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Science Finds Link Between Low-Carb Diets and Lower Cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, you were likely told to cut back on saturated fat, the so-called “unhealthy” fat found in foods such as red meat, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, coconut oil and palm oil. In most people who follow keto or low-carb diets, blood cholesterol goes up little, if at all.

Some even experience a drop in LDL cholesterol after starting low carb. However, others experience an increase in both LDL and HDL cholesterol levels. 10. A rise in cholesterol during keto or low-carb eating may be related to losing weight. There appears to be a small subset of people who experience increased cholesterol levels on a low-carb diet, especially a ketogenic diet or a very.

The study found that although a low carbohydrate diet resulted in lower cholesterol levels, it lowered both the good and bad (LDL) cholesterol. Since it is the relative amounts of HDL and LDL cholesterol (the ratio) that is important in determining the risk for vascular disease, the decrease in cholesterol caused by a low carbohydrate diet should have no effect on vascular disease. Low Carb Diet, Cholesterol, & Weight Loss. A low-carb diet turns you into a fat (triglyceride) burner instead of a sugar (carbohydrate) burners. Carbohydrates are the easiest fuel for your body to convert to energy.

But, if you are not eating many carbs, then your body needs to run on the alternative fuel which is triglycerides. So, a person on. A large new study involving the data of over 37,000 adults found a link between poor quality low fat and low carb diets and a higher total death risk.

Aug. 2, 2010 Low-carbohydrate weight loss diets have an edge over low-fat diets for improving HDL cholesterol levels long term, according to a. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting your low-carb, low-fat, low-cholesterol diet to discuss the plan and how best to monitor progress.

Low-Carb, Low-Fat Diet Basics Most low-carb plans limit your intake of carbs to 150 grams or less a day, and many limit you to 20 to 50 grams during the early stages of the diet to help you lose. Eating a low-carb, low-cholesterol diet that’s primarily plant-based is an effective way to reduce unhealthy, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Experiment with a variety of low-carb, low-cholesterol recipes to find your favorite healthy foods. Focus on Healthy Carbs Eating 150 grams of carbohydrates or less a day is considered a low-carb diet.

To give just one example, a 2005 study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that a period of reduced carbohydrate consumption lowered blood pressure and reduced LDL.

List of related literature:

Researchers have located about a dozen studies, though, that measured the effects of low-carb diets on cholesterol levels.

“Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America's Low-Carb Craze” by Michael Greger
from Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America’s Low-Carb Craze
by Michael Greger
Lantern Books, 2005

(The low-carb group also improved their HDL “good” cholesterol, and didn’t raise their LDL “bad” cholesterol—a combination that lowered their risk of heart disease.)

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Some studies comparing low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets report that low-carb diets actually lead to increases in total cholesterol (LDL plus HDL).

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

The findings of these studies were: The low carbohydrate diet resulted in an equal amount of fat loss as the diet low in saturated fat, but was more effective in reducing triglycerides, fasting glucose measurements, glucose measurements after meals (postprandial202) and insulin concentrations (Noakes et al., 2006).

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez, 2016

In fact, focusing on a carbohydrate-rich diet rather than a saturatedfat-rich diet increases the risk of coronary heart disease by lowering HDL cholesterol and increasing small-particle LDL (see here to here for more on cholesterol).

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
by Leanne Vogel
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Conversely, other studies clearly demonstrate that “high fat – low carbohydrate diets” can have a similar effect upon blood lipid profiles.

“The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension” by Gregory M. Fahy, Michael West, L. Steven Coles, Stephen B. Harris
from The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension
by Gregory M. Fahy, Michael West, et. al.
Springer Netherlands, 2010

Recent meta-analyses have shown that when used to replace saturated fats, carbs increased the risk for heart disease by elevating blood triglycerides and lowering HDL cholesterol levels.

“The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance” by Loren Cordain, Joe Friel
from The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance
by Loren Cordain, Joe Friel
Rodale Books, 2012

The low-carb group also had better LDL cholesterol readings.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

High-carbohydrate, low-fat diets are associated with reductions in both LDL and HDL levels.

“Cardiology E-Book” by Michael H. Crawford, John P. DiMarco, Walter J. Paulus
from Cardiology E-Book
by Michael H. Crawford, John P. DiMarco, Walter J. Paulus
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

In the studies that reported blood lipid values, the “nut diets” significantly reduced total cholesterol from 7% to 25% and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 10%–33%.

“Tree Nuts: Composition, Phytochemicals, and Health Effects” by Cesarettin Alasalvar, Fereidoon Shahidi
from Tree Nuts: Composition, Phytochemicals, and Health Effects
by Cesarettin Alasalvar, Fereidoon Shahidi
CRC Press, 2008

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  • I’ve been doing keto more than one year. I lost 20kg of my weight, but my LDL is increasing and my HDL is decreasing. I’m not thinking about quitting keto right now, but I’m worried about my health.

  • Thank you sir for this informative video. My son in law has Serum cholesterol 425,Triglycerides 38,HDL 109,LDL 308,VLDL 8. His age is 40 years. Is it ok? Please advise me.

  • Amazing and so well laid out! Thanks for all of the research and your work to help open our eyes. Yet….another incredible aspect of LCHF.:)

  • I was doing Keto then carnivore mix, fasting from 8pm to12 noon before eating anything. I just had bloodwork done and was always prediabetic but my a1c went down which was great. But my cholesterol went up pretty much. My doctor increased my cholesterol medicine and I have to get it checked again in 2 months. My bad cholesterol was up quite a bit so am concerned about staying on this diet.

  • Why should you lower your LDL? Oh my God…. come on doctor. Find more informations and talk to cardiologists before you make this video.

  • That’s what being a Good Doctor is all about.. Choice, a good doctor will lay all possibilities, say his/her concerns proposes a Solution then let the patient
    make a decision. I’m not looking to lower my LDL but it’s good to know
    In case I change my mind.
    Thank you for being a wonderful Doctor.

