Stop Muscle Cramps Rapidly Using These 4 Tips


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5 Easy Ways to Relieve & Prevent Leg Cramps

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Check Your Diet. Increasing your intake of electrolyte-rich foods, particularly potassium, calcium, and magnesium, is one of the best ways to stop muscle cramps. We all tend to get enough sodium in our diets, but many individuals struggle to get in sufficient quantities of the other three major electrolytes. Stretch the area cramping and try to relax. Lastly, try some anti-inflammatory meds to fight off those intolerable cramps.

If you follow these tips and still have cramps, please do yourself a favor and get it checked out. There could be some medical complications that could impact your heart. You know, your heart is a muscle too. Massage can be a great way to relieve physical pain and muscle cramps.

Gently rub the muscle that’s in spasm. For a persisting back spasm, try pinching the area around it hard and holding the pinch. Swimming is the effective stretch for muscle you should try. It is said that moving the muscle in water will alleviate the pain and soreness caused by muscle cramps.

Moreover, cold water is effective in treating pain and inflammation. Stretching before and after exercise will help you to prevent the muscle cramps. Stop Muscle Cramps Quickly With These 4 Tips Cramps stitches,*charlie horses There are a bunch of names. Muscle spasms ruin your workout, hinder your performance at a powerlifting competition, and are just literally a pain in the butt.*If you’ve had to deal with full body cramping, you understand the pain.

The unforgivable pain you wake up. Relax the cramping muscle. Stop any activity that may have induced the cramp and lightly stretch the muscle, gently holding the stretch. You may even massage the muscle.

Stretching a cramped muscle tends to work better if you can hold the stretched position for at least a minute, or until the cramp has gone. Typically for leg cramps most people will sit down and hold the end of their toes to get the required calf and hamstring stretch. Warmth from a hot water bottle, warm towel, bath, or shower relaxes muscles and makes them more pliable.

Use heat for 5 to 10 minutes, then follow up with gentle stretches. Apply a menthol-based. If you suffer from chronic muscle cramps, you can take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Talk to your doctor about calcium, magnesium or potassium supplements to reduce and prevent muscle cramps.

These remedies and tips will help get rid of muscle cramps quickly and even help you prevent them. Stretch the area cramping and try to relax. Lastly, try some anti-inflammatory meds to fight off those intolerable cramps. If you follow these tips and still have cramps, please do yourself a favor and get it checked out. There could be some medical complications that could impact your heart.

You know, your heart is a muscle too. MUSCLEBEAUTY.

List of related literature:

To relieve a muscle cramp in the leg, extend the leg out as far as possible with the toes pointing as far backward as possible (this extends and helps relax the calf muscle) and lightly massage the area until the cramp dissipates.

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Although these tips for preventing muscle cramps are only suggestions and not proven solutions, you might want to experiment with them if you repeatedly experience muscle cramps.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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I try to eat salts, drink water, and refresh my legs by doing a few stretches to keep them from cramping again, but I cannot prevent how the muscles are tightening to the maximum at even the slightest movement, and worse, it seems I cannot control the way my legs move.

“Run or Die” by Kilian Jornet
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Stop activity, replace water and minerals by drinking water or dilute fruit juice; massage and stretch the cramping muscle(s); and rest and cool the body before returning to activity.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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(2) Each of the four treatment combinations, cold and PNF stretching, heat and PNF stretching, cold and static stretching, and heat and static stretching, are effective in reducing delayed muscle pain.

“Comprehensive Biomedical Physics” by Anders Brahme
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Pinch the upper lip hard (an acupressure technique) to reduce calf muscle cramping.

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(A common misconception is that potassium is involved in cramping and that eating potassium-rich foods like bananas will prevent heat cramps.)

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Stretching, for 15–30 seconds, may help get rid of the hyper-excitability of a cramping muscle.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
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To relieve muscle spasms, the athlete should stop activity, replace lost fluids with sodiumcontaining fluids, and begin mild stretching with massige of the muscle spasm.

“Concepts of Athletic Training” by Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C. Mangus
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Refer to Flowchart 14-3 for additional information DO NOT give salt tablets to a person with muscle cramps.

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  • love this info. but had a anterior shin cramp the other day and could not find a quick remedy while having one. hard to search while rolling in pain

  • CrampsAWAY stops cramps INSTANTLY, in 10-60 seconds, and will prevent them if taken before going to sleep. It has become the go-to cramp product for many college & pro athletes in the the NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and on the WTA & ATP tours. Check it out on

  • Im a 45 year old male stroke survivor and out of all the videos Ive tried to find the past 6 years you guys are by far my favorite!! and helpful

  • I’m a 6ft 14 year old boy and I’ve been pretty inactive my whole life, I’m not fat, I’m not skinny, I’m not muscular, the worst of all worlds, I want to be swole and I want to be confident and I want to be healthy. I started a work out with a homemade barbell type thing, doing bicep curls, deadlifts, squats, everything, 3 sets of 20 for each excersize. I did the first two sets of 20 for my squats and started the first rep of the third set and I got about halfway down and I felt the cramp start for a second and immediately stopped doing the squat (it was in my thigh btw) but anyways I’m just wondering why his happened and what I need to do to fix it. I didn’t stretch, I’m drinking water afterwards but I haven’t drank much water before just now either just in general everyday but I’m going to, I’m going to stretch before my workout now too, I’m just wondering if there’s any thing else I need to worry about

  • What could you do for muscles cramp like cramp from my toes up to my hip and I get cramp from my pageant that’s the back of my mum would you call mum pay what is the cause of that and what could I do for that

  • What do you do when your leg is playing musical cramps where while you stretch one out the other locks up? Asking with quad and hammy cramp.

