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Sports Nutrition 101: Post Recovery Nutrition

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Offseason Nutrition 101

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Nutrition 101

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Runners need fuel to perform – and fuel comes from proper nutrition (see above on macros and micros) and I’m not talking just marathoners. All runners need real, nutritionally-sound food to run. So replace processed food with whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and more. And feel the difference in your running!

An Aside On Sal. Balanced meals for runners should comprise roughly 20 percent fats, 60 percent complex carbohydrates and 20 percent proteins. Ensure that you consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruit smoothies are also an excellent and quick source of nutrition. A good variety of colorful foods should almost make a vitamin pill unnecessary. Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate, or marathon runner, the right sports nutrition is essential if you want to fuel your best performance.

This comprehensive nutrition guide gives you an overview of what you should eat before, during, and after a run. Nutrition for runners is a complex topic with so many different opportunities for mistakes that I’ve compiled a huge toolbox here to help you find the resources, tips and tricks that will keep you from bonking, feeling strong as the miles increase and we always hope avoiding stomach pains during the race! Additionally if you’ve been focused on running for weight loss, we’re going to. Sports Nutrition 101 for New Runners | MyFitnessPal Runners of all levels can benefit from sports nutrition to improve performance and get the most out of a workout.

Eating to run is much different than running to burn calories that you’ve already eaten. Sports nutrition is too big of a topic to cover thoroughly here. But, in general, the rules for good nutrition and fluid consumption are the same for runners as everyone else. Indeed, sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, author of Food Guide for Marathoners: Tips for Everyday Champions and Food Guide for New Runners: Getting It Right from the Start, says calorie restriction is a common challenge because “many runners are very weight conscious and think of food as fattening and not as fuel.

So they aren’t. SPORTS NUTRITION 101 FOR NEW RUNNERS. This is where you’ll learn about the basics for fueling and hydrating preand post-run, and get the 411 on carbs.

THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO RUNNING FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Here you’ll find the basics of getting started on a running regimen, how to create a calorie deficit and still have energy to run. 9 Nutrition Mistakes Beginning Runners Make That’s why brand-new runners often drop weight and increase fitness quickly. Once these runners start adapting to running consistently, however. Now my sports nutrition techniques are so ingrained in my everyday life, that I rarely even think twice about fueling.

It’s just something that I do and reap the benefits from! As a result, I’ve become a stronger and faster runner, and I’ve gone on to run a full marathon, a dozen half marathons and over 30+ races.

List of related literature:

Refer to Box 9-3, which highlights a 4,500-calorie nutrient plan for a triathlete.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Good carbohydrate choices on this day include white rice, bread, bagels, low-fiber cereal, fruit, juice, a variety of sports nutrition supplements such as high-energy drinks and bars, and small amounts of very lean protein such as poultry or fish.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
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Dr. Grandjean says that among the athletes she advises, distance runners are most knowledgeable about nutrition because their energy needs are so high.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
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For the endurance cycler, marathoner, and triathlete, convenience supplements can quickly provide energy, carbohydrate, protein, and other nutrients.

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Take energy snacks throughout the day and begin energy replacement immediately after activity, with several hundred calories of a carbohydrate—protein mix (ratio of 4 g of carbohydrate for l g of protein) (Ivy et al. 2002).

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
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Because the body uses protein for fuel during endurance exercise, all runners should boost their protein intake to 50 percent more than the Daily Value.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
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The recommendations for protein requirements for athletes are still the subject of research and discussion, but current evidence suggests that endurance athletes require 1.2–1.4g protein/kg body weight/day whereas strength or speed athletes may need as much as 1.7g protein/kg body weight/day (Lemon 1998).