  • I had to get diabetes to pay attention to science. I have learned so much in 3 months. I was thinking what Keto and fasting would do to cholesterol; thinking you fix one problem but create another one. Can’t say I understand the entirety of Dr. Nadir’s presentation but it was certainly re-assuring that I am on the right track.

  • Oddly how there is no vegan diet/no saturated fat diet proponents in the coments. There is a huge difference when things are put together like this, in a highly sientific maner opposed to a publicistic way. U cant make stupid arguments when ur presented with detailed sientific breakdown of reality and facts.

  • My total cholesterol went from 144 to 247 from October 2018 to October 2019, did keto from april to October 2019. I had to stop this way of eating and am actually having to take meds for now as my LDL is extremely high and HDL is low:( Not saying that this happens to everyone, one of my good friends actually had her cholesterol go down on keto, but I do think people should keep an eye on their levels just in case.

  • Well my cholesterol was pretty normal a few months ago, but I decided I wanted to lose 15 lbs of fat quickly with keto from 185 to my goal of 170lbs. Losing 2 lbs per week now. Been on keto for 6 weeks. Doing 70% fat 25% protein and 5% carbs. NO SUGAR. Take a look at these disconcerting lipid test results:

    *Blood test 1 (non-NMR)* 4 weeks into keto

    * Cholesterol total: 238 mg/dL
    * Triglycerides: 236 mg/dL
    * HDL Cholesterol: 38 mg/dL
    * VLDL Cholesterol: 47 mg/dL
    * LDL Cholesterol: 153 mg/dL

    *Blood test 2 (NMR) almost 2 weeks later*

    * Cholesterol total: 234 mg/dL (minuscule decrease)
    * Triglycerides: 155 mg/dL (decrease of 81 mg/dL)
    * HDL-C: 40 mg/dL (increase of 2 mg/dL)
    * HDL-P Total: 26.4 umol/L
    * Small LDL-P: 1538 nmol/L
    * LDL Size: 20 nm (pattern b)
    * LDL-P: 2244 nmol/L
    * LDL-C: 164 mg/dL (increase of 11 mg/dL)

    I suspect it’s because I’m losing weight quickly. Thoughts?

  • I was diagnosed Pre-Diabetic in March. I stopped carbs and sugar. I was at 6.1 in March and 5.5 A1C in July but my LDL took off. It went from 136 to 227 in four months. Also I lost 17 pounds during that time. I think I won’t worry about it and see what its level is in a year. Dr started talking Statins right away.

  • Guys. cures your cholesterol safely doesn’t need to be hard (I used to think it did). I will give you some advice now. Look for a popular diabetes home remedy called Hybetez Remedy (google search it). Thanks to it I have eliminated my diabetes problem for good with healthy ways. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I don’t want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I’m just simply in a excellent mood right now so I’ll share the wealth lol.

  • Fasting… Yes. High fats and animal protein…uhh not so much. Ethnicity and race is something that should also be considered…

  • This is great I’ve been eating carnivore for almost 1month. So far, I don’t fart, I feel better than I ever felt before, I’ve lost just over 20 lbs! I look better with out a shirt on lol. I see my abs coming through all this from just eating like an animal lolol I don’t ever wanna stop

  • Get this… I eat a dozen eggs every day. 2 lbs of bacon a week. Steamed vegetables every day. I eat 10 bananas a day. I drink 1 gallon of water a day. I eat all of my calories in a 4 hour window. What I do not eat is sugar or processed foods. I take 1 ml of lugos iodine in the morning. I take 1/2 gram of boron, 1600mg of magnesium. 200mg of zinc and 50 mg of DHEA with dinner. I’m 49. Get told I look 30 ish. I’m 6ft 3in. 195 lbs. I have a body fat percentage of 18%. I lift weights 4 days a week. Oh and I’m a nurse.

  • I just had thought. I haven’t finished the vidoe yet, but could LDL be going up because we are in ketosis and our fat is being burned and raising it?

  • Ketogenic + IF + HIIT: target high HDL, low triglycerides, low insulin, you will then be all set!

    Ignore the LDL reading LDL can be heathly-LDL or oxidized-LDL. A simple, in-discriminatory, reading of LDL is quite meaningless.

    Also, people fasting > 24 hrs will see their LDL rises. This is a transitional phenomena where your liver is releasing a lot of LDL (converted from fat) for body tissues to use while not retrieving them from the blood stream. A lot of these LDL end up secreting from your bowel. This is part of your “fat loss” process. In the long run, however, you should see your LDL level drops. How long this process will take, will depend on how much fat you have in your liver and surrounding visceral.

  • To all you who had increase LDL and decrease of HDL on keto… I have to wonder what are the quality of the foods that you’re eating? �� I feel like a lot of people are jumping on keto bc they think you can just eat all kinds of greasy food Which ain’t what this is.

  • Very detailed information in this video! Thank you for helping others to easily understand & grasp what’s really going on with cholesterol. Have a beautiful day. ��������������������

  • I’ve been doing very low carb for a couple years and my cholesterol is now 404, LDL 319, triglycerides 73. My doctor says I’m in danger of a heart attack or stroke. She wants to put me on a statin but gave me 6 weeks to lower my cholesterol.

  • Well, they say that (as in my case) that HDL will go up, but your LDL will go down, which indicates that the particles in your blood become fluffy and will bounce of the artery walls, whereas if you have high cholesterol and eat a normal diet they will mostly be small and sticky, and could clog up.Hoping this is true, I have read this a few times. Maybe this doctor could address this in another vlog.

