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Egg Roll In A Bowl

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30-Minute Egg Roll in a Bowl | Quick & Easy Low-Carb Dinner!

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Keto Egg Roll In A Bowl | 1 Pot Dinner!

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Egg roll in a bowl variation ideas: Try ground turkey or shrimp instead of ground pork. Crockpot Southwest Egg Roll in a Bowl is great too. The flavor is amazing and the slow cooker makes it so easy. Broccoli slaw is also a tasty substitute for the coleslaw mix.

Ingredients 1 pound bulk pork sausage 1 (16 ounce) package coleslaw mix ¼ cup soy sauce ¼ cup toasted sesame oil 1 tablespoon grated ginger 1 clove. This easy egg roll in a bowl is made in just one pot in 20 quick minutes. A healthy, low carb dinner idea that’s loaded with flavor.

This recipe transforms the popular fried egg roll appetizer into a healthy, low carb main dish. Not only is it a better-for-you version, but it’s super easy to make. Egg roll in a bowl is a great way to get those delicious Asian flavors in an easy-to-make meal. Make this recipe for dinner or meal prep lunches!

Making meal prep lunches is one of the best ways to make sure you’re eating healthy all week long. Egg Roll in a Bowl is a delicious healthier Chinese recipe made with cole slaw mix, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and pork. You can use ground chicken too!

Egg Roll in a bowl is the main course version of my super popular Egg Rolls and Spring Rolls recipes. If you love Chinese appetizers also try my Crab Rangoon, it is a restaurant favorite!It’s an addicting one-dish keto dinner, also known as ‘egg roll in a bowl’. You can save money by slicing up your own cabbage, or save time by buying pre-made coleslaw at the store. You can also use any kind of ground meat, with pork being another great selection.

Topped with our chili-lime dressing, this is sure to be a new favorite!For best results, put leftover egg roll in a bowl in a container with a tight-fitting lid. It should keep about three days but it also freezes well if needed. To reheat, simply pop it in the microwave, give it a good stir and refresh the flavors with a dash of soy. In a large skillet over medium heat, heat vegetable oil.

Add garlic and ginger and cook until fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Add pork and cook until no pink remains. Instructions Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add ground meat and cook, stirring, until no longer pink. Drain; return meat Add diced onion, sesame oil, and rice vinegar to the skillet.

Cook, stirring, for a few more minutes (until onion is Add garlic, ginger, soy sauce, hoisin sauce. Whether you call this egg roll in a bowl or crack slaw, you’re going to love this quick weeknight dinner recipe! It’s ready in just 20 minutes and is really packed with flavor.

Such a healthy option for a quick dinner. One of the foods that I really crave a lot is Chinese take out.

List of related literature:

Gently fold the egg yolk mixture into the whipped whites, then slowly fold in the dry mixture.

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Brush the tops of the rolls lightly with the egg mixture.

“The Model Bakery Cookbook: 75 Favorite Recipes from the Beloved Napa Valley Bakery” by Karen Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell Hansen, Rick Rodgers, Frankie Frankeny
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Combine egg yolk and 1 tablespoon water; brush over rolls.

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Spoon the yolk/mayo mixture back into the egg white, being careful to scrape the bowl to get every last drop.

“Keto Kid: Helping Your Child Succeed on the Ketogenic Diet” by Deborah Ann Snyder, DO
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Break the eggs into the work bowl and pulse until the mixture forms crumbs that look like small curds.

“The Glorious Pasta of Italy” by Domenica Marchetti, France Ruffenach
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Use one bowl to catch the egg white and then transfer it to the bowl in which you plan to whip them.

“The Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking: Master All the Best Tricks for Low-Carb Baking Success” by Carolyn Ketchum
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Add the eggs one at a time, then the yolks one by one, beating for 1 minute after each addition and scraping down the sides and bottom of the bowl as needed.

