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Caffeine: Benefits

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Pocket Guide to Caffeine Benefits and Uses. Caffeine has been utilized as a stimulant for thousands of years. It is a naturally produced alkaloid found in coffee, cocoa, tea, colas and other drinks or foods which are plant-based.

There is approximately one hundred milligrams of caffeine in a cup of freshly brewed coffee, while a cup of instant will contain around eighty. Caffeine is a chemical found in coffee, tea, cola, guarana, mate, and other products. Caffeine is most commonly used to improve mental alertness, but it has many other uses. Caffeine is used to restore mental alertness or wakefulness during fatigue or drowsiness. Caffeine is also found in some headache and migraine medications, in certain dietary supplements used for weight loss, and in many popular energy drinks.

Caffeine citrate (Cafcit) is available by prescription only. 5 Benefits of Caffeine Supplementation Muscle & Performance. This all-purpose stimulant can delay time to fatigue, boost strength, enhance recovery and help burn away stubborn fat stores. This all-purpose stimulant can delay time to fatigue, boost strength, enhance recovery and help burn away stubborn fat stores.

Caffeine is found in almost every commercial fat-burning supplement — and for good reason. It’s one of the few natural substances proven to aid fat burning. Several studies show that caffeine.

Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) belongs to a group of compounds called methylxanthines, which are primarily known for their stimulatory effects. In nature, caffeine serves as a natural pesticide that plants produce to keep insects from eating them. Many studies have analyzed the cardiovascular and resistance training benefits of caffeine and how it can boost aerobic and anaerobic performance.

There appears to be multiple mechanisms for how caffeine acts as an ergogenic aid, such as: Increased exogenous carbohydrate metabolism. Increased fatty acid oxidation. So what’s the harm, ask caffeine fans, who point to studies showing the benefits of caffeine, such as boosting memory and improving concentration and perhaps lowering risks of diseases. Caffeine 101: The Proven Health Benefits, How to Find It, and How Much Is Too Much. Caffeine is found in everything from coffee and green tea to chocolate and energy drinks, but just how healthy.

The stronger the contraction, the more weight you can lift or the faster you can run. Another anaerobic boosting effect of caffeine is that it can temporarily elevate testosterone levels, which can help increase strength or sprinting performance.

List of related literature:

Of all my recommendations—including weight loss, dietary change, exercise, and stress management—no single factor matched the impact of caffeine reduction.

“Caffeine Blues: Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America's #1 Drug” by Stephen Cherniske
from Caffeine Blues: Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America’s #1 Drug
by Stephen Cherniske
Grand Central Publishing, 2008

The change is best done slowly to reduce the risk of caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headache and further fatigue.52 Stress is often accompanied by carbohydrate cravings, which can lead to blood sugar imbalances, especially if they are high in sugar and refined starches.

“Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice” by Jerome Sarris, Jon Wardle
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Bhupathiraju and coauthors, Caffeinated and caffeine-free beverages and risk of type 2 diabetes, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 97 (2013): 155–166; J. D. Lane and coauthors, Pilot study of caffeine abstinence for control of chronic glucose in type 2 diabetes, Journal of Caffeine Research 2 (2012): 45–47.

“Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies” by Frances Sizer, Eleanor Noss Whitney
from Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies
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Food sources: Coffee, tea, maté, caffeinated beverages, and stimulant supplements provide pharmacologically significant amounts to the overwhelming majority of adults.

“Nutrient Metabolism: Structures, Functions, and Genes” by Martin Kohlmeier
from Nutrient Metabolism: Structures, Functions, and Genes
by Martin Kohlmeier
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The book reveals why women should avoid coffee, the role of coffee in adrenal depletion, and how coffee affects pH balance, and ultimately, health.

“The Truth about Caffeine” by Marina Kushner
from The Truth about Caffeine
by Marina Kushner
Scr Media Incorporated, 2015

Found in coffee and green, black, and white teas, just to name a few, caffeine’s benefits have been long known.

“Unstoppable: A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind and Body for Success” by Ben Angel
from Unstoppable: A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind and Body for Success
by Ben Angel
Entrepreneur Press, 2018

In addition, caffeine use also reduced the incidence of BPD as well as the need for surgical ligation of PDA compared to placebo in infants with indications to give caffeine.

“Assisted Ventilation of the Neonate E-Book” by Jay P. Goldsmith, Edward Karotkin, Gautham Suresh, Martin Keszler
from Assisted Ventilation of the Neonate E-Book
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The section preceding the conclusions contains discussions of public policy and regulation of caffeine exposure, and strategies that have been found useful for reducing and quitting caffeine.

“Addiction Medicine E-Book: Science and Practice” by Bankole Johnson
from Addiction Medicine E-Book: Science and Practice
by Bankole Johnson
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Such strategies may include education, coping response training, self-monitoring of daily use, evaluation of the pros and cons of caffeine use, social support, and reinforcement for decreased use.

