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Is Organic Produce Really Any Better?

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Is Organic Food Better? What The Science Says.

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Are Organic Foods Healthier?

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Organic is NOT Safer, Better, or Healthier for the Environment

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Is Organic Food Better for Your Health?

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IS ORGANIC HEALTHIER THAN CONVENTIONAL? When choosing organic versus conventional (and remember, local may be conventional or organic), “the argument for choosing organic is not so much about nutrition,” says Sharon Palmer, RD. “It’s true that some studies have found the produce to be higher in various phytochemical compounds. Organic Produce: Does not contain chemicals and has little to no pesticides; Can be purchased in bulk – if there’s something you like to eat a lot of, the better option would be organic; Organic farms help create jobs; Produce does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Local Produce: Contains more nutrients. Counterarguments insisted that food grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides—which is to say organic—are by definition healthier choices.

As for the 29% of consumer who believe local food. To get the freshest produce, ask your grocer what is in season or buy food from your local farmers market. Read food labels carefully. Just because a product says it’s organic or contains organic ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a healthier alternative. Some organic products may still be high in sugar, salt, fat or calories.

Opponents of organic food argue that it’s significantly more expensive than GMO or non-GMO foods, has a shorter shelf life compared to GMO foods and may have higher bacteria levels due to. Making The Case For Locally-Grown Food. Stringent supporters of local business have pointed out that, organic or not, buying local is better for the environment because sometimes organic foods have to travel long distances, using oil and fuel, increasing CO2 emissions, and increasing their carbon footprint.

It’s still unclear whether nutrient-rich soil actually produces vitamin-rich produce. Although the USDA makes no claim that organic food is more nutritious than. Stanford’s analysis, for example, found that organic food had 30 percent lower residues than conventional foods, but all conventional foods had pesticide levels well within global safety standards. Organic food is produced and processed differently than regular foods.

Foods must meet specific standards set forth by the USDA in order to have the label organic. Learn whether organic food is safer or healthier than foods without an organic seal. A review of 55 studies found no differences in the nutrient content of organic versus regular crops, with the exception of lower nitrate levels in organic produce.

List of related literature:

Organic is more important than local, but local is also important.

“Rodale's Basic Organic Gardening: A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden” by Deborah L. Martin
from Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden
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Produce is the most important area to buy organic, but not necessarily all produce.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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In general,go organic and/or local whenever you can.

“Home Cooking for Your Dog: 75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog” by Christine Filardi
from Home Cooking for Your Dog: 75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog
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Whenever possible, organic foods are definitely a better choice, both for their superior nutritional content and because they are less apt to be contaminated with pesticides that can trigger an immune system attack.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
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Local organic produce is best because it is picked fresh when at its nutritional peak.

“Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening” by J.A.H. Diouck
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One thing “organic” doesn’t mean is local.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements” by Sandor Ellix Katz
from The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements
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Organic is worth the extra money, and you should aim to have everything you eat be organic.

“Skinny Bitch: A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous!” by Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
from Skinny Bitch: A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous!
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Organic produce is preferable to conventionally farmed food if it is available and affordable.

“HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition: The breakthrough natural approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing The Mongan Method, 4th Edition” by Marie Mongan
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Although organic practices are common among small farmers and food producers, buying local doesn’t mean that the food is organic.

“The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook” by Maggie Green, Cricket Press
from The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook
by Maggie Green, Cricket Press
University Press of Kentucky, 2011

While eating organic is a good general rule of thumb, it can also be both hard to find organic foods and expensive to purchase them.

“Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days” by Dr. Mike Dow
from Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days
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  • (cont) and in-fact a lot of farmers I’ve spoke to at the farmers market have done just this. People are getting higher standards and the farmers who want to get good pay and their repuation matters to them, they switch to organic farming (even if they don’t get certified)
    I dunno, I hope that makes sense. >.<

  • I already never trusted the idea of “organic”, but it was because I knew it was just commercialized pitches. I already wash my vegetables and cook my meats to what is needed for food to be safe to eat. The PROBLEM I’m having is that there were a few brands I never trusted because they were sourced from low quality farming. Now, they’re the only ones I can regularly afford because all of the brands I used to go with now label themselves as ‘organic’ (regardless of weather they actually changed anything or not) so that they could jack up the price. “Organic” is just price rigging.You’re just paying more for the word to be on your label. What’s more, ‘organic’ doesn’t mean “No GMOs or pesticides or other chemicals”, it just means “less”.

  • Good podcast. Another thing that makes the organic label useless is that it doesn’t tell if you the ingredients are natural the product. I found that outwith organic ice cream. Organic ice cream still has natural “gum” in it even though gum doesn’t go in ice cream. I still recall when Breyer’s sold to a big corp and they started putting gum in what was originally ice cream made from ingredients that ice cream is supposed to be made of: milk, sugar, cream, and the like. They thought their customers wouldn’t notice, but they did. They ruined one of the last ice creams on the market with the ingredients ice cream is made from. Very disappointing. All to cut down on waste at the expense of flavor and texture. Organic means next to nothing. The only way to get truly organic is grow or raise the food yourself.

  • Organic is better. GMO products lead to serious illnesses. I can’t eat non-organic fruit for example, because the pesticides used in most GMO products actually make me feel SICK. I’M PRO-ORGANIC.

  • clean 15 and dirty 12? i hadn’t heard of it till now. ugh had no clue spinach and apples will have more pesticides. this is terrible. i went this many years not knowing? how?

  • Here for the clueless moron who believes that glyphosate is ”safe”.

  • Other tips: know criteria of labels of organic food.
    Another option is taking the product to the lab if you still aren’t sure. There scientists have methods to find any pesticide residues, nutrients and pollutants

  • Norman Borlaugh isn’t a soil scientist or ecologist. I highly doubt he was familiar with new small-scale urban permaculture farming techniques or the significance of a stable ecology.

