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The same exercise studies demonstrating inosine does not benefit performance in any way, shape, or form also noted that inosine supplementation increases uric acid levels in the body. Therefore, supplementing with inosine could lead to eventual hyperuricemia, and with it gout, kidney stones, or hypertension. There is little scientific data regarding the effect of oral inosine supplementation on aerobic and/or anaerobic exercise performance. Williams et al. (21) demonstrated that 2 d of inosine supplementation (6,000 mg·d -1 ) did not improve 3-mile-run performance or aerobic capacity but did decrease time to fatigue during the aerobic capacity test. These findings demonstrate that prolonged inosine supplementation does not appear to improve aerobic performance and short-term power production during cycling and may actually have an ergolytic effect under some test conditions.

1 day ago · Performance Lab’s pre-workout is a stim-free nutritional supplement that you can take right before you start that workout each day. You will enjoy muscle priming action that won’t leave you. Inosine Supplement Types. In most cases, inosine supplements come in pill form, however it is also available in powder. In powders you will often seen inosine combined with other energy enhancing products or in protein products for body builders.

The cost of inosine. Several studies have investigated the effects of inosine supplementation on aerobic performance in athletes, yet none have shown convincing benefits associated with the supplement. In at least two studies, a potential for inosine to interfere with energy metabolism was suggested, particularly in high intensity “sprint” type situations. Creatine supplementation reduces muscle inosine monophosphate during endurance exercise in humans. Med Sci Sports Exercise.

2005. We hypothesized that creatinesupplementation would improve muscle energy balance (as assessed by muscle inosine monophosphate accumulation) during intense endurance exercise. Improving athletic performance. Early research shows that taking inosine does not help people to run faster or cycle farther.

Multiple sclerosis (MS). In contrast, the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) concluded from its literature review that betaalanine supplements (4–6 g/day consumed for at least 2–4 weeks) can improve high-intensity exercise performance that lasts over 60 seconds, especially in time-to-exhaustion tasks. However, performance benefits are more modest in exercise tests lasting more than 4 minutes because aerobic. What are dietary supplements for exercise and athletic performance and what do they do?

If you get regular exercise—and especially if you’re an athlete and compete in sporting events—you know that a nutritionally adequate diet and plenty of fluids are important for maximizing your physical performance. But you may wonder if dietary supplements could help you train harder, improve.

List of related literature:

A consensus exists to suggest that a nutritional supplement is ergogenic if peerȬreviewed studies demonstrate the supplement significantly enhances exercise performance followingȬweeks to months of ingestion (e.g., promotes increases in maximal strength, running speed, and/or work during a given exercise task).

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Most of these supplements are proposed to increase performance capacity, often through a more pharmacological rather than a physiological effect.

“Human Nutrition E-Book” by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
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Ergogenic aids are compounds that enhance exercise performance.

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Alvares et al. concluded that, while the supplements are well tolerated, there is not enough evidence to recommend the use of nutritional supplementation of arginine as an aid in exercise performance in healthy individuals.

“Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength” by Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
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Many Ephedracontaining products are claimed to be effective for weight-loss, as energy/performance boosters, euphorics or aphrodisiacs, claims that are especially appealing to young adults (Josefson 1995).

“Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World Africa Volume 3” by Mohamed Neffati, Hanen Najjaa, Ákos Máthé
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Overall, whilst the efficacy of certain nutraceuticals is contentious, at the very least there is no evidence of nutraceutical supplementation causing detrimental effects to performance, and all nutraceuticals summarised in Fig. 16.1 should be the focus of the concurrent athlete.

“Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training: Scientific Basics and Practical Applications” by Moritz Schumann, Bent R. Rønnestad
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Effects of a multi-nutrient supplement on exercise performance and hormonal responses to resistance exercise.

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“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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There isvery little evidence to support such claims for the majority of these supplements (withthe exception ofcreatine) and it would beunwise to recommend suchproducts when giving nutritionaladvice toathletes involved in strength training.

“Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications” by Marco Cardinale, Robert Newton, Kazunori Nosaka
from Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications
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  • Well we all know who this is directed at. I liked that person’s products, but the one being criticized here I thought was the weakest one they have come out with.

  • yohimbe is one of those natural things that work like a “steroid” I use it and it is crazy, gotta be careful with the dosage though. But obviously you have to cycle it too, the body adapts to it.

    I have to disagree, when you have a low thyroid the effects of yohimbe are quiet significant.

    Like your channel! Keep it up.