“Baking: From My Home to Yours” by Dorie Greenspan
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Fold the bottom edge up over the filling (it should mostly cover the mixture) and brush a small amount of the egg and water mixture along the exposed, flipped-up edge (this will help seal the blintz).

“Judaism For Dummies” by Rabbi Ted Falcon, David Blatner
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To reheat, place the egg roll mixture in a lightly greased skillet and stir-fry for 5 minutes or until warmed through.

“Easy Dairy-Free Ketogenic Recipes: Family Favorites Made Low-Carb and Healthy” by Maria Emmerich
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Pour the egg mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients and mix with a spatula until incorporated.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
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  • I make this with chopped cabbage, coconut aminos and I throw in a bag of cauliflower rice to bulk it up. We love it too and eat it about twice a week.

  • This quickly became a weekly staple. It’s so easy to make, fast, and so tasty. I tossed in two eggs, enoki mushrooms, and some bean sprouts for extra crunch. Thank you!

  • Just followed the recipe. I felt the tablespoon of ginger paste was a bit over powering. Next time I’ll try a teaspoon and go from there. Other than that, it was great. -don from Lorain Ohio USA

  • I made this “Eggroll in a Bowl” today, it turned out great, although coconut amino is part of the ingredients, I chose fish sauce over coconut amino then added an additional half teaspoon of Chinese five spice ingredients to the mix. The final dish was received very well by the family. Thank You

  • Just made this because I’ve been wanting Chinese and there is nothing Keto to order. OMG!!! It tasted just like a eggroll in a bowl. This is going to be a go to staple meal for me. So easy and tastes so good. Thanks so much.

  • I made this tonight. I used shrimp instead. We loved it!! Will be making it again.Will be trying different meats! Thank you Laura!!

  • Easy-breezy one pan meal that is crunchy and flavorful tastes amazing. I didn’t know about Quorn or coconut aminos. Yum!
    Dr. Gundry, you made it look so easy, so I tried it…and it IS easy and delicious! Thank you for helping us get healthy. Marilyn U.

  • Thanks for mentioning Quorn. I have been using it for several years in Australia but hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere else. Recipe sounds great.

  • Obviously, I’m watching this a year later. I love your videos. I have trouble eating eggs. I nearly gag on eating two of them. I do eat them in a Mexican type dish with a tostada, not very low carb friendly. I also have to start watching the cholesterol level as we need to bring ours down. I pretty much stick to the $10 a day, but also have savings extras in the freezer. Thanks.

  • Made it twice. I fried some thin wonton strips to put on top. So yummy. I have never cooked anything from start to finish on high heat before but It came out great

  • Followed this recipe to the letter and made this Egg Roll in a Bowl for dinner tonight OMG amazing! So delicious! I’ll be putting this into my weekly rotation. THANK YOU so much for the delicious recipe!!!

  • I made the Yum Yum sauce last night and now I’m addicted!!! I used what was left over and made deviled eggs with it. No mustard… Just Yum Yum sauce and the cooked yolks… Heavenly!!

  • Love this recipe! Thank you for redoing the YumYum sauce, hoping to finally try it. Took eggroll in a bowl to office potluck & non-ketoians(?) loved it��

  • Heat Sesame Oil in a wok on medium high heat


    3 cloves of minced garlic

    1 TB fresh minced ginger

    5 Green onions, sliced on a bias

    1/2 cup Yellow onion

    Heat for just a bit until it gets fragrant

    Quorn Meatless grounds 1 bag (mushrooms and eggwhite)

    Maybe a little salt and pepper if you want

    Siracha sauce for a little heat

    Shredded cabbage 14 oz (1 large bag of coleslaw mix)

    Broccoli slaw (2 cups)

    Let the cabbage and the slaw wilt a little bit. Preserve the crunch.

