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Removing sugar from your diet may seem easier said than done. don’t stress though, Lockhart shares how he combats this with fighters such as McGregor: One thing I give my fighters to help with sugar craving is cinnamon. A great trick is to take a litre of water, a teaspoon of. Nuts – Conor McGregor diet coach Georges Lockhart recommends eating protein before a workout, as it will help manage insulin levels and trigger the body to unlock fat for energy burning.

Fruit – In lieu of (or in addition to) a protein, fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, apples, strawberries, and grapefruit will also suffice. Control carbohydrate consumption A zero carbohydrate diet as McGregor describers doesn’t suit everyone. Carbohydrates in the form of wholemeal bread or cereal and root vegetables. “If I put someone like Conor on a Ketogenic Diet, he’d be f**ked!” George Lockhart is a former US Marine who now produces nutrition plans for Conor McGregor and much of the UFC roster. If you want to know how to eat like a fighter, Conor McGregor takes a whey protein shake and some tart cherry juice as standard.

Cherry juice is great for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can also take any other anti-inflammatory beverage or smoothie made from foods that lower inflammation. “But if I put someone like Conor on a Ketogenic Diet, he’d be f**ked!” Lockhart also broke down the thought process behind McGregor’s nutrition plan, if he was fighting at 9pm. A fighter’s level of muscle mass will first be calculated; Their carb intake will then be worked out depending on this; This figure will be spread out over the day’s meals.

But there’s a trick Conor McGregor’s nutritionist Georges Lockhart uses with his UFC fighters to help them burn even more fat. It starts before they’ve even got to the gym. Conor McGregor takes some beating in the eating.. We’ve taken a look at The Notorious’ ‘eat clean’ diet the one that seems to have propelled him to. Algieri says that he aims for about 50 to 60 percent of the calories in his athlete’s diet come from carbs, 20 percent from protein and 20 to 30 percent from fat. “I push fats because they’re.

He eats good meats like chicken, salmon or any steak with greens and fruits. After that, he eats eggs with coffee. He said that enough protein intake is important when he trains, it also helps him build muscle and recover, so he adds protein shakes in his diet when he not drinking water or coconut water.

List of related literature:

2 x quality protein foods (lean meats, small white fish, legumes) 1–2 x quality carbohydrates (rice, quinoa, buckwheat, peeled potato, etc.) 5+ lowto medium-salicylate vegetables (refer to food list on pp. 92–3).

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Otten JJ, Hellwig JP, Meyers JD: Dietary reference intakes: the essential guide to

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As with all sports snacks, you have to learn through trial and error during training which foods work for your system and which foods don’t.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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He uses a simple method with bodybuilders and physique-focused athletes to help determine the right diet for them.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
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He recommended that thin athletes eat starches along with higher fat protein foods.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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What nutritional advice should you give this athlete?

“Study Guide for the Board of Certification, Inc., Athletic Trainer Certification Examination” by Susan Rozzi, Michelle Futrell
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Through thoughtful snacking, he can also optimize the timing of his protein intake.

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Yet, misinformation and misconceptions persist among coaches and athletes regarding what constitutes an adequate diet.

“Concepts of Athletic Training” by Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C. Mangus
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What dietary sources might you suggest that he emphasize in his daily diet?

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See also his excellent book The 3-Season Diet.

“Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy” by Mukunda Stiles
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  • What a load of horseshit. I do 12 hour workouts and only eat meat. I’ve never looked or felt better. Plant eaters/carb eaters get tired and hungry fast.

  • This is pseudo science. Lots of big words. Remember it is 2020 and scientists can’t agree if eggs are good or bad for you. ��‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️

  • Fascinating video that highlights the dedication and bushido spirit of these professional fighters. Josh, will be sure to root for you in your next fight. Sponsors should back Josh in groves for his hours of discipline and determination. Sparta 300 would have included the likes of Josh back in early days of warfare.

  • Rogan keeps trying to sell Keto. If you are a real athlete who performs at a high level, you need carbs, period. Stop fucking with people’s minds.

  • Saying you can’t gain muscle while in a calorie deficit is not true. If a newbie starts lifting weights while in a calorie deficit, they will lose fat while building muscle.

  • All this talk about fighters health is hilariously stupid when you realize how many of them dehydrate themselves dangerously low so they can drop 20-30 pounds before weighins and then regain it back right away. That has a direct correlation with being in peak shape and damage received by head blows (it takes over 48hrs to rehydrate properly and your brain is even more vulnerable at that time.
    All these diet coaches are part of that insanity.

