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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Spirulina

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Health Benefits of Spirulina

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Dr. Dan Engle, MD on Spirulina & Chlorella

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What Happens to Your Body if You Eat Spirulina Every Day

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How To Take Spirulina: Benefits, Dose & Side Effects

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Spirulina Side Effects Why am I feeling bad after taking spirulina? Is it dangerous?

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Dr. Joe Schwarcz: The truth about spirulina

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Spirulina has numerous positive effects on exercise performance, cholesterol and glucose blood levels, and seasonal allergies. Spirulina is an all-natural food. Spirulina has a high protein and vitamin content, which makes it an excellent dietary supplement for people on vegetarian or vegan diets. Research suggests that spirulina has antioxidant and inflammation-fighting properties, as well as the ability to help regulate the immune system. By inhibiting NADPH oxidase, spirulina provides potent anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects.

The neurological effects of spirulina need more human evidence. Based on animal evidence, spirulina appears to be a promising anti-oxidant and supplement for metabolic issues. Make sure you only take supplements that work. The nervous system and brain benefits of Spirulina include prevention of memory loss associated with age, fighting oxidative stress symptoms, promoting mental clarity and alertness, relieving depression and anxiety and promoting a balanced mood. Side effects of Spirulina are rare and usually occur when an underlying condition is present.

For both chlorella and spirulina, some of the most common side effects you hear about are diarrhea/constipation, flatulence, green discoloration of the stools, stomach cramping, and nausea. These are even more likely with a higher dosage or when you first include them in your diet. While it’s rare for spirulina to be toxic to humans, a June 2015 study in the Harmful Algae Journal found that spirulina can contain arsenic species and cyanotoxins like cylindrospermopsin and anatoxin-a. This study found that spirulina side effects included fatigue, dermatitis, nausea, dizziness and headache due to the presence of these toxins.

If you hate the groggy feeling that comes after taking Benadryl or other antihistamines, spirulina also can help you deal with your allergies without any major side effects. One recent study found that small doses of spirulina taken on a daily basis helped reduced the frequency of rhinitis amongst people who suffer from this type of allergy. Side effects and potential dangers of spirulina increase when products are contaminated. Contaminated spirulina can cause liver damage, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, thirst, rapid heartbeat, shock and even death.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be especially cautious. Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that’s highly nutrient-dense. This supplement is high in protein, B vitamins, magnesium, and beta-carotene.

It’s also a vegan-friendly source of omega-3 fatty acids and the essential amino acids that make proteins. Spirulina, being a natural source of antioxidants, is ideal for such people to recover from muscle fatigue and improve the overall strength and endurance of the body. 7. Controls Blood Sugar.

A study on rats suggests that phycocyanin from Spirulina helps reduce blood sugar levels in animals.

List of related literature:

As you have learned, spirulina has numerous health benefits that include weight management, strengthening the immune system, radiation protection, heavy-metal removal, liver nourishment, and being a source of overall nutrition.

“Angel Detox” by Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves
from Angel Detox
by Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves
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So far, no adverse effects on Spirulina have been reported.

“Food Additives” by A. Larry Branen, P. Michael Davidson, Seppo Salminen, John Thorngate
from Food Additives
by A. Larry Branen, P. Michael Davidson, et. al.
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For supplementation, we focused on a high dose of spirulina (mixed with coconut water for glucose and palatability) coupled with two servings of cilantro daily.

“Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal
by Anthony William
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Spirulina is rich in GLA—a beneficial omega­6 fatty acid—while about 40 to 50 percent of the fat in AFA is the omega­3 fatty acid ALA.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
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Book Publishing Company, 2014

• Know that spirulina’s GLA content is 25% to 30% compared with other sources, such as evening primrose oil or black currant berries, which contain 10% to 15%.

“The Complete Guide To Herbal Medicines” by Charles W. Fetrow, Juan R. Avila
from The Complete Guide To Herbal Medicines
by Charles W. Fetrow, Juan R. Avila
Pocket Books, 2000

Nutrition Profile: A chlorophyll-rich “superfood,” spirulina supplies 2 lamino acids including the top 8 essential for health.

“Detoxification: All You Need to Know to Recharge, Renew and Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit” by Linda Page
from Detoxification: All You Need to Know to Recharge, Renew and Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit
by Linda Page
Healthy Healing Publications, 1998

Spirulina protected hippocampal neural progenitor cells from inflammation caused by molecules called lipopolysaccharides—which, interestingly, are often found in a high-fat, high-sugar diet.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Spirulina is a popular therapy for weight loss, and it is sometimes marketed as a “vitamin-enriched” appetite suppressant.