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
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The upcoming sections will outline more specific recommendations and guidelines for carbohydrate, protein, and fat intakes for endurance and ultra-endurance athletes.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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In addition to the RDA, the DRIs include a recommendation for protein intake as a percentage of calories: The AMDR for protein is 10 to 35% of calories.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
from Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices
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  • Dear Dr. Van, My daughter suffers from extreme bough ts of depression and anxiety. I want her to get off the drugs the Drs so loosely keep prescribing for her because when the depression and anxiety hits she uses her meds to get her through. However when that happens she looks like a drug addict and I was just about to kick her out of the house because of it. She told me she would try it your way after she watched your presentation. What I was wondering is how long on an average the cur-cumin and fasting it takes before she starts to feel some relief? Now she does cycle for about 2 an a half months she’ll be functioning then drug addict city, sorta say. Can you help with some advise? Thank you Robin brodowsky

  • what is the ratio of turmeric to black pepper in order for it to increase 2000%? A tablespoon of turmeric and how much black pepper should I add along with it?

  • Thank you very much for this excellent seminar. You explain great, even a person who hasn´t English as first language can follow. I am very thankful for your work. I havel definately set my goal…!:-)

  • I Don’t undurstand dr Witt says to go on plant based wich is probobly high carb and you say to go high fat with animal products…And you say NET Carbs less then 50 but then you say eat as much fruit and vegtables as you want im a bit confused

  • This sound very specific for weight loss. What would you suggest the carb/fat/protein ratio to be if wish to add some mass(muscle)? if I’m trying to lose just a little body fat but gain muscle mass, is it still best to do HIIT in a fasted state? Or would I do less HIIT and more resistance training?

  • Thank you so much for your videos!! I have learned so much by watching these “lessons” and now am able to pass on good food choices to my kids because of the information you’ve shared. So thank you.

  • Great talk as usual dr Mike. I see over on dr bergmans channel the comments section on this video has been turned into a cesspit by the vegans. I’m sure you’re too polite of a guy to comment but I know you’re thinking the same thing ha.

  • Dr. Mike! Just bought your book. I’m so excited. I’ve been IF for three weeks and have lost 12 pounds! The last two weeks I’ve completely changed my diet where I’m basically a gluten and added sugar free vegan that eats eggs. I’ve been eating tons of greens and started to add turmeric w/ black pepper to my green smoothies. Since I’m not eating fish, could I take a supplement for omegas, is there one that you recommend?

  • Advice on diet is tiresome; everyone’s go their own opinion and it’s ever changing. For the majority, it’s your genetics will determine how long you will live; you can be a vegetarian and still die from stomach cancer.

  • Dr Mike I found your teaching very science proven so, please I want to heard from you WHAT KIND OF WATER SHOULD I BE DRINKING I am using distilled water �� I have my own “water distiller… Am I right? Appreciate your unswear…

  • hey Dr. Mike,

    I am doing a morning superfood smoothie with the follow things.
    Could any of these cause any adverse reaction being blended together or for any other reason?

    frozen berries (or frozen misc fruits etc.)
    frozen kale or broccolli or brussel sprouts (I alternate these)
    gelatinized maca 1 teaspoon
    cacao power 1 teaspoon
    virgin coconut oil 1 teaspoon
    nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon
    bee pollen 1 teaspoon
    turmeric 1 teaspoon
    avocado 1 small
    1 clove of garlic

    take these outside of smoothie (moreso as experiment to see if it helps my hair)
    Jamieson Kelp 650 mg 1 tablet
    Nettle Root 500 mg 1 capsule
    Saw Palmetto 500 mg 1 softgel

    and… 1 boiled egg

    Does this look ok? Should I add or remove anything from it?

    I am thinking of adding the following to this:
    1 scoop of whey isolate
    1 Tablespoon of grounded flaxseed

    NOTE: I am not on ketogenic diet and I am not doing intermittent fasting.
    I am not looking to lose or gain weight.


  • Hi Dr Mike just want to say thank you as I have started Intermittent Fasting and followed all of the things you have said in your videos. It has been only 2.5 weeks and I have went from 115.7kgs to 109kgs. No sugar cravings and feel the best i have ever felt in my whole life. Thank you sooooo much.

