Nutritionist Strategies For Healthy Camping Meals Beyond S mores


WHAT I EAT IN A DAY while Camping | EASY & Healthy Meals

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Brilliant Camping Food Hacks

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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY while Camping | EASY & Healthy Meals

Video taken from the channel: HealthNut Nutrition


Dr. Robert Szabo ‘Introduction to Therapeutic Fasting’

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Nutritional Considerations to Help Support the Immune System: During and Beyond Cancer Treatment

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For these trips, plan fresher ingredients for the first day or two, then utilize energy dense bars, tuna pouches, jerky like Vital Choice salmon sticks, drink mixes, instant coffee and dehydrated camp meals like Good To-Go meals that only need added water from an easy-to-carry Jetboil, eaten from lightweight bowls with sporks. For an easy way to individualize healthy camping meals and minimize cleanup, try the ever-popular foil pack. Add a protein such as black beans, tofu or cooked meat to a foil pouch, then add veggies, seasonings and a little olive oil or lemon juice. Seal the foil and cook it. Plot out your meals so you can pack the foods that you’ll eat early in the trip at the top of the cooler; this will cut down on time spent rummaging around with the lid open.

Tips for Backpacking. Grilled Jerk Chicken Kebabs from The Modern Proper. Make-Ahead Snacks & Treats Recipes: When you are heading out to go for a hike or bike ride, having healthy snacks to bring along is always a good idea, and when that sweet tooth hits you can also have camping friendly treats on hand that will blow those S’mores out of the water (seriously!!).Check out these delicious, healthier, dairy free. Let’s celebrate together with Healthy S’mores! �� I love me some s’mores. This is the part where I should tell you all about my childhood and reminisce about the sweet memories of camping out with my family, deep in the woods, smiles on our faces, a perfect campfire, and how we would roast marshmallows and make these sweet little snacks as we sang campfire songs.

Thinking about what to pack, food-wise is always a challenge. That’s why I wanted to create a list of healthy food options and meal ideas for camping. Sure the hot dogs and s’mores are always fun, but after days of that, I feel “blah”, and I definitely don’t want to feel like when I’m camping. So I’m always on the lookout for. Fond memories aside, just because we are “roughing it” on a camp site doesn’t mean we have to compromise on providing delicious, nutritious, whole food meals.

To prepare for this year’s camping season I scoured the internet and our own archives for creative, healthy, delicious, and easily-prepared camping meals. You can also put all of them on your camp-out menu and won’t need to. Here are 15 ways to sneak nutrition into your camping trip.

Japanese Tuna Sushi Bowl With Quick Pickled Cucumber: Poke addicts can get their seafood fix with these camp-style sushi bowls. Prep the furikake seasoning, salty marinade, and soft-boiled eggs at home, then cook the rice and assemble the bowl at camp. Grab your tent and sleeping bags and get ready to head outdoors. But just because you’re away from your kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some delicious food.

Recipes like Campfire Banana S’mores, Johnnycakes and Camping Chicken Quesadillas are easy to make and will keep you energized on your next camping trip. 8 Healthy Camping Dinners Ready in a Flash. The fresh air, the boundless vistas, and all that.

But the real reason we love camping is the campfire food! Meals cooked over an open fire just taste better. So with that For more smart tips on making campfire cooking and clean-up a bit easier, check out 5 Strategies for Easy Camp Cooking.


List of related literature:

Cook meals at least 300 feet from your sleeping area, and don’t nosh inside your tent.

“Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California: Section Hiking from Campo to Tuolumne Meadows” by Shawnté Salabert
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Since campers vary in their desire to cook actively at the campground, we’ve written the recipes keeping in mind what can be prepped at home.

“The Campout Cookbook: Inspired Recipes for Cooking Around the Fire and Under the Stars” by Marnie Hanel, Jen Stevenson
from The Campout Cookbook: Inspired Recipes for Cooking Around the Fire and Under the Stars
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I’d start without a stove, keeping meals simple by picnicking and enjoying food and fun in the campground café.

“Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door: The Travel Skills Handbook” by Rick Steves
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If you’re looking for ideas on what to cook on the trail, pick up The Leave-No-Crumbs Camping Cookbook from your local bookstore or online (

“Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada” by Adria Vasil
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Many backpackers think I’m joking when I tell them I pack canned food, but a backpacking dinner menu built around canned protein is fairly light.