“Natural Standard Medical Conditions Reference E-Book: An Integrative Approach” by Natural Standard, Catherine Ulbricht
from Natural Standard Medical Conditions Reference E-Book: An Integrative Approach
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Support with nutrients and/or supplements known to support degradation of histamine such as selenium, quercetin, vitamin C, stinging nettle, EGCG (primary catechin in green tea), and the DAO enzyme [68, 69].

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
from Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices
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Spirulina is also good choice for weight loss, for stamina strength, and to lower cholesterol.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
by Linda Page
Healthy Healing Publications, 2004

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  • hi Peggy…I have not yet taken spirulina but heard that “Pacifica Spirulina ” by the same company is really the only Hawaiian one? is that true? is there a difference from the one you recommend? thanks a bunch! the outside labels are the same except one says Pacifica…

  • Looking at these 4 S&C tabs bulking out my ONNIT Total Primate Care pack, listening to this explanation. Thinking…. sceptical hippo. Seems like a mouthful of any given salad could replace these things.

  • Thanks for this video, why is another Dr on you tube saying it’s a dangerous neuro toxin? Bit confused and worried as I’ve been taking it..

  • I have taken Spirulina since I was 17, now 58. I started taking it in Martial Arts, as it was supposed to improve stamina. I have Crohn’s and had a resection, removal of 18 in. of the small intestine when I was 14. I do not take Rx’s of any kind. For whatever reason, I quit taking all supplements and started having more and severe Crohn’s attacks. I had not smoked pot in years when a Doctor of internal medicine recommended I do so. Now that I live in Nevada I smoke Cannabis, albeit not like when I was a kid and not for the high. I have also restarted Spirulina. I have not had a single Crohn’s attack in months. My stools are actually formed. Not sure if it is the Spirulina, Cannabis, or a combination of the two. It worked for me when Doctors had me on experimental drugs back in the ’70s that DID NOT. My parents had me at the Mayo and John Hopkins, Mayo did my surgery. I know Big Pharma would not make the money but I would like to see real research, as to why this works for me.

  • this video sucks…..bad info people…I can’t believe how many of you think that this is good information…I guess you all believe what your doc tells you…

  • Thank you so much for your video! I am usually anemic but also tend to have low blood pressure. I heard of spirulina decreasing blood pressure, would it still be beneficial to someone usually has low blood pressure? Thank you

  • he will be supporting natural remedies and not drugs when sales for natural remedies become equal or greater than what drug company’s make. sad this Dr will have to switch and start chasing the other Big Farma

  • Did he really just say that?!?!? ������ Like, for real??? ��‍♀️ I am shocked, yet I am not, because BIG PHARMA doesn’t make $$$$$ when people don’t purchase THEIR products/DRUGS, which I am certain costs, by far, MORE than buying a $26 bag of organic spirilina!!! You will be smarter for eating smarties?!?!? ������ That is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! YOU WILL BE SMARTER, IF YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND DON’T BUY WHAT BIG PHARMA WANTS TO SELL YOU BY TRYING TO SHOVE THEIR GARBAGE DOWN OUR THROATS!!! ����‍♀️����‍♀️��

  • How can you compare Spirulina to Antihistamines which shut down the immune system to prevent the release of histamine. When you make videos like these you have a responsibility to viewers and comparing them price wise is very misleading.

  • First check you T4 levels thioryd before taking it. Coused me to have hypotheroid meaning that now my glans doesnt produce thiroxyne and can cause to gain weight. There is spirulina without iodine for these cases. Other from that its a great help to many things

  • Hello guys we are a company in west africa that can provide the purest spirulina,so whoever wants it in any quantity we can provide. The shipping also wont be a problem


  • Whey protein is so unhealthy though.

    Work out how much the spiralina ends up costing per serve & then it seems more worth it
    Sucks that it costs that much though
    But you can’t put a price on health
    Alternatively eat things like peanut butter & lentils for protein

    Dairy is never preferable over a plant

  • Bought Hawaiian spirilina (the same brand you sell on your website) but it makes me very thirsty… So not sure what to do… Keep taking or stop

  • recently i started taking spirulina, 2 tablets in the morning when i wake up and 2 in the night before i sleep, ever since i’ve began to have really bad stomach pains, i’m lactose intolerant so it’s nothing new to me, however the pain has become noticeably more painful and frequent. however i also take 2 magnesium tablets and 1 vitamin c tablet at the same time, however that’s never been too much of an issue for me. i take gnc spirulina, grown in the US, can you help me by telling me if i’m doing anything wrong?

  • I just bought some hemp powder and I watched your video on it and I bought some of this to Spirulina powder Will it hurt to put both them in the same smoothie? because they both have a lot of protein same benefits?

  • I want to consume chlorella or spirulana but I have my doubts since coral reefs are dying in certain parts of the world and also there’s a lot of toxins in the oceans from oil spills and other stuff.

