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Nyberg Stani Dairy, authentic Greek yogurt

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What Is Quark and Is It Healthy?

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Greek Yogurt Recipe: How to make Healthy Greek Yogurt at Home

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Most Overlooked Protein Source

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3 New Quick & Easy Greek Yogurt Breakfast Ideas

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Although it’s technically a cheese, the quark sold in the U.S. is more similar to yogurt and labneh. It’s thicker than regular yogurt, but still spoonable. And while it’s got some tang, it’s relatively mild overall. You can find it in grocery stores across the country, sold in large containers and individual ones.

Quark is a soft, creamy cheese, originally from Germany, and popular in Europe. Keri Gans, a New York-based dietitian and author of The Small Change Diet, tells Well+Good that it’s similar to. The texture of quark is comparable to Greek yogurt, but “the flavor is mild and neutral with much less tartness than yogurt,” explains Zhu.

So, if you’re like me and can’t stomach plain Greek yogurt unless it’s smothered in honey and fruit, this is for you. Plus, since the flavor is mild, you can use it in both sweet and savory recipes. Quark “is technically a cheese,” according to Alyssa Lavy, RD, but it’s very unlike any other thanks to its super-thick consistency, which is a cross between cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Quark is technically a cheese, according to Alyssa Lavy, RD, but its very unlike any other thanks to its super-thick consistency, which is a cross between cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Unlike yogurt, though, quark doesn’t have a tart taste.

Instead, it has a mild. Quark “is technically a cheese,” according to Alyssa Lavy, RD, but it’s very unlike any other thanks to its super-thick consistency, which is a cross between cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. From a nutritional standpoint, “quark has more in common with Greek yogurt than these new brands make out,” says Janet Helm, an RD in Chicago. “All. Quark and Greek yogurt are similar in flavor and nutritional profile—it’s high in protein and fats and low in carbs. Wells says that some might prefer quark because it can have a lower caloric.

Growing up, my family and I have always considered Quark like a thick yogurt, even thicker than Greek yogurt. To some, it’s compared to a curd cheese, although quark is typically a lot smoother or silkier than that. Overall, it’s not quite as smooth as yogurt, but it’s not as stiff as mascarpone or soft cheese; it’s really somewhere in between.

The packaging on the quark I purchased explains what quark is: it’s a “spoonable fresh cheese with a creamy texture similar to Greek yogurt, but with a richer, less sour taste. It also has a better protein-to-carb ratio than Greek yogurt, with high protein and no added sugars.” Elli’s website markets it as “cheesecake in a cup.”.

List of related literature:

Quark: Also spelled quarg, this unripened, very low fat fresh cheese resembling bakers’ cheese or low-fat cream cheese, originated in Germany and is now popular throughout Central Europe.

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Data in Table 4 show that thermization of yogurt and quark reduces the number of both lactic acid bacteria and contaminants.

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The Greek yogurt phenomenon is one of the most remarkable marketing achievements in the dairy industry.

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More promising for the company were the US dairy markets, where the company was rapidly catching up with the Greek yoghurt boom through Activia Greek and Oikos Dips.

“FMCG: The Power of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods” by Greg Thain, John Bradley
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Quark-based products (fresh cheeses, etc.) are also made with microbial fermentations of milk, but the whey is separated after milk coagulation.

“Yoghurt: Science and Technology” by A. Y. Tamime, Richard Kenneth Robinson
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Now, Greek yogurt is not a new phenomenon.

“Next is Now: 5 Steps for Embracing Change Building a Business That Thrives Into the Future” by Lior Arussy
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Quark is prepared with souring cultures and small amounts of rennet (sour rennet quark) or starter cultures alone (sour milk quark).

“Microbiological Safety and Quality of Food” by Barbara Lund, Anthony C. Baird-Parker, Tony C. Baird-Parker, Grahame W. Gould, Grahame Warwick Gould
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What is its quark content?

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By 2002, yogurt sales in Israel surpassed those of leben and continue to expand with each passing year.

