Metabolism & Nutrition, Part 2: Crash Course A&P #37

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Planters NUT-rition Science (2015, USA)

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You can’t spell nutrition without NUT

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Dr. Gary Fettke ‘Nutrition and Inflammation’

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(nut) plate Bril. arc. placa posterior de la nuez. nut plug Bril, arc. taquillo [nuez).

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(Nuts should be finely ground but not pastelike.)

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baran sedikit tentang maksud Freud dengan Superego.

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Bunyi “clicking” atau “locking” yang terdengar selama pergerakan mungkin merupakan petunjuk adanya benda yang terlepas atau miniskus yang robek dalam sendi.

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“Wanna nut,” Alex said again, to no avail. in a previous experiment, Alex had been learning phonics, so finally he figured he had better spell it out.

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nut: pipitas, totniyu.

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  • Doctors like this one know what’s good you because they’ve been through the wringer and know what it’s like to be sick, so they can fix the problem. They know how to do it. Thanks doc.

  • Moderation is the key. Our ancestors didn’t have Walmart supercenters. You had to burn a lot of calories to get your meal. Didn’t have processed food ether. We may have a modern society but as far as our genes go we are still ancient humans. Interesting lecture but reminds me of a monotoned soft talking professor I had in college. I would fall asleep in class no matter how interesting the subject.

  • Intermittent fasting definitely works! My twin sister started January 13th 2020 weighing 213 lb, and today February 9 2020, she’s weighing in at 201lbs. Stay consistent and be patient

  • Brilliant video. Great personality. Very engaging. An important and honest message about nutrition that people need to know because of the centuries of misinformation. People need the truth so they can make informed decisions about their lifestyles. The misinterpretation and promoting of bad science behind nutrition is truly shocking. 100 years of food myths and deep seated cultural ideas around eating prevents the message getting through. Though, at least in UK and Australia where healthcare is free (ish) I’m convinced there’ll be a financial breaking point (due to the medical servicing of underlying nutritional diseases) where the authorities will have no option but to correct the messages, else face financial disaster (that tax payers won’t be able to afford).

  • You cant spell:
    funeral without “fun”
    Russia without “us”
    Determination without “termination”
    Steal without “ea”
    Fart without “art”
    Studying without “dying”
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    American dream without “eric andre”
    Cringe without “cri”
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  • In the 70’s we also started to not feed our babies breast milk for long enough. The rates have never recovered. I think it’s significant in the obesity epidemic also. The overuse of infant formula products aka the first processed food.. Someone please study this!

  • Hi Gary

    Thanks for the witty, visually pleasing, comprehensive, uncluttered and simple presentation. This makes so much sense. Thanks for curating the information so that we all can be more aware. I am a nutrition enthusiast, and on the verge of reversing my diabetes. I am keenly interested in living long and healthy. What you say is similar what some of our ancestors from the Indus Valley said. In fact nutrition was biggest science then and the cook was the doctor.

    I have few questions for you, are carbohydrates from grains for example rice, sorghum, pearl millet, foxtail millet and so on as bad as from fruits? I am from India and we eat loads of seasonal millets.

    Are Vegetables, which grow on the contaminated soils, or animals who consume them are safe for us to eat? Isn’t that altering the content of the fats that you are mentioning for example clarified cow butter?

    What about Lactose? Eat seems no carbohydrates are good.

    You are right… largely we are doomed, Thanos seem to have clicked his fingers long time ago  or Shiva opened his 3rd eye…may be we are not fit for earth.

    Thanks & Regards


  • It would be helpful..if you would talk about the process food has in connection to our lymphatic (lymph nodes):Meaning food effects our Major messaging system if I can call it that: Pituitary/Pineal/ hypothalamus Master Glands which secrete messaging to release hormones
    Testosterone/Progest/Estrogen..which controls our cells DNA major organ systems like sex glands thyroid..which really breakdown the mechanisms of how are cells are set in motion which of course the process as a whole is called Metabolism. I’m trying to find where theres a crash course that starts literally inorder even if it takes several..or if for some reason I’m the only one who’s got it misconstrued.

