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Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Recipe

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Muscle Building Breakfast Healthy Breakfast Actually TASTES GREAT!

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3 Delicious Autumn Oatmeal Recipes | Pumpkin Spice, Apple Spice, and Chai Spice!

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Bodybuilding Oatmeal Breakfast: Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

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Directions. In a small saucepan, combine the water, milk, oats, pumpkin and pie spice. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat; stir in sugar and vanilla. Sprinkle with cranberries if desired.

Directions. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan; add oats, pumpkin puree, vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon, cinnamon, and ginger. Reduce heat to low and simmer, without stirring, until oatmeal is thickened, about 25 minutes. Pour 3/4 cup milk into oatmeal, stir well, and cook for 10 minutes. Instructions: Put the oats, milk, sliced banana, and cinnamon into a small pot on the stove. (This will also work in the microwave simply combine all the recipe ingredients in a microwave safe bowl (I recommend mashed banana instead of sliced for the microwave version) and cook on high for 2 minutes!) Stir continuously over medium high heat for about 5 minutes, or until the mixture gets.

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring the milk to a boil. Add the oats, reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 to 7 minutes or until oatmeal begins to thicken. Stir in the pumpkin, spices, and honey. Continue to simmer for an additional 5 to 7 minutes or until oats are soft and reach desired consistency. How to Make Creamy Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal.

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Delicious, creamy, and thick pumpkin spice oatmeal with a touch of maple syrup. This oatmeal is dairy-free and made without milk to be made completely vegan. You can enjoy it any time and it is the perfect breakfast or brunch option to keep you healthy and fit.

Weight Watchers Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Recipe. Weight Watchers Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Recipe A delicious fall breakfast with pumpkin, old-fashioned oats, sugar substitute, pumpkin pie spice, and cardamom. A quick and easy recipe, ready in 25 minutes. 3 WW Smart Points We have more Weight Watchers Pumpkin Recipes her. The creamy pumpkin paired with hearty oats and pumpkin pie spice turns an ordinary bowl of oatmeal into a fall festival for your mouth.

This microwave oatmeal recipe is super quick and easy for a great breakfast on weekday mornings. Directions: Combine oats and milk in a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, until desired consistency is reached, about 3-5 minutes. Stir in pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

This was SO GOOD. I changed it a little-you do use the 1/2 C. oatmeal and milk, but I added 1/4C of canned pumpkin, and used 1/4 t. cinnamon, 1/8t. nutmeg (ground), and 1/8 t. ground cloves, and splenda instead of sugar. The recipe actually makes just 1 serving, according to the oatmeal. This amazingly delicious baked oatmeal recipe tastes like a cross between pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie, but in an oatmeal version! Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal with Thickened Cream: My kids really do love oatmeal.

In fact, they love oatmeal so much that I have actually had to hide it from them this past summer.

List of related literature:

Be sure you use unsweetened canned pumpkin and not pumpkin pie mix, which has sugar and milk in it.

“The Hashimoto's Cookbook and Action Plan: 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet” by Karen Frazier
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Be sure to use canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie mix, in this recipe.

“Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today” by Betty Crocker
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Add the pumpkin butter, heavy cream, light cream, sugar, and salt and whisk well to combine.

“Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie” by Ken Haedrich
from Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie
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I like to add a dollop of pumpkin to my oatmeal and mix with some vanilla extract, cinnamon (or pumpkin pie spice), maple syrup, and toasted pecans.

“Joy's Simple Food Remedies: Tasty Cures for Whatever's Ailing You” by Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N.
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If you prefer a sweeter oatmeal, slice 2 or 3 pitted dates, soak them with the oat mixture, and cook all together or just add more honey.

“Huckleberry: Stories, Secrets, and Recipes From Our Kitchen” by Zoe Nathan, Laurel Almerinda, Josh Loeb, Matt Armendariz
from Huckleberry: Stories, Secrets, and Recipes From Our Kitchen
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Of course, you have year-round access to canned pumpkin as well, but I prefer to use the real thing in this recipe.

“Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies” by Julie Wilkinson
from Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies
by Julie Wilkinson
Wiley, 2012

Ilike this pumpkin oatmeal with dried cranberries instead of raisins, which I use in more traditional oats.

“Vegan Under Pressure” by Jill Nussinow
from Vegan Under Pressure
by Jill Nussinow
HMH Books, 2016

Use the mashed fresh pumpkin as you would canned pumpkin.

“The Doctors Book of Food Remedies: The Latest Findings on the Power of Food to Treat and Prevent Health Problems From Aging and Diabetes to Ulcers and Yeast Infections” by Selene Yeager, Editors of Prevention
from The Doctors Book of Food Remedies: The Latest Findings on the Power of Food to Treat and Prevent Health Problems From Aging and Diabetes to Ulcers and Yeast Infections
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Or omit the sage, season with ground cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg to taste, and use as a substitute for canned pumpkin in your favorite pumpkin pie recipe.

“The Tra Vigne Cookbook: Seasons in the California Wine Country” by Michael Chiarello, Penelope Wisner, Karl Petzke
from The Tra Vigne Cookbook: Seasons in the California Wine Country
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Make sure to buy unsweetened canned pumpkin.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
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  • Great recipe. I use pumpkin pie spice in place of cinnamon and nutmeg. Both spices are in there. And top with a few walnuts for texture.

  • Ok, I tried this. I used water. No protein powder. It was not good, and I love oatmeal and pumpkin and I don’t need things to be sweet. I would assume that you need the protein powder to get the number of grams in the recipe. Don’t use water. It doesn’t help the taste. I will try it again with almond milk and vanilla pea protein. I hope it’s better. I really want it to be.

  • Congratulations! You are looking so cute with that little belly LOL I really can’t see you from the back but I’m thinking it’s a boy.

  • Ok def making that chai spice oatmeal tomorrow morning. Cardamom is my favorite spice ever! You’re looking so cuuute with the belly! My guess is boy, but I can’t wait till you reveal!

  • Thanks so much for calorie count!!! That helps alot. I have been preparing your
    greek yogurt the pumpkin pie protein one. Love it and this one sounds very good.
    I am hoping to give this to my girls. Trying to get enough protein in their diet since one is a competitive gymnast and the other has began her journey at the gym. Keep this great recipes coming I do enjoy and appreciate your talent for them.

  • Great video! If you guys want to find out how to make the best microwaved oats possible, check my channel! You won’t ever go back to just microwaving it for 2 mins.

  • Please like the video if you guys enjoy! I would really appreciate it.
    This recipe has:
    321 calories
    46g carbs
    23g protein
    6g fat

  • And the orange pekoe tea!!! Yes!!! As a Pakistani that’s the only chai we use! Definitely planning to make this recipe of yours!:)

  • I am going to make vegan version of this and surprise my mom for her birthday!! I LOVE OATMEAL IN THE MORNING HAHAHA RIGHT GUYS???????????

  • Ok do you have a good peaches n cream oatmeal recipe? I love that flavor but have been unable to recreate on my own without too much sugar & at that point I should just go for the instant which is soooo sweet it makes me sick��

  • Finally someone explained what apple cider is. Those recipes sound and look amazing, I’m definitely gonna try them! And wow, congrats on the baby <3

  • This looks amazing! I need to make this… I usually dislike raisons, but for some reason, it just seems like they’re necessary for this recipe haha! Personally, cinnamon and nutmeg are my two favorite spices and I can’t get enough of either. 😉 I’d probably put the same amount and then even top my own serving with more cinnamon haha! Anyway, now I need to get me/make me some pumpkin puree!