  • So the ‘scientist’ claims ( 18:43) that the USDA is engaged in illegitimate marketing re their Organic label, but we’re supposed to trust them on their safety parameters for conventional??? You just proved the point of people who don’t trust them. Next.

  • I believe you heart is in the right place and you are giving people what you believe are the facts. As someone who understands plant physiology, soil biology, and the corruption that is involved in many scientific studies, I hope to shed some light on the subject for you and your subscribers. Organic foods are healthier for two reasons. The first is it reduces pesticide intake into humans which in turn lessons the burden placed on their immune systems. Most if not all chemicals are endocrine disruptors which cause havoc with our hormone system. The second is that Chemical fertilizer and pesticides actually kill the microbiology in the soil. The microbiology eats the minerals and then poops them out making them available to the plants. If they have all been killed, which is usually the case after years and years of chemical fertilizer and pesticides, the crop consumes all the minerals in the soil leaving none for the next crop. For better understanding, Elaine Ingham went with her team to the rain forest in Brazil to test the soil. She thought they would find the richest soil in the world. What they found shocked them. They found the poorest soil in the world. How could this area produce such lush vegetation? They found it had the richest diversity of microbiology of anyplace in the world.
    As far as the studies go, they can be easily manipulated by choosing what they are using as far as soil. It is extremely important to know who funded the study as many of these are designed to have a specific outcome and are therefor not reliable. If using farmland that has had chemical fertilizer and pesticides for many years, compared with organic farmland that has had the proper amendments, it is entirely impossible to for the organic farmland not to have far superior nutritional values of minerals. This lack of minerals is only part of the reason that roughly 60% of the population is on a prescription medication that they will be on for the rest of their life. Just 70 years ago before the advent of chemicals this figure was almost 0%.

  • I’ve literally never commented on a youtube video before, but I feel I have to for this one. This was really well done Stan and I commend you for trying to weed through some of the misinformation. I’m actually a state regulator in charge of all fertilizer and pesticide regulation for my state. I regularly work with the EPA and our state university research scientists and it is really frustrating and disheartening to see the amount of misinformation out there that people so blindly believe in without any factual science based information. I was already a huge fan but I respect you even more now. Keep up the good work!

  • If it looks like horseshit, tastes like horseshit, than it probably is horseshit. I am, of course, speaking of conventionally grown produce as compared to the taste of organically grown produce. Particularly produce grown in my own organic garden.

  • Also, rinsing vegetables in vinegar isn’t silly. Scientific studies *have*, in fact, shown that a vinegar rinse not only reduces the presence of certain pesticides but also kills harmful bacteria and viruses.

  • HI! My 7th students used your video in a class presentation about the difference between organic and conventional foods! It was a great video and really helped the kids understand what organic means!

  • Although I agree that supporting local farmers is a very good thing to do, if they are growing their foods conventionally, the pesticides are not my only concern…the use of fertilizers such as NPK which only provides the plant with 3-5 minerals to grow as opposed to the abundant 50 or more a plant really needs to thrive is another concern. Despite, some loss of nutrients from shipped organic produce, I would still buy that instead of conventional. Local organic is the best of course:)

  • How do you explain the straberries at my local market that are the size of my fist I never seen them growing so big in the wild! Next you’ll tell me farm raised fish is as great as wild. Sure I agree not all organic is equal but I would rather eat naturally grown foods!

  • “Pesticides are not going to harm you.” -care to provide some credible evidence in support of this claim? To my knowledge, the long-term effects of dietary pesticide exposure are largely unknown and the research that has been done is inconclusive. Nevertheless, there have been studies that have found links between pesticide exposure/ingestion and cancer, neurological disorders, and other diseases. Even if these studies are wrong, what’s so horrible about being cautious?

  • The topic should be regenerative vs conventional veggie. I did this topic but for beef. I wish i could grow all my fruits and veggies for vertical diet in my backyard. You mentioned organic can still till the soil, which is terrible to hear.

  • As far as I know, the “eat organic” problem is a tad more serious than it’s presented. Industrial foods do not have a good impact on consumers, farmers, animals, or on their soil. In fact, Kimbal Musk (who’s highly invested in “real foods”) speaks in an interview about how he bought farm land that was previously owned by an industrial farmer (who used pesticides), and Kimbal claims it will take them 20 years to restore the soils nutrients to what it was before. Think about it, if their pesticides can do that to soil what the effect on the animals and your body is in the long term. Industrial food disrupts the bodies chemistry. Also, it’s perfectly possible to produce food without pesticides, hell that’s the default. l understand for mass production that’ll be a problem but that doesn’t mean people aren’t working on solutions. For example, projects like Square Root (also by Kimbal Musk) are trying to bring farming to cities, you should look into it.

  • You’re full of shit and I don’t believe these studies. I have eaten nothing except organic food for the last 3-4 years. Eating fucking aspartame or hydrogenated oils in “conventional food” isn’t something you have to think about when you eat USDA certified organic food. Fuck this guy.

  • When you make claims about what scientific studies say and you don’t give the URL to those scientific studies so we can read them for ourselves then who can believe you. Without references it’s just anecdotal BS. Who can believe your conclusions without scientific backup? I noticed there are a lot of URLs to your products though!

  • 22:13 BIAS. The Blue Dude attempted to engage conversation with that ‘scientist’ about the 2 sides in this debate adopting best practices from each other. Her response was manipulative…she faked the audience out by seemingly agreeing with him, ‘yeah yeah…”, then WHOOP! Straight back into her bias at 22:18. UNBELIEVABLE. TOTALLY ignoring his attempt at that very objective topic (credit where credit’s due), but nope. Her deeeeep, implicit pro industry bias and ego wouldn’t even allow ONE little attempt at objectivity in this conversation. That’s incredibly disturbing bc she’s telling people to trust her as scientist.

