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How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program

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GAINS!!..Best Training Split For Building Muscle

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How LONG to GET Your Muscle GAINS BACK

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How To Workout After Quarantine

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Best Workout After LONG Layoff

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How To Re-Build Muscle After A Training Break [+ Free Program]

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How Often Should You Train Each Muscle To Maximize Growth?

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All Aboard the Gains Train! 1. Train, Don’t Exercise People who exercise, don’t train. The difference between exercise and training?

Training gives you purpose. Exercising makes you sweat. When you exercise it’s incredibly easy to show up and punch the clock with your workouts. Going through the motions and pretending to do work.

Back is your largest upper body muscle and also the most complex muscle group. So it makes sense to train back heavy, intense, and with a lotta reps. This back workout for mass gains have you sticking with basic exercises. Like the chest workout. The Workout.

Start off each workout with heavy compound exercises for 3-5 sets of 3-6 reps. These will build a big strength foundation while stimulating mechanical tension in the muscle fibers. Afterward, the majority of training volume will be from 2-3 exercises with moderate loading at 6-12 reps per set.

For #2, this means if you trained your legs in the morning, you’d then train your upper body in the evening. While both methods work great, I’ve found that method #1 works best for muscle gains, but there’s a trick to doing so. In the morning workout, you need to train for strength.

The success of any hypertrophy or muscle-building session hangs on your ability to train the right muscle groups at the right time. We cannot stress. So while you can increase it to “top off” your gains, the bulk of your training should be aimed at increasing fiber size, which makes your muscles bigger AND stronger. Neural efficiency is important too. The more efficient you are at recruiting your muscle fibers, the less fatigue your body requires in order to build a maximum amount of fibers.

If you’ve been training long enough (you can flex any muscle at will) you start any back exercise by flexing the back and pulling with the back muscles first. By doing this, you will feel the back muscles working. Building muscle improves cardiovascular health. Gaining muscle mass after 50 promotes effective fat burning even when you are not lifting weights. You can still look good on the beach at any age.

You can start weight training after 55 years old to impress the girls, keep up with the kids or even the grand kids. There are many different ideas regarding the best weekly split for mass gain. Some experts say a five-day split in which you train separate muscle groups with high volume, therefore training each muscle group once a week, is the best plan. Yet others insist that a split in which you train each muscle group twice a week is best. One of the best workouts to gain muscle.

To build muscles you need to get up and give up the backrest and do this exercise standing. When you do this exercise for the first time do it with lighter weights. Do 3 sets with 10 reps.

List of related literature:

This is why research shows that when you’re in a calorie deficit, your body’s ability to repair and grow muscle tissue is impaired.14 This is also why workouts take a bigger toll on you when you’re dieting, and why intermediate and advanced weightlifters have to accept slow or no muscle gain when dieting to lose fat.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
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And make no mistake: Muscle growth through increased strength is always your goal in the gym.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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Further, 10 new sidebars highlight specific topics of interest to gaining lean mass.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
by Brad Schoenfeld
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To build a foundation of muscle, this phase uses a total-body approach to training.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

Week by week I would see the gains I was making in how much I could lift, the number of reps my muscles would tolerate, the shape of my body and its overall mass and weight.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

Will I lose muscle on a ketogenic diet?

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

But my approach to fat loss is not just influenced by my time in the bodybuilding and Ironman trenches.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Muscles keep you young: Building muscle can literally turn back your genetic clock.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

Trying to do all of this work in one workout would be a killer, especially since some of the same muscles are involved in training different body parts, and if these muscles get too tired and don’t have

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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This results in overtraining, no muscle growth, and total discouragement.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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  • Do not count weeks, count days or hours. For example I noticed I’ve never had muscle soreness for more than 3 days for any muscle group. After learning this I train each muscle group once every 72-96 hours for the best results.

  • I do biceps three times a week now and see a difference.Many years ago I trained them everyday and achieved 18 1/2 in arms which I can’t now doing 2 times a week

  • Great advice, and it really works. Been there, done that. With cleanced, not necessary “the” perfect diet, you GOT this!������ Keep it simple, keep it heavy keep it fun.BOOM!

  • Thanks for this, man. Videos like this give hope and we appreciate that. I’ve been watching your videos for several years now and home workouts have been almost a complete bust. Not to mention that almost all lifting equipment from amazon/stores has been out of stock since march. It’s been an emotional roller coaster and shocking how depressed you can get when you watch your muscle gains go. Anyways, keep doing great things.

  • Man you’re really looking out for people like me just getting back into weight training. I truly appreciate the effort you put into this video and the free program.

    I’ve bought your body recomposition book as well and that was amazing. Great work my man.

  • Yes program please! You are different than everyone out there. Your training is concise simple to understand and no ego bullshit.
    Plus your humor helps lol

  • been working out for around a year, went from 129, 6’1 to 145 6’2 16-17
    not too good, i know, I didn’t eat right for the first 6-7 months. Eating is very important for a hardgainer, very.
    my split, hardgainer
    (rest if needed)
    (rest if needed)
    i really struggle with arms so i usually try and destroy them with at least 2 exercises at the end of my push and pull workouts. I actually started seeing lots of progress from Ryans videos with my arms keeping up in the higher rep rang and good, near perfect form.

  • I am resting every other day. I was really over trained and burned out. I feel much better after two weeks of every other day rest.

  • Good video as usual thanks. I have got another source that inspired me alot. The mindset is not far different but something there could help

  • There is a fee for seeing your video through the change app in China. why??? Do you have business cooperation??? Need to hear some real sounds.

