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To save you from the headaches of trying to determine what eating advice is truly healthy, seven registered dietitians share the worst tips they’ve ever heard: Some say lectins can cause so-called ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and negatively impact the immune system. Bad nutrition advice dietitians want you to forget. “Eat a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, lean protein such as tofu or salmon, whole grains (oatmeal or quinoa are great picks), and. Bad Nutrition Advice Dietitian’s Want You to Forget.

On Apr, 09, 2018 Gorin recommends filling up on healthful foods instead. “Eat a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, lean protein such as tofu or salmon, whole grains (oatmeal or quinoa are great picks), and healthy fats such as avocado and olive oil.”. The Werewolf Diet diet limits how you eat based on the cycles of the moon, such as a fasting with juice for 24 hours during a full moon and not eating past 6 p.m. during other moon phases. “Eat what you want, when you want, and watch the pounds disappear!” You’ve heard of them, maybe even tried them: miraculous-sounding diets that claim to melt off pounds with minimal effort. We’ve consulted with our team of licensed nutritionists and dietitians to bring you informed recommendations for food products, health aids and nutritional goods to safely and successfully guide you toward making better diet and nutrition choices. We strive to only recommend products that adhere to our philosophy of eating better while still enjoying what you eat.

I asked dietitians from all over the country how they eat well despite life’s challenges, and they shared some favorite diet tips they use in their own lives. 1. Enjoy Fast Food Weekly, but Make. Diets give you rules about when and what you should eat. Intuitive eating says that you are the person best able to tell you that information-unlike diets, no foods are off limits when you eat intuitively. It empowers you to be the expert of your body-but in exchange you have to get rid of the idea that there’s a perfect diet that will be the one that finally works for you.

The 11 Foods Registered Dietitians Agree Are Bad for Weight Loss. Some of your favorites may be on this list, but in many cases you can find nutrition-packed alternatives to power you toward your. The raw food diet has two two problems: First, it’s very difficult to eat enough calories. Second, you can no longer eat healthy foods like legumes, grains, and some lean proteins.

Hours can be spent prepping and consuming foods just to meet your daily nutritional needs.

List of related literature:

Most of these recommendations have come and gone, leaving in the wake a high degree of skepticism about the usefulness of dietary manipulations for the management of behavior problems.

“Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Procedures and Protocols” by Steven R. Lindsay
from Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Procedures and Protocols
by Steven R. Lindsay
Wiley, 2013

This list is simply to remind you of the toxic and inflammatory foods that most of us consume on a daily basis.

“The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days” by Mark Hyman
from The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days
by Mark Hyman
Pocket Books, 2007

7) Take time to review your dietary recall one more time and note down any strengths you see, acknowledge these.

“Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners: Familiar Western Food Prepared with Ayurvedic Principles” by Amadea Morningstar
from Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners: Familiar Western Food Prepared with Ayurvedic Principles
by Amadea Morningstar
Lotus Press, 1995

Practising portion control is still important when eating from this list.

“The Banting Pocket Guide” by Tim Noakes
from The Banting Pocket Guide
by Tim Noakes
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2017

Use these tips as a guide as to how you can approach fussy eating in your house but remember that this list is by no way exhaustive or prescriptive.

“My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family” by Ciara Attwell
from My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family
by Ciara Attwell
Blink Publishing, 2018

I’ve only written The Perfect 10 Diet this way because I know that we doctors sometimes forget to speak to patients in simple language, thus leaving them clueless.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
from The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!
by Michael Aziz
Sourcebooks, 2011

What we can say so far is that foods most amenable to the false memory diet seem to be less common foods (Bernstein et al. 2005b) – and by extension, less preferred foods, as well as foods that are naturally more disgusting.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
from Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition
by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
Springer New York, 2011

Some of these ideas are extreme interpretations of sensible dietary guidelines.

“Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders” by David M. Garner, Paul E. Garfinkel
from Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders
by David M. Garner, Paul E. Garfinkel
Guilford Publications, 1997

At this point in my career, I’ve grown pretty cynical about “best of” lists in general and ones concerned with food in particular —it’s all so subjective, so personal.

“The Best American Food Writing 2019” by Samin Nosrat, Silvia Killingsworth
from The Best American Food Writing 2019
by Samin Nosrat, Silvia Killingsworth
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

These five approaches, which the majority of Americans consider to be healthy, are in truth potentially harmful and keep you trapped in the vicious cycle of toxic hunger and overeating.