  • Such a great lecture. I had no idea Vitamin D played a role in controlling inflammation. My doctor added that it also has a role in calcium absorption…wow, what a vitamin

  • Brian Murphy I can see why u don’t often comment lots of very passionate comments out there some sounding quite rude ( thinking they’re missing something in their diet maybe their diet is too restricted )
    I liked your comment and your honesty and that even though you’re passionate you’re polite. Yeah and if you all out there in comment land see mine is too long and it bothers you just skip it that’s what a polite person would do ��

  • No words describes how thankful I am for watching you.
    Thank you so so so much
    I been reading my book for 3 days already and finally I understand how it’s working after watching this 10 min video
    Thank you!!!!!

  • Table to farm… That’s right it’s table to farm not Farm to table because this is a consumer driven movement. Check out a video on the future of food to learn how to connect yourself directly with more nutrient-dense and naturally produced food ingredients and products that fit your dietary needs! https://youtu.be/0cpRX9JPA5c

  • Suggest your viewers also look at Dr Rhonda Patrick lecture series on diets and epigenetics and their relationship. This biochemist gives you the in depth science behind this topic.

  • Recent studies shows that lack of vitamin D may correlate with depression, and now he shows that lack of vitamin D cause inflammation and inflammation causes depression, we are getting somewhere.

  • I drink about 8 pints of beer and eat a 12 inch pizza every night and have done almost every night for the last 12 years. But I also run 3 miles every 2 days and work out. Was fit as a fiddle until recently and in the last 4 month’s kept my diet the same but stopped exercise. Started getti g a bit fat but thought nothing of it. Switched 4 of the pints out for a bottle of white wine. Weight piled on within a month and whole body feels ruined. Pain in hands and knees, jaw pain, breathlessness, headaches, nausea, stage 2 hypertension, fatigue etc. Feel so ill that I don’t think it’s possible to get better ��

  • Really need to watch this a few times great info and despite what some say it is spot on. Regards backlash on this Kind of reminds me of people who defend liars and cheaters (like D Bag Don) for political reasons. There is never a good reason to support a liar and cheater. You reap what you sow, and you are what you eat.

  • By means of these all smart knowledge and yet so many to discover, we should be thinking that all these things are just happening, but we should be knowing that how our creater has made us in a smart form, You are exclaiming on the things your mind is not going through a proper way of thinking that “HE” is a master and he has created us to think and come to me to surrender. That is “GOD ALMIGHTY”

  • Thank you for giving such detailed but simple to understand explanations of the body processes. The images help me to grasp the concepts and makes learning fun! I really appreciate your help and your sense of humor.��

  • Some years ago when my doctor told me I had type 2 diabetes, I asked him if I could still eat fruit. He said, “You can eat all the fruit you want. You are glucose intolerant, not fructose intolerant.” And that’s not the worst advice I have ever gotten from mainstream doctors. The public really needs protection from mainstream medical doctors.

  • I am almost 60; I’ve never been to an allopathic Dr for an illness since I was 17 & that was because I was a vegetarian.The Dr told me to stop the milk products (become a vegan) Result: Besides broken bones, (because of severe trauma) I never went back. I have no need for medication for anything.

    I found that becoming a whole plant food eating person made me a lot healthier.
    Just being “vegan” isn’t healthy. There are a whole lot of vegans that eat garbage.
    Empty carbs, oils, sugary food. All of which can be as bad or worse even than meat.
    If you want to be honest & seek good health listen to this lady:

  • Brill talk very informative i agree with you, i am so looking foreward to the time when we no longer have this corupt system to deal with, and things can be done just how JEHOVAH God intended for the earth and everything on it, its all trial and error with human rulership,but this verse in the bible gives me a hope DANIEL CHAPTER 2 VERSE 44 and ISAIAH 33 VERSE 24

  • Totally fascinating talk and just what I needed to hear as I’ve been suffering with a sugar addiction for years, chocolate, bread, crisps you name it.

    I have been dabbling with an Ayurvedic way if eating for about 3 months, but only this month I discovered a quick fix to my sugar addiction as my sugar addiction was still present. I found constitution Bitters in my local Asian store (struggled with it at first as it’s not pleasant to taste, but now look forward to it EVERY morning). After about a week I realised that I wasn’t craving sugar anymore and I don’t “fart all day” �� (what a bonus for everyone walking behind me)

    It’s winter here in the UK so I’ll ensure that I take my vitamin D supplements every day to maximize the benefits.