  • If you are just a regular gym goer, and don’t rely on fitness as a job, just train each muscle once per week. Fit some time in for hard core cardio too like sprints and jogging. So, mon/wed/fri lift, Tuesday/Thursday cardio, sat/sun party ��

  • Can anyone help me
    Due to quarantine i started training my biceps,triceps,shoulders and forearms daily.So should i reduce the taining days from 6 to 2-3 or should i keep training 6 days a week?I do 2-3 exercises of each muscle

  • But beginners don’t have muscle mass and if they do 2x time per week they just burn the muscle i think after a year or so you can train 2 x times per week

  • How come it only takes 4 weeks to regain months/years worth muscle? Does that mean you didn’t really lose the muscle, but it was just unactivated?

  • Workout A
    Flat Push
    Vertical Pull
    Tricep Ext/Bar Curls
    Upper Abs

    Workout B
    Incline Push
    Horizontal Pull
    Dips/Db Curls
    Lower Abs

    Add accessory work as needed…

  • 2-3 times a week seems more optimal for beginners. Protein synthesis rates change the more advanced you are and the older you are, so it seems best for those individuals to do a higher frequency. Also, protein synthesis is elevated (keyword) for up to 48 hrs, meaning it is above baseline for that time period and after that period it goes back to baseline and you can train again. With that said it would seem as though training every 48 hrs would be more optimal, meaning 3 times per week (for beginners). Intermediate trainers may need a higher frequency than that, possibly 4 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) followed by 3 times the following week (Tues, Thurs, Sat) training every 48 hrs and repeat throughout a training cycle. Advanced would need more than that because the body has adapted well at this time and it will take more to create muscle damage. On top of that, muscle protein synthesis will be elevated through a shorter time frame (such as 24 hrs), meaning an advanced (or aged) trainer should be able to train a muscle group every 24 hrs (5 days a week) and recover just fine. Beyond 5 days a week is not advisable in my opinion and may blunt progress (even if the volume is equated) or even promote diminishing returns from overtraining.

    Simply put,
    Beginners 3 times per week
    Intermediate 4 times per week
    Advanced 5 times per week

  • I was gone for about 3-4 weeks and now I have a motivation problem. Still trying to keep at it and still strong, just my endurance needs to be up to par. Hope everyone gets it back, we’re all struggling together.

  • Going for Those titles has actually become a massive goal for me. A friend and I are actually going to start going to the gym for that reason. I need the most advice I can get, and who better to get that advice but Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • what about when you ‘feel’ the muscle still in repair. Like I will feel my chest soreness for about 3-4 days. If I workout on day 5, my sets are not as strong as if I had waited for one week.

  • Does working out 3 days a week mean you workout three days and then wait till the next week and then do three days again or does it mean that u workout three days and rest the forth day and then three days again

  • I would say after this quarantine, I’m coming out of it looking and feeling better than when I went into it. Summer bod in full effect ��

  • Do you not understand that most competitive bodybuilders take steroids?! So that doesn’t help your drug free people from your survey!

  • Jeff would it be advisable to follow any respectable program after doing your comeback program or would it be best to jump onto a fundamental hypertrophy program to get the gains?

  • Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger RE-INVENTED the sport of Body Building. Just pay attention as he EXPLAINS his training methods. Truly amazing, much respect!!

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • Is it ok to train biceps and triceps on the same day my routine is

    Sunday chest and triceps
    Tuesday back and biceps
    Thursday shoulders and legs
    And friday i want to do biceps and triceps will that be ok to get my arms bigger

  • How comes that ur gym isn’t closed and that there are always at least a few people training? (regarding ur insta videos etc)
    Greetings from Germany:)

  • These tips are gold. Luckily I’ve stayed away from the junk because of all the quarantine memes scaring me. �� however the first 2 tips might be something I really have to keep in mind. So thanks ; you are the best!

  • Hey man love your videos! Yes would love to see what exercises you would put in a split say chest, triceps, shoulders what exercise would you use so you’re not in the gym for 3 hours ��

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? I have heard numerous awesome things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • more you train will increase risk for injures. For long term training its better train bit less than bit too much. Listen your body, it tells you how much you can train, nobody else can say it

  • Subscribed!! You have done your homework and answered every question I have in mind when I see an Athlean-X or Mike Thurston video. Not that they aren’t great. But these details you go over are crucial for foundation knowledge:-) Thank you bro!!

  • Wow thanks Jeff! I am from South-Africa and I’ve been watching your videos closely and even taking notes. I just want to say I really appreciate your videos. I’ve learned way more from you than from local coaches that I’ve paid lots of money for. I can’t wait to use your program once gyms open agian!

  • One thing I found is that, for me, switching between splits works wonders. So I do a 5 day split for 8 weeks then switch to a push pull then back to 5 days then to 5xweek/FBW for a month then back to say push pull etc. Huge difference when I do that compared to when sticking to 1. Just saying.

  • 3 months thats nothing, try 2years, I had to stop training for 3 months 19x due to me having surgery 19x. I don’t understand that someone who trains that long doesn’t know what to do after a short layoff.

  • @jeremy ethier What if i talk mass gainer like on seriously mass gainer and train each muscle 3x per it beneficial than training each muscle 2x per week with out mass gainer?

  • The only thing bad about this, is that you might lose motivation after a long may off if you skip the next day. Especially if you had built bad habits prior to not working out. So I would stick to push, pull, legs, doing reps of 10 but not going extremely heavy

  • You make great videos check out some videos from Chris Jones he’s got some really good videos too!
    Check it out

  • In my experience, once every 4 days is optimal in an ideal world, but good luck sticking to that schedule in a day to day life unless you’re a pro body builder with no job. So my recommendation:
    Twice per week until you hit a wall where you feel burned out and feel weaker than the workout before, then go to a once per week for at least one week until you get it back. Sometimes the body needs extra recovery, maybe you haven’t slept well or have been stressed, or other activities, illness, injury etc has hit you. Listen to your own body, especially as you get older and testosterone isn’t in abundance. Your diet also plays an important role in the recovery and energy for the next workout process.

  • Now that I’m watching this again, how do you expect someone who just came back into the gym to heal the next day. I feel you need at least 2 days in between.

  • What do you think about working the muscle every day but with lower weight but high reps or alternating high reps one day low weight and one day higher weight lower reps?

