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Peak O2 is a next-level, cutting edge power and performance supplement that is taking the fitness industry by storm. NEW Outright Bar �� Pumpkin Pie is HERE! NEW Outright Bar �� Pumpkin Pie!PeakO2 ® is an organic-certified combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the U.S. PeakO2 ® allows users to “adapt” to and overcome physical and mental stress, increasing power and endurance.

PeakO2 ® helps improve oxygen utilization and work capacity while decreasing lactate, helping athletes train longer and harder. Peak O2 is a new supplement that is a part of MTS Nutrition’s Peak Physicor. Learn how consistent use helps body composition and strength. NEW Outright Bar ◻️ White Choc.

Chip Crisp is HERE!Peak O2 Ingredients Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris): It is a fungus found in mountainous caterpillars in the Asian region, that have beneficial effects on conditions such as bronchitis, anaemia, etc. It also improves the fatigue condition of the body, sets a high magnitude of energy and stamina levels. Increases oxygen intake level.

In the latest research, we see that mushroom extracts are the hot new thing in sports performance. In previous times, we saw creatine taking the spotlight. Then beet juice became all the rage. Now, mushrooms are where it’s at.

More specifically, PEAKO2 is what you want to be on the lookout for. As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with 6-8 fl. oz. of water or other beverage. Warnings Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a. Promising to increase power and endurance dramatically in just seven days, PeakO2 is backed up by a number of scientific clinical trials that demonstrated the powerful ability of this proprietary blend to increase power, lengthen workouts and boost performance.

Formulated for serious athletes seeking to support physical performance, Peako2 maximizes human power and endurance, it no wonder bodybuilders, team sport athletes, cross fitters, mma fighters, cyclists and strength and endurance enthusiast are all incorporating PEAKo2 into. At Peak Performance, we are dedicated to helping you optimize your health, energy and mind! We ALWAYS use top of the line ingredients in all our products.

Our goal is to provide you the education and the solutions to living a healthy lifestyle every single day. PrimaForce Peak O2 is a scientifically developed supplement created specifically to help athletes increase performance and power. What is PrimaForce Peak O2?

PrimaForce Peak O2 is a natural, non-GMO, non-allergenic, vegan, and gluten-free blend of six 100% USDA organic-certified Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested in the U.S.

List of related literature:

occurs O2 supplementation during exercise to may below be required 80% and if if • exercise Performance tolerance enhancement improves has with been O2 investigated.

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Product from stage 5 is predicted to have a specific O2 uptake of 86 mg/kg VS-h.

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In contrast, absorption of 3-O-methylglucose, which does not increase gut O2 demand, still induces a modest increase in blood flow (216).

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it is correct O to 2 say max that is not a high the V only• O2 factor that determines endurance performance, max is a prerequisite for elite performance.

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Unfortunately, most investigations on variations of circuit training have shown that although strength increased, max did not significantly improve compared to values for participants in an O2

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In the case of repeated sprint exercises, lack of O2 does not significantly affect performance.

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In fact, high maximal O2 uptake (VO2max) values of elite endurance athletes are related to O2 transport capacity and it has been demonstrated that higher Hb concentrations improve VO2max and enhance endurance performance [9].

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Induction of CYP expression by xenobiotics has been reported in mainly three ways: (1) induction potential (fold induction over control), (2) EC50 (effective concentration for 50% maximal induction), and (3) ‘‘potency index’’ (the ratio of induction response of the test compound compared to that of a gold standard).

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  • I have no probs going to sleep. Keep room cool body warm and asleep in a couple of mins. I get body cool before bed but warm in bed.

  • Like I said in my review on the TF website. Some products work, some dont for certain people, I beleive in MTS products. This did nothing after a 2 bottle beta test. MTS whey will always be the best t though. Just an honest review.

  • I noticed you mentioned in a few times, mid age mice, got none benefits from workout, or cold. But can still get benefits from fasting.

  • With regards to the study mentioned at 1:39:57, it’s fascinating why the protective effects occurred only in subjects that were exposed to cold stress in their early life (how early?) and those that did in midlife could not reap any such effects from exposure. It blows my mind.

