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Recipe: Chocolate Banana “Nice” Cream (Vegan Ice Cream) + Vitamix & Storage Tips

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This Nutty Nice Cream contains almond milk, walnuts and some hazelnut spread. It is SO good and requires minimal work. The light and airy texture reminds me of gelato – minus the milk fat and sugar though. I might be biased but this is waaay better than the dairy-free ice.

Ingredients One ripe banana 2 tsp almond or hazelnut butter 3 tbspn coconut or almond milk Few toasted nuts. Combine bananas, cherries and almond milk in the bowl of a food processor. Nutty Banana Nice Cream.

VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE. If you are not yet familiar with using bananas to make ‘ice-cream’, you are in for a real treat. Their texture once frozen and blended is like the most delicious, creamy sweet ice-cream you’ve ever tasted. Recipe: Nutty Nice-Cream Pops Ingredients: 2 ripe bananas, peeled 1 cup of milk of choice 1 cup mixed nuts – I used pecans, pistachios, walnuts and cashews Method: Place bananas and milk in a high speed blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into ice block moulds and freeze. Once nice cream. Nutty Banana Nice Cream.

3 ripe bananas 2 tbsp almond butter 1/2 tbsp cinnamon Topping (optional): crushed almonds and more cinnamon. Whenever I have ripe bananas in the fruit bowl I chop them up and place them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. For this recipe.

Clementine’s is proud to be a microcreamery, and to serve frozen treats that are naughty enough to be fun, yet nice enough to bring home to Mom. If you’re wondering what our secret is, read all about it here!Nutty ice cream flavor is a crossword puzzle clue. Clue: Nutty ice cream flavor.

Nutty ice cream flavor is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted. Browse our ice cream shop locations to find one of our storefronts. Since nice cream consists of ripe, frozen bananas as the main ingredient, it’s the perfect way to experiment with a variety of flavors and toppings.

Go for something fruity if you want to be refreshed or curl up with a bowl of something rich and delicious. Either way, nice cream.

List of related literature:

This cream is also suitable for serving in the same way as single cream and is also available in UHT form.

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4 cream, double!/2 litre Place in a basin and lightly whip.

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Use sparingly —2 tablespoons of light cream, half and half, or sour cream; 1 tablespoon of heavy cream; —’ſ, slice of avocado; /, cup of sunflower, sesame, or pumpkin seeds, –12 almonds, cashews or peanuts; 20 pistachios or Spanish peanuts; 4 walnut or pecan halves.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
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This is a high fat content cream, similar to clotted cream or Devonshire cream.

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Usage: Hazelnuts are used in the preparation of desserts, cakes, confections, candy, dessert creams, and ice cream and are served roasted with an apéritif.

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Normal cream.

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Spoon remaining plum mixture atop cream, dividing equally.

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As with the skim milk, the cream must be of prime quality.

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This cream is so much esteemed that it is sent to the London markets in small square tins, and is exceedingly delicious eaten with fresh fruit.

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Now add the cream.

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  • Made this tonight. Froze it then ran it through champion juicer. and my husband never compliments. He said this was pretty good!! I added a few chopped peanuts on top but it didn’t need anything., loved it, thanks!

  • 7:34 a sports psychologist I worked with for a while told me a lot of male athletes get a temporary male hormone increase when they have a new romantic partner. So there might be something to it. 😉

  • Krocks: Did you know there are some bananas that get brown spots, look sweet, and are very tangy I’d say Sour! I really do not like them. I bought these at Westborn market in Plymouth, MI. Buyer beware. When I get them at Krogers they are very sweet and creamy.

  • It looks like you throw away what is left in the blender, also in the other videos I already saw. Please say that isn’t so. I personally hate it, when it looks like this. I think the Bosh Videos look a lot like this, they are not McDougall either. This males the videos short, but I think to not waste is an important message.
    I love the videos by Anja Cass from Cooking with Plants. It always looks like she uses everything to the last drop. I love that. Would be a pity to waste so much. Coconut Spoon good and fine but with a silicone spachelor(?) you can save almost everything of the food to the last bit. For me this is satisfying like ASMR cooking videos to others. But I hate such videos. �� Everyone is different, so I can only speak for myself.
    Kind regards from a new subscriber from Germany, so please excuse if something isn’t understandable what I write. �� I really try to give my best.
    Already love your videos and give thumbs up.

