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Almost all studies supporting fiber benefits look at minimally processed foods high in fiber, not processed foods with added fiber, so it’s best to get your fiber from natural sources. If you increase your intake gradually and stay well hydrated, natural foods will cause less gassiness and bloating than supplements. Plus, these foods also provide important vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

3 Tips to Fine Tune Your Fiber Intake First work. Not All Fiber Is Created Equal September 7, 2018 It’s well known that a high fiber diet can provide a host of benefits, including improved regularity and immune health. However, few may know that there is more than one type of fiber and that each type affects the body and digestive system differently.

Author. Anne Danahy, MS, RDN, LDN. What You’ll See on the New Food Labels. As most registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) are aware, the nutrition facts label on packaged food products will soon have a new look, thanks to the final rule for the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 2016 updates to the Nutrition Facts food labels.

But, you should know that not all fiber is created equal. The Type of Fiber You Consume Matters Added fiber in the form of nutrition bars, supplements, and other functional foods isn’t your best bet when it comes to boosting your intake, as research shows you’re. Not All Dietary Fiber is Created Equal. Share. MORE.

You see, there are many different types of dietary fiber that all perform different functions once they get into our body. But, let’s take a step back and think about what it means for a carbohydrate source to be considered “dietary fiber”. All fiber is not created equal, and if you aren’t careful, putting too much of the wrong kinds of fiber in your body can leave you with an upset tummy. Not to worry; I’ve created a complete guide. Not all diets are created equal Fiber is found in the skins, stalks, seeds, and flesh of plants.

Some diet plans and eating patterns include more fiber than others. Most people have a very basic understanding of fiber, and tend to lump it all into one category. However, the truth is that not all fiber is created equal. Some types are highly beneficial, while. Not all cables are created equal, though.

It might be a fiber-optic or coaxial cable, and there are some key differences between them you need to know about to choose the best broadband provider. Fiber and cable internet both get you online, but their structures as. Of course, not all carbohydrates (which is where we get much of our fiber from) are created equal.

Above all, the study authors recommend replacing refined grains (think: cookies and cakes, white.

List of related literature:

Every fiber is normally subjected to the proof test.

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One is over the supposed constancy of the fiber requirement, which is, in fact, inconsistent for the above reasons.

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All fiber shall be of the best quality, thoroughly cleaned, and free from waste.

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Fiber can be divided into two general classes.

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The amount of light exiting the short fiber should be essentially what entered the other end.

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The end of the other fiber is brought close to the cantilever in the AFM.

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Repeat this several times until no more fiber will transfer easily.

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The supported distances in the previous section are meant to be over only one type of fiber.

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One thing you should never do with a fiber is look into the end of it.

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  • Watching this 9 minute video has got to have been among the most informative 9 minutes of my life. More importantly, for Tap, when I go to purchase supplies for my upcoming fiberglass project I’ll be looking to purchase Tap products. Thank you for taking the time and spending the resources to produce quality educational videos that automatically promote your product-brilliant!


  • I watch a lot of health you tub vids but I like yours among the most because you explain things clearly and go into detail. Thank you Keri.

  • I’m not sure but,if anyone else is searching for knock knee correction try Reverse bow tactic (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.

  • If I wanted to build 16 ft long canoe, that will hold 4 adults, and very little bracing from a female mold, what do you recommend? Thank you very much!

  • I’m going to start doing this daily. I have a case of knocked knees because of lupus, but mainly due to inactivity. I used to be very active and stopped for a period, and in this period I’ve developed knocked knees. I’ll be updating as time goes on, this comment will be a year long project!

  • Informative video glad I found it.  Never fold the glass cloth… I can’t argue with that, but for most that’s the way we have to purchase from the only stores available to us.  No taps store beyond  the West coast my guess that they too are  long drive away for many.

  • The banana and peanut butter looks more like 300 to 400 calories. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is typically almost 200 calories and a banana is about 100… looks like alot of peanut butter lol

  • i have question on this,
    how much time it take to return to the exact place?, my legs kind of like that thank you made this video

  • Most of the polyester resins we carry at TAP Plastics are designed to ‘hang’ on a vertical surface without draining down. This non-draining feature is called ‘thixotropic’. That term should be clearly identified on resins designed for vertical surfaces.

  • What if you have the opposite problem? I had my chiropractor tell me that I need to strengthen my inner thigh and loosen my outer thigh and IT band. (I also have been dancing for years so my inner thighs are already pretty flexible)

  • Does any company make a hybrid material made of kevlar and fiberglass. I heard of one called kev-core, but I can’t find it. Maybe, its just a dream. For now, I make my own

  • There are a few components to solvingbow legs pain at home. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Lenas Bow Remedy (google it if you’re interested) definately the best blueprint that I have ever seen. look at the unbelievable info.