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cheese quark, which has slightly higher solid content.

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  • Just make your own yogurt, it’s way better than what you buy at the store and cheaper too especially if you tend to eat a lot of yogurt. You don’t have to have anything fancy, just get plain yogurt and use it as seed and follow tutorials on YouTube. If you want a Greek style yogurt all you have to do is strain it in some cheesecloth. I’m not a yogurt expert nor Greek, so IDK how exactly to make authentic Greek yogurt but what I make myself is close enough to make me happy with it.

  • Greek Yogurt is a Fcking rip off that`s true // I just tried some Quark and it`s terrible so acidic it turned my stomach and I nearly spewed up on the spot -Stuff it

  • I dont know about your yogurt but here we have the best foods you all dont even know they are exist or how to make. It eat your poor hamburger just trash

  • My employer is generous enough to provide tons of free snacks and food for employees and there is an abundance of yogurt in the refrigerator. It’s awesomea whopping 15 grams of protein for only 80 calories with about 2 grams of fat. As far as I know, the only food which comes anywhere close to the kinds of nutritional specifications of yogurt is tuna. Glad to see that I am not the only person who is emphatic about yogurt from a nutritional perspective!

    P.S. I recently got back into weight-lifting after a two year respite caused by severe neuropathy in my left arm. I used to be in phenomenal shape, so it was a real disappointment to stop lifting. Your channel is giving me great tips for getting back in the game. Thank you!

  • You compare quark to some shitty brands of “Greek” yogurt that isn’t really Greek yogurt.  Authentic Greek yogurt has higher protein and is completely different that what is found in stores.  You are also forgetting that yogurt contains the healthy bacteria strands that are not found in quark.  You only compared the price and the flavor….pretty lame review..

  • Ρε μαλάκα γαμάει το ελληνικό γιαούρτι! Εννοείται πως ο καπιταλισμός έχει ανεβάσει αδικαιολόγητα πολύ την τιμή μέσω της διαφήμισης και του lifestyle που υποστηρίζει αλλά αυτό δε σημαίνει ότι το ελληνικό γιαούρτι είναι σπατάλη χρημάτων. Έχει ένα σωρό μαλακίες μέσα από θρεπτικά συστατικά, εκτός των πρωτεϊνών που δύσκολα τα βρίσκεις σε άλλα τρόφιμα, πόσο μάλλον σε αυτή την αηδία, το quark, πώς το λες… Ζήτω το ελληνικό γιαούρτι! Ζήτω η εργατιά!

  • Scooby does living in the US make you depressed with all the pesticide, hormone, steroid, and other chemical infested foods that are approved to serve? Even if you are wise as an adult in US you were most likely raised on this tainted food.

  • Scooby, the amount of estrogen in dairy products is of concern looking at you though, it doesn’t seem to have been a problem?
    Maybe exercise counters the excess estrogen in dairy products? What are your thoughts?

  • hey you want real “Greek yogurt” or “Labneh” like we call it in Syria.. you can make your own at home.. it might not last as long as the one you bye from the store but at least you know you are not adding any shitty chemicals in it ( they add powder to make it whiter or creamier plus embalming chemicals).. bring a normal yogurt and add some salt to it and bring some draining cloth put the yogurt in the cloth, tie it, and put it in a drainer above a pot.. leave it to start draining the water out.. you can control the thickness of the Labneh you are getting by how long you leave it draining.. some leave it just for a few hours others prefer a thicker Labneh so they leave it a whole day.. try it.. it is really easy and not expensive at all.

  • Lol first of all greek yogurt costs 2,50 OR LESS in Greece its not the yogurts fault that other countrys want its price to go higher aww and also the real Greek yogurt comes from a greek brand and most importantly from Greece!Plus greeks had philosophy when the other nations were still living in caves so i think that we know what we are doing(Not in a Political way)

  • nice language….really need to talk like that on the subject of yogurt? thanks for polluting my kids with your vulgar speech…azzzhole

  • They sell one brand of quark here in alberta at most save-on-foods and it’s more expensive than greek yogurt. But you can use it to replace pretty much anything creamy in a recipe, even butter and its packed with protein.