  • Antihistamines are seriously damaging to your liver so I think I’d rather take spirulina. Steroids which I’m taking now for my sinusitis are also seriously damaging to the body, and spirulina means I don’t have to take it. I think you should seriously have any medical qualification given removed, because you don’t know what you’re talking about and I’m concerned there’s an alterior motive to this, like big pharma, this smells dodgy, please get him off youtube.

  • I wanted to ask something about chlorella but couldn’t find a video by Dr Axe referring to that. In any case here is my question: Will chlorella help with post viral fatigue? I am experiencing these usual symptoms after a flu and from what I know it’s chemicals and other things that cause this feeling of fatigue to force your body to rest more, so I made this guess that maybe chlorella could flush out the toxins and the chemicals that cause these awful feeling after viral infections? Please let me know if it’s safe to use and if I would be helped to feel better!

  • I purchased spirulina in local store that sold approved by FDA
    I have a history of hyperthyroid and after 10 years it was became hypothyroid my metabolism is to fast blood test of TSH is not normal i take eltroxin branded of LEVOTHYROXIN 100mc/g and 150 mc/g
    Almost 5years maintaining of this medicine i search in you tube and online shop about spirulina ang serpintina

  • Hi, thank you for this video I’ve noticed lots of people take spirulina. Everyone seems to say how good it is..on the flip side why is there a video on here saying it contains potent neurotoxins that scares me and makes me not want to consume it.. could you enlighten me of the facts?

  • The doctor didn’t do much research on this topic. Spirulina is not just for allergies. It provide numerous positive health effects, which are backed by scientific studies. Basically, it exhibits powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can mitigate a variety of medical conditions. It contains a significant amount of zeaxanthin, a carotenoid that can protect the eyes and other organ systems. At least one report also states it contains a good amount of ergothioneine, an anti-oxidant that the body preferentially accumulates in many tissues. Also, the doctor misrepresents its cost you can get a multi-month supply in organic quality far cheaper than that overpriced $26 packet he shows on video. IMO, it is one of the most cost-effective “superfoods” that you can buy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste than great, which limits its acceptance.

  • Is this good for your muscles to? my doctor thinks I have fibromyalgia. Thank you ��
    I also take thyroid medicine would this super foods be a problem?

  • Hey gut healing I am a bit confused ��‍♀️ you say in other videos nit to combine fruit and to eat one kind at a time and here the detox smoothie is all mixed fruit and other things!!! Please explain thanks

  • I hate it when people employ artificial voiced programs aka readers but don’t know how to type the script to avoid pronuncatiom errors. It’s so distracting. It really does detract from the perceived validity of the information presented in these types of videos. Really, how difficult is it to type the script and run it through the program as a test before posting? Typing Led instead of lead at one point would’ve solved the issue using Led created.

  • People should research before giving out information that is misleading. Spirulina can do wonders for people but to some it can be toxic especially when taken in tablet form. I used spirulina before l became pregnant and during pregnancy. It gave me strength like a lion and l never experienced any of the pregnancy downs mothers experience. My baby had the best skin, very strong and very active. He is very sharp at the kindergarten and far much better than kids his age in every area. But five months after giving birth, l travel to Singapore and bought spirulina in tablet form which nearly killed me. I got the worst kidney pain and had to detoxify.

  • So strange, I’m allergic to spirulina. My throat gets swollen and itchy. I’ve accidentally eaten it on many occasions. It’s in everything!

  • Hey, great video! Spirulina is truly awesome stuff. It is best taken fresh, not powdered or dried as this decreases the value. The best product on the market today that I have found is these guys here in FL. ​kyanosfarms.com.

  • Hi! I love your channel.
    I started using organic Spirulina from “Organic Traditions” grown here in Canada.
    I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, and I noticed that when I drink the detox smoothie, the tingles in my legs and feet seem to become more pronounced.
    What is happening?
    Thank you in advance.
    Ady ��

  • Best spirulina brands are the Greek brands!!!
    All production levels are fully controlled plus european food and suplements standars quaranty!!!

  • Is there a such thing as taken too much Spirulina? I made a smoothie that’ll make at least four 8oz cups. Now I’m concerned if I put too much. I put in about 2 tbls

  • TOP level of Chlorela here: https://myduolife.com/shop/products/1/285,duolife-chlorofil.html
    100% natural 0% chemicals or preservatives! Absorbability 98%!

  • Funny story, I started using it because of reggae music, it sounded Cool when I heard of it in the music song by chronixx, I thought it would be an Herb and so I did more research and now I put it in my shake all the time.

