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The 411: If you have a chronic health condition (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), food allergies, intolerances, or you’re looking for sport-specific advice, you’ll want to make an appointment with a registered dietitian. As the nutrition experts, RDs translate what’s happening in the body into personalized food and lifestyle plans for you. IRS Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-100, July 29, 2019 Taxpayers who have deducted the business use of their car on past tax returns should review whether or not they can still claim this deduction. Some taxpayers can. Some cannot.

Here’s a breakdown of which taxpayers can claim this deduction when they. 2020 HSA Changes: How Health Savings Accounts Can Help You Many people overlook health savings accounts, even if they have options to use them in their own financial lives. An increasing number of studies link gut health to mood and mental health ().. Both animal and human studies find that probiotic supplements can improve some mental health.

Orthotics are custom-made forms for your feet that help relieve foot, heel, ankle, leg, and back pain. They are usually inserts for your shoes. A podiatrist can help determine if orthotics can. Many need help and assistance to even accept they have an issue that requires dealing with. And the more there are people around them who are “aware” of mental health problems and how they.

Whether you’re looking for a low-calorie snack for weight loss or a water-filled food that can help your skin, here are the top health benefits of eating — and drinking — grapes regularly. 1. “They recognize how prevalent mental health issues are and want to meld together education folks and mental health folks,” Liebman says. “There is a greater understanding that mental health. Limited research has been done on the health benefits of herbal teas, but claims that they help to shed pounds, stave off colds, and bring on restful sleep are largely unsupported. Here are some. They can help balance your “good” and “bad” bacteria to keep your body working the way it should.

Types of Probiotics Many types of bacteria are classified as probiotics.

List of related literature:

They will be accredited to provide general advice on improving health and on specific issues such as stopping smoking or changing diet as well as skills to look after their own health.

“Choosing Health: Making Healthy Choices Easier” by Great Britain. Department of Health
from Choosing Health: Making Healthy Choices Easier
by Great Britain. Department of Health
TSO, 2004

They help clients identify unhealthy practices, encourage healthy lifestyle habits, and guide them in managing health problems using natural approaches, such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, diet modifications, dietary supplements, and exercise.

“Contemporary Nursing E-Book: Issues, Trends, & Management” by Barbara Cherry, Susan R. Jacob
from Contemporary Nursing E-Book: Issues, Trends, & Management
by Barbara Cherry, Susan R. Jacob
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

They limit referrals, disallow coverage of unproven approaches, and push doctors not to use expensive diagnostics and treatments.

“Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-based Competition on Results” by Michael E. Porter, Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg
from Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-based Competition on Results
by Michael E. Porter, Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg
Harvard Business Review Press, 2006

To be accredited, organizations must offer a series of benefits and programs that lower the risk of cancer through lifestyle changes, including eliminating the use of tobacco, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthful diet.

“Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice” by Carl I. Fertman, Diane D. Allensworth, Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
from Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice
by Carl I. Fertman, Diane D. Allensworth, Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
Wiley, 2010

They aim to support the person in monitoring and managing their own health and provide encouragement to adhere to healthy lifestyle practices.

“Introduction to Nursing Informatics” by Kathryn J. Hannah, Pamela Hussey, Margaret A. Kennedy, Marion J. Ball
from Introduction to Nursing Informatics
by Kathryn J. Hannah, Pamela Hussey, et. al.
Springer London, 2014

They provide advice and information on health matters, conduct individual consultations and are advocates for young people.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
from Potter & Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book
by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

They require a personalized approach to understanding their health needs, obstacles, and resources and help in creating and implementing their own health plan.

“Organizational Behavior in Health Care” by Nancy Borkowski
from Organizational Behavior in Health Care
by Nancy Borkowski
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2016

They monitor health status to identify community health problems; inform, educate, and empower people about health issues; and link people with needed personal health services.

“Essentials of Public Health” by Guthrie S. Birkhead, Cynthia B. Morrow, Sylvia Pirani
from Essentials of Public Health
by Guthrie S. Birkhead, Cynthia B. Morrow, Sylvia Pirani
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2020

Their holistic approach to health equips them to work especially well with older people.

“Learning to be Old: Gender, Culture, and Aging” by Margaret Cruikshank
from Learning to be Old: Gender, Culture, and Aging
by Margaret Cruikshank
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003

Having reviewed their problems and difficulties and shared their experiences, they have formulated and finally endorsed the People’s Charter for Health.

“Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice” by Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon
from Community Health and Wellness: Primary Health Care in Practice
by Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • My memory is just fine after 3 years of smoking. i started when I was 18 and I became a stoner right after I started and I have never really quitted after for longer then a week. I can remember things clearly and I dont forget stuff. The only downside is it that it costs a lot and I am sometimes tired but I cant sleep�� but its not really much only a little

  • I Don’t have an extra bit of fat anywhere, so fillers would be my only remedy anyway. My biggest, yet unrealistic, hope would be to win the lottery, so that I could be treated by you. Take care and stay safe.

  • I smoke nearly every day because honestly it makes everything more tolerable in life and fun especially when you don’t live an amazing life. It also helps me a lot with my appetite I can eat 3x the amount as usual which helps me with the gym since I’ve been slim forever. When your really faded your imagination is insanely strong or just mine, I’m actually able to remember things I wouldn’t be able to remember if I was sober. And things like recalling words to music or things I hear a small part and automatically I can hear in my head the rest of it where I didint even know I had those memory’s I didn’t try to memeorize anything but I can often visualise things at a crazy level I do have adhd so adrenaline might mix with me but idk

  • I don’t smoke it because it has a terrible effect on me, I just pass out. But I am interested in the medicinal aspect of marijuana and there is absolutely nothing on this video. There really isn’t anything about the negative effects either.

  • Son rages in tempers, the slightest thin will trigger him when he is out of Cannabis. he threatens to kill. he will yank a door off its hinges shout and scream his head off until he gets his fix. but when he is calm he loves everyone. he is 19 years of age.

  • only way its bad for u if ur dealer lace it. friend had to go to the hospital cus his dealer laced his weed or just didn’t take care of it. know your dealer well.

  • Oof…if I’d known that pot might be bad for the young brain, I might not have started smoking it at 14. Sometimes that’s a little shocking to consider. I’ve never been a heavy smoker and usually limit myself to a few times a week, tops. But having been at it for over 20 years is like ��

  • Funny, you have stayed in some great places, but I felt like there was something about Margaret River. Loved your place there. “Everyday is a fresh start” ����

  • Im sorry but Im going to have to go ahead and disagree with the part about marijuana psychosisand family histories of schizophrenia beng a major factor…… My entire mothers side of the family are all diagnoses 110 bonafide schizosz yes if notsmoked regualarly it can cause adverse reaction, but I have found that when my schizophrenic brain is completely saturated in thc it van be benificial, it makes you hit a sort of cieling that doesnt cave, i am a true living believer in medicinal marijuana for schizophrenia types but not all.

  • If you cant find your lighter listen to this song

  • A lot of turbocharged cars have a start and stop system nowadays. Is this bad for your engine since you cant turn it off immediately?

  • For this video to be excellent, I think it will be great if you are more specific. House prices, job opportunities for expats, health care, etc. In terms of these factors WHY IS THAT YOU SAY THAT PORTUGAL IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO RETIRE RIGHT NOW? In this form your video can be more usefull to others. I gave a thumb down.

  • man weed dries you out. gives you a headache and fucks with your hormones. imo super bad for you. This coming from a daily smoke. now 2 weeks sober i feel 3 times better.