  • Really awesome content, thanks Robert! I’m curious on your opinion of supplementation/nutrition for endurance runners (mile and steeplechase) for pre and post workout, as I coach those types of athletes as well as being one myself. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • I honestly was wondering where you went after Price Plow. Glad I found your channel. Big fan of your work. Placebo is a real thing after all. I was so naive.. lol

  • So I need to stack glutamine with yohimbe and during the workout then finish with super stack of bcaas and casine for six months to a year to see results.

    Got it!

  • Glutamine is known for muscle growth and recovery. However, it is not 100 percent sure that If you took glutamine, you would gain effect of it.

      To see if glutamine works for you, you need to test it with your body for 3 months. After that, you can make your judgment.

  • I love it! Thank you for your science facts! Look at you confronting these charlatans about their products. If you’re blocked you’re stepping on the right toes! Keep it up!

  • I use science to lose weight by eating nachos.

    I eat 3 times of 10 servings of nachos which equals 30 servings. I exercise and burn off 5 servings then I eat 3 more 1 servings that adds up to 27 servings of nachos. The weight loss is in the missing serving.

    3 x 10 = 30 5 + 3 = 28
    3 x 9 = 27


  • What would you say to a supplement company that sells a protein product that athletes use to try and build lean muscle, but contains high fructose corn syrup and sugar?

  • Holy shit why would a guy that’s a CEO of a big corporation worry about a guy that sells 20 to 30 tubs of his own product say about. Start to make me wonder if there’s more to the story

  • You know why no one likes your channel? Because you preach hard work over supplements, and diet over “hacks”.

    You know why everyone should like your channel? Because you preach hard work over supplements, and diet over “hacks”!

  • Pls make a prebiotic finer video I love your alright bars if you make the video I will by 5 boxes of outright bar no bull! I’m 100 percent serious I really want this video

  • if you eat any decent protein you will see glutamine is the most available and also the cheapest… and bcaas powder have less bcaas then just regular protein powder and missing all the other amino acids. just look things up on ncbi dont listen to dumb shits like jym

  • Very informative video.
    Suggest me from where i can study about fitness and nutrition and sport conditioning?
    Any fitness app available?
    Waiting for your valuable reply.
    Love from india����

  • James I saw you at the gym the other day. We had a nice long conversation about your channel, programs and so forth. You even helped me with some exercises with form and spotted me. Then all of a sudden it hit me, this isn’t James linker, it’s just some bald guy.

  • I genuinely would like to know why someone who works out would need a fat loss supplement? I eat a huge amount of fat including anywhere from 6 -10 free range eggs a day (I’ll eat breakfast type meals for every meal most of the time) and I’m about 14% body fat 5′ 9 140lbs. I’d ask if these people are skipping cardio but I’m learning that cardio isn’t the best way to burn fat’ apparently lifting weights is. I do resistance training for two hours every morning and when the weather is nice again I’ll reduce that to four times a week and run 10k every day and 30k+ on sundays. Reduce carbs, eat lots of fat and bust your ass everyday, right?

  • Another important thing to say about rodents is that many are contaminated. Aka they are not representative of regular mice as they are not mutants. The places they produce lab mice have been contaminated and many research studies involving mice are now even more inaccurate. This may lead as to why mice get more benefits of suplaments and drugs and humans and other species do not.

  • I thought L-Carnatine was used in some cases for appetite suppression, (GNC associate) I found no change in hunger after ingesting the recommended amount. I am unfortunately one of the people who’ve been tricked by the supplement companies to use their products to progress. Thanks so much for the information James!

  • I’ve found BCAA helpful if you have a BAD BACK & or INJURY of JOINTS as it helps the ACIDS in your BACK DISC’S but the ACID in JOINTS are NOT MUSCLES! My PHYSIOTHERAPIST at a HOSPITAL agrees!

  • Do you mean to tell me all those glutamine drinks that I have to consume before practice for years in my teens was a waste? Thanks a lot Dad��

  • You deserve 10 times the amount of subscribers you have. I hope your channel continues to grow. I always enjoy your videos and learn (or verify what I already know) something new. Thank you for calling out the crazy supplements getting thrown around.

  • I know this is over a year old so you probably no one will see this, but I just wanted to share my experience with Glutamine. I have been taking it for close to six months now because I have Ulcerative colitis and some research I have read suggest it is useful to take it to promote healthy cell growth and regeneration in your colon. This is of course highly anecdotal and I take my medication as well but my situation has significantly improved in the last year. Again, it is unlikely glutamine has had a major role in this, but it probably didn’t hurt either. On the other hand, a year ago I stared lifitng weights seriously a few times a week, before that I have only done bodyweight exercises and played basketball a lot. So comparing the first half of my year lifting weights and the second half (when I started using glutamine for unrelated reasons) I see little to no difference in my lifting. I have gained 12 kg in this year (some of it probably fat, I crudely measured it a few times with the navy test, i went from 10% to 16%), but the weight gain, performance and recovery wasn’t at all altered by taking glutamine. That’s just my experience.