  • I have been taking spirulina since the late 70s. New health food store opened and the lady had been to Mexico and brought a 55 gallon drum of spirulina back with her. she was selling it in sandwich bags. I have been using it ever since then. Right now I’m going to do another fast using spirulina and chlorella. should get in a 10 day before Christmas Day in 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll come back here and let you all know how it goes. I have done more than 50 fasts since the 70s, some 5 days and some 21 days, haven’t always used spirulina but is has worked out just fine for me. I am 72 YO now and can go all day on a bicycle (100 miles in the mountains) on just spirulina and chia seeds, and still have energy let at the end of the day. If you try it you do have to build up on the amount. I use 2 t-spoons spirulina and 1 t-spoon chlorella in a glass of water,I sometimes will have a Table spoon of organic Cider vinegar in the mix too. Never been a down side taking it, but that is me some people react different to new stuff.

  • Keep in mind that I don’t have any diseases and I’m in my 20s. I added a teaspoon of Spirulina into my smoothie bowl. After consuming it, I got a headache. I also have the most thrilling and vivid dream that makes me easy to remember (I literally write it in my dream journal). Before that, I usually don’t remember much of my dreams. It kinda helps me because I want to remember my dreams / subconscious mind as it can be beneficial for creativity. I also realized that I woke up feeling energize than usual & this is only the first time I’m consuming Spirulina. I usually sleep at 3AM which makes me feel kinda tired the next day, but I don’t after taking it. Should I continue eating it or is this dangerous?? Maybe I should do more in depth research and buy a high-quality one ��

  • I feeling really thirsty and the thirst doesn’t stop no matter how much I drink to hydrate myself. Any way to reduce the side effect of this?

  • Nice man, I really love your videos. You break it down in a way no one else does, and make it simple to understand. Much love and respect.

  • I watched your video hoping you would give some responsible information regarding how much to take / use of. “Use a scoop” is not helpful. Doesn’t sound professional. A legit, universal measurement for a ‘Dr’ is much more responsible.

  • i just started taking spirulina about 5 days ago for anemia, auto immune diseases, high cholesterol, draw out metals from MRIs & anxiety i’ve heard great things! i only start with 2 tabs instead of 6 and i feel super shaky afterwards & a high hr or 120 resting.. & i have high hr issues already… am i just adjusting?? detoxing? or should i stop??

  • I noticed two things that have been happening to me since I started taking spirulina this week! Acne and insomnia. I’ll give it one more week just to make sure.

  • Here’s what I’m experiencing right now: In November of last year I got more consistent with taking the supplements I buy from Organic Burst. I use their spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, acai, baobab, maca, tumeric with curcumin, ceylon cinnamon bark, goji berries, and matcha…all in powder form (except the goji berries). When January came, I started taking these supplements everyday. I noticed a tremendous increase in energy and just overall wellbeing. Then at the very beginning of February, i woke up one night to use the bathroom. As soon as I got back in the bed, my heart started racing! I felt slighty light headed, but that went away. The increased heart rate went away as well, but came back a second time. I thought I was having a heart attack! So I went to the hospital. My blood pressure was 200/100 and heartrate was 116. I DIDN’T have any chest pain though. They gave me IV fluids which brought my pressure down. They did an EKG, full blood panel, chest x-ray and 2D echocardiogram. To my surprise, everything came back normal. So I started Googling my symptoms and this lead me to believe that I might have had an anxiety attack, especially after it happened a second time two weeks later…but I’m not stressed out, but the symptoms fit. Now we’re at the end of April and I started having more and more frequent palpitations. Either my heart feels like it’s fluttering, or it beats super fast, then returns to normal, or my blood pressure spikes and returns to normal. Full disclosure, I’m 340lbs, not very active, and I just started eating healthier within the last two months. I stopped taking my supplements a week ago once my husband told me he experienced heart palpitations after taking spirulina. I just find it weird that after all these years of being obese and eating bad, that I didn’t experience heart issues until I started trying to get healthy. Could the spirulina have caused this, or has my unhealthy lifestyle finally started to catch up with me? I’m making an appointment with a cardiologist today, but I would also love to hear your input. THANK YOU!!

  • Hello Peggy, Amazon has 2 different capsules of Hawaiian Spirulina. One of them is 180 tables with 1000 mg and another is 400 tablets 500 mg. I know I can use 5-10 tables every day, but I DONT know which one? 5 of 500 mg or 5 of 1000 mg??

  • I didn’t feel much different, but I feel already great. It’s hydroponic, doesn’t mix with water. I’m looking for recipes. Good presentation. Thank you. Liked!

  • i was able to get rid of herpes virus with herbal medication i got from Dr Ayomede, living with herpes virus made me realize that herbal medication are very powerful and is of great use

  • I have/had hypothyroidism for 25 years, and am following the Medical Medium info., have done the liver rescue twice, and am WFPB for 1.5 years. However, every time I take spirulina it drops my TSH like a rock. My TSH went from.03(hyper) to 12.5 in a couple months. I was taking the Hawaiian spirulina tablets, 5/day only. I am working on healing my thyroid, and currently am not on any medication since my TSH was so high (hypo). I know the TSH isn’t the only indicator, but it definitely does react to the spirulina. When my TSH was.03, I was still on dessicated thyroid because I was weaning off the meds slowly. I do not believe the body is attacking itself, and actually I feel that my thyroid must obviously still be working or else it wouldn’t react to the spirulina. Would love your take on this. Thanks!!!