  • How about going to work? You seam not so old and still capable.. What’s with this Cane trend of walking the earth like a homeless? Get a shovel and some action in that blood and stop smoking those things⛔ ��

  • PT has so many negatives about it, too many to list. One big one is the British expat community there. Never met a Brit I liked, total losers. Second… certainly you can live in the middle of nowhere cheaply but who moves to another country to be isolated from everyone?
    The major urban areas are full of expats, why move to a new country to be around expats? I move to be around locals and AWAY from the people from where I left.

  • one year after posting, I’ve been checking real estates sites and noticed a price hike in Portugal from exactly from the moment you posted the video to now. Even with Covid-19, prices are still rising

  • 2006 duramax sound like bearings in the turbo, just bought the truck, he put 0-40 instead of 15-40 could thinner oil damage the turbo.? Tia.

  • You’re awesome! Quick question… Do you ever feel pressured to eat SUPER healthy in your personal time/life aside from your job? I will be starting college next month(18 years young) and I always wanted to be a nurse but am looking into the nutrition or dietitian profession as a backup…My diet isn’t perfect but it’s not terrible either.. I eat in moderation and was wondering… well if I do pursue a career as a nutritionist or dietitian, I don’t want to have to feel forced to eat SUPER healthy in my personal time..Again, Awesome video and channel overall!:)

  • Dieticians don’t do anything?? That is so unwise how could she think that, if she does think that way still she will need a dietician before she knows it.

  • I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND ANALYSES. I moved to the US in 2007 and witnessed the bubble and its crash. Then saw the same in India (from a safe distance). Congratulations.

  • we’re living in Cuenca, Ecuador. from june, 2012 until now. great place to live! but, now we’re looking to make a move pnce this covid 10 pandemic ends! if it ever does. pandemic lockdown, may 11/ 2020

  • What is your opinion on the ketogenic diet? Do you ever deal with patients who think they know more than you and how would you handle that?

  • Hi Kim I’m a student studying dietetics in Cameroon…there are more ugly in d career here like I cry over internship most of d time

  • So I dont smoke marijuana. The thing is, I was at a music festival called Out Side Lands, they had Green Lands wich is weed land. I was in a huge crowd of people who were smoking weed. But my god! The concert was so FIRE!!! I had a hot dog after words and it was SOOOOOO GOOD!! And when I got home I had the best damb dream ever!!! BTW my parents were with me, so now I can say I was high. Would I want to do that again, yes! Would I want to smoke it, no thank you. Anyways have a great day <3

  • The only time I’ll ever smoke weed is I have a disease or problem that weed helps stops it or can help me with the pain of the treatment I need to stop the pain

  • Thank you for getting to the point!! I see so many videos where people are like blah blah blah, I wake up, take my shower, get my coffee from Starbucks and are not that useful. This video is actually informative!

  • I am so confused about how to go about applying to the right school…especially because I have to resort to taking my school completely online. I wonder which choice to make primarily because I don’t want to “earn” a dud degree that no one will recognize or accept for when I take a state exam. Any advice?

  • I gave you a thumblike…lol. Good morning!! Nice sensible stuff. Fun as always. I work on the internet and feel introverted most of the time. Getting out for walks gives me the interaction time with nature and people that definitely helps myindset and my body. Btw, you look beautiful in that blue top…makes your eyes sparkle!.. Have a great day( night?)

  • if filler last so long and people go and retouch every 6-12 months does that mean that it has migrated or is it usually because we sort of get blind to what we actually look like, and we have been told we should refill it that often.

  • Thanks so much for this video! I just graduated high school and i am going to school to study nutrition. I’m so excited! I have always loved learning about food and how it effects the body. I just found your channel and I have learned a lot about being a nutritionist.

  • That’s funny, when you said that thing about the chips. I’m in dietetics school now and I’m always eating, I’m known as the guy who’s always eating because I’m a bodybuilder. One time I decided to drink a Pepsi and an acquaintance said, “what are you doing?! What are you drinking?!” You Made me giggle when you talked about the funny comments.

  • I really like watching your videos! I graduated from my undergrad program last may, and decided to wait a year to apply to internships. I just applied and am now waiting on hearing back from internships! Your videos are very real and informative, thank you for not sugar coating anything!

  • Portugal is amazing, but for an American, South America is far superior, particularly, southern Brazil, Uruguay, Southern Chile…

  • your videos have been very helpful for me and deciding if this is the career i want to pursue. thank you for taking the time to spread your knowledge:)

  • Did the dietitian turned PA ever give you reasons as to why she thought dietitian were useless? I’m highly interested in both career options. Thanks for the informative video!����✨

  • I really appreciate this video! I am currently getting my undergrad and plan to be a dietitian.  What did you get your associates degree in? What graduate school did you go to? Thank you so much

  • It’s even more inspiring that all of these downsides are no concern to me:)
    I keep trying to find a video to talk me out of being a dietitian, but every video makes me more excited!
    Thanks for the vid, you’re very well spoken:)

  • Hi, I’m an Italian Clinical Dietitian, and before watching this video I thought that only in Italy dietitian were considerated the “cook’s assistants”.
    Here there are not “Specializations” in dietetics, so if you work in a hospital you have to:
    be a diabetes counselor,
    create personalized menues for the inpatients with special needs,
    be specialized in enteral feeding and Oral Nutritional Support,
    administrate the outpatient with Enteral Feeding Nutrition at their home,
    follow some specific kind of patient (such as: ED, ALS…)
    Often this kind of activity are practiced in the same day, so when you go home you don’t even know what is actually your name…
    Theese are my UGLY because even if it could seem wonderful do all these things, often dietitian are not valued for their knowledge and their ability, but we are called, but nobody read our reports, so we have to repeat a lot of time the same things (especially with physicians)…
    For the good and the bad I absolutely agree with you…��

  • It’s interesting. I never hear anybody that would like to move to Wyhoming. I thought so, but it’s too cold there maybe desert too.

  • Many think of moving there with the prospect of young hookers (due to the grinding local economy) and then indulging in a culture with liberal drug policies but there has to be more to it than that.

  • Kim, should I start working at a hospital? I’m a first year college student and I really want to get closer to the dietetics feild…. do you think the hospital will help?

  • On our 4th point of getting the best fuel possible, I drive a 1.0L EcoBoost EcoSport with a rating of 91 RON petrol, do you recommend that it is better I go with 95/97 RON fuel?

  • Do somebody recall the Renault 5 turbo? It was middle ’80 when this 1400 cc car, they were overtaking me on some steep motorway that I was impressed. Just to learn how the engine destroyed itself after clocking only 50,000 km.
    A turbocharger makes sense only in above 2 liters engine. If at all..

  • I’m currently in a master’s program/internship for dietetics, so by next year, hopefully I’ll have passed the RD exam. Love to see more RDs having youtube channels!

  • I know you’ve probably gotten this question a million times. But I’m about to select my college major and I wanted to know what the salary is, realistically for a dietitian. I’d just like a more credible source than the internet.

  • Why don’t you retire in your own country the USA have beautiful places! Brother your problem it’s money language you just have many issues ����������what waist of time your videos ������

  • I’m in my last year of the nutrition and dietetics program and this video was so informative! I love watching your videos and you honestly make me so excited to be entering the profession!

