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Open Faced Mediterranean Egg Sandwiches. 1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes (not packed in oil), chopped. In a large non-stick skillet, heat the olive oil over medium low heat. Add the garlic and tomatoes and cook, stirring, until the garlic is fragrant and pale blonde, 1-3 minutes.

Directions Heat a small skillet coated with cooking spray over medium-high heat. Whisk the egg whites, eggs and cheese; add to skillet. Cook and stir until set.

Get that egg cooking sunny side up. (If you have trouble getting your egg to cook sunny side up, Put about 2 tablespoons of water after the bottom part of the egg starts to cook, and cover briefly. KEEP checking it. The water helps it cook. Directions.

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Break eggs, 1 at a time, into pan; reduce heat to low. Cook until whites are set. Coat a small nonstick skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium heat. Add egg and cook, without stirring, until the egg starts to set around the edges, about 30 seconds.

Add cheese and chives and cook, folding the cheese into the egg, until fluffy and set, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes more. Place on toast and top with tomato. Spread 1 tablespoon hummus on each bread slice. Divide the spinach, cucumber, olives and tomatoes among the bread slices.

Season with the black pepper. Drizzle with the vinegar. Open-Faced Mediterranean Sandwiches.

0 0. These delicious sandwiches feature a medley of fresh vegetables, ripe olives and tasty hummus served on a slice of whole grain bread. prep time 20 minutes total time 20 minutes serves 4 people Ingredients. cost per recipe: $9.55. The price is determined by the national average. Place the bottom halves of the toasted sandwich thins on four serving plates.

Divide spinach among sandwich thins on plates. Top each with two of the tomato slices, an egg and 1 tablespoon of the feta cheese. Sprinkle with the salt and.

INGREDIENTS. 2 cans (6 oz. ea.) tuna, drained and flaked. 1/4 cup Hellmann’s® or Best Foods® Mayonnaise Dressing with Olive Oil. 1/4 cup chopped pitted.

Preheat the oven to 350°. Pour 1 tablespoon of water into each cup of a 12-cup muffin tin. Crack an egg into each cup and season with salt and pepper.

Bake the eggs for 13 to 15 minutes, until the.

List of related literature:

2 Make the sandwiches: Arrange two of the slices of toast on a work surface and spread each with 1 tablespoon of the aioli.

“The Modern Family Cookbook” by Modern Family
from The Modern Family Cookbook
by Modern Family
Time Incorporated Books, 2015

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: This simple open-faced egg sandwich pairs spinach, goat cheese, and tomato, along with a poached egg, on top of a toasted English muffin.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

My recipe always includes lardons, small pieces of pancetta or pork belly; garlic-rubbed croutons; 7-minute boiled eggs, so the yolks are still runny inside; and a garlic, anchovy, and olive oil dressing.

“Jacques Pépin Heart & Soul in the Kitchen” by Jacques Pépin
from Jacques Pépin Heart & Soul in the Kitchen
by Jacques Pépin
HMH Books, 2015

Dredge each little triangle in the flour first (you might think this is redundant, but it helps to get the coating to adhere to the edges of the sandwiches) and then dip them into the egg, making sure both the sides and the edges are coated.

“Air Fry Genius” by Meredith Laurence, Jessica Walker
from Air Fry Genius
by Meredith Laurence, Jessica Walker
Walah! LLC, 2017

The canapé bread is usually spread with plain or flavored butter and topped with lettuce or other greens, cold meats, cheese, fish, or hardboiled egg slices, and garnished with fresh or pickled veggies, sauces, and the like.

“Polish Heritage Cookery” by Robert Strybel, Maria Strybel
from Polish Heritage Cookery
by Robert Strybel, Maria Strybel
Hippocrene Books, 2005

Many Scandinavians and other northern Europeans eat an open-faced breakfast sandwich called butterbrot, or “buttered bread,” with a spread of fruit preserves, honey, chocolate-hazelnut spread, or a meat-based spread such as liverwurst.

“Breakfast: A History” by Heather Arndt Anderson
from Breakfast: A History
by Heather Arndt Anderson
AltaMira Press, 2013

One way to serve them is cold, as a sandwich filled with such Italian ingredients as prosciutto and cheese, but Swiss vendors often grill them in a special press and serve the sandwich warm.

“Street Food around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture” by Bruce Kraig, Colleen Taylor Sen Ph.D.
from Street Food around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
by Bruce Kraig, Colleen Taylor Sen Ph.D.
ABC-CLIO, 2013

Use the egg mixture to fill hard rolls or toasted brioche; top with the crumbled prosciutto, and finish with a few dashes of

“Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less” by Mark Bittman
from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less
by Mark Bittman
Simon & Schuster, 2009

Dredge each bread slice in the egg mixture, and layer the bread, one slice slightly overlapping the other, until the fruit mixture is completely covered.