  • Help, I’m getting jauncide from either spirulina or wheatgrass powder, don’t know wish yet, why is this?? Its an organic brand popular here in Sweden

  • Hey! I’ve started taking spirulina(the one medical medium recommends), 1 tsk in my heavymetal detox and have done so for two weeks. Im experience no apitite, shakiness and im very tired and need to rest and sleep almost all day and night. I have chronic fatigue but didnt need to rest this much before. Have you any input Peggy?

  • For the first week of taking Hawaiian spirulina I was emotional, had brain fog, and was going to the bathroom probably 5 times a day. Taking bentonite clay helped stabilize my mood, Im guessing I had a ton of heavy metals free flowing throughout my body. After a week the symptoms improved!

  • Has anyone experienced diarrhea and my stomach is making so many noises. Any feedback would be wonderful. Been taking it for 4 days so far is this normal?

  • I bought organic Spirulina from Home Goods dept. store last year. When I drank it with almond milk, I would feel lethargic throughout the day.
    I think it’s basically a scam and felt better when I didn’t take it.

  • Thank you very much, Peggy!Love spirulina for energy etc.
    Unfortunately it gives me muscle/joint ache and when I take a more than 2 capsules, also a bad headache.
    (I must say I’m on a clean diet, lots of water etc).
    I know the body has its own path and time of healing etc.
    But not sure wether to quit or to hold on.
    Thank you!

  • Hi Peggy, I have taken spirulina(vimergy Pure spirulina) twice, and both the times I vomited sometime after I had my Lunch/Dinner. BTW, there was a gap of around 20/30 mins between the spiriluna intake and my lunch/dinner. Note I am struggling with Gerd and IBS since last 1 year or so.

  • A rubber duck collector?  Good information though. I have been taking spirulina since the 70s. And there are many places to get certified organic spirulina a lot cheaper than the good Dr was hoodwinked into paying for his.

  • Crazy quotes of the day, brought to you by Big Pharma.
    1. “Antihistamines work just as good and
    there’s no difference between synthetic and natural” (no difference?)
    2. “Antihistamines are way cheaper” ( what’s your health worth? )

  • The day i beleive one word that xomes out of a doctor’s nouth is the day i become a fool like all morons that think a doctor isnt the true enemy of their health

  • Whats your thought on no independent BMAA testing? A batch may contain excitotoxin, neuro, bromide. Each batch is a living organism and you cannot account or throw the blanket over everything.
    Yes pesticide, But there is NO BMAA test.

  • Hey I am from India and I have a question… I was comparing two different brands of spirulina… so I mixed both of them in water separately… both of them were dark green to begin with…one turned more blue and later completely blue……and the other remained more green with very little blue….which one is better… other things are same… taste smell…etc

  • Is it true that it would be not good to take Spirulina together with Vitamine c? I read this several times because Vitamine C would destroy that Chlorophyll which Spirulina contains. Did you know about? I used to drink Spirulina always together with my green juice which contains a lot vitamin c. What do you think about? Thank you for your help!

  • I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and have decided to heal myself naturally. I have discussed this with my doctor but she is kind of on the fence with the whole aspect. I may need to change my physician to be able to have a cooperative spirit in my recovery. Twenty two years on Thyroid medication with no improvement seen with my weight gain. Initially I gained 42 lbs in a month. I continued to gain weight slowly over a decade. Then at some point a decade later frustrated I went to an Endocrinologist and he said to me, “ I bet if I put you in the hospital you would lose that weight.” Insulted I never went back to him. I tried T3 with the T4, Desiccated Thyroid for a few years and all ended with various symptoms ranging from anxiety, jitters, heart palpations, heat flashes itchy skin, etc. I just recently discovered the Medical Medium and bought several of his books. He told my life story in one of his lectures and I’m hooked. I believe Spirit sent this info to me to help get me healed.
    Long story short I tried a smoothie last nightMaine wild blueberries, banana and Hawaiian SpirulinaI’m starting slow because I have weird allergy reactions sometimes. Wow! Did it clean me outI have a headache but it tells me that it is pulling out those toxins in my brain I think. No nausea or stomach upset I actually feel good except for the headache. It’s tolerable though. I’m going to hang in there. My recent C-reactive protein blood test was a 7 and that is high. So I think I really needed to start doing this detox!

  • Nothing has ever been scientifically proven to detoxify anything. Detoxify is not a scientific term. Use scientific language and cite which scientific papers you are referencing.

