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Protein, carbohydrate, and fat values are rounded to the nearest 0.5. The vitamin and mineral columns contain the top 3 most abundant micronutrients found in the organ meat from that animal based on the recommended daily value. Liver The liver is one of the most consumed organ meats in. They’re packed with nutrients, such as vitamin B12 and folate, and they’re also an excellent source of iron and protein. Summary: Organ meats.

Eating more organ meats would greatly decrease food waste across the globe. According to a study by the American Cancer Society, eating more offal, along with other waste mitigation efforts, could reduce food waste by more than 40 percent in a country like Germany. Organ meat is nutritious.

Food is complex. There is synergy between the elements of each foodstuff you consume and the overall dietary pattern, meaning what else you eat. Organ meats are more than vitamin A, B6, B9, and B12. They are a rich mixture of vitamins in multiple forms that interact.

Buy Now Compared to the muscle meat we are used to eating, organ meats are more densely packed with just about every nutrient, including heavy doses of B vitamins such as: B1, B2, B6, folate and the very important vitamin B12. Organ meats are sometimes referred to as “super foods” because they are dense sources of vitamins and nutrients, including: vitamin B iron phosphorus copper magnesium vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E vitamin K. Why You Should Eat More Organ Meats: Organ meats and bone broth provide the necessary glycine to balance out the methionine and tryptophan from the muscle meats. This creates a nutritional synergy with all the appropriate amino acids.

If muscle is the only animal organ we eat, however, we’ll be missing out on the best sources of riboflavin, folate, copper, choline, CoQ10 and a host of other nutrients. The most prized organ meat in human history This one will probably surprise you, unless you are an anthropology stud. Although all meats contain some amount of vitamin B12, liver (especially beef liver) blows everything else out of the water, with almost three times as much B12 as kidney, seven times as much as heart, and about 17 times as much as tongue or ground beef. Organ meats are also high in folate, choline, zinc and other nutrients.

Food for the Genes. The benefits of eating organ meat reach far and wide. Each one acts as a superfood that provides many more nutrients to our bodies than the animal muscle meat that we normally eat.

1. CoQ10.

List of related literature:

I don’t see any major downside in adding organ meats to your diet.

“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker
from The Carnivore Diet
by Shawn Baker
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

So while organ meats are good for everyone, it’s even more important for people eating a very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet to eat organ meats such as liver and sweetbreads up to several times per week.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Almost all organ meats have vitamin contents higher than those of muscle meat, and for vitamins A and C organ meats are our only important meat sources.

“Unmentionable Cuisine” by Calvin W. Schwabe
from Unmentionable Cuisine
by Calvin W. Schwabe
University Press of Virginia, 1988

There’s good evidence that two substances found in these foods —nitrates and heme—contribute to the formation of carcinogenic compounds known as nitrosamines in the body, which increases the risk of cancer.6 So, it’s reasonable to assume that eating too much processed meat can cause cancer.

“The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy” by Michael Matthews
from The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy
by Michael Matthews
Createspace Independent Pub, 2012

In general, the “variety” or organ meats are more concentrated in nutrients than muscle meats, and therefore tonify deficiency more efficiently.

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
by Paul Pitchford
North Atlantic Books, 2002

Several observational studies suggest that eating a lot of red meat may increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, and premature death.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Meat-eating is associated with increased risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer, partly because it stimulates steroid hormone production and partly because meat lacks the protective effects of fibre and antioxidants.

“Principles of Cattle Production, 3rd Edition” by Clive J C Phillips
from Principles of Cattle Production, 3rd Edition
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The organ meats are less expensive and more nutritious.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Diet” by Desai
from Handbook of Nutrition and Diet
by Desai
Taylor & Francis, 2000

Many of these organ meats are high in fat and cholesterol.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
from Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking
by Jacqueline B. Marcus
Elsevier Science, 2013

Organ meats are somewhat superior to muscle tissue.

“Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy” by David B. Troy, Joseph Price Remington, Paul Beringer
from Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
by David B. Troy, Joseph Price Remington, Paul Beringer
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  • This is what I’ve wanted to see! Thank you for doing this Paul, I really appreciate it. I never knew you could eat the organ meats raw! This will be my new go to!

  • I do a modified carnivore diet. I just eat meats and dairy during the weekdays and keto on the weekends. Try it. Well i slow cook beef heart or grill it and make tacos with flax seed homemade tortillas or i just make a egg white tortilla and throw some hot sauce on it. Try beef tongue its amazing.

  • @ThomasDeLauer 
    I love to eat organ meats, liver, kidneys, hearts. They are delicious, but they gave me gout.
    How can I eat organ meat and not get gout?

  • Wow this was amazing to learn…I love organ meat but have been scared to consume because ive been told it raises cholesterol like crazy

  • don’t shy away from salt! all northern nations and african hunting tribes has 1 thing in common! they all have national dishes with blood! blood has a lot of mineral and salt and back in the past we couldnt mine salt from earth > so they used blood blood sasages. blood pudding and so on. on keto i always crave solt. salti fith, beef jerky or any sea food fool of minerals. after long fast im going nuts for thouse!!

  • Everyone asking HOW to prepare and eat these that tastes good?
    SIMPLE: just chuck in some organ meats or your choice, liver, kidney, heart etc into a blender and grind them up, then add these in SMALL amounts into some ‘Hamburger’ meat (Ground beef)
    Mix in a bowl with an egg and some Keto friendly stuff like garlic, ginger, diced onions, ground chili, tomato paste etc and then fry or oven bake in a little olive oil or coconut oil.
    Try it with a small amount at first and see how you like the flavor, if they are properly seasoned they are delicious! Then gradually increase the amount.

    Great for growing kids that would never normally touch the stuff!

  • I started taking a multivitamin daily on my second week just due to the sheer amount of concern from friends and family about the diet can’t say it’s helped or not but… I’ve just been sticking to eggs, bacon, steak and ground beef and a little bit of raw parmesean cheese as a snack. In the mornings I’m actually suprised by the energy I have once I actually make it out of my bed… Last few days I’ve even forgot to brew coffee because I get so focused on working right away. I can’t do the organs… But appricate your dedication it was fun to watch. Keep up the great content!

  • Where I shop, beef liver is $1.99 per pound and calves liver is $8.99. I thought calve would be cleaner but what a price difference.

  • I wish cod livers came package better. I bought a three-pack of canned cod livers, and wish I could have eaten about a fourth of each per week.

  • That’s so funny this video popped up & caught my eye. Really weird Sam E & Sammy the fat cell from today’s vid…? Are they related?
    Internet trips out sometimes lol, it’s alive..? People & things funnel towards me in peculiar ways outside of coding selected programmings. Anomalies are everywhere.?:)

  • Your skin is so clear and smooth and your hair and eyebrows are so thick! Also, does eating brain make you smart? What all have you noticed from eating it?

  • It looks like Antler Farms products are NOT certified organic-Please comment on this Thomas as their promo video is a little misleading if they in fact are not certified organic.