  • What in the goddamn fuck are the best BRANDS to get please this what I need to know… I already know what to take I do not know from what BRAND is best

  • Much appreciated sir. The info and the transparency of posting the dialog between Jerry and yourself. Thank you for posting and sharing.

  • James can you do a review on the channel Redefining Strength? I think Cory is quite good but I would like your insight. Thanks. BTW I love to information you put out.

  • While the section on caffeine was interesting, it was not necessarily correct in all aspects. While your perception of fatigue is altered whilst adenosine is competitively inhibited by caffeine, the effect is largely physiological. The competitive inhibition of adenosine results in the brain producing more dopamine and activates various neural circuits. The activation of these neural circuits causes the pituitary gland to secrete various hormones which activate the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands then in turn release adrenaline, which increases heart rate, blood pressure, muscular strength, and glucose metabolism. The adrenal glands also release the steroid hormone cortisol, which increases heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure, respiration and muscular tension.
    So while the initial loss of fatigue is due to the inhibition of adenosine, the alertness that results is from the physiological response to the stimulant.

  • So, the takeaway from this is that eating lots of glutamine will make my stomach, liver, and intestines shredded af. oh man I’m gonna have the most muscled organs ever, thank you for this hot tip

  • Thank f*ck I found you!!!!!! I am so glad you’ve got this channel up, finally….As someone with a sports science degree and human nutrition degree, I bump heads with the Bro science and pseudoscience, that is directly and purposely marketed to those anxious about muscle gains, weight loss or reducing bodyfat etc. And I am saddened that this is usually pushed by season trainers, Personal trainers Including sponsored and nonsponsored Athletes et cetera. Sadly though, Depending on what side of the Science and fitness industry you are in you are in both fortunately AND unfortunately, Recreational supplements are a “fortune” big business. Again I think deliberately exploiting the anxiety of people with regard to weight management. I could go on and on and on but let’s just say I love your channel. I love your sense of humour I love touch and go sarcasm and the fact that you’re trying your best to make science understand That you can just use words to blag science. Unfortunately or fortunately depending Most people just don’t want to do the very dangerous thing called reading objectively, Or have the knowledge how to Look at the data and objectively Analyse the results. Most people didn’t do that well in school in biology chemistry etc, And again unfortunately or fortunately they need someone to break it down to them, but essentially to tell them that this supplement their taking is the best thing in the world, or that their training methods and philosophys are A-OK. Again I don’t want to go on and on but I will close here bysaying I am so glad I found your channel…

  • Just a quick correction for your viewers.

    5:31 The organs you mentioned aren’t part of the GI tract, they’re the accessory organs that form the human digestive system along with the GI tract.

  • My personally formulated pre-workout (those grimey whiney mopey days). I think people don’t understand that supplementation as well as exercise is extremely personal. Peer opinions is me insisting you give me your two cents because I haven’t tried it yet

    (I’ve found it helps my sleep and controls symptoms of high cortisol)
    B complex
    I’m B deficient.
    Peer opinions?
    I get dizzy
    dasparitic acid
    -peer opinion, possibly just something I don’t need
    -peer opinion, never tried it
    l-argenine again, never tried it

    The goal of my formula is to combat poor circulation, issues with iron intake, physically cold muscles such as my pecks (50 inch chest, why they’re cold, I don’t know), and getting my stress under control. Ashwagandha has had some studies regarding it’s affect on testosterone and cortisol but the main take away is it’s affect on cortisol which doesn’t have a good relationship with growth hormones. Now, I have done some research on citrulline, argenine and asparitic acid. L-citrulline and l-argenine being vasodilators, I feel it MAYBE could help with the aid of iron and the ashwagandha in terms of keeping my blood pressure and circulation normal.

  • That is such a good looking microphone I swear that and the Rick and Morty samples are why you blew up in the last year. What type of mic is that? anyone know? is it the yeti?

  • Many years ago I took inosine and I lost weight; I stopped taking it and I gained the weight back; I started taking it again and I started losing weight again; So I stopped taking it because at that time I was really skinny trying to gain weight. Not sure why inosine seemed to make me lose weight back then; I just wanted to share that information. That was way back in the early 1990’s.