  • Good day pretty u r looking amazing even pregnancy my congratulations. Also oatmeal u r preparing in really different way I liket then I’ll do it thank u

  • Hey, I watched this episode last night with my mother and made the chai oatmeal for my breakfast (and my sister’s breakfast) this morning. I added a little more cinnamon and also some coconut chips and roasted almond slivers in addition to the pistachios. Thank you, it was delicious and smelled yummy, too.

  • I will definitely be trying the apple pie oatmeal! Minus the cider though, I’m in the UK so its one of those countries where apple cider is alcoholic ��

  • A baby!!!!! Felicidades from México!!!

    During pregnancy and childbirth, to avoid that bad vibes, women often use and put a red bracelet on their baby, just in case wear one!!!!

  • Recipe:
    ground cinnamon
    pure vanilla extract
    maple sirup
    canned pumpkin (no sugar)

    important: close your eyes while doing it

    sprinkle over: oats, walnuts, little bit of brown sugar

  • Ahh the puns were strong in this one, love it! I’m a savoury breakfast person (or let’s be honest, mostly breakfast skipper) BUT I can definitely see myself making these in the late afternoon/ early evening!:) Or late night snack for that matter xD

  • Just made your Chai inspired Oatmeal! It was delicious!!! Love your channel and blessings to you and your little bundle of Joy♡♡♡
    XOXO Lorraine

  • WOW. I just made the Chai Spice oatmeal using Harney & Son’s Cinnamon spice tea & this oatmeal is to die for! Thank you so much for your creation. I’m ready for colder temps!

  • you’re so sweet! thank you so much i hope you enjoy the recipe. you should definitely make more videos! they are time consuming though, i completely understand! last month was hard for me too. but i love your caramelized pork bento one. so cute!:D

  • Looks yummy. Although idk how i’m going to get my boyfriend to eat this… were both trying to stay healthy and he’s trying to lose weight. But he thinks oatmeal has the consistency of barf and apparently doesn’t like that feeling in the back of his throat…

  • ¡That baby bump looks soooo cute under that blouse! Since the guessing game has started, I’ll risk myself and I’ll say I think it is a girl, which will be as beautiful and funny as her glowing mummy. That said, I will have to think how to get canned pumpkin puree in Spain. It is soooo difficult to get your everyday ingredients here, and your recipes look sooooo tasty… sigh… And finally, it is so cute to see you laughing so heartily, your hormones seem to make you a little bit more “mischievous”, which I am enjoying a lot, even if I miss half of your puns because I am not native speaker. Thanks God for the commenters, I totally missed that of Rapunzel ������������ Hugs from Spain.

  • I will definitely be trying the Chai oatmeal today!! I use so many of your recipes in my work day, they are so fast, easy and (importantly) delicious. Thank you for the wonderful ideas. PS you look great:)

  • Yes, recipes should say pumpkin and spice bread, or latte, or whatever, not pumpkin spice, that just tells me there are spices in there but if you say pumpkin and spice then I know what is in there.

  • For the Chai spice oatmeal, instead of using Orange Pekoe tea, I’ve used just Chai tea. The flavor was very different than what I’m used to for Oatmeal. It was pretty good. Also, congrats on being Pregnant.

  • MKF! I’ve been following you for a long period of time. I rly like what you do. I like your workouts, i like your receipes! I love the person you are (it might sound gay, but its not meant in gay way)! Pls dont push 2 much commercial into your videos. You started with a bit, now you’r already putting it in the videos (myprotein powder). Now, it aint annoying so far, but it might get if you keep adding new commercials. Just wanted to know that you keep doing what ya do, and don’t do 2 much commercial! We like you, not commercials 😉 Thats a reason we’r here. In moderate its okey! =) Cheerz & keep them coming!

  • Lose belly fat with easy, simple and tasty recipes? You can ask for free on our page @missbellydietexpert FB Page or Download the app https://land.ly/medicalwale

  • They all look so delicious �� will definitely try all of them ��❤️when the weather cools down a bit here in Kuwait ��☀️ and your puns made this video so much better than it already is������❤️thanks for the recipes☺️��…..and can’t wait till we meet your first little angel �� ����������

  • @Tricheriepacks Of course! Nothing funny will happen to it, lol! Vanilla soy milk would probably make it taste awesome (and it would let you skip the whey protein).