  • Greek Yogurt is so Expensive there because it is supposed to be the original Greek Yogurt,actually this isn’t Greek Yogurt, it is just ordinary Yogurt and bla bla bla, if you wanna eat REAL Greek Yogurt come here, at Greece we have REAL GREEK Yogurt and I’m not even kidding, my own Grandmother is making Yogurt for me and my family herself.Now, I know what you are talking about on the video is the price of Greek Yogurt, and YES, Greek Yogurt is a rip off. Don’t buy it if possible, The Real Greek Yogurt is only sold/made here in Greece and from Greek Companies only, so… that’s whats up with Greek Yogurt!

  • Hello dear friend. Full cream powder milk, how do we reconstitute into liquid. At least one liter….
    By the way, the Whey can be used in bread making, pancake batter, cookie dough, etc That Whey is highly rich in protein….

  • Good thing about Greek Yoghurt is that it has tons of probiotics though. FAGE is the best brand, it is 80 cents (euros) more expensive than Quark

  • First of all yogurt was first created in Greece and it was a huge success on spreading around Europe so i dont understand why greek yogurt is a ”ripoff”.Quark and the other bullshit is ”ripoffs” as the other companies keep ”copying” our yogurt but with different ingredients.

  • fat from raw, fully pastured dairy or egg yolks is better than any chia seed, avocado or vegetable nutritionally and digestibility, no comparison.

  • It’s like avocados last year, acqui berries before that, and soon to be coconut water, they are health fads that corporations are going to exploit for profit. Supply and demand, demand goes up so does price

  • FYI those are not real greek Yogurt!!! This is north american companies trying to make greek yogurt!!! The Real Greek Yogurt is FAGE Total and get the plain ones!!!!
    The new north american companies ripped of Greece by taking greek yogurt cop outs.   

  • Sorry but u talk BS: (greek) yogurt has NO “SUGARS”… Or change the title of your review to:”quark” vs” sweet dessert with yogurt taste”

  • That feel when you live in greece and greek yogurt is cheap as fuck, can go outside and get 2% greek yogurt with 20 grams of protein per tub.Still not as good as quark though,very few stores carry it here…..

  • is it me or my phone or does Scooby always stand with his chest poked way out with his arms pulled almost behind him? No offense or disrespect…Scooby is one cool dude and has great advise…. but I had to ask

  • For that price, it’s definitely a ripoff. Here, obviously, it’s like the cheapest thing you can buy. I’ve never ever seen quark anywhere.

  • Quick nutritional question for greek yogurt: I just picked up some PC 9% Plain Greek Yogurt to try it out since it’s popular and considered healthy. Is this particular brand all that healthy? per 175g: 16g fat, 9g sat, 95g sodium,10g carb, 13g protein. I’m a newb at being conscious of the contents of food. It tasted pretty good with some honey. The sat fat content raised a red flag for me tho.

  • You know when you take out that amount of fat from the yogurt, the protein structure in it becomes unstables resulting in the molecules breaking apart all over the place. So your dear north american yogurt companies go ahead and add corn starch with carrageenan to make the molecules stick together to make it appear like yogurt. And then they serve it up to you, which you consume going “yummy yogurt”. Oh did I mention carrageenan is banned in EU?

  • 1. buy whole milk
    2. boil, keep in the oven for 24 hours
    3. remove clotted cream and add salt to it
    4. heat up the remaining milk and add vinegar, stir
    5. drain the ricotta cheese, conserve whey
    you got 3 high quality products. clotted cream can be eaten with pretty much everything, sweet or savory. whey is rich in micro-nutrients. ricotta is rich in protein and a super food.