  • My LDL came back real high and my Doctor told me to get ready for a massive heart attack
    i told him i am on a Ketogenic diet i have lost 110lbs never felt better,he was laughing and told me to stop all meat and dairy and only eat veg and nuts I said no thank you
    so i got the CT calcium scan and my score was 0 no heart attack here
    i need a different doctor that understands how the Ketogenic diet works and it’s hard to find one here in Arizona

  • I’m a Lean Mass Hyper Responder, with LDL ABOVE 350, total cholesterol 455, and my CAC score is Zero, which gave me the leverage to tell my doctor NO to statins or going off of Keto. Thanks, Dr. Unwin!

  • If I reduce my fat, what will I burn?

    I’m not given to guesswork, so I made up a table where I put in the quantity of what I’ve eaten, let it calculate my macros (as well as Na, Ca, K and Mg), then look at the totals toward the end of the day. I shoot for 60/30/10, to make up my daily calorie target (currently cycling around 1600 daily). If I’m short of calories, I’ll have some nuts. I’m rarely short on protein. After I found my LDL-C (sorry, I’m just learning) was rising, I thought it might be worth while to reduce the fat and make up the missing calories with carbs just not over 10% of my daily caloric intake.

    This sounds like heresy, I suppose, but what’s a fellow to do?

    OR did you say “reduce the butter, cream and coconut oil” meaning saturated fats only. I guess that’s an avenue, but the nuts yummy as they may be can be too much. I suppose I could always simply drink 1/4 cup of olive oil when I get hungry in the evening, but I don’t think I’d last on that very long. (I think the Romans did something like that. Salty fish-flavored.)

  • Nice balanced video. I’m a hyper responder.
    Mine jumped up a lot but the ratios are really good and my LDL is very much pattern A and I have low TG and VLDL. So I’m gonna roll with it. A total cholesterol of 327 doesn’t sound bad when it’s broken down like this:
    HDL:138, LDL:176, Triglycerides:40, VLDL:12

  • My doctor would probably prescribe a statin to lower cholesterol since the Low-Carb diet raises it, LoL. You just cant win on any diet! They have their agenda about high cholesterol since the LowFat diet.

  • Hi guys — I wanted to emphasize to many in the comments that Bret says early in the video to the open question, “is this a concern?” that it is a topic he’ll get into in another video. In other words, this guide is for those seeking ways to lower LDL if they themselves are uncomfortable with their levels. I don’t take this video as an urging by Diet Doctor for everyone with higher LDL to lower it, but rather, a means of helping those who wish to do so.

    It’s my firm opinion that we should respect that everyone is on their own health journey and I’d want to help everyone with whatever knowledge I have to offer and am glad Diet Doctor is as well. Moreover, while I like to say I’m “cautiously optimistic” with regard to high LDL in the context of metabolic fat-adaptation, I’m also quick to point out that this is by no means a claim of certainty, which is why I’m seeking further research to help us find out more. (See

    Right now I’m comfortable with my higher LDL given everything I’ve come to learn and understand to this point, but my opinion will change with the data, of course. In the mean time, I’m more than happy to share advice for others on how to lower their LDL if that’s what they seek to do — particularly if it helps them at least keep closer to a middle ground on diet rather than abandon it altogether (as many have done in the face of high LDL).

    I hope this helps clarify the position I have and why I believe it is very close to that of Diet Doctor anyway.:)

  • Finally happened to me. I’m mostly KETO and of course latest doctor visit had my blood results, guess what? Cholesterol too high. Of course, general practioner put me on statins. I figured I’d not take them or only three times a week. And my wife is pressuring me to tske them daily. So, whatever good I did on KETO, I guess, will now be deconstructed by the damned statins. What to do? And I may be wrong, someone correct me, but I’ve already gottrn two phones calls (spaced three says apart) by the drugstore pharmacist ladies. First one, the sweet young thing. Second, the head pharmacist bulldog. Good cop, bad cop? Am I taking the pills? The strong personality, head p, admitted the health insurance wanted me to know I need to take them, and any problems so far? I had not yet started but said I did. Wife said it was only a routine call. I see conspiracy. What will I find weeks, months, later? Required to go every so often to doctor for blood test? Cholesterol doesn’t go down I’ll be put on something stronger? If I get tough and announce I stopped taking them, health insurance will say I better get my ass back on them or something ugly will happen to my coverage concerning heart attacks or strokes? How tough can they get with me? Someone help me out and tell me. Am I now doomed to have to take the statins? Somebody clue me in. (Are there two big factors in this civil war of the two medical camps? One, most people put on them, or told to get on them, comply because Authority (the doctor and all the TV commercials) say we better do it and we’re scared not to do do. Two, billions are being made off of statins. How do you fight such an industry? But, I fear they know their business and they know well how to pressure me to stay on them now that they have me in their glitches. Or am I wrong? Is it easier to get off than I think?

  • I am one of these hyper-responders. Had “normal” lipoprofile before low carb diet. Now it looks like I have FH. Low insulin, low inflammatory markers, & feel better now. Almost 4yrs into this and I guess only time will tell if it will be detrimental or not.

  • this was really good info:) detailed. i pass this video on to those who dont believe in the good keto diet because they are so worried about their cholesterol going up:) much appreciated

  • Thanks for this conversation! Like so many my LDL went way up on a LCHF. My doctor says statin. I said nope! Dave Feldman is one reason I was confident in my decision.

  • I’m super scared. I just got my cholesterol results back and my levels increased in a few months. I think my doctor will say I have to stop keto. I don’t want to because I’ve been on it for like 5 months and lost about 40 pounds. Help!

  • Just wanted to express my appreciation, I have been eating keto since last thanksgiving and have lost 55 pounds getting into just the top of the normal weight range for the first time since I was a baby. when i started I knew I wanted to make this a lifestyle not a crash diet. I have been going strong and I have no intention to change the way I eat significantly however I had a health screen at work and my ldl was 254 with a total of 315, the other profiles were pretty much in line and normal. I am still eating keto but I have to make a shift to actively pursue lowering my ldl, if nothing else to swing it into higher hdl. I have been eating a lot of beef because it is cheap and easy but chicken and fish are very much more on the menu now. i appreciate the suggestions. In addition i lost all of this weight without stepping foot in the gym so a regular workout schedule is coming as well.

