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Take a look at the foods in the Salty Six: If you’ve read our article on Sodium and Your Health or seen our effects of excess salt infographic you know that too much sodium is bad news for your heart health. It’s bad news for your appearance, too: extra sodium can make your body retain water, which can make your face feel puffy, give you. Most Americans get the bulk of their daily salt overload from everyday foods loaded with excess sodium.

A new report from the American Heart Association and American Stroke. That’s why the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association is increasing awareness of sodium and the “Salty Six” – common foods that may be loaded with excess sodium that can increase your risk for heart disease and stroke. Sodium overload is a major health problem in the United States.

The average American consumes about. Beware of Sodium: The “Salty Six” Foods 07 Nov 2012 Sodium overload is a major health problem in the United States. In a recent survey conducted by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, American consumers understand a small amount of sodium should be consumed daily, but the exact amount is not understood. Pretzels?

Flamin Hot Cheetos?), according to the American Heart Assn. The group has singled out the “Salty Six” — common foods that may be. Beware the Sodium in These “Salty Six” Foods Eating too many salty foods can create all sorts of health problems, including high blood pressure.

But did you know a lot of common foods are packed with excess sodium? It’s not just the french fries and potato chips you need to be careful with. Some sodium is added because these meats would spoil quickly without the added sodium solution, but it doesn’t need to be excessive.

If you compare nutrition labels and look for lower sodium varieties, you will find that they are out there! Pizza. OK, pizza isn’t exactly known for being a health food. High sodium culprits such as olives, cold cuts, pepperoni, croutons, seeds and pickles should also be avoided. Stick with a leafy green salad topped with fresh vegetables and a low-sodium salad dressing.

Most vinegar-based dressings are low sodium, so choose those over. Sandwiches: A sandwich or burger from a fast food restaurant can contain more than 100 percent of your daily suggested dietary sodium. Try half a sandwich with a side salad instead.

Cold Cuts and Cured Meats: One 2 oz. serving, or 6 thin slices, of deli meat can contain as much as a third of your daily recommended dietary sodium. Build a sandwich with fresh vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoe. The Centers for Disease Control has a list of six popular foods with high sodium content dubbed the “ Salty Six ”: Breads and rolls – each piece can have up to 230 mg of sodium.

Pizza – one slice can have up to 760 mg of sodium. Cold cuts and cured.

List of related literature:

There are various methods to raise the sodium intake, such as increased use of table salt on foods, eating salty snacks, adding salt to sports drinks, and the use of salt tablets.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
SAGE Publications, 2010

Foods high in sodium include salt, monosodium glutamate, smoked or processed meats (ham, bacon, frankfurters, cold cuts), salted foods (potato chips, pretzels, salted nuts, popcorn), prepackaged frozen foods, and canned foods.

“Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing” by Adrianne Dill Linton, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing
by Adrianne Dill Linton, PhD, RN, FAAN
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

You can reduce the amount of salt you consume by avoiding the use of table salt, using a natural salt substitute (such as tamari) both in cooking and on the table, and limiting salty meats, salty snack foods, and other processed foods containing salt as much as possible.

“Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bournes
from Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
by Edmund J. Bournes, Limited, 2009

Common sources of salt are nuts, crisps, canned foods and bread.

“Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management” by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
from Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management
by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

The common table salt we sprinkle on to our foods consists almost exclusively of sodium chloride (NaCl) but fancier salts, like sea salt, may also contain low levels of other minerals such as magnesium, calcium, or potassium.

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
from Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat
by David Julian McClements
Springer International Publishing, 2019

The main sources are sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, and the average daily intake is about 4 g of sodium (10 g of salt).

“Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Dictionary” by Rosalinda T. Lagua, Virginia S. Claudio
from Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Dictionary
by Rosalinda T. Lagua, Virginia S. Claudio
Springer Netherlands, 1996

Table salt (1 teaspoon = 2,300 milligrams of sodium), soy sauce, condiments, canned foods, processed foods, fast foods, smoked meats, salted snack foods, and soups are all rich sources of sodium.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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Some food manufacturers have reduced sodium in foods like salty snacks.

“Principles of Food Chemistry” by John M. deMan, John W. Finley, W. Jeffrey Hurst, Chang Yong Lee
from Principles of Food Chemistry
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Another source of salt is many processed foods.

“Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems” by A.S. Naidu
from Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems
by A.S. Naidu
CRC Press, 2000

A 1to 2-g (43 to 86 mEq) sodium diet can be achieved by not adding salt to food at the table or in cooking, and by avoiding foods with high sodium content such as ham and other cured meats, salted foods such as potato chips, snack foods, most seafoods, and some canned items in which sodium is in the preservative.

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, W. E. Jacott, M. G. Rosen, Robert B. Taylor
from Family Medicine: Principles and Practice
by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, et. al.
Springer New York, 2013

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  • there isn’t really a way to not eat enough salt nowadays, the amount of salt in prepared food and snack are very likely to go over 3 grams per meal. One should really look at other factors, too much sugar, deep fried carbs, highly processed meat etc. fda suggested eating to much carbs for the last 50 years or so..

  • If this is such an important dietary lifestyle, there should be a definitive answer. Some sources say 1 teaspoon = 2400mg of sodium, and then this woman says 1/2 teaspoon of salt is 1500mg (and so a full teaspoon would be 3000mg of sodium). This is quite annoying.

  • I personally don’t think that we eat enough salt considering all the caffeine and alcohol etc that apparently flushes it out of our system. Also consider before refrigeration food was preserved with salt..concerning cardiovascular disease consider the amount of adrenaline being continually pumped into our system

  • Doctor who has studied for years: All salt is the same
    People who just read stuff online: No, it´s not. She is not well informed. She doesn´t know everything. Ignorant.

  • Looking videos series with content like this and similar to this, just says me: we are very young, naive, and don’t know nothing after being here so “long” lol

  • My mom grew up when Polio and Goiter still a thing in my country and when she cook for me she added a little bit of extra salts and now I love salted food. I always worry about my kidney so thank you, lol

  • So wrong to say processed salt and unprocessed salt or table salt and sea salt are so similar. There can’t be a bigger misconception than that

  • I figured that any hospital stay causes death. Stay away from anything recommended by government agencies.
    Drink our own urine for maximum health. Doctors need sick people to feed their greed.

  • anybody that dislikes this video is just a fucking sheep. She’s actually right. People now a days get such a big hard on for disliking and yelling or saying that they don’t know what they’re talking about because they want to seem smarter because they are completely useless and are insecure. If you can’t see how many dislikes this video ahead there wouldn’t be so many dislikes. Try arguing with me, you’ll only prove my point

  • I think this women is wrong for advocating consuming less salt when it’s a proven fact that our ancestors ate a lot of salt compared to what is typically eaten in the American diet. Also the symptoms that people get when eating to much salt could there eating to much in one sitting, there for they are pissing it out before there’s any effect, or that there not getting nearly enough potassium in there diet to balance out there salt intake.

    Anyways just my two cents I would encourage everyone to do there own research because your health should be your number 1 priority.

  • Holy crap. That lady’s voice sounds like physics by Eugene narrator!

    Salt is important for health, for electrolyte balances and chloride for stomach acid, and no matter the level of consumption, it’s not really a factor of heart disease, or so I am told by those I consider credible, at least in this area. Heart disease is probably caused by excess refined sugar, unsaturated fats and general crap eating and lifestyle.

    Thriving on meat, fat, whole foods, strength training, sleep, work, love and salt thank you very much ��

  • When you hear that “news caster voice” does anyone else just tune out because it sounds completely moronic and is associated with local people who do as little research on any given story as humanly possible?

  • Too much conflicting information. There are lots of Youtube videos telling us how pink Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals; it stabalizes blood pressure; it does not raise it and it has a lot of health benefits.

  • I dont understand why people think they should soak everything they eat in salt. I find no redeeming feature in the processed white salts like table and sea if its white its processed. Other salts like celtic and himalayan MAYBE. I find this to be a problem everywhere i go its hard to eat any food i did not prepare without getting salted to death.

  • This is a bit dodgey I mean corporate America makes a big buck in selling drugs to the Ill both legal and illegal drugs. Anyways I would not trust solely one American company without more professional advice and research. Btw I found this video by typing himilayan salt.

  • Salt is soon to be discovered. Just like fat is now ok, it turns out we need salt to avoid insulin resistance. And whatever happened to iodized salt…iodine was supposed to maintain thyroid balance….???

  • “Trace” does not always mean small. Because certain halogens like iodine are active at extremely low, “trace” levels. Just adding 225mcg potassium iodide to the diet can have a significant impact on thyroid production, energy levels, etc… but can also trigger bromine detox in which case you want Celtic Sea Salt to wash out the bromine more than Himalayan.