  • Never mind, I found quark at loblaws, but it was 5.45 for 500 g, which was more than Greek yogurt so I said fuck it and bought cottage cheese

  • Hey pete i hope you read this haha, trust me this is not spam haha. I just was wondering if you knew of a good leg workout. Im a runner so i dont focus much on my upper bod. But im in desperate need of a good leg/lower body wotkout. Ive got full access to a gym so just hit me up. Thanks man.

  • Most Quark (Kvarg) in Sweden are only 0.3% fat (almost no fat at all in it). In fact I have never seen a 7.0 % fat Kvarg in Sweden!

  • I live in Vancouver and wanna try quark. Where can you get it in Canada? I google searched but found nothing. Can someone post the Brands that make it? or where to find it locally?

  • On my Budget I have found that the My protein brand is the cheapest and best source of protein you can find by far.
    I understand eating real unprocessed foods, but when I can get 300 grams of protein or more for around $70-90, makes me think.

  • Great info about quark! Have you tried Müller Quark Yogurt yet? It is high in protein and makes a great post-workout snack.

  • these brands you showed on screen actually dont exist in Greece. so……dont buy it must be some kind of crap:)
    greetings from Greece and enough with the economy jokes stay hungry:P

  • This yoghurt isn’t even close to the original Greek yoghurt. I can’t understand why you even bother to make a video like this one. And by the way the only thing you managed is to create a bad image about the original Greek yoghurt which by the way you will only find in Greece…!! Good job Pete!!!

  • A lot of foods are subsidized in western europe, especially dairy. You can argue the same about prices with alchohol, cigarettes, etc etc. You said it yourself in your Schneder Weisse video..

  • Regular Greek yoghurt contains a lot of fat. Quark is usually more nutritional than Greek yoghurt and it usually contains LESS calories than Greek yoghurt.:)

  • I cant take this shit serious….dude put on a tshirt if you want ppl to take you for real!!! Your nipples aren’t giving you any credibility

  • Hey Pete did you see the Dailymail article for your fat to fit video? You are famous! How come you don’t have your own Wiki page yet haha…

  • I agree with you on greek yogurt but it’s pretty hilarious considering you made a video going on and on about coconut water a while ago lol

  • In Greece, yogurt costs about 3€/Kg -> 3.90$/Kg (FAGE 0%) It has about 11grams of protein and 4 grams of carbs. It seems like a good value for money to me…. 39cents/100grams??

  • Thank you Scooby! This was excellent information. After seeing this video I switched to unflavored, fat-free quark instead of horrible whey powder. 500 grams of the quark I buy contains 60 grams of protein, and it’s almost like eating a bowl of icecream.

  • Most Overlooked Protein Source: Germany!
    BTW Seeing the sign on the right pointing to the Mildenburg. This is the Marktplatz of Miltenberg. Very nice, never been there. Greetings from Germany everyone.

  • Quark is my favorite protien source. I don’t buy expensive protein powder with all the chemical ingredients and artificial flavors in it. One package of Quark that I can easily eat after my workout has 26 grams of protein and it costs less than 60 cents. I eat twice of these a day, in addition to my other protein dense meals (like chicken, fish, beans, peas etc) That’s better, healthier, cheaper and even more convenient than protein powder.

  • Yeah, but Greek Yogurt tastes good. Also, you said Quark is more cream cheese like food, while Greek Yogurt is in my opinion more closer to regular yogurt

  • Organic food uses pesticides just like conventional food, just different pesticides that are often less effective. Often in greater quantities.

  • What else did the Ottoman Empire teach you?
    Turkish coffee
    Turkish Baklava
    Turkish Yoğurt
    Karagöz and Hacivat(shadow game) Turkish scout dog Zağar-> Ellenikos Ichnlatis��
    Döner ->grek gyrok
    Dolma->Dolmadakia(����its funny)
    Lokma->loukoumades(its really funny adahsjskamakak)
    Lokum Turkish delight->Lokumia greek delight
    (IS THIS A JOKE? Keep still!!!!)