  • Well that’s an interesting first comment “if you respond well it’s hard to argue against once a week” l would have said someone who responds well is someone who builds and recovers well and can train more often with elite genetics down to everyday.

  • I put this on every now and then, and just listen to Arnold while I’m working out. It’s good motivation. RN I just did 4 sets of 30 push ups, and 4 sets of 30 dips, within those 17 minutes of him talking!! I killed the triceps!! It doesn’t take very long at all.

  • Love this. What would your guidance be if we’ve been doing weight training with moderately heavy dumbbells? I feel like, those of us that had the luxury of doing that, didn’t lose as much strength as those who were stuck doing only body weight. I suppose your guidance of doing ‘what feels right’ would be what to follow. I was just curious if we could possibly bounce back to heavier weights faster without as much concern over injury.

  • Steve Thanks for addressing all this. It’s true we are bummed out about events being canceled (Beyond wonderland for me ��)and we don’t have those goals like we used to. It’s really easy to work hard and stay on diet when you have something you’re working towards. If you don’t it’s easy to say “it doesn’t matter anyway, what’s another donut.”

  • Please tell them that you really have to change your diet in order to workout more otherwise you’ll only lose muscle the more labor you put in.

  • 2 years out from cartilage damage. Finally back and wow I’ve gone weak. Gained 20lbs and lost muscle. Looking to push back in 4 months

  • arm daydeclined sitting dumb bell curls with overhead arm extensions. barbell curls with tricep kickbacks. lastly preacher curls and weighted dips/or close grip bench. 3 biceps, 3 tricepsis that enough for a full arm day workout?

  • Arnold says to work out everyday. He also says to work out twice a day. So suck a chorizo because a 7x Mr Olympia knows best. Class dismissed.

  • Hey There! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (google search it), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard many amazing things about it and my cousin lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • No weightlifter here but still an athlete and…thanks, I really needed to hear this. I am going balls to the wall with my training: Need to check on my sore ego. Also: Great accuracy in content providing, Sir! That’s very good content.

  • This was an informative video Steve! Strength gains will come back with patience and rushing back too quickly can lead to injuries.

  • I went back to the gym after 8 months away, and did this workout but added chin ups at the end for the extra burn. Felt so weak compared to what i was but felt good to be back.
    Now, 2 days later i have serious DOMS and can’t even fasten my top buttons! Will be doing this workout again when i can use my arms again:)
    Keep pushing people.

  • Great tips! Gyms are starting back up here from tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to them. Exercise in parks is great and all, but I miss the atmosphere of the gym too. I love to push myself so I have to make sure to not try to go crazy on my first day.

  • This is 100% off topic but being that no gyms within NY state are currently closed i was wondering where you happen to buy workout equipment

  • Someone please explain to me why this happened. I took around 3 to 4 months off of training my bench went from 330 to around maybe 255. I started back working out last week and I could only hit 225 for a set of 6. This week when I benched I could only hit 225 for a set of 3. Please explain why this is happening and I am in perfect health?

  • I do Push Legs Pull Off.. takes me about 1 month to feel really good and confident and start working on more volume and bigger weights every week until I get back to 90% of my max rep that I had before.

  • I do 6 Days:
    Day 1: Upper
    Day 2: Lower
    Day 3: Upper

    Day 4: Lower
    Day 5: Upper

    Day 6: Lower
    Day 7: Rest

    I got great results guys

  • Would you do a video on resistance bands/tubes home workout or make a program out of it? I love traditional free weights but the gyms are closed, and my wife will not let me make my own concrete weights (considering it’s not exactly the safest method with kids around). I bought resistance tubes but a program geared towards that method of weight lifting and your expertise would be awesome and interesting to see

  • Yes please a complete workout cycle with movements sets and reps. I have been a power lifter for 15 years and am transitioning into more body building style workouts and need a good program to get me started. I would definitely fall into the traditional category for a 5 day split. Thank you for all that you have provided with your channel so far and I look forward to see what else you put out.

  • Push Pull Legs Workout

    Muscle Group Rest Days in Between

  • I wish you wouldn’t use the term “bro-split”. It gives the impression that it has no merits and is just used by dummies. I made my biggest gains working each muscle once a week.

  • Notice how the bodybuilding aesthetic has changed over there years? It can be directly attributed to technological advancements in PEDs.

  • Hey Jeff! I was doing the LPP program you have before the gyms closed. This comeback program is perfect for me! Thanks for the free version of it! You are awesome!

  • I am spending the first week of gym post-lockdown doing low weight just to get my nervous system back into the grind of pushing weight. Get those tendons and ligaments used to it as well.

  • I’ve been very sick for the past 6 years, couldn’t move. Now I’m better and i wanna do stuff but i don’t know how,my back hurts a lot! And..i dunno what to do.. i really should go to a gym hu?

  • Lou ferigno there, should have more titles for mr olympia.
    I guess Arnie also had the aura to judges like him.
    As Lou was hench in Incredible hulk series while apart from red sonja, conan etc Arnie lost the mass in the movies.
    In fact lou still has been in excellent shape all these years while arnie is showing his age.

  • those time frames are for younger people in their prime, what about older people, say 50 up?
    i think we all know the answer to that one, but, fill us in if you don’t mind.?

    have you ever got into a fight with a moun den?

  • Been in a relationship almost 2 years, stopped going to the gym, eating like shit, now the relationship is over and I’m going back to the gym, this was a serious help

  • I plateaued for years hitting each muscle group once a week. I gained a lot of muscle when I cut back to 3 days/week hitting each muscle group once every 2 weeks. Perhaps it’s because I was more motivated on the 3 days, instead of just trying to get my reps in and going home, but whatever the reason it worked for me.

