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MY INSTANT POT CAN’T HOST A DINNER PARTY Unless you’re just serving stew as the main event, most Instant Pot recipes aren’t enough to constitute a full meal suited to entertaining guests. The machine is sort of a one-trick pony in that you’ll likely use it to make meat or beans or potatoes, but not all three in the same evening. Possible Reason: C5 – Temperature is too high because inner pot is not placed in the cooker base | Solution: Press Cancel and wait for heating element to cool; ensure there are no foreign objects in cooker base; insert or reposition inner pot in cooker base and re-enter commands. • Frying – Instant Pots also don’t fry things (or “air fry” like a convection oven or Air Fryer would). They don’t turn fries into crunchy-outside, fluffy-inside friends for your burgers, and they aren’t going to crisp up breaded chicken fingers or broil a crispy, golden topping for your casserole.

The one downfall of the Instant Pot that I’ve encountered is that the silicone sealing ring absorbs all the smells you are cooking. No one wants curry mixed with their applesauce. You can buy new ones, or just soak it in a combination of vinegar and hot water or baking soda and hot water. 4. Yes, your Instant Pot can do that too!

This pressure cooker can make a fruit compote if you’re feeling something sweet, and salsa if you’re feeling a little spicy. Not only will homemade condiments taste better, but they’ll also be far more fresh than anything you can get in. So you got an Instant Pot and now you’re wondering if you really need all those accessories people are talking about.. Like the Bundt pan or the stackable pans*. *Use code 10OFF4WARDEE to get 10% OFF these stackable pans from seller Me’n Lily..

Well, those are fun and I have quite a few of them but do you really need them? Not really. A lot of us are on a. All parts of the Instant Pot® with the exception of the cooker base are dishwasher safe.

This includes the stainless steel inner pot, the lid, the sealing ring, and the steam rack. The cooker base must be kept dry, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth when necessary. The anti-block shield should be washed after each use and re-installed. Not all recipes call for the use of a trivet.

If you are cooking meat or a casserole, you don’t need one, but if you do use your pressure cooker a lot, you might find that a trivet or something that you can use as a trivet is a handy option. Cooking cakes. Make sure to read our posts on how to do Instant Pot water test, what happens if you had Instant Pot burn message, check out our Instant Pot 101 series, learn about the accessories you can get for your new pressure cooker, and get inspired by the recipes below. My recipes are only tested in a 6 quart and 8 quart Instant Pot. I can’t say for sure whether they would work in a 3 quart.

You might try searching for recipes specific to the 3 quart, or it may be possible to scale some of the recipes down. HUGH SMITH —.

List of related literature:

When you press Cancel, the Instant Pot goes into standby mode.

“Keto Instant Pot: 130+ Healthy Low-Carb Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker or Slow Cooker” by Maria Emmerich
from Keto Instant Pot: 130+ Healthy Low-Carb Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker or Slow Cooker
by Maria Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

With this type of SmartPot, if you want to cook for periods of time that differ from the automated setting (for example, less time on LOW or a longer time on HIGH), you’ll have to be there to turn the pot off or on.

“Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook” by Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann
from Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook
by Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann
Harvard Common Press, 2004

Turn off Instant Pot.

“The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook: Classic and Modern Filipino Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker” by Tisha Gonda Domingo, Jorell Domingo, Jeannie E. Celestial, Art Swenson, Romeo Roque-Nido, Jaymar Cabebe, Dianne Que, Nancy Cho
from The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook: Classic and Modern Filipino Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker
by Tisha Gonda Domingo, Jorell Domingo, et. al.
Rocketships & Wonderment, 2020

Automatic percolators can be set to the desired length of percolating time, thus eliminating the need for careful timing during brewing.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
from Nutrition and Dietetics’ 2007 Ed.2007 Edition
by Mcwilliams, Margaret
Rex Bookstore, Inc.,

Any mistake makes delay in the rate of pot stabilizing and may make pots out of control.

“Light Metals 2018” by Olivier Martin
from Light Metals 2018
by Olivier Martin
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Instant Pot—The Instant Pot is fairly new on the scene, but the pressure cooker concept isn’t new.

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
from Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle
by Natasha Newton
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Lower the heat to medium or low on the stovetop cooker (the electric cooker will do this automatically), and wait 5 minutes to see if the pot maintains pressure.

“Vegan Under Pressure” by Jill Nussinow
from Vegan Under Pressure
by Jill Nussinow
HMH Books, 2016

You can also look into other options, like Instant Pot brand’s IP-DUO or IP-LUX options (which have 18/8 stainlesssteel bowls and pots and can be used to slow cook like a Crock-Pot; to brown, steam, or sauté; or to pressure cook).

“Loving Yourself to Great Health” by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
from Loving Yourself to Great Health
by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
Hay House, 2014

Your choices are to disable Instant On (enabled by default) or to modify the length of a small prebuffer delay.

“QuickTime for the Web: For Windows and Macintosh” by Steven Gulie
from QuickTime for the Web: For Windows and Macintosh
by Steven Gulie
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(An Instant Pot is one example of a multicooker that can act as a pressure cooker, as well as a slow cooker, rice cooker, and more.)

“Keto Quick Start: A Beginner's Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes” by Diane Sanfilippo
from Keto Quick Start: A Beginner’s Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes
by Diane Sanfilippo
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

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  • Turns out my problem was I turned the top too much to close. Sounds crazy. I turned it back just a tiny bit and all of a sudden it pressurized.

  • Your instructions in

    And info was so helpful the ring wasnt sealed correctly it releaaesd and evaporated all the liquid then the burn message came on so thabks for thr help

  • I am having a problem with my instant pot. I’ve had it for about two years and it’s been great but lately I noticed that it isn’t cooking as well. For instance I used to be able to hard boil eggs at six minutes high and six minutes natural release. And they were just perfect. Then I tried them again at six minutes and they were not hard boiled. Next batch I increased to seven minutes and they were just barely hard boiled. It’s disappointing when you want hard-boiled eggs when you do a batch, you take them out and they’re not hard cooked. You can’t put them back in at that stage. Do you have any suggestions as to why my eggs aren’t cooking as well as they used to be? Do I need a new seal?

