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Sprouted-grain bread is made from grains that are allowed to sprout. Whole-grain bread is made from grains that have been ground into flour. Because they’re made with similar ingredients, both types of bread give you similar nutrients: fiber, thiami. Sprouted grain bread has a few advantages over whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread is made from whole wheat kernels ground into flour, while sprouted grain bread is made from kernels that are allowed to sprout before they’re baked into bread.

A serving might be a piece of whole-grain bread or half a cup of whole-grain pasta. But just because a product contains sprouted whole grains, that doesn’t mean it has more nutrients than a regular whole-grain product. You’ll have to read the Nutrition Facts label to compare nutrition content.

Sprouted grains, however, because they’re easier to digest and typically higher in fiber and whole food–based nutrients, sprouted grain bread is a better option — but at the same time, it’s still not perfect. Several studies have found that when seeds are sprouted their fiber content increases and becomes more available. Krieger agrees this nutrition profile makes sprouted grains a healthier option, but only marginally so. “It’s not significantly better than a good-quality whole grain option,” she says.

Dr. In addition to organic sprouted wheat, this bread contains a combo of ground and whole flax seeds and delivers a whopping 5 grams of heart-healthy fiber. Dave’s Killer Bread Sprouted Whole Grains.

As mentioned earlier, sprouted grain bread is more nutrient-rich than other types of bread—even the whole grain kind. “This translates to consuming more vitamins and minerals and trace nutrients from sprouted grain bread,” she explains, “than from a traditional whole grain bread.” Is Sprouted Grain Bread Gluten-Free?Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, for example, contains zero grams of sugar per slice yet boasts 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. And on the flip side, a healthy bread can be.

When you sprout the grains, you destroy these anti-nutrients, making them safer and healthier to eat. Sprouted grain bread is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B2, B5, and B6. Ezekiel bread has all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete source of protein. Whole grains, sprouted grains defined.

Grains start out as whole-grain kernels made up of three layers: the outer bran layer where nearly all the fibre is, the inner germ layer, which is rich in.

List of related literature:

The less refined bread was actually more nutritious, containing more germ and bran, but the “upper crust” disdained all but the finest—and unbeknownst to them—less nutritious—flours.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
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This process doesn’t use sprouted flour, but bread made this way has the same benefits as bread made with sprouted flour.

“Cultured Food for Life” by Donna Schwenk
from Cultured Food for Life
by Donna Schwenk
Hay House, 2013

Sprouted Grain Bread: Sprouted grain breads are made from wholemeal kernels or other whole grains that are allowed to sprout and then are ground up.

“The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
from The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life
by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
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You will be able to tell the difference in a “true” whole-grain bread, because the loaves feel heavy compared with other breads.

“Cracking the Metabolic Code: The Nine Keys to Peak Health” by James B. Lavalle, Stacy Lundin Yale
from Cracking the Metabolic Code: The Nine Keys to Peak Health
by James B. Lavalle, Stacy Lundin Yale
Basic Health Publications, Incorporated, 2004

Whole-grain bread is easier to make than highly refined white bread, and the shift to the coarser whole-grain bread could be justified not only as a healthy measure but also as an austerity measure necessary in time of war.

“Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the Nazis” by Robert N. Proctor, Robert Proctor
from Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the Nazis
by Robert N. Proctor, Robert Proctor
Harvard University Press, 1988

Sprouted grain breads that use biodynamic organic wheat, rye, and spelt (such as Ezekiel) are tolerated by those who tolerate small amounts of gluten as they are raw and organic, but listen to your body when consuming these traditional organic breads and consume in moderation.

“The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health” by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
from The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health
by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2017

Consuming pulverized grains, even whole grains, results in a higher blood glucose level than when the intact grain is eaten.12 Therefore, boiled whole grains are typically a healthier choice than is bread made from the flour of whole grains.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
from Integrative Medicine E-Book
by David Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

It is interesting to note that while the quality characteristics of these two types of wholemeal bread may be very different, the nutritional and health benefits, if we ignore digestibility, remain largely the same.

“Technology of Breadmaking” by Stanley P. Cauvain, Linda S. Young
from Technology of Breadmaking
by Stanley P. Cauvain, Linda S. Young
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Whole grains (e.g., whole­wheat or multigrain bread) have few advantages over refined grains (e.g., white bread).

“AARP The Inflammation Syndrome: Your Nutrition Plan for Great Health, Weight Loss, and Pain-Free Living” by Jack Challem
from AARP The Inflammation Syndrome: Your Nutrition Plan for Great Health, Weight Loss, and Pain-Free Living
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Whole grain and sprouted grain breads are best.

“Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness” by Maureen Whitehouse
from Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness
by Maureen Whitehouse
Axiom Pub., 2007

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  • Doctor Thank you for giving so many useful details. I wish to know if bread made of carob flour is a good choice or is it the same as white or whole grain flour bread.


  • It’s great Ezekial bread is whole grain, however, keep it real; it is not what goes into our mouths that defiles us, or makes us holy; it is what comes out of our mouths, from our hearts.
    I know you and your wife are aware if this and I LOVE your channel.

  • I always thought that the reason why sourdough bread doesn’t spike blood-sugar levels is because the bacteria digests most of the sugar/simple carbohydrates in flour, during the fermentation process. The sourdough bread that I make remains mostly colorless when I toast it because there’s no sugar to caramelize.

  • Ezekiel 4:9 KJV
    [9] Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentiles, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread thereof, according to the number of the days that thou shalt lie upon thy side, three hundred and ninety days shalt thou eat thereof.

  • White bread is healthy. All of the wheat bran are anti-nutrients. Meaning the vitamins in the bran you don’t absorb. What’s better is to eat vegetables and protein with bread to slow absorption.

  • I think it was only your opinion that these ingredients were poor mans seeds. Is it possible that these were the optimum ingredients?

  • Promoting grains for diabetics is like asking what the best cigarettes for people with emphysema are or what the best hard liquor is for people with cirrhosis of the liver.
    It doesn’t make sense to eat grains if you can’t process glucose very well…

  • My sister is a vegan, she buys some sort of bread made from sprouted grains, it’s like $9 for a little tiny loaf, don’t know what this is all about.

  • Glycemic index is not an accurate measurement of how a food will effect blood sugar levels. Instead glycemic load and serving size is more accurate.

    The glycemic load for whole wheat bread is drastically lower than sugar when you consider serving size.

  • I’m really tired of non MDs calling themselves Dr. now THAT is something google should ban. That being said this is a decent video but this fool vastly overstates the impact of phytates. Watch Michael Greger MD debunk this.

    And gluten give me a break.