“The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
from The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life
by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Hay House, 2014

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hey There! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you ever tried Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard several great things about it and my cousin lost a ton of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • It sounds like she’s using “veganism” as a guise for disordered eating. It’s so frustrating when people speak on eating and dieting as if they’re an expert just because they have a following of people to listen. It’s likely she has at least one young, vulnerable viewer who looks up to her and will take all of the advice from that first video and wind up with a serious problem. ��

  • Yikes… this was the type of person I used to look up to. That diet was idolized for me. I’m glad I’ve developed a better relationship with food.

  • Could you do a review of KGMTL (Katherine Garbarino)? She’s from Montreal, and has a huge following. She preaches daily about what she puts into her body but I’d love to hear your thoughts on her lifestyle/diet!

  • I like watching “What I eat in a day videos” I know those YouTubers aren’t licensed and or Registered Dieticians so I don’t use their diet as a way of eating for myself.

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  • It funny how every thing Ms Adrienne eats in the first video where she is at work, is just snacks to me..
    Also when i feel like eating a sweet i eat watermelons,mangoes,kiwis,
    Life is about balance a mediterranean diet is a great one

  • Olive oil is fine, esp. if it is extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Obviously I don’t chug the stuff…

    The other stuff, sure, I can see that other stuff being not so good, esp. the refined sugar, Fruit Loops, frozen pizza, etc.

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several awesome things about it and my cooworker lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Many major food companies always uses cheap quality ingredients due to the inexpensive price. Corn, Soybean, etc…cheap, cheap, cheap, but terrible to eat. Major food companies are making money due to the easy marketing in shelving the products they create. Capitalism exists, especially in the creation of foods. Cheap route always has its cons.

  • Abbey is the voice of reason in the health/wellness youtube community she gives sound/realistic nutritional commentaries and advice which is much appreciated

  • As I turn my attention towards the kitchen counter & hang my head in shame when I remember the box of fruit loops & marshmallows waitin to mix & mingle in a large pot of warm butter with only a splash of vanilla…..& just like that this woman’s effort is

  • Thanks for the Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Dinanlinson Crazy Tactic Approach (google it)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for discovering how to use short burst interval training to get that beach body without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got amazing results with it.

  • I’ve cut out pizza, chocolate, soda, bread, flour, rice and fries. Now I’m juicing and eating raw oatmeal with berries. It’s day 3 and I’m waiting until day 30 to weigh in again. Plus exercise is now just as important. Well see.

  • People always rave about keto because it decreases appetite since fat is filling, but I always find fat makes me more hungry and I could eat copious amounts of fatty foods. Is there any science behind that or is my body just weird? lol

  • scrambled eggs on toast breakfast.lunch whey protein shake.. gym work out for an hr.. tea. sweet potatoe chicken or salomon mix it up.feel like snacking eat few nuts. fruit. just have a treat once a week otherwise you will just fail. i lost 2 stone 9lb in 3 months. hard work as we all know food is addictive.

  • I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever try this popular lose weight methods?

  • In case you really want to lose some weight, find “Tanya Clarke Diet Book” on Google. Her advice helped me get rid of so much weight!

  • As expert, I do think Custokebon Secrets can be great way to lost a lot of weight. Why not give it a chance? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • Thank you Vanna white or cleaning out the fucking obvious. Most people trying to lose weight understand these shitty I thought you were going to give us something that we thought was healthy like the Sunpass you mention

  • Virgin olive oil? I saw a magazine show that revealed that most virgin olive oil isn’t what they say it is. So what now? Not back to butter

  • Im not sure if this is ok but this is what i do
    Morning = Eat Cereal
    Lunch = i dont eat lunch just something small like crackers
    Dinner = just a little rice( Not too much)

  • Hi Abbey! Thanks so much for your review of Adrienne’s favorite snack, AshaPops! Have you tried them out yet? We offer free shipping nationwide on our website,

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritional intake. While they might induce quick weight loss, these kinds of diet plans will never be a long-term solution for your weight problem. You should check out Fenoboci Diet Plan on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Omg this is scary �� she could’ve satisfied her cravings and eaten more fiber without being under the guise that she has to be disciplined.

  • Too much water talk. Should be water And electrolytes together. If you add that much water you’ll deplete all your electrolytes that regulate water in and out of the colon ��

  • What do you think of lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets.