  • Is there a Healthy Salt?

    Yes. Yes there is. It is named “salt” and they sell it at the supermarket. In all kinds of variations so you never get bored by it neither.

    What a time to live in!

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  • The more I explore for my self about nutrition and eating the more I encounter that what the established media and state organs say is completely false

  • BULL! If you stay away from processed foods witch use sodium chloride with zero minerals and use sea salts or pink salt as needed, This would be considered healthy. To much water can kill you. The food industry is arranged to give you a shorter life span. Hormones, Antibiotics in meats are not added for your health. Soy and corn are the highest GMO foods witch are very bad for you, And the Fraud and Deception Agency knows this and give these poisons there seal of approval. Forget living longer, If you just want to feel better while your alive do a little investigating. I still eat the same amount of calories and portions, I just cut out a lot of wheats, grains, and lost 10 pounds. Oh yah, Wheats and grains today are very bad for you. they cause bloating and weight gain.

  • Dont just criticize her. Go and google ‘pink salt is toxic’.
    Like with butter, coffee and almost everything else, there are vastly different opinions

  • Think traditionally like a farmer or rancher don’t give animals enough “Salt” = they die. But table salt is not “salt”. “Salt” is a mineral block. Sea salt is a ” mineral block “. Animals are allowed to eat as much as they want. When the crave it, they need it. When they have enough, they don’t crave it. Everything changes with weather, seasons, activity, stress.. etc. 86 all table salt = garbage, unless you want to kill slugs. Use as much ( sea salt ) as you want. When you have enough, you won’t want. Everything in & from the sea has iodine in it. Just because it hasn’t been added or because there is no standardized measure / test and natural variation doesn’t mean it is absent. ( if your “sea salt is clear = garbage = fake = dollar store )

  • HEALTHY EATING AFTER 50: Did you know that your food needs change as you age? Must watch this video


  • Do you have high blood pressure? How have you limited salt intake to effectively manage it? Share your feedback in the comments below!

  • My pretty girl…. Please read ‘The Salt Fix’. No seriously….
    But I agree… Don’t eat the table salt…. Eat the sea salt… See my explanation below. The heart association got it wrong…

  • I keep seeing comments asking “How is 2300mg of Salt = 5.75g????”
    What I’m saying in the video is “2300mg of Sodium ≈ 5.75g of Salt ” if there’s a part where I mistakenly said 2300mg of Salt = 5.75g of Salt, someone please comment so I can add an annotation!

  • In Central America, Gold was traded for salt in the area now called Columbia. Apparently, Gold was not really that important compared to salt.

  • Wish our body was adaptable to fatty foods and carbs, throw those excess fats or carbs out of the body when consumed and not needed.

  • I don’t really crave salt, but I may try eating slightly more salt to see if it helps improve the mood as I suffer depression and I believe I consume less salt than others.

  • I just found this video after reading up on the benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt. My goodness, I don’t know why such a great article with factual information decided to link to this piece of trash video.

  • The type of salt you eat is important. Refined white table salt is poison. It has been stripped of all its minerals, bleached, and has anti-caking agents. Eat unrefined sea salt like Celtic or Redmond’s. Or eat unrefined rock salt like Pink Himalayan.

  • this is very strange I hate salt I don’t carve for it at all I just eat it only because my mom adds salt to my food but then again I’m very sensitive to it, when I workout I taste my sweat it tastes like water not salty.

  • I’ve been training recently for longer and longer runs and I got one hell of a headache this afternoon, without thinking too much about it I went to had some eggs with A LOT (for me) of salt. Headache GONE! Eviscerated

  • The water we drink should have salt in it at 0.9%. That’s the concentration that our body needs. If your diet provides salt then we should have less, but is better with some salt than nothing.

  • “Admitted to the hospital at age 3 and unfortunately after only 7 days on the hospital’s low salt diet, he suddenly died…deficient adrenal cortical tissue, manifesting various symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, had a marked craving for salt.”..can it be possible prior to this child’s death, there was no indication of the patient’s deteriorating health status such as the child’s vital signs, etc. Did the hospital monitor this child? So craving for salt is a physiological response, and not a psychological response, such as a craving for sugar…so what other cravings beside salt is a physiological response? I am still seeing video recommending low salt intake…why? What are medical schools teaching students these days on low salt diet? Thank you for this video…much appreciated!