  • Please could someone tell me if porridge is good for me or not. I am type 2 diabetic and have porridge every morning with a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon. Thank you��

  • How do you get Whole Grain Wheat Bread that’s Not refined? or Not too refined as to negate the health issues? You Never addressed that question!

  • You didn’t mention “Whole Grains” once, only products made through processing whole grains.
    Let’s compare the glycemic index of refined grain products to “Whole Grains” on the Glucose version of the glycemic index. (There are two, one uses white bread at 100, the other glucose)

    Glucose 100

    Grain Products –

    Baguette 95
    Rice cakes 82
    Corn Flakes 81
    White Bread 75
    Wholewheat Bread 70

    Whole Grains-

    Pearled Barley 25
    Cracked Wheat 45
    Bulgur Wheat 47
    Sweet corn on the cob 48
    Brown rice 50
    Quinoa 53

    Now some of these we can actually directly compare

    Rice Cakes 82 vs Brown Rice 50
    Corn Flakes 81 vs Sweet Corn on the cob 48
    White Bread 75 vs Bulgar Wheat 47
    Wholewheat Bread 70 vs Cracked Wheat 45

    We keep hearing about wholegrains and rarely are the whole grains even brought to the table.
    What we need to be considering is not wholegrains vs non whole grains but rather GRAINS vs GRAIN PRODUCTS, and most government health authorities allow the statement wholegrain to apply to things that are not obviously entire grain kernels.

  • Been doing time restricted eating, vegetables, fruit, legumes and whole grains with a tiny bit of poultry, pork, meat couple times a week. I cook everything I eat, even my own snacks. I drink water or my Vitamix veggie drink that I make liquid wise. I exercise 5 days a week and gave up drinking. At 46 years old went from 250 to 205 so far in 3 months “eating more” than I used to. Twenty more pounds and I will be teenager weight. I think all diets eventually fail. Lifestyle changes do not. Good luck.

  • I would love a video of your take on sourdough bread as well as what the deal with heirloom wheat is. I have an intolerance to gluten, but the wheat flour in sourdough has never produced any noticeable adverse symptoms.

  • If I’m going to cheat on my ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting I’d eat Dave’s bread it tastes fantastic but bread is not healthy for you….I’ve lost 70lbs on ketogenic diet fasting

  • I have almost completely cut out bread per my doctor’s instruction. I do not have a gluten intolerance or other problems, but I have lost weight not eating bread. However, there are times when I just want a good sandwich and this bread sounds like just what will work basically high in protein. You did not mention how many carbs this has, but I will check it out when I shop next. Thank you

  • Just caz something is low on sugars or fat
    Does not mean it reduces your already present blood sugars or fats

    But since its low on sugars and fats less of them enter your blood
    So if your blood sugar levels are high eating something low on sugar ( sprouts, vinegar, biter foods )
    Wont decrease you blood sugar levels

  • Great information. Saw another study recommending whole grains and dairy so… I turned to Dr. Berg. Got exactly what i was looking for.

  • I am really interested to find out how I should be feeding my kids. I have 5, 3, and 2 year old girls. Do they need to be on a low carb diet? Is that even healthy for growing little ones? Thanks for your time.

  • There is another video on you tube where the Dr. claims eating oatmeal everyday does a lot of good for your body,Is there any truth to this? I do eat oatmeal couple times a week with flax seed and raisins no sugar.and a bit of whole milk to make it easier to swallow.

  • The more I learn, the more it shocks me how whole grains really aren’t beneficial at all. Everywhere it’s said that they release insulin slowly. Yet a couple on Youtube did a 2 day blood marker test for Ezekiel (sprouted grain) bread, and then white bread. There was a pre-meal test and 4 post meal tests (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs). All showed nearly identical results.
    Whoever is pushing these “studies” as scientific facts truly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Thanks so much for informing us!

  • Dr. thanks for your videos, but what about eincorn sprouted flour, it is bad for cholesterol? What about in keto diet? Please reply, thanks.

  • Note: The American Dietetic Association, dietitian licensing, and the “Food Pyramid” is completely influenced by the American Grocers Association which includes BigCorp like Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, General Mills, ConAgra, etc. They self-manage product, grease the palms of the FDA, lie on labels and put poison on our market shelves.

  • It’s my first time to comment, but I’ve been appreciating your content for a while now. You’ve mentioned Ezekiel bread as being a compromise that’s not as harmful as traditional bread. Could you comment on how it ranks within this presentation? Thanks!

  • Beware that most of Ezekial’s products have added gluten…not good for anyone with digestive issues or chronic inflammation!! Authority Nutrition, are you receiving anything for promoting this brand of bread?

  • Thanks for continuing to focus on the questions that regularly recur for individuals as they work to improve their health, Dr. Berg!

  • Im wondering how u compare this glycemic index… The official scale is 1-100. 100 is white sugar (sucrose). But in all of your videos u use 120,130,136 indexes. And now you are saying that sugar is 68 and bread is 75… If it is officially stipulated that 100 is sugar and all of the foods are evaluated according to that. Can you explain me how u get this numbers and how a complex or refined carb has higher index that PURE SUGAR?

  • QOTD: If you eat bread, what type do you add to your grocery cart?
    ✔ Live Lean Body Quiz: find the best fitness & nutrition program for you: http://bit.ly/2qHUEAR

  • Dr. Berg! You are looking great! Such informative channel. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and research. I am your fan, and you are my doctor! On the diet and working out 4+ times a week currently, with 2-3 meals a day with super salads as well. Greetings the Norwegian living in US.

  • Since eliminating grains several months ago, I started to miss bread. Then found ‘Nordic Bread’ and now have a couple of slices of that every morning. Easy to make. Seeds, Nuts, Eggs, Water and Salt.

  • I always thought the glycemic index only applied when eating an item alone. If you were to eat protein with the white bread, it will digest shooter, their making the insulin spike lower?

  • My solution is to buy the whole grains [but not wheat] and grind a small amount of each in a coffee mill just before cooking. I don’t make raised but cook it over simmering water in a double boiler. 40% of my grains are oil seeds and 50% starchy and 10 % legumes. I only weigh 160 pounds and don’t have enough fat reserve If I don’t eat enough starch.

  • Beautiful couple, great information, I needed that. Keep up the good work. The wife is very funny….well, nobody wants to hear y…

  • I don’t understand why soaked grains should be kept out of a diet if you have auto immune system problems. Does it also comprehend people with allergies?