  • You know as a person who suffers from PVCs and constipation and then menopause and lack of sleep and just an overall feeling of blah. I’m going to try this intermittent fasting thing and see if I can’t lose about 50 lb that I’ve gained since I’ve hit menopause. I love cookies and I sometimes crave lime and chips. I am really digging all the interviews that I’m watching that you’ve done dr. Rhonda. Chronologically I’m probably a 71 year old in a 57 year old body. How’s stinking sad is that! I’m about to get on the bandwagon and start taking charge of my health.

  • Similar to how there’s instant natural-gas hot water heaters for the shower (ex. Marey).. does anything like an instant ice-cold water chillers for the shower exist? I’m looking into remodeling and have found several interesting products.. for example, Scott McGee’s Ice Bath Set up.. and the PIONEER Air Conditioner Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump Minisplit Inverter, 9000 BTU-110/120 V! BTW, another way to do a cold water therapy tank, without the use of ice bags, is to use a (hydroponic / aquarium?) water chiller.. for example, Penguin has a 1.5Hp R134a, 15k BTU water chillers that can go close to 5C!

  • I have a question… if you are fasting would drinking something such as diet tonic with a splash of Pom juice result in the fast not doing what it needs to do?

  • This was so incredible. Dr. Rhonda love your approach this was riveting from beginning to end. Thought it would have been hilarious if you both busted out big macs like mid discussion just for shock value.

  • 00:00:12 Ray Cronise shares how he feels on his 23rd day of fasting.
    00:01:40 Through a combination of fasting and cold stress, Cronise was able to lose weight and eliminate his type 2 diabetes.
    00:05:55 After 21 days of water fasting, all of Cronise’s blood panels returned normal.
    00:09:07 Cronise reconsiders our perspective of meeting daily nutritional to a longer timeframe.
    00:14:04 The paradigm of being simultaneously overnourished and malnourished.
    00:20:40 Inflammation, But Not Telomere Length, Predicts Successful Ageing at Extreme Old Age: A Longitudinal Study of Semi-supercentenarians.
    00:22:34 Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of you.
    00:26:25 With Cronise’s diet, one loses 0.6 to 0.8 lbs of fat per a day.
    00:27:23 What is metabolism and how do we measure it?
    00:30:50 We use to eat to support our activity, and today we are active to support our eating
    00:38:40 Meal timing to match nutritional needs and optimize health.
    00:44:17 Caloric restriction vs Intermittent fasting.
    00:48:30 Can food addiction be mistaken for hunger?
    00:59:48 Ray Cronise argues that we should not talk about protein, carbs, and fat but instead whole foods.
    01:08:44 Ray Cronise and Wim Hof’s cold experience.
    01:15:22 Temperature contrast therapy may help one stay awake during the day and sleep better at night.
    01:23:40 Cronise surprisingly did not lose lean muscle mass during his fasts.
    01:28:42 Ray compares the similarities of cold stress and exercise.
    01:39:00 Physical activity delays hippocampal neurodegeneration and rescues memory deficits in an Alzheimer disease mouse model
    01:39:00 Impairment of Rat Spatial Learning and Memory in a New Model of Cold Water-Induced Chronic Hypothermia: Implication for Alzheimer’s Disease
    01:41:25 Tips to using cold stress to get off the glycogen treadmill and increase fat oxidation.
    01:50:00 Anecdotes and fun facts about melatonin.

  • All this blood stuff is fine, but most happy to receive update on the cacti’s slow march to death. They’ll last for quite a few months initially as they’re dormant (just as they would do in the winter in the wild), but their time will come…

  • What do you want to know about boosting your cycling performance through blood? Any questions you have, I’m more than happy to answer. Thanks to Francis for allowing me to steal his precious, salty-water, rice ‘n’ noodle blood. I can’t wait to get nerdy over the results. Link to the book here: ����

  • Found out I had iron deficiency anemia and carry sickle cell trait(higher in African Americans) with some blood work. Changed up my diet and started an iron supplement. Noticed a slightly lower heart rate and better workouts Also not as sluggish some days. Not sure if it’s correlation or causation. Thanks for the vid.

  • Is there a comprehensive list of the food these people eat with maybe the nutrients they are eating them for? Searching on my own has not been very efficient and like Ray says everything that is easy to find is centered around fat carbs and calories. Rhonda has some great videos but they are all just a part of the big picture.

  • In fact, nutrition is spread out over the seasons, because various foods are only available in their season, except if dried or fermented. One meal a day should be enough for an adult ® as for hydroponics, the nutritional value depends entirely on the plantfood used. ¢ waiting for a more appropriate time to eat is an excellent idea. @ WHM since 2016.