  • Hey, I need your help. I have the same instant pot you do. We have been using our instant pot for just over a year and it’s been working fine. All of a sudden it’s acting up. We put chicken in there with enough water as usual. Plug it in, put the knob to seal, click poultry and set it to 35 min as we have done successfully before. It goes to on. About 20 minutes later the valve goes up to show it’s pressurized but the pot won’t start the time and out of the seal valve steam is coming out as if it is partially venting but it’s in the seal position and the time does not go on. I’ve watched a few videos and replaced the ring as one of the suggestions. Also cleaned the pot and lid thoroughly as well. Thought I was in the clear but same thing is happening. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Would hate to throw the pot out. Thanks

  • Good tips thank you. I realize now the last two recipes I tried making where it would not seal is because I did not have enough liquid in the bottom!

  • Thanks for the video! After staring at mine for weeks, almost terrified of the thing, I put on my riot gear and went in…����lol
    Now I love the thing! Thanks again!

  • I am having problems with the floating valve that does not close completely. I realize because after a certain time the house starts to smell like stew and then I have to take a knife and pull the valve so that it closes well. What could be happening?

    My Instant Pot is new.

  • Hello,
    Mine won’t cook longer then 5 minutes without the Safety Warning Check Lid comes on. I called customer service to see if they can help me trouble shoot it but they said it should work. I keep trying to troubleshoot it myself starting it over. I’ve done it like 10 times and it keeps doing the same thing so I don’t know what to do. Is there anything you can Suggest. Also it’s sealed and not leaking. It cooks fine for 5 minutes then the lid code comes on and beeps.

  • thx for this video I had just bought one and steam was escaping from the release valve then went away after the time started like you said but the instructions said if any steam is escaping longer than 3 minutes then turn off the unit cuz something is wrong anyhow ur vid was helpful and had some good tips have a wonderful day.

  • I made a thick Chile sauce which included 2 cans of condensed tomato soup and one cup of water so there should have been plenty of liquid but I could not get my 6 qt. IP to seal, steam kept coming out of the little valve (not the venting valve or pressure release valve that you turn to release the pressure but the one in the hole beside it. I took the top off 3 times, cleaned it and made sure the valves in the lid were free (cleaned them too and check the little silicone ring on the sealing valve) and I removed the pressure release knob which you should be able to blow thru once the knob is off to see if it is clear. So I left the sauce, meat, etc. boil for 25 minutes until it was done right in the instant pot with the lid on. After I bagged my sauce for freezing, I did the steam test which is 2 minutes on manual and two or three cups of water, push the steam button and it sealed perfectly and worked just fine. So I surmise the sauce was a bit thick for it but I don’t like watery Chili sauce. Do you have suggestions or what is your opinion?………. Also I found once I take the lid off perhaps to check if something is done, I have to run the lid under cold water just for a few minutes or I can’t get the lid back on because the seal ring will not stay in place….. I’ve had my IP for eight months now, but it never ceases to surprise me…….. BTW I subscribed to your channel today 6/15/2018…… That was also a good video on the cooking frozen ground meat. I basically knew that from watching Nili’s channel, but her channel is starting to turn into a family show going shopping for groceries, etc. While her kids are cute, she just had another baby to make 5 kids, I’m more interesting in feeding myself and doing it as easy as possible. I am almost 65, live fairly comfortably on SSDI, alone (18 years now) with my Cat Shyann 3 years old, so I’m always making food and freezing it, example my Chili sauce, LOL…. My IP has become a great source for re-heating foods after thawing them out because it cooks with steam and heats your food hot without drying it out + I don’t have to stand there and watch it. When I first got my IP I watched a lot of videos, and that is how I learned to use mine, and probably the reason I purchased mine as I’m always watching videos and the menu to the right of the video, which is always catching my eye, that is how I found your channel as well. I started out watching trucking videos as they are my favorite. However, I digress, I wanted to see if your tip for cooking ground beef frozen in the instant pot was close to Nili’s, which it was (you must have been live when that video was made). Nili needed 30 minutes for two packs of grass fed ground beef because at 25 minutes it was not done. For me, at 25 minutes, and a bit raw but thawed, I’d of simply used the sauté function and browned it a little bit, best of both worlds in my opinion. Soon I’m going to steam corn on the cob for 2 minutes, cut it off the cob, then freeze it flat so I can break off a portion for reheating using a freezer bag. Six ears of farm fresh corn for $2.00 had to buy it, LoL. …..BTW, the second 1lbs of ground meat I purchased was packed in that Styrofoam tray, I simply wrapped it up in freezer paper never giving it a thought about that paper stuff on the bottom. But I think if I run it under hot water a bit, that paper stuff will peel off, and I’ll remember not to do that again LOL, so good tip there. I wish you good luck and I hope to see your channel grow in the future. (I’m Pete).

  • Thank you for this video. I think I might have fixed my problem, since I cleaned all the little parts, and around where the lid sits. That part does accumulate bits! I cleaned it all out and am trying rice now. The weird thing about tonight’s chicken recipe was that not only did it not achieve pressure, it started the cooking countdown without the pressure!

  • I am in the UK and was over the moon when I was able to buy and Instant pot that up until last year we couldn’t get over here. I have had no problems up until today. I put a joint of port in on slow cook. It came up 2 and a half hours, however, I added another hour to it and also more on top. However, when I went to dish it up, it did not appear to be cooked. I set it on an hour pressure on top and when I just took it out to dish up found it was still raw in the middle. Not sure why this is I have cooked pork before and it as been OK. This time it has been over 3 hours on slow cook another hour on pressure and still not done even though it appears to be working.

  • I’ve done it all nothing works. Don’t waste your money!!! I hate the thing and never had any problem with my other one by Wolfgang Puck. Sad so many complaints

  • I sautéd a 2.5 lbs pork roast in flour, removed it put in raised trivet. Mixd.87 oz pork gravy &.87 beef stew mix with left over flour from sautéed p/r & 32 oz of veg. Broth. Wisked well put p/r back in pot & vegies potatoes carrots celery. Set to cook 30 min. After natural venting for 45 min. The veggies were raw the roast was 167 degrees. I removed roast is was still seeping bloody fluid even @ 167 degrees. After futher investigation.the bottom of pot was burned. The burn indicator never came on. My guess ifs not enough water or broth. What say u. Reggie Smith love ur showes!����

    0:48 (1) Not Sealing
    1:09 (2) Sealing Ring should be SNUG
    1:29 (3) Missing Sealing Ring
    1:50 (4) Liquid
    2:09 (5) Scorched Food
    2:30 (6) Sealing Ring Buildup
    2:43 (7) Sealing Ring is Damaged
    3:00 (8) Pushing Timer (if has Timer button)
    3:17 (9) Dirty where Lid goes on
    3:41 (10) Dirty Float Valve
    4:40 (11) No Liquid when using Freezer Meals
    5:27 (12) Too Much Liquid
    5:55 (13) Check the Plug

  • My pot won’t get hot on the sauté mode. Even before I try to pressurize. The heating element isn’t working. It’s less than 2 years old, Any ideas?