    Longest living populations of the world eat whole grains and cereals as a base of their diet plus non refined foods

  • yes this is progressive improvement. hopefully you’ll continually decrease consumption so that you no longer want or crave it (that’s what i did)

  • Could you make a video on constipation and heart burn basically stomach problem please? That would be great helpful
    Thanks for being so kind Dr Berg

  • I have started a whole plant diet, iam off of metformin my blood sugars are 5.6 uk or 100 USA. i did start the fat diet and done it for 6 month’s, i was have loads of veg, i got a fatty liver, thats why iv stop the fat diet, I think it the meat and the cheese that do a lot of damage and cows milk,so far i feel good, all my doctor wanted to do was give my tablets, said its nothing to do with food as long as i do not eat to much sugar. so far my blood presser as gone down i was 155/95 to day it was 127/73. if i as my doctor should i stop my tabs for B/p he will say no keep taking them, no one know who to trust any moor, we have the NHS over here but its good if you need help with big stuff, but its no good for keeping people fit. I love your video, I have learnt a lot from them, Thanks Bernie. I don’t eat Bread,

  • You can grind whole grain spelt or kamut seeds at home. There is a small grinding home use gadget that uses a stone. I sometimes make bread at home using such a flour (from organically grown seeds), a lot of different seeds, almond milk, olive oil, mineral water and a little baking powder. I mix this in a bowl and immediately bake this rather soft, cake like pastry. What you get is a most filling bread that lasts us more than a week. Not that I participate much.

  • If you eat bread, best too buy the wheat berries and mill them yourself just before baking. This allows you to keep the wheat’s germ to your bread. The germ is where all of the fat and fat soluble vitamins are. It is removed before commercial milling because it causes the flour and subsequent bread to rot too quickly for commercial use. As long as the germ and endosperm are kept separate, they can last centuries. Mix them and you have less then a day.

  • I am finding my homemade 22 hour sourdough bread to be very digestible as well as yummy. Told I was gluten intolerant I have been gluten free for 15 years. Then after researching I started making this bread from high quality white flour. I have also added spelt, whole wheat and rye at times. Other family members, some diagnosed celiac have had no ill effects with this bread. I am thinking the long sourdough fermentation acts on the flour like kefir grains in milk, making it not only more digestible, but making the nutrients more available as well. I have subscribed to your great videos for some time now and appreciate that they are short and to the point.

  • USDA is in the business of selling grains. Why would anyone listen to what they have to say? Personally I dump all wheat into the garbage.

  • Hear different stuff about all things wheat lately, heirloom wheat, sourdoughs, fast-acting vs slow-acting yeasts, sprouted wheat.

  • true! when my husband and i decided to start eating healthy the first thing out were bread, tortillas,and soda. left those things and he started losig weight. i had a bit of troble shedding the lbs but i did shed some pounds.

  • Authority Nutrition is one of my favorite go to sources for accurate and unbiased nutrition information. Nice to see them now on You Tube. Keep up the good work.

  • 50’s-80’s kids grew on a heavy gluten diet..and we are all fine….add,ADHD? didn’t exist..you just sat your ass down and listened…the real problem in genetically modified food sources not the “natural’ occuring things in the them…

  • I’ve just started to become more vigilant and mindful of the foods that enter my body and learning about nutrition. The body is a vessel it’s very essential to learn how to take care of it.

  • Why dont you mention that most nuts have even more phytic acid and no one is eating them fermented. Paleo diet with almond flour or cashews (highest in phytic acid) is extremely high in phytic acid

  • Wait…!?…mainstream nutritionists have been crowing for years that whole grains are the bees knees for combating various diseases….wow I wonder what else our they are lyinI mean wrong about? ��

  • DR. BERG IMPORTANT: There is a fantastic low carb bread recipe using psyllium husk and it’s not as hard as some make out online with weighing the ingredients and all that. You don’t have to weigh everything. I don’t weigh anything. I had to tweak it for my brand of psyllium and almond flour but I make it all the time. Made it today. It’s fast and easy. I make it into rolls. I hope you and Mrs. Berg do a video on it. It would help so many people. You help so many already but bread is really hard for people starting out on low carb.

  • You and Brenda Lee Turner from lean secrets should get together and make beautiful, beautiful babies. Oh and you two could probably come up with some preeeetty delicious recipes together, too.

  • God bless you Josh. I think you can throw in some fruits and veggies to your diet as well to help clean you out. Like go on a diet a fast or a cleanse/detox for a week or two. And then start back on grains. Don’t stop the fruits and veggies. Everyone needs there daily fruits and veggies. For people like me that have a hard time gaining weight and are 20 pounds underweight. need there daily bread grains and stuff like that.

  • Could the people that are starving, like in Venezuela grow sprouts as a way to escape hunger?, or anywhere in the world…if they could afford the seeds? Would they quickly tire of eating sprouts? or would it be a viable option?

  • Bread is why most people are here. Bread build civilization since you cannot grow vegetables all year in most places. Yes, today’s bread is processed too much and not fresh, but many people can live over 100 years eating simply.

  • Ok, I quit listening at phytic acid. It is true that it delays absorption of nutrients. However all of the best foods for fighting cancer delay absorption of nutrients. It is not enough to feed yourself. You must also feed your deep gut bacteria to be healthy.

  • When will people wake up, and realize that advertising will tell you anything? Use common sense, use moderation, feel and listen to what your body’s message is by the way you feel. God also says, “Everything in moderation!”

  • The problem is I couldn’t digest on a gaps diet, so I need some grains in my diet. Sprouted grains are better. No lectins. Are lectins also phytic acid?

  • Thanks doc, I think its best to consume whole grain flour which is grounded freshly. In other video you mentioned that flour needs to be consumed within 7days. So we can mill it in small quantities or use them as whole grains.

  • Sprouted grains, seeds, nuts and legumes are the pinnacle of nutrient dense foods. Also chlorella, spirulina and cereal grass juices. If it’s living food it imparts life.. cooked food has low life force.

  • Does maintaining a physique like yours mean being glycogen depleted year around? Being shredded w/ a good physique looks phenomenal, just wondering if there’s any drawbacks to maintaining your lifestyle.

  • When I shop for sourdough bread, it seems like it is almost always white. Is there some reason for this? I want whole grain, sprouted, sourdough bread.

  • Solve the whole problem of grains by eating the bread that people in Europe and Russia ate as their basic food for thousands of years, and many still eat: 100% whole grain sourdough rye bread! The long sourdough process destroys some amount of the phytates, oxalates, digestive enzyme inhibitors, and gluten! Fermentation also raises the essential amino acid lysine and lowers the non-essential acid arginine. These amino acids compete with each other, so more lysine (can’t be made in the body) needs to be eaten than arginine (plenty is made in the body). When arginine is too high in your diet, like it is when you eat other grains, nuts, and seeds, you make too much inflammatory nitric oxide and arginine vasopressin (from studies), both of which cause many problems, like restlessness. Inflammatory nitric oxide is a major pathological molecule, found with inflammatory diseases. Arginine also feeds viruses and tumors, while lysine fights cancer, and keeps us calm. Also, unlike pretty much all other plant proteins, rye has a good zinc to copper ratio, which is necessary for brain function and your immune system. You need to make it yourself, but it’s very easy-just watch the many videos on Youtube on how to make, for example, Danish sourdough rye bread. Then you can make very nourishing Danish open faced sandwiches, and toast it for the delicious caramel flavor. Best of all, you’ll feel nicely full, because it keeps your blood sugar level with its special fiber. So, it’s recommended for both diabetes and alcoholics. Solving the grain problem is easy, once you look at what our near ancestors actually ate!