  • Polyester resins and some epoxy resins require good ventilation or a respirator. TAP Plastics Marine Grade Epoxies have no volatiles (the stuff that evaporates and makes it smell), and are much safer to use. They can also be shipped as a non-hazardous item. We have not created a safety video. When working with resins, gloves and safety glasses are appropriate.

  • The resins and other items that are used with the fiberglass… is it still necessary to use in a well ventilated area or have they been formulated to be not as bad? Do you have a video of the safety equipment necessary when using fiberglass and resins etc? Thank you:)

  • Great Job, really informative and well explained. The whole structure of Fibreglass reinforcement explained to perfection =) Thanks Guys  =)

  • If you are interested in ways to treat bowlegs the best success that ive had was by using the Reverse Bow Tactic (just google it) definately the best info i’ve followed.

  • Thank you passed my exam yesterday (now have my level 2) and if it wasn’t for this YouTube channel I would have found it much harder. So thanks

  • Iam only 38 years old and I think my thighbone in my left leg is crooked i was diagnosed with the worst arthritis in all 3 carptments of my knee tried to get s surgery (knee replacement) the doctor said iam too young and they would have to do another surgery in 15, 20 years, that took my joy away and that was 2 years ago trying to find help with this discomfort please can anyone help me any doctors and chiropractor,any advice anything would be greatly appreciated.

  • ​I would recommend buying the book, “Building Your Kevlar Canoe.” A project like this cannot be explained in a short message. You can find the book at our website.

  • Such an informative video  thank you very much. You have made things so much clearer. I knew of the different materials, just didn’t know the applications ideal for each one. My way forward is now apparent. Thanks.

  • I have knocked knees and I hate them so bad they make me feel uncomfortable so can you please give me some exercises to get rid of if �� because I don’t know if the exercises on the video are for that

  • Hello sir
    First of all I want to thanks you for such an amazing video
    Here I want to ask a question that I one is suffering from knock knee problem for the time he/her born (genetically)’and he/her reaches to the age of 20 ‘does knock knee corrected at that stage of life.

  • Thank you for the great video!! I am a medical massage therapist and I am definitely going to get my clients on this stretching regimen!! For @RedBall I am thinking he could have Piriformis Syndrome!! Its easy to fix just a lot of work have. I’d suggest to foam roll the gluteus and IT Band hamstrings and Medical Massage and these stretches(or yoga). I attached a little more info about the muscle on here incase it can help anyone!!!

  • I’ve had knock knees ever since I started working out when I was 15, I’m now 19. I’ll be starting this exercise today and will continue everyday for 2 months. Will come back to comment results:)

  • I hope beginners appreciate this video, it is very good and accurate in every respect. I can find no fault with any part of this video. The presentation is awesome.

  • What about those, like me who are already flex able in those areas? I used to be a ballet dancer and can still do side splits landing only a few inches from the floor and frogs thsame.

  • Sir, is it necessary to do all the exercises or we can just do the one which is comfortable to us only and it will still help correct our chronic knee knock problem

  • Extereamly good and informational but if I don’t want to buy 125 yards of s glass is there any way I can vet like 30 feet or somthing

  • Hello,if one hip stuck in this position and rotate inward 1 leg what other muscles are involved in this situation,also clamshell exercise will strengthen the muscles behind hip to keep it in nornal position so the leg don’t turn inward when we stay neutral standing?

  • My knees touch each other. Do I have knock knees? If yes then is these exercises are helpful for me? I wish to join defence forces. Please help.

  • ive always looked at my legs and thought they just were disformed and scronny but as ive begun to workout for some tims seeing my legs get bigger and still looking like a bent tree branch i realized something was up and this hopefully helps

  • it acually helps me dribble better than most and be more flexible with different angles than most.. kyrie irving is knock kneed.. God made you like this for a reason.. embrace it.. but tbh the most you can do to make a serious big difference.. make you legs they way you want them and try to walk like that and stand like that for a period of time and keep your feet inward after so long your muscle memory will get what you are trying to do and you will see a little change. im being honest.. but your whole leg wont change lol just really your posture if that makes sence. my best advice. ive done this…

  • Informative video for a novice. Good work. However my favorite part was the theme song at the end. A lot of choosing directional fabric comes down to simple reasoning. If one is strong left to right couple it with a layer stronger in the opposite directions, throw some mat in the middle and your good. One thing I would like to add is that when using heavy material like a roven, or even a twill, in a first layer it will cause print through. You’ll be able to see the weave pattern in the gelcoat. Start with strand mat on your first layer.