“Fly-Fishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry” by Rich Osthoff
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Remember to sit down and reassess your pantry at the beginning and end of each camping season to keep it fresh and organized.

“The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub for Campers, Road Trippers, and Adventurers” by Linda Ly, Will Taylor
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Many vegetables and fruit can be carried for days without going bad and this makes them a viable option for camp cooking.

“The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild” by Dave Canterbury
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Bring the least odorous foods practical, double-bag everything, and then stash it at least 100 yards from your tent in a spot you can see.

“Backcountry Bear Basics: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters” by Dave Smith
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• Avoid cooking in an enclosed tent or snow cave.

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• Avoid cooking in a tent.

“The Backpacker's Field Manual, Revised and Updated: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills” by Rick Curtis
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  • Flavored mineral water is fantastic when I’m fasting. I’ve been taking weight off so easily after starting fasting and when I do break my fast it’s with a high fat meal. Watching Jason Fung explain the relationship between insulin and fat burning and storage was the light bulb going off in my head. I finally understood all of the tidbit I was reading about low carb and losing fat, etc.

  • If you put whole cloves in the apples, like nails going through the skin, as well as raisens, cinnamon and nutmeg in the center that tastes delicious too.

  • Didn’t you show at least half the hacks in previous videos. Please don’t tell me that buzzfeeds getting as worse as 5 minute crafts (or other content farms).

  • I love that you stick to your routines on vacation or away for the weekend. It’s so hard for me to stay on track and pick my routines back up when I get back home. I have no idea why… Any tips on how to stay on track? I love this vlog. I wish it was 10x longer.:(

  • I don’t know about y’all but when I go camping I just want to eat traditional campings foods lol like hot dogs and burgers with chips and dip

  • 7:49 Brendan I only found out this information at age 69. Now finally at age 70 I’ll never have to go on a diet again. The last few pounds are melting off and yes. It’s about freedom! Finally!

  • Every person is different and shouldn’t blindly follow one diet. Everyone should try different diet and choose that fit them best e.g. Rob Szabo is probably is insulin resistance by genetic makeup.
    Insulin resistance isn’t caused by carbohydrates, but by energy overload to much calories and insulin resistance is adaptation to energy overload.

  • a group of us went to “Long Sault” about the same time as you just last Saturday and hope to camp there next year for the long weekend “Labour Day” and you gave great tips. thanks, as I have been looking at compact Kerosene heaters for just this purpose

  • Awesome vlog! I love watching your vlogs especially when you’re in areas I’m familiar with! Also you were in Elora when you went to the Cork I’m from fergus, elora is a separate town from fergus:)

  • Assuming you are fasting for the health benefits, as opposed to losing weight, what does your body burn when fasting if you are already very lean?

  • Thanks Robert, some good points, all foods stimulate insulin since “Food is Chemical Information”… the issue is how much disruption to endocrine system is done… the Centenarian Diet, or maybe 128, the Hayflick limit, … or if a Ray Kurzweil fan then this is a Moot Point …

  • It’s amazing how everyone is an “expert” when you tell them you are fasting and they tell you it’s bad. Even though you’ve (me) have tried everything known to man to lose weight and nothing else works.

  • Leptin resistance makes it almost impossible to lose weight. I’m low carb, tried intermittent fasting, ketosis diet etc with no success

  • It seems to keep happening, particularly to men. They are eating the “prudent diet” of oats, rice, grains, vegetables, very low fat, (“lean” white meat, probably) and they are coming down diabetic by their late 30s. It is then determined they have been “eating correctly,” that it is just bad luck. Come on folks, when is it going to be generally realized that high carb and “lean protein” (dog whistle for plant protein, evidently) is an unnatural diet for humans?
    High carb and lean protein is naturally insulinogenic. It’s the Sumo wrestler diet.

  • Thanks for the great talk. Re history, Muslims have been advised to fast since the 6th century AD. In fact, you probably find most Muslims fasting on Monday and Thursday as prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad. According to Islamic tradition, Prophet David himself faster every other day.