  • It’s like 3 kids from kindergarden discussing nutrition.Steroids clearly make you go insane.They are disputing farming methods used for 50 thosand years

  • in the name of sanity have we really got to do this video of coarse organic is better for your health end of….. all pesticides herbicides insecticides fungicides are developed poisons a lot coming from nerve gas. ever since our obsession with chemically meddling with our food and water every major disease as increased at an alarming rate, you don’t need all these studies which keep changing more than the weather, just use your common sense eat as much organic as you can filter you water, remember this doctor is all for plant based diets,it therefore stands to reason that if you follow this diet you are more likely to be exposed to more toxic chemicals,

  • So you’re telling me that adding chemicals and pesticides to food is not affecting our bodies? The nutritional value can be the same but that doesn’t make the poison added, less of a poison. I personally believe that science does not want the public to believe that pesticides are a huge harm, that would cause a world panic and put a lot of big companies with deep pockets out of business. I think common sense is enough science to know if you add poison to your food, it will kill you and there are plenty of health problems to show there’s a problem and besides all the fast foods that are killing us, the pesticides are right there with it

  • A reason to eat organic food is to avoid all the pollution and fossil fuel involved processes (fertilizers, pesticide production, etc.) of normal produce. Plus organic farming is more sustainable.

  • To tell you the truth there might be minor difference as organic food taste better.
    Growing up in Africa, I know that the food does seem different
    For example Chicken, the boilers grown in just 6 weeks full of hormones, antibiotics, etc taste different from the free roaming chickens. The bones are stronger the the flesh more firmer.
    Then the grapes although smaller and contains more seeds the taste sweeter and juicier than their commercially grown variety. There is difference in tenure, and taste to say the least.
    However, in the large scale of things commercial framing has been able to make some things available to us that could have never been available and at an affordable price. hence we are healthier than previous generations, if we are to survive we have to go non-organic as the resource to produce non-organic food is unsustainable for our current population

  • The simple little key is to grow organically, it’s usually easier than using chemicals if you know the tricks that are posted all over the internet like sheet mulching and composting which is super easy as well, even with very little space! So with a little bit of research you can get into it, probably do alright and have fun in the process which sure beats spending the time you would otherwise be working a silly 9-5 job that you don’t like and isn’t necessarily even important to our species or the future of it, just to afford genetically modified produce that corrupts your health, your families health our land, the future generations land! and all just to make certain clever corporate giants like Monsanto and Woolworthes etc richer than your wildest dreams, this doesn’t benefit the farmer, you, the land, your childrens future, only the few rich people capitalizing because they don’t know any better. Do them a favor and help them realize the truth without violence, but start by helping yourself and make a creative organic garden! You Will Not Regret It!!

  • Horrible, horrible information. Either this woman is working on behalf of pesticide companies and is outright lying about not having any special interest (which seems to be the case) or she needs to go back to school and learn about the different pesticides as well as learn about USDA regulations, which are bad compared to european regulations but still limit the amount of dangerous pesticides in some ways. It’s a no brainer to buy organic if you have the money. Then she provides exactly zero evidence to any of her empty words. Then you got these two shameless businessmen who never have an idea what they are talking about coming out with bold statements and have a clear interest against organic and want to sell you their product. Basically a completely useless video and irresponsible too. But oh well it’s natural selection with all these deceitful videos these days.

  • They made analysis, and there was no difference!? Is that your conclusion?! Seriously!

    Who made the analysis, the same people who put chemicals on foods!, or are you one of them.

    No offence, but as I don’t have full knowledge about the subject, and I do not want to make assumptions nor follow the resources of one side, all I have to say is, It tastes better!, Organic food tastes much more delicious for me, and that is enough for me, since taste is one of our senses including sight, hearing, and so on. So my senses would not change because of a video. And ” ONE SRUDY THEY HAVE DONE!” Who is they!?

    Our senses are exploited now days, and people just automatically assume, what ever they watch is a fact, rather than looking for the sources and doing further examination.

  • its all irrelevant look up organic in the dictionary it mean no pesticides,or any chemicals..we have no organic food they all use pesticides be it synthetic or so called natural source in the uk organic growers are allowed to use 15 pesticides so it cannot be organic but boy do the up the price scandalous

  • 4:42 Native Iowan Norman Borlaug is a huge deal here in Des Moines. The building that used to house the city’s main library, where I spent many hours as a kid, now houses the Word Food Prize, which Borlaug created in 1986 to recognize “the achievements of individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.”

  • though you make a lot of good points. i read just the other day that certain things labeled “organic” or “non-GMO” are meeting atleast the minimal requirements to get certified and claim it as such. wouldnt that mean there are still traces of chemicals in the food?

  • don’t buy organic food, organic livestock farms only have to feed their animals 30% organic feed throughout their life and can still administer antibiotics, vaccinations etc, they just have a longer withdrawal period before you can take them to slaughter after receiving any medication. And on arable farms, organic plants are still sprayed with pesticide and fertiliser, just more engineered ones that contain weird chemicals that i don’t understand as opposed to normal phosphorus, magnesium, sodium fertilisers.:) organic is bullshit (disclaimer i study(ied) agriculture at uni and college.

  • You are wrong organic farmers do use pesticides in the UK they used 4 pesticides in 2008 and now it as jumped up to 15 pesticides, what you conveniently miss out the rise in cancers heart disease dementia all have rocketed since the 50s when we started poisoning our food that is a fact, look up pesticide in the dictionary it means destroyer of life, the human body is not design to that these poisons fact sometime I feel I live in one big crazy world pesticide is POISON

  • Thanks for what is mearly an opinion, No evidence to support it. Very reckless how you only tell the number of studies. The number of studies is irrelevant. Our food/water sources are very political with no shortage of financial influence. This was not a concern when all food was organic. Even your own videos and others of how “scientific research” isn’t pure due to non publishing of ALL research because of “big money” influencers insuring profits. You have to look at ‘who’ funds the research and any conflicting interest, such as financial or political. There were a lot more farms and farming businesses wich populated a lot of rural America, without all those farms/businesses people in rural communities including farmers are not well represented in our present government. When farming changed to GMOs that don’t spoil nearly as fast at the gov. request it eventually erroded the political relevance of rural america. My opinion organic food was better for Americans. It kept the schools, business and hospitals and services open in rural America.