  • This is the 1st time I’m watching these videos and I have terrible cramping or a Charlie horse on my legs at night and during the day that extend all the way out to my foot and my toes please help me my wind up half the night today. Thank you for showing your videos

  • Also, please stress safe hydration. We are all dehydrated, for the most part. It can be the basis for many aches and pains. Read “your bodies many cries for water”, by F. batmanghelidj, M.D. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your video, Can I ask how I can make a difference between back pain and IBS which makes a back pain?, I will appreciate that if you give me an answer.

  • Hi Dr. Jo! Could I wear compression socks while playing tennis to help prevent leg cramps? I drink a ton of sports drinks and water, but sometimes I still cramp up while or after playing? Also, are there any stretches I could do if I cramp in the car? I’ve had some bad leg cramps driving home from tennis and one of them was extremely painful and lasted like 35 minutes. Fortunately I pulled over when I felt it coming but I was stuck in the car in a lot of pain and didn’t know what to do.

  • I am so happy that I got relieved from my cramps. I couldn’t get a good night sleep with these cramps bothering me. It was painful and I am sure it’s just cramps not some deficiency. I practiced these exercises right now and i feel much better. Thank you Doctor Jo…��

  • Dr. Jo
    thanks so much for this video. I have got cramps in my hands, leg ankles and waist area. If i sit for longer time i would get cramps in waist area. Can you please suggest appropriate therapy for that.


  • Not trying to say that u r contradicting yourself, but dylan didnt u say that static stretching before games and practices reduces the performance in your muscles?

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I’ve been loving your channel and at 74, fit, but a lot of arthritis, its really helped during this quarantine.
    I’ve had foot cramping for years. I drink water and take magnesium, but the pain can be excruciating.
    What exercises do you suggest for the foot

  • I get cramp in my lower back either side above my buttocks. That’s where I get my worse back pain and my massage therapist has given the area a good massage but there’s not any knots and the muscles aren’t tight. She won’t touch my operation site which is l4/l5 area, could it be referred pain from this area? If so any videos you recommend?

  • Another option for electrolyte replacement: V8 juice, original style. It is LOADED with potassium.
    When I worked as the medic on an offshore platform, I’d make sure there was plenty on hand in the summer. Worked like a charm!

  • When I run for like 5 minutes my legs start to shake of their own!i am so much thin but I think I have some weakness or something.i am so much weak.

  • Hi Thanks for the video, I suffer of many “joint” pains I think, where it pops and hurts. Also I have a muscle in the upper part of my left buttock that seems tender (and also pops, hurts) and gives me lower back pain. Any help would be appreciated. Is there a way I could be suffering of a defficiency or some sort of ailment? I am only 36 years old and have been getting “joint” pains to more parts of my body in the last 5 years. Is there a medical test I can take? Thanks.


  • I started working out recently. I’m 10 kgs above my Body mass index limit. Few weeks after running on the treadmill I started to feel pain in both my knees. So I stopped using the treadmill for a while. The pain subsided but after 2 months while playing football I started to feel a lot of pain.
    it’s been more than a month now and I feel that the pain is subsiding slowly. I’m keeping ice on both the knees for approximately 15 minutes every day at a 90 degree angle.
    What do you suggest me to do? Let the pain subside on its own or should I consult a PT and take it further? Please help.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Is it weird i never experience muscle crumps? Even when I swim for 8 hours, run, just lay down or In a bad position I just didn’t experience it.

  • I got them in my legs, stomach, ribs, ches, back, neck, arms and hands. ���� I couldn’t sleep and there is so much pain. I tried drinking Pedialyte + Gatorade, stretching, eating bananas, massaging with Icy Hot and finally taking a muscle relaxer. The cramps eventually stopped after 8 hrs. Now I have no painful random muscle twitching but I’m sore as F������!

  • Video says you get cramps during or immediately after exercise.

    people here talking about how they were sleeping and just lifted their legs to change positions and got cramps.

    Well shit, you did even exercise yet��

  • I have no idea how to explain muscle cramps… But from my experience they only occur when I’m stretching too hard. Yes it can happen in my sleep but that’s because I was stretching in my sleep, you don’t think that you can? There’s no way of you knowing that you were trying to Stretch in your sleep because you are asleep. I mean you could record yourself but that’s a lot of effort. Otherwise muscle cramps are easy to handle as far as I know it. They go away instantly as long as you keep the muscles moving. You got a Charlie horse on your calf you say? Rotate your foot. Point your toe away from you the towards you and twirl it around. On your hip? Do leg lifts. Shoulder? Rotate your arm in circles, and move about your head side to side. They’ll instantly go away. The idea of when trying to cure the pain, and even before it comes, is to keep the muscle moving, not stretch it more, holding still makes it worse, so if course don’t hold still.

    These guys are probably right, consuming these things will probably help in the long run for future incidents but for simple on the spot cure this works best. Also. Yoga.

  • Good video with extremely bad sound/voice. Your background music makes it hard to hear and understand whatever you are talking about.

  • This is one of my new favorite channels! Yall are hilarious and the information is great(: Definitely the most famous PTs in my view.

  • I must agree with the other commenters it’s MAGNESIUM. I take Neuro-Mag: Magnesium L-Threonate one in the morning and one and night. No diarrhea effects and great for the brain as well.

  • Hi everyone I’m in great soccer shape but I notice in games my shirt is soaked and I sweat like a dog. Around second half I start to get crampy in my legs but I don’t know why! Like I’m in shape! But for some reason I’m losing fluids like crazy!