  • Hey jason i have some trouble growing hamstrings i feel my lower back more! Back is straight… but im new to romanian deadlift i only did machines i got a homegym and do romanian deadlifts to get hams

  • I went from 8 years lifting weights and doing cardio religiously, never having longer than 1 week off except 1 occasion where I was on holiday for 18 days so had almost 3 weeks off…to not being at the gym for almost 2 years straight now. Getting back to it ��

  • My main question was 2 vs. 3 common sense says 4 will tear a muscle or exhaust it but will 3 do it.Very good video though but lacked the main question

  • I really like your videos I appreciate how thorough you are, I submitted my email to get your come back bridge program but I have yet to get an email today do you some thing wrong?

  • Starting from the ground up after being in the best shape of your life is the worst feeling, but you know your capable, mind over matter

  • I really needed to see this video! This gave me some confidence that I was lacking. Also in maybe a future video can you touch on sleep and sleeping patterns? And how it affects mental/ physical attitude towards training? Much appreciated.

  • I took a 3 day break from working out because a trip to San Antonio and now I can’t do anything at all. It’s really surprising how fast things can change

  • I’ve found the best way to get the momentum back is to start with the best leg workout you can do..feel your legs for the next 4 days is great motivation for the other workouts

  • Ah, back when he was cool, down to earth, no bs. No he holds seminars where guys get half naked and scream at each other… AND PAY FOR IT

  • Hey jason when do u breathe when u do romanian deadlift? I followed ur form and i couldnt breathe cuz u don t stand upright! Thanks u for videoes!

  • its crazy. i layed off the gym for about 7-8 months cause i was sharing a house with my gf. i got back into working out at home and i gained my strength back in the matter of about 3 weeks. im a month in and im feeling stronger than i ever have. even gained 15 pounds since!! ive just really focused on my diet and i saw those numbers rise on the scale and the weights.its crazy cause ive always been skinny thinking i was a hardgainer but im really not. i got so tired of being skinny so i literally just started stuffing myself anytime i was in the kitchen lmao. i just had to eat so much more food than i thought… this goes to all of those out there who cant seem to grow muscle or get stronger, EAT EAT EAT! every two hours if you can xD it wont fail i promise

  • Hey, I’ll be honest!!! I’ve been severely depressed and bedridden for 3 years or so. Very little exercise!!! Only doing what I had to. I was worried about damaging my back again and I started having panic attacks!!! Please please please help me get back to fitness!!! I always had a toned body and 6 pack just from working. But then I ended up being a single dad and just staying in bed all day while they’re at school!!! Then it was constant just getting up to do stuff for them. I’m in a mess!!! Please help

  • They looked so much better than the mass monsters of today. Hell, these guys may have even been healthy as crazy as that may sound.

  • This is perfect!

    I’ve been struggling with pretty severe symptoms for years, and it’s looking like I have endometriosis. I’m seeing a specialist next week to schedule a diagnostic laproscopy, because that’s the only way to officially diagnose endo.

    I also have been training in Powerlifting, and my first meet is in a few weeks. I’m going to try and schedule my surgery after my meet, but I’ve been having some anxiety about getting back to the gym. I think my training has helped me manage my symptoms, and it brings a lot of positivity into my life, so I really don’t want to lose that.

    Everything I’ve read on the surgery is that I’m probably going to need to take 3 weeks off of work, so I’ll probably be out of the gym for longer than that. It’s a little scary to think about how much I’m going to lose, but it helps to know that I have the tools and knowledge to get back to training after a necessary, but pretty involved, procedure.

  • Ty and don’t forget just gettin yo butt up n GOIN is that mental hump that turns 1 day into 2 weeks of non action. Even if it’s just for 30min. Just hit it?

  • So what about a body part that just grows, like legs, my legs grow and are bigger than my upper body. So I hit upper body more, is that correct?

  • is there any specific exercise plan you may suggest? I’ve been going to Gym for 2 years and kind of started to lift heavy weights but then Corona lockdown and now the Gyms in Germany are opening again.
    I don’t want to get injury and I don’t want also to get bored.
    I would be grateful If you suggest me some exercises for the return routine and for how long.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hey Elliot, so I was in great shape a few years. I was using hormones, mainly doing T replacement and cruising. Low test weekly. Well I stopped test cold turkey and went into a huge depression. It’s been 2 years, I’m 70 pounds overweight for my own personal body and type. I’m lethargic, weak, my blood flows bad, and all my systems are on high alert meaning if I’m sick I’m really sick or I get a cut it takes longer to heal etc. I was at a 600# dead max, 350# bench, and so on. Do I need to start at the beginning and low low or could I try higher but not too high numbers? Do I start cardio what should I do, motivation has been difficult, smoking again etc. Pls man, I need any advice I can get. Thank you.
    PS, I have a 6 year old girl. It’s been hard to keep up and I want to see her grow up. She inspires me, and I want to inspire her as well. I need to do this not only for myself but for her as well. Ty

  • This video got me out my depression to the fact that i stopped working out after the lockdown, the depression came from the feeling that i lost my gains and gained fats, my gym is opening next week im excited to go back, thanks coach!

  • I don’t doubt the findings of the study but “training each muscle group” means exactly what?
    There are no specifics here. Pretty useless if you ask me.

  • What workout split are you currently using? Comment below! Hope you all enjoyed the video for those who haven’t already, do me a huge favour by giving me a follow on Instagram ( ) and Facebook ( ) as well for more informative content. Cheers!

  • Help! I’m a former NPC bodybuilder who had 2 shoulder surgeries 10 years ago, got addicted to Opioids and stopped training. Now 6 years clean, (thank you God). My question is this, do I still have muscle memory after all this time?

  • If anyone can help point me in the direction of any literature on the difference in gains when it comes to floor press and bench press would be appreciated. Home gym with no rack and no bench for bench press

  • I enjoy how calm and fact based your videos are. The non obvious humor is a plus, you and Stephanie are my two new favorite channels!

  • So after full body workout on the first day back out what are you gonna do the other days of the week? Wont all your muscles be sore after Monday?