    Thanks for slotting everything into place, hopefully now I’ll get rid of my brain fog, chronic fatigue and other inflammation in my body.

  • How do you learn, keep focus, and remember things?
    Whenever I read or watch informative sources, my mind start to drift, and after about three or four times I actually start processing.
    I would like to improve this. Any pointers?

  • Unfortunately there is not enough good food grown or on the hoof to feed the population. The supply chain isn’t in place to provide fresh food, refrigerate and sell to the consumer.

  • This was very interesting to watch after Low Craqb Houston 2019, especially the presentations by David Diamond, Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber, Siobhan Huggins, and Dave Feldman. I have a question about hormone known as vitamin D, where is it assembled by the body? Does the bacteria in the small intestine have anything to do with the assembly of D (D2/D3?) and which bacteria help to build D2 /D3? Does wearing UV blocking glasses, sunhats and long sleeves impact D production? Thank you once again Gary.

  • so the problem are not fruits. it s the processed carbs ( 25:00 ).
    i guarantee you, that if at the same time you cut out absolutely all carbs for a week, this isn t forever, and eat only fruit either instead of meals or instead of carbs, your fructose production will eventually start to go down. the whole issue is eating processed foods, and i know fruits are not what they used to be, but as long as they have seeds, they re still more healthy than white flour.

  • Would you please define “room temperature”? My coconut oil is liquid in the summer, but very, very solid in winter. All indoors, stored in a cool dark shelf.

  • I get that this is a crash course but you must be talking like 90mph because I barely have time to even think about what you just said LOL

  • I love your videos, Hank & team, I am watching so many of them and am learning a lot. But Hank, are you trying to compete with Eminem? It takes an enormous effort to follow everything you say… I have to pause and rewind because if I get distracted for one second, I miss an entire paragraph!

  • Another well known Orthopaedic Surgeon was also cautioned and targeted for using nutrition to help his patients, and that is Dr. Shawn Baker. Well known carnivore and athlete.

  • Watching this as i eat a whole pack of skittles after eating a bunch of almonds before which i had a mini Swiss roll proceeded with a bunch of almonds BEFORE WHICH i had a roast beef infused omelette and a cream cheese toast with coffee. All for the purpose of getting ready to study which I haven’t done even 2% of 6 hours later. I hate stress and I hate college and I hate myself.

  • It would be helpful if you could say Type One Diabetes or Type Two Diabetes to avoid confusion. Out here in the real world not everyone knows the difference between the two diseases

  • You know, it isn’t just fruit that’s seasonal, it’s a lot of other stuff that grows as well. The only thing that man eats all year round that isn’t seasonal is in fact, able to run away from us.����‼

  • Wow, this is so interesting! Definitely one of those videos I will be watching repeatedly until I can remember and absorb a solid chunk of knowledge:) Thaaaanks!

  • Governments are never going to admit sugar is poison because that might affect the sugar industry negatively. Thus, hurting the economy. Government is highly motivated to a strong economy, so they will endorse and encourage every food.

  • My kiddo had seizures(no genetic issues, im convinced it was caused by aluminum in the vaccinations). Anyway, we tried the meds first and while it stopped the seizures, she lost her personality. We went through 18 months of the worst, darkest time of my life. I thought I’d never see my child smile or laugh again. Doctors couldn’t help, supplements couldn’t help. Ketogenic diet helped, it saved all of us. After 3 months her seizures were gone. After 9 months something magical happened and we got her back. Just one day at the age of 5 she told us she was not sick anymore. I’ll be forever grateful to those who discovered ketogenic diet. She is almost 8 now, hasn’t had seizures in over 3.5 years, top of her class in all subjects.

  • Nice guy, smart guy but Boring! Omg, I’m surprised he can keep Himself awake with that droning monotone. I’m standing here and tuning out at 11 minutes before I fall asleep and fall down and hurt myself.

  • I’m from Australia and i listened already! I was on a list for knee replacement and could hardly walk, taking lots of pain relief. Cutting out sugar, wheat and seed oil has made me virtually pain free and has given me back mobility, it’s a life changer!