  • The wheat certainly has changed…I am sure…When I was child…40 year back..(I am from India)….The street dogs used to fight for chapati (wheat flour cooked )..Now the dogs just sniff and walk away. Our wheat is that bad… Please let me know if street dogs in your locality choose to eat chapati or not?

  • Until the “WESTERN FIRST WORLD WITH ITS SCIENCE” became the clones of their jesus, & claimed to have the DIVINE RIGHT FOR ETERNITY over ALL PLANET, people did not eat like there was no tomorrow. or, as it is called todayin USA, ALL YOU CAN EAT, people ate everything & were doing just fine. With the advent of these demi/neo gods who invented & recognised the power of control & money & food as a toolof control & so INVENTED the process to SYNTHESIZE the food & keep the fresh, healthy foodaway from people & animals too, EVERYTHING has become disease causing. They come up with new fear mongering techniques to keep people scared & out of fear of death & disease, keep these “doctors” rich.

  • carbs dont spike blood sugar if you keep fats low… genius! In addition to this, your telling us to eat healthy fats and fruit, how much of each cause too much fat with fruit… extremely dagerous, mo-ron

  • is there a way for me to ban this idiots videos from showing on my feed????

    like seriously, i do not want to be brainwashed by false information….. This guy is a waste of time and big disappointment no wonder why people with health issues struggle so much.

  • Best diet eaten by Scott Nearing in book The Good Life. Fruit for breakfast, veg soup and whole grains for lunch, veg salad and baked veg for dinner. Lived to age 100 but bed ridden at age 95. Good news, you are living to be old. Bad news you are living to be old.

  • I wanted to know about gluten..they are people growing old type of wheat grains and Kamut and einkorn grains…which does have almost any gluten as einkorn……at least…a tiny bit thou…
    so i know since the industry put their hands on the wheat….they did so much.experiences on the wheat grain that it just turned to have this gluten protein too long..nit natural at all…and is now a threaten to the world population health…so since now some farmers around the world are harvesting the old wheat organic grains..
    i suppose that it is for the best…did the studies you talked about includes theses facts?..so do you think that in the old days people did have issues that your talking about. When they ate so much bread?.like they use to?..
    Couldn’t it not be the living habits..that has changed…along with this other way of harvesting the grains and the experiences they have done to the modern graines?.
    Cause sainte Hildegarde de Bingen.,living in the year..1072..in Germany..had all the prophecies come to her..,she said so many good things about the einkorn and of course many other things very interesting and was of course studied by scientists also….that i couldn’t doubt one minute that the einkorn.,which is a very very old grain.,,and flour of course could be harmful to people..,it contains a small amount of gluten… to find this flour…harvest in the world..is not very commun…organic of course…..but people can find it thou…
    This is why i think that grains are very good for health..but depending of the chain of gluten and untouched by any kind of manipulations whatsoever…
    What do you think?..

  • soaking will only remove a portion of phytic acid depending on the grain. usually it will remove 40-60%. sprouting/fermenting will remove almost all of it

  • Assuming you are a doctor, you should know that **as long as you dont have celiac disease there is nothing wrong with gluten**. just because there are things you “hear a lot” doesnt mean they are true. gluten free diets dont make you any healthier, it even can cause stress to your body if you dont complement your diet accordingly. you should take a serious look at the peer reviewed studies from credible sources before jumping on the disinformation bandwagon. i dont know what your agenda is but if you really want to help, look at the science. btw…food isnt healthy…people are healthy… food is just more or less nutritious

  • Wow Mr. Axe you are most certainly one of the biggest clowns out there, I wouldn’t even use your diploma to start a fire in my house, just retire mate, seriously.

  • I heard this same old bashing of phytic acid over 20 years ago. Why is this issue so trendy now? You don’t want to absorb iron to begin with.

  • Sourdough bread has always been my favourite since mother made it from a growth named fred that lived in fridge. Hers was best but trader Joes is pretty good. Just started eating it again. Wonder why i crave it

  • https://www.forksoverknives.com/longevity-diet/#gs.CIE_4_E
    This articles discusses the longest living people and guess what it contains grains, FOOD PERCENT OF TOTAL CALORIES
    Sweet potatoes 69%
    Other vegetables 3%
    Rice 12%
    Other grains 7%
    Legumes 6%
    Oils 2%
    Fish 1%

  • I live in Petaluma, California..We have Alvarado Street Bakery in town. They make more than Sprouted Wheat Bread. All their breads are Sprouted Grain Breads and Delicious. They make all kinds of incredibly healthy and nutricious breads.

  • The worst part about those really “good for you” breads is that they are so expensive! Where I am, if you want to go buy sprouted organic whole bread, it might cost about $7! And if it goes bad within days because you only eat 1 sandwich and use 2 slices a day, it feels like a lot of money to waste. True, you can keep it in the fridge or freezer but I just don’t like the idea of spending that much on one loaf.

  • Get a grain mill and a either a bread maker. Then buy a bread making book (a little research and money required) but it is the highest quality bread you will ever consume while on your weight loss journey. No fillers, additives!, preservatives and it will help you be more kitchen efficient ie: hands on in your own meal preps.

  • hey man…in all seriousness try breaking yourself of thinking breakfast is just about conventional “breakfast foods”…i eat steak, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, nuts… breakfast doesn’t just have to be about cereal and bread.

  • Now what about white flour, if we bake bread using sourdough method but with 100% white flour, would it still be better or healthier than if we use commercial instant yeast for bread baking but with 50% whole wheat flour? I personally think the main problem is actually white flour.. I really want to hear from an expert like you ��

  • This was great, I been tryin to find out about “healthy pasta recipes with chicken” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Dansaac Unflappable Dominance (should be on google have a look )? It is an awesome exclusive product for discovering how to find the best food to balance your hormones and blast away your fat spots without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbour got amazing success with it.

  • Thanks for sharing the info on Bread. Its looks like Squirrel bread.. is Ezekiel Bread a good brand.. I am not a big bread eater.. I crave sugar alot.. what would you suggest for sugar cravings? I have not been able to lose weight for years now.. Menopause is upon me.. and I don’t exercise too much.. any suggestions?