  • A sentence that I could not let go. “The reason they are wearing protective materials is to protect themselves from the harmful pesticides.” The same pesticides that we put on the food and eat for our health and nutrition are the same pesticides they’re protecting themselves from. This is our world.

  • Also, organic foods can be more affordable when there is a higher demand for them. And I don’t think more people growing more food is a bad thing, in fact it would change so many lives and people would stop being so miserable gluing their face to their phones all day

  • Folks…

    1.) Organic produce vs. conventional produce is NOT THAT big of a deal… But with the dirty dozen at least, yeah, THOROUGHLY WASH that stuff. Organic produce when you’re getting stuff in the dirty dozen arena, is always a good idea…

    2.) Organic/grass-fed/wild-caught animal foods ARE a big deal, compared to conventional animal foods!!! Animal foods already have many qualities about them that make them LESS HEALTHY than produce, etc. MANY. MANY. THINGS…

    If you buy higher quality animal foods, you are DEFINITELY avoiding a lot of mercury and heavy metals in a lot of fish, pollution, poop, etc. in farmed fish, poop, hormones, etc. in conventional poultry, and hormones and all kinds of crap in conventional dairy and red meat. All this stuff WILL KILL YOU PREMATURELY!!!! Animal foods don’t need to be consumed as much as they are currently being consumed. They are more complex, and again, there are substances in animal foods, even high quality animal foods, that make them not as healthy as plant foods…

    Take organic produce a little bit seriously. Take the grass-fed/organic poultry/wild-caught fish in clean waters VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY…

  • As someone who grew up in South Africa, moved to the USA, I just could not believe how horrible food tasted in America. Now, I’m back to organic (after 17 years in the USA) and food taste like how food is supposed to taste, no additives designed to artificially prolong food. Also, our generation in South Africa is dying faster than our parents and grandparents who ate from the land. My grandparents ate grass-fed animals, organic vegetables, and they were “poor”! Capitalism requires that people be separated from their land so they can depend on businesses who sell them what they could grow on their own. For someone who’s been exposed to three systems (feudal, communal system of rural south africa, south african capitalistic urban life, and american full blown capitalist life) i prefer the way my grand parents lived but with modern amenities (like stoves, etc). We are being robbed our health in America for a quick buck!

  • I eat organic veggies because non organic when steamed taste like garbage. Sorry to say this but i have no choice but to buy organic. For example organic baby carrots taste like real carrots vs this veggie medely I buy from the super market tastes like chlorine on a stick once steamed.

  • What has your experience been with organic food? Has it made a difference in your lives? Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic:)

  • 27:41 The ‘scientist’ made a false claim with absolutely no evidence to back it up that IF glyphosate usage was reduced or eliminated, that it would, without reservation, be replaced with MUCH ‘worse’ alternatives. ‘worse’? Please use scientific words, even in your false claims. Embarrassing and biased presumptions reflecting her already held beliefs.

  • Dont listen to this Fake Clown In His Fake Doctors Office.
    What he doesnt tell you is the most important, That all non organic foods have the cell molecules that specifically fight cancer are now dead dormant cells which is why there is a rise of cancer Watch Woodward TV. This guy will go to hell for missinforming the population that belived this bullshit!

  • Here’s the real reason you should eat organic and it may save your or your families life… Fruit and veg contain a phytonutrient called Salvestrols which fight against fungi and naturally stop them from going off. Diseased cells in the human body have a unique enzyme protein called CYP1B1, typically found in cancer. Salvestrols will have a deadly on this enzyme protein whilst leaving the healthy cells fine.

    Unfortunately due to fungicides that are sprayed onto normal crops, the majority of Salvestrols (which are found on the skin of fruit and veg) are destroyed, also taking with them that fungi/disease fighting defence with them. Organic fruit and veg has many more Salvestrols, giving you that extra disease fighting ability.

    Please do your own research if you wish to know more:

  • Buy local yes, but not conventional. I prefer local but still rather prefer it grown without the use of conventional pesticides and fertilizers, and not GMO. If it doesn’t have organic certification (which costs a fortune) but the source of the produce can be trusted, I prefer it over highly-priced certified organic produce. Rinsing with white vinegar is okay, if only to minimize exposure to toxicity in pesticides. But don’t expect it to be anything close to produce grown with toxic pesticides.

  • In my experience, the organic stuff always looks worse. I avoid organic completely and will continue to do so until the data shows any benefit to paying the higher prices.

  • LOL 24:13 “If you’re getting an orange in December from China.” STOP! JUST STOP. LOL. Oranges are IN SEASON in the US IN DECEMBER. FACE PALM. STOP creating false equivalents that bolster your case with FALSE FACTS.

  • We know for a fact that organic foods have less pesticide, fungacide and herbicide residue. I’d say that settles the health issue pretty quickly. This isn’t even getting to the environmental damage and water pollution. He’s arguing a point that no one really argues (nutritional content).

  • When you go organic… It’s not only for self, but more for the environment, the soil and the water table… You cannot argue that nature had its own ways of maintaining a cycle. Pesticides interfered with it, and will contaminate the soil and the water… Even the air…

  • Have you grown up on a farm? Do you know how much more land and resources organic takes than non organic. If all corn and wheat land currently being used goes organic you should see what happens to the world food supply.