  • Most of these are pretty cool and useful. I have used them. The one I would avoid is the eggs in the bottle. Just buy Egg Beaters in a carton. Once you crack eggs like that, the quality and safety is tricky.

  • The second gentle mans story was extremely touching. I have multiple mostly invisible disabilities and I face subtle unfair judgement daily (the difference between when I’m using crutches and not is unbelievable). I’ve often said that dealing with other peoples attitudes to my disposables is harder than dealing with the actual disabilities. Although I am a little overweight, I’m fairly average for the area I live in, so I can only imagine that for someone who is significantly overweight for the area they live in not only do they face those sorts of subtle unfair judgement everyday but probably also believe them, and that must make their lives sooo much harder. I think every overweight person needs to see that short talk.

  • I would love to refer my mom to your clinic, as being as she’s on medication she would not try something like this without a doctor’s supervision, but unfortunately your clinic is on another continent…

    Can you recommend any doctor/dietitian combo offices in Virginia, USA?

  • seems to be hard to get good info on this, but if i am fairly lean, athlete and dont want to incur significant muscle loss (i am probably 7-8% bf) what is the time frame i can/should fast. currently i do 40-44hours once per week and eat otherwise high calories in about 3 meals per day (i am/have been keto adapted for quite a while, hence fasting is easy) on the remaining days. in short i am looking to capitalize on health benefits from fasting but also interested in maintaining strength and speed performance, any suggestions, how frequently, how long the fast can/should extend? any links are welcome?

  • Really enjoy your vlogs! Can’t wait to go camping again after watching this:). Also Matt saying his fun fact in car reminded me of me haha

  • If you want to kill you appetite eat peanut of almond butter. Lot’s of fat. But get organic and check the oils or it will be full of trans fats/partially hydrogenated
    oils and omega 6 seed oils. Not good.

  • this is the type of camping food you bring when you go with a car at the location.In that way you can take whatever you want with you.I would definetly not take jars and other shits with me.anyway,good ideas for ocasional “campers”.

  • Thanks for reminding us that we can premix the french toast liquid and put it in a jar. What do you like as far as french toast spices? we like LOTS and LOTS of cinnamon and Cardamom mixed in with our egg makers and silk cashew unsweetened milk using Dave’s powerseed bread. also let the bread soak up the mixture a while and use a spatula to move the bread cause it is too soft at this point for anything else.

  • Here is a healthy tip: fill up a water bottle and look at the time, and try to finish 2 whole water bottles in 1 hour!! I do this all the time and I LOVE IT

  • Most pregnant women end up fasting through the first trimester as a side-effect of the nausea. It’s a bit silly to say it shouldn’t be done.

  • So this little girl had seizures right as she got her 6months vaccines. What a coincidence! That happens so absolutely frequently. 3 month and 6 months ages are also when SIDS is most prevalent. Again after the major vaccines. I hope people start to put 2+2 together.

  • Doc I have to wonder, have you been genetic tested for MODY diabetes? Your story seems very similar to mine. Except while in my 3rd trimester my insulin requirements went down, I no longer required insulin post prego, but three years later my diabetes came back at the same time my 3 year old was diagnosed. MODY is chromosomal dominant, therefore I was then diagnosed. She doesnt require insulin but we both on our own with no insulin have a1cs around 6 to 7. It varies with time, hormones, and circumstance. There are 11 types of MODY. Check it out

  • Loved this video. I miss camping. What were you cooking over the fire at the end? #healthnutfam Watching from my computer so I cant do the #avocadoemoji🙁

  • Oh my goodness thank you for sharing these testimonials. It is heartbreaking what these people went through. Thank God they persevered and found answers…no thanks to the mainstream medical people.

  • This was a great presentation by Dr. Rob Szabo. As Dr. Szabo mentioned, Dr. Jason Fung is one of the more well known advocates for fasting, in order to treat diabetes and insulin resistance. I highly recommend his website:

    He also has several lectures on YouTube which are both engrossing and enlightening. Here is short one that gives you a brief overview of his philosophy:

    Dr. Fung’s book, “Obesity Code” is a must read. His ability to explain insulin resistance, and how fasting can ultimately be a cure for it, is superb.