  • My gym is opened for 3 weeks now,I’m thinking of starting tomorrow however I’m a little afraid of enclosed places and everybody sweating spreading germs. I guess it’s a new era of learning to adapt. Thanks for the tips stay safe everyone.

  • Lockdown 15 or 25…lmao, try 60 so far. And our government suggests the gym will only open after september. So that means 180 with closed gyms south africa for you

  • Happy birthday buddy.
    I do chest/back/shoulder M/W/F and arms/legs T/T/S. One week low volume. Next week is one bro split. Off weekend and restart. Saw gainz

  • Came off a steroid cycle over a year ago. I put my body through alot of trama. Trying to get back in the gym and found this video. Thanks.

  • Thank you so much, this was really helpful. I been on a break for 5 months, lost 10kg. I started training again yesterday and i really think this plan will help me. Again thank you ��

  • My last gym visit was Superbowl weekend. I started back late May and I am totally devastated with fatigue. My friend gave me some turmeric powder capsules which works wonders for the pain.that combined with Epsom salt bath do wonders for the pain…but the fatigue lasts for 2 to 4 days afterwards, in where as I feel every bit like a have the flu. I’ve tried reducing my workouts to once a week and half an hour but still that fatigue is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

  • when I stared I was 55 Kg after 2 years of training I got to 68 Kg. then the quarantine hit. I did no exercises whatsoever so I’m back to 61 Kg at the moment. I’ve just started going to the gym. Ill report back in two weeks.

  • Thanks for the advice. It’s been 5 years since I stopped working out due to being a working student and then for having drug (painkillers) induced hepatitis where I came from almost 200lbs to 135lbs. My girlfriend is into power lifting and I want to support her and eventually, help her train. Right now my muscle mass is gone… zero…. and I have pretty badly damage to my knees. I suffer from Patellofemoral Syndrome and during my youth I suffered from Osgood-Schlater syndrome that left its mark but at the same time, I need to regain muscle tone on my legs to better protect my knees…. it’s a bit of a catch 22. Any tips in how to start working out again? Thank you for the upload.

  • Nah I’ve watched roo much Ct fletcher… I’ll just eat alot and hit the gym hard ” I COMMAND YOU TO GROW, ISYMFS”…no such thing as over training

  • it just makes sense, that 2x each muscle in week is superior.

    for me i found that the most enjoyable Training Routine is upper Body day and lower Body day.
    Having said that i like to go for a jogg 2 times a week so my favourite Thing would be to weight Train 2x times a week.
    if i Train Monday Upper Body
    and thursday lower Body.. repeat, will I make strength gains at all or will it be futile?
    or will it just take longer for me to make Progress? ( I could live with that)
    Thanks in Advance!

  • Today was my 1st day back in the gym after quitting more than a year ago due to focusing on correcting my nutrition first, doing Keto. Probably lost 70% of my strength, embarrassing and disappointing. I’m go get back my strength tho, determined to. I will dig deep to find that motivation and passion for working out that I once had, its buried deep in my fukin soul.

  • @yo Elliott would you suggest doing 1 set of each exercise 10 times. Or doing 3 sets of 1 exercise then moving onto the next exercise?

  • If the group who worked out 2x a week for 4 months switched to 1x a week and saw increased muscle gain, what if they alternated 2x and 1x a week if that’s the case?

  • Everything that you have put out, by far, is the absolute best that is out there. I’ve watched various exercising channels and you blow all of them out of the water.

  • You Elliott…HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? Of all the people I’ve watched, you’re the most credible. I’m a retired NYC Police Detective of 21 years. On 9/11/2001, I was seriously injured when the North Tower of the WTC collapsed less than 200’ from where I was standing, instantly killing 14 members of my team. In July of 2003, I was given less than 6 months to live. A competitive Bodybuilder friend of mine asked if he can speak to my doctor, which he happily agreed. After their meeting, he said to me: “Just do as I say, Not as I do, and you’ll be good…my reasons for doing what I do are different than yours”. My doctor then handed me 5 prescriptions for injectable and oral Anabolic Steroids that had to be made at a compounding pharmacy, much to the envy of my friend. I was also put on a weekly regiment of Serostim rDNA 4mg. Human Growth Hormone. I was also instructed to join a gym to begin the long and lonely journey toward rehabilitation considering I lost every friend I ever made in a two decade career, in a matter of minutes, and they still continue to die on a weekly basis. I firmly believe had it not been for these compounds, I would’ve been gone many years ago. I never had a single day of trouble using AAS & HGH. I never had a bad blood test, CT Scan, MRI and everything in between. The only side effect I experienced, and frankly enjoyed is a physique, stamina and well being of someone half my age. (I’m 54). However, about 6 years ago, I experienced a severe setback that basically rendered me bedridden for over 20 hours a day. During all this time, my Lifelong Impeccably Clean Diet, and the use of AAS & HGH continued at my doctor’s and my bodybuilder friend’s orders. Unfortunately, Ray, my bodybuilder friend sadly passed away as the result of an unrelated illness. STEROIDS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS DEATH…As a result of my continuation of AAS & HGH while I’ve been laid up is that I’ve managed to keep most of my musculature, however, I have a somewhat thick layer of belly fat. Other than that, anyone who sees me says I look like I train everyday, yet they have no idea that a 15’ walk to my bathroom and back leaves me sucking wind for 15 minutes and my heart rate goes through the roof. Man, these Fucking Self-Promoters on this site are all so full of shit!! All they talk about is all the knowledge they have and contests they won. YOU, on the other hand, have a great personality, you get right to the point and when I watch your videos, I feel like you’re personally speaking to me!! I’m desperate Elliott…I’m at my wits end. We moved to Seattle not long after I retired and the gyms here suck, but I’ll find one that’ll suit my needs. I’m dying a slow Suicide in my bed. I’ve gotten advice from 100’s of Know-It-All’s. I hope you get this message and can help me. If not, your channel is wonderful and informative. Keep up the good work!!!