  • You may be missing the point here. The main reason people go organic is that it contains no or insignificant amount of pesticides, they never encourage the use of growth hormones or antibiotics, and the use of other harmful chemicals. Moreover, organic farming is good for the insects and animal that are in our ecosystem and it keeps our planet safer.

  • In nutrition n physical degeneration it speaks of many wild plant foods indigenous tribes had access to which are way more nutritious than what we’ve hybridized today. There were permacultures back then, but our modern monoculture are minerak depleted lands…

  • YAY!!! I already do this, thanks for the confidence of feeling like I am doing the right thing. For my fruit, I use lemon juice though, what do you think of that? By the way, I love your videos.

  • Wow! The amount of info. provided w/in this short time length is impressive. Thanks The Health Nerd for your research, creativity and for sharing.

  • I need proof that the EWG conducts their ‘illegitimate’ research in that way. You can’t just make those broad claims without proof.

  • 22:18 Wrong again. The ‘scientist’ stated that if organic is ‘better’ (lol. embarrassing. if you’re a scientist…use adult scientific qualifiers please), then why aren’t conventional farmers following the methods in kind. lol. Because when you can turbo charge output, at cheaper cost, regardless of hazard or risk or unknowns, YOU’RE GOING TO TURBO CHARGE OUTPUT! This was the strategy of PG&E, Exxon Mobile, Standard Oil, etc etc etc all the world over. Embarrassing for you all to even try to posit that as some of kind ‘legitimate’ proof that organic is useless against conventional. TRY HARDER. ffs. How embarrassing for you all.

  • i agree we should encourage and eat healthy food, organic or not, but as you said, less pesticides are used in organic food. that is really the main issue. other things are more natural as well like baby carrots are soaked in chlorine, unless they’re organic. things like that. also not being able to feed the world is a crock of shit we could feed the entire world with the food we waste in the us alone. reducing food waste is how we feed the world not overproduction and wasting, which is bad for the environment in the production and in the waste as that food breaks down. if you didn’t know this, we are heavily dependent on the environment. if its bad for the environment its bad for us. this argument brings me once again back to the the core issue that causes a lot of our current problems: overpopulation QUIT HAVING SO MANY BABIES PEOPLE but that’s an extension for another time.

  • Nature isn’t stupid. Nature has been growing healthy food and farming animals long before industry came along to make buck. C’mon…

  • 21:28 The Big Dude claims dead zones are only or largely caused by nitrogen from organic fertilizers used in organic farming. Prove it. And also, more importantly, wrong. Go to literally any evidence based source anywhere, and the facts on Dead Zone causes are the same. They’re all over the world and they’re caused by all kinds of fertilize/ chemical runoff, even glyphosate which breaks down into nitrogen, binds into the soil, and that soil run off ends up in the gulf of M, animal waste runoff, sewage runoff, flooding and HURRICANES (!) also contribute. Organic farming accounted for a mere 5 million acres of total farmland nationwide in 2016 **representing than 1% of the 911 acres of total farmland nationwide**. Don’t embarrass yourselves by stating unequivocally that organic farming causes the Gulf of Mexico dead zone. Talk about blatant misinformation and creating your own type of fear fear of actual facts that don’t align with your already held beliefs. And this ‘scientist’ just sat back and agreed with that disgusting statement as if it were fact. She’s also as bad as the people they’re all railing against.

  • Rhyno was always ahead of the game when it came to food. I have been getting great info for about 7 years now and my health has never been better

  • I think the bigger picture is non organic farming eventually destroys the soil(remember the dust bowl) and requires stripping more and more land to continue large scale farming production. There is nothing inherently wrong with a human being deciding to indirectly ingest manufactured chemicals in their body. Perhaps it’s not that bad, as you say. That’s obviously Their choice, and one I try to avoid whenever possible. However as a world society, if we are not careful, we will destroy the natural order of the geography. Clearing forests to produce agriculture has consequences, especially when taken too far. Do we really want to trade that for $.87 a gallon cooking oil? Do some research on the earliest rainforest images from NASA and the most recent. You might be surprised. The forests hold a tremendous amount of carbon. Think about it. Apparently an acre of rainforest is cleared every second. 91% is used for animal pasture and agriculture. I’m not bleeding heart liberal, but I’m decent at university level math. I’d say the current story has an unhappy ending at this rate of change.

  • We have an organic co-op and a lot of our produce comes from South America. We also bring in local produce and it’s much fresher, plus we can get to know the farmers who grow it.

  • 26:19 Jury members listen to and review science in order to come to their verdict in cases on this subject. No company in their right mind is going to defend their side and present their argument in a high stakes trial and in a court of law without a shit ton of science.

  • seems weird to me to be super concerned with pesticides then most people would rinse their organic product with flouride ridden water. Most people don’t think about it.
    I live in the cold midwest, I buy organic local first, then local no spray, then I go for organic shipped in is comparable then I’ll resort to local with pesticides.
    People think I’m nasty for thinking this way but I don’t think I need to support the farmers who rely so heavy on pesticides, maybe it will force them to change

  • Does anybody not truly understand….its about money, not your health. Grandma was 96 when she died
    She ate all the good “bad” stuff. Organic is a hoax. You want to be healthy? Get any type of sugar way away from you. Anything preserved? Chunk it. And diet sodas….good lord, just stop drinking them. They are worse than the regular sodas. I’m just a mechanic passing through. Thank you for sharing.

  • Glyphosate (roundup) directly blocks the shikamic acid pathway through which plants biosynthesize folates and aromatic amino acids such as phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan—essential amino acids, meaning humans don’t make them—they must be ingested by eating healthy plants. Truly organic plans are not inhibited by glyphosate therefore contain medicinal properties.

    Please delve into US history, The Dust Bowl and The Green Revolution of 1960. We have over 5 billion people on the planet—food is big business, as well as the disease medical model.