  • I cant take advice from a guy who sits the way this guy does…hes like a child who got molested and is at the psychiatrist office

  • Rhonda.. let Ray rock.. nothing like researching with ‘skin in the game’, health not profit, global not obsessive specificity in learning. Great video. #language mattes.

  • I am a fan of your Dr. Patrick, and I am an intermittent faster, so was very keen for this episode. I must say this guest is very poor. He seems to not be able to provide answers to your actual questions, I think his comment that “sushi brings my diabetes back” is ridiculous, and I didn’t get much out of his “eating from the right side of the food pyramid” description. It is especially poor how he stated at the beginning of the interview that he isn’t interested in debating eating animal products versus plants, but then goes on to consistently promote eating plants. It would also have been interesting to push back against the idea that fiber is always good all the time, as I certainly don’t think it is, and quite a few other people do not as well.

  • We’ve done something similar to the hot/cold showers since I was a child. Where I’m from it’s traditional to sauna year round. In the summer, we would go from a hot sauna right into the lake and then back into the sauna. In the winter, we would go from the hot sauna straight outside and have competitions as to who could stay outside the longest.

  • thank you, very interesting. i just wonder in regards to inflammation-aging correlated, do we have any evidence to causality? because for instance reverse causality seems to also be quite reasonable an explanation, doesn’t it?

  • I cant wait for you guys to try my new ketone product, if you like this stuff. 4-5 weeks for release and I’ll drop a label/bottle render sneak peek in the next week. Taste will be exceptional too.

  • I get that the format of this is a clinical conversation, and admittedly I’m probably just not learned enough, but I’m having trouble turning any of this into a basic plan of action. I get that its not ‘bro fitness’ or a diet plan per se. I’m just wondering if there’s a bulleted list for those of us who are struggling through the latin. It’s an honest question, I’m not poking fun at smart people. I’m glad Rhonda Patrick quests as dutifully as she does to avail others of scientific understanding. I have learned many things I didn’t know previously. I just need a bit of help with summary, again, not asking to dumb it down. Just looking for the take-aways.

  • Loved this video, as a chrons sufferer I’ve been really tempted to investigate this as I bike and run and I feel pants most days compared to before. will be getting the book and looking forward to the results!

  • I absolutely must Implement fasting into my lifestyle. I feel both an emotional dependence on food but also insulin resistance physiologically wrecks my body and mental state. Ironically, I feel most alive when I don’t eat for about 36 hours.

  • Based on Dr David Sinclair seminar, most good genes don’t work after mid age. So need nmn or nr( as fuel), to make these genes response to exercise, or cold.

  • I love listening to these smart nutrition longevity nerds geek out on all of these open minded, out of the box health and wellness concepts. I fell like I’m slowly becoming one of them. ��

  • I did not understand how come he did not think of eating sushi would increase his blood sugars due to all of the rice. and how come he did not realize that he should eat sashimi instead of sushi (only raw fish cuts without the rice)?!?

  • I run a low Haemoglobin, haematocrit around 0.39 0.42
    Definitely not athlete anaemia as minimal exercise and it’s been like this for a few years. Occasionally gets into low normal range. Normal Ferritin

  • I wish you would talk more about cold therapy as well as saunas. A Iong time ago I lived by a river where I could jump into cold water year round, even while snow was on the ground. I’d just jump in and thrash frantically till my body started warming up to meet the cold, and then I’d get out after a minute or so. Then I could walk around in my wet bathing suit in 25 degree weather and not feel cold at all, rather I felt strong and energized. I said to myself way back then, “If I could do this every day for the rest of my life, I’d live to a hundred easy.” Anyway, a video documentary was just put up on Youtube called “Swimming In Miracles” about a man with leukemia who decided to swim the entire length of the WIllamette River in Oregon (189 miles) to raise money for cancer. It took him 22 days, and the doctor tested him afterward and found the leukemia had disappeared. The documentary is all about the spiritual experience of learning how to flow like water and being grateful for every moment and so on, and that surely was a factor in his healing, but just briefly in passing it mentioned that, even in a wet suit, he was getting hypothermia. Several times a day, IIRC, he had to get out of the river and warm up in the sun to get out of the hypothermia. In other words, in addition to his spiritual lessons, he was getting short-term hypothermia every day multiple times a day for over three weeks. (My own river jumping didn’t give me hypothermia, I was out too fast.) I just had to report this to you, so I looked for one of your videos that mention cold, there aren’t many. I am surprised that not more research is done on it. In all the research on saunas, do they ever look for the difference between just taking a sauna and jumping from sauna or sweat lodge into a cold river? Anyway, if you are interested in the case do a Youtube search on “Swimming in Miracles.”