  • Hi, I just found about you, love it, your voice is perfect, God Bless you. I already hit my goal, I am in great conditions, I do walking and little bit weights, I do IF with bulletproof I recently start to take vitamin C,… but suddenly I start to feel pain in my back right mi-lower side. Do you know or and idea what can be? Thank you

  • “Bacterial endotoxins in animal products cause metabolic inflammation and the progression of disease”-This can be surmised from the study,
    “Increase in Plasma Endotoxin Concentrations… “done by, Husam Ghanim, PHD et al. (2009).

    Is it safe to say, or do you believe that getting omega 3’s from quality sources of animal protein outweigh the negatives of the inflammation caused when these endotoxins are ingested?

  • So I’ve been doing intermittent fasting without knowing it. I normally don’t eat until noon, but that’s because my stomach doesn’t agree with me in the morning so eating is off the table unless I want to suffer with stomach pain and possible vomiting. Nice to know it benefits me in some way. Thank you so much! I really did learn a lot

  • ohhh… so what is it now like just pick one way nothing matters casue if i follow dr. kris verburgh or Michael Greger i do it wrong? what is right there is no right or what!just end me

  • I admire how you are NOT stingy with your knowledge. Most give a topic and expect people to buy products.

    After watching your videos im definitely buying your book ASAP.

  • Hi Dr. Mike,It has been said that having breakfast first thing in the morning revves up your metabolism, that delaying it slows down your metabolism.  This is the opposite of what you are saying. What do you think?  I enjoy all your videos.

  • oh man whatever he said about Skipping the breakfast, Sleeping satiated, eating less carbs moderate protein i was already following it inadvertently and was feeling crappy about it because i thought its bad!

  • Hi Dr. Mike! �� Love your videos. I would like to ask if IF is safe for women? I have read that it messes the hormones, so I’ve stopped after a month since experiencing some symptoms.

  • Very useful Dr.Mike and i just started my intermittent fasting plan this week.
    Cant wait to see how the result is!
    Thank you for the guide!
    (Message from Hong Kong)

  • If its 40 to 50g of carbs, 50 to 70g of protein and daily intake of fat is 50 to 70%. How do i figure out what macro breakdown following these guidelines?

  • 25:25 pretty interesting the 3 types of fasting, it reminds me of the fasting the prophets did… prophet David A.S.(2nd fasting type) and prophet Muhammad S.A.W.(1st fasting type)

    Thank you for the insightful presentation, i learned a lot from the video… I hope you can keep on making great videos��

  • As always, excellent talk! I am intermittent fasting since March and the results are amazing, I lost 10 kgs. of pure body fat, without any muscle lost, I am very happy!!:D

  • My new detailed book on Intermittent Fasting can be found here:

  • Dr. Mike, you mentioned that it was the most ideal to eat within 30 minutes after a workout. However, are there any negative effects of working out early in the mornings at around 6am during a fasted state and then start eating in the afternoon?
    By the way, thank you so much for your videos, so much value in your content!

  • Love your videos…very scientific…but I do have one question. Eating noon to 8pm isn’t really in accordance with latest circadian rhytm research. I read it in a book circadian code that 8am to 4pm or 6pm is more in line with our natural rhytm. That, eating about 2h after waking gives signal to our digestion it is morning, the same way morning light gives signal to other bodily functions it is morning… What is your view on that?

  • Ok so I need help I’m a single mom and work full time and go to school. I’m already active and work out 6 days a week. My window to workout is usually right after work around 5-530pm. I eat between 11am-6pm. What would be the ideal way to do a intermittent fast and workout to utilize this the best way possible?

  • Thanks for this video. A doctor once told me that the best way to consume turmeric for max benefits is only by cooking it. Do you find this to be true or does raw turmeric hold the same benefits?

  • I heard that you lose muscles if you didnt eat for a long time and then you workout. Also you probably wont be able to do an hard, excessive workout because your not fueled so the calories you burn overall will be lower. So I think its not recommended at all if you want to improve your performance as a runner for example.