  • Very interesting, I just ordered grass fed grass finish ground beef with hear liver and kidneys ground with it…hopefully it tastes good ��

  • Don’t forget that Kidneys are an excellent source of DAO which breaks down excess histamine in your body, acting as an antihistamine.

  • I love offal meats! Especially (pig/duck) blood, tongues, intestines, stomachs, lungs, hearts, kidneys. Sounds gross but taste really good if you know how to cook these.

  • I take the capsules too haha. As a former vegetarian, I really don’t like meat. AIP is such misery because of this. If I could I would live on beans, rice, and tofu! I can barely stomach regular meat, much less organ meat. Blech. I wish I could change my preferences.

  • No, f’ing way.
    Not gonna do it.
    No way.
    Watched it.
    No way!

    I think I can do the liver pill you are pushing. But I just can’t and I want to.

  • I love Coach DeLauer’s videos, but I can’t get with eating organ meat. Liver tastes disgusting. I can’t imagine eating kidneys or a heart. I’ll keep getting my macronutrients from other sources.

  • Do you think you can get sdequate nutrition eating mainly local wild animal organs and meats with less fat, local wild berries, and coconut/Cacao(traditionally fermented paste, and butter, fresh well made) for filling out calories?
    I seem to get some skin issues with too much boar/cow fat which is what i get. Organs i get tho.

  • You a doctor!? You’re promoting foods that causes disease and health problems! Ffs. What a joker. Hope you loose your license (if you have one). You’re causing so much harm with this vid cause people might take your stupid advice.

  • Have you ever made liver sausage? I made a batch but it’s so sticky..I used 1:1 with pork… tastes good but sticks to everything, including the pan. Any tips?

  • You don’t have to worry about the carbohydrate content of liver. When the animal dies, the glycolytic enzymes in the meat convert the glycogen into lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the meat.

  • If you eat liver and brain you’ll be completely covered. Liver with its absurd vitamin A and B12 content and brain with it’s omega 3, cholesterol, and vitamin D content.

  • Food is food.
    You’ve obviously never been too hungry, ever in your life.
    If you had, you would embrace all world food, as do I.
    That includes goat’s brains, eyes and lips.
    Locust and ants.
    Mealy worm.
    All good sources of protein.
    I am English and I was always acutely embarrassed when we went on holiday abroad to Spain.
    Mother would pack tins of baked beans and all the other staples she was familiar with and used to back home.
    What’s the point in travelling if you are not going to explore the local cuisine?
    That’s something I’ll never understand.

  • Finally, I found a video and information I’m not crazy about. Sorry, I’m not an organ guy, but I am a follower!! Thanks brother!

  • I prefer organs as least shortly fried or cooked. And I eat it (as everyting else I eat) because I like the taste. I don’t care much about the nutrients but follow the thump rule that everything what tastes good is basically healthy as well.

  • I also felt the “edge” one month into the diet, with time it become more smoth I think probably it’s part of the adaptation process.

  • An eggs is a complete product. Not smart to eat only one part of it. The yolk is full of biotin to counter act the avidin in the Whites.. look at what Aajonus had to say about this…

  • You say to NOT use supplements but at the end of the video, there’s liver pills ��. Are those an exception?
    I do want to consume organ meats based on your recommendations, but I’d rather not have to source, cook and have to adapt to the taste/texture of that meat ��.
    Do you have any recommendations on pill forms of heart/kidney/liver essentials?
    Or, a good source of those meats (Butcher Box?) and perhaps some tips on preparing said meats?

    Thanks ���� for your inspiration and insights!

  • I’ve decided to start my weight loss journey today. Tbh I’m kinda scared. I’m scared to fail.. again. But I posted a video of myself today and I explained why I want to lose weight and how I’m going about it. Please let me know if there are any other tips and tricks that might work. Thank you!

  • Does the animal origin matter? E.g. are chicken hearts close to nutritional content of beef hearts?

    Also, what about a follow up episode of your favorite recipes with the meats?!

  • It looks like any other piece of beef once it’s cooked. I wonder if the taste and smell is more of a mental thing. Try tricking someone into eating some liver or kidneys and let’s see their reaction.

  • Eat haggis. But make it Canadian or Scottish haggis, because they contain lungs, (something that I believe is illegal in the USA). If you cannot order them because of restrictions, then just eat the USA version. At least you’re getting heart and kidneys. Also; get some blood sausage, or blood pudding. They both have bad reputations, but neither tastes like what the mythology would have you believe. Not even close. Caveat: People with history of Gout should be careful with portion size and frequency of ingestion. Rich organ meats can depending one the individual cause flare ups.

  • Oh man… I haven’t had kidneys for ever. I loved pig kidneys cooked in the sausage broth on “butcher day”…
    To bad there’s only two kidneys.

    Is there any benefits of eating the brain? We always made a brain sausage with the pig’s brain.

  • I enjoy, hearts, stomach, liver, may eat tripes,
    Have not eaten kidney or any other.
    I grew up in Poland and we as kids fought with my sisters ��‍♀️ for a stomach or a heart of a chicken on Sunday dinner.

  • Cannot do it. Would rather do supplements and trace minerals. The world would be different if we had to go out and kill our own food.

  • In my country rooster testicles are delicacy. Lamb ones, brain and kidneys are something normal. We also eat lots of intestines and horse meat.

  • You should make a cooking video on all them meats and organs you sell from your frankie meat so we can also know how to prepare it ��

  • I like chicken livers coated in a mixture of coconut flour and salt then fried up in bacon fat or avocado oil. The bacon fat especially helps with the flavor.

  • I couldn’t stomach organ meats on a regular basis, so I started taking freeze-dried supplements. After about a week, I feel more energetic than I have in years. I’m so glad this option exists for people like me.

  • I love liver,my favorite way to eat it is to slice it thin and fry it in butter with lots of onions and a little salt and pepper, good eating ��

  • testicles have tons of cholesterol, and bioactive testosterone in them. If you do not cook them. Great for muscle growth and libido! I am speaking from experience. I had to stop eating them because I am a woman. I did loved the feeling though. I used to do smoothies of them and drink them with my nose closed so I did not taste anything. Powerful medicine! Heart has lots og CoEnzymeQ10 btw, I eat lots of heart. It really is powerful, combined with lots of sun!!

  • Um, you’re a man that eats meat. Carnivores do not cook their food. They eat raw organs and get most of their sodium needs from drinking blood. Eat them raw, or stop pretending you’re a feline.

  • 30 yrs ago an old friend and me sat down and ate chicken livers and gizzards with bourbon whiskey while listening to Molly Hatchet and other rock music many weekends. I’m still alive…magine that.

  • Try breading it with cassava flour and lots of spice then fry it in a pan and serve it with a spiced ketchup if you have reintroduced it. It’s a game changer.