  • Ha, finally we have someone that doesn’t treat the general public as stupid. The general public has the time and capacity to learn about health and for those who make it a hobby, they can be much smarter than the Doctors who never fix the cause but tend to hand out pills that are not part of a holistic approach. For years we have been told by governments and Doctors who we trusted to keep us healthy to eat this and that, and to abide by the “old” food pyramid; now we know that the food pyramid is basically upside down and that the foods they approved for us to consume was a lie. We now have a population where over 50% have Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease is through the roof, Kidney disease, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease is killing our children and the medical bill is at a ridiculous level. Add to that the silly amount of medications, both subscribed by medical profession and over the counter pills, you have a recipe for a very sick world.
    The worst thing is that most of the problems stem from sugary-food, high carbohydrate, high consumption of hydrogenated vegetable oils and alcohol.
    All can be fixed by avoiding sugar, a high carbohydrate intake, avoiding Hydrogenated oils, alcohol and over the counter headache pills.
    It’s most folks inability to ditch the sugar and carb habit that is making them ill.

    If you want to live a healthy long life, be careful what you eat and drink. Wean yourself off sugar, have alcohol free weeks, give your Liver, Pancreas and Brain a holiday, just as you deserve a holiday.
    Remember, the body is self healing; all you have to do is give it the food and liquid it needs to repair and it will.

  • Fiber is NOT needed in the human diet as with any carbohydrates!

    Why fiber is NOT needed in the human diet

    Dr. Zoë Harcombe what about the fiber April 6, 2019-references

    What about Fiber? Dr Zöe Harcombe-October 23,2019

    The Fiber fraud

    Why fiber is not needed in the diet.Dr Paul Mason: Low carb gut health

    Chronic Constipation: An Evidence-Based Review
    Lawrence Leung, Taylor Riutta, Jyoti Kotecha and Walter Rosser
    The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine July 2011, 24 ‪(4) 436-451; ‬DOI: ‪‬

    Stopping or reducing dietary fiber intake reduces constipation and associated symptoms

    World J Gastroenterol. 2012 Sep 7; 18(33): 4593–4596.
    Published online 2012 Sep 7. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i33.4593
    PMCID: PMC3435786
    PMID: 22969234
    Kok-Sun Ho, Charmaine You Mei Tan, Muhd Ashik Mohd Daud, and Francis Seow-Choen

    2015 US Dietary Guidelines Critique

    The DGAC apparently wasn’t aware that the FDA published a report announcing:

    “…evidence is strong that there is not a relationship between dietary fiber and colorectal cancer.”1)
    You can’t blame the DGAC for not having seen this report yet; after all it was only issued FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.2)
    The committee also doesn’t mention the excellent studies conducted in recent years demonstrating that fiber is not helpful for digestive problems, and can even worsen digestive problems. A 2007 review of fiber and overall digestive health concluded:

    “A strong case cannot be made for a protective effect of dietary fiber against colorectal polyp or cancer. Neither has fiber been found to be useful in chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also not useful in the treatment of perianal conditions. The fiber deficit-diverticulosis theory should also be challenged.” 3)
    A clinical study conducted in 2012 found:

    “Idiopathic constipation and its associated symptoms can be effectively reduced by stopping or even lowering the intake of dietary fiber.”4)
    A 2013 review stated:

    “Even when used judiciously, fiber can exacerbate abdominal distension, flatulence, constipation, and diarrhea.” 5)

    Gastroenterology Published by Blackwell Publishing
    Doi: 10.11115.1572-0241.2004.40885,%20CONSTIPATION%20ETC/Myths%20and%20constipation.pdf

    Myths and Misconceptions About chronic constipation

    Stefan A. Müller-Lissner, M.D., Michael A. Kamm, M.D., FR.C.P Carmelo Scarpignato, M.D., D.Sc., F.A.C.G., Arnold Wald, M.D., F.A.C.G Park-Klinik Weissensee, Berlin, Germany; St. Marks Hospital, London, UK, Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Human Anatomy, Pharmacology and Forensic Sciences, University of Parma Parma, Italy: and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, USA

    23 Studies on Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets — Time to Retire The Fad

    Written by Kris Gunnars, BSc on June 22, 2017

  • Dr Ali, my cholesterol is 306. I still have APOb. 178. And high loW dense LDL and high LDL-P. Low. VLDL 11, HDL 49, tryglycerides 90. Keto 2 years going closer to carnivore. How do I bring down the oxidized LDL? Fatty liver resolved.

  • My LDL went up dramatically on keto but I stayed on the diet going on about 2 years. Just had a CT and calcium score done came back zero. However, the high LDL still worries me so I’ll try adding some fiber and cutting saturated fats thanks for the advice.

    On a separate note, Dr. Greger just put out a video stating unequivocally that saturated fat, not carbs, causes diabetes. He even specifically says a keto diet will cause type 2 diabetes. I don’t think that’s correct based on my own blood work (my blood sugar levels are consistently low on keto fasted or non-fasted) but a response video from one of the doctors at Diet Doctor would be much appreciated.

  • It’s totally normal that your LDL goes up on the Keto diet, it is not unhealthy as explained in this video, PLEASE STOP LISTENING TO YOUR LOCAL DOCTOR.

  • I’ve been on keto for the past two years. I lost 45lbs and have felt great. I’m 43 years old and haven’t had blood work in 11 years. I just had blood work done last week and everything was nearly perfect. My total cholesterol is 133. After two years of fatty meats, cheese, butter and green veggies it’s 133. So I’m convinced keto works. At least for me it does.

  • Absolutely clear presentation of consequences of why we must all reject plant-based diet plans, reject statins and all the other impediments to our health. Clearest ever description of why we should eat animal derived proteins and fats with a bit of anti-oxidizing green veg when we eat cooked meals.

