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Crack a single egg into a ramekin, cover with a paper towel and microwave on medium heat for 10 seconds. Check the egg and continue to microwave in 10-second increments until the egg white turns completely opaque, but the yolk is still jiggly. Set aside and repeat the process for each egg. But if you want to take things to the next level (i.e. make your dinner a little less sad), all you have to do is put an egg on it. Or in it.

Heck, any way you involve an egg is guaranteed success. The key is to slip the cracked eggs into the simmering water at 30-second intervals, then after each has poached for 3 minutes, remove them in the same order in 30-second intervals. As you add more eggs to the pan, the water temperature will dip—adjust the heat. Another in our quick and easy egg recipes for dinner: fried eggs! Accessorize fried eggs with sauteed spinach, white beans and a whole grain and you’ve got a quick dinner!

Bulgur wheat. Eggs are a perfect dinner solution on a busy night because they cook up quickly and can be transformed in so many ways. Just for starters, they can be baked into casseroles, scrambled into a frittata, or piled onto toasts. Soft-boil, fry, or poach them for. Ratatouille is summer comfort food—thick, nourishing, and packed with seasonal vegetables, warm herbs, and a generous helping of olive oil.

Pairing it with fried eggs and a crusty loaf of country bread transforms it into an excellent brunch or light. There’s a little leftover food from dinner. You rummage further into the fridge: rice in a takeout container, a handful of stir fried green beans, sriracha and soy sauce. You get that going on the big skillet hot plate by the desk and the finishing touch is a perfect fried egg on top.

READ MORE ABOUT THE MAGAZINE. Holiday Baker. Eggs aren’t just for breakfast, they also make incredibly quick and tasty dinners.

They’re packed with protein, they’re easy to cook, and they’re full of flavor. If you’ve got eggs in the fridge, you’ll never be stuck for dinner. Make eggs n’ bacon cups by lining a muffin tin with (wait for it) slices of bacon, and cracking an egg in each meat-lined cup. Bake until whites are set and yolks are shining bright, and still a.

5 Ways To Cook Eggs On The Grill ⬇️ FULL RECIPES BELOW ⬇️ The best part of summer is all the grilling! If you thought you had made the most out of BBQ season.

List of related literature:

Then crack and peel each egg.

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Then form one sausage section around the egg, patting it into a baseball-sized shape.

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Why an egg?

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Aunty Gwyneth caught it at once and smeared it over the surface of the egg.

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Then, I would crack the egg into a clear glass of water.

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NEXT MORNING I I couldn’t was up before the birds, and made us very well do scrambled eggs so I made poached eggs – what my mother used to call “calf’s eye” eggs – in a tomato base, with some fried beef sausage.

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“I will not have a poached egg,” replied Sir Masterman.

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Surely there was life in the egg!

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  • I love these videos. But, the idea of the stocked packet drawer seems highly unrealistic. How would anyone struggling afford to eat out often enough to keep an ongoing supply that vast? Where do they even hand out real butter packets anymore? Unless you are stealing large quantities of packets, I don’t see any packet drawer playing a recurring role every meal. Just tell people to buy a bottle of soy sauce, a bottle of crushed red pepper flakes, butter, etc. It would be more real and wouldn’t add that much to the cost per meal.

  • go to to rn is beef ramen with a soft boiled egg, green onion, garlic, a slice of american cheese, and sriracha lol it’s so good. one night i was feeling adventurous and added some crushed plain potato chips in there and it was absolutely delicious

  • I love this series and used a lot of the recipes myself, but I really don’t get some of the prices for the ingredients used in the recipes. For example, 1 tablespoon of olive oil is definitely cheaper than 25ct where I’m from, while even the cheapest egg doesnt cost less than 15ct (and definitely not 8ct as show in struggle meals).

  • Some of these are decent ideas. I appreciate the video. This is more of a “meals you can make when you’re at the end of your budget” video than a “nothing in your kitchen” video.. but I do love the ideas and all of those meals can be made fairly quickly for relatively cheap. Soup is great to make in bulk and freeze for later.

    Side note: Eggs are good as a last resort, but your video makes them sound healthy, which is not the case. There are multiple studies now showing the negative health effects of eggs and the correlating issues. I would not suggest eating them regularly, more so as a treat if you enjoy them or as a filler in a meal when really needed. Eggs are very fatty and have little fiber. The egg is literally made to sustain a baby chick during it’s forming process, it is way too much for the human body to regularly digest.