  • Hi Kim. When a patient died while I was a dietetic intern at a hospital, I also cried!! Also, people do think we are the food police. We are totally not I eat like a normal person 😉

  • Don’t recommend buying anything with a Turbo, this is coming from prior experience. Turbos are connected to the down pipe, which are connected to the exhaust system. It used the exhaust to force back flow to spool up the turbo, thus get ” turbo lag ” having to wait for exhaust flow to spool it. Now since is a process requiring turbo to work in time carbon build up would occur on the Turbo blades and internal veins. In time the Turbo blades and internal veins will lock up. Going from 32 mpg to 8-12 mpg. The way to correct it is to Forever fuel up with Premium Fuel and run the car hard. For the 1st 3 years I was gentle speed limit only. (Break in Period) then the Check Engine light turned on, it read Over Boost Code. It really should be no boost. So it feels like loosing at least 100 hp you punch and it is just sluggish getting into speed. So buy Naturally Aspirated or Super Charged vehicles.

  • Oh my gosh! I died laughing when you mentioned that people think dieticians are the “food police”! I’m not a RD yet but am on the way there and all my friends always think I’m judging them on their food choices and then they’ll make comments if I decide I want a doughnut or some other sweet treat. It’s so annoying! Great video!

  • hi do you know if any dietitians go into journalism/media? I’m really into the arts and writing but I’m also good at science and want to have a stable job. What is your experience in this?

  • So true about the food police! People always ask if I eat anything with fat? So crazy. I have a life too lol. It’s about balance. Love your channel. I work as a dietitian here in Illinois.

  • Why do I watch videos of a thing I will probably never get to have? I know way too much about marijuana for a guy who hasn’t done a single drug in his damn life.

  • I find myself watching your videos over and over, even if I didn’t plan to. I constantly get bombarded with people telling me what I should have and how I should live now that I’ve immigrated. I am selective about friends but I do come accross people in daily life who think I’m either cheap or minimalism is just a phase. I try to stay away from those. Your videos are my happy place to get back on track with my mindset. I even scroll and randomly select a past video of yours with confidence that I will find some wisdom in it. You also talk about minimalism on a real level. Other videos seem to make it walking on water. Thank you for the content.

  • Funny, to me at least, you mention the language aspect because I was born in a Portuguese speaking country to an Italian family. I can speak both languages, and English, fluently. But one thing I must agree with you 110%: Portugal is in the most pumped up bubble it has ever been. Specifically after the socialists in power passed all these laws to make it easier for people to retire there. Now, still about the language aspect, Portuguese people are educated to speak English from an early age so most of them will talk to you in English no problems. But to make the most of it you got learn the local lingo. But, yes, above all, avoid the bobble because it will pop big time, rather soon.

  • I �� you! Thank you soo.. much for the advise. I’m bound to be a RD. Should I get my MS!? Rn is all that matters is the BS and the Internship. But! I love school, and I adore food and health/ nutrition. What’s your advice?

  • I am 29 and last year I bought a nuface machine and it melted the fat pads on my cheeks… becareful! You can search about it online as well as people who have lost fat using ultherapy and radio frequency to tighten the skin. Those energies or waves, for some, can cause your fat pads to melt. So please please be very cautious. I hope the doctor can talk about his as well

  • I live in only miles away from Aceh, best place to plant marijuana in my country, but I never smoke it coz its illegal. Lol, jail is scary so I will never try it but curious from my teen years.

  • I recommend everyone wait out the Brexit fiasco to see how it will affect Real Estate in the sunny places of Portugal & Spain. I think NOW is the worst time to buy in southern Europe. Wait out Brexit to see what happens

  • Love what you have shared here, each one of us “create the space and atmosphere that suits us”. My minimalism includes comfort and simplicity, with creative elements. When you mentioned the film you saw, I found an image after searching of a “man who built his house of driftwood”, could it be this………………”Victorious” Dave Burgess, cabin which he built from driftwood, Porlock, Somerset? (it contained a photo of him standing in front of his cabin), very organic. Has a Hobbit like look, very enchanting.

  • We have one of the fairest healthcare services in the world… and it was done during the dictatorship, so it is quite old. Of course, foreigners don’t have access… they have to pay, but here the poor don’t pay anything, it’s free and in the USA, the country of equality and freedom? do the poor not pay like here and have the same benefits as those who can afford, that is, the rich? I don’t think so: “a million dollar bill for a veteran Covid survivor”. Shame on you.

  • Insightful comparisons! I have further questions which I hope they have the chance to be answered:
    1. Is fat loss or collagen loss that is the main culprit for volume loss in the face as we age?
    2.Can fat transfer solve the collagen loss problem?
    3. You mentioned that fats are softer and have the tendency to spread and move “southwards” After years of fat transfer to the face, will the transferred fat eventually spread downwards to the jowl & neck?1

  • Fortunately my Golf R has an oil temperature readout which I use continuously to monitor warmup and cool down. We are fortunate in Florida to have readily available 93 octane (needed to maximize my APR tune) along with a Shell rewards card (as Shell is one of the best gasolines).

  • Since you are a vegan is it ever hard to reccomend meat and dairy products to patients? I am a senior in high school and also a vegan and I am going to college to study dietetics.:)

  • 3:24 You can’t have a rich fuel/air ratio on diesel engines, unlike you have a coal roller. Lamda 1.3 is the minimum…. LMM limits it, no panic

  • I have an 85 Volvo turbo that I added the optional oil temperature gauge to. The thermostat did not open to send oil through the oil cooler until 90 C and I believe was fully open at 100. It took often 10 or 15 minutes longer to reach the 90 C than the coolant did to reach operating temperature. In winter the oil was too cold. I had intended to insulate the oil pan for winter driving. I would avoid any boost until the oil was up to 90, or at least 80 in the winter, if I could. The sender unit was in the oil pan howeveras part of the drain plug. I sometimes wondered how this affected the reading and whether it was ok to let the turbo kick in when even after half an hour of driving, the oil was still showing as being too cold.

  • We’ll eventually realize cannabis has utterly destroyed societies by causing a weakness in judgment abilities. Judgment can be bad but also very good so you can judge what’s best for your life.
    Cannabis use is very high in the most defective parts of societies. And they’ll blame everyone but cannabis.

  • The old “dont turn your car off right after running it hard” was a characteristic of 80’s and 90’s turbo cars, hence people installing Turbo Timers. Modern Turbo cars including Subaru’s now continue to circulate oil even after you turn it off. Some cars like Audi’s have electric pumps that continue to run even after you turn them off. That tip is for old school turbo cars.

  • In my Audi A3 2.0TDI 2011 i believe the oil is cooled by The engine coolant thru a heat exanger, this also make the oil heat up much faster. I can tell from the oil temp reading in the car.

  • You are a couple decades late on these cautions.
    *Many (most?) of today’s advanced turbocharged cars have oil-to-water coolers that warm the oil with the coolant, and they also have circulating pumps that continue to circulate coolant and/or oil through the turbo after shutdown.
    *Regarding lugging boosted engines, modern ECU’s know more than you think, and won’t do the things that you have heard on the grapevine. There are individual cylinder knock sensors that prevent the situation you heard about (from unreliable sources, it appears).
    *Same is true for low grade fuels. While it is true that you will reduce performance and efficiency with low R+M/2 ratings, modern ECU’s will protect the engine.
    *Your “slip angle” discussion is irrelevant. Of course there will be changes in front and rear slip angles, but that’s true of all cars, whether turbo or not, FWD, RWD, or AWD, braking, coasting, or accelerating. It’s what cars do.