  • I’m a hyper-responder too LDL high, but all my other lipid markers are very good. Couldn’t get my doctor to approve a CAC, but we did get a carotid ultrasound which was fine, and all my inflammation blood markers are good or within normal limits. I’m hoping in 2018 they learn more about hyper-responders and what the heck is going on, but in the meantime I’m sticking with the LCHF diet because it’s very good for hubby’s health and (except for missing pizza) we enjoy it.

  • See Dave Feldman’s work on LDL and ‘Lean Mass Hyper Responders’.
    Also Cardiologist/researcher Dr. Nadir Ali great lecture on LDL/keto and why we shouldn’t be concerned.

  • Where can I do a LDL-P test???? I’ve checked with many clinics and nobody is doing it? A search online doesn’t give me any answers either. Any suggestions?

  • Next siim land �� luv his voice n suuuch a varied knowledge base..topics galore! Also wonder is dring this time where hes in world.

  • I am on a low carb diet eating only one meal a day
    After stoping Crestor my total cholesterol jumped from 237 to 334
    My LDL from from 146 to 246
    My HDL from 68 to 59
    My Triglycerides from 116 to 139
    TSH from 6.5 to 2.86
    I am 73 year old
    With blood test showing perfect liver and kidneys
    My doctor is asking me to go back to Crestor
    My cholesterol is genetically high
    Any ideas

  • Consumption of sugars fructose, glucose, sucrose, grains, etc drives heart disease, not consumption of fat. The amount of sugars consumed is what has changed radically, from 3 lbs/person/year to 75 lbs. It is THAT shift that is behind epidemic obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

  • Just went to the doctor today my bad LDL cholesterol was up higher than before I went on the Keto diet, I was so excited to get my blood work readings but now I’m confused. It’s 5 points higher and she wanted to start me on cholesterol medicine �� I said no I’ll work it out myself so I get blood work again in 6 months. Everything else in my blood work looked OK my total cholesterol was down two points, triglycerides were great and my good cholesterol was fine it hadn’t changed very much from the last time. But yeah like I said I’m confused the only thing I did different starting the keto diet is that I added fatty beef back into my diet which I haven’t been eating for like 20 years. I had to do something to help get my protein up higher…… maybe that wasn’t such a good idea��

  • Triglycerides 163
    Cholesterol 376
    HdL 49
    LdL 294
    VLdL 163
    Cholesterol Hdl/cholesterol retio 7.7
    Is keto for me my age is 42, weight is 105 and height is 5.7

  • The only problem I see and this is their meta-analysis which are I’ve in nature. I keep waiting to see a really good ketogenic blood work study. Instead of meta analysis.

  • I’m 68 yrs old who had reached 1500 level of cholesterol, which had caused bells palsy only to been diagnosed with takayasu arterititis

  • Thank you for the truth it’s about time we put Big Pharma in it’s place and stop this bullshit with Statin drugs.Big Pharma is very corrupt and making people very sick and our law makers are getting rich.

  • You need to look at Dave Feldman’s work. Adding large amounts of fat decreases overall and LDL cholesterol. Cutting out fat raises them.


  • How do I get my Apo B checked? Does it have to be part of an NMR LipoProfile? Or can it be done through a simple blood test? I’m asking because NMR lipid profiles are impossible to do where I live ����

  • Ok, Q for anyone.
    Say you test 2.0 serum ketones but ate excess fat. Are the ketones in the blood all being utilized or could they be the excess fat like when one spills ketones into urine or breath? Thanks

  • I wonder if anyone is doing a study of COVID 19 related deaths to see how many of the dead were on statins?
    Everyone admits that the COVID-19 deaths are highest amongst the elderly who often have the comorbid symptoms. It is very clear that statins will lower the LDL count. This does not appear to be in doubt, as it can be seen from lab results. However, what seems to be in question, is if this lowering actually reduces the risk of heart diseases and what other side effect, this lowering of LDL has on the human body. LDL appears to be an essential part of the body’s defence mechanism against infection. If so, what part of those who died were on statins?

  • Cholesterol is in LDL and HDL and really isn’t the culprit correct!? So is there a way to get around referencing cholesterol in the discussion about risk factors?

  • Megha and Matt, thank you for doing this interview. When researching low carb for as many years as I have, you come across many illustrious intellects, who are highly credentialed in the areas of medicine, nutrition and fitness. Yet, if there is one thing I have learned from my experience in delving into the low carb space it is sometimes the most insightful observations come from those who are outside of the area of medicine, nutrition and fitness. Despite the wonderful work of doctors, medical researchers, and nutritionists who speak about low carb, I find that some of the most enlightened and novel observations come from, of all people, engineers specifically, Ivor Cummins and Dave Feldman. I think the world would be a better place if more people revered the analytical mind of engineers the same way we idolize celebrities and athletes who actually contribute very little to this world outside of acting as a frivolous diversion.

  • Stay away from doctors you will be healthy I can bet you because if they don’t proscribe you they don’t make money so this totally business they are not worried about your health

  • hi everyone,if anyone else trying to find out atkins diet reviews does work try Voneyton Uncontrollable Progression (do a google search )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • Anyone know what is Hybetez Remedy about? I
    hear many individuals cure their diabetes naturally with Hybetez Remedy
    (just search it on google).

  • Is there amount of protein one should consume in a day, So as not to do damage to our kidneys! Ie Are 2 hens eggs per day Ok, as part of this? Thanx Jenny

  • Thank you. But I thought that most fats in animal products were Saturated Fatty Acids, and these are said to be bad for the blood vessels, as they foster the formation of atheromes. Is that right? So when I see a piece of beef, i wonder… is that good? really?