  • I cooked my soufflé twice and it didn’t nothing it always works greatso was sad it may be broken. Yeah, I was broken lol. I had it in my new white ceramic round soufflé dish on the rack, so excited…. without water �� THANK YOU!!! Loving it and obviously, learning how to use it!

  • Thank you for posting these tips! Also, I made 24(!) of your IP freezer meals and froze them right before we all had to stay at home for 8 weeks. Granted, I had plenty of time to cook from scratch at that point �� but instead used that time to make dozens of face masks for my family, friends and community. It was a blessing not to have to worry about meal prep!

  • One thing I learned with mine is that the slow cooker function won’t cook potatoes in a beef stew. It needs to boil to cook potatoes but then it wouldn’t be slow then. I just cook the potatoes separately and add them to the stew later in the process.

  • Hi Lisa, I just signed up on your channel. Love your hard work teaching us how to use our electric instant pots. I like the video without music. It makes it easier to listen to you.

  • Hello, I have another issue. Once pressure has been built inside the pot, then pressure comes out from valve instead of starting timer and it doesn’t cook food. Can you please help me how I can fix this? FYI, I always keep valve at sealing position before starting to cook anything in instant pot. I am using instant pot since 1 year. I had never seen this issue before. Since 3-4 days this issue is coming up.

  • THANK YOUU! I was making a pot roast and noticed that it never PRESSURIZED! I went thought your check list and everything was good… until you mentioned that scorched food on the bottom could be the issue. And that it was! It was caked on good haha. I took everything out and cleaned it good put everything back in and it’s doing its job nicely! Thank you so much for this video because I would have never of that would have been the problem!!!!!! ������

  • Thank you SO much!! My IP would not pressurize and I thought it was broken. I watched your video, went through the check list, and it turned out that I needed to clean my float valve! It is working fine now! Thank you again!

  • I have had 3 electric pressure cookers over the last 5 years. I wore the first two out. My third was an InstaPot and I’ve used it 7 or 8 times and each time I have had problems with it pressurizing. This is the last time I will buy an InstaPot.

  • I have tried everything. A new silicone ring carefully in place. Pressure release and float valves cleaned. Toothbrushed the lld area and that’s all clean. Insert pot clean and undamaged. Power cord fit correct, and I still get EC on the screen with delay start flashing green and all the other pre-set buttons flashing too. 2018 Christmas present. What the life expectancy of the IP anyway?

  • Without going through all the process of going through Customer Service with the dastardly C6 error, and being a gift with no receipt, was eventually given a new Instant Pot. (Had the newer double release valves.) After all of that, 6 months ago, Today….the C8 error code came up today. First, Thank you for going through your lists with me again, it saved me a lot of time initially. Although, after all of that, retrying and having some steam releasing at different spots on the cover, I found out it was the Instant Pot Silicone Steamer basket handles had come apart every time I replaced the cover!! I finally double tucked the handles, replaced the lid…and Voilla!! Success!! Great channel! Thank you… keep you the great content!

  • My Instant Pot used to work great but recently it’s having issues pressurizing, basically it won’t. I’ve cleaned it and even replaced the sealing ring, still has issues sealing. Sometime if I tap the lid, then it seals but I can’t trust it to seal all the time on its own. The sealing ring is on correctly, the float valve is clean. It’s not rocket science, but something is off with it. It’s heating correctly but for whatever reason the sealing ring isn’t sealing.

  • Thank you for showing me how to use this! Where can I find the steamer basket? Also love the magnet! Where did you get that? Thanks



  • I got the 8-qt IP Viva for Christmas. The first few times I used it, it worked perfect, then the countdown timer quit coming on once the float valve showed it was pressurized and often shows the C7 code. Checked my instruction manual that came with it: I have plenty of water left (so not enough liquid isn’t the problem), it still cooks food (so it’s not the heating element) and it’s not due to being uncleaned after each use. I’m at a loss here because I can’t find answers online with it being a newer model. Any advise?

  • Super helpful video. My instant pot’s rubber ring was not put on correctly so the pot wasn’t letting me close the lid and I was getting extremely frustrated as my 20 month old was crying �� mommies life. Anyway THANK YOU!!

  • I got a c-6 error message which I think means pressure sensor is not working. Does thsi video cover how to replace it. if not do you have a link? My model is a” Mini Duo ” Thank you

  • The only video that explains how to clean the float valve. Thank you so much! I had misplaced my manual, and after watching many videos about instant pressure cookers, this one was the only one that helped me

  • The bowl is stainless steel and most certainly will not melt in the oven or on the stove.
    In fact: Here’s the description from InstantPot: About this item

    Durable 18/8 (grade 304) stainless steel with 3 PLY bottom for even heat distribution
    Internal measuring graduations with rolled edges; Can be used on all hobs (except induction)

  • Mine does build pressure… The valve goes up… But I don’t see any steam coming out when in seal position… Coock really good… But I don’t know

  • There’s smoke coming out from the the internal pot and the unit. I checked there is no papers between… I cleaned the internal pot and wiped the bottom
    Still theres smoke

  • 1. You are on venting (yet this is the most common reason it won’t pressurize!)

    2. Your Float Valve is dirty I show you step by step on how to clean it in this video. It is SO easy!

    3. The Sealing ring is either dirty, cracked, not put on correctly, or missing all together!

    4. Enough Liquid

    5. Burned Food on the bottom

    6. Sealing Ring Buildup

    7. Sealing Ring is Damaged

    8. Pushing TIMER (if your I.P. has a timer button)

    9. Dirty where the Lid seals on the pot

    10. Dirty Float Valve

    11. No Liquid When using Freezer Meals

    12. Too much liquid (stay two lines below the Full line)

    13. Check the plug:)

  • I was just making chicken broth and it was releasing steam all over the place. I just took the lid off (making sure it wasn’t pressurized first) and flipped the sealing ring and now it’s working fine. I was watching IP’s video on the sealing ring and it said that it doesn’t matter which way you put the sealing ring in, but apparently it does matter. And this is the original sealing ring that came with the IP. It seems to be working fine now. Let’s see….

  • OMG, you just saved my world. My pressure cooker is LIFE and is used everyday. I was in such distress trying to figure out why it wouldn’t pressurize. Thank you!