  • Thank you for this idea, it sounds sooo awesome!! I’m definitely going to try this as soon as I can find pumpkin and puree it! I love my oatmeal in the morning <3 Your voice is so soft and sweet and you look very nice:) You make me want to make videos again, but I haven't had the time this last month... So I cheer myself up with yours:)

  • Organic slow cook oats, spring water, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, organic raw walnuts, Grade B maple syrup or dark maple syrup it’s called, a teaspoon of grass-fed butter or ghee. You can also mix into the cooked oats 3 raw eggs, organic pasture-raised of course. That’s how you do it bro! ��

  • My sister was born on December 31st! She absolutely hated it because people combined her Christmas and birthday gifts together! But surely very memorable!

  • Maple syrup, brown sugar… he used more of those than I do, ha. I do a light drizzle of honey on my oatmeal. Totally gonna copy his canned pumpkin idea.

  • Olympic wrestler, and I vouch for Jeff’s dieting approach. Overly restrictive diets always fail, and then your body overreacts by holding more fat than before. These days, depending on training, I might also replace the dinner starch with more veggies or incorporate some intermittent fasting, but I’m always thinking convenience and sustainability.

  • Love the recipe thanks for the tutorial teach but please use a ceramic container when your nuking something for five minutes brother, u take such good care of yourself you definitely don’t need the carcinogenic chemicals that plastic leaches into your food in the microwave. Nothing against microwave per se but the combo with plastic just ain’t good man!

  • It’s perfect before a trip to Whatburger. Now I only get ONE taquito, and seldom the apple pie. Wash it down with sweet tea…. Oh, heck.

  • I started making this recently since I’ve made oatmeal a breakfast staple in my diet. I use plain Quaker minute oats since its fast/easy and has the same macros as old fashioned/steel cut. I heaping tablespoon of pumpkin, lots of cinnamon, a little honey to sweeten it up, and about a tablespoon of all natural pb. Delicious

  • I like plain oats with little bit of salt before you put it in microwave for 2mins then, bunch of ground cinnamon and teaspoon of “real” maple syrup.

  • Although I try not to get into the habit of counting calories, I do think it’s still important to measure you ingredients for the sake of making it taste good. The ratio of ingredients can make a big difference.

  • For anyone on the fence it’s actually really easy to make. I do it every morning. Oats cinnamon vanilla extract. After it’s heated raisins almonds (very few) and honey

  • I eat oatmeal with pumpkin spice, bananas, craisins (the dried cranberries), walnuts, honey, and a little milk. It’s really good but now I’m thinking of switching it up to a bowl of oatmeal with craisins, bananas, walnuts, and a chocolate protein powder with no added sugar minus the milk.

  • I can’t help but wonder if your fiance is envious that you’re stealing all his dad jokes with your punning 😉 Also, I’m SUPER here for that apple spice oatmeal!!!

  • only one go in micro to make porridge. guaranteed that will be full of uncooked bits of oat alongside bits of oat that are cremated to buggery. 1 minute stir 1 minute stir 1 minute stir 1 minute stir. follow this advice and your mouth will thank me

  • fresh pumpkin is dope too!
    glad to not see the typical bro ingredient of protein powder here.
    appropriately moderate level of maple syrup there, just hope it’s not HFCS like so much is…
    plus this old skool intro blew my mind haha

  • Protein powder,oats,blueberries,flax seed oil,scoop of almond butter water ice,rice milk.
    There you have the equivalent and better than what’s up there in quicker time.
    Just a thought

  • I see you bro. Im gonna try this out since I recently got into making my own food. I remember back when you and to change channels. Good to see you progressing bro.