  • Like nearly everyone else commenting here, I’ve been on keto diet and IF for about 18 mos and just had blood work for first time with just the results described here. My doctor immediately called to prescribe statins. I mentioned that some doctors are questioning whether high ldl on keto is a bad thing and he just said “that’s not mainstream”. Why would anyone want to follow mainstream advice given the track record? At any rate, I guess I’ll be looking for a new doctor.

  • Seriously Dr. Sher? Cut out the butter and eat more fiber? This sounds like the same misguided dietary nonsense that caused the problems in the first place.

  • These are my numbers:
    TOTAL: 246
    LDL: 170.40
    HDL 44

    The doctor prescribed me Atorvastatin Lipitor for 3 months. I haven’t taken it yet as I am searching for information before I will decide to take it.

    Anybody with experience with Statins here? ��

  • How to lower cholesterol: eat chicken, don’t eat too much fried foods and crisps. Worked for me when i had 246 ldl, i got down to 215 after 6 months and the doctor says to continue doing the diet.

  • I’m always told LDL is bad. My LDL is 135 which is above the <100 optimal but my triglycerides are low and HDL are 65 according to recent blood test. I watched this video cause I was told to avoid full fat dairy (my yogurt, milk, creamer in my coffee) and other saturated fats. I think I'll just continue my aerobics/cardio and not worry too much about my breakfast.

  • I would like to see a study of reversal of coronary calcium using keto. Thus far, there are only studies, done by Ornish, et. al., of reversal using plant diet, excluding all animal, fat and dairy. When will we see such reversal using the opposite?

  • I am aged 74 I am doing keto with if what you said is true I don’t know why my vitamin D falls below normal even I exposed to sunlight doing an hour of brisk walk can you explain dr nadir

  • On another note, I don’t know where your mics are but you guys sound like you’re in a cave. I could hear Miley’s meow, mouse clicks and text alerts? better and in a higher fidelity then your voices. Maybe the computer’s mic was picking you up?

  • My lipid profile scares my doctor, but not me. Cholesterol 326, HDL 70, LDL 235, CAC score 0 (ZERO). Definitely follow Dave Feldman, plug your numbers in and know your calcium score. Do your research and don’t be fearful of being your own health care advocate.

  • Thank you for thinking outside the box. I have diabetes and high blood pressure and asked my family doctor about a low carb, keto diet, and she said “no it’s not healthy for you”. I have done my own research and see that it is. I just started low carb last week, and feel so much better, and will continue to make this way of eating a way of life. I know I have to make the changes to be healthy.

  • thanks so much for addressing this, it is indeed what most people get concerned when approaching keto. If in the future you can consider doing more science0y videos I’d love to get links to sources in the video description if possible? I know we can all reference each other but I get that from the outside-keto world hard unbiased data is ultimately the most valid, and thankfully there is plenty supporting the ketogenic lifestyle:)

  • I am a 51 yr old female. Have never felt better in my adult life than on Keto. Should I be concerned with no gallbladder?
    LDL148, HDL-51, tri272, LPD cholesterol -252
    Dr. Wants me to start on statins and stop keto. Uggh!

  • Far too many of my LDL particles are the harmful small particles which often get trapped in the walls of the arteries. Experience tells me that saturated fats should be ditched in favor of monounsaturated fats and omega 3s. Coconut oil is very very bad. High fat dairy is also very bad. The fats of beef, pork, and other red meat are also bad.

  • Doctor, my cholesterol went from 253 to 179 in six weeks because I started taking Simvastatin, I am wondering if they made a mistake on me is this really possible?

  • The problem is inflammation, not cholesterol clogging up the arteries. Since inflammation in the vessels need to be repaired, blood needs to get there to do so. Since there is cholesterol in the blood, the arteries get blocked.

  • I have been fasting and eating green keto. I just had a blood test. My results came back high LDL. I freaked out. I started searching and found this. Now understand. Thank you for explaining.

  • great video.. yup that’s me. I’m apoe3/4 and my ldl went to 200… yikes.
    All my other markers improved, Trigs/ HDL.
    i’m trying to cut out most sat fats (cheese and yogurt are the hardest)
    I need to convince my doc to check the other ldl markers for size and particle number.

  • Outstanding, when i was 72 years old i would stop to catch my wind and couldn’t do much, felt awful all the time. So i changed how a ate and this video fits me. Now at 74 i an 60 lbs less and walk or ride my electric unicycle all over the place. Way different life now.

  • Thank you for this enlightenment Total Cholesterol went up to 6.3 mmol/L and no instructions as to how best to bring it down. Just a prescription for statins which is still in the drawer. Working on it naturally.

  • The best indicator of heart disease is getting a CAC test. This will let you know what your score is for plaque built up in your arteries. Watch Ivor Cummins’ videos for the full explanation. I went to a cardiologist last year and insisted on getting the test done. I had water fasted over the past two years with 14 to 28 day fasts between OMAD. I have gone from 219 lbs to 105 lbs in less than a year. I am only 5’2 so 105 is my ideal weight. My cardiologist insisted on putting me on Lipitor and went on to explain its benefits. I had a good laugh and told him that my father worked for Pfizer when it was developed and that I know more about statins than he will ever know. I even told him the profit margin Pfizer made before it’s patent expired. Now it makes most of its profits from Viagra. After realizing I can debunk any argument he threw at me, he agreed to the CAC test. My score was low and I was happy.

  • That was Great!!! I’ve always had high triglycerides and low cholesterol. Now that I’m on a Keto diet my Triglycerides are low! and my cholesterol is slightly high.

  • I increased my fat intake (saturated and unsaturated) and my ldl went from 188mg/dL to 121mg/dL. So it’s not the fat. What I did was a lifestyle change. I cut out refined carbs, processed foods and exercised regularly. I dropped 26lbs in the process.