  • I took Green Superfood daily for years but still struggled with IBS. The mix had spinach powder in it so I stopped and things got better so I’m now I’m going to try just tiny doses of pure powdered spirulina into my green juice. I’m inclined to think my body loves it because I love sea vegetables and they make me feel good.

  • I have been taking it for a month and i now i cant sleep which i never had any problem in sleeping and the only thing that changed in my life was taking spurilina, and when i looked it up it was said that insomnia can be one of the side effects

  • no difference between synthetic and natural??? it does have PLENTY to do with efficacy and uptake. this guy is 100% bought and paid for.

  • I used rawlivingspirulina and got a little more energy. I suffer from low ferritin and suppressed immune system. My energy is a little better but i noticed that it causes constipation. I take about 15 grams 1.5 table spoon of fresh spirulina. I wonder why I’m not flushing toxins��

  • I’ve used spirulina for years and was great during my first pregnancy and really good for breastfeeding (it helps produce more milk). It does boost energy as well.

  • I have been using spirulina for 2 years and I feel good at my body. Sometimes I am going to check my points for iron and b12 etc… I have not encountered any negative data… Thanks your sharing ��

  • Spirulina makes me cough. I don’t know why. I tried it last year, I tried it this year again and both times I started coughing. I caught anytime I start eating something, like a tickle in the throat that I feel the need to cough to clear. Then when I stop taking spirulina the cough disappears within 3-4 weeks. I had my thyroid tested, nothing came up. I have no idea what I am reacting in this way. Both times I took Hawaiian Spirulina, first time for about 2-3 months and now second time for about 2 weeks, when I realised it was definitely the spirulina that was causing the cough so I stopped taking it. Anyone else with similar issues?

  • I do have some questions about this. I have a steel plate in my neck due to injury. I started taking chlorella and experienced some issues with pain in that area. I was told if you have metal in your body you should not take any green supplements because it binds to metal. Has anyone experienced this or have any information on this subject?

  • I just finished my first bag of bio spirulina. Nothing wrong with me i feel amazing and a lot of energy. And in the morning i take 1 handwarm cup of moringa before I go to work. I have a lot of energy. Just my experience ����‍♀️

  • Everything is not for everybody. Every good food that some people can take and not have any side effects will certainly not be the same result for everybody. So everybody has to do what is good for them and everybody’s reaction to those foods Will be vary if not be at all. It’s very important to Listen to your body. Have a healthy day

  • Just trying it for the first time today a spirulina cilantro and blue berry smoothie. Not the tastiest but I’m sure it’s really good for me..

  • Is it ok to take spirulina and colloidal silver at the same time or will spirulina deminish the effect in your body since colloidal silver is a metal?

  • Every time I took the Spirulina tablets at night before bed I would have vivid horrible dreams. If I stopped the dreams stopped every time. I can’t find anyone else that this has happened to. Maybe I’ll try another brand.

  • Hi! Grateful to have watched your video. I was looking for some explanation on my headaches when I had taken Spirulina last month. Are you familiar with Puritan Pride’s Spirulina? Are they low quality ones? I’ve been searching reviews about them to no avail. The bottle says its manufactured in Ronkonkoma, NY, USA.

  • How dare you, all you are trying to do is push the efficacy of artificial and synthetic ingredients. You ought to be ashamed. The body will never respond and heal better then from natural sources. Period.

  • The MODERN Atrocity of “MIS-EDUCATION” is, in MY MIND, “SOFT GENOCIDE”!! Those who Aren’t AWARE of the Crimes of the PHARMACUETICAL Industry!!

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  • Spirulina is so nutrient dense, easy to grow, and ideal for humans, that even NASA has chosen spirulina as one of the top dietary foods to consume for its astronauts. It is also something they can easily grow as food for future voyages and space travel.

  • Can I take even I’m super skinny. I’m 30 years old and my weight is 39. please answer my questions so that I can order now in online in my country.please

  • I’ve been using Spirulina and Colorina for 20 days, honestly I feel nothing, except my low back is sooo tight whatever stretching I do and this is first time I have experience this low back issue. Is it from Spirulina?!!

  • Spirulina

    Essential to the diet of Aztecs and other Mesoamericans of 16th century Mexico, the harvest and consumption of spirulina fulfilled a vast array of nutritional needs along with preservation of health.

    Even though spirulina is one of the earliest lifeforms on our planet, it was not until 1940 that the harvest of spirulina was discovered by a French scientist. He noted the harvest trails around the shallow parts of Lake Chad, Africa dating back to the 9th century Kanem Empire.

    Fast forward to today and this once favorite food of the Aztecs is now being investigated for use in space-flight as a dietary supplement for astronauts. Mission to Mars astronauts may be instructed to ingest spirulina as a way to sustain nutrient levels on their long journey through space.
    Pineal Gland

    Spirulina is a natural chelator of heavy metals, meaning it can remove toxic metal residues from our tissue and endocrine system. These include the dissolving and elimination of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead – endocrine disruptors which deposit in the pineal gland and affect the efficiency and health of the brain in general.