  • Another option to avoid the microwave is to make the oatmeal overnight https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/overnight-oats-3416659

  • I didnt really like this recipe, might just be my taste but i prefer oats with a scoop or 2 of vanilla protein, almond milk and sweetner, and sometimes some peanut butter or pb2, but i have an incredibly sweet tooth so it probably just me. also this recipe does taste nice, just not as good as some other things, with still really good macros.

  • I make my oatmeal with skim milk. Adds protein and makes it taste creamier. A pinch of salt and a spoon of sugar and it’s AMAZING. Going to try adding the pumpkin and maple syrup to it next time.:)

  • Just buy a good smoothie blender, and drink your breakfast! I put my days worth of fruit in there, usually frozen strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and cherries, half a banana, then about a half cup of plain Greek yogurt, then I put a couple spoonfuls of a 5 seed mixture(flax hemp chia sunflower pumpkin) followed by a large handful of spinach, and kale, and a half cup of oatmeal. Tastes good and has tons of nutrients. For protein I just drink a cup of pasteurized egg whites because I hate cooking in the morning. And I don’t like eating egg whites so I’m drinking them is just faster and easier.

  • I tried this and it came out AMAZING! I used almond milk instead of regular milk because im trying to cut out dairy. Loved the recipe! Thank you!

  • I love flavoring oatmeal. One thing you have to try: granola (homemade) get some apple cut them up and cook them down. Add cinnamon, sweetener, vanilla and then stir until soft. Them put yogurt in a bowl then the apple and granola. Sooooo good works well with other fruits too

  • Damn he wasn’t kidding even on the newer videos he’s said pumpking katmela is his favorite and dating back all the way to 8 years ago it stands true pretty cool

  • I’m surprised you used the Walmart brand. I’m always skeptical.about them and but the more know brand of things.

    �� I feel dumb now.

  • Jeff uses proven science on his program, he doesnt get his info from internet memes, scam sites like naturalnews and old wives tales like most of the commentators on here do. That’s why he uses a microwave, doesn’t eat organic and drinks milk and gluten.

  • I sometimes like mixing in a scoop of protein powder into the mix in place of brown sugar and/or syrup. Makes it chocolatey (or w/e flavor you use)

  • made this with my left over pumpkin puree. very delish, but I did add a little brown sugar. I’m not as clean eating as your are, but very tasty. thanks, I’m on to the pumpkin seeds today. marie from Canada

  • Hey michael!!! i was wondering do you have any nickname??? just haved subscribed to your channel!!!, your videos always keep getting better and better, cheers from Argentina!!!

  • Okay the amount of cinnamon looks scary. I’ve trouble eating cinnamon, just not liking the taste somehow but I know it has health benefits. I will try this recipe soon! Love oats

  • I have oatmeal brekky everyday. My favourite is with rasberries (frozen if fresh aren’t available), one small banana, cinnamon, tbls LSA mix (linseed, sunflower, almonds) and the most important big scoop of peanut butter.

  • First of all, I want to thank you, Dani for taking the time to make this videos!! I love them!

    I tried this recipe after picking my sugar pumpkin and making the puree and roasting its seends; they turned out great!

    The oatmeal recipe worked good, too, but I found the end product a bit bland, and thats coming from someone who hardly eats sugar. Could be due to the fact that I like my oats a bit more moist?? I had to double on the maple syrup and raisins. other than that it was delicious.

  • hi im a college student and for the past couple months ive been making this stirfry dish that consist of sliced chicken thighs, diced onion/tomatoes and a lil garlic salt and pepper over steamed white rice witch i like, but ive grown a little tired of. Do you know any other ingredients that i could add to the mix that could enhance the dish. Thanks dani

  • I tried this without maple syrup and vanilla extract to test how sweet it would be. It was sweet enough with reduced sugar Vanilla almond milk, brown sugar and a few raisins thrown in. BEST oatmeal I’ve had in years.