    Cocunut Aminos (instead of soy sauce)

    Sesame Seeds

    Ready to eat

  • OMG tried this last night. It was soooo good. I used ground turkey sausage and the left over liquid I sautéed some medium shrimp in. Then I slid the shrimp on skewers. It was sooooo delicious. Oh yeah I did marinate the meat as BTSArmy suggested. ��

  • Finally made this. But I don’t have ground beef, I just cut beef really small, like 1/8th inch. And since I don’t have enough beef (like half your receipt) so, I made full batch of the sauce, and dump just half of it. Keep the other half for next time.. yummmmm.. thanks ��

  • Just tried this today! It was delicious! In personal pan, I cracked 2 eggs on top of the meat, let it heat for a couple of minutes then put a lid on to cook the top of the egg (it still had a runny yolk like an over easy egg). I added a little bit of sriacha for the flavor, but drizzled hot sesame oil for added heat.

  • I made this for dinner today. Ohmigod! This is my new favorite meal. I used ground chicken, adding extra sesame oil of course, because it’s so dry. DELICIOUS! My family is eating it over rice.

  • Dear Gundry, Thank you for all your lovely recipes. You say that green veges are excellent. What about the purple colour
    cabbage and the Swiss chard that are of multiple colours. I am entering into my 4th week of your diet and am enjoying all
    that I am cooking and eating. I am a vegetarian so eating veges is my favourite. I have started making slices out of almond meal and veges just great. Have a great day. May you be well and happy. Peggy Page (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Pen/pencil/index card………have handy as he demonstrates! Ingredient amounts show up in lower left of screen. Just stop the video, write on card and go make dinner! lol

  • This looks fabulous and yumm yumm sauce….yes please!!!! Making this next week already prepped for this week!!! Love you guys!!!

  • OMG I love you guys and the whole family. This is exactly what my life is like sometimes. thank your for this I will make this and post on IG.

  • This is absolutely delicious! I have never heard of Quorn before and I am completely sold on it for other recipes. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  • Our mom is 82. So I love the dish but when I make it for her and my twin sister I’ll keep the ingredients secret. lol…lol…
    I could eat eat this every night too!

  • And I thought I was so original. LOL. Been making this for years. Came up with the idea myself (for me). So tasty, I used chopped chicken, that works well too. And for you dieters, you couldn’t get a tastier, low cal and filling meal. Highly recommend. Enjoy!!

  • Are there any health topics you’d like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below!

    Gundry MD’s YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2YVaIi0

  • just made some today and will eat tonight with dinner……… I put it in an empty mayo jar and tucked in the fridge. Tasted good licking my fingers LOL.

  • Can you please do whole big fish in the oven recipe. Your way is very preside and always works. Couldn’t find this on ur channel.Thank you

  • I have no clue
    Why u don’t have more subs you are freaking awesome love your energy and
    The things you are teaching you definitely need more
    Subs more
    Likes and more
    Comments and more people hitting. The bell ��

  • If you’re considering trying this recipe….do! I made it and it is everything you love about egg rolls minus the greasy wrappers! Absolutely delicious!

  • Can you eat this at first? I know I’ve read no onions and this has onions so not sure. Sorry to bug, just new to Keto. I’ve done low carb (Atkins) in the past with success. I’m looking for different ideas.

  • I made this recipe cooking the meat with a couple tablespoons of dry onion, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp black pepper. Then I added the Cole slaw. When it was about ready, I poured this homemade dressing over the whole pot and mixed well. It’s a copycat recipe from this great restaurant in Dallas Texas called Houston’s. Their grilled chicken salad is to die for and I crave it from time to time. It’s a Thai peanut sauce. They also use a honey lime vinegrette which I did not use for this recipe. This peanut sauce is delish. 1/4 cup soy sauce or Braggs liquid aminos, 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter, 2 tablespoons packed SWERVE brown sugar alternative or sukrin gold, 2 tablespoons sesame oil, 2 tablespoons rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger, dash of red pepper or Sambal to taste, 1 clove of garlic.