  • Great tips. You can get other topical magnesium sprays / foams / gels / lotions on amazon for half the price of Theraworx (many of which have even more reviews and a higher rating than Theraworx)

  • Great tips and thanks Dr. Jo. I have quite the story regarding leg cramps. I’ve had peripheral neuropathy, for many years, that started in my left great toe and then right, and now has progressed halfway up both calves. I also have a significant varicose vein on the left thigh and lower leg that will be taken care of soon. I had Roux-n-Y gastric bypass in 2003. About 6 or 7 years ago I saw a neurologist for a year and was tested for EVERYTHING possible that could be causing my neuropathy… A1C. was normal at 5.2; vitamins/minerals were normal; I wasn’t being poisoned by anything; ultrasound showed great arterial bloodflow/pressures; and lumbar x-rays were fine. Lumbar MRI showed that MAYBE/POSSIBLY there could be a problem that could cause the neuropathy, but not super-definitive. They wanted to take a core sample of tissue down in my foot to “stage” it, and that’s when I quit going (and spending my money) there. This doctor also told me to stop taking calcium supplements because of the huge study done at Brigham Young showing that it can cause calcium deposits in arteries, etc. Even though my GB surgeon said to take calcium the rest of my life, I stopped. That’s when my cramping started, but I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until recently.

    When the cramping got really bad a few years ago, out of despiration I started taking 6 magnesium malate pills per day, thinking it would relax the muscles. (My doctor had no answers for me, and labs were always fine… so frustrating!) It seemed to help off and on until a few months ago they got very servere again, even in my hands. If I tried to stretch a cramp out in my anterior ankle area, it would cramp up my calf, and don’t even ask about my quads! Horribly painful to the point of me balling my eyes out! I happened to mention this to my chiropractor and she said the magnesium could be having the opposite affect by taking too much calcium out of my blood or tissues (can’t remember exactly what she said…I think tissues) and suggested I start taking calcium again. I talked with my husband and we recalled that when I stopped the calcium six years ago is when my cramps started. So I went back on 4 calcium citrate per day as my surgeon suggested years ago and the cramping greatly diminished immediately. I still have them sometimes, although much less severe in strength and length of time. Now I notice them if I’m a little dehydrated, or about an hour after falling asleep after working on my feet all day (I’m an X-Ray Technologist). I have done leg stretches every single day for about two years now and they do help also. I’m HOPING I’ve found the right balance to keep these horrible cramps away for good, for the most part.

    I’m curious if you have any thoughts on all of this craziness and I have a couple questions as well.

    If blood work shows a person is fine on magnesium/calcium (or even potassium or iron?), but their TISSUES are low, how do they find out if you need a particular mineral, etc?
    What exactly is the mechanism of neuropathy that would cause cramping? Does it also affect how the vessels work in the legs?
    I’ve heard support hose help with cramping by helping to push lactic acid out of the lower extremities… is that correct?

    I apologize for the length of this, but wanted you to have the full story. I feel this is an important topic that affects a lot of people and doctors don’t seem to have any answers for. Cramps can be excruciating, and when they affect your sleep, they REALLY affect your life. We have MANY people come to our ER with cramps who are simply dehydrated or low on potassium, so I thank you for your attention to this topic!

  • This happens all the time when I’m swimming laps and it just hits you out of nowhere. I suggest letting your legs relax or stretching it against the wall

  • You had a YouTube video discussing using the opposing muscle when you have cramps. I didn’t save it and now I can’t find it. I need to watch it again. I get severe cramps all the way from my groin to my toes. I have to take five 500 mg capsules of magnesium as a single dose. But I can only do it for the maximum of three days. I need to review that video again. Can you reload it on YouTube please

  • So this video didnt help
    1/1,000 marathon runner get cramps wtf do you know how many people 1 thousand is… say were living in normal times before shutdown bro you wouldn’t even see 1000 people in a day everywhere u go… so nobody gets cramps who runs great
    The guy is just saying “thoerys” lol

    Therefore I’m just say what my issue is and hope for the best if anyone has any idea but also I read a lot you guys stuff trust me I didnt have exactly everything on here but I know the pain!!!

    So last week jogging (fyi I havnt jogged most of the winter) i went for a longer jog like 6 mile… mile 5 or 5 mins of being done from the trail my legs both of them cramp/charlie horsed up at the front quad area so bad so I had to stop and walk… than I went on my bike and it went away pretty fast

    That said today like 3 days since last time only a 2 mile or so jog both my legs same thing only this time were talking more painful like hurt to even bend the knee when you walk and just now about 7 hrs after this happened there finally feeling better…btw I nvr stretch like do I need to stretch or should I just go smaller routes until they build up again cuz this is a first… I’m 33 and its same thing each year I take winter off I dont jog in cold but I cycled which is even colder but still I live in tampa FL we had like 3 cold days this year lol… but yeah I never had these charlie horses after jogging its bizarre I’m not too concerned I just will try again but just asking if there is something to remedy this issue

    Daniel tampa FL

  • Ransacking YouTube for answers… this video is the best.

    Nice broad-based solutions. Something in there will work for me.

    Thank you, Doctor!

  • I can induce cramps on my sides of the ribs or calf if I over stretch it.
    I mostly do it on accident of course when I stretch when tired.

  • Lately I have had raging hamstring cramps at night twice if fallen to floor as they have hit in day they are so bad. I exercise alot and run I stretch…what can I do in the throws of a severe hamstring cramp and my labs are negative for low k and magnesium…please please demonstrate how to relieve this as my screaming at night is traumatizing the dog. Thanks…love your videos! You helped me survive rotator cuff surgery…and recovery


  • Be watchful of other symptoms. Cramping, Charlie horses can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. Look at the wholistic picture of a body,s symptomatology. //. Thanks, you are doing great stuff on this venue, Making things workable, uncomplicated, smart, for those unable to get to a gym.

  • Just recently, I did a “nice’ little stretch by pointing and flexing my feet….before getting up off of the sofa….and both of my hamstrings reacted terribly! Like two giant charley horses….I couldnt stand up right for quite a while! Each time I tried, it would happen (the charley horse thing both of my hamstrings equally) again and again…..any ideas?..Its like I triggered something…these have been happening a lot lately…I do suffer from lower back pain and stretch my hamstrings often to relieve it…..

  • I suffer from these cramps as a result of Tourettes. And O currently ten months into a torn calf muscle from a cramp during an epileptic seizure so the muscle CAN stretch itself to the point of tearing but not under normal circumstances.