  • cant believe idiots are still suggesting eating more fiber and plants and LESS meat and fat, exactly the reverse of what is actually healthy. Try it and see for yourself.

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick thank you!  
    One thing: It’s amazing how informed someone can be (s.a. Ray Cronise), whilst making an ignorant comment: “everyone thinks if you don’t eat, you’ll have an eating disorder, or be Anorexic.” Here’s the thing, I don’t think it’s that black and white, but I do have a particular perspective that has influenced my opinion on this matter. I’ve known DOZENS of people in their 20’s and teens to die of Anorexia and other eating disorder related illnesses.  
    We need to be aware that a true eating disorder is not just a mental condition, it is a physical illness (partly genetic). Just as some people may be able to drink alcohol socially, there is a percentage of people whose brain will be triggered (many confounding factors incl. genetics) and they will be susceptible to alcoholism. The same idea goes for how Anorexia ruins and takes the lives of so many young (and elder) people -who, mind you, started off in innocent desire to better their health (oftentimes). 
    Though it is an outlier, there are those that find themselves coping with situations by not eating. For many, this is (mostly) innocent, but for a percentage of people, the physical (genetic)/psychological illness associated with Anorexia (as well as other eating disorders) is triggered and as a particular pathway in the brain is reinforced over time, and the reward circuitry of the brain is hindered. Now, a genetic illness has been triggered with a psychological component with many comparisons to that of an addiction. We talk so much about dieting in the US, but there’s an entire cohort of individuals struggling to eat. Eating disorders are the most lethal of all mental illnesses (and i’d as well as others categorize it as a physical illness as well).
    So, in response to Mr. Cronises’ comment about how if some people fast or do not eat for lengthy periods of time, that we do not need to worry about developing Anorexia, well, He is only “50%” correct.
    There is a middle ground, though we need to be aware of both sides of the coin, because no-one that actually deals with anorexia or faces a loved one dying of it had expected it in the beginning.
    I hope this made sense.
    I appreciate the alternate perspectives and thank you for all the wonderful info!

  • I have recently being doing 13 to 14 hour fasts, from evening to late morning, and heard Rhonda say drinking coffee switches on the metabolic enzymatic processes. I dont drink coffee but my morning drink, i have warm mineral water with half a tea spoon of Celtic grey mineral sea salt and wondered if this would switch on the enzymatic processes that negate fasting?

  • This video absolutely amazing!!! So grateful!!! I’m really interested in changing from keto to more fruit basedback and forthto switch the burning mechanisms. The cold therapy is amazing info! Ty!!!!!

  • Ray Cronise scammed $88,271.00 out of “investors” on gofundme…in 2015.If you go to the comments thread there you will see they never received any refunds and Gofundme doesnt care..

  • I’ve always, since I was around 20, tried eating foods very high in nutrients… i.e., basing my meals around so-called superfoods. For the past 1.5 years I’ve been doing a lot of fasting. Most weeks I do a 60 hour fast. I’ve also done some 5 day fasts. My gut level feeling is that we should balance out a diet VERY high in micronutrients (on our feasting days) with periods of fasting. I know this is subjective, but I can feel good things happening in my body when I fast for 60 hours, then resume eating, and eat the best foods in the world at that point…. very high nutrient superfoods like sardines, onions, garlic, mushrooms, pastured eggs, salmon, grass-fed beef, salads, fermented foods, and broccoli and other greens.

  • I’ve morning fast till 12 noon for the second day and found a reduction in shoulder and back inflammation and didn’t have any hunger at all.Ate at 12 because I felt I should fasted for over 17 hours amazing stuff

  • You’re skipping over the ugly truth. People AREN’T eating the wrong foods. The fact is, there are VERY FEW foods in the average supermarket. The majority of items are processed textures infused with addictive chemicals designed to yield the manufacturers high profits at the consumer’s expense. America only LOOKS affluent. The supermarkets offer an IMPOVERISHED selection of food.