  • Can i just take spirulina instead of celery juice, the detox effects really do mess me up, makes my face super red, i get tired and miserable so i dont want to work out and it effects my job! How long do detox symptoms last?

  • Anyone had negative effects using it?? I want to start to take it, but it says you need professional approval. How do I know if I’m fit to take it??

  • Dear readers, fast forward way to know about spirulina… Best and interesting knowledge sharing with you.
    What is Spirulina? Best Health Benefits of Spirulina in 2020

  • be sure to check your source on spirulina. it is like a sponge when growing. if grown in toxic environments it will soak up the toxins-many overseas distributors have no standards for harvesting. earthrise is a good company for spirulina and there are many others that have certification as well. be CAREFUL if you take it on the regular!!!

  • I don’t see why we can’t have it while pregnant or nursing? I put it in my smoothies my whole pregnancy but now ive been using it everyday for sure & I’m still nursing my 9 month old

  • I have a question for you doctor?
    I am vegetarian potentially working my way to become vegan, and at this moment I am taking a multivitamins “rainbow light for women” it have a bunch of vitamins also in my smoothies I consume maca, flaxseeds, and sometimes I make chia pudding and I was considering to buy unfortified nutritional yeast if I start using spirulina would that be too much of the vitamins or how should I balance that?

  • Spirulina is very good for our bodies. But if you have low blood pressure it’s best to consume it daily as it helps to lower blood pressure also… It can be used as a mask or even apply it with your toothpaste. ��������

  • You have lost the point Dr. Spirulina is not a medicine. It is just another food of superior quality. The people who think that is medicine simply do not comprehend that the medicine is my food.

  • Just a mention that all Spirulina powders and pills are completely dead. They are the burnt ash remains of the original fresh harvested culture. Florida grown Fresh Spirulina is now available, it tastes delicious like a gourmet pudding and has a creamy smooth texture. It is 100% bioavailable, unlike powders at 2%. And best yet, all the nutrients, especially the phytonutrients, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta carotene, zeaxanthin, enzymes, vitamins, etc. are fully intact whole and living. Superfoods should be super fresh just like your fruits and vegetables. What would you prefer a powdered strawberry or a fresh one?

  • its almost 2 years now since i started taking spirulina and i have noticed after a month my allergic rhinitis was gone..it save me a lot from buying nasal spray like fluticasone or flonase that irritate my throat and antihistamine prescription medicine that makes me drowsy..

  • My body doesn’t break down choline and if I eat anything like sea food I smell just like fish so I’m hoping that if I try spirulina it could cause this problem? What do you think? Thanks

  • Hello, I’m sorry to see such responses in the comments, but it rly helps to understand why education is so important and how a lot of people argue on their emotional base most of the time, especially when they don’t lern about science, chemistry or at least using critical thinking.

  • I started taking spirulina again recently. I can feel my body boosting up with energy. I was having spasm in my sleep and felt my nervous system was rebooting, and healing from my intense party life and the “supplements” that come with it. So far so good…. BUT dayum the spirulina farts are traumatizing me… Is this permanent? Or just initial?

  • You forget to mention that even though you can utilize more protein from spirulina, the cost is exponentially higher per gram of protein.

  • I take spirulina, 1 little spoon in fresh orange juice. My pee smells so bad! I asked my mom, she said it might be the Vitamine B that I have to much and pee out? I take it every day and I feel fine:)

  • I use the tablets, i drank it 3 times a day before every meal, the reason why i bought it was to increase height, it didnt just happen in a snap, it took months for me to grow but in less than a year i finally reached my sisters height. Before taking spirulina i was a head shorter than her, i had an eating problem, i wasnt eating a lot because it was just really hard for me to eat, and now after less than a year later i am the same height as my sister. ��

  • I’ve been taking this… really don’t know if it helps or I’m wasting my money lol….. but I’ve been giving it to my dogs too they seem great.

  • Spirulina is indeed a super food and I’ve taken it over the years. My only reservation about it is that it has a cooling effect on the body and doesn’t feel good if I take it in the cold winter months

  • 1gm of spirulina contains only very few percent of all vitamins,how can it benefits you, I did not understood this thing. The chemical multi vitamin capsule consists of very high amount of vitamins and other minerals. Why should we take this except being natural?

  • he says you cant boost your immune system? you absolutely CAN improve your immune system with certain foods especially with medicinal mushrooms. what a charlatan.

  • I realize this was a while ago.. but I wondered if I am taking my chlorella and spirulina blend should I still take my activated charcoal as well or not together?

  • In the past I had a mild reaction to spirulina -triggered my urticaria. Just wondering your thoughts about trying chlorella. They seem very similar.