  • I prefer no music. Even though I don’t have a hearing problem… I have an issue with hearing two different sounds at once. I must have a weird brain or something ��, because it ends up both sounds kind of cancel each other out. So I way way way prefer no music! Loved your video by the way… your presentation was concise. I wasn’t straining to hear your words at all.
    Btw… I listened to this a few months ago when my instant pot was being shipped to me. I decided recently to listen to it again to see if I had forgotten anything and now that I’ve used my instant pot and love it, I agree with everything you say!

  • Can you change the time if you pick one of the preset cooking features, or you can change the time when it’s only on pressure cooker?

  • I have a Mealthy MultiPot (I bought because of the higher ratings lower price) but…this worked that that too. THANK YOU! It was indeed SCORCHED. Dang onion puree!

  • I was so happy I watched your video. I took off the seal on the float valve. First I dropped the float and couldn’t find it for 5 minutes. Then I was washing the seal and it went down the drain somehow even though the drain mesh was in place. Now I’m sure I will definitely have no pressure. ��������

  • I see a tiny bit of steam coming out of top, plus it will hiss and squeal, but it won’t pressurize. I’ve tried ALL these ideas; no luck, and it’s brand new!-
    So, what NOW?
    I’M SO JEALOUS! Everyone’s enjoying theirs, everyone but me.:(

  • Everything you’ve mentioned in your video is good to go on my pot but it’s still not pressurizing ��

    Just spent all this time prepping dinner and my pot isn’t working. So upset right now. I’ve made this meal before and set everything exactly as I always do and I’ve only used this pot about 6 times since I got it for Christmas. I’m really ticked off right now because it’s too new to be having problems. Thank you for the suggestions though ��

  • Where can I get a better ring for my lid? I notice yours is red in the video. It also seems to snap in tighter than mine. Is there an aftermarket brand of replacement parts? My ring is clear and it is stretched. I struggle with it every time I use it. We have only used our instant pot fifteen or twenty times in the last year. I fully intend on using it daily as I’m changing my diet. I want to cook lots of bean soup, vegetable chili, lots of meals that I can cook on one day a week and prep meals with. We love it.

  • Hi, I might have to edit. I don’t want to forget. If Your making soup & You don’t release the valve, can You remove the lid? I thought it stayed locked until you released the valve. I liked all the “don’ts” so I can’t say just one. I did do that. Soon after it arrived I tried to cook chicken dish. It did not work I then dumped everything into my crockpot. I’ve never touched it again. I went to Your first “tips don’t ” video, as I said on there the music was low I could Here You.i was so into what You were saying I realized at the end that I didn’t even hear it. I was so focused on what You were saying I blocked it out. So for me play it or don’t.��Stay Safe��Hugs��Warm Fuzzy✌Peace❤Love, Sheryl

  • Thank you. My instant pot is no longer fully cooking rice and potatoes. I use the same water amount, cooking time, etc but the rice or potatoes suddenly aren’t cooking fully. It seals and doesn’t seem to leak. I’ll take apart and clean the float valve.

  • I just purchased mine and, after several hours �� it wasn’t even Warm! I had to dump roast into my crock pot not sure what I’m doing wrong…..

  • My problem was your very first point, sealing! Not the ring though, somehow my knob had gotten turned around! Thanks for the video!

  • Thank you! I was concerned there was an “Insta Pot”…agree, best to call it “Instant Pot” proper name for a well-done cooking system!

  • When I use my pot,it starts not pressurized and then it releases the steam,then it makes a clicking noise,any idea’s why this is happening??

  • I have a ninja foodie,and a huge electric pressure cooker 8 quarts or larger never used either. Reason?

    Got 3 old skool pressure cooker. I use one on a campfire, the others are a hug canning pot and a smaller one I use for eggs and rice.

  • Sounds to me that anyone doing the things you mentioned shouldn’t be in the kitchen at all. Let nature cull off the bad gene pool.

  • STILL DILLY LILLY #1 Do NOT user your Instant Pot UNDER your Cabinets… Always in a open space, nothing overhead… FYI your Cabinets will not forgive you….

  • I unintentionally get around mispronouncing & misspelling the name by labeling all my recipes with “IP”….this is also how I refer to the device. I can’t even remember what I called it when I first purchased it!:)

  • You need to post a link if you can find one to where to get replacement parts if you lose them…esp that tiny little silicone cap cover that goes over the bottom of the pressure release valve shaft…that you can either accidentally drop down the sink drain or else have it fly off and land on the kitchen floor somewhere maybe never to be seen again!

  • The newest Instant pot Duo Evo Plus shows the progress of pre heating & cooking on the awesome display! The inner pots has handles AND can also be used on all types of stoves!!!

  • I would love a paisley cover like yours! Where can I get one like it? I have searched every where I can think of. Please and Thank you very much! I didnt like any of the ones I did see at all. Not even enough to try one.

  • No one ever gives a TIME on how long something takes to cook! I’m making your beefstew like right now. but don’t know how long it takes for it to finish. It is now on Lo numbers going up so what does that mean exactly? lol

  • I used a crock pot liner to keep my plot looking nice. Even though the liner wouldn’t melt in a crock pot it will in the Instant Pot��

  • I want to “do something”. But I realized that it’s got its own schedule. I found myself watching the display as if I was supposed to do something else, but no. Two hours later, perfect stock and tender meat. I love this thing.

  • Is there a way to adjust the pressure level on the Lux, or is it automatic? I tried pushing the adjust button on my Lux, but it didn’t work. So, I just left it.

  • I used my instant pot, and before it started its countdown mode, I heard a loud trumpet like sound coming from it. I also saw a lot of steam escaping from it. I honestly thought it was going to explode. I called instant pot customer service, and the representative suggested I do the water test again. I did this, and it failed. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • Before my mom knew about instant pots she dumped a roast with liquid into the pot (not the steel part) and it was destroyed. That’s why I’m on instant pot # 2.��

  • I say INSTAPOT and I’m fully aware that its actually an INSTANT POT. Its called a glottal stop, educate yourself before being annoyed with someone’s speech patterns. I can and do pronounce every T when in a formal conversation, but just in casual conversation you will hear a ton of glottal stop. So sorry to annoy you miss I over pronounce every T pretentious. Also you shouldn’t sauté with a lid on. All your other tips seemed helpful thanks.

  • Great presentation that emphasizes safety and prolonging the life of the instant pot. I love your videos and have become a dedicated follower. �� ��

  • So I bought mine on Black Friday: Amazon. It’s still in packaging.
    p.s. when I bought the MAC; same. It took me a while to open it / use it.