  • Well done not just text book smart do much the same for the car i drive did this for the semi oh sure nothing major will likely happen (to all the “super smart”) especiall the newer compterized cars ( if everthing is working properly) the older engines required more use of “the computer on our sholders called a brain) but even with the newer engines a person will get better milage ( waiting until over the hill to aclerate helps lots too E=mc2 ) yruclers especially and you really dont know whats over the hill too so it saves the brakes aswell But who cares we r all ” anxious” to get somewhere ussuall its hurry up and waite Not always about hurry save what we have ( next time your wife or family ( or freind even a stranger) asks for something remember its what we “keep” sometimes is important so we can share with others ph 1 403 830 4124 tks C U

  • How do those seats compare to other leather Subaru seats. I’m trying to find the most side bolstered Subaru leather seats available for the liberty.

  • Imagine giving advice that would be fit for some rustbucket Cletus built in his shed in the 70s, implying it applies to modern cars.

  • 1 pretty important with turbocharged engines is to not turn it off straight away after parking the car,give it few seconds to cool down it reduces wear on the turbo and can be seen in modified cars that before turning off timer will go from 15 seconds before engine dies

  • A lot of modern cars have small turbo’s which are efficient from as low as 1500-1800rpm. They monitor parameters like air flow to inject the correct amount of fuel and Knock to retard and advance timing if pinking is detected due to pre-ignition.

    Tuned vehicles fitted with larger aftermarket turbo’s are another beast altogether, supporting modifications and a good mapper are key to safety.

  • Hi doctor am quite skinny person. Am I still the candidate for fat transfer? I have done the fillers twice but considering the fat transfer next year to improve the volume loss as my doctor advised the fillers last only for 10 months.

  • It’s not about using carful throttle on the exit, it’s about going into the corner in a gear that puts you in the meat of the power i.e. turbo already spun up. If you have a good handling car as you pass the apex you can give it the full beans and suffer next to no understeer or oversteer.

  • 3 good reasons? I think there are at least 30 good reason to not move to Portugal
    Undeveloped, poor, rubbish job market with the lowest wages in western Europe,
    Portuguese are migrating out of Portugal at record levels so think about that for a second.
    And the Portuguese language is not that useful or easy to learn either

  • Synthetic oil flows easy, even in ty winter, start and go,… EcoBoost 3.5 will circulate oil Even after you shut it 3.5 EcoBoost rpm lives at 2000 and less..

  • Can u make a video about gastric ballon how much weight will I lose how will it affect my body! Is it ok to leave it for a year in my stomach or should I get the 6 months ballon! Please answer me❤️also do u do this procedure?

  • you do know the engine pumps oil the moment the engine turns, the water temp wont rise until the engine is warm and the thermostat opens, and as for turning your hot engine off, have you ever red the manual of a turbo charged car, remember reading one and it was something like after driving at 120mph for 30 mins allow your engine to cool down for 30 seconds, so basic.. the length of your driveway at low speed should be fine, and if you aint superposed to go fast, why do you have a turbo charged car, wish i could un watch this video

  • Do you have any model price since I can’t afford hundred of thousands for my nose, this is really my insecurities since I’m a victim of bullying due to my appearance or nose especially, i hope i can get lower amount, thanks

  • I had a blepharoplasty with fat transfer in the hollows below my eyes. Doc did a great job. Later lost 20 pounds and had a face/neck lift with more fat grafting. It worked out great again. I don’t even want to think how bad I’d look now if I hadn’t had these procedures. Now I almost look as young as I feel. It was totally worth it.

  • Does Clegenatur Methods really work? I see many people keep on speaking about Clegenatur Methods. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to have bigger and firmer breast naturally.

  • What about overtime results?
    How does that compare to fillers overtime?
    You’ve mentioned previously that fillers can migrate.. what about fat?

  • I can relate so much on your need for pet friendly space, even if in my case it’s my dog. I’m planning on moving to Australia next year and so many people (parents included) cannot understand why I must take my dog with me, they’re all like “it’s just a dog” and I’m like “whaaaaat??”. My dog and my girlfriend are my family, cannot live happily without them, even if I was going to live in the best place on earth. I’d much rather live in a small ugly house than in a luxury mansion where my dog is not allowed.

  • I’m aging gracefully thank God but as a single mom and scared of someday them leaving the nest and being alone.. I would like to stay forever young but not go too far with procedures… I have always wanted to try filler but was always scared of using unnatural products to my face with this video it seems that it’s the right thing to go for because you can reverse it… I loved the tips and thank you for the excellent explanation… looking good Dr. ❤

  • This is good to know. I’m transferring to study Dietetics next fall. I’m excited and nervous. Do you have any tips for studying chemistry? I’m struggling a little bit. I absolutely love science but not all subjects come very easily. Thanks!

  • Would you really want to retire in a city? Most of this is straight forward, research before making such a move. I spent nearly 6 months in Portugal, it’s cheaper compared to the UK for sure. lands cheaper and plenty of communities around mixed with people from all over Europe. The summers are great with plenty to do and winters can be cold, just as it should be.
    If you spend enough time in one place then becomes like everywhere else. For me Portugal has got everything i want, sun/sea/business opportunities/loads of festivals/mixed population/game hunting {sea and land} and for an European country which offers a western lifestyle, it’s really not that expensive compared with other locations I’ve been in.

  • I had a consult for fillers using hyaluronic acid. Said they would only last 9 to 12 months. Under both eyes and temples would cost 1,400 and need to be repeated every year. So I’m not sure how you get 10 years. I’d like to hear view Dr Gavin. Thanks, Mark in Sydney.

  • Hiii… I am a undergraduate student studying dietetics in India.. I am a second year student.. I am extremely passionate about my career I wanna know how should I keep myself updated and what other things can I do to add value and pull myself up… I am really looking forward to your reply.. Loved your video there are really helpful and helped me to see the reality of my profession..

  • I appreciate your wise reminder to tread carefully. You are so right that where the ex-pats go, it is common for a local “ecosystem” to come along to help relieve them of their money. I lived in Mexico from ’05 to ’09, and living abroad is SO much nicer if you do NOT live around ex-pats. If you really want to live in a foreign country, LIVE THERE. Don’t expect it to be like home. And learn the language! Anyway, thanks, you two, for a helpful and just-the-right-length vid.

  • I am 22 years old, I work 5 am in airport 5 times a week, my face looks soo tired even I eat healthy (vegetarian and gluten free) I sleep 8 hours a day but still my face is changing. I work 1 year and my face changed very much.
    I was thinking about fillers about fat fillers because I am young I want look nice and I don’t want to get old fast!!
    Please help me choose the best.

  • It all comes down to one thing “”money””if you don’t have a good monthly “”pension”” don’t even think about going to any country, plus you need to travel you need to do extensive homework and then if you do decide you need to learn the language and if you don’t do that then you’re a fool.

  • Why would people comment on the number of your rings??? It’s all about honing it down to what truly truly truly brings us Joy and then get rid of the rest. Is the movie your referring to Robinson Crusoe???

  • Im a 42 year old male. I had a fat transfer from my abdomen to my face. It was the worst decision of my life. The doctor put the fat on the wrong side of my face creating an asymmetric nightmare. Ive waited two years to absorb the fat and am now finally back to square one. Had i gotten a second opinion when this procedure was recommended I most certainly would have gotten fillers.