  • How can you even train each group 3 times a week? 3 days arms 3 days legs 3 days chest and back. Like bro 9 days a week is my deal ��

  • I’m a new subscriber who suffers from a slight indirect inguinal hernia. I’m fairly well shaped and the only exercise I can do is a basic bicep/hammer curl however your content is even better then most simply because you talk out the information and demonstrate from personal experience

  • I got access to empty gym 3 day a week. Is fine Jason to do push pull legs alternating between gym ( normal 12 reps training ) and Home workouts ( light weights bands )… What do You think? It would result in Frequency 2… One normal.and.other with bodyweight

  • its 0.78 lbs extra, which is 350g…..You will not notice this……. for a whole year?????? Its not worth it. How much extra strain on your joints & ligaments after 3 years???? those are the studies you SHOULD be focusing on. Not the mere grams gained after a whole year.

  • Thanks for the tips Steve I can’t wait to get back in the gym and I’ll try not to overdue it! I remember your Big Man on Campus workout was one of the first ones I did and completed starting out. I miss your lifestyle videos with all the tips for guys. Wondering what your routine is to keep your body hairless all the time and what are your favorite personal care products that you use?

  • Decided to use the plan after a hiatus but didn’t listen to the RPE and %1RM guidleines and added a few more reps / a bit heavier weight than was advised and now I am paying for it with intense DOMs. I should have just followed the plan.

  • my gym reopened last monday but i was still working out while they were closed, so i deloaded last week and now im back to heavy weights

  • Does it mean that should i not stick with training each muscle group 2 times per week but also change up in training 1 times per week? Like in the 1st week i train each muscle group 2 x and in the 2nd week train each muscle group 1x. Help bro i cant understand

  • Is it bad to train 7 times a week?
    -Monday: Legs
    -Tuesday: Bicep, Back
    -Wednesday: tricep shoulder chest
    -Thursday: Legs
    -Friday: bicep back
    -saturday tricep shoulders

  • Lol made the dumb mistake of ‘confirming if I could still hit my RDL PR’ during my first gym session since lockdown. I’ve been sore for 1 and a half weeks now. I completely could NOT walk for most of last week. Wish I watched this earlier.

  • I don’t think I have ever wanted to be in the gym as much as I want to be there now! Weird how when it was open and I was free I found excuses, and now that I cant go I WANT to be there! Bizarre=)

  • I got a question. I finished the bridge program and am now thinking about getting a new PPL 6 days a week Program, but I’m really happy with the current one (the Bridge program) would It be advisable to just keep that Programm and maybe add a set extra for every Exercise or something

  • Awesome tips champ, thank you!
    Personally, as the first day in gym today, i restarted pretty slow. I have all the next days to push harder!:D

  • Getting back into it but so depressing cause I have lost so much muscle and the belly I worked so hard to lose is really affecting me my clothes don’t feel the same I don’t feel the same oh god I should never have stopped / anyone feel the same way?? Plus the probs is once you start training again your body aches!!

  • 100% confirmed, i took 3 weeks off completely, and when i started training the pump was fucking unreal, and in the next 3 days i felt friking amazing in the muscles worked

  • Once again really good advice. I have a few niggling injuries but I’ve been too scared to stop training for fear of going backwards very quickly. I’m now going to break completely for a couple of months and just do some cardio to help keep weight under control, so thanks.

  • Go back to the gym with a plan! Pre-register for the 8-Week Summer Sizzle Challenge and get 15% off ▷

  • Jason you suffered from fist in guys mouth…it’s very dangerous you could have got a very bad infection….I know I did the exact same bouncing in a bar the infection seems to be in bars…Lmao!!……Yes muscle memory is a great thing I broke two fingers and 3 bones in my right hand that time and was 5 weeks before I could workout upper body and like you said within two weeks I was back to where I was before the “infection”…crazy thing was with me I was actually stronger in some lifts after the 5 weeks off than I was before…I guess I needed the time off.

  • The idea that the average person can do 210 full body sets a week the first week back and still be able to walk is a little bit hilarious tbh. In fact it’s absurd.

    quarter of that volume for two weeks will actually get you back in shape without the debilitating pain that stops you working out again for a full week. “210 sets” haha

  • I laid of the gym due to my severe anxiety, i know it’s weird, for some people going to the gym relieves anxiety, complete opposite for me, 20-40 mins in my anxiety kicks in (shortness of breath, legs&arms feels weird, numbness,heart palpitation and w.e else you can think of that comes with bad anxiety) why does anxiety exist ��

  • Me personally I would buy your programme only started watching these videos and I love them no bullshit straight to the point. Keep it up buddy.

  • Really missed your videos, Jason! You always give me the mental kick in the rear I need to get started again after such a long hiatus (um…(gulp)…but this time, it’s been one entire year’s hiatus to be exact). Thank you for keeping on track and always sharing your workouts, especially during a time when it can be so easy to slip off the tracks ����️‍♀️

  • I tried squatting 3 sets of 225 for 6 reps on my first leg day back (which was relatively easy before quarantine) Almost collapsed and groin was wrecked for like 4 days lol Definitely want to take the advice of not over doing it/ thinking you can pick up where you left off!

  • Following this video, wouldn’t it be great to do a video on proper warm routine you would recommend for shoulders, hips etc. before lifting when going back to the gym to avoid any injuries like you said? Just a suggestion �� great video ��

  • Thank you for this Steve… I’m recovering from an eating disorder, and this lock-down situation has made things extremely difficult around this… weight training was my therapy ��

  • I find the switch from 2x to 1x per week causing MORE muscle gains very interesting. I used to do a bro split and made great gains.I wonder if the systemic recovery is more important than targeted muscle recovery.