  • Insta pot is a pet peeve. When I was in the market to purchase my first instant pot, I kept looking and looking for this “Insta” pot I couldn’t find it anywhere. I thought instant pot was a knock off

  • Unless sautéing I take the inner pot out when filling it so I don’t make the mistake of putting food in the actual pot. Prime example, I make a large batch of dog food every week, I take the inner pot out put it next to me and chuck stuff in as I chop.

  • How about finding the correct foods to cook pot in pot style. What I mean is you really can’t pair some foods with others if the cooking times are too different. I tried two large russet potatoes on the bottom in liquid, and seared chicken thighs on top of the trivit in a steam sling with a mix of broccoli florets. It was 5 minutes cook time and the broccoli florets were so overcooked they turned into mush.

  • Just bought your book. The recipes look fantastic can’t wait to try them out! I bought it mostly because you were so sweet and helpful i figured what the heck i learned something, I’m going to get some restaurant recipes, plus you took the time to write a book; kudos on that! Glad i bought it. Wish I had watched your video before buying a new instapot…I threw my old one out because it wouldn’t seal, ugh.

  • I’ll bet the price of one that the do’s and dont’s can be found in the instruction manual that comes with it…… but then considering some of the comments I read
    I realize that people can’t read anymore and lack even average intelligence.
    The”dumbing down”
    of America is a real thing. That also explains why trump is president…..��

  • Can you put a crock pot liner in the instant pot? Never tried it but my husband asked me, I don’t think it’s a good idea but I’m not sure

  • Imagine all the ruined meals you’ll have by calling it a “Instapot” What a lifesaving tip that was. Overall, really good tips, though ��

  • Very helpful tips! If I could make a suggestion. Eliminate the background music.
    It’s distracting and monotonous. I am not old and my hearing is fine but I also found it challenging to understand some of the things you are saying like “foaming” foods to not have an instant pot explosion. I think what you mean is food that EXPANDS like rice. It sounded like you said “foaming” food. I ‘d never heard of that before.

  • I’ve used a pressure cooker all my life. Finally broke down & bought IP but haven’t needed to use it yet. Will be interesting to compare the 2..

  • . DANGER ⚠️
    Doing so will cause the lid to blow off and very hot steam and liquid will blow out violently causing second and third degree burns and possible severe eye injury, Be absolutely sure that the unit is depressurized before attempting to remove the lid
    ALWAYS read the safety instructions before using your Instant pot or any appliance or other equipment to avoid serious personal injury and always use your PPE ( Personal Protection Equipment ) Pot holders, Heavy duty rubber gloves etc to avoid getting seriously burned by steam and boiling hot liquid

  • that’s funny you said you waited 3 month before you used yours… mine sat in its box for 1.5 years, I thought I was the only one. By the way I love your recipes and am hooked

  • OK, my problem is that IP comes up to pressure, starts to cook, then steam starts releasing through the steam vent plug. I have it on SEALING! I took everything apart & cleaned it all. Then put 2 cups of water in to boil. SAME THING HAPPENED! Pot came up to pressure. It began to cook & time down. Steam started pouring out of steam vent plug again! Then pot turns off! HELP, HELP, HELP! ANYONE!

  • This is great for those people who’ve been too afraid to pull theirs out of the box! It was reassuring to know that I’ve been doing things correctly so far. And I’m totally with you on #10, it made me chuckle that you included it. When I hear “Instapot”, I almost get a twitch! ��

  • Thank you for sharing. I’m new to Instant Pot. I made a few different dish already but it’s always nice to learn more things with what your working with. Hello from Arizona. Love your channel. ❤❤

  • I’m sorry, but you have to be some kind of special idiot to force open something pressurized.
    And I’m with you on the “instapot” thing.

  • I had some non-sealing problems but found out that when I use this plastic/rubber trivette which had huge hoops on the edges the rubber hoop on one side would interfere with the gasket and caused a leak so I got those BURN messages from time to time. The hoops are tall enough that they rise some inch and a quarter above the side of the stainless pot. I think that this rubberized trivette was originally used on the Foodi but I’m not sure. Anyways not using it anymore solved my problem. Other items to look out which you mentioned sure is a time saver THANKS!

  • Confession: I realized I forgot to add an ingredient after the instantpot was already up to pressure. I manually pushed in the lock pin and started to take the lid off, the decrease in pressure caused the liquid to go into a crazy aggressive boil and spew extremely hot spray all over the place. Very scary, lucky I didn’t get burned. Moral of the story: don’t be stupid like me.

  • Just so you know, I think you are the best, sweetest, and prettiest sister! Shame you are married lol Thanks for the tips Kristen!

  • Ive used it 3 times so far and each time the burn food warning comes on. so far not enjoying the pot. I even went out and bought the non stick pot thinking that would help WRONG!!!!!!!! Im not giving up yet. a few more tries then i will drop kick it to the garbage barrel

  • I was confused about the quick release for foamy foods. Did you say when food is done it will quick release by it self or do I have to quick release every time I cook something and foamy foods come through the vent? I’m soo confused I’m brand new to this and I really need to understand it

  • 2 questions. 1st to cook anything do you let it warm up first or throw it all into the insta pot before warming up? 2nd the water collector fills up really fast I’ve ended up with water everywhere twice do I empty that while cooking Or I’m doing something wrong?

  • Really helpful video, but I had trouble concentrating on what you were saying because of the loud backgroumd music. Maybe next time leave it out because your videos are really worth hearing.

  • don’t be intimidated. I am a very beginner cook. Oh i cooked for 20 years but the results were never stellar. Watching six sisters and others on You Tube I started really creating and my family was insane over the food I make. when I made the jump to this I really outdid. I had one out of probably 50 or more meals and that one was user error. attempting something without a recipe on the second day you have this thing is pretty silly. don’t expect anything good. follow these recipes and find the other pressure cooking gurus and you will be pleased. this dang thing has a benefit that is pricelsess. so many things like rice and pasta are no watch no worry. just follow directions and walk away come back to eat when its done, unless you can’t wait, then you can manual release and get to dinner a little quicker.

  • I was so scared of my instapot that I didn’t use this gift from Christmas 2016 until today (May 2020)
    Me thinks me has the world record ����������

  • Thank you Kristen!

    So glad I found this video! My Insta-pot has been on a shelf for months, still in the packaging. Somehow I misplaced the directions and though I’m handy with most things, in the kitchen, not so much. After watching this video a few days ago I felt motivated and got it out, washed it, went t the grocery, then got to work. Last night I had homemade Chicken Noodle soup like mom used to make for the first time in many years!