  • Cholesterol is actually not bad, it is good, it’s objective is to solve the problems with fat in the blood, make steroid hormones like vitamin D and testosterone, etc, when it’s concentration is high, people don’t have to get it down, people have to discover the reason why the body is producing it, because it is not what’s causing the problem, the body is producing it because it’s trying to solve the problem, getting it down will just slow down the healing process of the real problem you have, that’s what conventional medicine is about today, treating the symptom not the cause.

  • For me, eating fruit, especially grapes, is no different than eating chocolate or a piece of pie. Just sets me off on a sugar eating binge. On the rare occasions I do eat fruit, it is blueberries or strawberries.

  • The cause of heart attacks is insulin resistance not cholesterol,
    KALP HASTALIKLARININ SEBEBİ KAN YAĞLARI DEĞİL İNSÜLİN DİRENCİDİR http://ahmetrasimkucukusta.com/2019/06/10/yazilar/tip-yazilari/kolesterol/kalp-hastaliklarinin-sebebi-kan-yaglari-degil-insulin-direncidir/

  • Those refine carbs lacks a lot of fiber! Here in the Philippines, we eat rice & root crops. When eating carbs, make sure to eat carb sources that are rich in resistant starch. Or eat lots of fibrous foods together with your rice in a meal.

  • He is aware that replacement of saturated fats with PUFA’s actually reduces risk of CHD isn’t he? Inflammation from PUFA’s has never been shown in humans to any great degree. He’s taking mechanistic evidence that just doesn’t translate to humans

  • I have been scrolling and seen the same joke every time SO I SHALL BE maybe the 10th to 15th? Person to put something different…..

    Hi i hope ur having a great day:>

  • These are some of the best videos, this one is good but didn’t touch upon ketone bodies which is v important result in free fatty acid catabolism. Perhaps it’s covered in another.

  • I’m sure there are studies showing that the brain prefers fats as a fuel source? and that glucose is actually quite detrimental in the brain? anyone know those studies?? link me up people

  • The neurons can not only rn exclusively on glucose. About 60% of their energy can come from ketones(fat) and it even has some improvement in cognitive function. The rest can always be made by gluconeogenesis

  • To reduce inflammations is good but what about to find the cause of inflammation and to eliminate it and inflammation will be prevented and cured if it happen. The science book provides the dots for such a research, one dated 2000 years ago. I connected all those dots and I found a solution to prevent inflammations. In 1950 in England was found that a tissue having 35 C instead of 37C and slightly acidic ph. may get a viral infection which will trigger a body response as inflammation. The book also say that body temperature is a measure of the heat produced in the body minus the heat lost to environment. To increase the cells temperature to prevent inflammation we shall do activity/exercise and to prevent our body to lose heat. The simple way to prevent our body to lose heat is to use proper/warm clothes. I found special clothes capable to do so and the body cells will have a proper temperature to prevent infections/inflammations. All diseases have the major cause that loss of heat and I can give you details about my solution if you’ll write on my email [email protected] live.com

  • Interesting claim about uric acid… the foods that are supposed to create uric acid are beef, pork, most seafood, organ meat, oatmeal, spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, cabbage… I think peaches and tomatoes too… there may be more… find someone with gout (like me) and you can test out different foods and see if they spark gout… but, I usually never get a flare up when I eat a lot of fruit. And I plan to eat a bunch of peaches during next peach season to see if the recommendation to avoid them applies to me, because I love peaches. One antidote to gout, is tart cherries, although I eat lots of sweet cherries every day… and take a tart cherry supplement. Apparently, cherries help the body clear uric acid. You do not want gout. It feels like your bones (usually in the feet, but in my case mostly in my fingers) have shattered and just barely touching them, is crazy painful.

  • Good video. I saved it to my Nutrition playlist.
    100 grams protein daily, about 30 grams of carbs from vegies and nuts, 0 sugars, and good fats like butter, coconut oil, olive oil and lard. After at least 10 years of high BP meds, Metformin for type 2 and being obese, I’ve dropped 40 lbs, my BP is in normal range and my A1C is 5.5 after 5 months.
    It’s not a sacrifice, because I’m winning!

  • Genetics? I have to disagree with the “genetics excuse.” It is nonsense to suggest that some humans are genetically predisposed to disease. All chronic disease is directly linked to diet.