  • 3:06 I’m not a big fan of roman noodles, but every now and then I will eat just the beef flavored. Just the normal way you make it. But I absolutely hate, and won’t eat eggs. But you just made that look good af. I am definitely gonna make this for my wife and kids. Also your condiments drawer is my new goal.

  • Grill eggs with the stick is one of streetfood in Thailand. I love it very much. In my country we add soy sauce and lot of pepper for seasoning.

  • I really have nothing just a bag of bread accoding to your logic I am gonna prepare apple pie�� with some bread��������������������������

  • About the condiment packs:
    If you are getting them by eating out…. stop.
    If you are, for all intend and purposes, stealing them…. If you can afford to, stop and buy them properly, doesn’t cost that much. If you can’t, do remember where you stole them from and when you can afford, patronize their business.

  • Actually, you do have something in the house, if you are able to cook the items they are suggesting. Truth is, we usually already have what we need. It’s just not always what we want.

  • To ramen I add a tad of vegetable stock, onions, chives, an egg, and a few pieces of dried seaweed (rehydrate in the soup while the noodles cook)

  • Ok first off u can’t just go to a random store and expect them to give u small stuff of garlic like that and pay that price u have to buy the whole thing and I think u areldy paid for all the ingredients you used because u have them arleady so the meal is for free

  • An 8 cent egg? That means the dozen carton would be only 96 cents. Where in the world can you buy a dozen eggs for less than a buck?

  • Along with the Egg theme, I would suggest making an omelet. Easy to disguise some leftovers and add some flavor, dimension, and something more to boring leftovers.

  • LBR how u gonna buy just 2 Tbs of olive oil. if u rlly wanted to make this dish you’d have to go out & buy an entire bottle of olive oil, which is more than 2 dollars alone. I’d love to see a series like this where nobody cheats the numbers & is the actual cost of ingredients purchased. this is so dishonest.

  • There is a similar youtube channel that also makes ridiculous fattening artery clogging dishes, but those dudes are on average, half the age of your crew and they actually work out. This is not the best food to be eating at your age, sorry, lol.

  • You gotta love this guy’s voice-over. “oh ho ho, this is sooo gooood.” “Oh ho ho this is a grand breakfast!” Man it’s 1 am and I want this now.

  • Dice up some tortillas and pan fry those suckers crispy and forget the chips, throw in that cheese and add some jalapenos on top and all of texas will be coming to your table. We are very polite and bring beer, booze and we help clean up.

  • Ingredients:
    1. Something most people wouldn’t have when their kitchen is “empty”
    2. Something most people wouldn’t have when their kitchen is “empty”
    3. Something most people wouldn’t have when their kitchen is “empty”
    4. Something most people wouldn’t have when their kitchen is “empty”
    5. Something most people wouldn’t have when their kitchen is “empty”
    6. Salt to taste


    Idk lol just like cook it or some shit

  • For breakfast were having………Salt table salt and sea salt then for dessert we’re having himalayan salt straight from the Punjab region of Pakistan. And then you can have a nice worm bath mixed with BLACK LAVA SALT from SYPRUS. And then finally you can stand in front the mirror and attempt to say something but you will find that your mouth has devovled into a butthole and the only thing you’ll be able to do is fart salt from your face but this will not be any salt it will be of meny colours. Salty…………..

  • Substituted peppers for the onions, left out the chips and added some almond flour… amazing and low carb… still drank beer with it.

  • I like your channel but a lot of your recipes are from another channel(scrumdidlyumptious) If you are trying to make money or fame by ripping off others recipes. You should be ashamed!!!

  • Ok, I have two questions:
    1. Where is Ron “give me all the bacon and eggs you’ve got” Swanson?
    2. Who the hell puts Maple syrup on eggs???

  • how does youtube not flag this.. maybe once a decade kinda meal. but seriously this will kill you folks. this video is tantamount to attempted murder with each view. fk it im dead.

  • Over a million followers and still humble enough to comment and chat with us little people!�� been watching for YEARS and just noticed I didn’t sub earlier! Love y’all!

  • Just made this, it’s simply amazing everyone loved it. I used kettles sea salt chips, I would probably change that for plain chips if available, bacon has plenty of salt.

    The only question I have is who do I have to apologize for the pitmaster privilege I feel after eating this?

    I salute you gentlemen, great recipe.