  • Ezekiel Bread, is not even a Christian Company, even if they were most Christians eat a lot of wheat and junk, not all. This bread will give you the same effects of refined wheat. Stop eating it and see your health, reject it. I was not losing any weight eating this bread, it was preventing weight loss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftGZiphajHo&t=321s This bread will lead to leaky gut, brain fog, arthritis, joint pain, Alzheimer’s.

  • dude can you do a section on milk? full fat vs. skimmed which one is complex and healthy coz i cant find much about this on the internet thanks

  • i changed my diet to whole grain cereal and whole grain bread which i eat each day 3 times a day and all are rated LOW GI… and yes i always look at ingredients make sure high in fiber low in carbs high in protean and so on… and my weight is never been like this no fat, my weight is great, feel great, waist is awesome abs are out also eat lots of nuts fruit veggies water teas and so on… its like any other food out there make sure less ingredients and foods are LOW GI and you cant go wrong

  • I like how you still kept it real eziekel bread is good for you but still just cut out the bread if you REALLY trying to lose weight

  • It’s so hard to give up on bread though.. I believe it could be answer to some of my problems. I tried to not eat it and I lasted only three days, when it’s cold outside you want something warm and bread is the food you start craving…
    I will try to quit it during summer, when it’s nice and warm outside and you don’t crave carbs that much perhaps 21 days will be enough to get rid of it from my life.

    I love your videos Brad very inspirational!

  • People with Auto-imuundisease like celiac should NEVER eat grains link wheat, rye etc. The body will not restore no matter what. Dangerous to suggest eating them….

  • Hey Dr. Axe can you research natural yeast over traditional yeast. It’s supposedly better whole wheat bread if its made with natural yeast.

  • how bout beverages for morning, i’ve been having a cup of tea with full cream milk for over 10 years, i normally have 4 pieces of toast with margarine with either canned baked beans or eggs. i kind of get a headache when i dont get my tea fix in the morning, any advice on what else i can drink and eat??? much appreciated.

  • Eat rice fuck bread. I been eating every kind of bread for years they All create body fat. Rice does as well but not as bad as bread.

  • Hey if i cant eat bread in the morning what should i eat for breakfast???..i can’t just eat baked beans and eggs for the rest of my life, any suggestions?

  • well of course exercise is key to help balance hormones, but when i get sugar cravings, i actually have a tbsp of almond butter and a green tea. not sure why, but it works everytime.

  • Ezekiel bread is full of antinutrients and will give you gas and make you bloated. Theres really no bioavailability in the nutrients. Bread is bread when the blood sugar is involved.

  • I would have preferred to see equal portions, same grams of the bread compared. Comparing 2 slices to 2 slices is unequal comparison,
    as two slices of Ezekiel is equivalent in weight to up to four slices of whitebread depending on the type of breads.

  • #LLTVHi Brad! Can you make some substitution suggestions? For example, I’ve been using plain rice cakes instead of bread (not sure if that’s really all that better but…) to make an open faced turkey avocado samich. What would be a good substitution for let’s say an english muffin egg samich?

  • I use to eat the ezekiel bread (1) piece. Now I make a almond flour bread. And it was my blood sugar test that made my mind up to make the change.
    Great vid!

  • wow dude, you are confusing people here… just because you eat bread it doesn’t mean you’ll store it as fat, or if you stop eating bread the fat will fall off from your body… if you want to make an statement of that matter you should back it off with studies.

    People drop fat when they go on a caloric deficit (From diet or exercise) for period of time, and NOT because they stop eating bread.

  • I read a study that said sourdough is better for digestion, not because gluten, but because other proteins are broken down in this process.. gluten was actually never a problem with bread, obviously except for people who are allergic to it

  • substitute veggies and maybe a little fruit! raw cucumbers, red peppers, zucchinis, etc. Add hummus or salsa and it’s a great tradeoff. i’ve never tried the raw food diet but i have a friend in the business that does it, loves it, and sees great results.

  • congrats on losing 50 lbs…that is huge! buy the sprouted whole grain bed at the grocery store and try to sneak it on to his plate. He may not even know the difference.

  • Hi Brad, I’ve lost over 50lbs by reducing my carb intake (especially bread). I’ve been trying to reduce my husband’s bread intake for a while he has a bit of fat to lose but otherwise he wants to GAIN muscle weight. Problem is: he eats bread with nearly everything. He will not touch eggs without bread. So, while I am still on the hunt for an easy DIY sprouted bread recipe, can you suggest any other substitutes for him to have along with eggs? Thanks!

  • Hi Brad
    nice video I try to get bread out but I need something in as substitute. also rice and pizza Oh pizza
    I wanna ask what do you think about raw food diet I’m thinking to try it

  • Perfect food wars, as usual!!
    By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I loooove doing your “4 Minute Jump Around Tabata Fat Burning Workout” right when I woke up in the morning. I wake up, do a 5 min warm up and kick your 4 minute. Feeling great afterwards:) Big Thanks!
    Allllso, you helped me with my post workout headache 😉 I eat a fruit right afterwards and I don’t have headache anymore 😉 Can’t thank you enough!!!

  • Great question, but I would not consider myself glycogen depleted. I just focus my carb intake on the right types of food, in the right quantities, at the right times. Most of the types of carbs i eat are 1 ingredient foods: sweet potato, oats, quinoa, fruit…and i eat them when i need the energy…pre and post workout and earlier in the day. Following this plan, it’s easy to Live Lean 365 days a year.

  • Okay, now that this limited person has finished with his verbage, we can get on with the truth; wow people just regurgetate the same old nonsense without comparing and contrasting information. Grains are not bed for you, humans have lived off of grains since farming began.
    There are problems with grains and that is not the grain itself, it’s how humans use that grain. Beside a huge GMO problem which we will not get into, the problem is how we consume and prepare these grains; also gluten is not a problem, it never was and it will never be. Now, the problem with grains is the amount of chemicals we add to prepared foods such as breads. These chemicals are the cause for many digestive diseases and disturbances. The next problem with grains is they are a fuel that needs to be eaten in proper combinations with other foods; animal proteins are not to be eaten with grains or it’s man made products. If combined with animal proteins they will cause bloat, blood sugar problems and immune disorders.
    Many of you who read this will say I am full of dung, maybe including the tape recorder who made the video. So the proof van be easily found by these ney sayers. Try it for yourselves and you will be able to see and feel the difference.
    Honestly, I don’t care if the people that read this do not make the connection, but this idiot who made this video should do some research instead of regurgetate g the same tripe put out by the same pricks that want to keep people sick.