  • I actually like beef liver lol. I fry it up in the fat leftover after browning ground beef. If it gets a little crispy on the edges, it’s more palatable �� Thanks for the video! ❤❤❤

  • My friends always bust me about liver being my favorite childhood comfort food. I love it!! and my mom used to make this amazing stew with chicken hearts. Mine isn’t as good but I keep trying

  • If you have trouble eating liver in general, liverwurst is a great option to get all three of these meats in at the same time. Go for the grass fed option.

  • Hey Thomas, do you know of any research about keto induced rosacea? I had really good, clear, and smooth skin before I started keto, but developed rosacea shortly after starting keto in late September 2019 (I’m still keto btw). I’ve seen videos of Dr. Berg talking about how he thinks it might be related to SIBO. Some people have claimed that a carnivore diet helped get rid of their rosacea, but I’m not sure I can afford to go down that route. Is it possible that the sudden switch to keto created a gut dysbiosis which lead to rosacea? I’m curious about what you think/suggest or find in research. I really want to get rid of the unsightly redness and bumps. I’m also curious if anyone else has experienced rosacea after starting keto, and whether if any of you have found something that has helped you or not?

  • Lol yeah been dragging my feet on this one. Mom every so often used to serve liver floured and fried in bacon grease(so we got bacon too) on the side were fried onions and mashed potatoes. The trick was; little bit of liver lots of the other stuff on each forkful. Lol it’s not a recipe i lovingly transfered to my own cook book ( unlike the fresh apple cake with carmel topping). Long time ago,as a young bride,we were given what they thought was a moose roast it turned out to be the liver( a lesson there in marking the packages when you are playing at being a butcher!) Thats alot of liver to experiment with. Best version was chop it up and treat it like a stir fry; the secret ingredient was lemon juice. Most of the ingredients are not paleo so won’t give that. So thanks for making me recall that to use as a starting point.

  • I want to see a video of him eating all that raw organ meat… especially the testicle and see what his faces says ie is this enjoyable?

  • Hey! I made it into a video. xP

    Irritable / short temper issue is a fairly common issue, specifically for males on this diet, but females do get it as well.

    There is no definitive reason for this issue to trigger, but more so caused by the myriad of changes your body is undergoing.

    Many people experience hormonal balancing (specifically an increase in testosterone, and to a lesser extent a reduction in insulin) along with withdrawal symptoms (sugar/carbs/caffeine), transitioning to fat for fuel (which starts at day 3, but continues to evolve and change over time, some carnivores notice ‘huge’ changes in the way their energy is utilized, even up to 1.5 years after switching) and in your case, the sleep issues.

    Combine all of this along with general stress from money / current world issues, and you get a swirling pot of new emotions you don’t know how to deal with.

    Hence, irritable / short temper.

    Fear not, as you get acclimated to the increased testosterone, your sleep issues fade away, and withdrawal symptoms wane (and interestingly get replaced with cravings for meat/fat (something to look forward to. (: )) the irritable / short temper issue will go away.

    Another thing you might notice, due to the hormonal balancing, is that your libido is likely going to increase around this period as well.
    Luckily, we’re all quarantined at the moment, so you’ll have plenty of alone time.:D

    If you are unable to contain your new emotions and inevitably start to feel cranky or irritable, recognize the feeling and try to be conscious of how much energy you’re letting that thought/feeling have. Take yourself away from the situation if you have to, focus on your breathing for a minute or two.

    I’m attaching a specific document to help with this issue in the long and short term.
    It’s useful for managing your emotions, but helps with other factors of your life as well, if you utilize it.

    Cheers. (:


  • the key is variety. I’ll go vegan for 3 months, then i’ll slowly add meats/organ meats, then I’ll go fish/egg/ veges/fruit,. It’s what my body craves. Listen to you’re body. If you’ve been eating vegan for 3 months and you crave a steak, eat that steak.

  • Brain tacos Rule! In Mexico they call them “tacos de cessos”. I also ate mountain oysters because they tricked me. Those did not taste good.

  • Remember that your body is doing a lot of healing from all the long-term damage done to it and this is done only while sleeping. Sleep as much as you need to otherwise the healing takes longer.

  • How i got around the beef liver and cow heart organs was grind both organs with 3 pounds of ground beef. Works great. Your local butcher should grind them up for you if you ask.

  • I just had beef liver today for the first time probably since I started carnivore 6 months ago, and surprisingly it’s not as bad as I remembered. Still not pleasant, but it doesn’t make me gag anymore lol

  • Man, you didnt clean it. Everything thats white comes out, because piss goes through the white stuff. You can also preboil it after cutting out the piss tissue. Its the same with pork btw.

  • Well, the response I usually get is either “EWWWWWWW!”. Or the tired old BS about Offal being full or those nightmarish “toxins”… talking to retarded children.

  • i find that the longer that liver is exposed to air and begins to oxidise the stronger the unpleasant flavour becomes so i generally portion mine out into 100-150g pieces and freeze and defrost each day as necessary

  • i cook up the organs, then chop and add to ground (minced) beef and ground/chopped cooked bacon (maybe and egg too) Amazing! Classic meatball recipe, My husband cant have dairy, so i soak liver overnight in lemon juice and water, and rinse and dry well before cooking. The kidney is best sliced, lay out on plate sprinkle salt over and leave for an hour (removes metalic taste and toxins) then flip and do the same, then rinse/dry/cook. Get a good sear on it too. i struggle with kidney still but chop it up in other things. Tastes good, but by brain gets involved. Love you videos keep it up!

  • Kidneys are delicious! Organs were eaten by the hunters, the flesh was for the rest of the tribe, or eaten later, as jerky or pemmican,. That is really paleo. ⚟

  • Are you using anything to log every day like a app written in words or setting up goals for yourself or are you only using video recordings?

  • Love liver…. Beef liver a bit pink inside with fried onions and panchetta… Or chickenliver with garlic and indian massala curry! LOL check some proper french recepy’s they love organ meats.

  • I’m a hunter. When I butcher my animal and package it..Then freeze for later use. I recently was told that the dark liquid in the meat isn’t actually blood… It’s myoglobin? That the blood is all drained off… But sometimes I cut it up and freeze the same day depending on the weather. I love cooking the “blood” but can you please explain of this is not actually blood or what is it?

  • Are we sure they don’t just go for the easiest meat first?……. ie the organs…that arent connected to anything?????…. I don’t know the rest of the meat takes work

  • If you eat meat, you shouldn’t waste any part of that animal. Btw pigs brain tastes like bacon, its good if you know how to cook it.

  • The most beautiful thing nowadays it’s that everyone is the smartest person for them self. For example I eat organs and I consider that smart decision. And the others don’t eat that, and they are smartest too (for them selfes) ��

  • Fantastic video as always.

    When I started carnivore 20 months ago I did start getting agitated more than normal. after about 2 months it was back to normal and if anything very much stable.

    Keep it going and stay safe.

    Loving your videos This channel should explode with subscribers and views

  • I grew up eating chicken liver and heart whenever my mom made a boiled whole chicken, today you can’t buy a chicken with the organs unfortunately but if you buy a duck it does and I always boil them with onion and carrots. It’s also very normal to eat liver pate and such here. I also grew up with pork hearts boiled with parsley; today I prefer fried cow hearts though.