    The only reason organic food can’t sustain all of us is greed. Greed of chemical companies (Monsanto), subsidized farming corrupt FDA and their lobbyists.

    Food should be the medicine for the body not medicine. But it’s not profitable that way is it? It’s better for the pocket to keep our health at below optimal. It’s good for business to have return customers.

    Please do your research, DON’T TRUST THE WANKER IN THE VIDEO!!!

  • I respect the convo and her science. But I’ve looked it up, and GMO safety is studied very little and definitely not long term. As well as only on animals, not humans.

    I’ll spend the extra for grass fed/grass finished or organic items, for a peace of mind at the end of the day.

    The closer I can get to natural state/growth without it being too inconvenient, the better.

  • You are a Fool. Did you get these random statistics from Monsanto? Your video is vague and ridiculous at best. There is no stream of logic here at all. It is a scientific fact that food laced with insecticides, growth hormones and other toxic chemicals give people cancer and destroy the planet. Rachel Carson in her book ‘Silent Spring’ used the word BIOCIDE. Any so called study that concludes that insecticides are safe to consume are most likely tied to the pharmaceutical industry. There may be similarities in vitamin content between organic and non organic food but that says little about the cancer causing chemicals that get into your system and eventually kill you. The truth is, that if most people demand Organic food we would get it. After all it is a business. The only people who insist on “feeding the world” or that we must use chemicals to farm are the very people who manufacture death for profit. If all at once the world decided to go Organic the world will have plenty. There are also natural remedies to keep insects away like planting particular species near and around crops that particular insects don’t like. There are all types of natural defense mechanism that ward off invaders which you fail to see.

  • But everything we eat and drink, apart from water, is organic! “Organic” used in this way is a marketing technique, nothing more! Organic actually means it contains carbon!

  • the statement is organic or low to no carcinogens better then a.45 cal bullet to the head at 1800 feet per second! this is mental illness, money is there god folks paying for fake studies like hillary clinton and the steel report its the same MO! paying congressman millions in bribes is not science its fraud and a criminal act! all of this kind of behavior is behind cancers autism many illness engineered to keep the healthcare system humming off your ignorance of how you get sick in the first place, and the answer is its in the air water and food you eat its dirty in all levels, but more then that its designed from the factory to poison you slowly or slow kill military planning, and i believe its by your zip code!

    its the same with vaccines, no material evidence that any vaccines stopped and illness on record! hand washing stop most illness! vaccines are engineered to destroy the child’s immune system, again show us any studies on vaccines? they cant cuz they dont exist! use your own commonsense, look at one million kids in public schools, that have been fully vaccinated look at the numbers of illness, then look at 1,000,000 kids who have never had a vaccine, like the american Amish.

    what you find is the truth the big pharma is hiding! no this, congress has given a special court for vaccines claims? outside the system to keep it quite, out of public view? why? why do you think, vaccines are a hoax, snake oil of our time and all who do inject kids with this toxic agents will answer to Jesus and i hope one day will be charged with child abuse! ask your pediatrician if he gives his kids vaccines? ask your child’s doctor if he gets a kick back on every kid who get the full menu of vaccines?

  • Organic taste different and I like that taste.
    You have to realize there is a propaganda war for your mind on organic vs conventional. I like more diverse selection in the market.

  • I love Stan but this is out of his lane. If your willing to inject yourself with risky amounts of steroids and build unnatural amounts of muscle for decades your not the guy for this. “Organic” foods are not what they should be but they are headed in a better direction than conventional was taking us. Permaculture is hopefully what organic will be one day. I rather eat the food God gave us the way we farmed it for thousands of years than some genetically modified, round up and other cancer causing chemical sprayed, less tasty bullshit. Unfortunately what’s labeled as organic now still doesn’t fit the bill. The food in my back yard does and it shits on the conventional food from the store. Eat a tomato from the store, then one from somebody who truly grows their own organically with NO pestacides, night and day, taste vs watery nothingness. Just like the veggies at Subway. Can’t even taste that gmo bullshit. Furthermore grass fed beef shits on conventional. YES it takes more land. YES it’s more expensive. YES it is more nutritious. YES it tastes way better. I can fit a bunch of chickens in a bunch of cages and feed them gmo soy and make them big really fast and got more per acre. Then the meat is estrogenic and the eggs less nutritional with thinner shells(that alone should tell you something.) Maybe the next video should be about how we need to use microwaves for every meal so we can spend more time with our kids. What a joke.

  • Awesome show, Stan! I love what you’ve been doing lately and I forward your videos to as many people I think will benefit from them! Thanks!

  • It’s insane how many people are STILL against consuming red meat and salt even though they see every goddamn Athlete is doing it. The brainwashing has been deep.

  • I worked on organic farms….it’s a scam….organic morons claim no pesticides are used…wrong.. Very dangerous copper sulfate is used….it kills everything even the bees….never buy organic

  • Lmaoooo anyone can spew out random words about studies. Did you actually look at the data and the real science or just went to the conclusions? Do you understand a funded bias in the studies contributes major to skewed data and results due to the priority incentive of profit. Wow you’re ignorant and ugly. Goodluck battling with your chronic illness or disease in the future. There are a lot doctors and medical professionals who eat and utilize organic nutrition protocols in their respective practices.

  • so the trouble with eating fast food is that it can give you too much sodium, cholestorol, saturated fats, sugar, fat, etc which can cause hypternsion diabetes etc etc but the trouble with fruits and veggies is that we dont know which can be trusted to have pesticides so we have to wash them?

    this is terrible it feels like the government just gives zero shits that we’re all being poisoned and dying of cancer. how about they fucking make regulations that make it illegal to make food that has a high amount of pesticides on it? like wtf. or at least put a warning on the bags that tell you in gigantic letters that you need to clean it. or maybe have it pre-washed.

    god our families and friends are dying from being poisoned and the government doesn’t care its so disgusting. this isn’t a third world country we shouldnt have to worry about being poisoned.