    Cheers Kristen, like and subbed!

  • One of my soup recipes with rice, beans and potatoes keeps splattering all over m kitchen. I noticed in I believe in #7 you said to do quick release. This is what’s causing my mess. Any tips?

  • I been cooking with an Instant Pot for a few months but still am not sure how much liquid or water to use. For example, I usually include rice whenever I use it and am aware typically you need 2 parts water whenever cooking 1 cup of rice but if you have other ingredients like Tomatoes which also have water, you may wind up with a soupy result which I have consistently. Is there a rule of thumb or trick to knowing how much liquid to add? Thanks!

  • OMG, my dad n I read the book but I’m the type of person wer I have to see than read. I’m sooo thankful tha I looked at ur video and then started doin my ribs. My had told me tha the timer will come on after it builds up on pressure. Something kept telling he did it wrong. Thank u sooo much for ur help. It had been sitting on the counter for 6-7 months.

  • If you like baby back ribs, I’ve found that you can put an instapot trivet on the bottom. Put your seasoned ribs in the pot wrap around the sides. Put 1 cup of water in there and cook. Usually 20 to 25 minutes depending on the weight. I can usually do a large slab in about 22 minutes. No then take them out and put them on a baking sheet. I slather on my favorite bbq sauce and pop them in the oven for about 10 minutes on 400 degrees to caramelize the sauce. It is soooooo good and so tender the bones slide right out.

  • I’VE BEEN WAITING 3 MONTHS TO FINALLY BRING MY INSTANT POT HOME, NO WAY I WAITED BEFORE USING IT(My roommate’s kitchen is completely disgusting and I refuse to be the only one who cleans it anymore. This instant pot will free me from being dependent on the communal kitchen.)

  • How stupid are people? You shouldn’t need to look at the pots, pans, and dishes to see what is okay and not okay in regards to stove, oven, microwave. If you can’t tell by looking at it, you probably should stay far away from a kitchen!

  • Thank you so much for all your tips and recipes. I am getting one soon and I am researching ahead of time, you have taught me so much already!! Now to remember it all haha

  • I’m want to get an instapot in the next day or two. I wanted to research it to see if it would be worth the trouble to have because the last time I tangled with a pressure cooker was when I was a kid and the lid blow off of it. I definitely don’t want to relive that that memory chili everywhere.

  • Thank you for the 3 months wait comment. Sounds like me. My son in law sent me one and I am terrified at the thought of trying it. Finally unboxed it today and thought I’d look up youtube videos and found yours.

  • Mine is still the the box too. I bought it on sale 5 months ago. Glad I’m not the only one! I’ll try it out within a day or so. Thanks for the great videos.

  • The little white ladles that come with it have little square holes in the end of the handle specifically for fitting on the end of the release valve to turn it from enough distance.

  • My grandma just sent me an instant pot yesterday (first thing I cooked was baked ziti and it was AMAZING) and tonight I am making baby back ribs. These videos of yours are really helpful and I can’t wait to learn more and apply that new knowledge in my kitchen with my IP!

  • The background music in the other video didn’t bother me. One of my favorite don’ts was #2 Don’t start with a main dish, and #9, Don’t buy accessories until you’re experienced with the pot. There were some that were more important (like don’t open the lid while it’s pressurized), but I read those in the instructions. These two are are good to build courage and prevent disappointment.

  • Just started watching your channel and am hooked lol�� Love your outfit in this! Of course, this was from a year ago but curious as to where you got..are they bibs? I know…random but really like them lol����Thanks for making me love my instant pot ��

  • I am sorry, this is very off topic, but you are exceptionally beautiful! �� Thanks for the tips, I’m excited to order mine from Amazon soon.

  • I am just one old great grandmother raising a five and a two year old. There’s not a lot of food eaten between us 2 little appetites and a little appetite from an old lady! Would the instant pot benefit us and if so what types of food? It seems as though the instant pot would make quite large portion of food in the pot.

  • Explosions? Whaaaat? EXPLOSIONS IN THE KITCHEN?, Jesus I don’t want to kill my kids, thanks for the warning, I don’t need my food that quickly!

  • Hello there, Vanessa TheLemonadeMom sent me! I am a newbie to the Instant Pot, so these videos are invaluable! Thank you so much for sharing! These tips are going to come in handy for sure!

  • my mistake was buying an 8qt. It’s too big, and cumbersome. I’d get more use out of a smaller pot. Buy based on family size, and counter space.

  • I was so afraid I would do something wrong and it would explode, you definitely gave me all the confidence to cook a fast dinner for my family.

  • When I’m using it for anything that’s going to foam like making beans I just put in a tablespoon or two of oil and it doesn’t foam

  • Ours sat in the box for 6 months. We were both intimidated by it. I have always been afraid of pressure cookers. The instant pot makes better rice than our rice cooker. Thank you for posting simple recipes and instructions on how to use it. Thanks to you, I have confidence in using it and have simple meals I can make for every day.

    When quick releasing foamy items like rice, I place a damp J-cloth over the release valve. It is very thin so the steam goes right through and it catches the foamy bits spraying out.

  • Actually, it is a slow cooker if you use the Slow Cook button. So saying “it’s not a slow cooker” is misleading to newbies. Just sayin’. ��

  • One thing I would add, which at the same time eliminates some of your points, is to use logic. Just use logic with the instant pot, and you’ll be successful! Also, be patient and save on energy, and everything comes out beautifully. Thus, wait until the pressure safety valve has fallen down. Then open the pot, thank God and enjoy your meal!

  • * Hi! One of the first videos’…, I watched and listened to.., on pressure cookers’ and air fryers’. * DO’s and DON’T are very important, especially for Beginner’s!! This was a excellent video and “Thank you” for sharing.. I really enjoyed the video and info.. Your friend always.., Mike in Montana:)

  • Tried to use my instant pot 2 times. Each time i got the warning burn food. Bringing that piece of garbage back tomorrow. Im fed up its more of a hassle than its worth. Cooking should be enjoyable

  • I filled my instant pot 3/4 full yesterday, and it took more than 30 minutes to get pressurized. Hope that is still normal? Thanks for your great videos.