  • Thank you kindly Sir. I believe i will try some of the soda, cq10 and the mag. should help and some tonic, thanks i will let you know how it works. Peace and sending some love to you!! xo

  • i was desperatly looking for vide to relive cramps and it worked during that one with the leg on rest with the chair thank u so much!!!

  • this happens to me every night. thank you for an interesting topic. when not getting leg cramps, i get a general aching in both calves that starts in early evening and goes thru the night. any ideas

  • I mean even these guys should know their nutrition I mean who in there education wouldn’t have learned what riboflavin is I mean it’s just a something you learn in 4th grade

  • I get cramps in my calves, and when I stand up to stretch out, the cramp moves to my shin, I try to stretch my shin, and my calve cramps up again. What would you recommend for this?

  • wow a doctor that actually admits to anecdotal remedy and explains what can be. I honestly thought there would be some sort of shameless promotion of something or other. A little faith in humanity restored. Also, I get occasional muscle spasms that feel exactly like a charley horse but in my throat and sometimes in my fingers [ring and middle finger, right hand only] moreso than in my legs. Anyone else have similar problem?

  • I didnt see you put it in the cup thats what i was waiting for all we know that could be water in the cup if you put the uun in it we would believe that your drinking it corect that please

  • I was working out my abs, and after i rested i went to do another set, and when i went up to do the sit up, the top of my abs did the same thing as a leg cramp

  • My hamstring cramps when I bring my calf up to it, what will happen if I hold that position, whilst my hamstring is cramping, will it explode

  • OK, some of these have not worked for mebananas, mineral supplements, going to try the soap now, even though it sounds like a crock to me. Which means if the soap bit is psychosomatic, it won’t work in my case.

  • I just woke up with the worst caff cramp I have ever had in 35 years! I can’t walk on my leg just now it’s so sore! I get it alot in the back of my left leg but that tonight I have never felt one like it! It’s actually left a lump on the back of my caff muscle! Iv got deep heat on it and a heated pad

  • Don’t/won’t do FacsBook.
    Calf ramps…that was during high school and college. Now it;s the hamstring and the onset is the moment you move upon waking.
    And the cause is something other than the lack of electrolytes….

  • What about trapezius muscle cramping (KNOTS) on left upper back? Tried PT, Magnesium, Potassium, etc… ball in back, etc… still get SEVERE PAIN!!!!

  • My nerve had a spasm 3 seconds ago and so I got so facinated.i just kept watching it jump lol I went to reach my camera and it stopped and then I hit it and “DO IT AGAIN WAKE UP “

  • I don’t have pain or cramping at night. I’m 72 and my pain is not in both legs. It’s only in my rt legonly when I walk and worse going up my stairs to my apt. The pain is continual and started behind my knee and now it’s in my back calves and now in my ankles and sometimes the high top of my foot. Do I go to my dr first to have him recommend a vas dr? I’m trying to drink more water cuz at work I’m on my feet 4-7 hrs.?

  • My sister just told me the other day that she uses bar soap for leg cramps. She puts the bar in between the sheets and it helps calm down the cramp.

  • @Dr. Larry Santora, God Bless you for posting this video!! I had a pre-blackbelt test in TKD last Saturday. Both legs cramped like no tomorrow, and the pain was too unbearable when I woke up from a nap. I did the mustard remedy (since I like mustard anyway) and it absolutely worked like a champ!! I did buy a bottle of magnesium and potassium supplements today but so far no cramps! Thanks again for this video because the mustard was a fast immediate cure that worked great!!  

  • Just take 500mg of magnesium at bedtime or during the day sometime. Sometimes I take it twice a day. Magnesium relaxes muscles and calcium causes them to tighten. If I drink too much milk or eat too much cereal with milk, I get too much calcium and my calves cramp at night. Same with too much cheese. Then, I’ll take magnesium.

  • At Last Young Lady! A remedy for my calves cramps. GOD bless you.
    In the first trial today, it seems like the calves are “getting very hard” but after stretching ( I can only wthstand 10 seconds series), I went back to bed, and the difference start to feel. A lot less “pulses” previous to cramps and of course No Cramps.
    Just imagine in some more days, going to bed without the Fear of get asleep! I Appreciate.

  • You can always count on your videos being excellent quality with good information and what I love is the information is always concise never a 20 minute video with ads, only what is necessary!

  • It happend to ms when I was playing my ps4 with my friend and I kept telling my grandma I can’t move my leg it hurts all she did was just sit their

  • I get cramps in the back of my thighs day or night and it always happens after I have been sitting in the car for twenty minutes or more. They immobilize me for several minutes, sometimes for 40 minutes. I don’t what to do to prevent them����.

  • I take a capsule of magnesium when I wake up with muscle spasms in my calf, but after watching this video and reading the comments how some find relief from pickle juice etc, I’m remembering what my herbalist told me on my first muscle test. He said my body was low in salt, which confused me because I put salt on everything! He told me I wasn’t eating the right salt. He told me to buy Redmond’s Sea Salt, as it still has all of the minerals in it and that’s what my body needed. He told me to take a quarter-sized dose of the salt every morning. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt! My cramps stopped, my heart didn’t race anymore and I was able to stop taking Xanax for the “anxiety” I thought I had. Turned out I just needed salt. I ran out of this special salt 6 months ago, and now I’m getting leg cramps again. Time to buy more

  • I drink a 1/2 glass to a full glass of Tonic Water and the cramps instantly go away. Or at worst they go away in 10 min. and stay away for days. Better than pure water because Tonic Water has quinine! 1liter costs $0.98 Its a win and a wow!