  • I use the toss and wash method for tea powders sometimes. I am actually gonna try Peak 02 this way (but with a mouth relatively full of watet first) as I do believe there is an enhanced absorption sublingual.

  • Imagine the amount of reduction of resources we’d be preserving from not having to nourish the growing live stock supply to match the demand… plus the reduction of animal suffering, land usage, and total greenhouse gases. I’m never gonna give up a good steak dinner but fasting like this can have more of an impact than your personal improvements of health.

  • Plants actually CAN yield significant amounts of healthy fats if they are in high nutrition with good soil and no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in the system. See the “plant health pyramid”. I get my exercise from farming… it is a great way to stay in shape and grow healthy food.:)

  • I’ve been taking Peak Physicore for the past few months doing triathlon training. I can say it’s helping, because here in Texas it’s been 100+ degrees when I get on the bike. Thin HOT air is terrible for breathing in as it jacks up your heart rate, which doesn’t let me hit my power output numbers. However, with Peak o2 my onset of fatigue and lowered heart rate for longer, that’s not a game.

  • Im so confused about IGF-1. Some say fasting increases it; others say it decreases it. Some say an increase is a positive; others say it negatively impacts health.

    Also, will having tea with lemon and stevia put me in a “fed” state?

  • It is also worth mentioning that rise in hematocrit increase the risk of thrombosis, so it is not suitable for some people with genetic or environmental risk factor. And hematocrit is connected with level of hydration.

  • I went on a 40-day water fast when I was 61. I could have gone longer but that was my target. The last week I was like a 9-monts pregnant woman: I just wanted to get it over. Two years later I am the healthiest person I know.

  • Nice new vibes from the new studio. New tunage too. As your an established cyclist. Id love to know you and your friends opinion on people doing their first A4 race type situation. Doing from 2.5 to 3.5 wpk type thing. Big fan of the videos mate. Keep up the good work.

  • just don’t give him any money for one of his projects. he will just spend it and not do the project. i would say got the t shirt but didn’t even get that…

  • Those are great points about preserving hope. Maybe doctors shouldn’t be the ones to have those difficult conversations. Maybe there should be other professionals with a different type of training to have those conversations and follow up with the patient. That’s a lot of responsibility to put on doctors. It’s like asking doctors to be therapists or spiritual care providers when doctors have no training in this area.

  • It occurs to me they are both espousing eating to live whereas I find food is part of our social make up. The analysis is very sterile and critical for us to further the science and better understand what humans should consume to live longer and healthier. There are also 2 discussions that are confused in this discussion: dieting (eating to lose weight) versus just establish a healthy diet. Fascinating resource for own search for eating better but I also wonder, “do these people ever go out and have a good time?”

  • MD here. Be aware you can get your iron level too high leading to a disease called hemochromatosis that can damage liver by storing too much iron. Must monitor carefully. Also, too high hematocrit associated with increased risk of stroke (high blood viscosity) but usually not until hematocrit > 55%. Seems to be more risk in EPO users.

  • Stay happier, healthier longer: become a vampire and drink the blood of virgins, but they are becoming harder to find. Dr. Joanna Hellmuth, please stop making your voice go up that high a pitch, it’s very distracting, and makes my dog’s ears itch.

  • I think I remember that Ash used to be vegan for a while? I think that it might explain why he incurred into athlete’s anemia sinc eit is quite easy to have an unbalanced vegan diet that leads to iron deficiency and, most importantly, B12 deficiency. I am NOT saying that a vegan diet HAS TO lead to that. In fact, it is totally possible to assume those nutrients with a plant based diet, it just is a bit harder than for omnivores.

  • Mike is on a roll ��
    I’d love to try that Xtend in a can ��
    But dang their expensive ��
    Might be useful when trying to stem off the energy drinks

  • How does such a lengthy fast affect gut enzymes that have been built up thru saturation? I’ve seen the rather stupid method of checking whether or not somebody is gluten tolerant by abstaining from gluten based foods for 30 days. Sure enough most people have a reaction when they reintroduce gluten foods. So does fasting for that length of time create dietary intolerances? And regarding blending and “drinking” your food are you not taking out the amount of saliva you’d normally produce if you were chewing those foods?