  • Ah yes, the bread that was meant to be PUNISHMENT yet we eat it today willingly. Truely upside down times. Any quality wheat bread will be just as healthy

  • Very helpful thanks for sharing. I’m hoping that all the herbs that I’ve added to my whole wheat cracker recipe will add some nutrition.

  • Thank you for this video on Ezekiel bread because I thought it would be better than I’ve spiked I think eating that and this just confirms it. In curious about pop corn

  • Why does the Bible say this?? “You must make your bread each day. You must get dry human dung and burn it. Then you must cook the bread over this burning dung. You must eat this bread in front of the people.” Then the Lord said, “This will show that the family of Israel will eat unclean bread in foreign countries and that I am the one who forced them to leave Israel and go to those countries!””
    ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭ 4:12-13‬ ‭ERV‬‬
    Sounds like unclean no good bread to me….

  • Just learned that this is not the biblical receipe. It has soybeans really. What marketing ex. thought this was bright idea. It is not is a horrible ingredient. I will never eat this again. Spread the word. 27% of people have thyroid issues. This makes it worse.

  • People buy white bread because it’s the cheapest. It’s not about taste. If you’re low to middle income you’re watching your budget much closer than if you have money. Why do you think most fat people are poor rather than wealthy. It’s because they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Eating healthy is a secondary thought. There’s a direct correlation between our eating habits and our income.

  • The company ruined this once exceptional bread. They used to sprout the grains themselves, and bake it at 140 degrees. It had a wonderful nutty rich taste and was so healthy. I practically lived on it. Then they changed the formula, using sprouted flour instead of the sprouted grains, adding wheat gluten, and baked at a much higher temperature. It tastes dry now and the added wheat gluten ruined it for anyone with mild gluten sensitivity like me. I bake my own now.

  • Just because they gave something a fancy healthy sounding Biblical name, doesnt mean its good for you, its not, whole grains and wheat flour along with refined white flour are bad for you, dont eat it

  • Hey where did you buy the sprouted bread? Or what brand is it? I’ve been trying to cut down on bread but I’m still a work in process. I have compared labels of both breads before but I have found 100% whole wheat has much less calories than sprouted and I end up giving in to that. I’ve lost some weight from cutting calories so I gravitate towards foods in lower calories but now that I’m at a healthy weight I’m looking to step up my healthy eating. 
    Btw just found your channel, LOVE IT!! Already subscribed:) 

  • Like the video, I agree with you and have done it myself (cut carbs) the additional thing that I might mention as far as breads not being great for us is the gluten factor. I do not agree with Juncal230975 at all. Breads, ie: sugars to include other sugars do cause weight gain and the storage of fat,  effect insulen and hormones.The studies are out there.
    Thanks for taking the time to make the videos

  • I love ezekial bread and I eat a lot of it. I tried to stop eating it and cut out bread as a whole but I just love it too much. I find that ezekial bread definitely seems to have a better effect on my body compared to standard whole wheat. I also am not on a ketogenic diet so I don’t care about the carbs.

  • Is brown bread better and flour better to use? Wow �� I love your video’s they have so much information ��.. Thank you so much for making this video! ���� nice shoe’s ��. Brown bread

  • It’s NOT! Sourdough-bread is just a difference taste. But it’s NOT any better than bread based on regular east! The taste deepens on other tings. I’ve been baking bread weekly for over ten years and use both sour and instant east.! And you don’t know a shit if you ask me and you’d better do something else than give people false device. Thumbs down…

  • Back then, many people needed the high sugar content, because of their hard life. They burned it off. They didn’t have to worry about blood sugar. They walked, and walked, and rode horses, and…. You get the picture.

  • The first study said the seeds were germinated for 168 days and the second study said 9 days. Lol. Ezekiel bread is probably sprouted within 24 hours before dehydrated and ground up so can you really assume these benefits? A bit insincere:/

  • Lawd child you have got some spellbindinglly gorgeous lips. This is actually the only reason I had to watch this video
    Dude you make some obscene shape when you pronounce your words. I wasn’t able to attend to the knowledge that you provided but I’m sure that no one enjoyed this video more than i

  • something isn’t accurate about the above analysis: how can whole wheat convert to a higher blood-sugar level than sugar? crystalline sugar? how fast does sugar dissolve?  thus, it makes no sense whatsoever; unless there is spin. and so, must be reexamined for error. not all analysis should be considered correct, until it is verified independently. i bet this ‘doctor’ hasn’t noticed his diastolic BP reduced by 5 pts, by switching to a higher fiber diet. thus, saying whole wheat is nominally beneficial…misleading.

  • Ezekiel bread is a common bodybuilding staple.  Jay Cutler is big on it.  Using sprouted grains means it is tolerable by most who normally eat gluten-free.  I use Angelic Brand Sprouted Grain Breads (Wisconsin).  Only 60 calories a slice, high in fiber and you can pronounce all the ingredients.  I never liked heavy grain breads which sprouted breads are not.  If you are going to have any bread “sprouted” is the way to go.

  • So glad Authority Nutrition has YouTube channel now and it’s very recent. Just one week since the first video. Subscribed it immediately! I love you all and I pray God protects you all the time until the final day of yours. You are truly helping avoid deaths and changing lives to the better. My best wishes. And please consider making a YouTube video of every or almost every article of your website. YouTube is great to catch the mass attention. It will open the way to the truths.

  • I had some of this bread for the first time today. Firstly, it does not taste anything like conventional bread. It is very dense similar to banana bread. It is very brittle so could not toast it. The taste is not bad but its not the best tasting bread I’ve tried. I had it with my lamb dinner, Greek salad and spinach but could not easily soak up the olive with the bread (as Greeks do). I will give it a 6/10. I will make a sandwich tomorrow with it and see how it tastes. My favourite bread is Soy and Linseed.

  • 1q?
    if a i am doing intermediate fasting and having 2 miles per day and how can he eat protein approximately 200 grams as per my totals calories. more likely it will come one meal 100 grams please please explain how to calculate and how we can take into IF in as protein and in ketogenic diet.

  • My son age 13 years old, is pre-diabetes is started consuming sprouted Fenugreek daily morning in on enmpty stomach for the past 15 days, now he started to have some allergies over skin baciside of his body and buffs near the eye and one or two plums over the face..does it seems due to the effect of that Fenugreek

  • There is some appropriate nutrition information in this video but it seems like a a fairly blatant product endorsement overall. There are many sprouted grain breads that may be a better choice for many people as they do not contain any wheat product which has been shown to be a problem. If you are being paid to promote a particular brand then your information will be biased and should be revealed. I’ve followed Authority Nutrition for a while now and am mostly impressed with your info I hope you maintain focus on research-based data and not give in to product/branding pressure.