  • As someone who’s also anemic, I find it hard to get enough protein regularly. But I also have cravings that result in days where I some how avoid protein heavy foods. I’m not sure what that’s about.

  • Glad I’m a nobody. You wouldn’t want to review what I eat in a day video. Lol. These days I’ll either have a coffee and a shake. Other days KFC or McDonald’s lol. Depending on when I’m stressed or busy lol

  • I’ve been researching the top methods for developing abs quickly and found a great resource at Toms Magic Shortcut (check it out on google)

  • Awwwww, this made me so happy. Blair is the best and I know she loves watching you and she mentioned in a few times that she has learned a lot from you.

  • I don’t know if you’ve done a video on her before, but could you make a video on Diana Malloy? She’s one of my favorite youtubers, she has a great personality, and a really good relationship with food, exercise, and her body��

  • Could you review Joannah Soh. She is a fitness blogger who recently did a what I eat in a day. One on gauge girl would be interesting to. I learn a lot about keeping a balanced diet from your videos. It’s helped me be more mindful with my food. A struggle with 4 littles.

  • As a Eclectic Pagan and a practising witch… Any herb/ is a herb/spice that a witch could or would use in her pantry! Just trying to get rid of this negative stereotype against witchcraft and paganism! ��

  • Lady you have to check this out

  • I stopped hitting the gym regularly more than a year ago, I found it uninspiring. I choose to hike, play volleyball/sports, to go swimming, and to walk at my local park instead. It’s honestly a great way to hang out with friends and get daily exercise. I watch what I eat as well but I don’t deprive myself. I believe in the philosophy “maintain before you gain”. It’s important to be healthy mentally and physically, we should be able to enjoy our exercise routine & our meals. I will say I did gain a little weight at first but I’m fine now, I like my current body (5’3, 127 lbs), it’s all about consistency and balance.

    Adrienne is worrying, her tips and her meals are so bad, so unbalanced, and it’s not a proper diet. Making a lifestyle change to your diet is important but she’s doing it all wrong.

  • Idk how I feel about other people judging someone else’s diet… she’s been a celebrity since she was 15 and I feel like she has a diet that she believes works for her… she speaks on the show that she also does eat out and I doubt this is all she eats/drink every single day, but probably wanted to share what she felt were her “healthy” choices. She has other videos on her channel that show her fridge, her and Israel cooking, her weird food snacks, etc. This isn’t all she eats/drinks… like she didn’t title it “You Should Eat Like This Everyday”, she said what she eats in a day.

  • I knew you would love Blair!! I watch you both and feel like I learn alot from you both. My main reason for finding you was honestly searching for someone to show me whats “normal” and ok. Ive really learned alot. I have had eating disorders pretty much all my life. I was overweight for years, and after a hard break up I lost alot of weight. I got plastic surgery, which only heightend my already disored way of looking at myself, and developed anorexia and bulimia. I have been at a healthy weight for the past three years, but ive avoided diet culture completly for fear of spinning out of control again. People like you have really helped me see diet in a more normal and non-obsessive way. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a good role model, with no pressure to always eat the “perfect” food. I feel some “extreme” diets may work for some people, but this does not work for me. I enjoy blairs content because of her honesty and humour, but you are my go to when I need a reminder that certain patterns dont work very well for me. Lots of love from me to you and your beatiful family <3

  • Hey abbey i love you and watch a lot of your videos, i would just like to throw some constructive criticism here. It seems to me that the only way for you to approve of someone’s way of eating is if they are eating A LOT. you always want to see each meal include every macro in the book, and that’s just not possible while being on a calorie deficit. I have a bmi of 1200 and possibly burn 1600 on a typical day. Realistically, we can’t all sweat our asses in the gym to bring that up to 2500 kcal only to be able to eat 2000 back. I would like you to demonstrate a nice diet of 1200-1500 kcal, which is the typical intake for someone who wants to lose weight. You are making the goal of weight loss seem forbidden if we want to live a healthy life. That’s why i love gyllian Michael’s for advice. She breaks it down soooooo simple. Eat less, move more, make reasonable food choices. That’s how you get the results. I feel like you are making it super complicated just to sound professional, when in reality, health is such a simple thing

  • I have been waaaiiiitttting for you to take a look at Blair! She’s very different than other food focused channels, and always has a healthy vibe for food, and obvi is funny and lighthearted.