  • If you can’t get to a gym, there are a few ways to get an exhausting workout from bodyweight: pistol squats and one armed pull/push ups

  • you look super healthy!:) eating the organs though… but a lot of actual carnivores (lions and tigers and such) go for the organs after a kill…

  • For me sticking to organic products has been absolutely vital. It makes the biggest difference of all the changes.

    Watching Frank Tufano has been eye-opening too and he advocates for high food quality.

  • Hi Paul! Thank you for sharing! Quick question when you eat organs, are you just “shooting” down small, whole pieces of the organ? Is there any chewing involved?

  • Great stuff here! I was expecting you to talk about thymus, a delicacy and a very nutrient rich part of the animal. Wasn’t it available back then?

  • Hm, didn’t know that a beef liver is not popular in Canada. In Ukraine, it’s quite popular, especially liver pate and fritters (my favourite). And no one eats kidneys. I never saw kidneys in grocery stores:-) even for dogs

  • I only ate pork kidneys. The important thing is that they must be cleaned of the inner matter and washed properly to get rid of the urea. I have put them to water to fridge over night and then repeated for some shorter periods changing the water.Then I fried them on pan for a short time to be still springy, juicy and tender. It is not funky in this way, just a different taste and texture compared to other meats and organs. It’s just time consuming to prepare correctly. Here is first receipt I found:
    When it comes to liver, I eat them perhaps each odd week. Pork or calf liver have milder taste then adult beef, poultry or rabbit are the most mild tasting.

  • keep going man you definitely won’t regret it, just make sure whenever u eat something raw that it is high quality, good luck. maybe you can also include raw eggs in your diet soon!

  • The beep test might be a good indicator of energy levels, beef cheeks are nice and oxtail has marrow, you could try sheep’s heart but they stink something terrible

  • Great video, it’s bizarre how the psychology of many humans seem to create an instinctive gag reflex when considering eating these.

  • Would be willing to bet that the rage is mostly, if not all due to the dramatic decrease in activity. Trail running in nice, scenic and challenging environments has really helped me.

  • I’ve been eating a lot of chicken and beef liver.

    No bowel issues, sleeping like a baby too.

    (I do add herbal drinks though, flavorloids are important too)

    FYI: if you see green on your liver foods it’s still okay to eat. That’s bile it’s healthy. Just bitter.

  • I stopped watching this madness at “ 3:32.” There is absolutely no reason to eat raw meat & it is exceedingly dangerous! (I glimpsed a video with this same guy being interviewed by or in collaboration with Dr. Eric Berg, a video that I didn’t click on, at least not as yet, & I’m really quite surprised that such a pairing took place, particularly if it is really that Berg is promoting this “eat organ meats raw and drink blood” craziness.)
    I was curious as to if the meat was going to be consumed raw, & was opppsed to this video from when I suspected that this is exactly what this video is about, but it was definitely a sign of craziness to me when one container’s contents was identified as being “blood” (“ 0:50“)! Yes, “blood”!
    I don’t suppose the fellow in this self-identifies as a Christian, & maybe he is blatantly opposed to Christianity, but for any who professes to be a Christian (many nowadays do, but aren’t, not ever having obeyed the fundamental salvific orders of Christ Jesus the Almighty’s Christianity & being in fact quite indulgent in what He forbids &, for a contemporary publicized example, think that Hannah on this season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, she declaring, with her execeeding profanity-inclined mouth, “I’ve had sex outside of marriage, but, guess what, Jesus still loves me”) or intends to become a Christian, hear & heed this: “But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, AND FROM BLOOD….That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, AND FROM BLOOD, and from things strangled, and from fornication: FROM WHICH IF YE KEEP YOURSELVES, YE SHALL DO WELL. Fare ye well” (Acts 15:20 & 29).
    There are several admonitions against consuming blood in the Torah, & so Paul & the other apostles wanted to emphasize that, while the ceremonies & rituals which were prescribed to the Israeli people in the OT weren’t necessary in the NT wherein these types & shadows became fulfilled & especially nof for Gentiles (a.k.a. non-Jews), these dietary admonitions, which included not eating or drinking blood, was still to be observed.
    Now, as one can be sure, anything that the Almighty is against, Satan is for, & anything the Almighty is for, Satan is against, so who do you think is being obeyed in this drinking of blood business? Certainly not the Almighty Creator!
    Don’t consume blood, people, & cook your meat products before consuming them.

  • For men it is important to track your iron levels. I do agree that organ meet is nutritional and helpful. However, consuming liver can increase a man’s iron levels to a unsafe level. We men do not have a natural way of recycling our blood, such as women and their menstrual periods. I believe men especially, those who are consuming liver on a regular basis should get iron levels checked, and participate in blood donations every other month.

  • There are more and more people saying that you need organ meats or nose to tail on the carnivore diet. The problem is that we have taste buds and it is highly unlikely that our ancestors ate organs that do not taste pleasant. There are zero carb carnivore groups that have members who have eaten carnivore for over 20 years and are in perfect health. This crap that we need organ meats is bullshit. Not to mention that liver is extremely high in vitamin A which is toxic at the levels these quacks suggest we eat. I can clearly tell you your main issue. It takes our cells months to really become adapted to a zero carb diet. Look into it, fairly advanced biochemistry. In general we have to up regulate our enzymes and our microbiome so we can digest and utilize nutrients properly. Also our mitochondria have to change their epigenetics to efficiently use fat and ketones for energy. This process can take up to one year in some people. So stick to eating animal foods you enjoy. Get yourself tested to see if you have a problem with eggs and if not then go crazy on the eggs you enjoy eating. All this grass fed, eat nose to tail is all just bullshit. Our ancestor did not have labs, they just ate what tasted good which is why we have taste buds. If we were meant to eat dog food then we wouldn’t have developed such sophisticated taste buds. Look into Dr. Shawn Baker, he too feels that eating the nose to tail is bullshit.

  • Hey there I follow a ketogenic lifestyle it has helped me tremendously with stomach acid problems and my immune system, I have been following your channel for a while now and enjoy the science. I came across this video and as the person in the video spoke I mentally refuted may of the supposed misconceptions he claimed regarding the keto diet. I was wondering if you can make a video debunking the misconceptions many people have of the keto diet. Thanks

  • It seems like a great deal…if you’re in the states. With shipping and dollar conversion, it’s 2.5x the cost for Canadians.

    Too bad.

  • Hi Thomas, don’t worry about what people want you to tell them. You have our best health and interest at heart and we know it. I don’t think about eating organ meat? Now I know I may need to figure out a way to incorporate some into my diet. Thanks for taking the time to explain why.:)

  • Isn’t it funny when he says to eat the actual food and not the supplement and then at the end of his video he tells us that he has a supplement for us to use

  • All these people here are the same ppl shaming other cultures for eating organ meat for the longest! “ I only eat chicken breast and drink protein shake” FOH. Glad people found eating organ meat became hip.

