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Pumpkin Protein Shake

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A half cup of pure pumpkin puree (not the pumpkin pie filling) gives the shake it’s gorgeous orange color and the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor. You can’t. Pumpkin Protein Shake. This Pumpkin Protein Shake is thick enough to pass for a milkshake, but healthy enough for breakfast!

And that’s because there’s pumpkin, vanilla protein powder, and even a frozen banana in the mix. The banana adds creaminess and creates the consistency of a real milkshake. And one of the greatest things about this pumpkin protein shake?This protein shake is a great way to combine delicious fall flavors with nutritious protein! It makes the perfect quick and easy and complete breakfast, all with that delicious pumpkin spice flavor!

Directions Add all ice cubes, wet ingredients and dry ingredients to blender. Blend until shake consistency. Pour into large tumbler, add a straw and go!

Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake Instructions Put all ingredients in a blender and go to town. I’m a smoothie fan for slipping in nutrients and protein. When you can hide it all inside a fantastic tasting smoothie, it helps with those healthy eating goals!

Blend almond milk, bananas, pumpkin, dates, protein powder, vanilla extract, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger together in a blender until smooth. You might also like Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup See how to make a delicious homemade pumpkin coffee syrup. This protein shake is high protein, but it also has fat in it and lower carbs (there are some because of the cream and pumpkin) so it’s perfect for keto. This shake is nut-free and sugar-free and super delicious.

Limited edition Pumpkin Spice shake flavor for this fall season. Experience a pumpkin pie flavor with a touch of cinnamon. Packaged in a new 11.5oz bottle, each Premier Protein shake contains 30 grams of protein, complete with all of the essential amino acids, 1g of sugar, 3g carbs,160 calories, 24 vitamins & minerals, and is also low in fat. Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Ingredients. The main ingredients are: unsweetened almond milk, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, plain pumpkin, pumpkin spice & vanilla.

I don’t like mine super sweet but you could easily add some stevia, Swerve or whatever sweetener you like. The vanilla protein powder has enough sweetness for me but you might want more. Low Carb Protein Powders. Premier Protein 30g Protein Shake, Pumpkin Spice, 11.5 Fl Oz, Pack Of 12. 4.6 out of 5 stars 19,900. $23.99 $ 23.

99 ($0.17/Fl Oz) Get it as soon as Fri, Aug 21. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Premier Protein High Protein Shakes Variety Pack (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry & Cream, Bananas & Cream, Caramel, Peaches & Cream.

List of related literature:

In a blender, add ¼ cup pumpkin purée (not pumpkin pie mix), 2 tablespoons unsweetened whey protein powder, 6 ounces plain unsweetened soy milk, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, 1 packet sweetener, ¼ teaspoon nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice, and 2 ice cubes.

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Or you can make your own by blending about 16 ounces of fruit juice with a banana; 3 to 5 tablespoons of glucose, such as Carbo-Pro (available at sportquestdirect.com), depending on body size; and 30 to 40 grams of protein powder, especially from egg or whey sources.

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
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The other product is a protein shake, fortified with 20g of protein derived from milk and whey protein concentrates [11].

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
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In a blender, combine a single-serve container of nonfat (0%) vanilla Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup unsweetened whey protein powder, 3/4 cup frozen unsweetened peaches, and 1/4 cup water.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
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Add the protein powder at the end of the blending process or the smoothie may become too frothy.

“The Daniel Fast (with Bonus Content): Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body” by Susan Gregory
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1 serving whey protein powder (vanilla) Place all the ingredients except the protein powder in a blender and blend at high speed until smooth.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
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So, within one hour after an intense workout, you should have a protein/carb shake: 0.23 gram of protein and 0.7 gram of a highglycemic-index carb per pound of body weight.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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Serves 4 (smoothies) or 8 (ice pops) Banana Grape Chia Pudding (smoothie or dessert) (Phase 3 only) This dairy-free fruit smoothie is sweetened with all-natural ingredients and thickened with nutrient-dense chia seeds, which give the smoothie a creamy texture of pudding.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
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Pour the fat—free milk or almond milk and water into the blender, then add the protein powder (see Tip).