  • i recently found out i have 3 types of parasites that are effecting my digestion, so my doctors have recommended i go gluten free, sugar free, soy free, and all organic/non processed foods. i can’t have red meat, most beans are off limits (hummus is okay), and some fruits and veggies are limited. i’ve been on this diet for awhile now but i’m struggling to reach my goal weight of 100 pounds (im5’2 and 95 lbs now). i’m wondering if you have any food suggestions that would help my calorie intake? for instance someone told me egg yolks have more calories when cooked over easy rather than hard boiled!

  • Should I be eating even though I’m not hungry? I usually will eat 3 hardy meals a day with snacks but sometimes I’m finding some days I’m not hungry and won’t feel like eating till much later in the day or won’t feel like eating lunch etc, should I be forcing myself to eat that extra meal? (I do not follow a diet & I try to eat intuitively and listen to what my body is feeling like at the time)

  • hey! i have ulcerative colitis and i find it really hard to know what to eat and what’s going to make me sick when i’m in a flare. i have really severe disease and my doctors have put me on Fortisip drinks as my only way of eating because i’m so malnourished and i’ve been so sick i had to spend a week in hospital. What kind of food should i try to start eating without driving up the inflammation in my bowel?

  • Tip
    Stop eat snacks that are high in sugar and fats (I don’t eat snacks at all tbh)
    Dont fill yourself up during main meals bc u will get hungry again anyways cause of ur eating routines

  • There should be a rule that only dietitians and nutritionists should do “what I eat in a day videos”…I say this because SOME celebrities and influencers are sending really damaging messages especially when they equate their diet with their wash board abs and gorgeous skin and hair.

  • dragggg wow this actually made me feel seeeeeeeen adrienne most definitely has a eating disorder just like mine just excuses on top of excuses ����‍�� yoikesss

  • i always wondered why i didn’t go to the bathroom as often as others, but if it’s considered average to go either 3 times per day or even 3 times per week, makes me feel normal:)

  • Critics��. Your right is my left and my left is my right. What works for you doesn’t work for me. Let people be for heaven’s sake. Do you. Do what makes you happy.
    Jeez no wonder we are so depressed, every single thing you do is under a microscope for scrutiny.

  • Hi, have you considered this kind of diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My mate says it helps people lost crazy amounts of weight. Is that possible? I also read numerous good review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • I think the pressures from being in entertainment and savage comments can play into the obsession with weight loss or extreme/unhealthy measures.

  • Hi, I would love to know what are you feelings on intermitted fasting. I adopted this method of eating last October and seems to be working great, but I would like to know if in the long run is something detrimental for my health, also, when I was growing up in Italy the recommended daily calories intake was between 1200 and 1500 for a woman and 1800 to 2000 for a man…now has increased…could you give me your point in view on this? I appreciate your time. Ciao

  • I always find it funny when I get ads for diet apps/fad diet plans when watching your videos, just got two watching this one video. A great video as always!! I am learning every day and your content really helps me in trying to eat more intuitively.

  • If you have gone through more of her content, you would know she constantly says she is still learning and doesn’t have a grip on it yet. Instead of structuring your review as a critic, it would be positive and beneficial if you were to advice and educate both her and us. Transitioning to a plant based diet is daunting and not everyone will get it right. A video live between you and her would also educate some of us. Love and light to you and your channel…positive vibes!!

  • Thank you for this review! I appreciate and love your analysis. When Adrienne said “self-love” “self discipline” wow that was a lot to unpack! I also love how you said “culturally appropriate” about eating habits. As a Mexican-American I’m finding myself more and more saying fuck diet culture! I saw somewhere about not eating CORN �� �� I’m like omg!! That is what my ancestors cultivated! Lol I mean I get it if you have a medical condition or an actual doctor recommended that but it goes too far. Mark Sisson created “Primal Kitchen” and he’s all keto �� (hate that word) I was reading his diet and nutrition thoughts and ugh that was the last straw he actually said we shouldn’t eat LENTILS I was like wtf are you on! I’m like I give up on white people telling me what to eat. Until I found you lol ����

  • Nonfat yogurt is the only kind of yogurt in my local supermarket and also nonfat yogurt with no added sugar only has 6 g of sugar so nonfat yogurt shouldn’t be on the list

  • Hi abbey, I’m pretty sure you don’t need any more review requests, but just in case, here are some I’d love to see: Sami Clarke, Saffron Barker, Luna Montana, Jenn Im, Luca Whitaker or Linda Sun ��

  • Hi Abbey! I was wondering what your thoughts are on Minnie Maud for ED recovery? Most resources online are peoples’ blogposts/etc so it would be interesting to know an RD’s opinion

  • When I was little, my parents had a scale in their bathroom. When nobody was around I’d pick up heavy things weight myself and then put them down so I could see the weight go down. I loved doing that and nobody ever thought anything of it. Became anorexic at 10 and then my exercise addiction was cut off abruptly by a devastating injury. The steroids and lack of activity caused me to gain a lot of weight. Over 100 pounds. It’s extremely hard being an anorexic in an obese body.

  • Could you do a review of Nikki Phillipi? I’ve watched her for years, and she’s changed how she eats a bunch of times. She makes some seriously delicious looking food, and I’d be interested in your thoughts ��

  • The fact that she has a platform of over a million people is scary. She clearly has issues with food. This way of eating isn’t sustainable. BTW her salads are so boring. She need some beans, chickpeas up in there lol

  • Adrianne: “I’m gonna stay away from the bread, get it away from me ahhhh” // Abbey: looks into the camera like she’s in The Office

  • well you’re ripped off all the other YouTube people this is what I eat in a day how original are you going to take us to the supermarket next and show us how to shop Amy windbag

  • So I’m in love with dark chocolate. If I want something sweet, I eat a damn square of the chocolate, and then leave it. If I tried to stay away from it, I’d eat half the bar in an hour. If you have a craving, slowly eat a small amount, then leave it.

  • I think some people choose to “sacrifice” some of their favorite foods because losing weight is a waiting game. Most of the time you do nothing special, you just wait for the small changes in diet and exercise to work. And fighting cravings and feeling like you win that battle several times a day makes you feel like you are actively doing something. Of course, for most of us it would end in a complete fail, but for those who are able to fight the cravings it may be a way of “gamifying” your weight loss project. I cannot truly believe it wont come back to haunt you when your diet ends, tho. My guess is they end up bingeing after reaching their goal weight, causing a bad cycle.

  • I’m glad you cleared up that water myth. I learned it when I was younger. But I don’t think I was told this to lose weight, I was told this because I usually didn’t drink enough water from childhood to early adulthood. It’s all I drink now though, so it’s good to know that I should probably just keep a granola bar on me instead of just chugging water when I feel hunger pangs during my shift.

  • I pretty much only eat because I have to I don’t get hungry I’m big on my eating schedule and measured portions because I also don’t know when I’m full I can go a whole day without eating and all i get is a headache or I can eat everything that get on my way and not feel full. I don’t enjoy food I barely like anything so I mostly eat baby food basically whatever I’m supposed to be eating but blended and just chug it because eating is just a waist of time for me

  • I’m actually very interested to know if your body adapts to running off of very little water intake.

    I feel like I don’t drink much water at all on a regular basis; I instead drink a lot of classically dehydrating beverages like coffee and diet soda (I know it’s bad for me��‍♀️). But my urine always gives signs that I’m well hydrated. If I have a day where I want to drink water, like I’m craving water basically, and I drink a bottle or 2, I get clear urine that’s basically telling me I’ve been drinking too much water. But 32 oz of water is not very much water, so this has always confused me.

  • Can you review Love Sweat Fitness? I was watching her most recent morning routine and notices she does things like drinks celery juice in the morning because it “detoxes” and takes ACV (which I’ve heard a lot of things from dieticians about how it’s really just a fad)

  • Why would anyone care what this girl says.. her knowledge and body are both average AT BEST! There’s 500 fitness channels on YouTube better than hers.. her body is so soft, looks like she hasn’t exercised at all in years.

  • I read plenty of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) can assist you lost lots of weight. Has any one tried this popular diet plan program?

  • Also, the whole “self-discipline with food can improve every area of your life” mantra… is a crock.
    I managed to ‘discipline’ my eating on and off for years and food consumed my every thought, and there was zero discipline left for my work, classes, other goals, even cleaning the house-nothing else got done.

  • You seem to make these videos mainly to reassure people with eating disorders and debunk “diet myths”. Not just sharing information about nutrition. I really really appreciate that!

  • You should do Emma abrahamson! She’s a former college runner who does a lot of what I eat in a days/weeks and she has a great relationship with food

  • Hahah as someone who lives in Bulgaria I swear it’s true that you get the same meals in all the restaurants hahaha. Especially because I’m vegetarian I have like 5 options in all the restaurants.