  • I wasn’t able to hear you very well. Why does the milk hv a yellow film on top? Also where can you get started culture? Other than that, it is a very easy recipe.

  • ha, i’m not a picky eater, but this stuff doesn’t exactly taste like butter. i find it rather harsh tasting, actually, but i eat it anyway. with flax, some fruit, and a big glass of water, it really does fill you up

  • Thanks for taking the differences between USA and Europe into account.

    P.S. I eat a kilo of kwark every day, it’s 9 gram of protein per 100 gram of product (but also 4,4 grams of sugar).

  • does one need to factor in the so-called absorption rate of a powdered protein source as opposed to greek yogurt? and the convenience of not having to refrigerate the powder, which makes sense for body builders on a time crunch, etc

  • As a fellow Australian living in Scandinavia, this has been really helpful. I bought Kvarg for the first time thinking it was yoghurt and was pleasantly surprised to discover it was something else. I tried to ask my Swedish lecturer what it was but she couldn’t really translate it to me �� I buy the flavoured ones for dessert, they are delicious!

  • I think protein powder is worse then real food. Its better to ballance things out, eat protein from dairy and meat with vegetable.

  • I eat 500 grams of quark everyday but since i don´t like the taste of it very much, I mix some protein powder in so it basically tastes like a diet pudding. And yeah thats a lot of protein!
    Finally an american that knows about quark lol

  • Greek yogurt and quark is 3x more expensive than whey isolate powder, which is less than 2 cents per gram of protein. At least in Canada. And then it’s full of lactose. And much more expensive than good ol isolate powder.

  • What is he talking about. I dont know what shit you eat in the States but here, we were eating yogurt since…forever. Fresh yogurt taken from cows. Also, these companies are completely unknown.

  • ok but whats the price of quark in canada compared to greek yogurt? you’re comparing it to the price in Germany no kidding its not the same…

  • You want to go with the goat variety because cows dairy is rich in estrogen and possibly progesterone. Organic or not cows are milked while pregnant, more often then not, while pregnant goats milk tastes funny so high quality sources don’t harvest pregnant goats milk. They harvest several weeks after birth, and the babies get first dibs.

  • Scooby, I really appreciate all the content you put out!! its been really helpful. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your insights. I appreciate the honesty on all your videos!

  • I doubt many if any think that protein powder is better than protein from real food like chicken or fish:)
    They use it for convenience, not for thinking it is better.

  • Research is really changing the landscape here. Full fat dairy is superior to nonfat and low fat dairy. People who consume whole fat dairy are 46% less likely to develop diabetes. For overall health full fat is the way to go.

  • I can’t find this at all in the US… It’s a real bummer because I love greek yogurt for breakfast every morning (good source of protein) but it’s killing my wallet. Would love some help.

  • Quark seems to be very similar or the same as Arabic “Labne” which is accompanied with olive oil. Would you kindly have a look at Labne and let us know if it the same thing Please?

  • Und Milchprodukte sorgen dafür,das deine Bodybuilder Knochen und Gelenke schön schnell im Arsch sind.Das hat er in 5 Jahren bestimmt auch gelernt und entschuldigt sich dafür.

  • You talk about price but you didn’t take under consideration the benefits of Greek yogurt. It has live and active cultures inside that help, teeth, breath, stomach, intestine, digestion, skin, brain nerves and so much more…
    But it’s okay, who wants those? Stick on that cheap quark…
    You always have to pay for things that have quality… because in the end quality is what matters and not price or quantity… Cheers:D

  • Are you touched in the mind!?Greek yogurt is a tradition, you don’t know shit about REAL GREEK YOGURT, all of those (greek) yogurts you shown are RIP OFFS of the ORIGINAL, go to GREECE TO TASTE THE ORIGINAL.

  • You are standing by the fountain in miltenberg Germany…. that’s a historical event for me I was there… all while serving my time in the army… German people are very clannish I felt very at home there!