  • Hey i noticed you said “i googled” you might want to try duckduckgo search engine, you can see for yourself when comparing results from the two side by side that google has a bias in ranking results which technically shouldn’t be ranking and other sources aren’t indexed at all which can be found on ducksuckgo. Google’s algorythms are too biased in too many areas to be trusted.

  • Properly prepared liver tastes nothing like like liver. Some people even soak it in milk to neutralise the strong organ flavour. I just rinse mine, pat dry it off, then coat in seasoned flour and then slow fry in oil/butter mixture and add sauteed onions and beef stock. Remove liver when done, and add cream to onion mixture. Raise heat. Stir until thickened and pour over liver. No down side.

  • I have been eating liver for the past week and my strength has increased I feel less fatigue in the gym and even no need for coffee in my everyday life. And also my digestion is feeling great.

  • Frank, can you recommend a good cookbook for organ meats? I want to eat liver but the after taste is awful! I can’t imagine what the other organs taste like.

  • I’m not sure about a lot of what was said in this video.
    If you’re only eating meat for your nutrients….I guess lung is a good source of vitamin c…..otherwise, come on. Brain is NOT a good source of vitamin c. Lung is surprisingly high, but not amazing. There’s other stuff like certain minerals being mispronounced….and I’m pretty sure the “mineral” he tastes in kidney is “urea” which….oh dear.

  • Organ meats are commonly eaten in my country, Peru. If you want to know how we cook them, check out ‘anticuchos’ (grilled marinated beef heart) and ‘higado encebollado’ (fried liver with an onion stir fry). We also eat chicken hearts in soup, stir fry, and grilled. A common recipe is ‘Corazon saltado’ which is a lomo saltado made with chicken hearts instead of beef.
    We add chicken feet to chicken soup. Make sure you hit the bone with a knife to create ‘grill marks’ for the bone marrow to come out. The chicken feet are super high in collagen. My great grand ma (who is 113 and very much alive) swears by chicken feet and coffee. She is also filled with joy and doesn’t get frustrated about things.

  • Liver is good in soup dumlings. Kidneys are very good with rice. I don’t eat many organ meats on my own, but grandma eats all parts of animals. Tongue, brains, hearts… I am not quite there yet ��

  • I ate various sheep organs. Beef brain (delicious) and kidney. Now I stick just to beef liver in form of patè, raw and sometime also fermented in and outside fridge. After all man is still a raw carnivore scavenger at the bone

  • For deer I save the heart, liver and kidney. Would with the brain but lately it’s not advised due to possible CWD that starts in the brain and animals don’t always show symptoms depending on stage. I love the liver!

  • If you wan to have a very tasty keto recipe of liver with good amount of minerals specially potassium please mail me on this address “[email protected]
    We have liver as main course two time in a week and children love this spicy,finger licking recipe very much.

  • God damnit frank, why did you eat that blood clot! �� unnecessary �� I love you and your channel. Definitely digging the new podcast! ��

  • Dr. how do you prepare spleen except eating raw? Can I just stir fry them with tallow briefly and season with salt? Or should I make a stew?

  • chicken hearts are sooo good. my mom fries onions til translucent on low heat then put seasonings of preference into oil to very briefly toast..then chop some green and red bell peppers and fry on medium heat. Then put a 1/4 cup of tomato chopped of sauce from a glass jar, preferably Italian.

    lightly sear hearts in a seperate pan and combine with the sauce. Or you can fry sear the hearts first in a pan quickly than remove and add at the to wash less pans.

  • Such good info. Thank you! Do you know how chicken liver compares to beef or lamb liver? Is or less of the same or does it lack nutrients present in the livers of the bigger animals?

  • I’m actually surprised you didn’t eat adrenal or thyroid glands. It would have been interesting. I can’t find here in Belgium these glands. Also, I wonder the content of hormones in it, same for the testicles

  • Are sweetbreads the thymus or the pancreas? I’ve never eaten or even attempted to remove from the animal. Are they nutritious? Ready to find and butcher out?
    And I’m very wary of eating raw brain in a wild animal. Should I just fry it in pan and add to scrambled eggs?

  • Trying to incorporate some organ meat in my diet also. Bought some (frozen) minced beef liver. I just fried it and threw some eggs in the mix. Tasted absolutely horrible, couldn’t finish it. From what i gather from other carnivores, beef liver should be quite nutritious, so I would really like to learn a way to prepare it in an edible way. Thanks for the great series, my favorite at the moment!

  • Linked from your latest video… I would love to see a dietician’s review of this video… and then your critique of that review… a reaction to a reaction… seems to be the trend lately

  • Hi Thomas, I would really appreciate it if you could do a video on what are my options if somewhere in the future I decided to stop being in dietary ketosis, like what would my lifestyle be like so I won’t regain the weight or experience insulin resistance, and still be a healthy individual who eats some carbs..
    That would help so many people,thanks in advance

  • Can you believe that some people throw away the anuses?
    They are “nature’s donuts”!
    Deep fry ’em and sift confectioner’s sugar over them!

    In my next installment, I’ll tell you about “nature’s hotdogs”.

  • here you are dissecting and injecting all sorts of raw animal but you cannot bring yourself to describe the human anatomy, its called a A PENIS, FRANK!

  • Frank Tufano
    I only can buy heart, lung, kidney and tongue grass fed organs, but no other organs. In your opinion, is that enough for the nutrients of a carnivore diet???

  • Hope you all are staying SAFE & HEALTHY! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to LIKE ����the video, SUBSCRIBE to the CHANNEL and SHARE it with someone you think it could help out. This is OUR community so, let help each other!! If you have any questions and/or ideas for future videos, drop them in the COMMENTS below!! ����ALSODROP YOUR FAVORITE ORGAN MEATS HERE ����

  • can i ask a few questions? 1) does it matter what animals organ meat we are eatting? is chicken heart as nutrient dense as pigs heart for example? also oxtail seems to be listed as offal but its not an organ. do things like oxtail and oxtoungh have health benifits abouve normal meat? thankyou

  • Can you please link where you order your meat thanks!! I too stay in San Diego but found that the SonRise Ranch always has limited stock sadly..

  • I wake up with more energy on carnivore when i don’t drink coffee. Would you be willing to do a week or month long challenge of no coffee? Id be curious to hear your results.

  • How do you prepare liver?
    I heard people soak it in milk….?? How do I clean it or is that not important?
    I got some liver and don’t know how to prepare and eat it.
    Are people just eating this raw too??

  • Has any one tried Ancestral Supplements grass fed beef liver capsules? I really want to purchase them, but wanted to know what other people thought about them.

  • I’m very blessed to be in a country that has great beef here in New Zealand, I was shocked when I found out that not all cows were in grass, that’s unheard of here, all meat here is on grass��

  • since u dont do an “only meat”-style carni diet: might as well make ur own mayonaise from + egg yolk + salt (+”pinch” mustard/vinegar), it increases palletability immensely…whoever came up with the recipe of mayonnaise was a great great man!