“State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet” by James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt, Christie Aschwanden
from State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet
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Add protein to your shake.

“10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!” by JJ Smith
from 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!
by JJ Smith
Simon & Schuster, 2014

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  • I’ve made one before but haven’t recently if I keep this pumpkin kick up you’ll definitely see my variation sooner than later, haha!

  • very nice. eating all this meat on the zone diet is getting a little hard. having a difficult time holding it down. i get the feeling i’ll get some good tips from you. thanks! (and maybe i can get my husband on board. i’ll entice him with yummy pie and bacon bits!

  • Absolutely my friend. You can definitely eat all of my recipes daily and lose weight (well not all of them in the same day), especially if you need to kill a sweet tooth! Thanks for the kind words.

  • @FusaroFTW Thanks! And yeah not sure why I got on this pumpkin kick I guess its just the season haha, but lately I have been using it, mixing it with some greek yogurt as well Good stuff and nutrition on it is perfect!

  • @loldudeno Hahah thanks bro I have to say it turned out really good. I was a little worried about the cheesecake flavor and was gonna go with spices but pumpkin cheesecake just seemed right! haha

  • You can also add a healthy oil for good morning fat… brain needs good fat first thing in the morning. And can also freeze the pumpkin puree in icecube trays.

  • For the vegans out there:

    half a cup of canned pumpkin (100% pure)
    1/3 cup non dairy yogurt
    1/3 cup non dairy milk
    2 tbsp of oats
    2 teaspoons of maple or agave syrup
    1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice
    3 or 4 large ice cubes

    and blend. CHEERS

  • Wow had no idea about pumpkin being so good for you thanks for sharing the fun facts. I need to look for white chocolate pudding mix. I haven’t seen it. I can’t wait to try it. I love pumpkin too. ���� Have a blessed day too ��

  • I would actually go over to my cheesecake recipe and modify that with some pumpkin/spices in it before anything else. I plan on doing this but not until next week, sorry my friend! Happy Thanksgiving though!

  • Could you use Greek yogurt instead of the cottage cheese? I’d also like to try it with the cinnamon protein powder I have instead of vanilla.

  • I have made several of these already and love them as a tasty snack and extra source of protein.  I actually use a “pumpkin” protein which adds to the flavor and when I do use the pumpkin protein, I can skip adding some of the extra ingredients.

  • @CampbellFitness Damn that sounds good, certainly better than a shake especially with this weather haha. Lookin’ forward to it man!

  • Neither here nor there, but the bowl you had your bacon in is not a bowl.  It’s the bottom half of a honeycomb pattern candle holder, a “fairy light”. The top half would have had a round hole in the middle (to vent the candle) and it probably came with a metal wire tripod to rest in.

  • You can but you will need to cook it a bit! I wish I could help ya find some. I should do a giveaway with a ton of random products that are hard to find outside the USA! Thank you

  • Just subscribed to your channel and I’m definitely gonna add some of your recipes to my arsenal! Gotta do more vids with chocolate protein though. Otherwise, keep up the awesome work.

  • yes! I love pumpkin and I am dropping down weight classes in powerlifting, so I hate that I see all this delicious pumpkin stuff I can’t eat. Thank you!!

  • I made this recipe last week, n to say the least it’s all gone lol One question since it’s thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend really want a pumpkin pie cheesecake. If I use this recipe but add two 8ounce cream cheese tubs, will it work?

  • Not quite sure on the graham cracker crust until I buy another one however the pie dish is just your standard 9” one! Hope this helps

  • Made it and it came out superb! I ended up buying the same crust that you used in the recipe. Tastes good by itself, even better with whipped cream! You definitely have the best protein recipes on youtube!

  • trying this on Saturday! I’m gonna be making my own pie crust with graham crackers, stevia, unsweetened apple sauce & cinnamon, just to cut out some calories. Would you recommend baking the crust first then apply filling or should I refrigerate crust, add filling then bake?

  • I am suffering a significant amount of weight loss, malnutrition, potassium, iron and protein deficiency. I suffer from Crohn’s disease badly. the dietitian has strongly recommended a pea plant protein for me as I am WFPB. Your video confirmed my thoughts and imagination.