  • Hi Dr Mike, bless you seriously, im so happy there are people like you. I have one question, I started to drink 1 tbs of curcumin a day with pepper, I noticed my urine smells really strong fruity flowery smell, I dont know if thats from the curcumine, is that normal? or am i doing something wrong? I feel great by the way

  • Thnks Dr, I really love your videos and I am also a fan on your fb page.I am medical student and your videos help me to improve my knowledge about nutrition but I don’t understand why u said Reduce or eliminate grains from your diet��

  • Is there a ballpark ratio for turmeric to black pepper? I had a go last night and was pleasantly surprised at how awful it didn’t taste. Blended it with mango and coconut milk.

  • I am shocked how underrated this channel is. People are so mislead by breakfast companies and confused with all the fitness information. You know your stuff!

  • Hi Dr, can eating at a slight caloric deficit still be harmful to insulin sensitivity despite eating frequently throughout the day?

  • Dr. Mike  Thank you for making these videos. I am a Chiropractor outside of Chicago and these videos are very beneficial.  Keep up the great works..

  • First of all, really great videos! Thank you for the effort to explain everything in detail. Very interesting! I have a question. In every ketogenic guide it tells you to basically cut fruit completely, if necessary maybe have a handfull of berries but that’s it. They say that the fruit sugar will throw you out of the ketogenic state and yet you say sth else. I love bananas for example, so how does “substracting” the fiber and calculating the NET carb work? I try to keep my carbs below 30g a day and a banana has like 20g….

  • If someone is trying to fix gut dysbiosis and get gut back in balance, should white rice be avoided? What about tapioca starch? Its confusing because some say tapioca is okay but its refined so I figured it should be avoided

  • Dr. Mickael, can you tell me if eating one time per day (healthy fats, keto food) is it good and beneficial, because it is alot of fasting?

  • The video was very knowledgeable and Helpful. Thank you Doctor for sharing the information. I am looking forward to follow all your tips and buying your book, though I hope I find it here in India. Big thanks to you again…

  • hey doc wanted to know your thoughts on rice diet by Walter kampener which cures everything like blood sugar, kidney failure & heart disease.

  • Thank you so much for all of your videos Dr michael!i adore the way you explain things so much. i found your channel about 5 days ago and i watch your videos everday before i sleep. also, you have a very sweet smile. i blush everytime i see it haha.

    your fan from malaysia.

  • I have been experimenting and doing intermittent fasting and eating within the 8 hour window. I have to be at work at 7:30am. I typically do 30 minute workouts or run between 4-5 miles at 5:15 am. The only problem is that my 1st meal is around 11:30am. I do have bulletprrof coffee on my drive into work. Should I do a different type of intermittent fasting or is it ok to wait hours after working out before I eat?

  • Thanks for these great videos! I’m on IF but I’m not able to workout just before eating my first meal. What do you recommend me, workout fasted but 6 hours before eating, or workout while I’m in my eating window so I can eat just after workout?

  • Hello Dr. Mike,

    first of all thank you for all your great work. It is nice to see that honest physicians like yourself and Dr. Bergman are still out there spreading the truth about Health and Medicine.

    I am currently in the process of changin my diet and today I suddenly realized there might be a danger with Wild Salmon (radioactive contamination).

    The Salmon I buy is “Wild Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta)” from Sea Fishing in the North East Pacific (Alaska), FAO 67

    As far as I know this region is where pretty much all Salmon we eat comes from (would like to be proven wrong on this one)

    With the reactor leak in Fukushima and the Marine Wildlife being contaminated with radioactive material, can I safely continue eating above mentioned Salmon or should I be concerned. Are there alternatives?

    Thank you all, greetings from Germany and stay like you are!

  • Does a targeted consumption of wild fish as opposed to common farm-raised fish, expose us to the risk of higher levels of mercury intake?

  • Thanks for putting this up. Since transitioning to a high fat diet I have felt the functionality of my brain significantly increase.

  • Hi Dr Mike, 50-70g of protein a day + 25 to 50% is enough to support muscle growth?
    I ´m around 61 kilogrammes of lean body mass.