  • My Cholesterol over all 12.77 and LDL + 10 mmol/L, have been on high fat diet organic for over 6 months and my doctor want’s me to go on pill to lower Cholesterol. I fill great, but doctor scare me a lot, He thinks that I could end up with stroke or even dead. How can I know if, maybe eating too much high fat food. Thanks

  • Who are you? Haven’t you been listening to any of the people you interview? All of those suggestions are unhealthy. At best LDL risk doesn’t apply to anyone on a low-carb diet. It’s risk would be strictly for people eating the standard American diet. One of the people you interviewed must have pointed out a study that showed people with high LDL live longer? And another that showed that LDL doesn’t correlate with heart disease.

    I thought maybe you had some harmless suggestions that we could use to appease our doctors. Not suggestions that are bad for our health. Are you trying to make your followers sick?

    Plant oils and fiber? You’ve got to be kidding. Are there any studies that show fish oil lowers LDL? I thought the studies showed fish oil increasing LDL.

    If time restricted eating doesn’t come naturally with your low carb diet it can’t be good. In that instance it would be no different than any other low-fat diet. If you haven’t naturally cut back to one or two meals a day you probably aren’t getting enough fat and protein in your diet.

  • my cholesterol rised a little since I’ve started keto, should I quit? I don’t want to because I want the benefits from keto, what should I do?

  • This presentation is jam packed with good science and yet it’s approachable. I like Dr. Eades, but he gets a little technical sometimes. This is technical but understandable. Really well done. Can’t recommend it enough.

  • I had 2 issues with Keto which yeah conveniently I kinda forgot when I asked on college after a depresive episode (Both I do remember were recieved with negativity from teachers), one is adressed on this video about HDL found on unhealthy and often recomended food for Keto and the other is that the body produces toxins when burning fat for energy compared to the one carbohydrates process, this causes inflamation and can be really bad long term

  • What benefit is there to lowering LDL? My understanding of the topic is that seniors with higher LDL have lower all-cause mortality.

  • One watches a Ted talk about how eating bacon decreases your lifespan then you watch this….can we just get told the truth without having to perform so much research? Can you just give us a break Science and Medicine and Big Pharma?

  • My Dr. is having fits because my total cholesterol is 248and the ldl is 134. He’s prescribed statins, I refuse to take them. I am diabetic, and got off all meds. But for some strange reason my blood glucose levels are rising. I believe it to be stress level, not diet induced. And also wants to add some new diabetic med back into my lifestyle. I’m so discouraged. I have worked so hard for two years. All because I moved across country? Is there much science about stress and blood glucose? Ideas?

  • Statins dont bring your LDL or total cholesterol to 0md/dl but these drugs keep cholesterol levels in desirable range. The main point is that LDL should remain below 70 mg/dL in primary and secondary prevention of building plaque and blockage in patients prone to Coronary artery disease which eventually results in heart attack or failure as LDL is 90% cause of blockage. Use of statins doesn’t mean that you will not enjoy the benefits of cholesterol in your body but the excess of cholesterol is bad and it should be controlled in normal range that stains manage successfully i.e. to keep LDL level below 70 mg/dL.

  • A1C from 6.2 to 4.1… ldl from 163 to 90…weight from 218 to 174. I also have chronic congestive heat failure and irregular heatbeat complicated by unstable angina. My cardiologist is “astounded”, (his word), by the improvement in my heart function.
    All in less than one year on strict Keto lifestyle.

  • My total cholesterol rose to 8.4 after 3 months of very low carb diet starting from 1Feb 2019, with improved triglyceride & HDL. Another 4.5 months later, my LDL came down to about 4. Triglyceride dropped further to 0.6 & HDL rose to 2.3 (best ever)….. good? All the while, my blood pressure had normalised from 15 years of hbp problem. BP medication has now been cut half.

    Low carb does work!

  • I want him for my doctor. I can’t stand the people around here. I won’t let them measure my choelsterol. I have high ldl low triglycerides and good HDL. My ldl i 200. I never get sick. They nag me all the time. I can’t stand it. I was on statins and they made my blood sugars, previously, ver good, go up. These peopel don’t listen.

  • Not if they pushed government healthcare, in canada they control everything. You cannot change doctor, you cannot go somewhere else for just another option. your screwed.

  • Keto is an unnatural and dangerous thus stupid diet. Just look up Glycogen storage disease type 0 or cardiac lipotoxicity. You keto charlatans should be locked up for destroying people’s health.

  • Great video, very informative and to the point…I had just watched Dave FeldmanNew ‘Data on Energy, Exercise, and Cholesterol’ the science does indeed agree with you…It’s a new day:)

  • The reason for carbs is that it’s easier to produce. There’s not enough fat or meat for everyone. It’s a diet for rich people. All he said is true but it’s still impossible for companies and farms to produce enough meat to feed everybody for ketogenic diet. Bottom line.

  • Thank you so much for your work. I’ve been fasting eating an animal based diet since 18/19 years now. It’s so hard to find out a cardiologist or an MD that think differently, putting health first other than politics, pharmaceutical interests, insurance companies and such. Thank you

  • What is low carb? Grams? Very frustrating with such vague statements. Not scientific which leads me to not take much he said too seriously.

  • C’mon doc. At least tell us what the low carb healthy ranges are for LDL, HDL, Trigs, etc? Going up and going down is a little vague, wouldn’t you say?

  • He speaks the truth… in November my total cholesterol was 205 HDL 28, Triglycerides 147, LDL 150. I just had my bloodwork done 2/17/20 Total Cholesterol 251, HDL 34, Triglycerides 89, LDL 197. A1C went from 6.4 to 4.7. I cut out all processed food. Then i started cutting out grains, potatoes and sugar (no fruit). I went from 372 November 7th to 280.2 on February 17th. The last 3 weeks I have been trying the carnivore diet and Im loving it. And not to mention I was on a 48hr fast when i got my blood work done. So I get a call from my Dr. saying that he wants me to start on a statin because of the high cholesterol. My wife is also listening to the call because we were in the car, now she’s all worried I’m going to die. I just heard about rabbit starvation in which you basically die from eat lean meet with no fat and no other source of energy (carbs). So anyone who lives in a cold climate where there is no source of grains, sugar, fruit…etc and you have a choice between rabbit meat and another animal high in fat. you are going to die. By protein poisoning or A heart attack from high cholesterol. So I will not be taking my statin, like Dr. Nadir said physicians no longer have a monopoly on knowledge. I am going to trust my own research. I find it hard to believe that eating natural foods is going to kill me. I also cut out all seed oils… I just use lard and the natural fat from the meet i cook.