  • Also should you notice benefits instantly or do you have to do it consistently over time?? drink the juice that it. I have done some research but am not clear on all the answers

  • How to: MY WAY
    1. Blend frozen fruit until you can’t it blend anymore
    2. Add extras like (protein powder)
    3. Add bit by bit liquid until smoothie bowl can blend normally again
    4. Keep blending and mixing until thick and all blended
    5. Freeze for at least 10 minutes
    6. Add toppings
    7. Enjoy!

  • Thanks so much for the informative video and the great tips!! I too have a Vitamix which stopped working after making chocolate banana nice cream actually! I tried leaving the Vitamix for 24-48 hours before trying to use it again, and thankfully, it was fine! I figured that the engine got too hot, and the safety mechanism that you spoke about kicked in, to allow the engine to start cooling down.
    The other thing I wanted to share with you, is that I mix the measured chocolate powder with the milk, until it forms a nice paste. I add this to the blender FIRST with other ingredients (vanilla essence, maple syrup, cinnamon powder). This avoids the cloud of cocoa that you mentioned, and the extra work later to make sure everything is well incorporated, with no cocoa powder lumps! As the mixture just covers the blender”s blades, it makes for slightly easier work on the Vitamix, before you add in the chopped banana! With a few chocolate chips (or diced dates) and some chopped walnuts, this made for an amazing Rocky Road nice cream!
    Good luck & happy blending! ����❤️

  • Jessica, I share your love of chocolate, and agree with Brian and the bananas. My fix: odd, but it works…..I use about 1/3 bananas, 1/3 zucchini, and either some frozen cauliflower, cashew-cream, and/or applesauce. And sometimes, I mix it all in a large batch, then re-freeze in those silicone cube trays. And, it’s ready to go, next time. Totally recommend if someone wants nice cream without banana-flavor:)

  • Delicious! We make a similar recipe (same exact ingredients) on a smaller scale with unfrozen ripe bananas. We pour the liquid mixture into popsicle molds.

  • I had to add more plant milk for my nutri bullet pro to blend it, so it came out more of a milkshake, but still good. I wish the flavor was a bit less banana-y, but that may be because my bananas were pretty darn ripe before freezing.

  • Side note:
    I love Alexandra and her recepies. She really motivates me to eat vegan! This is not a comment on her, it’s just a simple warning.
    If you do not have an industrial blender, but just a cheap wallmart blender (like i did) USE A FOODPROCESSOR.
    Because my blender caught fire while trying this. Not kidding guys. IT ACTUALLY CAUGHT FIRE!!
    My blender was a 220-240V 430Watt.
    I used bananas, strawberries, mango and blueberries.

    Nevertheless, the nicecream tasted great and I will definately make it again once i’ve bought a food processor.

  • This is my version for 7:52

    1. Water
    2. 1 frozen banana
    3. 10 frozen blueberries
    4. 10 frozen black berries
    5. 1 table spoon Blue sprulina powder
    6. 1 table spoon Charcoal
    7. blueberry protein powder
    1. Freeze dried blueberries
    2. Fresh blueberries

  • It’s amazing how diverse acai bowls can be. I always did the same acai bowls and I’m so grateful to be across this video. Definitely will try some of these!

  • i love making one with banana kale dragonfruit pineapple and strawberry also a tip is that if you want your smoothie sweeter without adding all that sugar try agave nectar you’ll see it by honey

  • I used frozen bananas, frozen cherries, and a spoon full of cocoa powder. Top with slivered almonds or black walnuts. It’s delicious!

  • Got my Vitamix for $250 last November! Comes with recipe book, and a 20oz single serve set too. If you sign up for their emails you can know when they have a sale:)

  • Pina colada
    1. Orange juice or lemon juice or coconut milk
    2. 1 frozen banana
    3. 1 cup frozen mango
    4. 1 cup frozen pineapple
    1. Coconut flakes
    2. Oatmeal
    3. Freeze dried pineapple
    4. Fresh mango
    5. Fresh raspberries
    6. Fresh oranges
    7. Fresh banana slices
    8. Fresh blueberries

    Here’s an idea that takes just like a pina colada

  • Since I live by myself, I usually make a version of this using about 1 frozen banana, approx 1/2 Cup COSTCO frozen organic cherries, cocoa powder and a bit of homemade oatmilk. I just eyeball the ingredients and blend in my Nutribullet. Delicious and I don’t taste banana. However, If I use overripe bananas, the more likely that flavor will dominate. Love your containers by the way!