  • And the rest of the starchy carbs still convert to blood sugars because they aren’t sprouts. Gluten is not the only problem with bread starch remains the major problem that still converts to blood glucose along with the glyphosate used to harvest wheat through defoliation of the plants. Everyone will eat what they want but I eat no wheat at all. Way too much bad stuff there these days to suit me, sprouts included.

  • Good info, right to the point. This format is going to be a nice addition to the blog. Tip: Ezekiel tortillas have the least amount of gluten, as they don’t add extra to this product, unlike the breads, which they add extra gluten to. I feel bloated with the breads/muffins, but not the tortillas.

  • Nice presentation. I used to love Ezekiel 4:9 bread before diagnosis with celiac disease. Now it is out of the question. A few years ago, I ate one slice to see what would happen. Gas at both ends for 5 days and 2 hour naps each afternoon for 7 days. It does have added gluten to it as well. But it is a wonderful bread for those who can tolerate it. I am now experimenting with sourdough of GF grains to make bread, but I know most don’t want to make their own breads.

  • I think that its funny that God told Ezekiel to lay on his side for 300+ days and no one thinks that is a good idea. So why do we think the bread was some miracle formula. The bread probably represented Israel’s poor way of trying to feed themselves apart from God. I have not done a study but wouldn’t be surprised!

  • Hi, I’m going through your videos. I hope you will answer my questions. Whole grain okay. Is oat meal considered whole grain and is steal oat also considered whole grain? Thank you

  • Benedicta, you are like your name a blessing! You’ve probably heard his jokes way too many times to still be smiling but when you love a guy you grin just looking at him. You look well together. Keep smiling, both of you.

    Dennis, “spelt” is the original, most healthy wheat crop found by the early hunter/gatherers.

  • Need to add that, at first, God instructed Ezekiel to bake it as barley cakes with HUMAN DUNG, on front of the people. He resisted and God let him use Cow dung. I don’t think think it’s true EZEKIEL bread. ����������

  • Physical Activity levels have a direct effect on blood glucose. For a more definitive conclusion physical activity level should be noted postprandial bread consumption. Were you seated post consumption for one test and walking up and down the stairs or outside for the other? Nutrient levels are higher in Ezekiel bread hands down. If you choose to eat bread Ezekiel is bar far the best choice for nutrient content

  • Food for life bread: Talk about shoving your religion down people’s throats! And it’s not even that healthy. There are much better breads out there without the obnoxious sermon.

  • Here in America we eat white bread, or any bread for that matter, because we eat sandwiches for lunch…and sometimes even for breakfast and dinner (bacon-egg-and cheese, cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, pizza, etc..). What else do we pack for our kids in their brown-brown bag school lunches that will hold up in their locker (unrefrigerated)? I know my kids have told me that when I included an apple in their lunch bag, it went straight into the trashcan. Happy they were honest with me but it broke my heart because all I was trying to do was give them a balanced meal. They would rather head to the vending machine and spend any spare couch cushion change on a Tastykake (more flour; more sugar, more preservatives), or a candy bar. The school even adopted a “Fruity Friday” campaign where kids would at least eat a piece of fruit one day of week. It never took hold. Sad! Kids know more about healthy eating nowadays than back in my day. My kids almost never eat fast food, except for pizza after a night out drinking. Still not optimal, but they would rather die than hit a McDonalds or Wendy’s drive-thru. Not just because of the bread. That is just one detractor for them. They now know of the poor quality beef, the high amounts of sugar and salt contained in the sandwiches and fries…forget about the apple pies or the lates or shakes. At the most,they may order a black,coffee if they really need a caffein boost but this is rare. I have learned so much from them. I LOVE white bread. Imagine if I could just eliminate that one thing from my diet? I’ve got to,give it a try. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Its all garbage, grains, wheat, wheat flour, processed refined white flour, all of it is bad for you!! Whole grains are now linked to causing cancer, DO NOT EAT IT PEOPLE!! WAKE UP, WE DONT NEED IT TO SURVIVE ON THIS PLANET,
    eat fruits veggies and lean meats and fish and you will loose weight and live years longer, cheese milk and eggs not good for you either!!

  • And a banana can raise your blood sugar as high as a candy bar. And most fruits do the same. So what stop eating fruit!!!! So much nonsense in this world.

  • I am from Latvia (currently living in Denmark) and my conventional bread isn’t the white bread, but the whole grain rye bread:D So the question is is the sour dough bread better than the rye bread?

  • I cut out all grains when I started Keto and I never felt better, I was totally addicted to “healthy” stuff like whole wheat bread, crackers and pasta, now I view all of these as junk carbs.

  • It’s a wonder why they don’t include vs 12 on the package… “And you shall eat it like barley cake, baking it in their sight on human dung.” -Ezekiel 4:12
    Maybe that’s the missing step!

  • Two slices of white bread weigh about 46 grams. Two slices of Ezekiel weigh 68 grams. An equal weight of each would be a better comparison (although in fairness, in the real world people do eat bread by the slice, not weight).

  • No I like Ezekiel bread especially with an egg on it. But now I don’t respond negatively with ezekiel bread but I do get bloated on reg. Bread. I only eat it occasionally anyways

  • People think there is something artificial with white flour. They don’t get that the flour inside the wheat berry is white. Ezekiel bread no doubt uses flour. They just don’t use bleached flour. I guarantee you they are grinding sprouted wheat to make the base of their bread which in essence is all flour is. Take it from someone who has ground grain all his life. FWIW, most breads and ‘white’ products now use a much lower grade of flour to get their fiber counts up which just means more of the wheat bran ground up in the flour.

  • Nice, I’ve just started making sour dough breads and I love it. I had thought that it simply had a ‘health halo’ because it’s usually hand made and more expensive.
    Nice to know that there are some health benefits.
    I’d like to point out though that not all sour dough uses whole flour and also that sour dough breads can vary greatly in their fermentation times.

  • Thanks I appreciate the time that you save me from reading the journal feeds, and the concise way you summarize some of the research.

  • Hi just decided to eat this bread. I actually love home made bread and baked bread from whole foods so good. Which I prefer and love
    This bible bread I’ve started to eat not the most tasty. But healthy….oh now your saying not that good? But I just eat a little of it

  • Here in india and pakistan we eat roti( chapati of whole wheat without preservatives) thrise a day with meat or vegetable gravy….we usually dont have many other options as we have joint family systems i.e 8 to 12 persons in each family and same type of food is been cooked for every one
    Please suggest some simple and applicable changes as we are stuck with this kind of food routine.we can’t change it

  • at the end of the video you said Ezekiel is still bread and maybe not the best choice for nutrition. For a while now I always felt like I was making a healthy decision eating Ezekiel bread. just out of curiosity why do you suppose Ezekiel Bread isn’t a healthy choice? Thanks for the video

  • One slice of whole wheat bread has the sugar equivalent of one Snickers bar, not to mention the dementia-causing gluten. ALL grains are deadly.