  • Why doesn´t anything happens?
    Posted on 02/12/2020 by Uffe Ravnskov
    If LDL-cholesterol is bad, as we have been told for many years, those with the highest values should of course have a shorter life than those with low values because, as we have been told as well, high LDL-cholesterol is the main cause of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases, and cardiovascular disease is the commonest cause of death in most countries. But as I have told in a previous newsletter, we have found that elderly people with high LDL-cholesterol live the longest.

    Our paper was published in BMJ and hitherto no one has been able to point at a study documenting the opposite. On the contrary, after the publication of our paper similar findings have been found in six studies including about 750 000 individuals in all ages from eleven countries.

    In a 10-year Slovakian follow-up study of almost 500 elderly people with high blood pressure, those with high total cholesterol and those with high LDL-cholesterol lived just as long as those with low values.

    In a British study of almost 100,000 people above the age of eighty followed for 15 years, those with the highest total cholesterol lived the longest; both among those on statin treatment and those without.

    In an Australian study of almost 1300 men about the age of seventy followed for about six years, those with the highest cholesterol and without statin treatment lived the longest, and those with the lowest levels suffered more often from cardiovascular disease.

    In a five-year American follow-up study of more than 2600 healthy people above the age of 75, those with the highest LDL-cholesterol did not suffer more often from cardiovascular disease than those with the lowest values.

    In two Korean studies of more than half a million young and middle-age people without statin treatment followed for about five years, mortality was highest among those with the lowest LDL-cholesterol.

    In a review of five studies from Latin America including almost 28 000 people of all ages followed for 5-12 years; none of the studies showed strong associations between individual lipid biomarkers and all-cause or cardiovascular mortality

    In a Chinese study including almost 70 000 elderly people followed for 3-4 years, those with high LDL-cholesterol lived just as long as those with low values.

    Probably you wonder why many previous studies of young and middle-aged people have shown that high cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Most likely, stress is a more common phenomenon among young and middle-aged people than among senior citizens, and stress is able to raise cholesterol by up to 50 per cent and may cause heart disease by other mechanisms than by raising cholesterol.

    However, a few months ago, European Society of Cardiology and European Atherosclerosis Society published revisions of their guidelines for the management of chronic heart disease, blood lipids and diabetes repeating and repeating all the well-known general advices. Together, the three papers with the new guidelines written by 69 authors and 119 reviewers fill 218 complicated pages and had more than 1700 references to the medical literature. However, none of the studies mentioned above were mentioned.

    In the guidelines there were links to the authors´ and the reviewers´ conflicts of interest. They were difficult to find but here they come:

    The 23 authors of the Diabetes guidelines (72 pages)

    The 25 authors of the guidelines for the chronic coronary syndromes (63 pages)

    The 20 authors of the dyslipidaemia guidelines (66 pages)

    A relevant question is, why we should lower cholesterol if high cholesterol is harmless or beneficial, but as far as I know, the mentioned studies have made no impact on the cholesterol authorities in any country.

    Today, millions of healthy people are treated with a drug with minimal benefit, if any at all, and with many serious side effects. According to the drug industry, side effects from statin treatment are rare. If you believe in that, read the following papers:

    How Statistical Deception Created the Appearance That Statins Are Safe and Effective in Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

    The Statin-Low Cholesterol-Cancer Conundrum

    Prevalence and Management of Symptoms Associated with Statin Therapy in Community Practice: Insights from the Patient and Provider Assessment of Lipid Management (PALM) Registry

    Obviously, the politicians responsible for health care do not know about these facts. Or are they paid by Big Pharma to keep silent? Read for instance a recent report from The Center for Responsive Politics. You can read about this organization on Wikipedia

    In 2018 we therefore published a review of all the falsifications of the cholesterol hypothesis in the journal Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology. According to Taylor & Francis who publish more than a hundred scientific journals, more than 10,000 open access papers were published during the year 2018 and our paper was placed on the top of their list of the most–downloaded papers. But nothing happens.

    In our view, the only way to stop the cholesterol campaign, the greatest medical scandal in modern time, is to inform the general public. Together with some of my colleagues I have tried to publish many critical articles about the cholesterol campaign for many years in the media, but in most cases in vain. Therefore, I ask you to spread this information to your family members, to all of your friends and colleagues and to all kinds of organizations.

  • and how low do u think I shuld go Brett follow the guidelines? What about increasing TG and BP if increasing carbs? At age 60 with 2 y keto and high LDL I decided to wait at Dave Feldman´s study and take the result as a guide. I guess that 3 years with high LDL and HDL, low BP TG and waist size and feeling much better than high carb low LDL will do no harm. Only eating real food a la Atkins, no grains, sugar oils

  • WOW. THIS IS JUST SO TIMELY TO KNOW! I Was doing keto two years ago and then stopped, tho I lost weight, 4.5kg in the first month!! Yet felt in my gut that something wasn’t right… God bless you dear Doctor, for sharing this truthful information.

  • This drives me nuts. You have to believe 2 things to get concerned about LDL. First, LDLc is a negative marker for health and our bodies are not smart enough to quit producing cholesterol that drives LDL. I don’t believe either and my N of 1 is showing that getting off of statins with an LDL of 90 and going to over 300 is not harmful on a LCHF diet.

  • If eating fibre is bad for mineral absorption, then what about plant based food as good source of minerals? Can you please clarify more about fibre in our diets and how much should we be eating it.