“The SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology” by Amy Wenzel
from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology
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(c)(1) When aspartame is used as a sugar substitute tablet for sweetening hot beverages, including coffee and tea, L-leucine may be used as a lubricant in the manufacture of such tablets at a level not to exceed 3.5 percent of the weight of the tablet.

“Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) TITLE 21 Food and Drugs (1 April 2017)” by Office of the Federal Register (U.S.)
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  • Coffee is the most powerful legal drug. My head exploded for 1 week after I quit. I am a very educated person, and I don’t want to promote conspiracy theories. But I think what happens here, both with Mayo and John’s Hopkins, they are paid here by the coffee lobbying to promote this shitty substance. I have no other explanation. Quit the drug now!

  • Coffee in moderation only. I would drink up to 7 mugs a day because a high stress job made me lose sleep, this lead to less sleep, which lead to drinking beer and eating more, which lead to weight gain, which lead to being inactive. I gained 50 lbs in 5 years. This is not only because of coffee but it was a key factor for me. I quit it 2 months ago, and did a juicing diet then keto with more excercise, lost 70 lbs and ran my first 10 km in 6 years last week! Everything is better now. I reset my caffeine tolerance, having my first cup in 2 months now, i feel like im going to run 10 miler and feeling unfocused…will NOT make coffee a regular thing.

  • Hey bud just an fyi since you mentioned it in the video; I wouldn’t recommend an energy drink in the morning just because the high artificial sugar content is bad for your gut biome first thing in the morning when you’re yet to introduce healthier and less agitating items. I just take a caffeine pill shortly after waking up before my morning shower and I find it to be an easier and less time consuming alternative to coffee.

  • Have the mayo clinic really sold out to coffee companies? This advice is total nonsense.
    Coffee is an addictive stimulant that increases adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body. Adrenaline and noradrenaline suppress the immune system and cause insomnia and gut irritability. They also cause the body to raise blood sugar causing more insulin to be released (increasing the likelihood of Type 2 diabetes obesity and cardiovascular disease.
    Caffeine withdrawal comes with symptoms to that are similar to (but less severe than) its molecular ancestor cocain irritability, headaches, malaise, paranoia…..

  • I really like this channel because it help me learn the benefits of the coffee, like you said intake of coffee may lower risk of premature death from certain illnesses. It’s amazing and thank you so much.

  • drinking coffee lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes? most people use sugar in their coffee, I would like to see how they conducted this research. is this referred to black coffee?

    also this nutritionist guy sounds uncertain by saying “may be good for use…” and “may contribute too…” also he says “possibility heart disease”. I wouldn’t trust this research as it seem questionable

  • To whom it may concern,

    Have you guys done any research with what is refereed to Cuban coffee which has a way stronger punch of caffeine?


  • i literally drink almost 3-5 cups of coffee, the only bad thingbhappens to me is i see demons on 3am drinking with me, wdym nothings wrong

  • I average 6 cups a day… this video explains why i always wanna murder everybody if the law would allow me…. Imma go 2 cups starting tomorrow….

  • Its simple u overdose on coffee u die ive maxed out at 9 cups and only once but I didnt die I wouldnt go over that. I drink extra strong black coffee folgers grade I even put coffee grinds in it to make it stronger it could send black coffee drinkers to hell.����������

  • Hi, Sir, During Ramadan I take 0ne pill everyday. If I missed one-day than my migraine turns horrible after that I have to take onemore or more. Plz suggest. Thanks.

  • Coffee is a nervous stimulant and Ayurveda recommends not to drink it as increase the heat in body it is only best if you drink when u have fever or runny nose as a medicine that too in little quantity.

  • I also really wish you had a superhero suit you were wearing while you were giving this talk.:( I need a superhero called Caffeine Man who was an aspiring rival of The Flash.

  • no it doesn’t I’ve been drinking 2 cups of coffee everyday and I’m still sleepy everyday, play roblox for a few hours, and fall asleep and wake up at 7:00 hehe

  • People who say “oH iT gIveS u eNeRgY” are the people that are heavily hooked on it. Coffee is first made in Yemen in 15th century, so you are saying people who lived before that are lazy zombies? Just go to sleep earlier, take some power naps and exercise. I don’t even know why people love to drink it anyway, it tastes like mud with burnt ashes in it.

  • My dad stopped drinking coffe he took about 10 cups a day no joke im dead serious. I always wonder why he was so full of energy back in the days now i know why…. He did Never drink water or soda or anything but coffe.

  • I need caffeine to live. To say I would have NEVER made it through college without boat loads of caffeine. Seriously, a day without caffeine is a day of slow mental drudgery. I MUST/NEED/CANNOT live without massive amounts of caffeine.


  • My entire life I’ve been around people that, no shit, will drink 6-7 cups of coffe every single day and nobody bats an eye to it. But replace that with juice, soda anything but water and it’s sounds crazy. But coffe is normal to drink gallons of every day

  • My parents barely let me have coffee and when in do im bouncing off the walls and i shake like crazy while heart is going faster than lightning mcqueen

  • I used to drink as much as 15 cups of coffee on certain days, strangely I never had problems falling asleep, yeah I didn’t feel tired but if I went to bed at 10 even after so much coffee I would fall asleep in minutes. I never experienced any side affects of too much coffee and till today I drink a lot of it, and I mean, a lot.

