meat, buying, preparing/killing. just STOP.

  • Thanks for the question what matters is hitting your overall macronutrient needs for the day and getting the bulk from high quality protein, minimally refined carbs and poly/monounsaturated fats. Focus on your diet as a whole and don’t obsess about individual food items.

  • I wonder if there’s even an actual factory that can extract the beef protein from beef. I think it’s a big hoax tbh, just like these pea-protein powders, marketed as the next big thing…

  • I have been taking HMB supplements (Salt and acid form) for a year mow, cycling like 1 month On 2 months Off! I cycle its use to verify the results! During the course of usage I have found that despite being on caloric deficit, HMB does prevent muscle loss throught the day and during workout in particular! This is not any research of mine but opinion based on my experience with this chemical! I am able to maintain muscle mass during my trips when I don’t find time to workout or even have a proper diet! It worked for me, perhaps it shall work for others as well but the results may vary!

  • hey man.. thaz really a good-info video. i got i qstn though, i’m having 164 height but i’m only 53 Kg weight. i eat more than normal, including chicken, egg, milk and bananas, but i have never gained weight, its kinda like a constant nmnbr 53 (50.5-53.4kg). u got any idea whats goin on..?

  • Hi, just started going to gym again and want to put more weight on, could you give your quick opinion about MUTANT MASS GAINER please?

  • I got the chocolate/peanutbutter flavor the second time I bought this protein. It is very tasty and provides the
    stamina I need to get thru long workouts for a 54 yr old man. I will continue to use this product and other iso beef protein on the market today dur to the high levels of creatine and protein in each scoop.

  • Hi sir,I need to increase my muscle growth and size my body but am not getting it my weight is am planning to take carnivor whey protein but I need clarity about this can u suggest me about this..I did bodybuilding stage experience n I didn’t hv size that much..wre can I get this product orginal can u send ur number

  • It’s weird, I have an egg intolerance, but things made with eggs do NOT bother me. I can use egg protein powder, eat custards, quiche etc., but I can’t eat a nice omlette. I get really dizzy afterward. I guess I’m missing a couple of enzymes.
    Thanks very much for doing this video. I was about to purchase some BPI powder, but I will stick to egg and whey.

  • Dude…. beef protien powder? That’s fucking disgusting. I had no idea it even existed and feel worse about the word now knowing that it does. Powdered guts, bones and tendons? vomits eveeywhwee

  • I’m taking serious mass weight gainer. It has over 1260 calories per two scoop servings. I take it every other day during my workouts and I’m losing weight instead of gaining weight(fat). Your advice is great but really it’s too generic. It depends on factors such as diet and exercise etc. I’m on a 2000 calorie diet and eat mostly protein rich foods, few carbs and lots of veggies ND fruits and I’m fine. Putting on muscle and losing fat just the same. Also lots of people swear by mass gainers. Sure pure whey protein etc is better If ur really worry about your weight and want to lose a lot but for the average Joe they are fine.
    It’s amazing these same channels will then tell you to mix pure low calorie whey protein with bananas and peanut butter and while milk etc etc for a protein shake which will do the very same thing in terms of increasing the calorie amount in said shakes. What I’ve learnt from watching these videos is to take these advices with a grain of salt. Everyone is different. Everyone’s body is different. Do what works for you

  • Right off the bat, saying multi vitamins are bad and a waste of money proves that you’re a complete idiot and you have lost any respect I ever had for your to begin with. Is it better to get your vitamins from natural sources? Well obviously, you f’n genius! However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and that’s damned near impossible for a HUGE portion of the population. For example, I’m disabled, home-bound, and live FAR from anywhere that I can pick up fresh fruits and vegetables more than once a month, so multi-vitamin is my only option. Telling people to stop taking them is simply stupid. Stop making BS click bait videos and insulting youtubers with unresearched tripe!

  • if you have a good diet supplements are a waist of money. even protein. most people get enough protein in their diet. protein shakes are not needed

  • A multivitamin bottle is 6 bucks for a month, maybe even more. I’d rather piss 90% of those 6 bucks than not use the 10% I may get from it.

    Buy your multivitamins people, you for sure do not get enough through diet alone.

  • Melatonin dependency? I thought you researched yoyr content. First of all, it does not cause dependency. Second, it does not cross the blood brain barrier.

  • Prohormones are the absolute worst supplement of all time. Idk if they would be considered Test Boosters are not but they are ineffective.

  • Always say that to gainer users, why don’t you just drink some Whey, eat some candybars, cakes and a large bottle of soda, doesn’t that taste better? because it’s the same effect!

  • You make this video making all these assumptions how about you back up what you are saying with actual sources or facts. saying whey protein isolate is the best and no other can compete is bullshit. people reacted differently to different supplements. what about all the people who are lactose intolerant and are asking you about other products and you don’t reply?!
    instead of making a video talking shit about beef protein how about you make an honest review and back your shit up!

  • This is awesome. Thomas is my favorite presenter at SPS. He is a great speaker and he is highly educated and knowledgeable of what he is actually talking about. Which in turn, leaves me, the viewer, feeling more knowledgeable about my body. I am a casual lifter, and by that, I mean that I have a tremendously hectic schedule and can only work out 3 days a week. So information like this saves me a lot of time, that I don’t have, on research and can just make informed decisions. Thanks again Thomas and SPS!

  • “pure whey isolate”

    lol, you must mean pure nitrogen protein spikers but I don’t expect a protein salesman to ever talk about this subject

  • Anabolic steroids is your ultimate weapon to achieve the desired body you’re looking for. Ooops kidding “STAY NATURAL” Get your ass up and workout.

  • Not surprising why weight gainer is always cheapest at the stores. Double the size of whet protein for half the price. It’s simply filled with cheap junk that won’t help you gain muscles.