  • Has anyone actually managed to correct knock knees without surgery? I’ve searched the internet high and low for results and I’m yet to see any. It seems these exercises are not backed by results. It’s quite frustrating.

  • My legs fixed on its own, I don’t knot how that happened. I am only watching these videos to find out what I did by mistake to correct them.

    I’ve been a soccer player for years, but my legs where knocked. Then just about the last 2 years, I don’t know how it corrected. But I’ve also played more intense football than the previous years. Maybe it’s because of the intense play that forced it to correct.

  • Nice job. Would love to see how to apply resin to a vertical surface without making a huge mess and having all run to the bottom.

  • I can say this worked in conjunction with other exercises. I did these stretches first but all were 2 reps for 1 minute and frog squats 30 reps. Then I did abduct side leg raise idek how to explain it but it’s where you lift your leg sideways away from centre of body I did this 30 reps 3 sets on each leg made sure I had good form and then I did side lying leg raises each leg was 30 reps 3 sets then i did lateral squats 60 reps or 30 reps each leg and then I did squats 30 reps. Make sure you have good form and keep going. Since then my gap has decreased significantly from shoulder width to a couple of cm now. For motivation I just imagined people mocking the way I walk or them laughing at me I know it’s depressing but it got me through and kept me going.

  • Exercises ONLY works on children where the legs are still forming. Once you are an adult and your bones are set, the only fix is surgery.

  • I had mild knocked knees from jumping from 160 to 260 pounds back in 2015 im now 170 shredded but it didn’t fix my knocked knees. I started practicing Yoga Vinyasa and adding this stretch in the practice. Will update. It seems to fix it temporarily, maybe my hips were the issue causing knocked knees

  • You should make this mandatory viewing for your employees.
    I went to one of your stores today and the employee knee nothing. Could not explain to me what E glass was.

  • Awesome video, 12 months of confusion cleared up in 9 minutes. Now actively looking for all your other videos. The title is perfect to reflect the content, just wish I could do more to say thanks.

  • What is the best way to do foraminal and extraforaminal disc herniation? do you favor complete facet drilling to open the foramen and fuse the patient by TLIF?

  • Hello I’m 50 years old and I have this problems Whit my legs you think this exercise they will help me to fix the problem, thank you.

  • This does not fix true knock knees!!! It’s a positioning of the femurs. A person with true knock knees could be very thin and still not be able to place their ankles together or have a thigh gap. I am she! I am very active and healthy and have had knock knees my whole life. It is genetic. Obesity makes it much worse and can cause knock knees. I do yoga several times a week and I can promise you all this won’t fix your femurs. ��

  • Just finished two weeks of doing this exercise 5 days a week and can’t see any difference in my legs. I have had knock knees all my life and thought I’d try this. At least for me, no success.

  • hey,if anyone else wants to learn about bow legged surgery try Bow Recovery Tactics ( )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

  • I have knock knees. I’ve had them since childhood it’s my bone structure. Most people grow out of this, but some don’t. As an older child, my pediatrician offered surgery to break and realign my legs. As it doesn’t cause me pain, my parents decided against it. Now as a yogi, I have very flexible and strong hips and inner thigh muscles. Lack of flexibility in the hips and thighs does not cause or improve this, at least not for me. Maybe others are different!

  • no offense but I will never do these exercises based off his reactions… he looks like he’s in so much pain and im not down for that lol

  • That was AWESOME! 2 1/2 weeks ago I changed my food intake to 3/4 plant based with smoothies. I noticed the calories range from 300 500 calories and was concerned about gaining weight. I am losing weight and my skin has changed. More youthful looking. Although the calories were the same as less healthy foods I used to eat and I would gain weight even though my calorie intake was approximately the same. Now I am educated as to what a good calorie is verses and a bad calorie. Most importantly is how each of those food/calories act in your body. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • 01:18 massage/stretch 1
    02:36 stretch 1
    04:10 stretch 2
    05:04 stretch 3
    Dont like this i just want to do this every morning:) thank you so much king!!

  • Not impressed. Tell me why low glycemic-index foods, even if poor-quality calories (such as ice cream), are any different then eating healthy, low glycemic index foods. Also, if glycemic index is what matters, arguable potatoes, which have a high glycemic index, are equivalent to skittles. If you’re saying that the difference in micro-nutrient levels, then are you saying that micro-nutrients are the differentiating factor in weight loss? None of these issues is addressed.