  • I have very hollow tear through and been wanting to fill them in for around 10 years but the results scares me ��

    I have done a lot of research about it and a surgeon (specialised on the eye area) in my country says that he doesn’t do hyaluronic acid and only fat transfer because the skin in very thin under the eyes and fillers tends to give a blueish color
    What is you opinion on that?
    Thanks a lot ��

  • I think fat transfer is better because its from our own body not some “foreign object”
    Wish i could afford fat transfer to my lips or butt �� thank you for this video!!

  • My question is what is better for the cheeks the fat transfer or the fillers since is a wider area compared to lips or lines. Thank you for your feed back

  • My face needs double chin lipo, buccal fat removal and some chin filler. I am going to have the fat removal procedures later this year. It would make sense for me to ask the doctor to put some of my double chin fat in my chin, but I am unsure whether I should go this route, or just ask for the lipo and have filler injected later in my chin.
    On one hand, the fat transfer would be a one and done thing, but on the other hand, what of the doctor overfills my chin? Or gives me a shape I don’t like? I feel like I would have more control over the HA filler as it takes several sessions to get there. I could say stop whenever I feel like I have enough chin projection in my profile.

  • Can you please give us your honest opinion about ultherapy? I went to the best praticioner in uK for such procedure and I had horrible results, I look 10 years older, my muscle reduce in volume I think, my face shrank! Immediate after I saw a little improvement but after 6 months I started aging like time was passing at fast pace! damage look irreversible! Is there something we can do to improve the situation?

  • thanks for this video, I still have seen negative reviews from people who got fat transfers. Some of the fat reabsorbed in the face while some didn’t, leaving a bumpy complexion. FYI commenters

  • Do you ever do pro bono for a person who has suffered from having very small breast all of their life. Would you help them? Perhaps do a payment schedule! Of approximately $100. Monthly?
    Or do you know a Doctor Who would be so kind?

  • I’m watching this video just to make sure I never do anything to my face when I get older, what’s wrong with aging? we’re humans smh

  • I actually had fat taken out from under my chin (50cc) through liposuction, and re-injected around my nose (the upper smile lines), just to give myself a fresher look. I wasn’t going to have it re-injected at first, and was primarily bothered by the slight amount of fat under my chin, but I thought why waste it when I can make use of some of it. This way, I don’t have to go back for fillers in that area for many years I suppose. I’m quite happy with the outcome.

    FYI, I had this procedure at the age of 39, and I’m 40 this year. I started playing wisely with fillers and Botox since the age of 34. I get my Botox in some areas (not all) every 4 months now, other areas can last up to 6 months.

  • I literally saw da common atomic bomb meme wen he put da gas cap onto the fuel tank door……smh never knew dis………..n I’m 25…

  • I must say THANK YOU IMMENSELY!!!! You are full of valuable knowledge & wisdom… and your LOVE for your Profession speaks loudly. I actually have my BS in another field, have been out of school for ages/decades (LOL), live in NC, but that process regarding Internships concern me especially if I am already settled. The question comes to mind, will I have to move? Can I find an accredited program locally? I have been thinking about becoming an RD for a couple of years now, just didn’t know of any until I found your videos. I’m so grateful for your transparency! Thanks again & abundant blessings to you!!!

  • Concrete jungle never appealing to those that experienced the beautiful views in Europe or lifestyle. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and I love the excitement and energy of the city, but I can’t be in that long term. I love the peace of nature and minimal popution from exhaust emissions.

  • Thank you so much for the informative video! Quick question for Dr. Gavin Chan: can filler that has already moved (for instance lips or nose, usually upwards, as you have explained in other videos) still be completely dissolved by injecting hyaluronidase?

  • I can tell you really love being a DietitianKeep up the good work & I hope your passion only continues to grow as you progress in your career! I would add a couple of Bad/Ugly:

    1. For the amount of schooling & knowledge we are required to have, we could stand to get paid a little better, especially when compared to other Allied Health Professions.

    2. That whole internship Match thing… Enough said!

    3. Low Albumin Consults!!!

    Best wishes to ya!

  • Dr. Chan, I have a slightly sunken in left cheek. Would you recommend Sculptra or another type filler? How do you feel about Sculptra? And of course another wonderful video, thank you!!

  • Can you please do a video on Botox please. I really enjoy this video on fillers. It’s it true the filler dissolving substance disrupts your natural collagen, is that true?

  • Thank you for the sharing your thoughts. For someone like me who wants to move to Portugal, what I’d like to hear more is the living situation there, the cost, the transportation process, taxes, at least 3 things I need to keep in mind and if it’s best to rent vs. buy a home or apartment. ��

  • I have a question If you answer I’ll be very thankful. A year ago I did filler treatment for my cheeks and the lady injected wrong to the blood vessel and caused infection for two months. After that They couldn’t treat the infection I was swollen in my cheek and finally, doctors cut my face to take the infection away. Later on, after I removed the patches the scar appears a lot and my cheeks own fat is gone. So one side of my face is dropped and even my eye is pulled by the scar. Doctors recommend a fat transplant to restore fat in my cheek. My question is what do you recommend for me is it better with fillers or fat? I don’t want to touch my face again after this problem fixed. If I do filler I have to do it once a while to keep the volume as the other side of my face. I ‘ll be happy if you give me some advice.

  • I was waiting to hear about the Longevity of fat transfer in the face versus filler. Specifically, in the under eye area I have read that fat transfers last longer than filler and look more natural while filler in this area has a tendency to migrate downward and create bags. I would love to hear your take on the longevity of fat transfer versus fillers, or how they age differently. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dude you look so depressed! Lighten Up! I lived in Colombia and was there for 3 years and made an effort to learn the language and I am fluent 20 years later…..What you thought that they were going to make an exception for you? Happiness is within and moving someplace else is not going to make you any happier if you were not already happy and you were probably miserable before you left wherever you were before! Move to Antarctica or the North Pole and I will almost guarantee that nobody will bother you there and you will have plenty of space and no New expat to rain on your parade!

  • For the sake of people and Portuguese Economy please do beforehand a test valid for travel within 24 hours,Portugal is a friendly country,and even if you upon arrival test done and confirmation come positive please be assure you will be taken good care,but first hand make sure you come with test clear to pop in Portugal,..

  • If you need to listen to this guy to help make a decision about a move to Portugal or any country, then you should stay where you are!

  • “Weed might effect the memory” disregard every other factor that could have gone into those results. such as method of consumption. strain. whether they combined it with other drugs. the dangers of using tainted water in a bong. moldy weed. NO NO NO WEED IS BAD!!! NO OTHER EXPLANATION!!!!

    “Marijuana psychosis”? Can the science world get on that and disprove it? Once again the only factor was marijuana? Nothing else?

    Hilarious that you show the person consuming coffee when going through “withdrawal”. So funny that you would subtly show the most widely consumed drug on the planet in such a positive light while bashing weed.

    Is this video a joke? It sounds like the writers have NEVER gotten high. I can’t believe this was made in 2019…

  • What a stupid video. I wouldn’t move anywhere without extensive research, cultural affinity, language knowledge, and having a genetic Portuguese background.

  • Old porsh widow maker������ easy dose it in a rwd turbo. I’ll never have a rwd big turbo. I like to push in twistys������ fwd/awd saves lives. God bless audi������������

  • i been smoking since 15…fcuk, i cant remember birthdays ever. but the best times to negotiate with a client is when i am high, because i can say “no” while laughing.

  • See, click, like… What else is there to do? Patricia you are always so accurate, curated and no fluff. Thanks for being you, quirky and a cat mom ��

  • This is pretty eye opening. I’m in school for dietetic technology. I’ve read up on how severe the medical combinations could be. So this is very helpful.