  • Yammo…..Doing Keto, but I was missing oatmeal. Used steel cut and almond milk to keep it as clean as possible. Raining hard in DC Metro today and this was the perfect, warm comfort food!

  • I use honey instead of brown sugar or maple syrup. Which tastes just as sweet, but isn’t as unhealthy as refined sugar. Well, which is a LOT healthier than refined sugar. Kind of a win/win/win situation with honey, imo.

    One should only have 25 grams of refined sugar per day. The brown sugar and maple syrup are definitely not good. I can see from someone who has a horrible diet, that this would be a great meal to substitute for like pop tarts or some other awful, diabetes, obesity causing foods. A great stepping stone. Or if their main concern is losing weight, then that’s a bigger health issue than a bit of refined sugar. Though, the ideal goal would be to eventually get rid of as much refined sugar as possible, imo.

    But the refined sugar in the maple syrup and brown sugar is horrible for gut health. Which is like 80% of overall health. It destroys the gut barrier that protects the immune cells (which have the highest concentration in the body in the gut, for obvious reasons) from bacteria. Or vice versa. I don’t know the specifics all too well, but this is what I remember from the nutritionists Dr. Rhonda Patrick, on the Joe Rogan experience. Refined sugar destroys the gut barrier.

  • It’s Fall! Now to make your yummy Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal.

    Do you have a Ginger bread cookie recipe?
    I’ll keep looking, maybe I missed it.

  • I haven’t tried any of the foods you made yet, because im still trying to find a kitchen scale, but im super excited to try one of them!!

  • hi lilly! i’ll be making a ton of Vietnamese food this weekend for a special event; i’ll blog about it on my website next week. stay tuned!:)
    honeysucklecatering (dot) com

  • WHOA! I just made this with the Irish Oatmeal, says on the box 1/2 a cup of dry oatmeal is a serving.. so I did that, added the 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree, 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice + 1 tbsp of maple syrup + a small box of raisins… and that spice is TOO much!! OMG so I had to put in 2-3 tbsp of brown sugar to combat the sharp spice on my tongue & throat.. bezus!! BLAH lol… good after the brown sugar though…
    so definitely if you use pumpkin pie spice, eassssyyyy does it. Add brown sugar!

  • Great recipe but I think you used a “maple syrup product” (read corn syrup). I’d rather use actual maple syrup. Its pretty damn expensive but much better having the real deal.

  • hey Mike this is FREAKNNNN delicious! perfect..I did add some unsalted walnuts and few raisins for my taste but great recipe and keep em coming.. great body transformation also dude!

  • Hi,I am from France and cannot purchase pumpkin purée but I do have pumpkins in my garden so do you have a good pumpkin purée recipe?

  • I really like the way how you explain workouts

    But your eating plan is really not that good ����

    Skimmed milk is not good
    Brown sugar is not healthy as well

    Stevia is the way to go

    I think oat is healthy but organic steal cut oat meal

    Maple syrup and vanilla extract are fine

  • I love how you made a similar video like 6 months ago good to see you keep information current and relay it again for newer viewers but yet changing the style of the video so its not just a reupload respect

  • protein powder can be convenient if you’re in a rush, but feels like people could be a little preoccupied with it. pass me the steak, turkey, pork, chicken, eggs and egg whites, milk, and fish instead.

  • I have a protein powder that says you should be 18 or up to take this. im 16, 130 pounds, 5’6. should i be taking this or any time of protein powder shake?

  • If I add protein powder to my oats or something like yoghurt (everything that’s not water or almond milk) the texture is really flaky/floury..:( how to solve this, Michael?

    I use Optimul Nutrition 100% Standard Gold Whey

  • i just chanced on this i hope u answer me. what i have is raw frozen pumpkin chops i got from the mall and i do not have an oven. can i cook the pumpkin before blending

  • Yummy but lost me at pouring a whole can of condensed milk. It is so overly sweet. Only 4 dates substitute 14 ounces of condensed milk? I love these make ahead oatmeal smoothies.