  • I made this tonight. It was very good and my husband loved it! I made the Miracle Noodle Pad Thai last week and to be honest, I really preferred the PadThai. The noodles made the difference! Yummy!!!! 
    It would really be helpful to have the recipe available to print. ��

  • Ok sooooo your recipe is AHHH-MAZING!!!! I make it ALL the time now. Huge bowl. I use it as a salad dressing lol. I spread it over my meats. I dip veggies in it. Havent tried it over eggs buuuut worth a shot. I could put it on liver AND I DONT EAT LIVER!! Oh and of course my eggroll in a bowl��. Geez this sauce is good. Youve got a winner!! Great job and BEAUTIFUL family❤

  • I used ground beef and added a home made keto cheese sauce. Turned it into a keto hamburger helper! Ground ginger is Ok but there is just no replacing the flavor of fresh chopped ginger!

  • Came home from a chilly motorcycle ride and whipped this up with some mushrooms and chili garlic paste…I don’t think I took a breath, this was so good

  • This looks delicious, but I can’t believe this is a complete meal for 4 people. Looks like enough for 2 people. Can’t wait to try it.

  • You literally have not aged! I’ve just binge watched all your videos in less than a week and now I’m current!�� YOU LOOK THE SAME!!! ����

  • I bought those Thrive Market coconut wraps and I’m gonna use them to make egg rolls with your egg roll in a bowl recipe! Cant wait:)

  • I made this last night following the basic recipe but changing or adding a few ingredients. For instance I used hot paprika seasoned fish (Cod and Tilapia) instead of pork, bone broth instead of chicken and mixed regular bagged cabbage with a small bag of “angel hair” thin shredded cabbage. I added bok choy, hen of the woods mushrooms, lemon zest, one leaf of kale, and added everything bagel sesame seeds/sriracha flavored sesame seeds at the end with the sesame oil along with the scallions. It was amazing! In fact I ate the leftovers for breakfast this morning. What I love about this recipe (besides the great taste and very sated feeling afterwards) is that I think it’s going to be delicious even on the nights that I don’t have time to be chopping up everything in my frig and want to make it very basic as well as being able to change it up with beef, pork or chicken.
    How can something so simple be SO good… oh wait remember potato chips?

  • Hey Laura. Love your channel first of all. Here’s a question. If you could only have one pasta dish for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Inquiring minds want to know. In other words what is your favorite Italian pasta dish?

  • I didn’t have the sesame oil so I used my, everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s. It was not the same but, it was good. Thanks.

  • I made this tonight and it was good. I would have liked a recipe amount. I bought THE PLANT PARADOX which I am currently reading. I live in Florida. They carry Quorn at Publics but not at Winn Dixie. Always looking for recipes. Thank you

  • I just made this tonight but I used pre cooked fajita style chicken. I’m heavy handed with sriracha, ginger and garlic too. It is delicious,

  • GUUUURRRLLL!! This is fan-blanking-tastic! OMG. IM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT if I could stuff it into a coconut or grain free siete wrap and fry like an egg roll. Makes me want sinus blasting hot mustard!
    I also do the coconut aminos to avoid the soy, a plant estrogen.

  • This looks perfect for a weeknight meal! Will be making it next week. Would love to see more seafood and vegetarian main dishes for 2020. Thanks!

  • Why sesame seed oil? It is carcinogenic when it is heated. You said coconut oil and olive oil. What?! All seeds contains most toxin!!! Shrimps and depend on where you catch the shrimps and if the sea is polluted, the pollutants will just contaminate of all the fish that you catch and mercury will be the next thing to worry about!

  • I hit the like button before I even watch y’alls videos, I done know what you “getting ready to put down I’m gonna get”!!!❤️❤️❤️
    Well wishes!

  • My friend makes a dish similar to this but she calls it “Chinese Hekka”. I like that yours adds GINJA to it… see what I did there?? lol Can’t wait to try your version. Had noted down your recipe for YY sauce previously so just have to rewatch to get the main dish ingredients and measurements. Wondered what type of soya sauce you used and how many carbs. Going to have to look it up. Thanks for your amazing down-to-earth recipes. Ya keep me KO! (Keto-ing On) Your kids are adorable including the big one called Dan!