  • Yeah not sure sure about that. I used to do long distance running exclusively while fasting. No need to bring food while on a 4+ hour run, just water. Never “hit the wall” which is apparently common for athletes who usually eat before and during their long distance runs, if they don’t time their meals well afterwards during the run.

    I was also doing pull ups while fasting and I never lacked energy for it. My theory is that if you’re doing high intensity training while fasting, your body gets into ketosis quickly, similarly to what happens if you just fast multiple days (weeks?) or go on a ketogenic diet for some weeks. Why do I think that? Simple: you can’t exercise without fuel, and I wasn’t losing any strength (my pull ups count increased while losing weight, I don’t think I gained strength, I wasn’t using weights to imitate my original starting weight. My pulls ups probably increased because I was lighter)

    I started working out again and I started boxing, I might try eating carbs before my classes to see if it makes a difference, but I don’t expect any.

  • 100% 100% Joe: So when you work out you build muscle 100% Joe: Which helps you loose weight. 100% Joe: “So is that true “. 100%. Joe: “So When you lift weights you get stronger?”100%. Joe:” Eating too much prunes.100% “Will make you have to shit.?”. “100%.” Shitting your brains out! 100%

  • Give them electrolytes it’s what plants need. All athletes need is Gatorade and muscle milk protein shakes everything else is just for normal humans.

  • They have to spar? Tell that to tony forgeson…He said he hasnt sparred a single round in like 7years and his unbeaten streak continues.

  • Lol presentation? If sliced tomatoes are “fancy” to u, try serving your hot pocket with a paper towel next time…. That shits classy.

  • I don’t understand how he eats so many meals a day. I eat 3 meals a day and walk around at 160 and I’m his same size in good shape. I don’t see how he does that.

  • Il be very greatfull if you write all his meat plan all 6 meals if its possible grams like he say trully trully believe so i believe you gonna reply me!

  • I am in no way an expert and basically know nothing about training/diet. Can someone explain me how the hell can someone train 6h a day?? What is even the point, wouldn’t you just destroy yourself and not build any strenght? wtf

  • very good move doing something on McGregor:)
    you chose some great clips and images for this dude. as usual BIG thumbs up from me man.

  • He’s a beast for sure. I don’t follow the boxing game (my Grandfather would question my manhood for not doing it LOL he was a huge fight guy). Does he have some legal issues to overcome?

  • The most talked about athlete of the last 5yrs without doubt Luke wether good or bad he certainly puts the hrs of training in MINT

  • 9:52 WRONG. a Calorie is still a calorie.. Its like saying 10 yards isnt 10 yards because you walk it or drive it. A calorie is a specific and set measurement. He is also wrong about the thermogenic effect of protein. 40%!?? depending on the food source its 15 to 30% MAX..

  • So this was just an advertisement for them and their company. There was absolutely no value added information to the viewer, just self promotion..

  • A quicker way to cut weight quickly and safely and having even more energy is going 100% Vegan. I know Carnivores don’t want to hear it but it’s the truth. Vegans recover way quicker after being pummeled.

  • Lockhart has also had numerous fighters miss weight under his supervision and the guy has no educational background in nutrition. Sure, experience in MMA goes a long way. But on numerous podcasts he sounds like he’s just selling snake oil rather than being able to actually talk about the science of nutrition.

  • you looked at the WHO oh dear, never a place you want to look at regarding health, they’re one of the most corrupt organizations in the planet, well ell we all make mistakes.

  • Not that it’s mentioned in the video but it’s dropping stupid amounts of water weight before the weigh in, hitting the weight, just about collapsing on stage and then pumping litres of fluid back into the body and weighing about 15lbs more on fight night.

    Also before the UFC drug testing ramped up using an iv drip to replenish fluids was a great way to hide performance enhancing drugs.

  • Calories in and calories out there’s no magic to it. Burn more calories than you consume = weight loss. Everything else is marketing bs

  • i kind of find it funny that i have been doing some of things i hear you guys do for your weight cutting programs, but i have been doing mine personally for a few years shorter. people do not listen to me though, as they do not get it. also, i am poor at explaining in great detail.

  • Conor did far better under Eoin Lacey and the Irish Strength Institute team when doing his weight cuts. Listen to the Rogan podcast and you see how little he knows on nutrition, its all “you know what i mean”, its all bro hype

  • Wow those #’s and those deadlines are pretty drastic, but really impressive. Just a genuine question — the methods fighters use to cut weight to make a fight (diet/fast/exercise wise), are they okay for someone (not a fighter, just trying to get in shape) trying to lose weight/cut body fat in general?