  • I used to get pretty intense pain from my feet all the way to my knees when I was younger. Especially when I ran around a lot or when it rained. Now, 30 years later, I don’t get it like that, but I do get some discomfort sometimes when the weather changes to cold. Never knew what it was…

  • Anyone ever get charlie horse multiple times in a row? I had one of those recently… usually when one hits its just the one and it’s freaking horrible pain… but it goes away and thats that… but that time it like kept coming back like two more times. it was damn awful!

  • If I have a calf cramp, standing on my leg usually… usually… helps it. But last week, I had one while lying on the bed I jumped up to stand on it and it wouldn’t relieve the pain, so I stood on my tip-toes to try and relieve it more and it popped so loudly, like it tore off the bone, and it was the worse leg pain I ever felt. I couldn’t relieve it at all, I had to just suffer through it until the cramps stopped and for the next 4 or 5 days, my half was so sore I could barely put weight on it.

  • Hi guys. I’m a recent subscriber, & think this channel is great! I’m wondering about a video on bad knees. I’m 50, with arthritis in both, 50% less cartilage, & a meniscus tear in one. Help! Lol

  • This may sound crazy but when you wake up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp, you’ll try almost anything to feel relief. I take by mouth one tablespoon full of yellow mustard, sometimes two. While you are swallowing the mustard, you can feel the cramp draining away. I told my girlfriend and she said she could never do that. I said to her that she must enjoy the leg cramps or else she would try it out. The next time I spoke with her, she said it really worked for her. Swallowing mustard is much better than suffering with the cramp.

  • Do you have a video if not can you make one on how to relieve back muscle spasms? Maybe some stretches and I get no relief fro two Baclofen and have tried many others and shots also. Thanks. Love your videos!!!

  • Thank you to refresh my old belief and physiology lesson.
    Just a question on the part about the treatments you present at the end: are the all in a prevention aspect? Or in a curative aspect?
    Because at the end you talk again about stretching, which I considered as the most effective curative technique, but not preventive.

  • I had a really intense leg cramp while doing a 2 min plank yesterday just to stay active but as soon as i stood up i actually felt a little cramp but until the next morning my legs felt so heavy, it felt like a whole pound of potatoes stacked in both of my legs. So i looked up ‘how to relieve leg cramps’ and i came across this vid so i played it and followed what the lady in the vi did, as soon as both my legs were off my chair taking turns, both of my legs felt loose and wow this kind of technique did kind of work! Kinda impressed

  • One of the worst cramps i got was while swimming. I was already 45 min into it. And then the right calf started contracting. Thank god I was in the shallow end or I could’ve drowned. There was literally no one around.

  • Use at your own risk. Internet recipe from google search.
    makes enough to enrich 6 liters of water. Use 1/2 tsp. of this powder in a 12-oz glass of water, or

    3/4-1 tsp. in a liter bottle.

    2 Tbl sugar (carbohydrates)
    3/4 tsp salt (sodium chloride)
    1/4 tsp NuSalt (potassium chloride)
    1/2 tsp Epsom salts* (magnesium sulfate)
    1/2 tsp brewer’s gypsum (calcium sulfate) – optional; available at homebrew store. Bonus: you can

    use it to make tofu from soy milk.
    1 tsp citric acid or Fruit Fresh (available where they sell canning supplies). This is for flavor

    and balances the high pH of the gypsum; Fruit Fresh also adds some vitamin C
    I haven’t tried it yet, but I was thinking of adding some pulverized freeze-dried fruit for flavor.

    Shake everything up in a jar – or better yet, whir it in a perfectly dry blender for a few pulses to

    distribute everything evenly and to grind some of the larger particles finer. Store in a jar with a

    tight lid. Use 1/2 tsp. per 12 oz glass of water – stir to dissolve well.

  • These are all ideas that work for me BUT…
    I want to know, what works for you?

    Do you have anything to add to this list of ideas?
    If so, please comment below.

    Thanks for watching this video:
    How to STOP Leg Cramps | Muscle Spasms | Muscle Cramps In Legs

    If you have any questions related to this topic, comment below.

    Dylan Tooby
    Progressive Soccer

    PS Please LIKE this video (right now). Thank you:)

  • Stretching does help most of the time. I’ve tried everything and still get them. Docs can’t find out why. I sure do miss quinine, though. It stopped cramping within minutes, usually before the muscle tissue tears. Oh yes, we used to live in Africa and ate about 5 bananas a day for months on end.:)

  • Hi Dr Jo,
    Great advise as always, we all love your videos.
    One thing I would like to mention is every time when I got muscles cramp, it is painful, all I have to do is WALK BACKWARD OR CRAW BACKWARD if I can’t stand because it so is painful.
    I do not know how but 99% of the times, the paint relieves tremendously. My friend was swimming and he got leg muscle cramp so bad that he was going to drown, I creamed to him to swim backward and he made to safety.
    Does not matter where is muscle cramp, just remember to walk backward. Everyone I told all saying it works. Do not know what behind the scene, but it works.
    Want to share with everybody. Thanks Doc

  • How long does it take for potassium to get in your system I got pills for them now been on it for 3 days big difference but it’s not is bad how it was for at first but it does a little not as much?

  • Bummer. I just spent about 20 minutes writing a comment and it won’t show up. Maybe because I mentioned a couple of products so Google thought it was spam??? IDK Anyhow, the short version: (and, I won’t dare mention the products name now:) the product you speak about at 7:59 in the video works for me. I suffer from killer leg cramps occasionally and it has been the only thing so far that I’ve tried that worked. Sometimes it takes 2 applications but that just means you use just 2 more puffs which is not much at all.