  • Finally made this! We used a pound of grass-fed beef instead of Quorn or shrimp. The only Quorn in our local stores has ingredients from the no list, and I’m lousy at cooking shrimp. It was delicious! After watching a couple of reviews from other sites that mentioned blandness, I used 5 Tbsp of coconut aminos and doubled the ginger.

    Fast and easy to make. Relatively inexpensive, considering we got 4 (very generous) servings out of it. One reviewer had said to use raw sesame oil, as toasted sesame oil can become bitter when sauteing at high heat. Since I only had toasted sesame oil, I added a tiny splash of it to an olive oil base. It worked, though maybe we sacrificed some flavor. Now I’ve stocked up on raw sesame oil, and Next time, we’ll try shrimp and get the true eggroll experience.

  • Awesome! You make ditching from bad bacteria feeding foods switching to good bacteria feeding healthy foods. Your advice is 1000% the best Dr. Gundry.

  • I’m always happy to find vegetarian Plant Paradox recipes and this one was delicious. For a little extra flavor, I added olive oil, sliced mushrooms, garlic and onion granules. Thanks to Dr. Gundry I always have Meatless Grounds in my freezer. Thank you for the recipe -and the Plant Paradox way of eating, Dr Gundry! I’m down about 15 pounds so far.

  • add half a cup of diced mushrooms, 1 cup of popcorn shrimp and 2 tbs of oyster sauce, youll thank me later 17 years making chinese food.

  • omfg! Really! You guyz! Ive tried different versions of crack slaw and this was def the best! The yum sauce was to DIE for!! Thx so much for sharing you two! MMMMM!

  • I made it today for lunch. The recipe is good but could use a bit more flavor. In the end I added additional dried garlic, dried ginger (I used fresh in the recipe), more coconut amigos than the recipe called for, and I added some apple cider vinegar. The acid in the vinegar bumped up the flavors a bit.

  • I’M MAKING THIS.! like normally don’t ever think I would make a YouTube receipt without changing a few things in it… But this I’m making this exactly this way. Because it seems perfect.
    Ur so funny with ur verbal measurements. That mayo was definitely not 1 cup and a half.�� More like 2 cups that table spoon of oil was like a IDK but I’m NOT following ur verbal measurements. I’m doing like a saw u do it. Lol but it’s was so funny to me.

  • I have learned so much from you too…i follow a lot of your recipes thanks..just found out im pre-diabetec so im tryin this low carb way of life…and the Keto diet is the best way im learning to reverse it…

  • So… I’m a little late on the crack slaw wagon, but made this last night. It was awesome and my non Keto husband ate it 2 nights in a row instead of his “sub”. Yum. Thanks guys.
    Love your cookbook!

  • Be careful of Quorn if you are gluten free it has wheat in it! I love egg roll in a bowl. But I find different way to enhance my meals so they are safe to eat! Thanks Dr. Gundry

  • Amanda, I have to comment again! Girl, why did I ever doubt you? �� I just made the yum yum sauce. ���� please keep the awesome recipes coming! Glad, that y’all are starting to feel better!

  • Omg I just made this. I got the coleslaw mix instead of the broccoli slaw. This is my family’s new favorite meal! I will definitely be making this weekly! Thank you so much for sharing ����

  • So, I’ve not tried avocado oil. I cannot stand avocado’s, but it’s a texture thing for me. I wondered what the taste of the oil is? Lol… I don’t do coconut oil… just nasty tasting to me. I just use olive oil, but I’d like to try something else, too.

  • Great recipes and nice addition with the quantities listed. How about pressure cooker recipes using legumes? The Plant Paradox sings the pressure cooker praises for legumes, quinoa, etc. I’d love to hear some of your favorites please!