  • Great tip: Just eat good food.
    Some supplements may kind of work but most of them don’t.
    In my country supplements does not even have to go trough a study to be sold, you can literally just buy a bottle, sprinkle some useless crap in there and claim anything.
    Eat food, don’t buy into these crap unless you actually have a medical professional taking your blood finding you’re deficient in some mineral or whatever.
    If you live in the US, you have some of the best but also the worst shit. So yeah, be careful.

  • Hey what do you think of collagen protein? My mom got it for herself recently and I just decided to use it as well since it was there. The way I see supplements is just, they might work, they might not. It’s better to eat it but no harm in taking a little right

  • Whoa, You seem to have a lot of knowledge about sports and fitness nutrition, but what is this about rodent studies not being reliable? Obviously it’s not as good as a human trial but rodent studies are used in almost every avenue of science for good reason. The data is far from useless or discardable because it was found in a rodent study. If that were true you could pretty much throw out most of all modern medical science.

  • Hello, I live in south of México, os there a way I can get them?
    Í will like to try them and olso sell them, os there a pene number?

  • I use glutamine not for building muscle but to make sure that my body got enough glutamine to support immune function since working out will depleted your glutamin storage, it can become to low if you working out vigorously everyday which will jeopardize immune function

  • I take many of these things unrelated to muscle or fat loss, but for self-experimentation and I assure yall it ain’t making fat go away, nor muscle build.

  • I have recently subscribed to your channel and love the videos! One small point of contention in this one however: one shouldn’t discredit a study simply it uses a rodent model. Animal trials have their benefits because they can be far more controlled than human trials, can give far more freedom in terms of experimental design, etc. My point is that in my opninion, both human and animal trials give complementary data which kept in proper context can be used together to make a decision on a particular question.

  • I stopped believing in supplements when I realized that their promised results were ambiguous at best. I’ve tried glutamine, creatine, glucosamine and boron. I realized that I wasn’t gaining muscle any faster, my joint pains weren’t getting any better and my free testosterone wasn’t getting a boost. Well not enough to make any difference to my development anyway. What’s your take on boron for increasing T?��

  • Is caloric deficit really effective for Long term fat loss though? Studies suggest that this type of diet slows down your metabolism. Better to cut out the insulin spiking carbs and eat fat to satiety, just sayin’

  • I take fat burning supps as a pre workout. Makes me feel like a polar bear about to tear into a seal. Crazier name the better I.e Sgt slaughter

  • Yay I love snake oil! Ya know this is just as much the FDAs fault for all this crap supplements on the market as it is the people selling them.

  • I bought a supermarket fat-burning supplement. I’m sure it works in theory…it certainly upped my heart rate…so much so, I couldn’t sleep that night or function the next day. Counterproductive.

  • Enjoying the videos, funny is not something you often see with fitness related videos… usually, unless it is unintentional comedy… unfortunately. I am curious though, what are your credentials? Lmao, most fitness people just use a six pack and a steroid habit as a resume, what does yours look like?

  • 99% of supplement market is basically useless. Key with anything, which is actually needed, is bioavailability i.e., quality of the product. There is nothing easier and quicker than to slap together a variety of components (cheap), make ridiculous claims and sell them to muscle heads or some beta who wants to get ‘huge’.

  • I once tested L carnitine with caffeine as a pre-workout, on the stated advice of Jason Ferrugia. Not as a weight-loss supp, just as a PWO. I then went to work (as a bartender) and nearly tore a customer’s head off, throwing him out bodily by his collar. The doormen couldn’t stop laughing. That was the last time I ever took rode the Carnitine dragon…

  • Imagine that, Jerry refused to have a fact based conversation about one of his supplement ingredients…��

    This should make everyone say “Please take my money dammit”

  • I took Inosine way back in the day and I have to say that my workouts did improve while taking pre-workout. However that was before Creatine came out. After that i stopped taking it and never touched it again. I would have to say that it is a waste of money at this point. Supps have come a long way in the past 25 years.

  • Who is this guy? What are his credentials? Are you just a youtuber giving his opinion? Like the others he knocks? I’m not dissing him, I’m genuinely curious

  • Two things i find useful for libido are yohimbe and DHEA.. Both are now banned in the UK except thru medical prescription!
    What is up with the UK medical profession???

  • thanks for the video man. I almost got sucked into buying this! I was taking Jerry’s advice by taking a break from the high-stim pre’s after using them for months and feeling burnt out. Would something like a non-stim pre or just plain creatine mono be more useful than Inosine?

  • Your “research” isn’t from body builders or power lifters who have successfully used, and STILL use glutamine AND bcaa’s WITH a good protein source. Science doesn’t know or cover everything, dude. Wake up.