  • Great video! Can you talk about iron deficiency. Some who has had iron infusion but still is not retaining iron. What can be done?

  • A health practitioner told me recently to take Hawaiian spirulina for eliminating heavy metals, free of contaminants, the very things we want to get rid of. She also said to eat cilantro but not in big quantities or it can make you very sick.

  • I have a Spirulina, brewers yeast, vogel salt and lemon juice in a hot drink. Very nice wholesome taste. (getting the proportions right needs experimentation too much salt or lemon can dominate the taste) Sometimes Spirulina from healthfood shops has an odd smell, I don’t know if this is normal.

  • I took organic chlorella for almost two weeks 1 tablespoon with a glass of water every morning. On the 12th day I became really sick, throwing up and couldn’t keep anything down for 2 days. I stopped taking it:(
    I wonder why this happened?

  • Hello guys we are a company in west africa that can provide the purest spirulina,so whoever wants it in any quantity we can provide. The shipping also wont be a problem

  • I have been taking it for 10 years with chlorella and it’s amazing what’s happened to my body. I didn’t feel this healthy 50 years ago when I was 14 years old. I actually feel better now than I did then. Detoxing is the best thing that ever happened. NASA uses the stuff

  • Another doctor who just wants to give drugs with side effects. Dont tell the truth lets keep the people on drugs or big pharma will go out of business….The rubber duckies represent your intelligence. The price is less than a prescription that only covers the illness not cure it.

  • I have started taking Nutrex spirulina for a little while now, i have noticed some real benefits in terms of energy and want to keep taking it but It is now giving me terrible insomnia. Ive had to stop due to getting no quality sleep. Anyone with any advice on this would be much appreciated.

  • A truly American review. So antihistamines (medicament, immune deprepresent, artificial, only fighting symptoms not. causes) can be compared to a food?? And of course the price only matters (btw the pack in front of u costs 2:50€ not 40). And artificial colours are not the issue. It´s the sugar? Haha well go back to school, don’t teach people

  • You didn’t tell us the best and effective way to use it please. For boosting immune system. And losing weight specially belly and sides. Thank u so much!

  • Thank you for the info Dr. Axe. I would like to make sure I am taking spirulina that is not contaminated, would you have a brand that you recommend that is safe?

  • Hello I have a question. I wanted to know what is the best kind that you use? I got so confused on which is the best. I live in the USA. I read getting it from Cali or Hawaii is best. However, I also read certain brands claim to be one thing but it is not. Could you send maybe a list of brands to trust and buy from?

  • i think its insane, i had severe dry eyes, i think because i had to much alcohol daily last months. i was extremely irritated, unconcentrated constantly rubbing my eyes and skin. yesterday i bought a can of spirulina, i took one pill before dinner yesterday, i woke up my eyes perfect lubricated, no iching do excessive tears, no dryness. also my anxiety levels dropped i think.

  • In this day and age the last person you get health advice from is,,,,, you guessed it,,,, A DOCTOR.
    They are controlled by the medical board which is owned and controlled by by Pharma corporations.

  • “We do not know whether spirulina cures allergies or not, so you should probably resort to only using a pharmaceutical we know does NOT cure anything and that only masks the symptoms.”

    Don’t be fooled, people most doctors do not actually know anything.

  • can you do one on moringa and chlorella wheatgrass barley grass and any others I may be missing I want you to help me compare there benefits to one another

  • What about spirulina for skin. There are many people swear by that spirulina helps skin health. Please, address this one, as well.

  • I used take spirulina tablets from Australia and I felt they where good quality, recently I bought organic spirulina from Lidl in bulk because 8t was so cheap and 8t would give me headaches and upset my stomach yet I would get a craving for 8t so I take a small bit,great video thanks for the info!

  • Heyhey! Thank you for this information:) Your’e talking about autoimmune disease and that it is not attacking itself. Where can I find more information about this? Would love to hear from you! I have colitis ulserosa, the gut ( auto immune ) disease. I try to heal myself naturally and I also take ayurvedic medicine. Thank you:)

  • Supported by what evidence? Speaking factual is not being factual….for a claim to be taken serious one needs to reference primary sources and research material for verification.otherwise your position remains presumptious and suspect…the entire video you only counter argued with unsupported claims asserting the truth about spirulina.

  • I just recently bought some spiralina and took my 1st tablet this morning. My question is, is it necessary to take it with food? What happens if you don’t take it with food? Do you feel sick?

  • Hello guys we are a company in west africa that can provide the purest spirulina,so whoever wants it in any quantity we can provide. The shipping also wont be a problem

  • Thanks for that video Your Health TV.
    You gave me a lot of good informations about using spirolina. You also motivated me to start using it.
    Continue your videos, I love them.
    They’re pretty helpful. Have a nice day!