  • Haha let’s see if Francis can get even close to this WOMAN..facts are this ASH used ALOT of epo and Francis wont, my bet is Francis won’t budge his haemoglobin or hct so all this crap about SPIRLINA can stop.just remember people he went from 36 to 52 whilst training hard which all the experts say the opposite should happen…strange THAT!!!

  • As always, incredible interview Dr. Patrick! The depth of knowledge, with the addition of notes/explanations, beat any educational video on the net. Thank you for the incredible work!

  • He is mistaken the human body’s limits that allows us to live 30+ days without food IF WE HAVE TO,,, as a way to say “see food isn’t important as we thought”

  • I ended up buying the Xtend Elite Sour Gummy and Island Punch and they both taste so awful for a BCAAs drink. But I do feel the endurance that it provides. Not sure if I would buy it again though solely based on the taste.

  • what a shame Ray Cronise ripped off over $88.000 from followers in kickstarter for a book he never delivered. I guess he is too busy, writing recipe books and doing podcasts.

  • If you use iron suppliments… some people don’t absorb iron very well through their gut but do better with a sub-lingual (under the tongue) type. Also check out how bio available the it is from veges,etc. Just because it’s high in iron doesn’t mean we can absorb it ftom the food.

  • Love the channel, but not a big fan of medical advice from random dudes who “read a lot about it on the internet”. Not here to disparage Ash, seems like a nice enough bloke and most of his comments are reasonable although some of the explanation revealed his lack of broader medical knowledge (esp. the bit about mitochondria and separate comments on altitude adaptation I am a medical professional…). Point is, any intervention like this with the potential to do harm should be done under a medics supervision. There are many considerations that should be assessed before and during trying this sort of thing, few of which were mentioned (I.e. not all your audience are healthy non-pregnant 30 year-olds living at sea level…), a disclaimer and statement about seeking advice from your personal Doc would seem in order…that is all, back to our regular programming…

  • Saw this exact subject (and special guest) on Katie Kookaburras channel last week. It’s quite an important subject and her results came out pretty well and killed a few myths about being a vegan endurance athlete. Nicely done Mr Cade.��

  • Before you start taking Iron like crazy go to a doctor. Some people have conditions that mimic anemia and if you dont have an iron deficiency and take too much iron you can get iron poisoning. I know because it happened to me.

  • beets, kale, chlorella,. higher testosterone give ou higher hematocrit and better recovery. sleep, rest, garlic, ginger. test and htc are both key to performance, hence the doping

  • Another excellent discussion; thank you both. I think it would have taken an 800 pound Gorilla interviewer to keep Ray on task…….

  • I wonder if long water fasts crank the adrenals so that the person seems like they’re on speed. I don’t think Ray blinked once in the video. I wonder if his IGF bounced the way it did because of his diabetes. Interesting n=1 discussion

  • Does something like a basic 15-hour intermittent fasting, with a 9 hour eating window, actually induce autophagy? Can you get rid of senescent cells this way or do you have to fast for several days??

  • Hematocrit above 50 is usually seen as indicative of exogenous EPO. It also makes you a little more susceptible to dehydration. EPO or erythropoietin is naturally secreted by the kidneys to stimulate red blood cell production. The term athletes anemia I had never heard before but it makes sense. If the adaptive demand of our bodies exceed the ability to adapt because of nutritional deficiency there’s a problem. There’s another lab value to consider. It’s called MCH or mean cell hemoglobin. It’s the measure of the amount of hemoglobin each red blood cell carries. Hemoglobin is made up largely of iron. If there’s not enough iron then there’s not enough hemoglobin hence each red blood cells O2 carrying capacity is reduced. You can have a hematocrit in the normal range and still not have adequate O2 carrying capacity for high level athletic activity. Interesting video. It’s made me think!

  • I think Ray is on a fasting high. I’ve been there after 72 hours of fasting which I think is one of the reasons he talks so much and doesn’t allow Rhonda to speak very much! Good informative video. Thanks to you both!

  • It could conceivably help you avoid over-training, which causes a fall in hematocrit. Francis, give it 30 days. 14 days may be too short. Your trip in Vietnam had to take a toll, more than jet lag.

    I am a renal physiologist. Some kidney disease patients respond to prescription iron formulations as well as EPO. The stuff you can get at a vitamin store wont work as well but still wort a try. The spirulina is an interesting suggestion. But know that some formulations contain contaminants ( from other blue-green algae) that can cause liver damage, and nutritional supplements are not regulated much (in the US).