  • if when you are freezing food in zip lock bags freeze them flat. Them they will fit in your cooler like books. If it is something like chicken you are going grill do not fill the bag too much. 2 or 3 thin blocks of frozen chicken is a lot easier to cook than a 2 or 3 inch block..

  • I am one those people who tried a low carb diet that worked for about 2 weeks before plateauing. I had a BMI of 29.5. I was in a weight gaining trend seemingly unstoppable. Problems with reflux and other issues following a colon resection to remove bowel cancer. My General Practitioner said losing weight was easy, if you understood insulin. And fasted. Um. He mentioned a You Tube video to watch. This one.

    I found several things poignant. Protein stimulates insulin secretion only 60% less than carbs. Fat 95% less than carbs. I have eaten too much protein to make up for my lesser carb intake. But the outstanding learning point for me, was the, “Physiological Stages of Fasting” graph (15 minute mark). I wanted to kick start serious weight loss and ketosis appealed.

    I went 3.5 days of fasting followed by a stringent low carb high fat diet for several weeks. I have eased off somewhat since then but have lost 10kg in less than two months and attained a 7cm waist reduction as well. No additional exercise. No Gym. That’s next on my agenda. I wont go into how I felt during the fast but will say I drank water whenever hungry. Water is a must. I have further to go in my quest for good health. And have the knowledge and track record to achieve it.

    My GP is Robert Szabo.

  • A big part of the problem is that people are confused by misleading terms. There is NO reason for the term carbohydrate. It is all just a storage form (starch) or structure form (fiber) of sugar (Primarily Glucose). They are all just different arrangements of glucose molecules loosely bound together. The body is not dumb. It makes digestive enzymes to unzip the caloric ones, primarily sugar, and starches. The body uses sugar, not carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is not absorbed and utilized in the body in any way, but the sugar is. We need to call the major macro-nutrients what they really are: Fats, Protein and Sugar. Don’t let sugar hide disguised as “Carbohydrates”.

  • Academics often have a bias in that they think everyone works in an office at a computer. Working a physical job outside for long hours… this can be a challenge when fasting. At least it was for me. I’m retired now so it is much easier to manage.

  • The medical establishment HATES the keto/low carb solution even when faced with a well patient who has clearly benefited. What a travesty. The tide IS turning but oh so slowly and while the denial still exists, people continue to suffer and blame themselves, while taking powerful medications and dealing with the side effects…and still getting worse.

  • Ggyyfguygguggjvjgjguvjggvguvuggffjtufffjfjdddddcvvvbbggfdsszxxsawertuiooolk,Mann,,.mjhjbubkjbhjjhvvfdsssawetyhbgvuguyuvyjvjhvjyvjyyjyvvffrccxrxrxrzreztzrwaaaqwrtytuillk,,kigibjhhvjgjhggjvjhvjbvhjvjhvhvjhugikguhooibnkhbvhjjhvvhjyfgjccgcthhfchfdxxgfdxgfgdxgxeetsfeewwaazxcvhjjkkk,..jjkkffjmbj.j,,,.”‘ASSSSSSDDCOOP,,MGFDFFH

  • Look I get eating healthy, organic and gluten-free. I support it; however don’t bastardize french toast, pizza or stroganoff! They will never “taste just like” the way they were meant to be prepared.

  • I live about 25-30 mins from Toronto, in a little town called Acton, idk if you’ve heard of it. But it’s always cool to see when you go places and I know exactly where they are haha. If you haven’t been, you should visit Rattlesnake Point in Milton. It has a really nice view and some hiking trails along the Niagara Escarpment

  • 13:58 It’s important to note that those participating in the dawn to dusk fast during Ramadan were also abstaining from any liquid, including even water.