  • No mention of the dangers of glyphosate, synthetic pesticides causing infertility, the inherent unsustainibility of non oganic food, and how briefly it has existed. But hey it’s cheap! Who knew partially poisonous food could be so cheap so such a brief period of time!

  • Watch the documentary “The Biggest Little Farm” or check out the Savory Institute. I can tell you for certain that conventional produce in the U.S. is tasteless compared to the produce in Serbia where my family is from. The fruits & veggies from their farmers markets are incredibly more delicious than the pale, unripe tomatoes I’ve had from my local grocery store here in America.

  • Great video Stan. 99% of these anti GMO/organic type people are people when you look at them you would think “why would I want to take advice from you.”

  • This is why I’m so happy I grew up in a small farming community and went to university for an Agriculture diploma. This info is so accurate, but it seems that city people are just to far away from the growth of their own food to understand. We need more people discussing how good quality foods are better then processed foods, organic/non-GMO is just a waste of money. Eat it if you prefer, you’re making that farmer happy with a higher ROI.

  • Nice summary! I also think of the farmers that need to deal with the more harmful chemicals in conventional farming. I would not like to do it myself and choose organic foods.

  • Are Organic Foods Healthier?
    That is what Nutritionists, health conscience people, vegan vegetarian ones, organic agricultural industries say so! 
    As for me, Im vegan conventional, whole food plant based, no oil not even olive oil.
    Not that I dont want consumme  organic’s but because i can’t afford those xpensive organic’s product.
    So what the benefit of being vegan then??? If i cant afford organic product???…

    Water… experts say drink ph ballance water, spring water, filtered water, etc. etc…and all those kind of water are xpensive i can not afford…

    So what left to eat nd drink for Vegan Conventional like me then???…

  • Interesting video; it’s good to hear the “other side.” of the debate between organic and conventionally grown food. However, you didn’t mention GMOs. There’s lots of evidence that GMOs are or can be harmful. Also, the reason organic foods are expensive is due to demand.

  • I notice a real difference in taste between fresh organic milk and conventional milk, but organic milk costs about as much as whisky. There is a real difference in health outcomes between people who drink whisky and those who drink organic milk, though. Also, industrially grown potatoes just suck. Try any garden grown potatoes next to industrially grown ones and you will be amazed.

  • Thank you. I worked for an organic food distributor for 7 years (UNFI, who’s ceo is now under investigation for some financial crime) and it’s ridiculous how shameless the marketing was, for no reason. Many people, made poor financial decisions, spending money they didn’t have, to buy a small amount of food they couldn’t afford. The very worst part is, they still bought junk. Just organic junk. Your pancreas doesn’t care where the sugar comes from. It just shuts down.

    Fight disinformation with your own mind and critical thinking
    -Vet your own news sources
    -Don’t accept so called “Expert’s Opinions” as factual information
    -Compare opposing points of view before you decide what’s true
    -Examine “Alternative Independent Media” that is uncensored by Google, Facebook, Youtube and other biased, controlling forces that might be manipulating and oppressing us
    -Follow the money, who benefits from creating epidemics
    -You can become the Resistance to this kind of misinformation

  • I’ve heard eating clean; veggies fruits meats seeds good carbs (sweet potato, etc) and cutting down massive amounts of ysimple carbs is more important than eating organic.

  • Her claims of GMO crops using less chemicals and producing more is a fallacy. Look up soil health as a start in your journey for knowledge.. I’m not going to defend the organic label regarding what is better for the planet. But It kinda erks me to hear a so called expert speak on a topic they have not done their due diligent. Food is seasonal, even animal products. Regarding glyphosate, actual reports of hospital reports say something very different to the gras statement. You can look up that one on your own. I’ll avoid a commercial chelating pipe cleaner however.

  • makes sense why organic stuff is “no different” than GMO, because if a “significant difference” was found, guess who’s gonna lose a lot of money and credibility? u serious?, why does organic food spoil faster?, because organisms saw value in it, processed food has a ridiculously long shelf life why? cuz organisms see no value in it, or see it as detrimental, but we humans eat it, why? because we have health insurances and hospitals

  • ZENTEL GlaxoSmithKline yuhan anthelmintic Chewable tablets Human Anti Worms Dewormer 4 tab no-Prescription World Health Organization’s recommendations,

  • I honestly just think that eating genetically altered food… where the actual DNA of what we are eating is altered here… I just don’t see how that can be the same for our body as us eating a naturally grown vegetable or fruit. I simply cannot go with what science says and I would rather go with how mother nature has intended it to be other than what the government wants it to be.


    What does everyone think of this study? I’m really on the fence with this stuff. They made some good points but the Mayo Clinic linked this study in an article saying organic may be healthier due to more polyphenols and antioxidants and lower levels of cadmium.

  • “Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic blah blah blah” FALSE.

    Eden foods, one of the largest purveyors of organic foods in the world(and also one of the most potent forces for social damage, as they’re against womens’ health, against gay marriage, and against pretty much every other hard-fought right in the US) is a heavy and grandfathered-in user of Rotenone, a Pesticide that has an established causal link to Parkinson’s Disease. They’re also a heavy user of Copper Sulfide, an herbicide that makes the soil completely unusable for pretty much ever. They also contribute to a HUGE amount of slash and burn farming in Brazil, as their constant destruction of their own farmland with Copper Sulfide means they constantly have to make more, usually by cutting into the Amazon.

  • that’s what’s wrong with the video. there are 3 types of food and this video makes it seem like there is only 2. that’s misleading. organic, conventional, and GMO. there is really no difference between conventional and organic when it comes to nutrition. But GMO foods are terrible for consumption. this video doesn’t mention GMO. so technically he is right.