  • True story I lost 6 lbs in 12 hrs.

    It’s super easy. Just run for 12 hours.

    For real though it was actually fascinating observing myself try to put the weight back on. That was way harder than I expected and it gave me an interesting insight into what fighters go though between weigh in and their fight.

    Obviously they don’t water cut by running an ultramarathon, so maybe that makes it easier to rehydrate? I was still underweight and not firing on all cylinders 48 hours later lol

  • How to put a fighters name in a video to assist in getting payed. Our products and methods are scientifically talked about and includes real flannel, so you know it’s good.

  • 1:17 guy looks like a poster boy for steroid abuse. How much is nutrition and how much is pushing T3, T4 down the athletes throats? yeah, if you use thyroid hormones, you need a LOT more calories just to not bonk while cutting.

  • I’m not a huge MMA fan(I love boxing), but this is really good, interesting stuff that obviously carries over to boxing as well. Good video.

  • Andy Ruiz needs to call you ASAP lol cause that guy needs help his first fight that got him the championship he said he would lose weight be lighter the second fight but what happen he was heavier lol

  • George used to teach mma/kickboxing and some bjj at UFC veteran Brian Stann’s gym, Warrior Legion, in Alpharetta, Ga which I attended before he blew up big, 2013. He’s a cool guy and I remember he’d always play the same stupid Flo-rida song during kickboxing so when I complained he’d intentionally play it and say it’s for me. Glad he’s doing so good.

  • I wish the MMA organizations would ALL get rid of weight cutting. Fighters shouldn’t be walking around 15-30lbs heavier than their fight weight. They should be required to stay within 10 lbs of their fight weight on their contracts.

  • he’s saying the best food post workout is fruits and my fucking coach told me not to eat anything 2h after a workout especially fruits, does it depend on whether you are losing or gaining or is my coach just dumb

  • As an Irish person from Dublin and also from the same street as mcgregor. Plz never do our accent, it’s cringey and fucking terrible

  • “i eat like conor McGregor for a day” do you eat like him when he is just Training and not in a Trainings camp? or do you eat like him in a Trainings camp? if so, in what week? when he is trying to cut or gain weight?!?!?!? i think this Video is more About “I ate some Food that conor McGregor also has eaten”

  • Why does mcgregor have so much security around him if I was him I would have some but not a lot I guess it’s to shove crazy haters and losers away

  • Yes mike kumar. Connor, maybe he is not built to be your personal chef.. He will show up will three cans of clover leaf and a box of shake and bake.

  • He doesn’t have a strict regimented diet and he doesn’t consume 2800 calories a day. Watch Joe Rogan’s podcast with his trainer, McGregor eats different things, every day…

  • People in this joes comment sections hate on conor so much saying that hes a tap machine, he always gives up hes way over confident and arrogant without realising that theyre all playing into his trap of selling the fight and that its all basically an act until he gets in the ring where he is one of, if not the best striker in the history of ufc, is also a top class overall fighter and is fucking hard as nails. And any1 who disagrees with me on the last line why dont u go ask khabib or diaz to go try wrench ur head off and see how long it takes for u to tap.

  • Its funny to and sad.. Roid mongers get to live this lifestyle they would never have.. They also eat like shit and will regret this all, except they are too stupid to know why they get diseases more than any other group of people. They will just blame genetics since google searches didn’t explain their health issues.

  • Funny how all the Conor can do no wrong boys talk about how Kahbib just wrestles and Conor will catch him next time. Then John admits how Kahbib landed that huge right and landed great strikes��.

  • Mike Dolce would answer this best! This bloke mentioned carbs and fats.. easy.. but no mention of micronutrients “the more important nutrients” fucking typical bro answer!

  • I just admire how calm and composed this John Kavanagh is thinking he is a former mma fighter and the coach of few of the most savage fighters in the game.

  • I love it when guys that have no degree in nutrition or exercise science call themselves nutritionists. None of them are registered dietitians. Half of them are probably even breaking the law by designing meal plans without such credentials (depending on the state). These guys are so full of broscience. I can’t believe people pay them for this. Anyone following their advice are taking big time gambles. I don’t know why athletes fall for this crap and follow these guys and their “it worked for me” logic.