  • love your recipes; most can be adapted to people like myself who need to eat low fodmap, gluten free & lactose free foods! how do you eat 5 pieces of bread in a day though? lucky you! i stick to 2 pieces of Paleo almond & linseed bread per week, so the only carbs i eat daily are oats for brrakfast & those that are already present in fruit & Quest bars:-)

  • Ahh I love this! Looks like it was so much fun. I’ve loved watching your channel grow, I get so excited when I see you put up a new video!:)

  • Your boyfriend seems so cool! And handsome 😉 in going camping next weekend, in Gatineau Park, Quebec. So this gave me some ideas even though it was not vegan:)

  • Interesting findings Dr. Szabo, enjoyed it very much…  As I was reading comments someone brought up that Prophets have been known to fast. Well Monks do too they’ve done it for years, before Lchf diets were even studied. I’m not into religion, but find it interesting that others have found Lchf & fasting a great Health tool even in the past. Now if the Diabetes Centers & or Foundations paid  more attention to one’s Health then getting rich of sick people, a lot of people would be cured. One year doing Lchf turned my prediabetes around:)  Been working on fasting to see what other health benefits may come my way!!

  • This is the best camp hack video I’ve seen so far. All the rest say the same thing. I hadn’t considered putting the eggs in a bottle! Now I won’t have another messy bowl to clean up!

  • I LOVE this video…I am with Matt. I love nature so much, whether is hiking, fishing, camping, scenic drives etc. Thanks for this video!!!!

  • Love camping x mainly in garden and friends as child. Cornwall camping with my parents at 17yrs. You all looked so relaxed x ������������

  • im type 2 and if i dont eat i get so hungry that i get a headache and feel sick to my stomach, i just dont see how this can be done without avoiding that.

  • I can honestly say that i have never eaten such delicious food while camping!! I will have to bring miss Health Nut Nutrition on more camping adventures:)

  • 7 months into this lifestyle, 40 pounds down, 16 more to go, I have ZERO interest in sweets, ice creams, cakes, yuck! I can’t even imagine myself eating beans and tortillas or bread or corn or a banana…BUT…I still fantasize about mashed potatoes. A potato, maybe once or twice a year. I can see it in my near future. That’s the only thing I really miss. I’m on vacation next week and damn it! I’m going to have a bite, maybe two of mashed potato….ah…that’s my candy! Shh…don’t tell!

  • Wow this looks like you guys had a lot of fun during camping…I don’t remember going camping in a while lol! By the way drone did a pretty good job! ������⛺️

  • Ya know… foil is a huge short-cut, but please, use a paper barrier between food and aluminum!!! Is hugely linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer. 1 time, 2 times maybe… but a paper bag barrier works the same magic without getting all that highly toxic aluminum

  • Awesome! since going vegan I’ve been trying to think of ways to make good food while camping. even though all these meals aren’t vegan they still gave me great ideas!

  • DISGUSTING. Who eats all that high calorie, sugar laden, and nutrient deficient crap using metal containers? Fat people and car campers.

  • That egg in a bottle is such a simple hack that I’ve completely overlooked it!! All this time I’ve been bringing a dozen eggs with me everytime I went out ��

  • Insulin resistance is from saturated fat and intracellular fat blocking insulin receptors. The insulin-obesity theory is dead, see Stephane Guyenet. Don’t confuse refined carbs with healthy complex carbs and required fiber for gut health.

  • I do this at home. You can make strong Ice Tea freeze in ice cube tray. Put them in a slider bag. When you want tea put one or two in a glass of water.

  • This was a really good presentation and it carries more weight since he’s a diabetic himself. There are a few “old school” doctors who had it right although most were either ridiculed or ignored. Dr. Richard Bernstein was writing about this in 1997 in his book “Diabetes Solution” which is considered the “diabetic bible” by many. He was one of the original pioneers of LCHF. He’s a scientist and a medical doctor. He also has Type I diabetes but his books cover the treatment for Type II as well. He’s a remarkable man at the age of 82 long past the average life expectancy of Type I diabetes.


  • One of the changes I would make to update this video is to simply wrap all of the items that you would normally wrap in aluminum foil and cook, with a layer of parchment paper first, and then the foil, to prevent foods from absorbing aluminum while cooking. Great, fun video. Thanks.

  • I love the No Mess s’mores, especially for camping with grandkids! Or actually with anyone LOL. Sticky Fingers was a great album though ����

  • I love that these are so different than I would eat or make for camping. We are going glamping next week. I will definitely be doing the french toast and possibly the pizza pockets. Yum.