  • Im now obsessed with Blaire thanks to you. One of the youtubers she ate like is ALISHA MARIE and id love to see you do a video on her she is…. interesting.

  • Would you ever do something like a video about “Nutrition 101”?

    I love all of your videos but can get quite confused sometimes as I know nothing about food and nutrition and would really like to learn:)

  • Adrianne can eat whatever she wants but… some of her advice (purity ����‍♀️) is worrisome as she has a large fan group/following. Yikes!! I hope she watches your video.

  • This one was on the ugly side. I think her frustration over unrealistic goals with her condition drove her into an alternate medicine diet. There was a lot of nonsense woo, you pointed out some of it, but I spotted a trap laid for vegans in particular.

    Her diet is utterly devoid of b12. She’s going for “Superfoods” but I didn’t see anything about a fortified food, just salads and soups. Her obsession with kale and green juice also tend to mark people educated by yoyo diets. You’re right: juicing ruins the fiber. The popcorn though has me thinking she’s getting her advice from a very extreme vegan because some vegans are under the mistaken belief that spirulina can supplement b12. Long story short: it can’t, it simply is sometimes contaminated with cobalt.

    Daily weigh ins, trying to drown hunger pains instead of more sensibly drinking water before meals and finding healthy snacks, breakfast as useless as sucking down decaf coffee, poor sleeping habits, superfood obsession, ignorance of nutrition, diet low in volume and calories and reinforcing a practically toxic relationship with food. This smells like a recipe for an ED.

  • I’d like to know which celebrity, or influencer you have reviewed surprised you with outstanding results that were positive? Your constructive critics is thoughtful and delightful. I’m a newbie to your channel and thoroughly enjoyed this video!!

  • When she drinks the water ����I can’t drink that water that fast lol and thank you I need to eat when I’m hungry �� I usually mess up there lol ��

  • Just wanted to come here to say “AAAAAAAAAAAbbey Sharp dooo doo doo dooo doo doo, AAAAAAABBeeyy SHarpp doo doo doo dooodooo doo!!”

  • drinking water does LITERALLY NOTHING to curb my cravings. I gotta eat. Got a sugar craving but don’t wanna eat a candy bar? Eat some fruit! Got a savory craving but don’t want to eat some chips? Eat some ham and cheese! IDK just eat some actual sustenance!

  • Wow, this channel is so educational!!! The advice you are giving really opens up my preconceived notations of health. For example, i always thought that if your urine is clear, that meant healthy. Now listening to this, i have been drinking absolutely to much water and need to watch my water intake. Also, I was not aware of the drink water if your hungry myth. I was always taught to drink water and wait. I will be watching more of your videos while on my weight loss journey!!!

  • I lived on a diet of Totino’s pizzas for dinner for awhile.Ate a lot of processed junk. I gained 40 pounds and my blood pressure went way up.
    Now I have cut out 90% of processed foods in my diet and eat fruit, veggies, nuts and lean meat. Started a week ago and I’ve lost 2 pounds and feel better already

  • For a future review might I suggest Linda sun? She eats intuitively and I really like the message of her channel but I’m curious to hear the perspective of an actual dietician!

  • In my eating disorder days, I’d be so proud when I didn’t eat specific foods (or no food at all). This “willpower” was just a need for control and exercising this control over food is always disordered.

  • damnnn i have an eating disorder and even I don’t weight myself obsessively… actually i never step on the scale to not start obsessing about numbers.

  • I love Blair but I had to stop watching her videos of trying certain peoples meal plans because at the end of them she compares her body and weight and I just didn’t like that she was in a way proposing that her viewers should try these crazy restrictive diets because ‘they actually help you lose weight’. I kind of which Abby had spoken about it.

  • I really appreciate your approach, I’ve been fat shamed by my childhood doctor. I developed bulimia and am still obese. I’m working on guilt and shame and my thin friends say I eat cleaner then them. Life seems unfair sometimes. Intuitive eating has helped my mind and body.

  • Love your videos Abbey! Would love to see you do a video on the health risks of fat loss “teas”! Would love to hear your input on that. Thank You! ��☺️

  • Can you do a review of the new Netflix series unwell? There’s an episode on essential oils and also an episode on fasting that I’d love to see your reaction.