  • I wonder if it is polyunsaturated oils that are bad for you or cooking with polyunsaturated oils at high temperatures that are the real culprit.

  • Was there a typo on the Power Point slide @ 18:00? Wasn’t it supposed to read: Uric Acid Inhibits Nitric Oxide? Nevertheless, Fettke gives a great lecture here. I love this guy! For anyone who would like to convince their friends who still want to believe that fruit is a “health food,” just tell them to Google search images of “wild fruits and vegetables” or “what fruits and vegetables looked like before human intervention.” If THAT’S what they believe will sustain a human diet, then good luck with that! LOL

  • Teachers trying to understand gen z humor while also trying to get us to focus in class: “You can’t spell school without… chool.”

  • Pssst… we made flashcards to help you review the content in this episode! Find them on the free Crash Course App!
    Download it here for Apple Devices: https://apple.co/3d4eyZo
    Download it here for Android Devices: https://bit.ly/2SrDulJ

  • You cant spell New crispy chicken pretzel fries at burger King crunchy pretzel on the outside tender juicy white meat chicken without a Ten

  • LDL is a protein. LDL cholesterol is how much cholesterol that protein is carrying. Saying they’re the same is like saying an airplane is just a pilot and a bunch of passengers.

  • So If our Body is 16% Protein, 16% fat and only 1% Sugar.

    To have an optimal METABOLISM we need a VERY LOW CARBOHIDRATE DIET combined with a HIGHT PROTEIN and HIGHT FAT! Alot of SENSE!

    Because counting calories is NOT the SAME.
    The avocado has the same calories as a pizza, but an avocado is a los of FAT and a pizza is a lot of SUGAR.

  • Not gonna lie, I’m watching this at 0.75x speed. Btw this is such a useful video. I have to rewatch to really remember all details

  • You, dear friend, made a video for cats rather than for humans. Cats run their neurons on gluconeogenesis when they’re fasting. Humans, not exclusively so.

  • Dr. Fettke, thank you very much for the hard information presented in such a good natured and self-deprecating manor. I’m a 20 year vegetarian, who’s been diabetic for 30 years, and now I’m on severe Keto and biohacking. I once had a similar looking foot. I only lost a toe and 4 inches of tendon. The science supports carnivore, not vegetarian. Once I looked at the science my lifestyle completely changed. Your educational efforts are effective in bringing those suffering in the dark of ignorance, into the light. They can choose to bask in it’s rays, and be well.

  • Just ignore big time the medical complex and all those internal injuries from meds even OTC. Naw, it’s just your food, glutton is obvious, NO is carbohydrates.

  • I learned all this and started practicing it in the early 90’s before it was really talked about. I rarely consume (except I am sure when eating out) any of the standard polyunsat veg oils or grains. From his lectures my worse offense is that I do eat berries year round with my breakfast.

  • I appreciate the thoroughness. I need a quick summary from my book, this helped. I wonder what happens though for someone like me who needs to need to build muscle and have low blood sugar. I need to eat constantly, it’s exhausting.

  • 8:00 Low blood sugar damages the brain? Can someone elaborate here?

    I’m on keto, tbh I feel like I have more energy, a more consistent energy curve and I have better mood stability in general.

  • What happends when you eat too much fat? It doesnt convert into glucose so what happends in it? Is directly storaged? I think this video confused carbs with fat

  • Watching both metabolism and nutrition crash courses repeatedly because my ap2 instructor “ran out of time” and completely skipped the chapter but still wants us to understand everything for the exam coming up ��

  • An excellently educational and enjoyable video. Living in Scotland where we have a dark winter and long sunny summer I believe that the role of vitamin D has been long underestimated. You shone light on it for me today. Thanks

  • This guy and channel are amazing!!! Such good info and the way they pack it. Thank you but yeah, I have to put speed on 0.75 to have it in normal tempo lol

  • When you run out of glycogen your body goes into a state of nutritional ketosis where our mitochondria oxidized fat for fuel. you need dietary protein for gluconeogenesis in the liver if you have no dietary sources for 2 days how are you going to get this. in the medical literature it has been cited that fasting does not elicit catabolism explicitly or deleteriously to your muscles. Is this also what autophagy is for.