  • What I love about this channel, is the fact you do not limit your creative flow and style, for the sake of minimalist perfection. You keep it open and honest yet fresh at the same time. I’m an ambivert too, just trying to live intentionally whilst rocking great outfits..

  • I think you are wrong in your assumption. When the person decide to retire in some place hopefully they did intelligently research. Yes, Portugal is cheaper than US and the quality of life is better in several ways. Why the person can not learn the language? It is difficult as the person is getting older, but still anyone can learn. Your video has no specificity, so do your homework before

  • Total clickbait title. Reason 1 was that it became popular on social media promotions. Reason 2: it appears relatively cheap. Reason 3: you don’t think expats learn the language….I don’t think this warranted a video lol

  • Ten years living in Portugal, i can give you three good reasons NOT to move to Portugal. 1. The annual fires got hit twice. 2. The red tape/getting anything done it’s like walking through treacle. 3. The heat from June to September it’s like living on Mars

  • 9:50 Dr Gavin not everyone is patient lol, and please set lil bit away from where is the camera I feel like you coming out of my laptop loooooolz. and I like you idk why

  • We have lived here 6 years now, we mainly only have Portuguese friends and speak Portuguese.
    We work our farm for our living. we even helped paint all the benches in our village and built the large Christmas fire in the square. Portugal is our home now so it is only natural to want to integrate but many do not which i think is sad.
    We have started a channel about our farm life

  • I love to step down the pedal on my FF, with good tyres it tends to be less understeer, it feels really balanced that way:) but 150 hp can’t harm so much.

  • Another thumbs down here. 1. I was not told to go to Portugal. 2. I do not listen to what ‘people’ say….and so on. This video doesn’t say much about Portugal, and sounds like the person making it doesn’t know that much about Portugal. It’s always reasonable to know a range of things, and have explored before deciding on where to go.
    Why do people think of living in Portugal may be another side to this.
    1. For investing half a million Euro in the country one is permitted to live there. This would be a rather goo house price.
    2. Climate is the ‘Goldilocks’ of Europe, with much of the country neither going over 30 maximum to 10 minimum.
    3. Proximity to European countries and UK, if one is British. I’m Scottish, and live in Australia. My health can neither survive cold or Australia’s worsening heat.
    4. Public transport and human rights. The region I live in, the state government sells all public assets, destroys the railways and completely neglects older people and those with disabilities etc. It’s isolation and parochial mindedness is horrific and dysfunctional. I need a civilized country to live in.
    ) The negatives may be bush fires from drying weather and stupidly planting Australian Eucalyptus trees. There is some Earthquake activity. Portuguese language is not as ‘pretty’ as Italian, but knowing some French, Italian or Spanish will help…..Just keep learning. Where else is there to go? [New Zealand requires $1million for immigration from Australia, but not for refugees.]

  • Canada has long winters, but there are inexpensive places to live here…as long as you know you’re in the north, again, I repeat long winters. New Brunswick, for one, is beautiful, lots of wildlife, no jobs, but that’s why it’s cheap to live there. Leave your guns in America, and leave your whining attitude (you sound a bit entitled) in America too. How did you get this far in life with such a negative attitude? I agree with the Portugese-all those entitled American (and some Canadian) retirees have hiked up the cost of living so the locals can’t afford to stay in their own country. That’s sad.

  • May I ask why does liposuction look so rough? The thrusting of the needle seems very scary to me or like you could hit something important though you are the doctor please let me know.

  • There`s no doubt here. This ED treatment really works. From just what I have noticed, the outcome is fantastic. Before I had been lost but this time I`ve found my drive all over again, like a young blood. My overall performance is a lot greater this time. My health has improve and I am observing that I`m getting bigger. Both of us observed the differences compared before. I wouldn`t ask for more than this.. Looking for this guide on Google, name of this tip is Kαylo Bacumlo
    thank you

  • Well it’s cheaper than the rest of Europe for example and cheaper than the most of the western civilazed countries to start with!!!! Of course it will be more expensive than any of the poorer and developing countries, also because of the euro being quite a strong currency.

  • Hey Kim i have a few questions! 1) do you have any advice for people like me who wants to become a dietitian?

    2) How do you think the job outlook is? Do you think that in the next few years, there will be a higher need for clinical dietitians(what i would like to become)?

    3) What is the ratio of male to female dietitians? I see alot of women dietitians and was wondering if men can thrive too and if being a male dietitian is a good thing?

  • Things have changed in Portugal since you made this vid. That paying zero in taxes for 10 years on foreign pensions is gone…its now 10 %. The tourist economy is bust so a big revenue producer is gone. Now some bloggers are off to Philippines and this is so wonderful now…gotta keep those patron accounts liquid. Anyhow, I have been researching moving there for 2 years now and the trips there were the most valuable…talking to locals and getting the inside info. Besides it is always cheaper being a native than a foreigner. There is quite a difference in rent and house prices depending on who you talk to.

  • First of all… your first reason is just untrue… A great place to live is not simply picked from a map and endorsed. There are reasons why Portugal is finally being sought out by non Portuguese people. Portugal is a very peaceful country with reasonable and up to date health care, even for foreigners! Portugal is not only Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve.. Those three areas are the most expensive parts of the country because of tourism… There are many beautiful places in Portugal that are actually quite cheap in comparison to the touristy areas, or any other place in Europe that has the same wants from tourists and foreigners looking to retire in
    . Also, most people speak English in Portugal. Even in small towns. Nice to learn the language, because that would mean that you are evolving in language skills, which is never a loss or waste of time for you. Portugal has a lot to offer to many many people… History, food, wine, beach, mountains, ease of navigating from North to South… I am sorry, but your video holds absolutely no merit!! I live in Portugal. I have been here since 2008, when Portugal was still not “discovered”… I have a car… my insurance is 200 euro per year. This includes windows and tow service for free. I could only dream of that in North America. Yes, I speak Portuguese, but If I did not speak the language, it would not be an issue for me as there are many English speaking public service employees around… Oh… And yes, I live in a small town in Northern Portugal, where most people probably think that that people are still living in the dark ages. When you go out and make a video such as this one… you need to know WTF you are talking about!

  • Im glad you just didnt go harsh or anything and you have REASONS. VALID REASONS. So thanks for not actually bein rude to my country.

  • I am portuguese and I do not know if Portugal is the best place for o foreigner to live but I am convicted the is the world best place to live compared with others countries, if you do not know local language.

  • U should seriously watch forks over knives or read the book prevent and reverse heart disease soooo interesting about a huge study conducted or the book the China study

  • As for point 3 about lugging, how does this apply to automatic boxes? While in DRIVE (and not locked gears), you can’t really lug your engine as it downshifts automatically as soon as you would reach that point. So I’d want to assume it doesn’t apply at all?

  • next video it wud be gud if u will sound more energetic, looks like some one forcng u to shoot the video. got bored in less than 2 mins. LOL

  • My number one reason to move abroad is to get away from Americans and American culture, so wherever they are going is not where I’m going.

  • The company We Do Wood has this really beautiful chair called Nomad Chair that can be dismounted into a quite small ”package”, and I instantly thought of you, both with your lifestyle but it might be your aestethics too. It’s bloody expensive though��

  • the 3rd reason isnt exclusive to portugal, its applicable to any non-english speaking country and is based on pure self-entitlement of people from the US that dont even bother to try to learn a language of the country they move to, yet spend their lives complaining about immigrants in the US speaking in their native language in their communities (and those learn english and speak english out of their families)

  • Your neutral and simple space concept is something I really agree with. A pet friendly environment and good COFFEE is also a must. Looking back I am realizing that I am agreeing wholeheartedly with your needs as time goes by.