  • Looks like a great recipe, hope to try it this evening.
    How about changing the cabbage for the Miracle Noodles and enjoying Beef Lomein?
    Have you tried kelp noodles, are they OK?

  • I also have been sick, for 10 days now. If I can swallow tomorrow, i may make this! Sounds delicious! Thanks so much for doing this. Hope you are sleeping and feeling well. Blessings!

  • I looked but was unable to find a text or printable version of this recipedid I miss it somewhere? I really want to try this but would like the ingredients and amounts.

  • Can’t wait to try this Eggroll in a Bowl with Yum Yum sauce. Dan did very well at taking over in the end of cooking. Love you guys. You compliment each other so well.

  • I am so behind the game but i am finally going to try egg roll in a bowl! Ur yum yum sauce makes it look so much more appetizing than on other channels. Thank u so much for sharing this!

  • The Eggroll in a Bowl looks really good, but where can I download the reciepe to print. It’s hard to write it all down so I can make it?

  • Made this tonight, my picky family loved it. And it actually filled us up fast. Was out of mayo, so I couldn’t make the Yum Yum sauce. It was still great. Picked up your recipe book. Looking forward to trying more. We are doing the stuffed meatloaf next.

  • Try Italian seasoned ground turkey from Walmart or breakfast turkey sausage also from Walmart both have a great tasting seasoning that works really well with this dish

  • Dr. Gundry, can you post the actual recipe with the emails/newsletters you send out? This looks very good. I would like to print out a list of ingredients and directions as in a recipe style. That would be awesome. Thanks, Mike

  • Love the way Dr Gundry not only teaches not preaches to us about how to eat healthy, he give us recipes to cook. Love the Plant Paradox, trying to change my eating habits.

  • I just made your egg roll in a bowl and your Yumm Yumm sauce and both are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ just recently found you r channel and love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • just found u guys here….feel like i’ve been missing out!.lol..thanks for the recipes…i’m making some of your marinara sauce today for future whatever and definitely doing the yumyum sauce now…never have had it so its a new taste for me…i’ll keep u posted…ty again

  • I just looked to see when your first video was. Jan. 17 2010?? TEN YEARS AGO??!!! Still my favorite Youtuber. Thanks for all the delicious recipes and positive, upbeat personality. Thanks for inviting us into your home and all the hard work.

  • This would be good in a hickima roll to make as a wrap or roll type dish. Thin sliced hickima works good as wrap or as soft tacos.

  • Ooohhh, delicious! I would probably find a way to incorporate duck sauce into this (or sweet chili sauce), since that is one of my favorite parts of eggs rolls! Maybe as a dressing drizzled over the top? Obviously would not be nearly as healthy, then, but it would be delicious! Haha!

  • i just made this today and it was fantastic! i used broccoli slaw because its what i had on hand and added a cooked egg on top for extra protein. great flavor and your personality is so fun, subscribing!

  • I made your Eggroll in a bowl with the yum yum sauce and it was delicious! Will be making it again. Thank you! Can you use olive oil mayo? Wasn’t sure on the macros for this though. And serving size? You little boy Levi is adorable!

  • Your flavor profile is awesome.
    Can I make this VEGAN Keto with tofu and mushrooms or would that be too many carbs? How much can I add instead of 1 lb meat? THANKS��

  • I love that you 2 made this video together. You guys make a cute couple. I’m a keto newbie. My husband is at least trying some of my stuff I make.

  • I just found your channel and absolutely love your recipes and y’alls outlook and mindset. I really advocate not beating yourself up it’s so counterproductive. Thank you �� for the YumYum sauce my husband loves it!!

  • This is delicious I added sesame oil to my olive oil and it worked out really well!! This will definitely become a at least once a week thing for us��

  • Just smidge too salty for my liking. I will be adding less soy sauce next time
    But other than that it’s really good!! I served it over romaine

  • Just made this and it was amazing. I used ginger in a squeeze bottle and topped off the dish with chopped peanuts. Can’t wait to make it again. Thank you for sharing.