  • Just came across this video and BBQ Pit Boys channel…dang…freakin awesome! That looks so delicious I’ll be making it myself on my camping trip in 2 weeks. Thanks for this. The only thing I will add are Jalapenos and Tobasco. Subscribed!

  • Sub the veggie oil for grass-fed butter and the potato chips for Bonito flake and This is a Ketogenic dream. Already low carb though. Haha

  • Dont know why you bother with these diet videos. All the bodybuilders eat the same damn thing! Oats, egg whites etc. This is stupid. Get some new content.

  • It’s not about just being full buddy.. it’s also about health and that you don’t fall out because you’re clogging shit up in your body

  • Just visit website NextLevelDiet and get personalized Diet and Training plan with amazing tips. I lost 15kg in two months. Finally, I have a six pack.

  • This guy needs to calm down. Does he know the difference between egg whites and yolks? The bowl clearly had yellow yolks in it, not whites.

  • I like scrambled eggs with just the nice “yellow” whites of the egg. And love to season my eggs with cheddar and season after they’ve cooked

  • I am an Highschool History teacher on the go, and your Microwave Meals gets me through the week!! Thank you for sharing your awesome recipes!!! Sending you happy thoughts form South Africa!!

  • Man you guys are the shit i would watch you guys at work and everyone would be like turn that shit off your making me hungry as hell great cooking love the recipes thanks.

  • This guy needs a GOT SALT T-shirt, yeah good for the muscles, in case he didn’t know, Heart is a muscle and everyone knows what too much salt does to it.

  • Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal

  • Hey man, that looks like a ceramic skillet. Fat like Pam degrades the pan and reduces its life. Just put your food in without any fat to prevent sticking because the pan itself is designed to prevent sticking already. Just wipe with a paper towel afterwards and wash with soapy water lightly after use.

  • 0:05 “How can I make breakfast in 20 minutes?”

    That is not some kinda dilemma. That is a crapload of time! 19 more minutes than I have every morning. Lol

  • Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal every mother fucking day, just like everyone else blah

  • All that to make spatchcock egg?? Scrambled egg?? Or egg in a hole?? Only if you have nothing better to do. The only thing worth watching was the omelette in the pepper.

  • I love this show!!! I happen to find it just perusing about on Amazon Prime. thank you thank you thank you for the cool cooking tips!!!

  • Why would u heat fruit with ur oatmeal.. heat ur oatmeal and then add fruit on top.. never ever heat fruit.. crazy guy.. ppl never heat fruit..

  • I made this today for lunch it was perfect but I fried the bacon in a skillet and baked the dish in the oven at 300-F in a non stick pan. The only difference is I added bell peppers. It took 10 minutes to make including melting the cheese and chips on the top. Don’t over cook it. five minutes if you like it runny. enjoy!!!

  • Idc what anyone says, these are super creative. Why do the same thing all the time? Even if it does take extra time, don’t you think it’s more fun?


  • Your video was delightful! Your human baby and your fur baby look so happy, so you are doing a great job. I’m actually going to buy a couple of mugs and make some of these. I love the idea of minimal dishes and portion control.

  • Great video, Gemma! All the mug meals look great. I made the banana bread one for breakfast today! When you make pasta in the microwave, is there a way to keep it from bubbling over? That always happens when I make it. Thanks! ✨

  • Hey Gemma and Kevin, George is getting so big, he’s growing up way too quickly. He’s getting more and more like Kevin, I enjoyed all the mug meals, I live on my own now since my boys left home, so I would love to see some more please Gemma. Thank you enjoyed the video ❤❤❤❤

  • Hello from Hong Kong! I live with and take care of my parents who are in their 80s and I cook (and not just reheat) meals for us in the microwave all the time, but I’ve stopped mentioning this to my friends because they always give me these looks, like they think it’s strange, or even worse, they tell me it’s dangerous to use the microwave that way. *sigh So I cannot tell you how reassuring it is to see a professional chef like you cooking things without apology in your microwave. Thanks so much for the recipes, I’ll definitely be trying them, but thanks also for making me feel like microwave cooking isn’t some horrible culinary and nutritional travesty =P

  • youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    u uuuuuu

  • Hi gemma, so, are these meals really filling, because they seem really little, i wonna know if i have these for a lunch or dinner, would it be like a full on meal, i love ur cooking, and baby goerge is baby goals❤❤

  • Gemma, I just adore watching you and Kevin together. And I don’t know how it’s possible, but baby George gets cuter every day. He seems to have such a sweet easygoing personality which is good for your filming. I haven’t made any of your mug meals yet, but I may start with breakfast tomorrow. I have a lot of bananas and blueberries in the freezer.