  • I recently tried eating one piece a day of the Ezekiel Bread with breakfast every day. I liked the nutty flavor and texture, though I suffered ever increasing shoulder and neck pain, getting worse each day, until I realized the culprit. I believe that it’s probably the high amount of wheat germ lectin in this bread that causes problems for me. I usually have a piece of good quality white sourdough bread with breakfast, which seems to agree with me fine, so it’s not the gluten but the large am’t of wheat germ in Ezekiel Bread. It would probably be ok for me to have a piece once in awhile but def. not every day.

  • Dr Berg can u please tell me if Ronzoni Garden Delights pasta is good if giving unhealthy carbs?This video was helpful.Thank you!!

  • Thank you for this great vid and breakdown. Especially putting into context 6-8oz is equivalent to 6 slice of bread**(wish there were more example like this). Thanks again, did not know even the whole can be bad for my diet/fat loss goals

  • Dennis, are you and your wife diabetic patients? If not, your tests do not reflect those who are insulin resistant or struggling with T2DM and taking polypharmacy to control their diabetes. Their is a place for Ezekiel bread in a diabetic’s diet plan.

  • His wife is gorgeous!! I really enjoyed the video. It got recommended to me because I had been searching for healthy/fitness content and I’m pleased with this experiment!

  • Hi! I am wondering if you have heard of purple bread made by Professor Zhou Weibiao? If so can you express your thoughts? Thanks!!! Gold Bless!

  • The thing to remember is that that Ezikial bread flavor has no fat at all, I don’t know if the white bread has fat, it might have fat, which would slow down the rise of blood sugar, different ingredients and these are two isolated instances most importantly

  • Toast them there breads,it cuts down or calories n also tastes great burned a little,its an old time remedy for bad stomach,it takes up the acid in ur belly when it is burned in the toaster!

  • You sound like you are in a barrel.  I can’t understand a word you are saying.  Be a professional and get the equipment that makes you sound professional.  Bye

  • Great video, I’ve been eating sprouted bread for a while now (1 slice/day) cannot go back to other kinds of bread anymore…love it!

  • This bread rocks. I am not really religious but whoever wrote this passage in the bible was on to something. His story is pretty interesting as is this bread.

  • What about Millets? Peal Millet, Finger Millet, Foxtail Millet, Kodo Millet, Little Millet, Barnyard millet, Sorghum these supposedly have a low glycemic index? can you do a video on these Dr. Berg? These have been used for centuries in ancient southern part of India (Tamil Nadu) our grandparents/greatgrandparents eat a lot of these variety and stayed extremely healthy and lived long (late 90s to 100)

  • I can’t stand normal white bread, I hate how it sticks to your teeth and the roof of your mouth. Rye bread is my favorite, but the darker and more coarse the bread, the more I enjoy it.

  • Very informative tests. I have been testing foods using your steps and found my results to be helpful in making informed decisions. In my opinion your channel is a must watch for those people recently diagnosed with diabetes. Thank you to your lovely wife for joining your testing. A great comparison between normal and pre diabetic individuals.

  • Could you test to see if eating it with fat such as kerrygold butter would lower the spike? From what I understand fats help minimize the blood sugar spike.

  • Great vid! I eat a lot less bread than I used to and when I do it’s a sample at work for a taste test. I work in a hospital and we serve most of the patient sandwiches on low sodium sprouted bread.

  • How do white flour tortillas compare to corn tortillas? How does white bread compare to corn bread? Looking for a substitute. Thanks!

  • People do not be mislead by this guy. You don’t have to keep bread out of your diet in order to lose weight. In the end it’s all about calories. If you eat more calories than you burn, you sure to gain weight and vice versa. Moderation is key. Eat and be happy!

  • Hello Brad, I’ve recently started eating sunflower seed bread and pumpernickel….I can pronounce all the ingredients, its not from the freezer though. I eat two slices a day. You think it would be best to just eliminate that as well? I just eat it to make sure i get enough energy and calories. It tastes terrible anyway.

  • Hola. Because of your help I eat only Ezekiel breads. I eat all of it. And for cheat day Chick-fil-A bread. Very few times. Thanks for this video.

  • Thus is whole anti-carb crap is bullshit… I’m more worried about Sat fats and bacteria and hormones in meat and diary…those are the real killers!!!

  • Saying whole weat has a higher GI than sugar is just very wrong. The difference between whole grains and refined grains is also bigger. Unless we are talking about American ”whole grain” which is basically refined grains with a touch of brown color.

  • I purchased 2 loaves of these on a whim (trying out new foods) then looked online and found out how amazingly healthy they were this is the only bread I purchse now.

  • I used to love sour dough bread. but unfortunately it still has carbohydrates and so therefore it’s not a good food for the ketogenic diet.

  • Could you redo this video and speak primarily about Sprouted Grains such as Broccoli Sprouts or Alfalfa Sprouts? I came here looking for the health benefits for those but it seems the video is more about bread than eating the sprouts by itself. Thanks.

  • This is good information but diabetic or not every one is requiring different foods based on sensitivities. For individuals who can’t tolerate much gluten (wheat, barley, rye, etc) Ezekiel bread is a great option. On the flip side readjusting is something as a portion size is 1 slice and mixed with other things as well as toasted will keep one fuller longer dependent on what else is included. Hope this helps and I definitely have a greater understanding for affects of carbs in form of bread on individuals with diabetes

  • The spike was going down much quicker than the white bread. I still feel the more natural bread would have been even lower had you checked at 3hrs or more. And as stated there are nutrients you are going to get with the Ezekiel bread verses the nutrient depleted white bread that are not part of your test.
    I appreciate the testing as far as giving us an idea as to what we can expect from the foods you eat as far as initial blood sugar spikes. However there is more to foods than there BLOOD sugar reactions as far as there health benefits.

    Nevertheless I really do enjoy your posts.

  • Dr. Berg… I was doing the ketogenic diet but my sugar levels got very low (@50’s) and felt extremely sick. I will start this diet again soon. What can we consume to pick up our sugar levels when too low, while on keto?? Thanks!

  • in my area it is near impossible to buy quality sourdough bread. respectable real bakeries are rare. and what the stores sell is a joke.

  • Hmmm, this is more confusing and conflicting information. On Ezekiel bread, I think you stated like we should not consume them too much as they are still wheat products even though they are heathier choice than regular bread. Is Sourdough bread healthier than Ezekiel? Can we consume them as much as we like? Or is a certain limitation/moderation necessary?