  • I was looking at ur magic hat challenge and I laughed so hard I woke my husband up the look of joy u had on ur face when u took that bit of ur cubin sandwich was so cool..oh and I hope u takin that husband of it’s to the club cause he be getting his groove on behind u

  • Just sayin,’ you can run cauliflower flowerets thru the shredder of your food processor and you’ve got riced cauliflower. A WHOLE lot cheaper!

  • One of my FAVORITE meals! I have done pork and ground beef and chicken but I like the pork or ground beef the best. I put some sweetener in mine and I also add water chestnuts for a little crunch and love the toasted sesame oil also!

  • Oh my goodness, this recipe brought me to your channel. Started watching last week, the more I watched the more I found that you guys are such wonderful people and you live just north of me. Anyways. Made this tonight and WOWZA. Sooo good, I will be making it quite often. Thankyou for sharing ��

  • Made this today…added a few eggs and a mixture of cabbage and broccoli slaw, pretty good. The yum yum sauce definitely completes the dish!

  • Oh that was fab. I marinated pork in Chinese five spice/sesame oil/garlic for the afternoon. And added a beaten egg at the end. It was scrumptious! Thank you.

  • I made this last night and the night before. It’s absolutely delicious!!!!! The first night I used a pound of Italian sweet sausage meat, last night I used frozen cooked fajita beef. I have enough ingredients to do it one more time tonight. We can’t get enough of it, just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

  • Forgot to add… ironically ya mentioned to Dan to be louder, as a viewer it’s a nice change to NOT have a keto guy YELLING in the videos. He is doing a fab-u-lous job as a sous chef, don’t change a thing D-dawg!!!��

  • Looks delish! Can’t wait to try it. Just one suggestion, Doc: I think your videos are great but when you’re cooking, please lighten up and lose the suit! While watching you cook, I find myself thinking you’re going to ruin it with splashes of oil and food!:) Thanks for caring about us!

  • I used to make something very similar and with cabbage but at the time I was on WW and I used cabbage to make that hamburger more…… and I would put tostadas in the oven on the rack and cook until they were solid, put this mixture on top, add lettuce and taco sauce and there you had it, tostadas.:) Now you have me curious about the yum yum sauce although being single and stuff, tracking it making a whole batch is stuff I stay away from unless I can do a single serving at a time, guess it’s possible:)

  • I made this but i got some of the fried noodles that you usually get with won ton soup and put some on top snd it really added to that eggroll taste

  • We’re doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY on our Instagram right now. It’s all of our favorite products and we’re picking 9 winners. Be sure to check it out and comment to enter: https://www.instagram.com/keto.connect/

    Thanks for the support everyone!

  • I made this today. The broccoli slaw version is so much better than the cabbage!!! And I freaking love the yum yum sauce. I’m so glad I found your channel ��

  • This is a great recipe for a beginner home cook. I followed it to a T as I do with all recipes I find then alter later on if I decide to cook it again. The wrapper and sauce are what make egg rolls delicious. Remove both and you’re left with basic mediocre stir fry. So, if you don’t eat Asian foods a whole lot, you may find this recipe delicious. But if you’re like me who eats Asian food almost daily and grew up eating it, this is just okay. Adding hoisin sauce may amp up the flavor more. I also use oyster sauce in the beginning when stir frying.

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  • Y’all NEED to try crack slaw if you haven’t had it yet. Replace ground beef with sausage though…omg,this looks amazzzzing, FEEL BETTER!

  • I made this with just the beef, broccoli slaw and yumm yumm sauce. I also threw in some buttered zoodles I had from the day before. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

  • love the SIZZLE! I have made this many times, I always forget the sesame seeds and add more spice. I’ve used shrimp and chicken. Dr. Gundry I would sign up for a travel around the world cooking tour.

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