  • For me i stopped training some years ago for 6 months, this after having 3 years of training experience and building good size. 1.5 years after that forced break i still dont have everything back and im still small asf compared to what i was

  • Ryan, have you changed your split recently or are you still on that Bro split? Does it work for natties too (1-year experience)? My current split is as follows:
    Day 1: Chest + Triceps
    Day 2: Back
    Day3: Rest
    Day 4: Legs
    Day 5: Shoulders + Biceps
    Day 6: Rest
    I’d be glad to hear your thoughts about it and any recommendations!

  • Ryan, have you changed your split recently or are you still on that Bro split? Does it work for natties too (1-year experience)? My current split is as follows:
    Day 1: Chest + Triceps
    Day 2: Back
    Day3: Rest
    Day 4: Legs
    Day 5: Shoulders + Biceps
    Day 6: Rest
    I’d be glad to hear your thoughts about it and any recommendations!

  • If you want to go hardcore without trening six days per week look here
    Monday back, biceps, glutes, legs, core
    Tuesday chest, shoulders, triceps
    Wednesday glutes, legs, core
    Thursday back, biceps
    Friday chest, shoulders, triceps, glutes, legs, core

    P.S. do not use too many sets and too much weight (not too much volume)

  • I know being a hockey player that you’re no pussy, but I recently dislocated my finger, popped it back in, but broke off the piece of bone that the tendon attaches to. But I haven’t missed any training lol

  • People nowadays say “Bodybuilding is now a blackman’s sport” dude Arnold’s last name is Blackier than Black. hehehehe Only german speaking people can understand I guess.:) Im a big Arnold and Ronnie Coleman fan. Longlive bodybuilding!!!

  • I have been following you in YouTube from last 7 months and i didn’t knew you have your workout app can any one tell me the name of our steve workout app?

  • I CANNOT wait for this program. I’ve commented before. But just the approach Ryan takes has really altered my view on body building. I love the tweaks to conventional exercises. It’s really helped me form connections with muscles I haven’t had before.

  • Hey I don’t know if you still read past comments but I heard that it’s good to hit chest with back on the same day for joint reasons? My current split is chest back then shoulders triceps biceps then legs.

  • Hey guys! I know some gyms are starting to re-open and even though not everyone will be able to (or want to) get back in there right away, I still wanted to get this video out early so everyone has a comeback plan ready when the time comes. I also decided to make a free 4 week Bridge Program you can download here: It includes all exercises, sets, reps, technique cues and video links for exercises to help you get back to normal training again safely and efficiently. There are actually two programs: one for if you can train 4x per week and one for if you can train 6x per week. Edit: The site is periodically crashing due to traffic. Just in case you can’t access my site, just put your email in here and I’ll make sure you get the program:

  • Ok I workout once a week doing high volume but here’s thing if I start working 2 times per week will I still be able to do high volume

  • I’m a beginner in weights, absolute rookie
    How important is stretching?
    Should I stretch before, after, both?
    Is it important for someone like me starting out? I assume it’s helpful for the long term, but what I want to know is if it’s something I NEED to do or else I won’t get growth

  • Btw, people should be applauding (via like comment and subscribe) this man for not being like legit EVERY other youtuber with long intros, wordy explanations, and generally making videos longer for their own success. this guy needs our support instead of corrupt little asshats! Or people like him will never prevail on YouTube! Thanks again for what you do!

  • I found your channel a few days ago, and like the short concise info. However, I would like more in depth video of a full workout.

  • I’m speechless about the way you make this video with all the sketches on the paper. The 2 million followers are more than worth if we look to the effort which you put in your video’s. The greatest of all is that everything is evidence based, so many thanks for this valuable content Jeff����

  • I’ve been lifting only for 3+ years & no gains to speak about losing, I guess people who have been training for 10 plus years worry more than I do. Psychologically I do feel I lost muscle size & even looked smaller in the mirror…especially being a natural.

  • My biceps have stopped growing compared to the rest. I’m thinking of training bicep twice a week? Do you think this will help improve in building muscle in the biceps

  • Man that was awesome you affirmed some things I was suspecting I did wrong first couple weeks back plus some things I wasn’t paying attention to as well!

  • I really like your no BS style, hell-yeah I’d buy your program. I’ve been looking at Athlean X, Jeff knows his shit, but he has some weird exercise movements. Also, if it matters, I do a 6-day split Push/Legs/Pull, Off, repeat. Keep up the great work.

  • Does this guy read minds?!?!!!! I was driving to work this morning thinkin about my evening workout(legs) then i thought about the next day Saturday that i would try to do a split day(i never have tried it)…and then boom this video pops up!!!!!

  • You need at least 1 big movement per muscle group where the focus is chasing progressive overload. You need to get stronger to get bigger. No other way around it. Progressive overload (adding more weight, reps, sets or decreasing rest time) after neurol adaptations is evidence of muscle mass increase because the more mass you have the more force you can produce.

  • Question I’m 7 day type a guy and do little different everyday cables always been my gain is it bad to mix shoulders biceps triceps and back in each day?? I really am focus on my upper body

  • I have been following your advice and methods..I commented before about ur no bullshit straight forwardness and I have gotten sore..brotha keep up it up and your simplicity I very much appreciate it! GET AFTER IT!

  • Would definitely agree about buying a program. Love Ryan’s take and knowledge and how he outputs it. Gotta love the no bs, right to the point way.

  • You earned a sub bro!!! I used to be a bodybuilder since I was 13-19 (with good size) until I met with a car crash and after a year I’m back at it but I’m lost as it’s been a while!!! Watched many YouTubers which all said the “Bro split” is bullshit when I had done that for years with amazing results being a natty, found your video and you are honest about what you say and come straight to the point rather than those other like “Athlean-X” who confuses you and then promotes their workout program tricking users to buy it!!! YOU’RE AMAZING KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • Your videos are realy nice. I like the scientific approach in combination with the funny parts. Bro-Jeff and Nerd-Jeff were a great addition. The steady use of papers without overloding the video with them completes the high quality of your videos.