  • Unless these socalled scientists are lying, and they usually are and do whenever overall profit is concerned, you should always choose what is natural and organic. But now a days, how do we know they are not purposely sabotaging that which is organic to spread sickness and disease in an effort to reduce the world’s population? Anything which can be claimed to have been created by “man” which means more individual profit over that which has been created by the Creator, is going to be pushed as good as or better for us than what our bodies were meant to have put into them. These liars always have an agenda and it always has to do with them receiving more of what they love more than anything else money and the power it provides! You have to listen carefully to what they say because they always reveal the truth within the lie they are telling!

  • Good points on the local food however make sure your local foods are raised organicly. You can’t simply wash off chemicals when they are sprayed continuosly throughout the growth cycle of the food. I really like your stuff but this is a big FAIL!

  • Most commenters under this video provide even more data showing this study to be true:

    Study: Anti-GMO extremists know less than they think

    “The people who hold the most extreme views opposing genetically modified foods think they know the most about food science, but actually know the least, according to new research published in the peer-reviewed Nature Human Behaviour.

    Marketing and psychology researchers asked more than 2,000 U.S. and European adults for their opinions about GM foods (better know in the public sector simply as GMOs). The surveys asked respondents how well they thought they understood genetically modified foods, then tested how much they actually knew with a battery of true-false questions on general science and genetics.

    Despite a scientific consensus that GM foods are safe for human consumption and have the potential to provide significant nutritional benefits, many people oppose their use. More than 90 percent of study respondents reported some level of opposition to GM foods.

    The paper’s key finding is that the more strongly people report being opposed to GM foods, the more knowledgeable they think they are on the topic, but the lower they score on an actual knowledge test.

    “This result is perverse, but is consistent with previous research on the psychology of extremism,” said Phil Fernbach, the study’s lead author and professor of marketing at the Leeds School of Business. “Extreme views often stem from people feeling they understand complex topics better than they do.”

    A potential consequence of the phenomenon, according to the paper’s authors, is that the people who know the least about important scientific issues may be likely to stay that way, because they may not seek out — or be open to — new knowledge.

    The paper was a collaboration between researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Toronto, and the University of Pennsylvania.

    The paper’s authors also explored other issues, like gene therapy and climate change denial. They found the same results for gene therapy.

    However, the pattern did not emerge for climate change denial. The researchers hypothesize that the climate change debate has become so politically polarized that people’s attitudes depend more on which group they affiliate with than how much they know about the issue.”

  • Do your own scientific test first, before listening to anyone else, including me. Go to the garden section at your local box store and buy the cheapest $5 bag of chemical fertilizer. Walmart carries a 10-10-10 fertilizer for about $5. Smell(or taste if you dare) and tell me you want that petroleum in your body, in any way. I could be wrong, smell is very subjective, but to me it smells disgusting.

  • To me eating organic is not about just getting more nutrients. It’s about not getting cancer from pesticides that are not regulated through the federal government. This conversation is nonsense to say that organic is not safer when they just proven that a particular pesticide cause cancer in many people. Also it will take 100+ years to see the long term affects on our immune system from GMO foods. Also organic absolutely has more nutrients but it depends on how they’re growing it organically. If they’re justrelying on horse manure to grow the plants of coarse the synthetic growing plant might have more nutrients. I don’t know what data they’re looking at but organic absolutely has more nutrients if it is done right. Synthetic gardening also produces great amount of nutrients but like I mentioned above it’s about harmful pesticides and chemicals that go into this non-organic food.

    The scientist just said that we should not worry about synthetic pesticides? I believe she has no common sense whatsoever, complete nonsense! There’s pesticides in the store that are only approved for flowers and some of these gardeners use them and they’re absolutely detrimental to our health. They need to bring some horticulture experts into the discussion.

    I’m so baffled by the nonsense in this video. Natural occurring pesticides are not bad for you obviously. She’s claiming that pesticides made from chemicals are no worse the naturally occurring pesticides. In fact organic gardening doesn’t need as many pesticides because the plants have a better biology underneath the soil. Synthetic gardening produces plants without a strong immune system therefore many synthetic pesticides are needed to keep the plants from being eaten by bugs.

  • There may not be a significant difference found in those studies but it all depends on how the food is grown. The problem with western agriculture is that it is monoculture-based, rather than based on bio-diverse, permaculture methods. While gmo/non organic methods produce a higher “yield” of a single crop, organic permaculture has a significantly higher “output” of diverse varieties of different crops, as well as improving the soil and providing habitats for wild life, strengthening ecosystems etc. Monsanto are certainly not “feeding the world” cheaply or efficiently, they are in it for profit and its clear to see from the thousands of Indian farmers who commit suicide when they got so deep in debt. Industrialised non organic agriculture is far more efficient in terms of fuel and inputs, it is only more expensive because it is not subsidised the way that non organic agriculture is and organic is more labour intense, while in capitalism automisation is considered to be efficiency…it makes sence that monocultures produce less-nutritious food because this system degrades the soil and replaces nutrients lost with artificial fertillisers which only contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus missing essential trace elements naturally found in healthy soil. Biased video man

  • Sarah makes some signiicant points but fails to mention BIG FARM uses chemicals that provide systemic protection that can’t be simply washed off. This is largely why GMO’s are so attractive; but are they any safer? Find local farms and support those that provide your nutritinal needs. Good Luck

  • LMAO! Is this guy still alive eating that GMO pesticide Glyphosate Round up crap they put on his food?! (Poor ignorant man!)Watch “Genetic Roulette” on YouTube and soon to be released “Secret Ingredient”! This guy obviously hasn’t seen the ghost written documents by Monsanto!

  • Organic farms do use pesticides…copper sulfate very deadly kills everything..pollutes the water supply.but its organic….but a plate of poison….never buy organic….plant a garden

  • wait, was that first rinse unfiltered water? So get off chemicals, put on lead and metals then rinse with filtered water which does not remove metals?