  • Dylan listen I have a question and a statement and I think everyone have this question the question is how did messi Ronaldo become so better in such a young age they only have 2 legs they only have 2 ears 1 nose everything and the statement I have got is if you re such a good player why aren’t u pro don’t take these word as mean it is just a question pls answer

  • Thank you for the reference to those straps. Please consider people who have weak/painful hands in other stretches and exercises, and in future videos.:)

  • thank you for this video, I use theraworks when I have leg cramps and it definitely works for me, and I use a heating pad and that helps, thank you again for all of your great information ��

  • Hi!  I’m a Nutritional Therapist and having been an extreme athlete (long distance endurance horseback rider) in my life, have seen several P.T’s for many reasons!  I find your profession and knowledge is SO very helpful and necessary for many reasons!  You teach people HOW and WHAT to do to HELP the body, better than any doctor I have EVER met!  As a Nutritionist, I find that using the products “Bio CMP” & “Aqueous Cal-Mag” made by Biotics Research Corp., work wonders for cramps, especially in emergencies and/or if you did not keep hydrated or are low on minerals to begin with!  Also, Metagenics makes a great tasting drink mix called “Endura”, which Rehydrates, provides energy and replenishes Electrolytes!  ALL are wonderful products to have on hand and to go along WITH your GREAT LESSONS of instruction for the pro athlete, the weekend warrior or even people who sit too much and experience cramps!YOUR STRETCHES ARE RIGHT ON, BABY!  KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL INFORMATIVE VIDEOS!  You’re not only educational experts but VERY ENTERTAINING, TOO! So very nice that people can learn to “be PROACTIVE in their own health-care” and be amused at the same time by watching you guys!Hey, I’M really INTERESTED in the acupuncture pillow and matt’s you’re giving away!  HOW do I sign up to WIN them?????

  • I’m having these charley horses for a while from my feet up through by stomach and back. My potassium magnesium calcium and electrolytes seem to be t the right level. When I’m under the covers it starts in my foot. I point my feet down to get it to stop. I removed the covers to give my feet some space to move. I think my problem is coming from chemo Nevalbine because after and sometimes during chemo it starts up. I need a better mattress right now I’m trying a memory topper.

  • Two words: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Toes first, then Tibialis Anterior, calf, and Adductor. Within seconds, they are all cramped at the same time.  And quinine can no longer be prescribed.  Sigh.  Thanks for all your videos, and please don’t take off points for spelling.:-)

  • I’m having surgery Wednesday to release another nerve in my calf.
    In the meantime your videos have helped me over the last year to lessen the effects.

  • Magnesium by mouth will give immediate relief, especially Magnesium glycinate. or Calm powder. I’ve had so many leg cramps at night and I would crawl to the kitchen to find the magnesium because I knew I would get almost instant relief. It’s like a miracle. Leg cramps are so painful an scary.

  • Hi, i think its potassium and “Magnesium” not calcium

    excess calcium accumulates in the muscles, causing cramps.

    Magnesium Loosens muscles by counteracting the effect of calcium, which tightens muscles

    please tell me if i am wrong

  • My cramps are in my ankles and arches of my feet. So painful. My question is if low on electrolytes could one just drink poweraide/ Gatorade?

  • Lol i was in 2 different soccer teams and one team had a game at 9am and i had another game the same day w my 2nd team at 11am and may i add it was sooo hot, my calf cramped up it hurt so good though.. I had to get carried out of the field. for my 1st game i was only subbed out for about 5 minutes then put back in but for the 2nd game i wasnt subbed out at all cause it was our final game of the season and we didn’t have subs so like.. my poor muscles could not handle it.

  • Stretched out my calves one night to hopefully prevent cramps and woke up with the worst muscle cramp ever. The stretching never works for me, but the electrolytes I definitely need to remember, also I found vitamin D works. I have to take it early in the day and my electrolytes before going to bed.

  • Cramps are caused by overloading the fatigued muscles by staying in one position. Nervous system try to compensate by overexciting the muscles while the loading on the muscles impairs blood flow thus depleting ATP supply and consequently puts it in a positive feedback loop for contraction.

  • I’m suffering from lower back muscles spasms due to degenerative disc in lower back. I’ve had ims needling reccently and physio to help my core. is there any other advice for lower back spasms as the pain can be disabling. thankyou

  • Nothing. Absolutely nothing works better and faster than apple cider vinegar(with the mother) I get thigh cramps almost every night, usually both legs, I put some acv on a paper towel and rub the muscle with it. I’m not bull shitting you in less than a minute it’s gone and does not return that night. For $6 it lasts about a year and you won’t find anything better.

  • Plus my arms get tired. I wake up with them in the morning. it’s horrible! there was times where it would take 4 to 5 hours to go away! now I’m able to get rid of it in about an hour and a 1/2. after walking around and stretch it, For as long as I can tolerate. pretty much i have to walk it off. Even then it doesn’t always work… for awhile!
    I’ve had lab tests done. They said my potassium is fine. they said to start taking MORE magnesium.
    I’m a server at Golden Corral so I walk around all day and it’s pretty big and and have to walk back-and-forth carrying heavy trays ( Carpet over concrete floors) so I’m pretty tired when I get off work. I’m 48 years old but I’m able bodied. Idk if you will read this but I am just beside myself about it right now! I’m trying to roll it out. I have a foam roller I do it before I Go to Sleep hoping (praying) that when I wake up…. I won’t have one!

  • I get leg cramps during and after tennis matches. Should I do these exercises during the change overs or between points to prevent a cramp if I feel like it’s coming on or if I’ve had a light cramp? Or are these only before exercise or while you feel a cramp going on? I’ve also had my leg cramp while I’m driving home in my stick shift car (very scary). What kind of stretches can I do in the confines of a car?

  • Thanks for the confirmation on the tonic water remedy. I had an episode the other night, needless to say that I’m definitely not anticipating another night like that.��

  • a good remedy for me, is to straighten your leg and keep it that way, for me, that makes them go away in about 15 seconds, I learned that from my football coach

  • I had a Charley Horse just before yesterday. (Upper right thigh) Yesterday, the pain decreased!

    Charley Horse, (hurt like hell) It’s no joke! It’s not a good feeling at all. It hurts bad!