  • Awesome review!! Perhaps one day I will get around to trying one of these protein powders that you have reviewed. Just a little nervous with how the powder will react with my skin, given my history with acne breakouts-even if it’s lactose free. Keep your reviews & vlogs coming! I find them to be interesting, factual & entertaining. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Where are the studies u are talking about? I would like to read those studies. Could u put it on video description pls? If u don’t put it or answer me, I have no way to find out if u are telling the truth

  • Just to update this video, hmb may have uses to prevent muscle breakdown if you work out in a fasted state. There are numerous studies in favor of hmb and others that are not in favor of it. If you work out fasted you may want to give it a shot. If you train fed it’s probably not worth your money.

  • “spend your money on chicken breast and brown rice”

    Brown rice has been debunked years ago, it has negative impacts on vitamin and mineral absorbtion which can lead to long term health issues.

  • I went from 65kg to 90kg in 3 months going from around 9% body fat to around 13% body fat, just from eating 5000-6000 calories a day of around 80% clean food. And generally just lifted heavy for as many reps as possible

  • well im lactose so i went for carnivore cause i wasent sure what else to get  im really skinny guy trying to get myself back in shape any suggestions?

  • As someone who has tried the fruit punch flavor of this powder, I can say that it kinda tastes like a muted jolly rancher. It’s really not bad just mixing with water.

  • The only thing out of this list I have taken is the multi vitamin and that’s because I work late at night. Other than that, I stick to ON Whey protein and Amino energy powder for my workouts

  • my fav brand of protein….vanilla-caramel it’s the best flavour. With cashew milk (instead of water) is heaven if you looking for a treat and great to make protein pancakes as well. No side effects as the hey protein. I have issues with my digestive system, plus ibs and this is the only product that works for me.

  • Hi, does Beef Protein cause acne like Whey Protein does? I can’t take Whey Protein and other dairy products, they cause acne on my face. Currently, I am taking Pea Protein Isolate, it doesn’t cause acne, but I don’t see much result on muscle building so far, therefore, thinking to switch to Beef Protein.

  • 2 days ago a bought the biggest jug they make I believe 6 lbs and in the chocolate and my honest view is that I LOVE the chocolate taste it’s very rich and so good and it mixes very well and if you drink more that a scope? Prepare to have gas!! At least for me but it does give plenty of strength and I don’t feel fatigue when I drink it so I rate this a 9.5 out of 10 I recomen it I also got it for $27 bucks

  • he never stated which proteins he use that are grass fed and all the others ones he bragged about. He names three types of protein powders but not the brand names.

  • This product gave me the shit. I used it for two month’s,and gained 14 pound’s,but i was shitting so much,that i could have competed with any new born baby. I might as well have just put a diaper,or a depends undergarment on.

  • I want to lose weight but gain lean muscle. I don’t want to be bulky but I do want definition. Will this help? I workout 5 times a week (heavy cardio and light weights) I’m eating healthier also (vegetables,grilled chicken breast, boiled eggs and anything turkey, no pork or fried foods) I just don’t want to waste my money

  • Not sure about the powder but I tried the Carnivore liquid protein for a while and didn’t think it was that great. Liquid proteins tend to just use substances which are classed as protein but which don’t have good amino content (e.g. gelatin). As a result I went off Carnivore to be honest. Plus that picture they use of the raw meat in the blender even makes me feel a bit ill Vegans would probably go crazy!!

  • This is the one protein powder I’ve used where my strength kept going up and up over the course of one jug. I’ve never had any protein powder do this. chocolate does taste like crap and only way to mix is to put water in a shaker cup first then add protein and shake and it mixes fine. but it does work really well

  • Some of the healthiest people are primitive tribal people. Like our ancestors they ate the who animal. Even our grandparents would have eaten far more of the offal than we do. eyes and testicles were highly prized. People made broth out of the bones. Today people have all kinds of issues with health tied to poor glandular responses and bone issues and so on. Now people buy in tablet form what comes naturally from eating the parts we don’t want to eat. As a kid I used to eat liver and kidneys. I haven’t eaten either in years. There is a chef called Jamie f’ing Oliver. He went around saying we should eat whole lean chicken breast rather than skin and so on. How many vitamins and minerals are in breast compared to skin! Other chefs have campaigned against mechanically reclaimed meat.

    There is a tribe that actually eat the rectum (Or something in that area) of a deer. We think yuck. But those who study gut biology say it is actually really healthy to increase the healthy gut bacteria which they get from it. Today you can get an operation to have healthy gut bacteria implanted and it is called a poo transplant!

    So, in short, there’s nothing wrong with eating all those parts you mention. My criticism would be all the healthy benefit has been removed and only the protein is left. And if that is what a person wants to build muscle then it is a good thing. I have heard whey protein spikes insulin. I have insulin sensitivity so was looking for information on that.

  • i have a problem with mass gainer which makes stomach upset,then i subtitute it with carnivor protein,can it still put on weight?cause im a skinny guy and hardgainer that need to put on weight

  • the product sucks. its full of fillers. waste of money. adding bccas and creatine is a method of spiking. the beef isolate has plenty bccas.

  • HMB works, atleast for me.

    Melatonin…not buying it being that bad.
    It’s a good sleeping aid and not that heavy of a drug, not using it but have tried it.

    The rest of these…pure shite though ��

  • any reviews of exacore predator beef protein? i bought a 64 servings one, smells like dog food. looks like cocoa and taste like toasted flour with a LOT of stevia. it was rather cheap. is it good?

  • Anna oru dout na edu na vanga aha na 10 scoops use panna aha appram lock down adi chu na appram ma luck down finsih adi chu na use panna aha la ma