  • Adrienne is by no means fat but if she really only ate 900 calories per day that would be anorexic-type restriction. I am recovering from anorexia but still ate around 1000 calories at my worst and still got to a bmi below 16. Either she is not eating that way every day or she is set up for a collapse.

  • I love Adrienne and her personality but this video just made me so sad. I have a similar height and body shape as hers and I know she was heavier just last summer and looks like a barbie doll figure now but I didn’t imagine she achieved it this way. She was trying so hard to give good advice but it just all felt wrong. I have slowly been learning to value how I feel over how I look and this truly made want to dive into that diet culture again.

  • She chugged that water like she was at a frat house. Drinking a glass of water isn’t necessarily bad; especially if you’re trying to kick a soda habit. A whole liter? No, my ED ⏰ is ringing.

  • Hey Abbey, I think you are going to love this What I eat in a day: (not sure if you reviewed one of her videos before). Love your content:)

  • Good tips. Have you checked out Gymnema spray? I don’t work for them, just found this amazing herb. I did a review on it if you’re interested.

  • I feel empty without protein and I always over did salt thank you for that!I’m learning new things everyday, I don’t like too much juice I rather eat the fruit mixed with yogurt or half a bannana ��
    Salads yes I need to do that more too

  • i…actually do confuse thirst for hunger? i often don’t start feeling recognizable “thirsty” until i’m severely dehydrated. but i can go literally all day without drinking water before i feel that. sometimes i will get this hungry feeling that doesnt go away when i eat, but does when i drink water. my mom is the same way

  • Too much water talk. Should be water And electrolytes together. If you add that much water you’ll deplete all your electrolytes that regulate water in and out of the colon ��

  • oh my soul. as a vegan I’m feeling so hungs for protein after watching this. someone suggest soya please, i mean the impact on her metabolism is probably exponential

  • I LOVE YOU! This was such a good take down of subtle diet culture and wierd clean eating fads that make their way into celebs lives. We love you and thank you so much!

  • I was engaging in the “I’m hungry so I must need water” mentality as you went over it in this video and it feels so serendipitous.
    I’m gonna go make avocado toast now, thank you!

  • I would love a video on how to balance nutritional needs and caloric needs when really short. I feel like there is no advice ANYWHERE and I think really feeds into such a bad relationship with food. Loved the video!

  • When considering eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diets are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. While they might generate quick weight loss, these kinds of diet plans will never be a long-term answer for your weight problem. You should look up Custokebon Secrets on google search engine as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • i think the Millennials are lookin to deep into Food Science.. Please somebody Timewarp me back to the 1980s this is makin my Brain Hurt

  • There is just one thing that bothers me from your comments, the comment when she is putting bread away form herself. This is modifying your environment as not to fall into temptations. If I would be to have unhealthy sweets in my house and easily available, and I would have a craving, I would give in and most certainly overeat. I need to know myself to know what can cause me issues. No, I don’t have perfect self-discipline and eating habits, I’m just a human trying to perfect that discipline and those habits, and if I were to give in to impulses, I would just end up hating myself and quiting on the whole idea of building out better habits. Things I crave for are often not good food options. I crave for pepsi, or for snickers… And if I take them once I am much more likely to fall into the habit of taking them again very soon. If it’s 10PM and I’m craving for something sweet, and the only available things are chia cocoa puding or honey and frozen berries, I can indulge on those to eat something sweet, but I won’t overeat cause those are not really the things I desire. So I have satisfied my desire to eat something that tastes like chocolate or to get some carbs in, but I won’t overeat because those are not the object of my overpowering desire I am having at the moment. How can listen to my intuition, when my intuition towards food is bad? I first had to reprogram my body to get used to eating healthy and liking it, in order not to overindulge on things like pepsi. Only then was I able to be around things like Pepsi present in abundance (like at the office) and not drink a whole bottle every day.
    I am not saying I disagree with any of the other comments, just that that particular behaviour of modifying your environments to resist temptations (like putting problematic foods further away from yourself) is not necessarily a bad thing on its own. It’s bad in the context of Addriane’s unhelahty relationship with food. But us who have eating disorders, being near those foods is like being a gambling addict in a casino

  • Okay but just wondering…i go to the bathroom like a newborn baby naturally so what does that mean about my metabolism/health? Lol

  • watching this as someone with a history of eating disorders makes me so sad…when i was in high school her video would have triggered me so much