“Big Green Egg Cookbook: Celebrating the Ultimate Cooking Experience” by Big Green Egg
from Big Green Egg Cookbook: Celebrating the Ultimate Cooking Experience
by Big Green Egg
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2010

Such, for instance, is the case of ingredients in Scappi’s cookery that are themselves preparations: prosciutto is prepared from hams of (generally) pigs and in a meal can quite normally be served cold from the sideboard in slices or diced; but prosciutto is also a common ingredient in dishes prepared in the kitchen.

“The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi (1570): L'arte et prudenza d'un maestro cuoco (The Art and Craft of a Master Cook)” by Terence Scully
from The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi (1570): L’arte et prudenza d’un maestro cuoco (The Art and Craft of a Master Cook)
by Terence Scully
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, 2011

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  • You look like a weirdo with a man bun there’s nothing manly about a bun and your not a samurai and you don’t need a top knot damn snowflakes

  • DA: En ting som mine med-Danskere må forstå er at selv om han ikke laver en af klassikerne forstå han stadig and inkorporere de typiske smage og aromaer og konsistenser man bør have i et stykke smørrebrød.

    EN One thing my fellow Danes need to understand is that even though he didn’t prepare one of the classics, he still manages to incorporate the flavors, aromas and mouth-feels you want on a Danish Open-Faced

    Bonus fakt DA: Det hedder faktisk ikke Smørrebrød pga. Smør, men er navngivet efter det at smørre noget på noget, smør er også navngivet efter det at smørre.
    Bonus fact EN: It’s called “smørrebrød”, not because of the Danish word for butter, but because of the Danish word for spreading someone or covering in a substance. Butter is also named after this in Danish.

  • Open faced sandwiches didn’t need a recipe… Its just a slice of bread with whatever you want on it.. A slice of bread with.. Strawberry jam is an open faced sandwich

  • Hey. I know you speak English. But we fucken don’t.

    Keep in mind, your accent sucks for TV. No ideas what the fuck your say.

    Try to a little more clearer, because your lecture is important, it continues the legacy of the dish and your culture.

    So with Mate, for fuck sake, speak clear…


  • This looks and must seems delicious, but it has nothing do with Danish smorgasbord. The only likelihood with smorgasbord is the rye bread!

  • His accent is hella different danish/scottish. U dont get to hear this accent often.
    // En broder från sverige


    He wasent danish:/

  • I have zero interest in fish dishes. Period. Hate fish.

    Yet I’ve watched this kids video about 40 times. His technique is amazing and this is a great look at an international dish that I could make with something else.


  • Chef Halaigh: “To my knowledge, it’s unique to Denmark (referring to Remoulade)
    Any Frenchman: “Hold my beer……I got to roll up my arm sleeves…”!!

  • The amount of funk on those hands is a violent puke fest waiting to happen. Let Lizzie know you need to buff tose nails after swabbing that rotten crotch.

  • why does his mouth stop working when he pronounces remoulade?

    …Even the french pronounce the last part of that item. He sounds like a right hack with that “Remou-LUGH” talk hahaha

  • How do you fuck smørrebrød!! The rule is Rye bread, butter, lots of meats or (what ever you like) and the same amound of topping. It should be 20% Rye 40% meats and 40% topping. Thats real danish smørrebrød. The remoulade looks good though.

  • I will never understand how the English became experts In the culinary industry. I mean they left their Island by the millions and traveled explored the world because of how limited and bad the food was. Having that said I watched this because I’ve never seen to many mackeral recipes. I’ll try it but I think the English/Irish “what ever” get a pass is because of their ability to be somewhat understood whole sounding foreign.

  • Just googled the restaurant’s name, and found this gem on the homepage: “Maaemo – an old Norse word meaning «Mother Earth» – is focused on creating a narrative around the clean, bright flavours of Norway.” Yeah, this is definitely focused on creating a narrative around Norway. Maaemo is not Norse, it’s not even Germanic, it’s not even Indo-European! It’s not even Sami, who do live in Norway, it’s Finnish! This is like a restaurant in Edinburgh with a home page that reads “The name El Cid old Gaelic meaning ‘The Cid’ is a name we picked to represent the freshness of Highland waters and cuisine…”

  • scandinavia and eastern europe is also all about open faced sandwiches, i love them. perfect balance between bread and toppings. and all those bagets and other things are tooooooo big to bite. all mess there. open faced sandwich is the only proper way to go:D

  • I remember when he was on Bourdain’s Parts Unknown when he was still apprenticing in Noma. His dessert was Bourdain’s and everybody’s favourite. Nice to see that he has progressed.