  • I Made your teriyaki chicken. was not done, chicken was rubbery, only cooked to 14o’s, rice was done very dissapointed with recipe, will not make again. Followed your recipe to the T

  • How do you release the steam without it steaming that cabinet above? We only have electric outlets above the counters that are below hanging cabinets ( much as shown in your video

  • Hey guys! Thanks for watching! Tell me what Instant Pot DON’T you liked best! AND tell me if you prefer NO MUSIC in the background or if you don’t care! Thanks! Lisa

  • I was cooking jasmine rice today and went by recipe for 4 min and nr for 10 min. But after the 4 min. Were done it went to off and didn’t start the count up?? What did I do wrong??

  • My instant pot seems to be pressurizing but gets to the timer counting down too soon (not ENOUGH pressure) and the steam released after cooking is about 1/4 of what was before. HELP! I’ve checked all your suggestions and nothing is helping. This is the first time this has happened…and when making your cheesy chicken and rice, no less. What am I doing wrong?

  • I almost gave a ����, but changed my mind after the first few no brainer don’ts. I must say, you’d be crazy to take the lid off til the pin drops! Mentioning to deglaze to also prevent the burn lite from coming on, would be helpful. After making spaghetti numerous times, the burn light would come on after I’d set my noodle atop the meat and some sauce. Last time I added four cups of liquid (chicken broth) up front and didn’t have to deglaze later on…NO BURN light! The texture and liquid level were perfect. (Can’t imagine turning on the stove with the IP on! ������LOOKOUT! ��

  • I store my seals in the freezer. It gets rid of the smell. And I have multiple seals, sweet, savory and onions. Dont want my cheesecake to smell like onions.

  • You are adorable!!! Thank you for sharing this video. I wish I had found it before my first time using my Instant Pot. I made pork loin with potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower! I was following a recipe for the Instant Pot DUO, 6 qt, but apparently, mine is the mini, so the control panel is different. I didn’t do it right, but somehow managed to turn out a delicious, tender, juicy meal that my family loved! But that kinda scared me, and I had to force myself to make spaghetti in it tonight. This time the recipe was for the mini so no mistakes or misunderstandings and all turned out well. But, “Make a side item for your first rodeo,” is excellent advice. At least that way if it doesn’t turn out, you’re not out the main entree. Thank you, again, for your video. BTW, I didn’t watch your other video with music all through, but I liked this one. Great job!!!

  • And DON’T store the valve inside cooking pot, I ruined one by preheating it on sautee and melting the valve shut. Luckily it easily released from the cooking pot and I waited another 2 weeks to get my new valve. Now I store the valve and cord in a separate drawer.

  • First time here, good video, thank you. I’m trying to find someone who takes single people in consideration and doesn’t have videos on cooking for large groups.

  • Loved the tips. I’m a new user. I’m in the Entertainment Industry. Love the different angled shots. I suggest when filming you do takes at both angles straight on and from your left like you did so you’re always talking to us. The profile shot isn’t drawing us in with you starting at the camera in front of you. So, when you switch the camera to a video shot from your studio left, your look at us instead of forward away from us. That way you always talking to us drawing us in. Good luck!

  • Although I just bought an instant pot, fiddled around with it for a few minutes to figure out how it worked and made a stellar 4 pound pot roast, I think this video is basically designed for new cooks.

  • Nice video Lisa. I just bought an instant pot today. You have some very good advice here. I have owned a pressure cooker before and you are right, if you keep the lid on while storing…it gets stinky. Good tips all around. Easy to listen too and not a lot of fluff. Good job.

  • Yep that’s what it was scorched bottom. Thought I had plenty of liquid with all that BBQ sauce in there. Guess I should have added 1/2 cup water

  • I like that you tell people why NOT to do the things and not just don’t do it, but maybe you could share the Do before the Don’t. For example when moving the IP DO pick it up by the side handeles, it’s what they are there for. Don’t use the lid handle and then your beautiful explaination why. If you reinforce the Do message again at the end, people are more likely to remember what they should do or can do. I was getting a little overwhelmed with all the no’s by the end, and who doesn’t like positive messages? You are so clear and so personable, I believe both messages will stick with people.Oh, and I loved that you shared the photos of what happened to the pots placed on the stove, very good visuals. Thank you for your video.

  • Great tips! Hubby and I are wondering if we should get an Instant Pot. But so far, I have not found any of our favorite recipes take less time in an instant pot that a stovetop and something like spaghetti, the sauce is way too thin. It seems that the prep and wait time can be longer than just doing things on the stovetop. I am trying to be convince to get one of these, but I am not having very much luck. Thanks for sharing. No music is always better unless it is so quiet one cannot tell it is on. THX for the important info!

  • I vote no music! (By the way, you have two different #24’s on the video. Even though you say “Number 25”, the graphic on the video says “#24”. Just thought I would mention that…). Great tips, thanks!!

  • Bad information on slow cooking. That’s simply not true. I have used this feature repeatedly over many years and it is a great slow cooker.

  • EXCELLENT tips, thank you SO much! No music necessary 😉 Quick question, new to instant pot cooking, on tip about pre-heating foods that don’t need pre-heating, what is “pre-heating” and how do I do that?? If you could give me a link to one of your videos that might explain how-to, that would be greatly appreciated:)

    Update! I just watched your 26 tips for beginners! Got the info I needed about the pre-heating:)

  • Six Sisters i have yet to use my newly purchased instant pot ip-lux 8 qt.
    Watching videos of how to use it an since i do not know how, please help me out!
    So ready to cook some chicken wings, an i purchased some baby back ribs an well, since i know not how to use, i am reaching out for instructions ( yeah me ).
    Contact anytime please

  • Mine sat in the box for 3 hours. I jumped in and turned it on without reading any instructions. Cooking some chicken thighs in it now.

  • This was very helpful information. I am not much of a cook, but just got my IP and am excited to use it. However, I was looking for dos and don’ts and your video was just what I was looking for. Music I prefer no music as it can be very distracting or at times one cannot hear the person talking.

  • #23 slow cook-yes it will take 6 to 8 hr’s because it’s in slow cook or slow cooker mode. Other than that great job and I prefer no music even tho I never hear what you had.

  • Much better without the music. It is distracting and usually too loud, it’s like a hammering in your skull while you’re trying to pay attention.

  • Excellent video & very informative. Yes, I automatically subbed to your channel. Hope you’re staying safe & doing well. Blessings!!! Pete

  • no music. I hate background music for any video, it competes for hearing the YouTuber and is often toooo loud/louder than the speaking voice

  • Thank you! Just had one given to me. And yours was my first YouTube to watch on Insta pot. You did an awesome job. Loved it without music in the background.Though I do feel overwhelmed at this point, like I actually have to go through a course and obtain a title to use one or something like that. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Just seems like it’s not as easy as everybody was saying. Thank you for your other videos I am going to check them out.