    For protein and fats I have always looked to pumpkin seeds first and now in dire straights again I do the same.

    I wish to thank you for your time and effort to produce this video which confirms my beliefs. I will continue putting my pumpkin seeds in my powerful blender with Bonsoy Soy Milk, Banana and Pumpkin Seeds. (Not sure if that’s the best food combining?)

    Im normally 52kg and am currently 39kg. The colonoscopy demonstrated severe inflammation throughout my entire colon. I am currently on 40mg Prednisone to start weaning down by 5mg per week in a week or so.

    Putting weight on is hard. I’m hoping Avacado and blended/pressed pumpkin seeds with good veggies will help. When the inflammation subsides in my colon and I can assimilate for of all the good stuff and really get some weight on slowly.

    Please. I thank you for you information.

    Jacqueline. Cronulla, Sydney, Australia xx

  • canned pumpkin should be thicker than applesauce… just get yourself a pumpkin, cut in half, roast in your oven (little water added to a pan in which you place the two halves) you should be able to scoop out the pumpkin off the peel… then add a little cinnamon,nutmeg,clove (=pumpkin spices) and you’re good to go:-) I am from germany too i know your prob! check out the international sections at the stores! At least we have Quark -they don’t 😉

  • Wow, that looks delish! I make a pumpkin protein bar that has the consistency of a cake, but I need to try this for sure. Thanks for the recipe!

  • can i use the same amount of natural grind pumpkin? because i think we havnn´t that kind of stuff in our super market. (pure pumpkin) Or maybe i take a detailed look to my local super market. Greetings from austria, go ahead:-)

  • @davidealessio unfortunately there is a lot more to it than that, but if you would like you can send me a message through Facebook if you visit my site in the description box, and I can try and help you out more there!

  • @claudia1515 Definitely give it a shot, also if you don’t want to add ice you can simply just it as a pudding by just hand mixing it!

  • Derek, it seems that I can only find pumpkin soup for whatever reason (consists of only 22% pumpkin). What do think could I substitute for the pumpkin? Greek yoghurt? Cottage cheese? Something else?

  • Germany. I’m kind of jealous of you Americans cause all your food seems to cost pennies and there is a bigger variety all in all (and there seems to be a low-fat no-sugar variant of just about anything out there). I actually don’t eat pie all that much but wanted to try some with these healthy recipes. I gather that the canned pumpkin is basically just “meat” to hold the pie together, right? then apple sauce and some fiber should do the same trick, am I correct?

  • For anyone wondering, I made this with ON Double Rich Chocolate whey and it turned out great. Also, to make it a bit healthier I skipped the pie crust, but added some dry cereal to the top while baking to add some crunch.

  • I am trying this recipe…and subscribing.  I really can’t get enough of a man in an apron in the kitchen (muscles are BONUS!):-)

  • Haha! Bodybuilding problems! Let me know how it turns out. I gotta try your recipe too! Will come in handy when I get a bit more into my cut and want some volume.

  • Yes, you can substitute these for normal meals. There will be days I’ll eat a cheesecake instead of a regular “meal”. Never had any issues in losing weight. Just make sure you don’t overeat and of course train hard! Definitely about promoting a health great tasting life style more than anything.

  • I’ll do some giveaways eventually where I’ll throw some cooking packs together! In theory that should work but then you have to factor in the cooking differences so times will be a bit off/may not create the right texture. You could use sweet potato puree or make your own assuming you have sweet potatoes. However I do have a sweet potato pie recipe up as well but if you want to use this one instead you could!

  • I’m a veracious overeater, I’ve eaten 2 XL pizzas and a tub of Ben&Jerrys and still wanted more:'( This is perfect as I can easy eat it all and not go over my macros:D

  • I like it will try. However, we don’t get our pumpkin out of cans in Australia so is that pre-cooked? I assume it is but you know what assumptions can make of us:)

  • This looks really good! Considering this is my favorite pie and it’s my birthday today, I think I know what I will make instead of a cake! thanks for the recipe!:)

  • Thank you Scott! One of the main reasons I started making these recipes was to prevent me from overeating. I know exactly how you feel and can’t tell ya how glad I am to hear these recipes have helped you too.