  • This is my favorite video! I loved seeing the recipes in real-time. This type of recipe is perfect for Senior Citizens. We can still enjoy a dessert without making an entire cake, etc. Potatoe Soup is my all-time favorite! I will be trying your recipe!! Thank you so much.

  • Hey Gemma! I really liked your mug baked potato soup! As I am a vegetarian, can I substitute the chicken stalk for vegetable stalk? And can I skip the bacon? Thanks!

  • I absolutely love yall! Love the whole family show! Baby George leaned back & tried to get him a bite! SOOO CUTE! KEEP THEM COMING! ❤

  • I eat dandelions and pecans that i source for free and one light meal per night..i would avoid all of the fatty store bought items asap.

  • For anyone who doubts the Nutella brownie… like I did… it is literally MAGIC!!! My grandson and I, who are both chocolate fiends, are completely amazed how great and easy it is!

  • A mask to go out on an exercise walk?? How sad! �� what a beautiful family…..how can a mask outside make sense to young healthy people in the out of doors?��

  • Gemma, can I just say, “You are incredible!!!” You have well-aligned your priorities. You seem to accomplish an impossible amount in a day ��

  • At my home my husband isn’t allowed to touch any electrical devices LOL the dryer or washing machine bless his heart he tried helping me out washed his phone washed his wallet I decided and he agreed he works outside the home I work inside the home he doesn’t do laundry he doesn’t do dishes I told him I don’t go to your work and boss you around and touch your devices same here so don’t touch the washing machine don’t touch the dryer don’t touch the coffee pot and I make his lunch every day for work I’ve been making these low carb tortilla wraps made a pizza rap Made chicken cheddar wrap made a club wrap

  • Very sweet family! I love the mug meals and how your day flowed. You don’t have to answer my comment…give everyone a hug instead! ❣

  • I think every youtuber and/or social media person should take notes from you. Commenting back to your subscribers is so helpful and let’s us all know you actually care from your heart we aren’t just money to you. Most people making a living off of YouTube or social media forgets after they get a big number of subscribers that each one of those subs is a real person who would love to get feedback and/or a comment back from the actual person making the content. It shows you care about us and want to help us navigate through your content and help us makes your recipes.
    Thank you for being such a kind, authentic mom, partner, and content maker.
    We all as subscribers value you and how much you care for your subscribers.

  • This was extra special! On top of easy yummy mug recipes we get to visit your beautiful family world! You are all precious, including Waffles! TY!

  • 24 oz Almond Milk, 1cup cream rice raw, 1/2 cup of oatmeal raw, 1tbsp of MCT oil, 1tbsp Honey, scoop of peanut butter, choice of fruit bananas or blueberries, egg whites if you want crushed ice mix in blender….. Done in less than 5 minutes. Are you kidding me on salt intake salt is horrible for blood pressure, kidneys, and makes you retain water. The cheese is also not necessary. Where did this knucklehead come from. Lol

  • Gemma I just had a question about your all-the sprinkles cake
    Is it foolproof and will always turn out great?
    I really want to make a cake for my mumma’s birthday and I have narrowed it down to the usual chocolate cake I make and yours. Please guide me�� It’s day after tomorrow and I need to be prepared.
    Will be glad��������

  • What’s the point of saying that it’s not fast food, it’s loaded with cheese and cream, and bacon and potato so what’s nutritional in that? Just because it’s made in a mug doesn’t make it a meal. Sorry but these are not recipes expected from your channel.

  • OMG baby George is soooo cute and yr doggie…I wish my brother was still small. And by d way luvd yr video Gemma….yr family is lucky having a professional baker in d house…so I’m trying be a Baker too….I always take my grandmother’s phone to see baking videos cause I don’t have my own phone(just 12)LOL.

  • Yum i am totally gonna try the Desert out.I feel like this family has a positive gene in them or something cuz like George is happy, Kevin is happy and so is Gemma!

  • The way Waffles looks at your mug while you have your soup is exactly how my dog looks at my plate/mug when I’m eating/drinking something!!! ♥️ Also, Gemma, what would be a good vegetarian substitute for bacon in terms of flavour? I have no idea how bacon tastes since I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life, and would love to make that loaded baked potato soup at home!