  • Ok they cute an all but can anyone comment on the taste?? I’ve never had any of these powders and I’m curious to know how they taste before I go and spend my money on them and don’t like the taste! ��

  • my Safeway in Oregon has a lot of fresh exotic fruits, you can try there. I’ve never been able to find them at health food stores. not even market of choice

  • From a health perspective, you might as well just buy regular ice cream at the store. Both are loaded with sugar and both will make you fat. The bananas will end up in your colon so you have a ton of shit inside of you to carry around while farting. Might as well just eat ice cream or almond milk cream, cheaper too.

  • To me nice creme tastes like what l mix it with, not like banana. OH! And you can add frozen cherries which go very nice with the chocolate!

  • The first nicecream I made was peach it came out so creamy and delicious we ate it straight out of the blender. I haven’t made any in a while so I may try some of your suggestions. The strawberry is good too.

  • A great tip I learned is to free your pieces of banana on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and pop them into the freezer. Let them totally freeze and then put them into a Ziplock or other containers.

  • I think the weight gain is more likely to be from higher salt consumption when eating out (unless you ate at a place where they don’t add salt) then not guessing the calories right, but I’m sure you know how that works better than me ;). But I agree with you that it is hard to guess how much calories are in a meal at a restaurant, so if you are on strict calories like you are I totally understand that you don’t do that any more.

  • Thank you for actually telling us what the powders do and why they’re good for you.���� Most videos just throw em in then you sit there confused on why it’s needed.

  • Wow�� i want that bowl. I,ll try to grab it from you,re counter. Dind,t work☹�������� Nice video i love the Nice cream i am gonna try and make it

  • But the nicecream is still very sweet, because bananas and sweet potatoes are so sweet, isn’t it? �� I know it changes the idea of nicecream and porridge, but I would combine savory porridge with a thick soup or creamy hummus. So it looks similar to nicecream and porridge, but is 100% savory ��

  • By you reading comments, kinda makes the experience interactive! I love it:) Btw: When you were drinking your “bloody” juice wasn’t that fresh beet juice?

  • I don’t like chocolate ice cream, so I’m wondering what you would suggest to make this taste like vanilla? Would you just omit the cocoa powder and add vanilla extract or is there a better recipe to make a vanilla base?

  • Not gonna lie, that nice cream porridge looks pretty good! I gotta try that sometime. You’re welcome brotha aha:))

    But your classic sweet nice cream and porridge is definitely something that I MUST try. Genius concept btw����

    Cheers! ������

  • Savory nice cream and porridge actually makes so much sense. The oats are just a grain, so not sweet or savory from themselves, just like wheat, which is used in sweet and savory dishes, and any other grain. I think you chose the right spices for the nice cream with more curry like flavours, because there are many types of curries that typically include some sort of fruit, so I can imagine that combining very well with the sweet potato and banana. I think it remined Melina to Morocco because of the cinnamon in combination with the sweetness.
    I think I have to try it myself now:)

  • Does that Ninja food processor come with different blades to shred and slice too? I am looking to replace my old Cuisinart but would like the other blade functions. I’ve got a Vitamix already.

  • I always freeze my bananas peeled, but whole, so I can count them out as needed for various recipes. I find whole frozen bananas are actually very easy to cut with a knife, especially if they are very ripe. The high sugar content prevents them from freezing super hard. So I just chop them up frozen, right before using for any recipe.

  • I,ve made it in my food processor yesterday evening and it processed the frozen banana,s very good. I don,t use a vitamix blender cause its too expencive 400 euro,s and my all in one food processor was only 68,99 and it makes excellent Nice cream. Works like a champ�������� Realy creamy and everything was Nice and creamy no chunks of frozen banana,s. I love this Nice cream it my new go to Vegan (Nice) Ice cream

  • I blend frozen bananas and frozen cooked sweet potatoes, without the skin, to make ice creamand my dog loves it too! Any blender can work. I happened to make in my Champion Juicer with the smooth plate and put through bananas and sweet potatoes separately so it showed 2 separate ice creams in the bowl and pretty!

  • do you know if you have to drink the juice right before you train or if you just drink it anytime during the day you still get the benefits?

  • Been rocking the savory porridge for years bro 😉 To make it more filling and get some more veggies in, I cook it with cabbage, kale or spinach:D