  • Nothing serious, just a little wink from Europe. Thomas keeps saying “people in the western world don’t eat…” but here in Europe we actually eat a lot of organs and I am pretty sure that Europe is in fact a large part of “the western world”. Yes, I know that there are some people even here that doesn’t like it, but I’m talking cultural cuisine in general and most European cuisines include all kinds af organs and not just the once that are listed in this vid 😉
    But maybe that actually just proves Thomas’ point (at least to some degree). Now, I’m NOT dissin’ anyone here, so please don’t react as thou I am. But it IS a statistical fact that people in (most) European countries are healthier than people in the US. I personally believe a lot of that can be explained by what we eat and our cultural diet. Including organs and organ meat.

  • Frank, how often are you eating organ meat? Are you eating this type of variety of organ each time you eat it or do you work on 1 organ at a time? I ask because of storage reasons. When I buy these I don’t want to overdue it and have some go bad. How good is organ meat (especially the more “unique” flavors like sweetbread) after freezing and thawing? I plan on cooking, since I’m not familiar with the sources, so maybe it won’t matter as much? Thanks in advance.

  • Thomas can you talk about glycine methionine ratio. I do slow cooked steak heart kidney liver brains with gelatine and collegen plus vegetables rosemary & olive oil. Seer meats in tallow before adding to slow cooker.

  • Hi Thomas. So I get the whole having these organ meats, but what about the cooking method as I remember some foods when cooked deliver a different value or advantage/ disadvantage for ex yams put through the oven will increase glycemic index value than eaten in another way.

  • You would have to eat over 21 raw egg whites a day before it binds biotin, don’t spread false science, test it yourself, don’t waste egg whites down the drain. Read more Aajonus Vanderplanitz, We want 2 Live!

  • Why is it that every time I eat liver the next couple of days I get cravings? I have loved liver since I was a child, especially chicken livers. However, I have given up on eating liver because it makes me overeat.

  • These are my main sources of protein for the week, almost every day. Grew up with this stuff here in Trinidad and Tobago. Also gizzard is amazing

  • Chicken organs taste waaaay tolerable and actually really yummy compared to cow’s, but I heard they’re a bit less nutrient dense than cow organs. But that’s a good start for everyone who doesn’t like organ

  • Another great video! ✨IM DOWN 80 POUNDS IN 10 WEEKS DOING KETO & FASTING����now I help other get FAST yet HEALTHY results����

  • Great video! Love to see more on organs. Brains (my favorite) for instance, or perhaps testes or thymus.

    What I’m also curious about is the difference between each of these organs from different animals.

    I used to eat a lot of lamb liver and lamb heart.
    Now I eat a lot of calf liver and beef/chicken heart.
    When I eat kidney, which is not often, it’s either lamb or pig.

    So for instance, does lamb liver have more copper than calf, beef or pork liver?
    Does beef heart have more CoQ10 than chickenhearts?
    And so on, and so on…


  • I have been eating Force of Nature ancestral blend beef, which is great but only has liver and heart added to it. I came up with an idea to get local deer hunters who maybe don’t eat all of these organs to get them ground together for me so I can freeze them into small portions I can add to plain regenerative beef thaw one of each and combine them to my own tastes. My question is, wouldn’t it be important to get these organs from deer that aren’t in farm country where they’ve been fattening up unnaturally on soybeans and corn? Would that be like eating cattle supplemented with grains vs. grass-fed? Should they be from areas where they are more limited to natural browse plants, acorns, etc.? Maybe any with abnormal high amounts of heart fat should be rejected…?

  • My wife and I were watching this whilst having dinner, lamb kidney casserole on some cauliflower rice and some sauerkraut on the side. I kid you not! Yummy! Chicken hearts make a nice omelette/frittata filling BTW. AND organ meat is much cheaper than regular cuts, at least here in South Africa. A double bonus: better nutrients, better price!

  • Hi. Want to ask can I drink green tea and coffee wail fasting for 20 h? And when I go for long one (72h) it have to be only water? Or green tea allowed? Also about coffee for long term? ������ want restart immune system

  • very good videobrave for you to eat in front of all, think about adding lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar with the organ meat

  • Interesting… so no chewing in the shooter method… i could probably do that. Isn’t getting rid of the whites somewhat counter to the idea of eating nose to tail?

  • Sir I want to thank you for this video it reminds me of what my Grandma had told me that her grandfather who was Shawnee Native American had told her mom how about the way the Native Americans used to eat animals and not waste any organs.

  • Hi Thomas,

    Thank you so much for all the love and good info you are sharing. I have been studying your videos and have a few things I would like to ask.

    I fast on a 20/4 schedule and train 5-6 days out of the week. Typically I do Crossfit and cardio each of my training days. At first, I was doing my cardio as I woke up ( I’m a cyclist and love an early morning pedal) but after studying I realized it is probably best to do my strength training in the mornings as I round off my fast. I typically break fast between 12-2pm.


    After my strength training would it be of value to break fast with a protein shake? I typically would do a hemp+pea protein blend + banana and water. From what I have been learning from you that’s protein + high glycemic carb (banana).

    How many grams of protein do you suggest consuming when breaking fast?

    Also, If I have listened correctly you mention not combining a fat with carbs so do you suggest eating either or?

    Meal 2 (Post Shake )

    1.Carb+Protein ( Quinoa & Steak)
    2.Fat+Protein (Eggs+ Steak)

    Thank you for your time,


  • Just tried beef liver for the first time! Added it into meatballs! I was a little heavy handed with it for the first time but it’s not too bad!

  • Thomas, I’ve been following your videos. Top Notch! You might like the info discussed in this interview!

  • Believe or not tongue and palet meat is super high in fat and protein. In Mexico is so cheap but in the US almost impossible to find. Same as belly meat (menudo) soup for about 4 dlls Mexican equivalent

  • Offal..Very tasty and healthy, I’ve been eating it very regularly for decades. Its now almost become a specialist food SO there and important rules to know. It must come from a well controlled supply chain and source. Liver and kidney must be young, fresh and double vac packed for safety, with blood, to keep flavour, texture and taste. These days its best brought from good supermarkets only. Getting it from an Asian type market you run the risk of either putting you off it, making you ill or both.! Hart’s not so sensitive.

    Hart treat it a bit like lamb shank or duck or stewing steak. Stuff it with a bitter apple, marjoram, and braise it for 1 or 1.5hrs. Or just chop it up in to a stew. Kidney needs a bit more prep but with super rich beefy flavour.

    Take all kidneys out of pack, quick wash off blood and dry. This is just to make it easy to hold when cutting. Not too important if its Lamb, calves or pigs. They all taste very similar just different sizes. Cut out all of the white from the inside as this gets very tough even when cooked. Then use to make kidney casserole or steak and kidney pie or grilled kidney which goes great with a breakfast fry up. Liver also goes well with a fry up, especially with bacon.