  • Portugal is a cheap country when compared to most European countries, which are the natural term of comparison.

    Of course salaries are also low (when compared to the same countries) and we the locals do not think that living here is cheap.

    Anyway, anyone considering moving to Portugal or anywhere else should make informed decisions and not follow trends or “best place to retire” labels.

    As for the language learning, with the exception of some older generations in rural areas, locals speak pretty good english and sometimes spanish and french.

    And even if they don’t, they will find a way to help anyway. So that’s probably one of the reasons why some expats don’t bother learning portuguese.

    Nevertheless, we do appreciate when they take the time and effort to learn our beautiful language, as they should when moving on a permanent basis.

  • I’m 13, and I want to try weed. I am not worried about getting addicted. BUT, I know I am going to feel the guilt… HARD, and it is going to be on my conscience. I really don’t want my family to find out. Anyone have any stories about their first time or any advise? I know ur probably gonna say something sarcastic about my age but it’s worth a try asking

  • Lol at the jewelry �� I am a jewelry person too and feel naked without it. Your funky rings and jewelry make your outfits perfectly YOU. Who wants to look like everyone else..?

  • Cheap in relation to the country you move from, i.e. Western World, you dont need to learn portuguese to live in Portugal, portuguese speak english good enough to communicate.

  • You don’t need to learn Portuguese in a country where 90% of it’s population speaks English. I included! ��
    Seriously. Did you even made any research about our country??? ��

  • It’s amazing if a foreigner goes to USA, they need to speak English, and if not some lady gonna tell you (this is America we speak English����‍♂️) but if an American goes abroad it’s no problem not learning the country’s language, people can discuss many points about this all day, but in the end just shows that the U.S education system and majority of people or don’t count on going abroad, or are just ignorant about it. Just like most European countries and many other countries that in schools chose a second language (English) and knows how to speak, Americans also have Spanish throughout their education, but you don’t see them talking Spanish when they go to Latino countries. It’s CRAZY ��

  • Have you ever regretted becoming a dietitian or thought about switching to another field because of the level of respect dietitians often get? I’m trying to decide whether I really want to become a dietitian. Thanks!

  • In the beginning, would say that all these UK guys can happily stay home, so we are saved from the bullshit of “saving economy” through all the bullshit media. Is usually just British plumbers spoiling the coasts…

  • What if I have already fillers in my cheeks and nasolabial, can I still transfer fat in my face? In other words can I ‘layer’ fillers?

  • How many male dietitians are there? I’m in my undergrad at Otago and there are barely any male budding dietitians! Is this a global trend?

  • #1 reason is 1755 10x. 100k deaths. Soon a historical Tsunami will wipe out the country. The early warning system will not work. The Sun is rapidly detoriateing the Earth’s magnetic field. Get out while you can!

  • This video really explains why the Chevy Cruze had so many problems. People weren’t educated on how to drive these cars correctly let alone maintain them correctly that it caused issues like the cracked pistons.

  • As a Portuguese national who has and is living abroad, I do not have any plans to return to Portugal. It may seem very attractive to foreigners because they are tourists, and their income comes from somewhere else, but for me, there is very little attractive about it. So by all means, do your research, and visit first before you actually move.

  • I’m 13, and I want to try weed. I am not worried about getting addicted. BUT, I know I am going to feel the guilt… HARD, and it is going to be on my conscience. I really don’t want my family to find out. Anyone have any stories about their first time or any advise? I know ur probably gonna say something sarcastic about my age but it’s worth a try asking

  • I’ve lived all over the world n I still do by having a home base in the U.S. for about 3 mos outta the year. I live in various other counties by the month. I speak English, German n enf Turkish to get around but found everywhere I roam they all speak English! I don’t recommend anyone selling everything n just moving without doing research on that of where you want to live. I do recommend on renting an Airbnb in the areas you do want to live for about a month n get a feel for that area. What works for one may not work for another, I for one can’t stay in one place for too long, having that military life in me keeps me moving. Happy traveling n enjoy your journeys! ��✌

  • If you have to be coached on how to live cheaply elsewhere, you’re in trouble!
    The most invasive species isn’t a plant.. it’s hoardes of people that still haven’t found what they’re looking for. ��

  • A couple of friends of mine moved away from Portugal and went to live in the USA! Today, they are dealing with a country where its lessons to the World proved that there is never a good reason to trust those who beat their closed fists on their chests and shout “We are the greatest”! They end up not to be! But still, they went to live there for the same reason they got married.. they love the country for the better and for the worse! So maybe your viewers should not move to Portugal by following someone’s advice but maybe they should move to Portugal and ignore yours!

  • of course you don’t wanna move to that part of Portugal, you din’t even saw lisbon, (guys i live in portugal lisbon big as fack) lol

  • I like you even more now that I know you don’t drink! I feel the same way. I’ve wasted so many days feeling like yuck the next day. No more!

  • Insightful video. You must learn to speak the language & at least be conversational in that language. I am retired USA Military so going to Portugal or any other country I will not be that hard.

  • My Portuguese relative have done almost everything to get out of Portugal. My brother came to Alberta, Canada, got a min wage job & he more then double what he made in a decent job in Portugal.

  • The hair looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing these ideas. You never cease to make me question how much stuff I actually need. For me, the process of minimalizing has been about understanding and reducing external and internal chaos. You’re so right when you’ve said there is no end point in minimalism.

  • Great! essentials. I think expression is a big part of how we are as humans your first essentials were a great reminder of this. Plus you curate everything to practically fit your life which is sooooo…well…essential. Side note on the introvert/extrovert thing-perhaps your an ambivert-someone smack dab in the middle?!?!? I recently learned that was a thing. But again perhaps thats just another weird label. haha

  • Thanks for this info its great…do fillers or fat grafting help crepy skin? Sorry I did think fillers but didnt want yhe generic look…then someone said fat grafting is best as helps the skin look better and more natural….��??��

  • Man, you’re just a sad hater. Only by the film one can that you’re biased, partial, and even claiming the opposite, bashing Portugal.
    You’re just ridiculous, and talking about what you ignore.
    Keep hating and pretending not.

  • I don’t believe,what you saying,is always good Time to retire to Portugal,you need to look in your budget,and you find something,land or property….

  • My husband and I just spent a week camping in Colorado. After two nights in the tent, my air mattress and I moved to the car which will be where I camp from now on. Thumb like.

  • You know.. maybe you got so much colour within you.. that you need empty canvas around you! Otherwise you would maybe get overwhelmed:)
    Ps: a lot of prisoners come to believe in their prison cells!:)

  • The blue of the sweater really brings out the color of your eyes. Actually all the colors looks very nice.

    I moved to a rural area and it has really improved my life. Growing up I always thought I wanted to live in a big city but as an adult I found cities overwhelmingly stressful. So I discarded that dream and am living it up in semi-seclusion.

  • there is health care just by the name, taking money and no service. very expensive compare to working 12 hours per day 6 days per week. housing are also expensive 350 euro for small room shared with 6 or 7 people in a appartment, even has no window( Portuguese style). they just smile to invite tourists maybe for short period of time later everyone know what is going on..