  • I enjoyed the today’s lesson of Sarah’s youtube hotel school too!:) I think this will be very useful of school kids watch this. Thanks so much Sarah!

  • I’m a sous chef and I gotta say I loved this video you did everything right imo I love this. In fact I’ll try it right now. Cheers.

  • I just need you to know that whenever I see a notification about a new good eatings video, I smile! It’s often when I’m having some mid morning coffee. What a cozy feeling. And perfect timing, I just did groceries and have all the items for the first sandwich! Lunch is sorted:)


  • Check Out My 100s Of Fire Making Videos… I asked the Lord to help me make this one. As I started down the hill to the back yard, there was a gentle rain falling and about 4 inches of snow underfoot. Fact is, I never did fall and the rain ceased shortly after I ignited the Pine Needles… It’s pretty great to be a child of the living God!

    This morning, in bed, when I watched the Power Flicker on and off, I figured the heavy wet snow had taken out a transformer somewhere. Even though the Power never actually went out, I still knew that this was going to be a good opportunity to practice some Hobo Stove cooking in the snow.

    I anticipated using wet wood to create the fire but after about 30 minutes of drying and burning with such little progress, I decided to break out the dry wood. That’s when things finally got going and hot enough to get my pot of snow melting, to hurry up and get me some of that GOOD ol’ Folgers cowboy coffee steeping.

    I used my little 6″ iron skillet to make the egg, bologna, and cheese open faced sandwich. It was all went beautifully! and the sandwich was really good! Check out my Old Hickory Butcher Knife spatula too!… Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks!


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  • Thank you Dave, really enjoy your breakfast videos. That is one thing I enjoy in life, now in retirement and that is a good breakfast. Keep up the great work in fire making and continue the breakfast videos….Billy

  • David I’m came within a gnats tail unsubscribing. Crushed just crushed. It wasn’t the long winded video, it wasn’t the fact your originally from New England nor was it the fact you used bologna. But the moment you put creamer to perfect good black coffee is where you almost lost me. Carry on brother. ������

  • Sandwiches are life! I absolutely adore them!
    And your videos are now the highlight of my day each time you upload. Ifell in love with them as soon as I stumbled upon them but now, your rustic and relaxing but artistic and beautiful content is just what my soul needs the most <3

  • I’m happy to see you get to do other things as well besides “the pyro stuff” 😉 Great channel! I regard you as one of the authorites in this area of expertise (and experimenting). Keep going strong

  • I LOVE yoir videos
    They are so beautiful and your vibe is so loveable and authentic xx thabk you for taking the time. To make such inspiring videos x

  • Wooow the last recipe is just pure ART!!�� Love your recipes!! Thank you so much!!!! I am from Finland and this is such a nice take on the salmon toast we also enjoy here:) thank you so much Malin!

  • Now you have me hungry!Wouldn’t have thought you would get snow in your part of the country. I have a Question for you. Have you ever made a bow drill string out of Mylar blanket?

  • Darling, did you really have to make a video about putting a fried egg on top of a slice of tomato on toast? You’ve just inspired me to make a video titled “How to drink water from a glass!”

  • perfect stove building philosophy, a big part of the enjoyment of life is making your own. but then again it would be cool to have a David West built/used stove, lol

  • It’s evening up here in Alaska. I’m sitting here watching snowfall out our dinning room window while you cook in the snow… perfect timing. ��

  • David, my friend, you have jogged my memory, my late beloved father used to eat fried egg and bologna sandwiches for breakfast when I was a boy. He was raised in Canada so his version had catsup on it! Thanks!

  • I am so glad I had my dinner and had my coffee ready before watching your video. I would have been drooling like a dog! Nice………..

  • 10.30Pm here and you are making me feel hungry ;0)
    We call it an “Egg Banjo” in the UK when you do not pop the yolk!….. The “Banjo” comes when the liquid yolk bursts out and you play the banjo trying to clean it off your shirt!

  • Cooking is fun and when you do it outside it is even more fun! When you enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life, it’s just adds contentment to your life that you just can’t buy.

  • I have make two of your Hobo stoves! Yes work Great! I used them on windy dry days when Bush crafting in the woods for fire safety! Many Thanks David!! Would love to see more Faith/ Bush crafting videos! Many Thanks Brother!!

  • Thank You for this vid, it made me so relaxed, after days full of stress and caos. Im in Scandinavia watching this, but I can smell and taste the coffee and toast You made. Brother.. I needed that for sure.

    God Bless You!!