    Lambs liver, thinly sliced with pepper (lots) and salt. Flash fry with butter for about 1 min per side only. Must still be very slightly off pink when served. If is completely dark on the inside when served you have burnt it. This has a delicate liver flavor and juicy rich texture to die for. Great to try if you new to offal. Calves liver treat in a similar way, it has a richer flavour and slighter firmer texture. Chicken liver is the only one I over cook. Liver goes dry and not so tasty if over cooked.

    Chicken liver simmered for 10mins in lumps of garlic butter. You can also over cook any liver and use it to make great home made pate. Eat and enjoy.

  • Amazing info, as always!! How long do you keep raw meat in the fridge and still eat it raw? Also, what is the difference between fresh raw meat and defrosted? I live in Manitoba, and can most of the time only get frozen grass fed stuff. Had an entire raw kidney last week. It was the best thing ever! <3

  • Only on the USA is this some sort of radical, almost fetishized diet. Anyone who ever ate a commercial burger has eaten organs. If you want to eat organs, look at South Africa, Argentina and France. They know how to prepare it and prize it and not make a fuss.

  • Thomas, this time the analogy worked, however, every video of yours is a promotion product advertisement. It takes away from consistent trust because it seems like you’re just trying to push your products.

  • Hey everyone, if you find it difficult to track down organ meats, let alone grass-fed grass-finished ones, there’s a company called Ancestral Supplements. They have almost every organ available in a pill form. The organs are freeze-dried and made into powder form.

  • Boring. The problem with organ meat, is that they all tend to tast exactly the same. Heart, Liver, Pancreas, Brain, Testicles…they all taste exactly the same….or is that just me?

  • You looks a little sad in the thumbnail just wanted to say I LOVE YOU thanks for your great channel and your work and most importantly being yourself that has motivated all of us!!

  • In Romania we make beef tongue with leeks and olives, also chicken hearts and gizzards (in soups or borsh more often), also fried chicken livers with garlic and even with other sauted vegetables.

  • Excellent video. I take Paleovalley Grass Fed Organ Complex Beef Organ Capsules. It is made from a gently freeze-dried variety of liver, heart, and kidney. 4 capsules daily. Just exactly what you recommend here. They are super easy to swallow.
    Is it strange that I feel proud to find out I am already taking something that Thomas recommends?

  • OK that’s too funny. You made this video yesterday and joked about ‘offal’ being ‘awful’ and I posted the same thing yesterday on our FB group. Anyway, I grew up occasionally ‘smelling’ liver and onions my dad would make for himself (only cause none of us would join him), and he would buy tongue slices from the deli and eat it in sandwiches. Gross. Not for me. 3 bottles of desiccated liver on the way to me! But after watching the video I might try some chicken hearts…we’ll see. I have eaten some store bought liver paté and it was ok on crackers, but that’s as adventurous as I get with this stuff lol.

  • i think fermented cod liver oil is the best option for vitamin a and d in a natural packed form, and of course you get your omega 3 along with the vitamins, cool stuff i think

  • I take nutritional yeast, but as a kid I loved Fruity Pebbles cereal, and I remember that Fruity Pebbles is fortified with B2! Just saying… lol!

  • I love this. Thank you. Most people I know don’t like organ meat. I use to hate liver and onions as a kids. Now, I love it. Excellent video.

  • The Chicken Livers kicks arse in almost any nutrients and tastes the best. Just to mention some of the ideal unsung heroes, for 200 gr of Chicken Livers that’s what I eat every day, and the time it takes me to prepare, cook and eat is just 10 minutes flat, and just for £ 1.35, $ 1.68, per day only. 1.8 gr of carbs, 14 gr Fats, full spectrum protein 50 gr, 26,000IU Vitamin A, 28 mg of vitamin k2 mk4, 56 mg of Vitamin C, the ratio of Zinc 8 mg and to Copper 1 mg is perfection, Myoglobin and Hemoglobin Iron 23 mg, Selenium 165 mg, and super complete B vitamins (except Thiamin), beat that anyone? lols. (Check the other nutrients for yourselves and be marveled). Peace, love and bliss to The Chicken Livers.

  • My mom slow cooked beef heart and tongue on a regular basis. Learned to love it as a kid. Tried liver several times but it always came out tough no matter who cooked it. Ahh,…. childhood……����

  • It’s really simple. You can survive without an arm or leg, but you cannot without your organs which is why they are loaded with nutrients

  • How can I get sausage made from a blend of Brains, Kidneys, Livers & Hearts of a variety of animals?
    It would need to be free of chemicals, no high fructose corn syrup, no sugar & so on. Preferably Pastured animals only.
    The best I can find thus far is smoked sausage at Wal-Mart that has beef hearts as the first ingredient.

  • Isn’t it dangerous to eat raw meat because of potential bacteria and parasites? Why do you only eat the organs raw and not the muscle meats?

  • You could consider a full home workout, as was recommended by this fellow: /watch?v=vc1E5CfRfos
    It was on trending, before.

    I hope you will arrange for your parents to get plenty of food, so that if you become desperate for anything to eat you can stay with them.

  • used to hate liver when i was a child,but now it is my favorite..chicken livers and beef livers fills your body with vitality instantly

  • I’ve loved liver & onions, gizzards, and hearts since I can remember; so it is good to hear again how good for the body they are. Guess I need to try eating kidneys too.  You mentioned intestines, but intestines are not very healthy to eat, are they?

  • I went to health food store looking for a combo from the butchers. Tough getting an answer. It’d be nice to have a ground tube of it.

  • I agree. And, I have to explain to people that wild animals go for the internal organs FIRST after killing their prey. Not the muscle meat.

  • Thank you! The part about predators eating the organ meats first makes great sense.

    If you don’t like the taste of liver, you can try this. Chop the liver into small pieces, put them in a bowl of milk, then into the refrigerator. Let it soak for at least an hour.

    If you can get raw milk (not pasteurized) that’s even healthier.

  • Great video, love that you’re spreading the word on the value of this great food. Trying to get my kids to eat it atleast weekly so they can be super healthy.

  • Organs are a staple of every carnivorous animal’s nutritional diet. Most predator’s don’t waste their time eating the muscle tissue but go straight for organs. Pelo hunters usual eat all of the prey’s organs and feed their dogs the muscle tissue of the animal and consider it as scrap meat.

  • This is equivalent to removing all pleasure from eating food. Maybe there’s something to it. P.S.: shall I cook eel foreskin or eat it raw?

  • Drinking water while eating is not optimal for digestive breakdown of nutrients it dialutes stomach acid. Andiv heard a totally different story about vitaminA and carrotinoids. Ther bad news and if you dont belive me look up dr garrett smith and grant genereux. Tgey have more than enough to show that its no good long term. And after you have done that feel free to correct me if im wrong. Im a skin disease sufferer and i believe the main cause waz from roaccutane aja isotretinoin aka 13 cus retinoic acid aka Vitamin A in its most active form.0

  • Would you say it’s necessary to eat that amount of organs a day tho? My thoughts are our ancestors probably had those organs sparingly throughout the year. Not cause they didn’t want them but because they had more muscle meat and fat on the animals and only a little bit of organs that were most likely divided up between some people. I do about 8oz of liver a month and about 8oz of heart a month. Eggs and fatty meat. Hard to find the other organs where I live. Thoughts?