  • I eat a lot of extra salt usually salt is consumed more in hot and humid areas because the heat and sweat takes away the electrolytes

  • Rickets is a vitamin D or sunshine vitamin deficiency. And vitamin D is really not even a vitamin, it’s a master hormone that regulates every function of our body. The cod liver oil obviously had high doses of vitamin D in it, but the child could have easily been made well by getting more sunshine��. Plus cod liver oil tastes like sh**.

  • I heard it said that Himalayan salt actually has lots of trace minerals. It was said that the darker the color like say it’s deep red it has more iron and other trace minerals and is very good for you. I highly recommend dissolving just over a teaspoon in 2 L of very warm water and drinking a glass. Sit down and rest until you have to go to the bathroom but drink regular water or even filtered while you’re waiting for the salt water to work. When you finally go to the bathroom, drink another glass immediately after returning from the bathroom and watch how much faster it works next time. Keep doing this after each time you go to the bathroom at least on day one especially if your asthmatic and have excess phlegm production so bad it threatens your airway. The phlegm will vanish and you’ll feel great

  • Salty Kimchi vs Salty Fried Chicken

    I believe there are other culprits other than salt as both are salty but one is fermented vegetable and the other is deep fried.

  • I am studying data science for machine learning. It would be interesting if we could feed raw medical data to AI machines and let them figure out what causes what. Btw what kind of data scientists and statisticians did the medical establishment have on staff in the last 100 years. Must have been lousy ones.

  • It’s simple, if you feel like you want to eat something salty, just do, if you feel like it’s a bit too salty, drink some extra water and your body will generally handle the rest.

  • Will all the rubbish about salt, I gave up adding it to food for years, them with health issues, I now addt pink Himalayan to food and drink salted water, and use in baking, aand my blood pressure and sodium is low, but for years I missed out so much, salt really does bring out the taste of food, so for years I missed out so much, and I use quiet a lot in a day, I know what suits my body

  • Amazing videos packed with so much useful information. I also love the fact that they are backed up with scientific studies which we can follow up on. Great job. ������

  • Poor Child!!!!!
    So it‘s ok that the Hospital killed ihm????!!!!
    Not one word of regret or anything from the Hospital mentioned in this Video ��

    I’m in awe about the child‘s natural instincts! Children listen to their Body we grown ups think we are so much wider. The Hospital was the child‘s Death sentence.

    Can‘t Imagine how the Parents dealed with their Tragic loss!
    My Heart goes out to them!

  • reg table salt is stripped of all nutritional value and bleached. himalayan pink salt has 84 minerals and taken from the most uncontaminated mountain in the world and unprocessed. this is nonsense!

  • I went from less than 2300mg of sodium to 4000mg. BP stayed the same. AND I am more alert, and can think better. Overall, I just “feel” healthier.

  • I’m of the opinion that we should all have a jar of Sole on the counter.
    YT a video on Sole water in search bar.
    Salt is beneficial to our life.
    From the Bible
    Matthew 5:13
    “You are salt of the earth, but if the salt becomes tasteless, how shall it be seasoned? For it is no longer any use but to be thrown out and trodden down by men.”
    Natural salts any kind is way better than processed and bleached and demineralized
    Common sense

  • Nice video, just a big note. It is healthy to get unrefined salt because it has over 80 minerals in it, including magnesium. It is NOT healthy to consume white refined table salt. Unrefined salt is Himalayan salt, sea salt etc.

  • Cut almost all carbs and you will see how important salt is.
    Carbs make up a lot of water retention and they bloat you up.
    We all certainly need a lot more salt and much less processed carbs (pasta, pizza, bread, sugar, sweets, added sugar, etc.)

  • None of this is really revolutionary. The correlation between hypertension and salt intake has been highly disputed for years. It doesn’t change the fact that too much sodium can cause fluid retention. In addition, hardly anyone eats as little salt as what is recommended

  • What could table salt possibly need besides iodine enrichment? There is only one other table salt that has a purpose and it’s not even mentioned here. Potassium chloride salt (which also has Potassium iodine).

  • Himalayas crystal salt…..not normal salt.
    satan, the fda, and democrats love to torture you slowly to death while taxing you to death.
    Your present society is twisted upside down.
    What is true is false and false, true.
    Only Jesus saves from eternal hell fire.
    View Doug from Windsor on fire.