  • The fitness industry is so misleading now and days, and sad that I just barely came across this. There are influencers who compete in bodybuilding giving people the wrong information and basing it on their own body. This needs to change and we need more info come people like you!!!! Thank you ����

  • I recently discovered your channel and I’m learning so much, you’re very pleasant to listen to and to look at:D do you think that blood sugar going to low could be a problem when intermittent fasting? Thank you Doctor ��

  • Very informative lecture. I never researched the different types of Omega 3 before, I was lucky enough to have been taking Omega 3 pills with DHA & EPA. I also never thought about adding coconut oil to my coffee, but if that provide more pure fats to my diet I will have to try it out. Hope it taste good.

  • For the Antioxidant capacity of Turmerik is it better to use fresh or
    dried.And what would be the amount for 1 tablespoon of dried
    Turmeric in fresh roots to get the same amount of “the GOOD stuff”?
    Is it 1to1 or do I have to take more of the fresh one in weight as it is more hydratet?

  • I wish I had found this video before my report on IF. I am a dietetic student and I agree restricting your eating window is an excellent method. I just began restricted eating to help lose more weight (I reached a plateau after losing 70lbs) and to help with mental clarity. It has been difficult to stop putting creamer in my coffee but hopefully the results will be noticeable enough for me to continue. Any other suggestions for improving mental clarity? I have ADHD. I work at night while I do my internship during the day and I am a mom so I average 5 hours of sleep and getting more sleep is not an option for the next year. I also did chemo 5 years ago which really affected my brain function. I’m having a hard time recalling information and remembering all of the information I need for my future career.

  • Happy that you mentioned Ramadan. Yaaaay. I am Muslim.
    Thanks a million. I have lost like 15 kilograms out of 74. I had to give away all my clothes. I went down from size 50 to 46 in suits and from 34 to 30 in pants.

  • Great info and valuable per usual. Thank you!
    I do have a question regarding Omega 3, as far as i know since Fish oil is considered to be extremely unstable. Is oxidized already in the process of creation, lowers the level of platelet reactivity and slows blood clotting. fish oil has been shown to weakens the immune system by accelerating the selfkilling white blood cells. And When taking ALA the body knows how to convert the ALA the amount it needs to EPA and the amount it needs to DHA. So what is the truth here? to take or not to take?

  • Ramadan is obligatory for muslims
    but in Islam Prophet mohammed advised Muslims to fast every Monday and thursday Up to fasting Every other day (it’s not obligatory)

  • Is adding stevia appropriate to coffee during a fast? Also I have heard that BCAAS also during s fasts is beneficial what are your thoughts.

  • Can I ask a question that is probably really silly. Your slide mentioned to limit fructose consumption to under 25mg per day and then towards the slide mentioned that you can have unlimited fruits. How would that be possible?

  • Hi Dr. Thank you for your awesome videos. How about people who have already been diagnosed with depression/anxiety? My mother was diagnosed with depression for about 10 years ago and now I am currently majoring in Nutrition, so I have been searching for foods that can improve my mother’s condition. Does turmeric consumption improves mental health significantly than the drugs prescribe by physician?

  • instead of breakfast, how about starting the day with a green juice, such as Kale, lemon and apple or would that count as having carbs?

  • Hi Dr. Mike, I take Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism and after watching all of your videos and hearing about the effects of medication I’m thinking I should find a natural way to cope with my Hyperthyroidism. Is it a natural way? Or should I keep taking my medicine and implement the IF and HITT along with supplements for optimal health. Your videos are such eye openers, absolutely amazing info!!!

  • Even experts don’t have proper answer about some questions bcz human is a complex system and is difficult to understand without proper research. Experts are sharing their experienced not proven research.

  • Wow, can’t believe these “pros” are still talking about the 1g of protein per lb of body weight when they really should be talking about being in s positive nitrogen balance. I’m 36yrs old 215lbs and 15% Bodyfat, and I’ve never ate more then 125g of protein per day and most times it’s usually around 70-80g, and I’ve gained muscle and strength anytime I’ve wanted, over a multiple month phase of course. This idea needs of 1g and even more per lb of body weight needs to go away. sells supplements so I’m actually not surprised these guys would be saying this.