  • as a recovering alcoholic i can see myself burning my hands trying that popcorn can one n drinking them eggs thinking they’re juice��

  • Pete your probably lacking vitamins and minerals. Swap your steak for liver. Liver is nutrient dense, anti fatigue and and the worlds number 1 super food followed by kidneys. I eat OMAD, day lamb, liver, 1 day lamb kidneys, 1 day lamb heart and have to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Also add nutritional yeast for the B vitamins. Make sure you get your RDA of 1 gram sodium and 4.7 g of potassium and other minerals like magnesium and zinc and the trace mineral. Good luck!

  • currently camping + traveling fulltime so I really enjoyed this video!!! Thanks for the ideas!!! xo Sara

  • The veil has not only been lifted it has been shredded, pulverized, and incinerated. The second speaker was particularly powerful. They were all very powerful. God bless the warriors for truth.

  • Thank you so much for this video. It’s provided the “missing link” for me… have tried LCHF numerous times, also IF, ADF, OMAD, etc etc… and it’s SO hard to shift any weight. I did a 10 day water fast In December which did bring me down 8 kg, but have barely managed to sustain that loss, and now (thanks to you) I know why. At the midpoint of your vid you mention the difference between a normal weighted person with T2D and an “enormous person without T2D” as being that the latter is very good at making lots of insulin. That’s me! (I need to halve my weight.) I learned a lot from Dr Jason Fung’s “two compartment” video, and I know now that my high base-line insulin is making “emptying the fridge” a very slow process. That’s why I’m always tired and wrung out, and almost unable to lose. I figure the answer for me is more fasting, and persevering with LCHF when I am eating, and working hard on being very very patient.

  • When are people going to realize that most humans can’t tolerate low fat and “lean proteins” no matter how “healthy” it seems to our industrialized minds?

    Nutritionists of the “old school” are to be ignored. Their advice is unhelpful (to say the least) and actually harmful to most people. They are a tool of the establishment.

  • Love camping, heading up to Awenda Provincial park next weekend for our family camping trip and can’t wait. 5 full days of living in nature.

  • You are talking about only non vegetarians but what pure vegetarian no eggs also. Can you c talk about people who under go radiation for thyroid cancer and it has spread my iliac hip left bone, I am under radiation treatment. Can you please talk about this. Thank u

  • Scrambled Eggs. OvaEasy crystallized egg powder is just as good as real eggs since it’s real eggs. Pancakes, I use Zip Lock bags. Add the pancake mix to the bag, wright on the outside the amount of water needed and squeeze the air out. Zip it shut. In camp add the water, squeeze the air out and mix it up. Take a knife and cut a corner off the bag, now you can squeeze the amount of pancake batter that you want for each pancake out of the bag.

  • I feel like I have unlimited endurance on my Second day of Fasting while being in nutritional ketosis for 3 months. I eat 95% meat. Also, my Ironman training was from Phil Maffetone’s book, IN FITNESS AND IN HEALTH back in the 1990’s!

  • Some of these are pretty good tips, but that one where you wear away the metal rim on the can of tuna….um, nope. No way I’m eating all those metal filings that are bound to get into the food (even if I was inclined to ever eat tuna, which I’m not).

  • Do the 7 primal moving pattern (lift weights), do cardio, stretch, frequent meals according to ur metabolic type and experiment with different types of foods from the same macronutrient until u find ones that works for u and rotate them, the more expansive the diet the better and insulin spikes will be the thing of the past.

    Fasting is good for spiritual practices and meditation, and vitality increase. but if u fast then jump back on screwed up macro-nutrient ratio and the wrong type of foods for ur body u will jump right back to crashes from insulin spikes, and u will actually create more trouble than benfit, u will be depleted of resources and weak and u will be an easy target for parasites.

    what they don’t tell about fasting thousands years ago is that those ppl were advance in spirtuality and they honed in the skill of absorbing energy from the environment around them, thus they can stay fasted for longer, and when they eat they eat food that was extremely nutrient dense with a lot of life force. unfortunately now our foods are depleted so we need as much resources as we can get, not to mention the pollution and all the shenanigans, ur body needs constant resources to cleanse it self, but the the right resources not the wrong ones.

  • I wish I had the courage to go camping. The whole lack of indoor plumbing and the insect thing just doesn’t sit well with me ��. Great video. Glad you all had a great time ��������