  • for a daily coffee drinker, time passes fast and linear for those who don’t they can enjoy a long day personally I go for a single cup of coffee which has 200mg jolt only in the morning after that nothing whole day

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  • Im glad you touch on this topic responsibly because i was a dumb 18 year old once and took one of those yellow hornet packets of 4 caffeine pills from a truck stop all at once and nearly freaking died and had such a awful day. I remember being curled up in the shower just hoping my heart wouldn’t explode haha thankfully my friends where there to help me ride it out. Now i respect caffiene and still love it but in lower amounts slowly through out the day like coffee and mt.dew

  • What does caffeine do for you? for me it just makes me more tired and feel crap.can’t believe so many people are depended on coffee.

  • Very informative and helpful video. I got the “equate” generic caffeine at Walmart that contians 80 tablets of 200mg caffeine for around $3. They are round tablets rather than pills so you can’t break them in half, so I wish I had gotten the other kind like in the video. I work a 12 hour graveyard shift and have to drive home at the end of it, so these get the job done in situations when you can’t afford to be sleepy or doze off. Keeping a few of these in the car can be a life saver, but only when absolutely necessary. I also found out the hard way that one pill tastes almost as bitter as death if you don’t swallow it fast enough.

  • Thanks good video, i use caffeine pills while at work i allways break them in half and si each dose is 100mg on a normal 10hr work day i prob take and average of 500mg spaced out over my work day, it definitely helps me function

  • I got a caffeine overdose at my job. I feel like shit. You start vomiting, your head feels so light. Your heart beats stupidly fast. I have to eat and drink lots of water.

  • I have been taking 100mg caffeine pills every morning with my vitamins for years. I am way to lazy to make coffee at home and I don’t really like it anyway. I love MT Dew lol. The pills save me tons of effort and calories.

  • Coffee is a strong stimulant to the stomach. It may cause heart burn/acid reflux, and as a result, coughing. Did any one experience that?

  • In my opinion, the combo of Caffeine + Kratom is unbeatable. The two substances have an amazing synergy and it gives you a focus yet stimulated effect.

  • Im 12 and just started drinking energy drinks, mostly bang, and have one a day, im glad i am consuming a healthy amount of caffeine.

  • I took 600mg of caffeine pills. I feel sick ����. I should have just taken one though. I feel shaky and ready to die. I’m hoping it passes.

  • Lol cheap man stuff… Lol i like it. Jet alert. $3.68. 90 tabs thanks for the reassurance on how much i take. Which isnt as much as i thought because i read the label and watch some videos haha gotta have a few sources ya know

  • I didn’t watched the whole video but I have a question
    Im 16 year olds and I exercise 2 hours everyday and my question is does caffeine helps me in exercise and is it safe to use everyday?
    Thank you.

  • I gave up coffee and the following 3 days were like hell for me emotionally and mentally.
    I started crying for no reason then at times got very angry and irritable.
    It took me 3 and a half days to go back to my normal state of being.
    I drank a lot of water in the meantime to flush out all the caffeine out of my system.
    Also lime juice helped me to stay hydrated and calm.
    My advice would be if you want to get rid of your caffeine addiction and want to try it don’t go cold turkey at one go.
    Start by reducing the number of cups you drink per day.
    Lets say if you drink 10 cups/day reduce it by 2cups and drink 8 the next day and stick to your plan.
    You would need to dedicate around 3-4 days to completely decaffeinate yourself.
    And believe me,its totally worth your time and effort,especially for your mental health and pocket!

  • No way to overdose? dude one day i had 5 small cup of freaking espresso and my heart about to explode.
    So that’s why the waitress so confused why would someone drink that much of coffee

  • Over her in germany laws are more strict. You gotta show your ID.. I think you need to be at least 16. Btw our energy drinks have around 30 mg coffein / 100 ml

  • Hey caffeine man, been drinking energy drinks for awhile and I’m always telling my self I need to be safe but I love them. I no longer drink the whole energy drink I just take a few sips and throw the rest away (waste of money I know) but I try to limit my intake. I also drink coffee in the morning sometimes and sometimes get the energy drink occasionally in the afternoon for work. I’m a salesman so I knock on doors and need that boost! I love it but I want to lay off of the coffee and energy drinks. I’m going to try these caffeine pills and take half’s and see how I feel. Thanks! But question, is taking a few sips of a energy drink every now and then safe? Or should I try to lean off of them? & Is caffeine pills the safest form of caffeine?

  • Thank you so much! This is a very informative video. My only concern is whether these pills and the caffeine powder in them are completely safe. I really liked taking them. However my friends kept telling me it’s not a “natural” source so I shouldn’t replace coffee with them. Loll

  • Amazing video. Drugs aren’t bad, the way you use them can be bad, or good. And sometimes people forget caffeine is a drug. Lot of good information in this video.