  • Whole eggs. Dont be afraid of the yolk, eat the whole damn thing. I buy extra large eggs, the bigger the egg the more protein. Also they are delicious on toast or with ham

  • Scooby you are awesome. You look great at age 60 and you should be proud take your shirt off out in public. You are not shy in Europe so you shouldn’t be shy stateside in a supermarket with your shirt off.

  • It’s called ‘Tvaroq’ here in Armenia. It’s part of my low cal break between my 48 hour intermittent fasts twice a week. Dropped 25 pounds in 3 month’s and still strong as ever.. Great stuff.

  • I work in a yogurt warehouse and can eat the ones I accidentally drop and damage. Are any other yogurts with fruits and whatever still worth eating for protein or is it just greek yogurt thats a good source of protein.

  • Hey Scooby, what about raw egg whites (pasturized)? Might be expensive, and gross tasting, but it’s easier to drink, and you get used to the taste.

  • Does quark and non fat greek yoghurt taste similar? I can’t find non fat greek yoghurt in Sweden and unflavored quark is kind of dry and difficult to make myself eat.

  • I’m Greek and the yoghurt you are talking about is just in America, here in Greece its more of the 0.30 per tub, its more nutritious than that one and also tastes better, trust me I’ve tried both real Greek yogurt quark and that “greek” yoghurt

  • I don’t eat non-fat anything. It’s full of crap. We make our own real yogurt at home for dirt cheap, and use a little of the last batch to start our next batch.

  • I live in London.
    Asda has a 0% Quark that costs 75p and has 12g of protein per 100g.
    It’s usually sold in 250g tubs.
    My breakfast is a mix of the 250g Asda 0% Quark, 60g Blueberries, 20g (1 T) Almond Butter and 1 T (tablespoon) of freshly ground Flax Seeds.
    This breakfast is pretty filling (I can go 2-5 hours without eating afterwards) and has:
    379 calories & 39g protein.

  • I have Konings kwark, but I see that the nutrional value is fuckall compared to Magerquark and söbeke Speisequark. I’m going to do some shopping in Germany this weekend =P

    Btw, we have real Greek Yoghurt and it is definately much smoother and tastes so much nicer than kwark. Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish yoghurt is amazing for the taste, kwark is cheaper and has a little bit better nutritional value for people who want to make some gaaainz! But not by much.

  • Just to make it clear pete if you want to try a real greek yogurt come in Greece and try the original you can also try greek guro hope you come in your next trip

  • Thank you so much for the helpful information because I just found out about quark in a video recipe
    for a dessert drink and did’t know if I could get it. Lucilia

  • I had no idea what quark was until a few months ago. I’d been eating it for about six months, but I just thought it was a fancy German name for yoghourt, but was quite surprised to find out it is actually a cheese with crazy nutritional stats. I now down a 500g tub every day. I usually get the ones pre-flavoured with fruit, because they taste good and still have an extremely good nutritional profile. The cost is cheap too, I only pay €0.99 for 500 g.

  • it is very common here in Germany but it is really hard to consume,It takes me about an hour to consume 500 grams.
    it has 12 g of protein per 100 g.So in 500 g you can have 60 g of protein.500 g costs 79 cents,so pretty cheap

  • Wow KOGR-11, that is the first I have heard of this fat free molecular deconstruction! I was wondering how fat free could taste so good! Thanks for sharing!

  • The most overlooked source is raw whole milk. Cows gain so much fucking size on that shit I don’t know why you’d take some synthetic bullshit. Don’t listen to this clown on avoiding fat. Saturated animal fat is the healthiest fat by far, especially when it’s from a ruminant animal. It will have every fat soluble vitamin and cholesterol which are essential for staying in an anabolic state. If you want to destroy your health in the name of pursuing your narcissist goal of single digit body fat go for it but ask yourself why you’re doing it.

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    middle hash 506 to 706 characters


  • Yogurt is so popular, that it also functions as a verb in Greek. “To yogurt” someone means to throw yogurt at someone. This is an act of protest, usually against politicians!