  • Great recipes…………. Do you really meet that many people that you have to wear you mask ALL the time when walking???? Or is that just a California rule. I walk 2 to 3 miles everyday and anyone that I meet one of us move to a different area so that there is more then 6′, no one wears masks to walk, jog or bike here.

  • Great video. Loved seeing your day and the mug recipes. Definitely going to add a few of those into our meal routine (we are new “empty nesters” so looking for easy meals for 2)

  • I liked this episode thanks for sharing the behind the scenes life of your family. George is such a cutie-I’ll never get tired of saying it.:-)

  • Hi Gemma and Kevin, I think doing a video like this makes you just a tad vulnerable personally but also shows people that you’re down to earth more than the normal recipe videos. Nice job with this one!

  • Hi Bold Bakers! Get ALL 5 MUG RECIPES here: https://bit.ly/MugMealsInADay and tell me what YOUR favorite mug meal is to eat when you need real food, fast!

  • That was my idea I was going to open a YouTube channel called it nothing in the house…since I love this channel I’ll let you have it

  • There’s food at my house, but im TIRED of eating Hamburgers, Mac N’ Cheese, and Ramen…That’s all she gets, like please get something ELSE FOR ONCE..

  • Clearly you misunderstood, when I say there is nothing to eat, I mean LITERALLY NOTHING, I LITERALLY have only 1/4 of the ingredients!

  • Despite Popeye’s claims, spinach’s strength is not iron, it is calcium. Spinach does have iron, but it is not metabolised well, the calcium however is.

    As an aside, if you are taking both iron and calcium supplements, don’t take them at the same time of day. They are both very strong nutrients, and one will win out over the other, making it go through not being absorbed. So split them up take one in the morning and the other at night.

  • Lol i literally have just sour cream in my fridge BUUUT i have a secret basement with all kinds of canned food in case someyhing happens and we have nothing to eat so i just go get canned baked beans ��

  • What about “investing” in an inexpensive package of dried shiitake mushrooms? They can be gotten for relatively cheap at your local Asian grocer, and only a few of them crumbled into any liquid adds a welcome burst of umami as well as nutrition in the form of minerals, sterols, amino acids, etc.

    I use them along with a dollop of shiro (white) miso paste in my ramen and Udon soup recipes, as well as in heavy (balsamic vinegar-based) meat or tofu marinades.

  • It’s funny this girl says what to make when you have nothing in your pantry (house). Yet she proceeds to say as long as you have blah blah blah, and then names 5 or 10 things that aren’t “nothing”.

  • This video should’ve been called best meals to make when you’re one day from payday or a few hours until midnight when your direct deposit hits your bank account.

  • Do you refrigerate your maple syrup? I always thought you had to refrigerate it, once it was open. I love your recipes by the way, still making the shortbread like crazy. LOL I’m addicted. ������

  • Those are some of the fanciest “have nothing in the house” dishes I’ve ever seen. I used to eat bacon bits sandwiches (the fake bits) with a slice of processed cheese and mayo (for example) whenever moms hadn’t been grocery shopping yet. Beenie weenies or peanut butter sandwiches. Even mustard sandwiches. I never had anything that fancy when the cupboards were looking slim.

  • the fact that these type of vids need to be made is absolutely trash. no one should have to struggle for something as basic & necessary as FOOD. ya’ll are stupid & blind if yu can’t see how capitalism is trying to starve their own citizens

  • i buy beef stock for like $1, and then i make ramen without the flavor packet and drain it, poach an egg, and then add in like a teaspoon of broth, a teaspoon of soy sauce, and some seasons that i’ve got lying around. then i add in the poached egg and break it, mixing it in so that the egg, broth, and soy sauce combine with the season to make a sauce. it’s not soup, but it’s amaaaazing. (tossing in the egg to a soup ramen is also amazing, so if i want it to be soup and not dry i’ll up the broth amount so that’s the soup base instead)

  • I’ve watched a few of these videos now, and believe they are spoofing people that like to cook…the silliness of the techniques are exactly that, silly.

    (Leaves to watch real cooking videos)

  • Some of these are not “you have nothing in the house” meals.

    But french toast with a cinnamon and sugar topping, pancake mix, and grilled cheese used to be my goto’s. Agree that eggs in general leave so many options for meals.