  • fresh sandwiches:) i love your cooking:) easy, simple, and delicious! you’re cute and funny too:) thanks sarah and i wish you happiness:)

  • If you have never had it before, fried hard salami is really good too especially with eggs. It is similar to bacon when it’s fried up. God bless.

  • this man loves his dirty food, apparently. can’t blame him. I go through a week about twice a year where I just have to make a ton of hotdogs with all kinds of toppings like he’s describing.

  • My husband is Finnish and I’m Mexican-American, when I first met him he offered me a sandwich. He was a student and barely had anything in his fridge. Well anywho, this was before we were vegan, and he handed me an open faced sandwich with lettuce, deli ham, slice of cheese, cucumber and tomato slices. I asked, “where is the top slice?” and he looked at me like if I was a freak lol I love open faced sandwiches now, I prefer them over closed sandwiches unless it’s a chickpea salad sammie, all the goodness needs to be contained lol

  • I guy who gives thanks over his just prepared food to the most high creator!?……⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐’s in my book!!

    Great Upload…I’m gonna half to make me one of them stoves!!

  • Your videos are always so aesthetically pleasing and the food always seem so beautiful and delicious. Love watching your content ��

  • Watching you make this sandwich I was trying to remember how long it has been since I had a fried Bologna & Egg sandwich. It’s disgusting/revolting and shameful, I can’t remember back that far. You can bet it will not be to long in the future for me to make one like you just did and almost the same way. I’ll use a small trench fire to set the pan over. Darn I can already smell and taste it. lol

  • This is the one I requested! Thank you SO much for making it.

    Love, love, love the video! Everything looks incredible! Will definitely be trying these recipes out.

    p.s. You totally have the ‘under promise, over deliver’ thing down. “Oh the Danes make these fancy ones and mine are so rustic”. *proceeds to produce three sandwiches which are each visual masterpieces*🙂

  • So delicious! The one with ”smoked carrot” looks appetizing. Can you tell me what is written on the magnet you got on your fridge? I’m curious because I can see some polish words, or am I wrong? ���� x

  • All the three recipe were fabulous! I feel like I have to step up my sandwich game now:D Feeling SUPER inspired to try new combinations now!
    I have also seen a lot of vegan salmon recipes but I feel yours is just crafted in such a careful and complete way it must taste incredible! Maybe one day I will get out of my comfort zone and prepare such a complex sandwich topping:D

    Anyways, sending you lots of love!
    Stay safe and keep creating amazing dishes for us!

  • no no you cannot place hot food in plastic. same reason you cant use plastic in the microwave. heated plastic gives off toxins called dioxins that are cancer causing. place the carrots in a glass container cover with parchment or soy wax paper and place in the fridge overnight. cant wait to try this recipe as we used to love smoked salmon. just don’t put the carrots in plastic and then fill with warm liquid.

  • Beautiful video and food as usual ��
    Is that bread gluten free? I think I heard in one of yor videos that you couldnt eat gluten and that bread looks so delicious, it didn’t look GF to me��. I cannot eat gluten that’s why I ask☺️

  • Great vegan open sandwiches recipes. Enjoyed the video and have a great weekend and keep safe and well everyone and get out in your garden(if you have one) because it’s good for your mental and physical health.

  • That salt roasting is on my next trylist. I’ll roast pumkin✌️����. No carrots here.☹️.
    All recipes were ��������but that carrot recipe is ����

  • David, you flipped that egg better with your Old Hickory than I usually do with a spatula! Wonderful video. Good luck with the snow! The Lord is indeed GREAT!

  • Althought he cut himself, and over boiled the brine. This guy is a very skilled cook, you can see it in his knowledge and execution.

  • First! So delighted to have your notification pop into my field of vision while watching a video about standing desks…These recipes look delicious, affordable, and achievable. Thanks to you, and to Rob, for your incredibly beautiful and substantive offerings. Vegan has never looked so good!

  • i guess im the minority, i just found him fucking annoying and pretentious. I’ve lived in Ireland for some years, so I guess thatswhy.

  • What kind of pan is that?  I’ve quit using non stick pans and have switched to only using cast iron skillets and stainless saucepans and pots.

  • I love egg sandwishes…….I will be making this for sure, but I will also add a couple of slices of avacado……thank you so much Sarah, love your videos.

  • Yum! I also do something similar in the morning: toasted english muffin, thick sliced roma tomato, a generous sprinkle of crumbled gorgonzola, and a nice pinch of red pepper flakes and sea salt. It’s delicious and low in calories since the cheese has so much favor that you don’t need to use a large amount. Plus, spicy breakfast food always makes me feel satisfied a lot longer than anything sweet.