  • I just sreached my leg and my half just went insane it was so painful I had to put a blanket in my mouth to muffle me screaming jesus ��

  • I used to get leg cramps almost everyday. A good week, I got 2 or 3. I started taking One a day for men, the kind that has high magnesium and potassium, and I barley if at all get them. I started working out a few months ago, getting into positions that usually would trigger a cramp, but after I started taking those I never get them. I also eat 1 banana a day to add more potassium. If you DO get a cramp, always have an ice pack ready to go in the freezer. Put it DIRECTLY on the cramp location and walk it out. You may look goofy to your friends or family, but it releases the cramp. Good Luck.

  • Hey, Dylan can you make a video on when we should shoot, when/where is the perfect spot to shoot if you like to get up and close I don’t shoot long range shots or even shots from the half marker Just like 10 or 5 yards from the goal box. Thanks, I know some people might ask the same so like so he can see.

  • For me, low-carb, high-fat diets make my calf muscles cramp esp upon waking up. Vegan-type diets cure it. (neither diet had processed/junk foods). I think this in part due to the fact that liver dumps extra glucose upon waking and a high-fat diet is lipotoxic to nerves. 

  • Dr ur 1st ex.had magical effect.couldnt move my leg.doing so got relieved.Have osteoarthritis.Stuck in Americawithout my prescribed medicine.Its been 3 months.but these ex.had miraculous effect.Thanks

  • I play a lot of soccer, and whenever i play, i drink plenty of water and pickle juice, and drinks that replenish electrolytes. After a game, i usually wake up because of a cramp in my calves and hamstrings.

  • What is the best product or brand to increase your soccer game? I read loads of superb reviews on the net about how Eprosoke Training Program can help you increase your soccer game. Has anybody tried this popular training program?

  • Bro, i was just laying in my bed last night and turned over and my calf just started flexing REALLY hard and it hurt like crap and i couldn’t stop it. It scared the crap out of me I thought I was having a seizure or something

  • I get cramps at home after the game. it’s really awkward sitting at the couch with my brothers and suddenly I have to clutch my leg lol.

  • I had a footballpractice when I got cramp. That day I had it in the calves and the day after I got it in the thighs and I felt it in the thighs like 3 days later. Do you know what happend?

  • Last night I was moving to a comfortable position and my leg just starts BURNING. It was so painful. This has never happened. I got a heating pad and put my leg on it it helped. Also I ran around A LOT that only makes it worse DONT DO IT. Just use a heating pad

  • I’m getting pain in the car while sitting down and I haven’t even worked out I just play video games and my legs are hurting right now

  • I have been having cramps in my adductors, but always about 2 hrs after I’m done playing and they HURT. The cramp comes on and last for a steady 5 mind and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. It makes me sweat, shake, and my heart starts beating fast.

  • Happens to me all the time.. I play in midfield and you can nearly time to the exact minute when my left calf gives in and I’ve loads more energy in the tank!! It cracks me up����went to a physiotherapist and he said my legs are bowing inward and over a period of time the 1 of the 2 muscles that make up your calf muscle gets weaker, in my case the outer muscle. So basically my calfs are not strong enough to keep up with the amount of running I do.. He recommended calf raises with a 16kg dumbbell in my hand and loads of stretching.. so I have to build up my calfs to make them take the running in a game

  • Navigation Top 3 Ways to Treat Muscle Spasams or Cramps
    1:09 Keep hydrated. Drink water.

    1:29 Couple of Exercises (before you go to sleep), Ex. at 1:59, Stretch at 2:11

    anklestretch/inclineboard 2:25 (Use at 2:50)

    3:29 Alternative

    4:00 When its cramps to this or alternativly this 4:14. Too hard? -> 4:27 or just massage the Muscle

    4:45 Cold / Heat after the cramp may be beneficial for you.

  • Swimmers are the gods of muscle cramps lol, I’ve had toe, feet, calf, quad… even bicep/tricep cramps. Maybe it’s not swimmers but just me and my genetics��‍♂️

  • i got injured in my back… basically i had a sort of muscle pull already and thn a player collided with me oretty hard…. any advice on how to recover from this quickly/efficiently

  • Man I experienced a charly horse so bad in my Lat/back area it literally felt like someone was stabbing with a screwdriver. It did this off an on today, caused so much pain. Once on my way home from work while driving a small manual 5 speed car. Because I could not stretch out I literally was yelling looking like a mad man in traffic jerking trying to get it to stop.

  • Hi my husband gets legs that jump keeps him awake i think his got restless leg sindrone.Im not sure but feel sorry for him as he sit up lots of night threw his legs that jumps he said he can feel the blood pumping threw his legs.

  • Also I never get subbed out through out the whole season I have been subbed out twice for about 5 minutes and put back in so is my cramping because of the need to stay on the field

  • Thank you so much I didn’t know side cramps were because of breathing also is a cramp when your muscles tighten or is it something you can notice from looking at someone

  • Mine happen in the middle of my dream, combined with nightmares of fires and fire alarms, and my foot refusing to move because of the cramp. Then everyone’s like OMG u almost caused me a heart attack. And I’m like lady please. And they’re like oh the cramp wouldn’t have killed u. Damn. I need to move out! I can’t believe I can’t scream during a nightmare combined with a foot cramp.

  • Thank you. I love NUUN. I forgot about them,moved and stores changed.I have suffered my 1st RLS on 16th birthday.I am 60 now,I keep pedialyte next to my bed,too.Great presentations guys.

  • I just had cramp in both my legs I couldn’t even stand or walk lol I crawled to the tub and laid in hot water……but I keep having it

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “sciatica pain symptoms” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Venayden Wanillian Method (just google it )? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

  • I get a terrible charley horse in my right upper ab. I got one yesterday while driving and it hurt so back I had to pull over before I crashed my car. Please advise on this! ������

  • There is man who had a car accident a year ago, he broke his C4 and went under surgery. After surgery he was advised for Physiotherapy which he did took, and he was able to walk and use his arms (Not fully). The man is now getting cramps and complains pain. His whole leg gets in full extension with force including his toes, and when he tries to relax or a simple touch or little movement to his leg triggers that forced extension of leg and he feels pain because of that.