  • Instant pots are very practical and save a lot of space too, Team instant pot! ☺️

    Huh…. wow… are you the sister of Jeanie from the MXR Mods Channel?

  • i’m actually quite often hitting CANCEL. Another way it may not start the count down. it will try to build required pressure for one hour and then getting OFF. For now restarting helping.

  • Thank you for the little things like the nob is wobbly, the silver button indicates pressure and the amount of time you may have to wait for it to pressurize and release the pressure. I messed up so many meals not understanding those concepts.

  • I bought a Ninja Foodi last June/July and love the InstaPot feature on it. I’m still trying to remember to add pressure time to the cook time.

  • So I just purchased the model that you can put the lidon the side… I believe it’s the duo? Not sure. Question: What is the red ring for? It already has a clear seal, is this an extra?

  • I see you left it on the counter top, isthat ok for someone with wood countertops? I mean most apartment or household have wood countertops in US

  • I’m crying in relief, I have anxiety issues and just spent a lot of money and was so overwhelmed! Thank you! You made a monster into a managable thing! I am so greatful!

  • Thank you but I’m still confused about the buttons I have the 10 qt that 1 button that you were speaking of the knob you said it needs to be down correct before cooking? I’m very confused about that I’m sorry

  • My rice came out super wet. I’ve been making rice my whole life, used rice cookers but this time the rice was like mortar for bricks ������
    Not sure where I went wrong ��

  • Do you know for sure the stove damages it? WHY it can’t handle STOVETOP heat? How is a spread out flame or electric burner any more harsh than the built in, less spread out electric coil heat? I’ve been browning meat IN the instant pot on my gas stove for the past two years w/o any problem (so far). Does it tend to delaminate the metals?

  • Rule #7, you said NOT to do quick release but then demonstrated how to quick release and said that way you won’t have an explosion. Just a little confused could someone please explain again!? Thanks! Also, how does natural release work?

  • Thank you so much for making this video! I finally got on the InstaPot train, read the instruction manuals, and promptly became terrified + confused. After watching multiple Instant Pot user instruction guides, this one was finally the one that made everything clear. I’m now confident to try my pot for the first time. Thank you again!

  • thanks Six Sister’s Stuff. Got here via the Instant Pot Facebook community. Was terrified of my mums saucepan style old school pressure cooker when a kid so glad to have a modern option. Now proud owner of a Duo Evo Plus 6 quart!

  • Thanks for this video! I am using my new IP for the first time and was doing it wrong when I searched YouTube and THERE YOU WERE! It’s working now!!:)

  • I have a small efficiency and don’t have the time to cook for hours in the day. So this would help tremendously. Plus my rice never comes out right. I heard this is the best investment ever. Thanks a lot

  • I have been watching your videos: they are great. Tonight I have been trying to make soup for the last four hours. The pot would not seal; kept venting. I found this video and did everything you suggested. The last thing I did, which you did not suggest, was to turn the inner seal upside down, and would you believe it? it sealed!!! I have a question: why does my unit vent and then stop and continue to cook? I see some units have a condensation cup that is fitted to the outside of the pot, but there is no cup or place to do that with my Lux 6-in-1 Multi-Use.

  • Hey my daughter just gave me her instant pot and while trying for first time around the lid there is steam coming out the lid will not turn it is locked but it is quite a bit of steam am I doing something wrong?

  • Hello, I wanted to personalize my instant pot and would like to know how you made yours please. What materials do I need and where to get it from? Thank you ��


  • This video provides very useful info. When my wife bought the Instant Pot, I thought that SHE was going to learn how use it and then teach me, but somehow sorting out the maintenance and learning how to deploy the unit became my task. I had not even heard of Instant Pots or ever used a pressure cooker. I know how to make peanut butter sandwiches, spaghetti, salad and roast chicken breasts and that’s pretty much it. (Looking at many of the comments here, I laughed to see that so many other folks had the same trepidations that I had.) You made my job very easy and made me look smarter than I am. Thank you! I have already checked out some of your other content and see some other things to add yo my repertoire.

  • I’ve only had my instant pot a few weeks and last night I was making bbq chicken and it said on and it was cooking then I come back out and it said I re did the time and it said on again and then said I unplugged the cord from the pot and then plugged it back in and every button light went on and off.idk if this is normal or i should take it back???

  • I have had my instant pot for nearly a year. Never used it as it seemed so intimidating. Thanks to finding this channel and them making it so easy to learn I was able to make my first pot roast in it. Thank you so much, really appreciate this.

  • Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Grain Maker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Sous Vide, Bake, and Warmer, 6 Quart, 10 Programs.Get it from this link:

  • Wow just saw this the instant pot is amazing it cooks a large meal which would take ages in no time and it will fill the whole family ideal for parties or large families:-)

  • I have the lux and steam comes out when I have it seal at the beginning while it’s pressurizing and then it stops. Is it suppose to do that?

  • Help! I was scatterbrained today. Was going to sauté beef, put two tablespoons of bacon grease in pot,, put in liner, and turned on with grease underneath liner, turned off as soon as I saw smoke.
    Did I just kill my instapot. It’s leaking out of the bottom

  • I don;t have an instant pot. I’m researching to see if onr would be helpful to me. How can it be called an instant pot when you had to wait 20 minutes for it to pressurize before cooking for one minute. It would be faster on the stove or in the microwave. Do you have to wait 20 minutes for everything you cook?

  • Oh, it will cook if you accidentally leave it on venting, but you won’t be very pleased with the results. Don’t ask me how I know.

  • I didn’t do the time because I wanted for than a hour and the pot still says, on,high pressure,.more, keep warm, and pressure cook do I have to worry or it okay

  • Thanks so much for the great recipes! My six daughters gave me an Instapot for Mother’s Day. After watching a number of your Instapot videos, I finally had the courage to use mine. Last night I tried the Fettucini Alfredo. Everyone loved it! I’m so excited to try more of your recipes! Thanks again!

  • Great help! This worked with my Yedi pressure cooker, the layout is very similar. Pays off to take pics before hand, lol I should’ve listened.

  • Hi, can you please let me know how to fix faculty pressure sensor error in instant pot? My instant pot is just used a couple of times but it started giving error.

  • Hi, can I PLEASE request you do more battles in history, from ancient Greece, Rome and even in the middle ages. Your videos are by far the best, much better than Kings and Generals and Invicta youtube channel. I love the way how you present it on the board. Very clear and easy to understand with lots of details. Love your battle videos, please continue to make them.