  • Stupid question but where and how do you buy organ meat? Is it that my local grocery store simply doesn’t sell it? Should I ask the butcher directly? Should I order it online?

  • Curried chicken livers are really good. I was wondering about liver jerky maybe with teriyaki? It might be gross? I made beef heart jerky and it was fine.

  • I have always held the idea that you have to be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable to be a doctor… until i saw this video lol. What’s the point of eating all that protein if you’re not even big?

  • Some people are so far removed from nature, that they are disgusted by the THOUGHT of organ meats? Y’all that are like this need to decondition your minds asap.

  • I was eating my entire life liver cooked and it tasted bitter after i tried it raw to experiment i just can’t eat it cooked again it tastes horrible, but raw it’s all soft and kind of sweet and that mineralish after taste of blood makes you crave more… btw great video really informative, 1 question tho, i was reading medical articles in which they state the dry skin and acne prone skin is linked to riboflavin and retinol deficiency do you think it’s directly linked to people not eating animal organs?

  • In the movie “The Reverent”, a native American is eating raw liver from a freshly killed buffalo. Can you eat raw liver from a cow if its freshly killed and eaten right away? if so, what are the benefits versus cooking the liver?

  • I worry about bacteria on raw meat. Can’t we supplement that part �� I like to eat zero testicles in a day thanks Paul. Nice video.

  • There is no inhumanity in eating organs, it’s the opposite. Imagine killing a whole animal to pick the only parts you like. Actually Liver is incredible. Pan fry it with salt, black pepper, green bell peppers, onions and add pomegranate molasses for the kill. A Syrian way to do it.

  • Lol he said “respectfully harvested with my bow”. I’m going to remember that one. That’s the nicest way of saying “I put an arrow in it, gutted it, and now I’m going to eat it’s heart” that I’ve ever heard.

  • Thanks for this Carno for 4 months, feeling great. Very helpful to see food amounts laid out. I would add my vote to the ‘ditch the music’ faction distracting, what you have to say is the star of the show!

  • I take the beef liver from antler farmers you recommend. I love it. Great deal also. Can you cover their mushroom supplement they carry. Thanks. Love the channel!

  • You forgot oysters and squid. Copper balance is a thing and it’s important. How come no one talks about feet and tails for collagen?

  • Whew! Just watched a vid from a plant based body builder reviewing this video. He was not kind and reading the comments from his followers is like reading comments from FOX news on an expose of Nancy Pelosi. A lot of angry vegans and armchair nutritionists that got their information from the 1980s.

  • Never heard of eating bones after making a broth but love the idea to get more calcium. I’m curious about storage…do you need to dry them gently in the oven before storing them in the fridge or put them straight to the freezer?

  • Paul. Can I over do it on eating to much kidneys and spleen. I found a good source. And can now easily eat a pound a day. Also is muscle meat necesary? I have been trying out lungs they have a good nutrient profile.

  • I lived in France for 4 years, and tried my hardest to like foi gras, but it’s disgusting (it’s also quite inhumane, but that’s not the point.) That’s my only experience with liver, and I don’t see any hope for organ meats in my future. Can’t I just take a real multi vitamin?

  • How do ppl learn how to enjoy liver?? I have been eating 4 full organic grass fed livers over the last 8 months and it is still pure torture every time!!

  • Carnivore people Big bird eats marrow so if you wanna be big eat marrow. Vegans Biggest animals eat plants so if you wanna be big eat plants. Just use science and evidence to back up what you do not bullshit.

  • Fantastic video. What do you think about dogs dick, giraffe anus and the flaky skin of a retired worm as a source of zinc? With all the knowledge of nutrition and the environment, how da fuk do you feel comfortable telling people to eat this way. And no more biggie smalls until you’re telling people to eat the foods that will extend their life please. Ps I imagine the deers last dying thoughts were, “man, I feel super respected right now, despite this arrow sticking out of my neck”. Pps, you have a decent following, please help these people with backed up nutritional info.

  • Dude this is awesome, thank you! Hench Herbivore did a video complaining about you so I subscribed to your channel. Thanks to him, I heard about you. You got a subscriber.

  • Totally needed this video since I just started Wahl’s Protocol! I enjoy heart and tongue. Remember to remove all the vessels and try chicken hearts as “meatballs”. Fried brain is super yummy on bread. My favorite tongue dish was at a Basque restaurant, not AIP but ok on Wahl’s. Terry Wahl has a famous liver pate recipe, have yet to try it.

  • Hello doctor. I am a new subscriber. I discovered you while researching Dr. Zsofia (great video w her btw). So I have two questions. What is your take on fermented foods and drinks? Kefir, sauerkraut, etc.  I’ve been making a ton of kefir because I was under the assumption that raw milk was awesome for our body after reading some carnivore data. That led me down the fermentation rabbit hole. But I don’t want to waste time anymore trying to make those things if it’s not even beneficial.

    Next, I made the grave mistake of raising my daughter in a vegan household. I was mostly vegan while pregnant, and nursed her for a long time but nonetheless, she developed spinal and collagen issues, not to mention mental health anxiety issues and eating disorders. She was diagnosed with EDS. Neither of us are vegan anymore and thanks to her research, we are eating carnivore, working towards paleo-keto now. (She’s 20, I’m 50.) It’s been a long journey of trial and error and lots of physical pain and health problems. What is your suggestion to aid her in recovering quicker from collagen issues (loose skin, low muscle mass) and body aches? (Aside from bone broth?) She has trouble ingesting raw and cooked beef, thought she does enjoy chicken and pork. I have severe joint pain and weight gain that I think I’ve caused via drinking raw cow’s milk. So after watching that video you did with Dr. Zsofia, I’m cutting that out. I appreciate any advice and insight you can offer and appreciate everything you are doing very much. Peace and blessings. <3

  • Chop it up and soak it in milk for a few hours then thoroughly rinse it. It gets rid of much of the ammonia taste

    And I told you your bowel movements would improve after a few weeks

  • @Paul Saladina. Hey Paul. I’ve chatted with you a few times on Insta. I wanted to know…why do you do the organs as “shooters” vs “chewing”? I imagined it would be harder for the stomach to break down large chunks of meat which haven’t been chewed first?

  • I mean, why would he eat any of that organ meat raw? He should atleast stated the reason why he did so in the video. Even the fish used for sushi that is eaten raw has to be sushi grade to prevent any pathogens, bacteria, and parasites from entering the human body.

  • Jesus that looks disgusting. How often are you going to take a shit if you eat dead corpses all the time? Once a week? Once a month?

  • Awesome video!! Besides testicles(and Indiana Jones style monkey brains), I am open to eating everything else. -Just joking about the monkey brains as I did not see that on your carnivore cutting board. Would you say oysters a good alternative for those who cannot stomach the the thought of eating animal testes? Thanks!