    So this is a considered as cramps as well, if so then why is he having that…??
    Also what are the ways to get his cramps fixed…??

    Thanks for providing such a great content through your videos!:)

  • Please tell me why is it that I get them in my lower abdominal area. When having sex in doggy style it starts happening a lot to where it hurts so bad like if my muscles flipped over. It lasts for about 5 minutes. I don’t understand why do I get this in my abdominal area. What can I do or take?

  • How about hand spasms? Pretty painful, twisted and contorted, hyperextended. Can go up forearm. Do get those charley horses at night, the hand ones during day.

  • Interesting Video, I liked the many possible solutions that are available for this problem which you talked about in this video. I did have a problem with leg cramps but it seems to have gone away because I have been taking a very high daily dose of a highly soluble form of magnesium and I have been getting my potassium from Black Strap Molasses. I think potassium does help also with the magnesium.

  • I had a surgery on my neck last novemember.and since then I get this muscle cramps allover and some tingling sensation in my body and I keep wandring what that could be.I get numbness at

  • Great vid! Do you have any about what to do or how to react when play is goi g on away from where you are on the pitch? Some tips on how to be ready to react would be great!!!

  • I had 2 Charlie horses after a race yesterday. They did go away after getting fluids. But I can’t hardly put any weight on my leg without having tornados amount of pain. I look like a goat learning how to walk after it was born

  • My cramps are on the side of my leg down to my ankles causeing the foot to turn inward and so painful that its hard to stand..Will this same exercise work still work?

  • Hi guys, you should do another video about this very important information, just with a better sound. You are a great duo. Loved your videos.

  • Hi guys, you helped me a lot when I had surgery for a herniated disc last year. I find I’ve now got tendinitis in my right foot and plantar facilitis in my left foot. I get painful cramp in my left leg when I’m just relaxing or going to sleep. The pain wakes me up. Do you think this is part of my original problem of the herniated disc?
    Can you kindly direct me to a video you have already made that you think would help me please

  • you need not ingest anything into your body. All you need is bar soap. I suffered with these so bad I would scream at the top of my lungs in the middle of the night. Some episodes lasted hours. As Soon As I got bars of soap and unwrapped them and placed them under my fitted sheet with me at night I NEVER got another leg cramp! I recently stayed at a hotel and had a horrible bout with them and forgot all about soap!!! No medical reason, no scientific evidence but IT WORKS!!! PROMISE!!!

  • This is why cats wake up and take a long body stretch, feels phenomenal. Stretching your calf muscles is like giving your body candy!

  • I’ve been suffering with leg cramps for years and went to a neurologist because of numbness in my big left toe that has gone up into my calf and also affected my right foot over the years. He tested me for OVER A YEAR for EVERY possible reason for the numbness (blood tests for vitamin deficiencies & to see if I was being poisoned with arsenic; checked A1C for diabetes; ultrasounds of my legs to check the blood vessels; MRI of brain to check for MS, etc.) and everything came out normal.

    In 2015, getting tired of paying office visits and getting no answers, I finally talked him into ordering an MRI of my lumbar spine, and sure enough, I have stenosis. I talked with the radiologist that read my MRI (I’m an X Ray technologist) and he told me it very well could be what is causing my leg cramps and numb feet. I am putting off surgery for as long as I possibly can. I take 6 magnesium malate capsules per day (made by Cramp Defense) to keep the cramps at bay. It is a highly absorbable form of magnesium and I don’t have any diarrhea side effects from it.

    Other things that help are to drink WATER to stay hydrated, do not ingest too much calcium (especially in supplement form) because it binds with magnesium, stretch legs at LEAST once a day, and do not drink pop. Every time I drink some pop, I get a leg cramp. I think it has something to do with the carbonation; phosphorus or something (?) that pulls magnesium out of your body. Hope this helps someone out there!

  • It is informative though but the sound is very low and please update cause its way back 2015 and now its 2019. Also the writings across the post disrupted the visibility of the exercises

  • I just woke up at 6 AM with the worst pain in the world I’ve ever felt. It was under my knee and it wouldn’t stop, on my right leg. I swear I was half asleep and just started praying, that was my immediate reaction. Then after (what felt like an hour) like one or two minutes, it stoped. I am not really sure if this is the exact name for this, but it seems pretty close! PLEASE if this has ever happened to you, then please reply to my comment. Need to keep informed! Thanks

    Hey awesome video! I have quite a serious problem bugging me. I adhere to all of these factors and I really do look after my body and drink a lot of water. I have realised that when I supplement with creatine, which is a great supplement and have tons of research to prove it, my legs get cramps easier and I experience numb legs much faster when I supplement with creatine. I went to the doctor and he told me that I am dehidrated. I know that creatine supplementation requires a lot of water, and I really do drink a lot and I even further increased my water intake and my urine is always clear.
    I have tested whether creatine could be the reason this is happening to my legs by going on and off of creatine and I have found that every time I stop supplementing with creatine, my legs goes back to normal, and every time I start supplementing with creatine again, the numbness comes back.
    I realise that everyone reacts differently to creatine and maybe creatine just isn’t for me. Currently I am not using creating becuase it very negatively affects my gameplay and effectiveness. Could you please just shed some light on this, if you can, and tell me what your thoughts or reccommendations are!
    Thank you so much and keep on bringing the good vids!:)

  • Most tonic waters no longer have quinine. Check you labels. Wrapped soap? I’ve also heard that a necklace of garlic with keep away vampire cramps!

  • When scrolling through my videos, I always look for Brad’s blue shirt, I instantly know it’s you two and watch the video. Thank you for all your effort to help people.