  • Unfortunately I don’t think there will be a Khabib vs Conor 2. Win or lose against Gaethje I think Khabib is retiring, and even if he’s not it would be hard to set up an appropriate date for their fight. Conor last fought in January, Khabib fights in October, and would obviously want atleast a few months rest before fighting Conor. Conor would have to take another tune up fight similar to Cerrone while waiting for Khabib to be ready, and I just don’t see him wanting to do that. While at the same time he wouldn’t want to fight Khabib again after over a year of inactivity. It would just go down the same way as last time

  • Joe: So what’s a meal that Conor would eat after a workout of weights and sprints?
    George: Well you have understand that everyone’s body is different and you need different things at different times.
    *Spongbob cut scene *: 2 hours later….
    Goerge:…so basically that gets up to 4 times more carbs into your muscles.
    Joe: So what does Conor eat…?

  • A bunch of over complicated scientific bullshit to confuse athletes who don’t know how simple nutrition is so he can get a fat paycheck as a fighters “nutritionist “. You should be ashamed of yourself. You can google a nutrition plan for free.

  • he clearly knows his shit that’s why high level athletes consistently use their programme. You think Conor would feel better and want to keep using him if he was an idiot cmon guys, theirs some useful information in their

  • Joe trying to get the whole nutrition package and plan for free from George through the podcast…which is great, cause it’s for us too. Gotta love Joe..

  • Holy shit this pseudo science diet guy is so annoying haha who gives a shit about how much you eat and when in the day? Just fucking eat man and he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about to give examples of food to joe. Let coach John talk

  • Joe: “As great as Floyd is at boxing, he did the right thing not giving Conor a long camp, he wouldn’t want Conor that well prepared”…

    This guy just never learns; insinuating that Conor could beat Floyd, and that Ngannou could beat Fury, IN BOXING.

  • Unfortunately we all know he was not as discipline as in the video during the camp against Khabib plus his muscles were kinda shrink a little if you notice his body looked really soft in that fight, disappointed..

  • I’ll admit that conor can box a bit for an mma fighter but over 12 rds I don’t see him winning on points against paulie, he’s well known for having fuckall power but he’s very skilled and a two weight world champ.

  • These idiots are supposed to know about martial arts…..???? They think Connor was doing well in the 3rd found…? Habib was doing exactly what he wanted to do standing with Connor after exhausting him in first 2 rounds to show everyone…. Having even SLAPPED the Smurf & showed him ‘ look I SLAPPED you ‘! And Smurf ( Mc Tappy) couldn’t do anything in rep!y. Maybe Joe R is scared he’ll become unpopular with his masters (one eye) if he praises Habib too much!

  • Joe, bodybuilders have been sodium loading and carb depleting for years before the UFC even existed. You’ve interview Dorian Yates lol

  • tldr:
    Caffeine post workout
    Gotta balance sodium potassium magnesium
    Fructose dextrose (fruits) caffeine salt after hard workout (kettle bell shit)

  • So basically fighters copy 1950’s-2010 bodybuilder diets. Joe jumps all over people who don’t fight, but when he has fight people on, you can literally see tears forming from all of the vegan literary scholar’s advice he has taken as gospel going out the window. He is trying so hard to steer the conversation into keto and vegan, but this guy nicely keeps smacking him back down to reality lol

  • Imagine telling a guy who sold weed for 100 years how to sell weed. That’s how this guy felt when joe asked him if he had a degree in nutrition

  • No joe Rogan Jose also got knocked out because he got countered not cause he got upset about something Conor said he is a professional stop using excuses.

  • So would it be correct to go into a deficit to lose fat first, then proceed to slowly build up lean, clean muscle? Since apparently you won’t lose fat any other way.

  • Sometimes joe asks some dumb questions….like do u use the same diet for everyone….its so known that everybody has a different body that reacts differently to diff things. OF COURSEEEE its different for everyone joe, cmon…and “u have a real nutrition background?” No connor hires his buddy that reads muscle n fitness mags to run his diet…smh

  • George sounds like white DMX and a total gym bro, but he knows what he’s talking about. He wouldn’t be hired by some of the best athletes in the world if he weren’t a top tier expert in his craft.

  • He said he eats the Ezekiel bread, then I assumed he has gyno, and yup he does. Not trying to be mean or anything doesn’t look bad, just dealing with my own thing. Avoid those soybeens man.

  • Conor would die if he did not eat carbs. Even his own nutritionist said it, his explosive style require him to release large amounts of energy in short periods of time, this energy comes mainly from carbs.

  • ya Conor dosen’t really have any remarkable physic..

    Now someone like TJ Dillashaw HOLLY FUCK id pay to hear some of his diet tips. Dude looks likes hes carved out of a Roman God sculpture