  • You are very interesting. I am a maximalist but I have done the boho travel and live as you go lifestyle. Fascinating! I wo der what asyro sign you are? Thx for thE chat. ��

  • Basically, don’t abuse the accelerator like in a naturally aspirated engine, roll on the gas to build up boost then get a tad more aggressive in high RPM’s and then roll off (but not off u want to get a sweet ass bang 😉 )

  • I have been home so much the last 5 months your channel really resonates so much it always did but even more so now. My living room is now a sofa and a coffee table and a yoga mat. Slowly items are exiting my home, by the time this is over it will be me, the dog and my laptop ��

  • I have one completely empty wall in my tiny place. It took me almost a year of slowly decluttering and getting rid of my stuff and huge bookcase at the end of it to make it happen. I love this empty wall. I know exactly what you mean when you said that you need negative space. It’s funny because every time someone visits me, people always focus on that wall. I’ve been asked multiple times what I’m planning to do with it and I got tons of suggestion what I should do. Shockingly to some I just want to keep it empty.

  • As someone who is really interested in a healthy holistic lifestyle, i was really thinking about becoming an rd, but i know that an rd major will not cover LIFE for real, like exercise and living as a whole, which is the approach I believe in instead of recommending processed jello. But the problem with the more natural or holistic route is the certification, and that alternative medicine in general is considered “quack” but i still think is has some right to it, but its hard to choose and to be involved in this kind of dilemma between natural health advocates and dietitians and drs etc..
    I believe that having a healthy lifestyle and being as close to nature as possible is the way to go to maybe help heal a lot of problems
    Im a high school graduate and still dont really know what i want to do, and if it is worth it, and do i want to pursue it:/ and if going into becoming and rd or for example study holistic nutrition online is the right thing to do, or maybe become a naturopath?. i hope you can help me if you can ❤️ thanks for the video

  • Urgent help needed, i did fat transfer to my forehead to try and remove the frown lines about 5 yrs ago and later on this fat transfer seem to have migrated a little bit higher and i ended up with 2 small lumps which are disturbing and embarrasing, how can i be able to fix this? I am still hoping that maybe one day a true expert can help me.

  • You’ve got my thumb like.:) I quit drinking this year, and it’s the best decision I’ve made, like ever. Love your content. Happy vibes.

  • I agree with you,. Who cares what others think, the older you get the lass you care…, the only thing that I would consider is having a few things for a earthquake, medication and maybe a book on How to do medical procedures. No one ever thinks about an earthquake but they do happen everywhere. He won’t be able to go to a hospital. Just something to think about.

  • Haha, you could own a 1000 pieces of jewellery and I’d still consider you a minimalist if you used the heck outta them and loved every single piece �� I code and I have so many specific use electronics on my desk that most people wouldn’t consider essential, but I use em all everyday and would feel handicapped even if one was missing ��

  • I really really love your content! Buuuut, I can’t deal with how many times you mention your patreon. “This is discussed on my patreon, this is in more detail on my patreon, I discuss these things on my patreon”. I’m sorry but you probably get most of your income through youtube and I can’t help but feel constantly that you’re superficial on here or don’t care to discuss important, interesting things unless we’re paying you monthly. It makes me at least not feel at all connected to you, because it’s like you don’t care about your fan base or bonding with people, it’s just about the money they give you.

  • This was so interesting, loved this idea!! �� Also, I completely relate to picking Airbnb’s based on how a space feels visually! ��

  • hahaahahahahahaha…… well you have no idea…. the only thing you said well is to do your own research, the rest you just talk rubbish

  • It’s a very interesting view. Having moved from country to country in the past I would never use those reasons to explain my thesis of “why not to move to blah”.
    Cost of living varies from year to year, from city to city. Anyone that moves to another country and then finds out the cost of living is higher/lower than expected, failed on their research, plain and simple. The cost of living in Portugal, like anywhere else in the world, is going to depend on where and how you want to live. The language thing is “interesting”, how does Portuguese people knowledge and accommodation of your language prevent you from learning theirs? How can this ever be a negative point?

  • I move to lisbon in a month for about 6 months to work. I will earn about 1.4k Net a month. Your opinions?

    Will I have a good time?

  • Hi! I love your videos i just found your YouTube page last week. Im very interested in going to school for dietitian. I would love to ask you some questions about school and health questions. Do you have an email or a way you can contact me?

  • I agree with you with the instant coffee and alcohol and sun and… everything! Would you do a chill camping vid? That would be fun to watch ☮️

  • I feel so much better since I’ve stopped drinking. I would get headaches after drinking, even having only a little and drinking water to prevent dehydration.

  • Hi, love your videos:) I wanted to ask if you feel safe roaming around alone and living alone? And how much do you rely on friends and family for emotional support? I am just curious, and was thinking about how easy Australia is for a single woman:)

  • So the best advice is don’t buy a delicate Subaru. Especially one with a turbo. Also, don’t drive your car off a cliff before the engine warms up.

  • Ok, maybe the movie is called “Swept Away”. It’s a very old movie with subtitles where the only two people on the island is a man and a woman. I think they made a more modern one after the original. I really liked the original better. Great movie even if it is not the one that inspired you. Also, I’m curious, could I ask how Gary Jefferies got his name? ��

  • If you love the sun as much as you said you should definitely come to brazil and have some good time experiencing our culture!! Xx

  • I would rather be a Nutritionist (I am sure there is a difference between them and dieticians) and I can only do an online degree and the AND site did not give me the information I am looking for. Do they have to be the ultimate source of what schools I can attend that will be recognized as accredited enough to be recognized for me to be able to take a registration exam?

  • Very interesting. Glad you got a van. The next vehicle I get I want to be able to sleep in so I can do some traveling. I remember walking into the home of a relative and her surfaces were so free, clean and uncluttered, that left a lasting impression on me. It is really amazing how a movie or book or just a few moments experience can effect us.

  • When you have almost no body fat to be able to transfer ��

    I hate fillers and would LOVE to do fat transfer! But my skinny ass can’t produce enough fat to get lipo or even a single transfer! �� give anything to gain 25 lbs so I don’t look like a twig ��

  • I hate clutter, love walking and exercise and cannot live without my coffee! Great video and your natural look and attitude to life is beautiful! ��

  • I so agree with you about the mattress in the back of the van when you’re camping. I love camping but I am now at an age where sleeping on the ground, even with the inflatable mats, It’s too uncomfortable. And camping isn’t about just sleeping in a tent, It’s about everything else you get to do around it.Hiking, exploring, discovering creation..

  • This is quite boring to watch.
    Why is Portugal appealing to folks who retire? Not the cost of living, it’s about 20% cheaper, that’s all.
    Now, what does people like about Portugal, it has 300 days of sun per year, not much crime, food is excellent, scenery is nice, the architecture is old and historic. Live goes slowly, no rush, it’s in Europe, cheap to travel to the UK, France, Germany.
    East to reach the attlantic Coast or the Mediterranean, gorgeous beaches, easy to drive to Spain.
    3 airports, 3 good soccer teams, 3 beer brands, many different wines.
    Marinas to Dock your boat, small local food markets and other massive malls.
    It’s a Catholic country with a the apparition of Fátima. No terrorism, no coup d’état, safe for women and men alike. Do you want more?

  • Hi Patricia! Yesterday I used your organic basics discount to purchase two turtlenecks and the taupe bodysuit!! I’m so happy and excited about the purchase, as I’ve been longing for high quality ethical basics and didn’t really know where to find them, thank you:)
    Love from Portugal xx