  • Hell yes. How do I get my gains back and quickly because I allowed myself to gain 38 lbs from my last training burnout followed by divorce which totally put me into a state of “permanent eff it vacation mode” I can say that I’m proud and wasn’t vain in gaining weight. I embraced that shit real quick.

    Thank God for muscle memory. But damn the cardio is going to be KILLER

  • guys I need help.I was 161lbs before the gym closed for COVID-19,and then 3 months of staying at home doing nothing I’ve lost 11lbs of muscles and fats. When gym reopens at the end of June,I went back with the same routine and starting lean bulking.About 1.5 months later,I’m now almost at the same weight(158lbs) as before and most of my strengths are already back(except bench),but in terms of size I’m only about 85% to 90% of my previous size. What I don’t understand is why am I still not back at my previous size despite being almost at the same weight and strength as before?

    Am I doing anything wrong or is it normal and I just have to train and wait longer? I’m an ectomorph and I heard that it’s harder for ectomorph to gain back lost muscle mass but I’m not very sure.

  • I’ve found the split that works best for me is full body 4 x per week for around 10 weeks then cycle in a push pull split 6 x per week for 3 weeks. Repeat. Always switching up the rep range to weight ratio. Always working progressively. Also, in terms of spacing out those workout days and fitting in rest days, just imagine a week is 8 days long instead of 7.

  • Did Arnold ever get injured during his weightlifting career? I don’t recall hearing of it if he did. All that weight and never tore a bicep, etc. Pretty good for those days when the science and techniques weren’t as built up as they are today.

  • Have you heard of myonuclei overload? There are studies suggesting that this phenomenon is the physical component of muscle memory because training, particularly at high frequency and volume increases the number of nuclei in your muscle cells, and those new nuclei aren’t lost at a significant rate even with extreme atrophy.

  • What is the best way to lost crazy amounts of weight? I read loads of great opinions on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost lots of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular lose weight secrets?

  • 44 year old here. Been at it for about 3 years. Did Gertlouw program. It was good. Diet was very complicated. Hitting a wall now. Love this channel and Ryan’s go after it attitude. Would definitely get a program from this dude. Hurry up ok buddy!!!!

  • I’m interested in the traditional approach every part once a week deal, he have video where he covers this in general or more detail. I’m itching to get into the gym (if the damn things don’t collapse before they open again) and want to hit the ground running.

  • Ive been training for year and few months and I have the traditional “bro spli” except when Im doing back I also add 2 excercises of 4 sets for biceps, or when Im doing chest I add 2×4 triceps and when im doing shoulders/delts I add bench press and one other excercise for chest so that I hit arms and chest 2x per week. I also try not to do delts and chest or chest and arms in 2 days in a row so that muscles can recover

  • I’m confused… There’s a comparison between 1x and 2-3x per week. You say that training 2-3x gives 3.1% over the 3.7% of just once, but you go on to say this is in addition to a beginner gaining 25lbs of muscle, so you’d gain an extra pound by training more, but what’s the baseline amount of training that once is offering a 3.7% premium over? How is the beginning gaining 25lbs of muscle in the first place if they’re not training at least once per week?

    Edit: Perhaps the baseline is 4x per week? So 4x gains 25lbs in a year 1x is 3.7% more and 2-3x is 6.8% more? If so, that’s a HUGE indicator that training each body part just once per week is very efficient for most people

  • Excellent video. I think I’ll be back in the gym next week. It will be interesting to see how it works with social distancing, extra cleaning, etc.

  • I love going to the gym to workout now, it’s like a constant mind game between you and your muscles. Trying to trick one another on what you’ll do next. Sometimes I just close my eyes when I go to grab my next pair of dumbbells.

  • I positively love your methodology and eagerly await your program; I’ve gotten such good results from the videos in mere weeks just toying with a 9kg kettlebell at work.

  • I work at the hospital 3, 12 hour shifts a week so I only have 4 days a week. What would a rough draft split look like for someone in my position?

  • I did the Hit/Heavy duty system that Dorian Yates did and had great results with that and I loved it, because its so satisfying, but then I noticed something concerning my Voice and the Voices of all the Athletes and Coaches on YouTube: They all have dry mucous membranes and sound hoarse. I figuered, thats because of the permanent stress they demand on their bodies.
    Because of Corona and because Im a Singer, I changed to a moderate high frequenzy volumetraining, never going to failure so that the time I needed to recover was way less and behold: my Voice recovered, I felt way more energized and I got pretty much the same results. My only problem is, I find that kind of training to be much more boring.
    But: In Germany we say, its gehuppt wie gesprungen… Jacke wie Hose… it doesnt matter that much:-)

  • Thank you man.. It really helped bcz the gyms are finally reopening after quarantine and I got nothing to do. This video helped so much

  • The reason why intermediate lifters going from 2x a week to 1x a week experienced greater gain, is that in intermediate or advanced state, the recovery phase takes longer. Because the stress-recovery-adaptation cycle is longer in each phase.

  • I kind of did the opposite lol. I didn’t do a 1RM.
    Mon=chest Tues=Back Wed=Legs Thurs=Shoulders Fri=Arms Sat=Sumo Deadlifts and Squats. With 30-60 minutes of stair master everyday or 6 days.

  • Hi, I am following Cindy Landolt muscle mass routine which seems to be the “Traditional” workout plan. It is a 4 day workout with 1rest day after the first 2 days of training; and 2 rest days after the other 2 days of training. What do you think about her program?

  • Steve, so with the training; should we be looking at doing several sessions of total body workouts…say 2-3 per week for a couple weeks?

  • Yeah you can do that, or you can just train al the muscles as much as possible in 1 week. 5 days training and saturday and sunday rest. I do that je my results are a lot quicker than the people who do every muscle just 2 times in a week. Only arms 1 time per week

  • I just started to work out I weigh 160lbs and I’m 6’6, I have been working out for 3 weeks now and I listen to the first 1min of this every time before the gym